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    From the album: The Character Corner (Color!)

    I think the last drawing of Hogo-sha I did, made him look a bit too... thin. So I gave him a bit more bulk! Edit: He's always had this coat! I don't know what you're talking about! 😅
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    From the album: The Character Corner (Color!)

    The last drawing of Toboe I did was kinda stiff looking in my opinion. So, I did this! I think it has some more life and character to it.
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    "Celestia, you're way more creative than me. Those names sound so awesome," she mare said as they walked to the stands. "I like the greed for speed one." Now, Daze was always a pony up for some speed. The wind in her mane, the acceleration of her heart as she flew on forward, her wings whipping past the sky like scissors on paper. She was addicted. She'd fly forever if she could, if it was logical. Ever since she was a little 'ol foal, she would fly and fly and fly and.. her dad would get tired of keeping up with her. He knew when pegasi got their first taste of the air, Daze would never stop flying. But Daze's was more extreme. Even when the little thing was tired, she still buzz her wings to keep afloat. She never stopped 'till she hit 5 years old. That's just when her father hit practicing like a flying baseball. Everything was a training session, right after kindergarten. There was little to no breaks. Thrilly started talking about names, raising Daze's attention up by a million. What a strange idea. "I never thought of it like that. I don't really know the absolute true idea why my parents named me Daze, but y'know, whatever floats their boat." The golden Pegasus thought for a second. "Obviously the golden part comes from my eyes, maybe the 'Daze' part is from my speed that leaves ponies confused?" She shook her head. "I don't know." Thrilly added the circus stuff, and Daze smiled. "Dang, yeah. That would be absolutely terrifying. Heck no to that." Anyways, after the autograph, Thrilly said her good-byes. Did she really have to leave so soon? She kinda liked this cat. Daze didn't know how to get her to stay though. Lunch? Icecream? Could cats even have icecream? Weren't like lactose intolerant.. or something? That's what Daze has heard at least. "Hey!" the mare started to say, looking around to think of ideas. "These signings shouldn't take long, I could totally take you on a tour or something." She emphasized the 'totally' to get her point across with her raspy voice. "We could grab some grub too, like a sandwich or whatever." The mare signed some autographs in the process of talking, realizing not a lot of ponies were in her line, but in the first place's line. Figures. No pony notices the second place, they notice the pony who wins. Daze wasn't jealous, not at all. Daze doesn't get jealous.. totally not. The mare shook her head and rolled her eyes, then looked back at Thrilly. "Thrill, I have some bits if you don't have any for lunch, unless you wanna head to your hotel real quick and get some," she suggested, shrugging. "You totally don't have to though."
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    He looks awesome! Great work!
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