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    "I said...er...", the griffon gasped, "We're all cabin and no engine." They were in the last cabin and apparently the Crystal Empire train did not have a caboose. They were going backwards and soon would hit one of those bad tracks. Without an powerful engine to pull it straight, they would probably tip over. Could they simply fly away? Not likely as the wind was really powerful. It almost reminded her of the cliffs near Griffonstone. "Ah crap.", she had her small travel bag with her art stuff, and an carry-on that contained most of her other stuff. She also had an larger bag that contained a few special outfits for certain occasions, but that bag was with the rest of the train and was still heading off to the Crystal Empire. They were going to need to jump. This she could see herself doing, along with the fit Pegasus mares, but the sight impaired little pony? Loose Cannon! She would require assistance! But the black bird would also need her bags. While her supplies were not intended to help her survive in the middle off the frozen wilderness, it would still be of use. A few bottled waters. Some salmon jerky. Once Golden Daze found her way out of the train, the griffon grabbed her one bag, "Bag overboard!", she called out. Or was it over-train? She wanted to make sure the ejected mare knew what would soon be coming her way. "Er, Miss Cannon? I don't have a lot of time to explain, but I'm going to help you get off this train..", Zelda made her way near the mare, "Get your bag if you have one, and I'll get you out of here nice and safe." After she gave the pony a moment to collect her things, the large bird quickly lifted up the mare and went towards the exit, "Just try to curl into a little ball...These clothes I'm wearing are thick enough to protect us both...." Once she found the right timing, Zelda leaped off of the train with her 'passenger'....Into the cold, white, fluffy stuff....
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    Right after she spoke her words felt like she might have gone out for a moment there because she felt a skip in her hearing. As strong as one could be there are still ways to get a concussion. Luckily this one wasn't so bad. "Hey... is that the light?" She joked to herself, that was the expression right? She was aided by the forces of the two pegasi as they pulled the rubble off of her. "Yeah, yeah... yeah... yeah... everything's fine. Not dead at all. Thanks. Yeah... yeah." She probably didn't sound alright, but she definitely was. Honest! "Is this stuff all yours? I didn't put anything up there. Just my luck to be standing under there." She wasn't really in the condition to investigate but she said she would. She got up off the ground and stumbled her way over to the door for a moment. Yeah, it was cold, in comparison to the indoor temperature, no big deal, for the moment. She could definitely hear the sounds louder. Sounded a lot like the connection. But she couldn't really tell in her current state, the wind was messing up her accuracy. She almost reached down to touch when she heard Daze's observation. She jerked her hoof back. No, she wasn't messing with it anymore. She went back inside. "So my random arbitrary knowledge has made me the expert in this situation? Man, you must totally be relying on my excellent observation skills. My conclusion? We might be hanging on barely. But maybe we'll be ok-" Wait, that didn't feel right. Were they slowing down? That might be a good thing actually if they're stopping to fix the connection. Although how would they know. Unless... wait, what two cabins? "Wait, what did you say?" She asked the Griffon.
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    "Since there were no griffons in the 'Empire' after it was returned to the erm. Present time, I can probably assume those who lived there might have left before it was conquered.." There was another bump. This put an quick end to her sketching. Still, she would have plenty of time for her art. For now, she would enjoy the new company.. "I hope we all manage to learn a few things while here...The art...history...And even your racing event..", she returned her pat and sketch pencil back into her pack. "As for the settlement, he said it was just some random tower, so it was probably really hard to find..." Brrr. It was starting to feel a little colder. Did their cabin's heater break? Zelda scooped up her jacket and slid it on. Much better. With her gloves on, she was fully dressed to be outside. Combined with her natural fur coat, she should be able to handle the outside, even away from the kingdom itself. But this was something she had no desire to try out. She let out a painful squawk as a rather heavy bag fell upon her. "Yow!" Was someone attending a bowling competition? Was someone studying to become a blacksmith and brought their anvil along? She could almost see stars. Oh, there was Songbird Serenade....Sapphire Shores....Baby Snooks...And now a word from our sponsor...Terrible Headache. "Thank you...", She smiled weakly as the heavy bags were removed. Nothing worse than starting a vacation with an bruised beak and an damaged head. She slowly got up from her seat and followed the others. "I may have some brain damage, but I'm pretty sure our train consisted of more than two cabins." While the next cabin was still barely connected, the griffon pointed out that there was no cabin connected to that one! And they were slowly starting to go backwards......
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    The train was shaking violently, as the clinking started getting more loud and kinda annoying, to Daze at least. Everyone was suffering the attacks of the shaking, like they were all in the middle of an earthquake or something. Daze wasn't feeling it, like actually. She was kind of getting sick from the sudden jolts the train made. Good thing she had wings, or she'd be left on the ground like the others, who seemed to be suffering more. Especially when luggage piled on top of them like a Jenga game. "Okay, now I think the outside is much safer." She flew over to the pile of creatures and helped get the heavy suitcases off the ground. "Everyone alright? No one's dead? Bleeding?" Daze was going a little excessive with the questions, but she felt it was necessary to add a little humor to the commotion inside the train. Everything seemed tense to the gold mare, especially from the shaking, which was still going on. It was really hard to keep her balance. As everyone struggled with the shaking, Daze finally went to the door which led to the outside. "We gotta check this stuff out, because I honestly don't think any of this drama is normal." She then blinked. "Well, I know none of this is normal- You know what I'm saying." She then slowly opened the cabin door, wind rushing into the room immediately. The wind was so strong, it sent Daze back a little. The one thing the bandaged mare noticed though, was that the clinking got even louder. "You all here that?" Daze's ears twitched as she looked down at the two hooks that connected the two cabins together. The hook that was connected to their cabin, was barely hanging on. "Um, guys?" The mare turned around, with a confused but scared look on her face. Daze's anxiety was off the roof. "Is this type of thing normal? Like the hook things. Ours is barely hangin' on." She looked back outside, then two the other three. She then looked at Loose, pointing her head towards the open door. "You know a lot about trains, you go see if that thing is normal."
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    Fire Walker could not help but feel she needed to say something, but she was not there to argue with her beloved. She was there simply to open the door and serve some refreshing beverages. Most kingdoms outside of Equestria generally preferred to solve their own problems, and many would actually react rather negatively to offers of help. This almost felt like what she was doing with the whole ‘Twilight Guard’ thing. She was not only helping to protect Ponyville, but also train its residents on how not to become victims. On how to defend themselves and others from harm. And while the mare had once considered herself an member of Swift’s team, she simply no longer had the time to dedicate herself to his cause. She would be more than happy to help if needed. But for now, she needed to get her flank to bed. There was a rather lengthy scroll she needed to go through. There was also a need to see if she could convince the purple princess to see if she can switch to notepads or notebooks for her plans...As it was much easier to flip open a book as opposed to unrolling out a long scroll..... After taking a final sip from her cup, the mare slowly stood up, “I need to get up early tomorrow, so if you don’t mind, I will see myself out....Well, at least to my room..”, She gave her very special stallion a quick kiss on the cheek. “If you need anything of me, just leave me a little note on my door or in my mailbox. Which is by the entrance.”, There was a few boxes marked with an assortment of names of those who resided in the castle. “Good night dear Swift...And ladies..”, she gave a slightly sleepy smile to the trio, before she headed off to her room for some much needed shut-eye.
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    "Ah gotcha. My random knowledge came helpful for once," she replied to Khamsa, (or Fiver, she honestly preferred Khamsa in this situation). Her mother was the type to often learn about and remember arbitrary facts that got passed down. "Well, more than once, this isn't the first time, but whatever." She shrugged. "I want to say it's Griffon's integrated into pony society, but that's just judging from my own knowledge. There's still much more for me to learn about Crystal Empire lore," she said to Zelda. "I didn't hear much about the griffon settlement you talked about, but maybe I did and I just forgot about it." She could feel a chill go through herself. The air from the outside seemed to be seeping through inside now. She wanted to trust the authority of the train service. There's no way they would travel in these conditions. However, it felt like the conditions were very borderline. She went through her bag again. A bunch of winter gear including a blindfold for the potential weather. Her eyes were not completely dead, they still had feeling, a bit too much feeling if you would ask her and that would not pair well with her habit of keeping her eyes open. No problem with sunlight, but in cold weather, the wind and frost can suck. "Right, well, it seems you better get used to it because I don't think they're gonna end anytime soon," she replied to the flying pegasus. She thought for a moment. "I think there may be a pattern to the turbulence. Haven't quite figured it out yet..." "I think the clicking is coming from outside. I'll go check it out. I don't see what could be so scary about going outside for a moment, not like you're going to fall off, and as if that would be much of a problem for you." She pulled on her blindfold and got up from her seat moving into the aisle. A moment not too later, the train started shaking and she went down flat onto the floor. It was not the shaking, but the sudden barrage of items on top of her. "It... would seem... that the inside is more deadly... yeah."
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    Once the luggage issue was well and sorted out, Fiver let out a sigh of relief. It was still a shaky sigh, however given this very unusual situation. Fiver smiled at atLoose as she got back up, "Somehow I think we've all got a bit of bad luck tonight. Let's hope it doesn't last." She stretched her wings a moment, "... and Sorry about the luggage I think the shaking knocked mine loose. I don't think it's all mine." Now that she had her bag, Fiver may as well tote it with her on the way to the front of car. FIver's jaw dropped as she say the outside. "Um... Yeah... it uh did." The flyer took a deep breath and took note of the speed of the train. They were definitely slowing down. Cold winds were howling around the cabin. Visibility was low, so it was nearly impossible for her to tell just how far away their train had gotten from them. "Uhh... Well... if we've been detached from the train then... hangon. We're... goin backwards..." Wheels started clicking in her head and the Color drained from her face a moment. They must be on a incline, "Does anyone know if we were going up a hill... and how far we got? If we go backwards and keep gaining speed we might need to jump off this car."
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    Name: Braeburn Gender: Male Age: Stallion Species: Earth pony Pelt Color: Golden Mane/Tail Color & Style: Peach and golden/tan in large swaths in his mane and tail. Being a rough and tumble kind of pony has lead to his mane and tail being somewhat of a huge mess. Mostly he can hide the mane do under his Stetson but his tail is left to tangle in the breeze. Eye Color: A gradient of granny apple green. Cutie Mark: A red and ripe braeburn apple a'course! Physique: He's a bit on the lean side but muscled well enough to get the job done! He's determined and tough to the core which makes up for the fact that he might be a bit more willowy than some ponies with his occupation. Residence: Braeburn lives in the same farm house that he did when his parents first brought him to Appaloosa. He keeps it up as his parents retired and moved to Ponyville for a more clement environment. Occupation: Braeburn works on one of the oldest apple farms around. An original fixture from which Appaloosa sprung. History: Braeburn came with his family to AAAaaaapaloosa when he was just a little colt. His ma and pa brought him with them when they took the offer to help settle the lands out west. They were offered a sum of bits and their pick of land on which to farm. Since both his parents had been struggling to make ends meet they quickly jumped on the train as soon as the tracks were laid to this new settlement! Little Brae was soooo excited to get to his new home! He loved the dust, and the cactus, and the ranges and plains. So much more room than the little apartment he had been raised in in Vanhoover! This was going to be such an amazing adventure. He took to his new life like a duck to water as did his parents. Brae worked the apple farm with his parents, planting trees from seedlings of the first apple trees planted out west. He worked hard and became quite strong in the physical sense and in his nature. His pride for his work grew as their farm grew and soon they were exporting far and wide with the the sweet braeburn variety their farm was known for! His parents are now retired and Braeburn is the full heir to the farm! He hires ponies when needed to care for the modest orchards. Braeburn loves his family and his farm and hopes to someday have a family of his own! He's been known to give various ponies the eye but so far he hasn't found the stallion of his dreams... Character Personality: Brae is a fairly laid back pony unless e's crossed on anything to do with family or farm in that order. He's is loyal and true once his loyalty is won. His is an Apple so family ties run deep and true. He is fiercely protective of his farm and his way of life and can get rather ornery if anypony disagrees with him on pertaining issues. Brae loves to have a good time and can often be found at the cider saloon in his home town. He also has something of a singing voice and is a regular at song and dance nights. This stallion is not afraid to be up front of a crowd or to champion a good cause. He's up for adventures and though he'd hate to be gone for too long he does wonder what it would be like to get away from Appaloosa jut for a while and explore a bit more of Equestria. Character Summary: Loyal and true to the core Brae is a good son and a good friend. He puts others before himself and at the same time has great pride in his accomplishments as an apple farmer and resident of Appaloosa! He's got that wild west spirit inside and in most situations he's ready to willing to do his part to make his friends and family proud!
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    Slowly working on posts...slowly..
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    Some things can't be fixed, Rocky. Look at your virginity, for example.
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    Hiya! I'm up for somethin' if you're willing! I got my new character Alizarin Fruits who actually travels a lot to sell her fruits, or make fruit deliveries on hoof whenever she get's the call to do so. I think a journey based RP would be a great place to start! She's a little grump, but I think the idea of a journey type plot fits the deal.
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    Soz for the big delays. Can't say when I'll start posting again. Might do something small.
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    There was an awful pregnant pause between the mares, Twilight on the verge of saying something likely very crazy. Rainbow Dash played it off well when Twilight was still looking at her, but once she started the loops, Rainbow became a small mess. Okay, okay, okay, there was something nutty happening now. Was Twilight going through Alicorn heat or something? Why suddenly all the fluster? And why was Rainbow so equally vexed by it? She played with her front hooves as she hovered above the ground, her mind racing as she counted the loops. One, Two. Okay, how does she approach this? Does she tell Twilight she's flattered by the attention but...what would she say then? Three, Four. Rainbow wasn't sure how to feel. It was cool to have an Alicorn more or less admit through increasingly poor communication skills something you'd never expect. Five, Six. But how did she feel about it? She didn't know. She liked Twi. She liked Twi a lot. But how much was a lot. Seven, Eight. It was a lot to think about. Her chest rose and fell quickly, and then she clamped down on it. She was here to do a job. The emotions could be sorted through when she had time, but Twi had asked for help. Nine, Ten. Task orientation, something Twilight could certainly appreciate. Twilight did okay. She knew for certain that Twilight could do better. The loops didn't improve, though Rainbow knew that was unlikely. Twilight's wings and body were tired and beaten. It was about getting the movement down, and she was doing that. A success. Her magic blasts didn't improve in accuracy or strength, indeed one of them missed. That was also okay. As long as the idea of quick-firing after a movement was finished was ingrained in her and the feeling of charging a blast, something Dash was certain took concentration, while undertaking a flight maneuver was normalized the actual success of these individual attacks was less important. The important thing was that while Twilight had tried to play it off like it was not going to be as hard as it was, she was spent. Absolutely spent. Yet she kept on doing it. If she was going to be serious about it, good. She had proved it. "Yeah, yeah. I guess so," Rainbow said faux flippantly, landing on the ground. "You can take a break if you want. You did pretty well up there, Twilight. I mean, in just doing it, at least. We'll work on making you better. Loop tightness, accuracy, transition speed- you'll have it down soon. And then we can get to work on more important concerns. But for now, a break. I'll get you something to drink, just a sec," she said as she blitzed away. A few moments later she returned with a bucket of water and some mugs, and a far off protest from what sounded like an upset farm mare. She poured it for Twilight and laughed. "You look like me after a few hours of flight tuning in the wind chambers. Do your fetlocks hurt like you've been slapping them against rock? It's called Wonderbolt hoof. The whiplash of the air against the fetlocks as the muscles tense against the change in pressure can cause some bruising. Gotta watch for that. Honest, how are you feeling right now?"
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    Applejack allowed her mare to fall deeper into the apple's fur, warmth on warmth in the cool night offering a pleasant distraction from the night's events. With a smirk Applejack remembered that the night was always planned to include some cider in her bedroom and the pegasus in her bed, though the route taken was more strenuous than she had wanted it to be. A nice night out on the town and an even better one back home sure sounded like the perfect plan but, like all plans, they tended to fall apart when they met the enemy. In this case, Rainbow's dust-up earlier. If she was being honest she knew it took two to tango and she played her part in the night's lack of festivities but that didn't make it any easier to stomach. Rainbow did her part as she whispered sweet nothings into Applejack's form, trying to move past. Applejack wasn't ready to, not all the way. Rainbow Dash was a whiplash of emotions with peaks and valleys in quick succession. Applejack was a steady slope up and down, taking a while to anger and a while to slow down the heated emotions once they arrived. She couldn't just be sitting about and act like nothing had happened, even if she wanted to. Didn't mean she was going to deny her mare some warmth and care, but it did mean that all the sweetness being lifted into her ear was going to do little to make her forget the night. She rubbed Rainbow's head gently as she spoke and smiled. "Listen to you and all yer sweetness," she laughed and gave Rainbow a kiss on the forehead, "sure ain't good for yer image none, ain't it?" she sighed as she started to reposition herself. The bed certainly was big enough for the both of them. She crawled over her mare as she finished her drink, setting the cup upon the nightstand next to her bed. "Time for bed, Rainbow. Y'all take east, Ah'll take west," she said as she started to curl into the blankets. The window was east, where the sun would rise to wake them up in the morning, the window positioned to allow the gentle rays in early. It was how she commonly woke up, though today she'd have Rainbow take it up. That way the flighty filly could get up and at 'em- she knew that Rainbow had to be somewhere important tomorrow. She always did. She gave Dash a kiss and curled up in covers. "Night."
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    Valen found Smolder's company delightful. Indeed, the last creature he had met that seemed to mesh so well with him was when he first met Miss Rarity. Not that he hadn't gotten along with others or made some fast friends but it was rare to hit it off so well. "Yaks have a very thick body, shaggy fur- very difficult to work with, I'd imagine. But the horns, the horns would be fun to beautify I bet. There is a lot you can do with them! Of course, I bet you know all about that," he said with a laugh as he looked around, not looking back at his guide for a bit. When he did so, however, she was gone. And when he turned again, he was alone. The cold wind blew lazily across a world of tranquillity and darkness. Where was he now? A moment ago he was in the school's library with a dragon. Now he was alone and in the woods. Cold, dark- the moon seemed dimmer than it had any reason being. No clouds in the sky but there was so little light. He turned around in place a few times, worry evident in his furrowed brows. "Hello? Smolder, where are you?" He asked pensively. After a deep breath he whispered to himself, "where am I?" The wind seemed to carry barest whispers. His ears perked up to hear what they said but at first he couldn't pick it up. It took a second for the words to really relate to him, but when they did he felt his blood run cold. Peaches? Peaches was the name of that horrid Changeling that took the form of cousin Applejack and fed off of his love for her. He had spent many a night in fear of that fallen creature. To have your own emotions used against you and the memories you held dear in your soul being manipulated to fit the feeding agenda of such a predator shook any honest Equestrian to his or her core. He turned around in place rapidly before finding the source of the whispers, the statue of Nightmare Moon. With trembling hooves he approached, trying to put on a brave face but mostly failing. "Where a-are you, Peaches? No- this is some sort of- you can't be real! Not here. Its been years. The Changelings have- why me, right? It can't be...where are you?" He asked in rising panic. Logically this couldn't be happening, right? But maybe it was. Maybe he had stepped somewhere, or Smolder was secretly a Changeling or...no...but maybe? It all felt real. Too real. Was it real? He whimpered, just as much from the possibility of that cruel Changeling being around as the mental confusion he wallowed in. What was happening?!
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    The stallion let out a chuckle, "If that's what you consider unskilled, I could only imagine what you could do once you've mastered your shape-shifting abilities." All of his forms were utter masterpieces. From the wolf, to the dog, and even his pony form. And while his earth pony form was a bit rough and almost reminded him of an rather nasty fella who prefers to himself as 'king', he probably would not have any problems hitting the old 'Pony' Jazz pub in Canterlot and finding more than a few mares that wouldn't mind following him home. "Please feel free to use whatever form you are most comfortable with...Although, would you be able to shorten your tail a bit when we enter this temple?", Pocket Change could only imagine what sort of nasty traps his fuzzy end would set off. The stallion nodded his head. Cantrips were awesome. Where would he be without his favorite 'phantom stirring' cantrip'? Was it just a very simple Air Manipulation spell, or was there a real spirit stirring his beverage? Might be for the best if he never found out. "Great. We should be able to....er...", the unicorn's ears perked up. "I hear something...." Were they already to face an epic battle for the first time? Would they face ancient undead temple guardians? Deadly Cipactlis? Timbersnakes?
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    Smolder smiled to herself as she walked along the pony. She was rather surprised how much she liked this Valen. She originally had felt some ‘weird nerd’ vibes coming from him when they first met. And that might be slightly true as he was a bit of a nerd, but weird he was not. Just a talented little earth pony with big dreams. And she would soon have a fellow ‘knit-wit’* at her school. “Yeah. We recently learned our resident Yak really could have done without an low hanging skirt as their kind tend to be a bit...er...” Nice word. Nice word. Think of one. “Ungainly.." 'Word A Day' Calendar for the win! Spike's Hearth Warming gift actually wasn't so horrible after all. Hopefully she'll be able to use today's word, which was tergiversation. "And our school auditorium suffered for it." Silence and darkness. It sure was much colder than it was just a moment ago. The young earth pony was also now outside and very alone. An very old statue of Nightmare Night stood in the background. A word could be heard in the background as if the statue was speaking in a hushed tone. It spoke 'Peaches'. Peaches is here.' With the exception of ponies with an birch-pollen allergy, this word would not be considered very 'scary', well, maybe to a certain orange coated colt, it was absolutely horrifying!
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    I always go for the throat, Rocky. That's what wolves do. ALSO I LOVE IT PEMBY OMG IT LOOKS SO GOOD. Colored I'm sure it'll be amazing
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    There was something about this mare Grey didn't see often. Anger that truly made him shiver down in his core. Not many ponies refused help, less was angry once this help was given and very few were STEAMING because of it. All that this stallion could guess on why was Pride. But not the Canterlot type, where you would be proud because you are so glamorous. Maybe pride in your work? Maybe she needed to prove something to herself? Well, whatever it was... This death-glare definitely wasn't inviting. And this spiteful tone mixed with sarcasm when she said her thanks... Quite cold. "You're welcome?" Grey wasn't sure how to answer that as well, so he just said that with a questioning tone, unsure. Oh! No magic? Does it ruin the apples? That was something Grey never heard before. Interesting... Did it truly do that? He has always eaten them with magic and they tasted alright... "Sorry. I didn't know" Grey started to feel a bit more comfortable in this conversation. He did know what to expect now, after the initial outburst, so it wasn't as bad "Your dad seems like a wise man. He is a farmer, I suppose?" Grey continued, trying to spark some conversation before slowly picking up another apple with his hoof and putting it on the cart. Ugh... This damned rain, sticking all this mud to those apples. Would've been much easier with magic, but... yeah Hearing about her target, Grey raised an eyebrow and pointed above them, at the clouds "All the way to Canterlot? You ain't gonna make it in that mud. You'll probably get drenched and sick before you get half-way. And that would be no good for both you, your Pop and the apples. Would it now?" He asked before raising his head upwards, thinking for a bit "I know that this won't probably fit your fancy, but..." He stopped for a second, his green eyes going back onto the mare "I could propose a bit of cooperation. For one or two of your apples, I could shield you from the rain on your way to Canterlot. Could also help with the mud" The price of apples was just a symbolic one. Grey didn't have much to do so might as well help, right?
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    Hope smiled slightly as she arrived in canterlot. She wanted to see Cadence getting married. She was so happy for them and she had left manehattan just for them. Sure, her home is in the crystal empire, but she had been helping Rarity with her boutique business and they had agreed on closing it until the wedding was over. She ran into the palace to find Cadance but she wasn't there. 'probably just preparing for the wedding'. she thought, leaving the castle and just proceeding to walk around the city. She turned a corner and bumped into somepony by accident. "Oops! Sorry! I was distracted.." she looked down, ashamed, folding her wings back, since they had sprang up in shock. (She's in her pegasus form)
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    Look what I had permanently etched into my skin
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    "Not just Twilight, Pathfinder. If this plan is to pass, we need to secure the support of at least one other Princess. Perhaps we can have Twilight convince Candace?" he mused. "I am also not naive. Not all nation will be hot on supporting such initiative. Aquelia is watching us with with a suspicious eyes since we got closer with Griffonstone. And Maretonia city states will probably try to use us as a means to one up each other. Neighpon is also facing a political struggle since it's Shogun has gone missing. We have to go to one's that we have good relations first, and through partnership with them show that such initiative can work" Squall pointed out to gathered mare. Of course for all of noblepony logic, he was once again left flabbergasted by Pathfinder's antics. "Why do you even have an intel like that?! If somepony caught you aboard with this, you could be accused of being a spy!" unicorn said in astonishment, before quickly regaining composure. Before he could comment on the possibly EPIC candidature that winged mare brought up, Rose came up one of her own. And while both brought some challenges when it came to recruiting them, the potential benefits that those two could bring greatly outweighed them. There was just one small thing.... "Hold on, I just a pony that came with an idea how to reform our group. I am not a leader, Dexter Silverbeak is." Swift pointed out to gathered mares. "Which brings me to next issue. I....I don't think he should be one. For one, I always had a feeling he's treating it more as a job, not a calling. Second he has very condensing attitude towards everyone - although perhaps it's not I that should call him out on this. Third, he was way to passive when it comes to our operations, way too reactive. And fourth....." Squall paused, it was hard to of accusing anyone of something, especially without the proof and without them being present. ".....Fourth, I don't believe he would place good of the world over good of Aquelia." he said before turning around and walking towards window once more. ".....At this point I don't think we should have a one leader, period. Each of us has some different ideas of what's right and wrong, and while they more overlie on each other then they don't, there is certain that sooner or later will come the issue that will start frictions. Perhaps a rotating council of EPIC members is in order...." swordpony mused. It was than when Fire decided to remind of herself. Despite her patience, it was clear that she was worn out from her duties, and -as she reminded them - she will have to be up by daybreak to tend to them tomorrow as well. "Thank you Dear. And thank you for being some patient with my antics. I will join you as soon as I can." he said. Squallcoast's were lot of things, but never quitters, and stallion was not giving up on extending his noble house so easily. "Let's see...how about spare key to your bedroom here?" he said when his fiancee asked if they needed 'anything'. "Sleep well Love..." he returned crimson pegasus kiss with a smooch of his own before returning his attention to two other mare. "Both of the po....errr beings you brought up are excellent picks. As your colleague I don't see why would we shouldn't attempt to sway them both to our side." he complimented Rubble and Pathfinder. "That said, one of them will have to wait for now. Rose, you said this yokai works at Miss Applejack farm at the moment?" Squall 'asked' for confirmation before heading towards the staircase leading below. Seeing that neither of them was following him he turned around. "What? This is not far away at all. We should make hay while the sun shines." he pointed out. The time of being reactive was over.
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    Looking for an RP or two with these characters: Pocket Change. He's the adventuring sort. Decent at magic. Maybe avoid having him with Rarity as she probably still remembers the time he tried to hit on her. Bad Pocket! As per his job as a globetrotting archeologist, he could be anywhere. There is also Smolder. She's an cute little dragon girl. She would mostly work around Ponyville. But she could be taken to most major cities for whatever reasons. Please do not annoy her or she will breathe fire on you. And finally, there's Thrilly A Scrapperclaws. Along with having a silly name, she is a Abyssinian cat person. She is an traveler and could be anywhere. She is a friendly sort and wishes to learn of people and lands she has only glanced at.
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    I'm looking to get the adventurer ball rolling for Silverbolt so I'll push him towards Pocket Change. He still remembers that whole insect weirdness. For general Ponyville fun Sunrise or Timid Star could be on tap to play around with or mentor Smolder.
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    Hello! It's been a while since I last visited this site, but here I am again, with everything sorted out so I can start something anew! And so, I would like to know if anyone is up for some RP. I don't have any specific setting/scene I want to play out, but I do have some loose ideas on what kind of genre I would be up to! Now, it's not just one, so here is the list! Journey Just your basic tale of traveling. It doesn't need to have a great reason, some noble tale and a lot stakes. It's not the goal that matters, it's the journey. And so, I would like to RP a bit of traveling from place to place with someone who enjoys wandering as much as Gray does. Or maybe someone wants to try it out? Story sharing A first meeting somewhere. Just a bit of chat, maybe a bit of walk and talk. Gray has a lot of interesting stories to tell and strangers are the best listeners. So if you are willing to lend your ear or share your adventures, Gray will gladly speak to you. Action As much as I enjoy casual and lazy fun, sometimes a shot of adrenaline is what keeps me going. A good, old fight in an alleyway, chase through the streets or maybe something completely else? If you would like to get some blood pumpin quick, you found the right pony If you enjoy any of those, please say so! I would love to set something up together. That being said, I can do roleplays outside of those lines. Casual Slice-Of-Life is always a great option to pass some time and get to know someone!
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    Rarity looked out at the apple merchant, the one Applejack spoke so proudly of. It was a common theme with Ponyville's favorite citizen. Constant pride in her family, excitement that they exceeded their challenges. There was always pride inherent in the humble mare from Sweet Apple Acres that was constantly forgotten by her friends. Applejack was not a simple mare but she was a mare who knew how to appreciate the simple things and had found her place in life quicker than most. Her pride was no less strong than the pride Rarity or Rainbow Dash felt in their work, even if Applejack was considerably less noisy about her many accomplishments. It took well-earned pride to recognized well-earned pride, and Rarity recognized Applejack above and beyond what others could. "Well, she does seem to be doing well. A word of advice you should feel fine to pass along to her, as well as a word of warning: The avenue she is selling her wares on is known for three things. One, they are thought of as generally low-quality, low-class. Two, having a cart or stall is not well thought of. She may want to look into a new location as well as a storefront. And third, it is known for thieves. Tell her to check her stock at the end of each day and keep very good records of what she has sold so she can accurately report it to the Guards," Rarity fired off quickly. This city was delightful but there were still necessary skills one would need to learn. "They can help her get reimbursed," she finished off positively. It was true: The city would reimburse if it was was legitimately tracked loss due to theft. To a certain amount, anywho. Applejack spoke a bit more rapidly once whatever malaise had conquered her earlier disposition evaporated. The food was indeed a worthy topic! "It is quite good, of course. The Royals certainly don't let the quality of their ingredients or those using them fall below expected standards. I'm not likely to eat too much though. Not entirely hungry just yet. The oak bake does have a nice scent to it, does it not? You're Ponyville's best baker, what do you think?" She asked, ever mindful of what Applejack had done. There was a misnomer in Ponyville, at least by guests, that Pinkie Pie was the baker's dozen when it came to quality and success, but locals knew the truth. There was never an Apple who couldn't cook and Applejack, were she not a farm mare, would almost assuredly have been the familly's baking ace. Then Applejack rather unusually complimented her on what she was wearing. Well, how nice of her to notice. Applejack may not have necessarily had an eye for fashion or much of a care for it, but even she recognized true glamour when she saw it. She tittered and twirled. "I'm glad you noticed. Actually, you may have some familiarity with it. Your cousin helped model a version of this during the spring shows. Changed a bit of the trim, a few small details, no big deal," she said with a smile. Oh, that little model of hers! Whatever had she done to infect the Apples with such a deadly ailment?! "Oh, has the terrible, awful, corrupting curse of fashion sensibility slowly started to infiltrate the Apple family?" She spoke with mock horror, ending with hooves over her eyes in a dramatic fashion. The horror!
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    Rainbow's ears were finely tuned and she allowed herself to hear Twilight's increasing gasps for breath. When they had finished the twenty laps Twilight was right where Rainbow had wanted her, where Rainbow needed her, where little could be done but confront the situation at hoof. And by that she meant the training, not any hints of romance that danced like devilish sugar plums over her head. She slowed down and then hovered next to Twilight, smiling wide. She had done well so far, she had to know that. "Okay, here's some water and take a breather for a moment. We got a light flight to the training field. It isn't far, so drink up," Rainbow said as she got out a canteen of water, hooved it over, and then started flying lazily past Sweet Apple Acres and to a few fields beyond until they got to a clearing that was mostly bare save for a few trees, one of which was her focus. The tree had multiple branches, and at the end of the branches was a target connected by string and chains. The area around it was marked by buckball impacts and parts of the targets were broken off, likewise by buckball impacts. Rainbow drew close and then turned around to speak with her shockingly sturdy friend. "This is a buckball training ground AJ and I used to use before...anyway, this is a good place to train. You cannot land, okay? You're hurt, you're not feeling so good, your wings are on fire, and now you're going to have to put yourself through a more intense sort of training. That all sucks, but trust me, if you find yourself needing any of this then you'll thank yourself for pushing," Rainbow said with a hoarse left as she flew up and out a little bit, perhaps thirty or so yards away from the tree and maybe twenty off the ground. "Take a few breaths. Take a minute even if you need to, but don't try to settle too much. Your adrenaline is needed or else you're going to have a harder time," she said as she looked around. Luckily, nopony was around. "When you're ready, try to hit each target with a magic blast of some kind. Do a quarter loop and a spin before you fire. You don't have to hit them all in a certain time, you just need to do a quarter loop and spin before you fire each time," she said before showing off the quarter loop and spin, finishing with a mimic'd magical blast. She settled back into position. "Accuracy and control, not speed at first," she said with increasing confidence. Twi had this, right? of course she did. Time passed. When Twilight indicated she was ready, Rainbow clapped her hooves once. "All right, time to defend Equestria! Ready? Set? Go!"
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    Rainbow braked and banked just when Twi was beginning to close in. The Princess certainly didn't mind. As the pegasus asked her how she was feeling all she could do was nod in agreement. Heart pounding? Yes. Wing muscles burning? Indeed! Breathless? Mmmhhmm! They flew wing tip to wing tip for a moment and Twi used the time to try to regain her composure. It would help if she could at least get her head into this workout. As it was now she was spending waaaay too much time trying to clear her thoughts of the athletic mare beside her. It was hard to focus on thoughts of Rainbow beside her in other places than in the air and also keep her mind on track for what was fast turning into the workout of her life! "T-the city limits?" Twilight gasped out as she fought to glide and not use her wings so much. She glanced at Rainbow again, her face looking nothing less than helpless. Her trainer looked so totally pumped up for this though and the thought of continuing on with this activity that hyped Rainbow so much gave Twi a boost as well! She couldn't help but see how even what must be a light workout for RD made her muscles pop in her shoulders and gaskins. That fine line that ran from her cutie mark to her hocks stood out in fine tuned sexiness... Twi shook her head, causing a drop or two of sweat to go flying. Game face, try to at least hold onto some form of game face... Rainbow flashed that wolfish grin of hers and the Princess' heart tripped in her chest. It was already hard at work providing much needed oxygen and the extra umph from all this Rainbow made her feel light headed and almost giddy! The pegasus was off once more, taunting the alicorn to really pour on her speed. Well, she'd try... she'd never catch up...but she didn't mind the view from behind as she pressed herself further into her athletic if not romantic endeavors. They rounded Sweet Apple Acres what seemed to Twi to be ages later. She was literally pouring sweat now and her wings were starting to feel like they were going to fall off! "Rainbow?!" She panted. "H-how's this for sweat?" She gasped for breath yet again.
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    Off work. The time for scheming an RP has come.
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    Everycreature had a dance they moved to untoward and unknown to others, secrets and desires percolating beneath the vain sheen they projected above. You could always tell when the surface threatened to crack and reveal what lay beneath because there was a nervous bead of sweat, a look around, a nervous shaking off of all other things. Valen was acutely aware that he was not immune to this. How rich was his lie when it involved Gilded Lilly? Enough that for months in the summer he lost track of whether Valen Orange was the vain sheen or whether the Prench filly supermodel was the facade. He gave a warm and knowing smile as he looked away, allowing SMolder time to recompose herself in the fortress of the mind without allowing weakness to be seen. She did mention something that allowed his mind to work on a problem while she went to investigate the light, something he wanted to do but- well, he got cold hooves. At least for a moment. Something about it spoke to him naturally and unnaturally, an odd warmth that seemed to cool his mind and force his blood to slow. Time seemed to crunch by slowly, so he allowed himself a moment of weakness. She went to investigate and he nodded, walking on over to the corner of a near bookshelf and sitting down deep in thought, the light casting besides him but not on him as he allowed the older, stronger, and more experienced Smolder to take care of whatever...light big had gotten in there. Yes, that was it. "A circle ruffle for a Yak? Hmmm...well, the only real design issue would be the hump and barrel, as well as their lower-slung body. That is more an issue of mass than anything else. A circular ruffle can work if the bottom is less ruffled and therefore easy to trip on than the top. I'd start the ruffles at the base of the hump and move from there, even using the hump as a spot for decorations. Ponies often use the base of the tail as a location indicator for their own flair, so I think a Yak hump could serve a similar purpose. I wonder..." he spoke to nopony in particular, allowing time to pass. But then there was no Smolder and he felt suddenly very alone, very naked. "Smolder?" He asked to no response. "...Smolder?" He asked hesitantly, worry leaking from every syllable. Valen got up and took a big gulp before trotting towards the light and whatever was happening there.
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    <Cracks neck> Alright, back in business.
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    Oh right, her dumb knee was still hurting. How embarrassing! The cat that mastered the dreaded 'Deadly Leap' or triple somersault before her tenth birthday was now some helpless kitty riding on the back of a pony. Still, this felt kind of fun. She was actually flying! No trapeze required. Wow! She believed she could fly! Even touch the sky, and here comes an garbage can. Oh fuzz. The whole thing about 'cats always landing on their feet' might be an old mare's tale, or it could counted for those cats who had four feet. Thrilly only had two, and while she was able to break her own fall by simply curling up into a fuzzy little ball and roll out of the impact. When she opened her eyes, she found herself staring directly at a feral cat. For some reason, she always felt rather uncomfortable with 'normal' cats. They always smelled kind of funny and....they licked themselves clean. Yuck. She only had a moment to think before she was snatched up again. "I'm mostly fine....I think I bruised my er, butt." Once they found themselves on solid ground once more, the embarrassed feline paused to make sure she didn't break anything. "Don't feel bad...You were incredible.", after she was sure there wasn't anything wrong back there, she gave her 'brave steed' a hug. "This thief probably saw me when I was being lead up to my room, as I had my necklace on..And since I was going to one of the fancier rooms, this crook probably I was super rich..And if I was super rich, that necklace was probably worth a ton...Which it's not...It's just super sentimental to me.." With the trail lost, the cat slowly made her way towards a maintenance hole...Its cover appeared to be slightly open..."Oh fuzz.", she groaned. "I think our thief might have gone below..."
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    *urge to snuggle intensifies*
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    Raven smiled and nodded. "I'm don't know much about dark magic, except what little I've seen Sombra use." She said, before feeling that shiver run down her backbone again. "That being said, I'm... more sensitive to the ebb and flow of magic than most, so hopefully I can help. If nothing else, I suppose I could be a detector." She smiled as she continued. From the sound of what Sombra had said, it seemed as if the source of the magic was moving, or not very concentrated. Either somepony powerful had placed the spell, or it was an ambient effect generated by Sombra presence... She hoped the former, of course. She didn't want to lose Sombra. Between him, Ice, and Blueblood, they'd really helped her come out of her shell... Her eyes widened suddenly as she realized that she hadn't introduced herself. "Oh, Sorry, I'm Raven Shadowfire, last heir to House Dupone. Though most just call me Raven... I'm kinda new to the whole socializing thing..." She said, a little sheepish. She extended a hoof out to Stormy, a soft smile on her face...
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    silent. but nopony knows.
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    Patch has improved parsing of RP Logs and Cutie Mark display. These features have tentatively been re-enabled. Please double-check your links for these profile fields to ensure that they are properly formatted.
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    “Yes, I grew up over there, and I plan to return some day. For now, I am traveling in search of new experiences and hopefully some souvenirs.” Anu responded, nodding to the two of them as he answered Blueblood’s question. With that out of the way, it was time to address Hogo-sha. “What was taken from me is not as easily returned as you may think. It is no simple matter, retaking my throne from those that have defeated me in the past.” He said simply, watching the other dog. Hogo-sha could be useful in that, but it was not time for that yet. “Yes, perhaps we should move and stop blocking the road.”
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    It wasn't exactly reassuring to have his suspicions confirmed; whatever it said about his sanity, Prince Blueblood would most certainly have preferred to be wrong about an evil presence in the capital building of Equestria. If there was any comfort to be taken, it was in the power and competence of his companion. Considering Hogo-sha's questions, he pursed his lips. "No, but then, this isn't exactly my palace; somepony else may well have. It is somewhat similar to the feeling I got in my summer home, and that came from great-great grandfather Bluebeard bringing home cursed treasure." Clicking his tongue at the memory, he caught a sour taste in the air and grimaced. "Bleah... I think I'll definitely want you at your full power when we run up against... whatever's causing this." Taking a few more steps as he considered their options, he finally nodded. "We'll need to consult an expert. Fortunately, Auntie does keep one around, though not for that exact purpose..." It didn't take long for the pair to find Sombra, accompanied by Raven. Smiling in greeting, he turned to the Umbrum. "Yes, I just came back from another trip. I say, there's something in the air here, something not right. I daresay you know more about it than I do, so how about it, old chap?"
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    The cat was already doing a rather decent job at swinging herself up...Just one more try and she could reach the rope and untie it and then....That part would come.. Oh. Quicker. She was quickly untied and let down rather softly thanks to her new friend. "Oh, thanks.." she managed to blush even harder. While she would have been able to reach her rope and even untie herself as it was rather similar to an old trick she learned a few years ago, she did not dare mention this. Even the fall would have been nothing as her kind always land on their feet. Her keys! She quickly grabbed them, along with an rather convenient stretchy key-chain and coin purse combo that fit around her arm. And while she could run rather fast on four like a pony, there was no way she could move like the mare. "If you can get close....Maybe I could leap at our thief and tackle him!" She was nowhere near as quick as the Pegasus pony, but the combination of the pony's speed, plus the cat's incredible leaping abilities would be more than a match for their necklace thief! Still maybe others could help. "STOP!", she called out. "Thief! Thief!", maybe somepony could get in the way, or even a nearby member of the local police or guard. The shout alone might be enough to startle their running rogue into doing something foolish.
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    Raven frowned, then smiled. "Of course, I'd be willing to help you." She said, something causing a nagging feeling in the back of her mind. She could feel something about the palace was off, but couldn't quite put a hoof on it. Now that she thought about it, the guards did seem slightly weary, scared even... She frowned at this, though she smiled a bit as she saw the new arrivals. "Blue! It's been a bit... Whose your friend?"
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    Feeling that sunshine right about now.
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    Raven smiled as she walked into the castle, glad that most of the guard knew of her. She waved at one of the one's she'd met when she was younger, when she noticed Sombra standing off to the side of the entry way. Since she'd come to see him, she headed over, and bowed slightly. "Hey, Sombra, how ya doing? I figured we could hang for a bit, maybe do some research or something? If you're not busy, that is..." She said, smiling at him. So far, he'd proven to be everything she'd thought he would so long ago. From what she heard, he wasn't even lashing out at any pony, not even playfully. She suddenly shivered though, feeling like a cold wind just blew through the room...
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    No judgment Pemby, only love. Unless you're Rocky, then it's just judgment.
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    After her drink was poured by Pathfinder, Rose offered the explorerer a smile and a nod of her head: her reserved way of saying 'Thank you!" She scoured her mind for a few seconds to dredge up the information, "... Well I've learned that The magic I create is a sort of field of destabilizing energy that take breaks down other forms of energy. I've been trying to learn other ways to apply it and the effects it can have. Some experimental for the most part, I've been hoping to create a spell that could be useful for mining operations." She took a sip of her drink... that was possibly the longest explanation she'd ever given. Squall's speech was certainly a stirring one. More than Rose could ever say she'd feel comfortable saying, She could always appreciate the stallion's gumption in taking the lead of most situations. At first she was going to ask what "Non sufficit" meant but it seemed that Pathfinder was ready and able to better explain what Squall was getting at. Getting more perspectives in general was very useful in a variety of subjects. Now with the world opening up, perhaps they should aim for the truly exotic. She liked Pathfinder's suggestion of somepony from Acroneighos, but militant as that city was it was still very much a pony perspective... "I think I have an idea that would be interesting to pursue if challenging after the beginning. Neighpon has an interesting history behind it and many aspects of it's culture might be unusual to us... but I as thinking that if we are looking for unique perspectives than maybe we should look into the Yokai. They have a strange way of living and seem to be fairly knowledgeable. I understand they have rocky histories with the ponies and kirin of Neighpon in many parts. It seems like an interesting opportunity... and if we need a lead, apparently a yokai whose lived long enough that he was around before the events of Nightmare moon is working on Applejack's farm for a while: he seems fairly talkative." Rose had been around for the Running of the leaves and was in the stands when this yokai revealed himself... it was startling but in the end the day seemed to end in good spirits.
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    Applejack made a more concerted effort to keep her top half up and above the water as much as she could, powering her bottom half and swimming with all four hooves as she tried to push them through the dark stream. Zap Apple's little hoofsies were wettened by the dreary water and she made a mental note to ensure that when they got home that she made sure to get him a hot bath. Didn't want Ponyville's best and brightest future stallion to catch a cold? Thinking about a relatively small problem helped Applejack relax ever so slightly. Every nerve was on end as she listened for any updates on the Timberwolves on their trail. She swam some more as the stream narrowed. Splash. Behind her, a sound. Judging by the brief howl and the distant yet growing furious dog paddling, a timberwolf had joined them. By sweet Celestia's mane, how in the hay were they tracking them and why? Applejack's pulse quickened and she started to feel a small bead of nervous sweat develop under her maneline. "Cold is right..." she muttered in response, her bottom hooves making contact with the water floor underneath them. This allowed her to move faster with small canters deeper and deeper in, even as the sound of the dog paddling grew and grew. Damn their branches, bein' so magical and buoyant. In due time Applejack came to a hole. Well, it certainly felt like a hole. Her hooves felt around and she judged it was big enough for the both of them. It would be a tight squeeze, though. Also entirely underwater. Zap would have to hold his breath. "Zap, yer doin' so good. Mah brave little stallion, thats what you are! Just gotta do one more thing. We're gonna have to go through a tunnel and that tunnel is underwater. Yer gonna get real cold and real wet and yer gonna have ta hold yer breath, alright?" She said as the sounds of splashing got closer, and a howl that may as well have been right next to them. Now she looked worried. She could see behind them now and the yellow eyes of a timberwolf could be seen. At a distance, sure. They had...oh, twenty seconds. But not time to spare. "We're going down in three, when momma says zero, okay? Three...two...one...zero!"
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    Pathfinder wondered if Squall ever pretended to be an actor and spend a day or four performing some overblown dramatic piece at a local theater. He had a flair for it and a very powerful speaking voice. If Pathfinder hadn't been inured to such things by a battery of mentally influencing relics and enemies who had sharpened her mind in issues of charm then maybe she would be impressed. Instead, she waited for him to get to the fun part, which he did in time and with great purple prose highlighting it. The idea was pretty sound regardless. Equestria was less of a nation at this point and more of a harmonic concept that had its roots spread far and wide, deep and strong. EPIC needed to follow suit! "Oh, cool. So you wanna ask Princess Notetaking if we can expand outside our borders? Seems good to me. More eyes and ears and different sents of them to offer different perspectives can be super duper important. The dangerous traps are the ones you don't see AND the ones you don't understand! The more varied our experiences and outlooks, the better we're gonna be at doing our jobs," Pathfinder said as she closed the book and rolled onto her stomach, leafing through her notebook. "I have information I've compiled of super cool ponies, yaks, griffons, you name it from across the world. Lemme see..." she said as she flipped her papers around randomly. Suddenly she stopped and pulled one out. "Ahh, a good one. This pony's name is Skycrack. She's this tough as nails military pegasi from Acroneighos. I think she beat the heck out of a dragon in an arena match too, like an adult one. She isn't like some other Acros either. More like her parents, doesn't seem to discriminate against non-pegasi," Pathfinder said as she pulled some notes out of saddlebag. Acroneighos was a super militant city that held little charm to her. The ponies there cared more about spears and shields than having fun adventures unless by fun adventure you meant flying around and fighting battles, in which case they loved it a whole heck of a lot. Like most major kingdoms in Maretonia it was more than a little prejudiced against species not dominant there, but it was changing. Slowly. It was a very tradition bound city after all. Skycrack and her parents were on the bleeding edge of equality, but it would likely be several generations before they were truly equal.
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    "Wellll..", the cat could not help but grin just a little. "Before the P.T. Barn-Um Circus comes to town, we first hire some creatures to put up signs all over the town..So you know we're coming!", she gave the pony a wink, "And then when the time comes, and after the train is unloaded, there's a free parade where everyone can watch us ride through whatever is considered a 'main street'. There's lots of wagons with animals and clowns...Usually they have my brother and I on top of one of the wagons, and we'll do some simple tricks and moves...Like flips...And leaps...And ol' P.T. will be marching in the front while holding a megaphone thing and he'll be shouting about all the shows to get everyone all excited.", the cat hopped onto the bed and pretended to march...."Then everyone will follow us to where the circus had actually been already set up the previous night and once they purchased their tickets and assortment of food, it's entertainment time! Wooh!", she bounced into the air before quickly regretting it as her knee was still hurting. "Ouch!" "We usually stay for at least a week...Depending on the agreement we have with the town...city..village or whatever.", she paused to massage her lightly injured bit. "And yeah. You're free to stay here...If you want...I really don't know anyone in Canterlot and my parents had convinced me to go...Even if nobody else was able to come along..", her fuzzy ears drooped down even lower. "As for my brother Achille...Well...." again with as sigh. "He was feeling rather cranky the other day when mom got extra naggy...But instead of doing what she said, he got really really snarky. And said something he probably should have not said. Which I can't repeat. Cause the words were really bad. Rhymes with Crumb Witch. Total neva forgive action. And my bro was super-grounded...And even my begging and fake tears didn't fix everything...Like usual." "Since the season was over....My friends had all gone their separate ways...So I couldn't bring one of them along....And even the folks couldn't come...They convinced me that I should still go....Be refreshed...Get out...And also none of the tickets could be refunded. The train. The special hotel voucher. Nothing.... Thank goodness I ran into you..." she felt like she had started to sound just a tad needy. Hopefully Daze didn't mind...And zounds she was so dang adorable. And being the fuzzy type, she also could go au natural. But where the heck would she put her hotel key? Or her camera? The madness with the cloaked stranger really put an end to their happy little day. "Seriously!", she growled at the thief. "It's not worth anything! Well, in bits, but in sentimental it's worth a million!" That probably was not the right word. But nerveless, she charged the sneak thief! Unfortunately the thief had set up a trap for the young cat. A simple rope trap sent the fuzzy little creature up and into the ceiling. "WAAAGH!", she yelped. "Don't worry about me! Please catch that crook! I'll get myself down." "And also turn off the ceiling fan before you leave....", she was not having a very good day.
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    Smolder glanced away from her notebook to enjoy the beauty of an mostly empty lobby. Normally the area would be crowded with students and staff during school hours, but with class out of session, things were rather calm. An occasional student could be seen darting towards the exit. A young filly carefully sketched an image of a rather unique bust of Starswill the Bearded that stood near the entrance. And one of her fellow 'original class' students lead a rather hyper blue coated filly further down the hallway. After the craziness of the last few months, it was nice to have some peace, but knowing how things went, Smolder knew events would start to get 'interesting' again. While dragons lacked organized education, most learned the most basics from a parent before being punted from the nest. This was more of an necessity than an gateway to further education. Dragons should at least be smart enough so they wouldn't be taken advantage of by the other creatures out there. Some ventured out to better themselves, but most preferred the solitude, going out only when the call to join the migration was called. "Completely understandable." Since moving to Ponyville, Smolder gained an appreciation for non-dragon things. From the assortment of fine Equestrian teas, Sudoku and even what mascara looks best on orange scales. She was brave enough to experience such things, but not enough to share her unique hobbies with her friends. At least not yet. "The food is good...I've learned to enjoy some unique little meals that normally I would have never tried in the dragon-lands." Cherry tarts with clotted cream. Lemon bars. Mmm. "There are a few after school after-school activities or programs...Some are extensions of popular classes...As if you like say....building a particular thing, here's a special class to learn more...Some of the older students like myself for example gain extra credit by teaching the first year students...Some simply tutor those who need a little extra help, but I do an defensive flying class of sorts. We also have game night, which we're supposed to be doing...I think tomorrow...And if there's something you enjoy personally and believe others might like it as well.", she lead the young pony to an large bulletin board covered in an assortment of advertisements. "Pin it up here.". There were papers asking everything from models to try out 'exciting new masterpieces of fashion' to a card game that took place every Saturday night. There was something for every creature. Once Valen got a good look at the board, they moved on. "As for the classes, don't think you'll just be sitting around all day holding hooves and singing pretty little friendship songs...Nope..The teachers here usually will teach something useful like for example, Miss Applejack might teach you how to fix a fence or show you how to maintain an apple tree, but she'll then slip in an lesson about honestly....Or Miss Fluttershy, who you will absolutely really like, will bring in something adorable and just by watching say a pack of puppies playing together, you'll learn kindness..Ugh.", she groaned, "It's hard to explain, but they do a good job integrating lessons with real life...And it's just not some pony droning on while pointing to an chalkboard." Well, it was when they first opened the school. Principal Twilight had been so obsessed with gaining an special school certification, she followed a strict set of learning rules that were probably outdated when Princess Celestia was a foal. Once this idea was scrapped, the teachers were free to have a little fun with their students. As the pair moved on, a crashing sound came from one of the rooms. "Oh oh.", the dragon groaned, "Let's take a trip to the library....I wonder what that sound came from....."
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    Valen had been very excited to see who would the one to give him the tour. He had enough relation with important members of the faculty to have some inside information not on the courses, but on the students. Made sense since it was a friendship school that your primary concerns were that of your fellow students, since the real education lay with the bonds you made with them. Sandbar sounded like a very relaxed colt, a local one that Valen had seen once or twice around town. Silverstream was a hippogriff who had a bubbly and excitable sensibility about her that was infectious and brought a great amount of joy to those around her. Gallus, the griffon, seemed to pack a prickly personality that simply hid the softness and care inside. Ocellus was a changeling who was changeling perceptions- see, Valen had an amazing sense of humor- one creature at a time. Yona the Yak was a bright spot in everycreature's day who might smash a lot but helped build something great. And that left just one creature and as luck would have it, that was the creature that opened the door and invited him in. Smolder the dragon. Just a few years ago this would have been a terrifying sight. Dragons had a long and storied history of terrifying ponies. Luckily, recent events had helped shift the perception a little bit and Valen had been lucky enough to deal with Spike more than a few times. There was little a dragon could do, as long as it was being sociable and talking. And Smolder was a sociable dragon, known for being a bit coarse and direct but tere was a reason she had a great group of friends. "Hello Smolder, I'm Valen Orange. A pleasure to meet you," he said with a bow that naturally became a curtsy, his experience showing. "Cousin Applejack spoke very highly of you when I decided to apply for this school. I have never spent long along dragons, and I look forward to learning more about you and your kind," he said pleasantly, not having to lie even as he spoke in a practiced manner. It never hurt to be kind and polite, especially to those you did not yet know. The frivolity of personal relationships were always built upon a solid foundation, and he looked forward to building one with her. He trotted deeper into the school, his eyes soaking in the sights and sounds.
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    Yeah I'm starting to think 'flip Jacob off on a regular basis' is in all my coworkers' job descriptions. In all honesty, I spent a good 10 minutes flipping myself off to use my hand as reference for that picture. 🙂
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