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    "Yuck, bugs? I've never heard anypony eat bugs," Daze responded, thinking about what a crunchy one would taste like. "But a Chimera, huh? I've heard a little 'bout those creatures. They're kinda cool, actually. I'm guessing they can't taste the food the other one is eating, but what if the food they eat hurts their stomach? Would one have to change their diet?" Daze was overthinking this whole Chimera thing. The knew literally nothing about them, but they made her more curious. "I definitely wanna meet them someday." Daze found herself standing in a very fancy hotel, stuck in an elevator and waiting to make it to the hotel room. The walls were decorated in that Cantorlot flare, something Daze really enjoyed looking at. Not that she was a quote on quote 'fancy' pony by any means whatsoever, she just liked the design of them. They were pretty to stare at. Which made sense, because really famous ponies stay here. The golden Pegasus wasn't popular enough to be used to this kind of decoration. She was barely in Cantorlot at all since she moved to the outskirts of Ponyville and Cloudsdale. She knew her way around the city though fairly well. The Pegasus's ears twitched when she heard Thrilly speak again. "Well, aren't you a lucky duck. I'd die to get stuck here. But nah, I got stuck at that hotel across the street." She motioned her head across the street, even though they were in an elevator. "I can't really afford somethin' too fancy, but it get's the job done." After Daze said that, the elevator's doors opened and left the tall pony standing there in awe. "Celestia.." The pair moved out of the elevator, causing Daze to flutter into the air and stare at everything around them. The walls stood there, perfectly crisp and clean from anything remotely dirty. The shine from the light of the chandeliers above highlighted off the glowing walls, creating a gorgeous beam of light to follow all throughout the hallway. Daze could safely say she's never been able to see her reflection from the ground before, as it seemed to just be freshly swept and wiped clean. Beautiful marbled statues were places perfectly down the hallway, creating a nice feeling of fanciness and charm. Pictures were hung high on the walls, making sure the atmosphere itself seemed nice and comfortable. Daze looked at the cat, "Thrill, this place is so gorgeous. I can't keep my eyes off this stuff!" The kitty stopped, making Daze stop in the air as well. The cat turned the key and opened the door, creating a gust of wind to hit the duo in a dramatic, cliché fashion. Once the bright light from the room died down, Daze flew slowly inside, taking in everything brought to her. Then, she saw something dark and quick move in the corner of her eye...
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    *Fearing that is too late to enter the roleplay,and in order to justify the entry, I’ll describe how Forged Horseshoe get there, and he’ll act in a way that can be invited or denied for the game* Forged Horseshoe was out of the vile, doing an research for his work. He must find cobalt ores, so that he’ll can build a metal product that was ordered by a costumer. He was looking around not so beyond the limits of Ponyvile, what would make his job easier, not needing to travel far to get ores. He took with him a pick, a shoulder, a bottle with coffee, some nuts and a bag. Didn’t bring the wheelbarrow cause before extraction of ores he would discover if the ore contains cobalt for real, so he’d just need a bag to put the samples. So, he dug in a probable cobalt deposit place and found some stones with blue details. He extracted some samples, then took a way to the vile. In the way he was about to pass through the school. As he was getting out of term, needing to finish this work fast, he decided to enter the school seeking for a chemistry or geography professor, so that they could confirm if that was a cobalt ore for real. The secretary allowed him to enter, so he got inside and sit waiting to talk with some professor. While he was waiting, he noticed a classroom with a closed door, and a showy paper with something written. He went to the door and read that, and it said “BEST GAME EVER HERE!” He perfectly knows it would be very inconvenient to enter that room, mainly cause he wasn’t a student of there. The curiosity was strong, hence he decided to enter and take a look to check out what was going on. There he noticed an unusual furniture organization for a classroom including gloomy details like candles. Also he saw they in the desk with books and dices, so his nerd sense rapidly associated this to a Roleplay Game. He didn’t know the game but was interested, so he got closer enough to see and listen the game without being so perceived. He wanted to ask to enter the game, but did’t have the guts, so stayed close watching it. He feared his bad appearance too, due to the day of work, his shoulder, pick and the dust on the body.
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    "I shall pass on the wisdom, rest assured, my friend." Blueblood gave Hogo-sha another smile. In most other circumstances, he would have invited him over for tea; whatever his political status, he looked to be a good and useful fellow to know. There was something... heroic, in the Diamond Dog's stance; and heroism was always in demand somewhere. Be good to send him on with a referral at least. But, right at the moment, he had a huge cat with him, and the Prince was conscious that he ought not to push things too far. Let Niilavin get used to the idea of dogs existing before actually inviting them to share a house, even for teatime. *Do sphinxes drink tea? Must make a mental note to ask.* While doing so, he flashed a charming smile to Anu. "Well met, sir! I see from your bearing and breed that your family come from Saddle Arabia, or thereabouts. Are you an immigrant, or a traveler to our fair country?" Thinking about whether or not he should get back on the way home soon, as traffic was beginning to build up behind him, Niil's sudden question gave him pause. "[I... have never seen one of your kind in the flesh before. Nor has anypony I know. That proves nothing, but... another sphinx may be hard to find.]"
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