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    "Maybe it wasn't always the coldest part? I don't know much about Crystal Empire history, I bet very few do outside the city itself. Maybe they were travelling by and something there made them stop and settle? I don't know why they would travel there in the first place but there are a lot of unknown variables," She mused mostly to herself. Everyone had different motivations for doing stuff that could be considered idiotic to others. "I live in Ponyville so I've had my fair share of crazy stuff happen around me. A little cold exposure in the city won't harm me too much. Of course, this is all assuming that the Heart is taken down while we're there. It seems pretty reliable so far." "Fiver huh? Where did they get that from?" A peculiar name it was. Five of what? Must be some sort of translation. "Is that a kind of translation?" she asked Fiver. She turned towards Golden Daze. "I don't know how special being from Appleloosa is supposed to be compared to Cloudsdale. I only spent like, a year or two there, I don't really remember before moving away. Outside of agriculture, there isn't really much else you can do there," She explained. "Oh it was really not that hard to tell. Maybe if I didn't know about the race, but luckily I've got my sources so I've got it all figured out." She just stared towards Golden Daze for a moment, it was clear the pegasus was actually affected by her weird statement. "They're just sides really." There was no indication of whether or not she was being serious or not in this instance. "Although maybe the right side might be better." "Hah, I would have thought you flying folk would enjoy being thrown up into the air the most. In the event that you don't, then maybe you can submit a very angry complaint?" She suggested. The train was kind of bumpy but it didn't phase her that much at that moment, if she really needed to she could focus on the ground and use her inner magic to keep her somewhat locked. "Yeah, most likely the old tracks. I don't think these tracks get as much maintenance as the other tracks. They probably just get enough to be up to standards. Let's just hope they are. I'm not particularly in the mood for anything going wrong." Oh speak of the devil. She heard the sounds of metal and it didn't sound particularly good to her. "Hey, um, I'm not sure if you guys hear it, but I think there's some sort of disturbance inside the train or something."
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    Looking for an RP or two with these characters: Pocket Change. He's the adventuring sort. Decent at magic. Maybe avoid having him with Rarity as she probably still remembers the time he tried to hit on her. Bad Pocket! As per his job as a globetrotting archeologist, he could be anywhere. There is also Smolder. She's an cute little dragon girl. She would mostly work around Ponyville. But she could be taken to most major cities for whatever reasons. Please do not annoy her or she will breathe fire on you. And finally, there's Thrilly A Scrapperclaws. Along with having a silly name, she is a Abyssinian cat person. She is an traveler and could be anywhere. She is a friendly sort and wishes to learn of people and lands she has only glanced at.
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    Despite the overall jovial nature of their conversation, Flying Brick couldn't help but click her tongue over Raven's concern about her equipment. "That is problem when you not by Stalliongrad-made! In my city, can send any table for swim in arctic ocean, and still will work! Plus, they spark and zap for most entertaining of light shows to go with the musics!" Brickie, it seemed, was clearly a mare with a strong, near-chauvinistic affection for her home town, though it was so over-the-top to be more funny than offensive. Hearing assent to going to the cafe, she shot back a grin to the two foreigners. "Hoping you are catching up! Hunger waits for nopony!" In truth, even if they had lost her, the walk was short enough for them to have found the cafe anyway. The quick pace would help them stay ahead of the pedestrians now looking for shelter in the rain. "Table for four, garkonski."
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    Toboe had to take a pause when Brick Mentioned 'Stroganoff'. It took a second of thinking, but eventually she remembered where she'd heard the term before. It was some foreign dish but it had become a fairly common dish back in Neighpon: Most often served alongside rice. If she recalled correctly it had meat in it... sweet, sweet Protein! Could only have been made better if it had salmon or peanut butter in it. With a grin she nodded her head, "I'm happy to do some following. Nensho's been leading me around most of this trip after all." She looked over to Nensho and grinned, "If I remember right, Stroganoff is pretty good. Feel up to getting some?" "Beyond Equestria, huh? Well Miss Ruby if you ever visit Polohama in Neighpon I can see what I can do about getting you a place on me." She looks up to the sky as the DJ brought her attention to the darkening clouds above, "Oh my. I should've taken a closer look at the weather schedule in the travel booklet." Toboe wasn't a big fan of rain, she never learned what about it exactly bugged her. Probably the after effects when all the pollen and spores went into the air. Dealing with all the unfamiliar scents in this city was already a hassle, more allergens in the air wasn't going to make her or even Nensho's day any easier. She called out to Miss brick, "Lead th--!" she chuckled as Nensho beat her to the words, "What he said!"
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    Poninawa - Mystical Friendships Beckon Our world holds many mysteries... ancient artefacts with no discernible origin, ruins of indeterminable age, and other strange magical occurrences. But for every curious goings on, there are scholars and knowledge seekers who will do whatever it takes to find out every bit of information they can about our odd and wondrous world. And while no two scholars agree on everything, most will agree on one thing; Yokai are an enigma. The island of Poninawa isn’t the most populated of Neighponese destinations, with only a few scarce towns and villages dotting the landscape, interspersed by rolling meadows and lush forests. A quaint and quiet island, most villages in Poninawa eschew a majority of magitech, only using what is necessary. This self inflicted scarcity plays two roles: the first is painting Poninawa as a peaceful middle ground between the traditional styling of Ryushima and the technological powerhouse of Horshu; the second — and to the natives of Poninawa — more important role is to keep the island a pleasanter place for the mysterious creatures known as the Yokai, which are sensitive to enchanted objects. Yokai are a curious class of magically gifted animals that come in all varieties such as foxes with multiple tails, dog-like raccoons with leaves on their foreheads, or even cats with split-tipped tails that can mimic pony language to describe a few. While each of these creatures can hide their true form behind a glamour, disappear from sight, or levitate small objects among other basic magics, if any can perform other magic on par with ponies, none have ever shown it. Instead, the creatures have earned a reputation of being friendly tricksters, pulling pranks on the unsuspecting by taking the form of their friends, hiding objects, or tripping them up as they travel through the woods. While mischievous the Yokai are not malevolent in nature and in many instances befriend locals or travelers, ending up as lifelong companions. Stories even tell of times that the Yokai banded together with the locals to help defend the island from disaster or would-be invaders. Yokai can be great friends to ponies who desire it, but they tend to be indomitable annoyances to those that attempt to learn more about their mysterious origins or habits. Though not unheard of, it’s rare that one will find many Yokai outside of Poninawa. Some have willingly gone with travelers that have proven either great friends or hilarious victims to their antics, but others have not had a choice in the matter. Ponies with less the scrupulous morals will sometimes steal away Yokai in magical cages to keep them lethargic and complacent, shipping them off to the highest bidders on the black market. While the Neighponese government bans Yokai poaching and assigns the creatures Protected Status, some illegal capturing still continues to this day, but the citizens of Poninawa do whatever they can to keep their tricky friends safe. ~Compendium of Curious Creatures Ashley ‘Ash’ Ravencrest
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