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    *urge to snuggle intensifies*
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    Raven smiled and nodded. "I'm don't know much about dark magic, except what little I've seen Sombra use." She said, before feeling that shiver run down her backbone again. "That being said, I'm... more sensitive to the ebb and flow of magic than most, so hopefully I can help. If nothing else, I suppose I could be a detector." She smiled as she continued. From the sound of what Sombra had said, it seemed as if the source of the magic was moving, or not very concentrated. Either somepony powerful had placed the spell, or it was an ambient effect generated by Sombra presence... She hoped the former, of course. She didn't want to lose Sombra. Between him, Ice, and Blueblood, they'd really helped her come out of her shell... Her eyes widened suddenly as she realized that she hadn't introduced herself. "Oh, Sorry, I'm Raven Shadowfire, last heir to House Dupone. Though most just call me Raven... I'm kinda new to the whole socializing thing..." She said, a little sheepish. She extended a hoof out to Stormy, a soft smile on her face...
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    Sombra knew that Raven wouldn't refuse him, not when he was her adopted brother. A smirk twitched at the corner of his mouth and his attention shifted back to the newly arrived pair and he could see from here that they were speaking quietly among themselves. If he listened, he could hear the faint sound of their voices across the space, but he couldn't make out any words, not until they started towards Raven and him and addressed them directly. The umbrum withdrew his leg from around Raven's shoulders and straightened up, taking a few steps across the remaining distance between them. Before he could formulate an answer for Blueblood, he heard the strange, bipedal canine's introduction. Sombra was glad that a shorter name was provided- he didn't think he'd deign to bother remembering a long name like that, and not for a stranger. "Experts?" Sombra echoed. "Expert," he corrected, glancing over at Raven. He didn't know how much she might know about dark magic, or anything about what could possibly be causing all this activity in the castle. "I can't say that I know much more about it than anypony else here," Sombra said at last, his inequine red eyes flicking towards Blueblood- he hadn't forgotten the unicorn. "All I've been able to pick up is dark magic, here and there. Like an unusual smell that drifts under your nose every so often and you can't find a source; if I were to put it that way." His snout wrinkled, one side of his upper lip lifting in an expression that might have been distaste. "Celestia is out, currently, so I'm.. intent on handling it, but it's been elusive. Luna's been handling court, when ponies do come. I think that particular problem has more to do with Celestia's absence than the castle, however; I doubt any visitors have seen anything. I'm sure you've noticed that the rest of the castle is off-limits to visitors for that very reason."
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    Very cool work! I just recommend you to use some kind of shadow, cause the tail is mixed with the legs due to the same color.
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    After her drink was poured by Pathfinder, Rose offered the explorerer a smile and a nod of her head: her reserved way of saying 'Thank you!" She scoured her mind for a few seconds to dredge up the information, "... Well I've learned that The magic I create is a sort of field of destabilizing energy that take breaks down other forms of energy. I've been trying to learn other ways to apply it and the effects it can have. Some experimental for the most part, I've been hoping to create a spell that could be useful for mining operations." She took a sip of her drink... that was possibly the longest explanation she'd ever given. Squall's speech was certainly a stirring one. More than Rose could ever say she'd feel comfortable saying, She could always appreciate the stallion's gumption in taking the lead of most situations. At first she was going to ask what "Non sufficit" meant but it seemed that Pathfinder was ready and able to better explain what Squall was getting at. Getting more perspectives in general was very useful in a variety of subjects. Now with the world opening up, perhaps they should aim for the truly exotic. She liked Pathfinder's suggestion of somepony from Acroneighos, but militant as that city was it was still very much a pony perspective... "I think I have an idea that would be interesting to pursue if challenging after the beginning. Neighpon has an interesting history behind it and many aspects of it's culture might be unusual to us... but I as thinking that if we are looking for unique perspectives than maybe we should look into the Yokai. They have a strange way of living and seem to be fairly knowledgeable. I understand they have rocky histories with the ponies and kirin of Neighpon in many parts. It seems like an interesting opportunity... and if we need a lead, apparently a yokai whose lived long enough that he was around before the events of Nightmare moon is working on Applejack's farm for a while: he seems fairly talkative." Rose had been around for the Running of the leaves and was in the stands when this yokai revealed himself... it was startling but in the end the day seemed to end in good spirits.
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    Pathfinder wondered if Squall ever pretended to be an actor and spend a day or four performing some overblown dramatic piece at a local theater. He had a flair for it and a very powerful speaking voice. If Pathfinder hadn't been inured to such things by a battery of mentally influencing relics and enemies who had sharpened her mind in issues of charm then maybe she would be impressed. Instead, she waited for him to get to the fun part, which he did in time and with great purple prose highlighting it. The idea was pretty sound regardless. Equestria was less of a nation at this point and more of a harmonic concept that had its roots spread far and wide, deep and strong. EPIC needed to follow suit! "Oh, cool. So you wanna ask Princess Notetaking if we can expand outside our borders? Seems good to me. More eyes and ears and different sents of them to offer different perspectives can be super duper important. The dangerous traps are the ones you don't see AND the ones you don't understand! The more varied our experiences and outlooks, the better we're gonna be at doing our jobs," Pathfinder said as she closed the book and rolled onto her stomach, leafing through her notebook. "I have information I've compiled of super cool ponies, yaks, griffons, you name it from across the world. Lemme see..." she said as she flipped her papers around randomly. Suddenly she stopped and pulled one out. "Ahh, a good one. This pony's name is Skycrack. She's this tough as nails military pegasi from Acroneighos. I think she beat the heck out of a dragon in an arena match too, like an adult one. She isn't like some other Acros either. More like her parents, doesn't seem to discriminate against non-pegasi," Pathfinder said as she pulled some notes out of saddlebag. Acroneighos was a super militant city that held little charm to her. The ponies there cared more about spears and shields than having fun adventures unless by fun adventure you meant flying around and fighting battles, in which case they loved it a whole heck of a lot. Like most major kingdoms in Maretonia it was more than a little prejudiced against species not dominant there, but it was changing. Slowly. It was a very tradition bound city after all. Skycrack and her parents were on the bleeding edge of equality, but it would likely be several generations before they were truly equal.
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    Super cool lightening tail! Great work!
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    He looks awesome! Great work!
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    Never skip...uhhh. whatever-the-day-he-did-to-buff-himself!
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