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    “Our thief must really think my necklace is something special to go through all this.”, normally, a thief would simply toss away his prize when it wasn’t deemed to be ‘worth it’, if his victims were this persistent. This would allow the horrible ne'er-do-well to get away while the others look for their item. Oh, if he dared to toss her grandmother’s necklace into the sewer. That would be horrible! She decided not to think of such things. The crook had it in his little white bag. Probably marked with an Canterlot Bit symbol. Thrilly smiled back at the adorable pony as she posed with her new helmet. “You look like you’re ready to go crawling through a nasty old sewer like a pro.”, she glanced down at the ground. If she had planned to visiting the famous Canterlot underground, she would have at least brought some boots. Oh, how she hated how her big feline nose could pick up every single scent down here. And from where she was standing, she was pretty sure they were not that far from an Mexicolt restaurant. “If I were you, I’d try my best to not get wet.”, she muttered as she checked for clues. “You sure have a lot of bandages on and if you get any nasty water in there....Oooh...” speaking of nasty, there was a bit of cloth....red cloth...Attached to the side of a rusty pipe...And an dent.. “I think our thief must have slipped into this pipe..Or maybe even clipped it and got snagged on this rusty pipe....nail...hatch thing...” No coin needed! “Let’s go this way!”, she pointed to one direction and quickly made her way down into the darkness.....
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    There was something about this mare Grey didn't see often. Anger that truly made him shiver down in his core. Not many ponies refused help, less was angry once this help was given and very few were STEAMING because of it. All that this stallion could guess on why was Pride. But not the Canterlot type, where you would be proud because you are so glamorous. Maybe pride in your work? Maybe she needed to prove something to herself? Well, whatever it was... This death-glare definitely wasn't inviting. And this spiteful tone mixed with sarcasm when she said her thanks... Quite cold. "You're welcome?" Grey wasn't sure how to answer that as well, so he just said that with a questioning tone, unsure. Oh! No magic? Does it ruin the apples? That was something Grey never heard before. Interesting... Did it truly do that? He has always eaten them with magic and they tasted alright... "Sorry. I didn't know" Grey started to feel a bit more comfortable in this conversation. He did know what to expect now, after the initial outburst, so it wasn't as bad "Your dad seems like a wise man. He is a farmer, I suppose?" Grey continued, trying to spark some conversation before slowly picking up another apple with his hoof and putting it on the cart. Ugh... This damned rain, sticking all this mud to those apples. Would've been much easier with magic, but... yeah Hearing about her target, Grey raised an eyebrow and pointed above them, at the clouds "All the way to Canterlot? You ain't gonna make it in that mud. You'll probably get drenched and sick before you get half-way. And that would be no good for both you, your Pop and the apples. Would it now?" He asked before raising his head upwards, thinking for a bit "I know that this won't probably fit your fancy, but..." He stopped for a second, his green eyes going back onto the mare "I could propose a bit of cooperation. For one or two of your apples, I could shield you from the rain on your way to Canterlot. Could also help with the mud" The price of apples was just a symbolic one. Grey didn't have much to do so might as well help, right?
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