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    Feng may not know how lucky he was to have all of his teeth the second his hoof touched her shoulder. But for all the temptation to lash out on some pony and make them understand how she felt. she… Feng was right. She needed to cool down. Getting out of her seat she follows Feng to a more quiet and secluded spot. Well it was not too far away from all the going on it gave the space she deeply needed. “I can't stand this.” Tempest says glancing over at the growing crowd. “I feel out of place. Did years ago and still do now. I found a home and lost it. It may not have been the best but it was one.” She let out a deep breath. “Thank you for... being… Nice.” She added in a tone that made it seem like she was not used to saying such a thing. Looking to Feng she flicked an ear and studied him more before feeling like she needed to… explain something. She had to get it off her chest. “Deadname.” She mutters out in a deadpan tone. “The name they keep saying. It’s a deadname and what its tied to makes me…” She had to shut her eyes, she hated saying this and it took some force to do it. “Uncomfortable.” She wanted to explain it better but found no words for it. She hated speaking like this. She looked pathetic. Weak. Deep breaths. "Cold water sounds nice."
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    The Emerald Grove Kingdom of the Perytons Chapter One : The Emerald Grove In the heart of the Velvett Strand Isles, where the Peryton's mere existence causes the land to thrive and bloom - there is a hidden jewel of fertile land and a stand trees so thick with greenery that it's become a popular sight seeing spot for newcomers to the islands during the day when business isn't going about. The Velvet Strand is known for its lush flora and its clean waters and none more so than this viridescent jewel of nature. The grove is a large expanse of soft grass melded with towering trees that cover the sky so well at times that the sun glitters through the leaves like golden stars against a deep green sky, to add some light under the boughs of these trees the herds have created their own form of illumination to aid the growth of the plants and their more sun needing harvests in the form of hanging strands of jewels bathed in sunlight called Dawn Stones - a treasure coveted by the Emerald Grove Peryton's for their warm glow. They are thankfully only used sparingly as the plants thrive well enough with the presence of the winged cervines. Though nothing will ever beat the crystalline beauty of Cirrus Lake, there is a small body of water, barely the size of a large pond situated near the home of the royal family which due to its years of tending and constant proximity to the Peryton's - has become so pure it is said in myth to have rejuvenating, almost healing properties. It is aptly named; Dewdrop Pond for its size and nature kissed existence. It's said in myth that a rare antidote for the most toxic poisons or most virulent diseases can be fashioned when mixed with a single drop of this pond. As with the rest of the Velvet Strand in its effort to keep to its 'untouched beauty', the housing here has kept with the standard set by the Perytons, simple, natural, rustic. Even the home of the royal family with its slightly large home has been fondly named by its residents as 'The Living Palace' due to beautiful wild flowers, rare jewel like fruits and entwining flora that make up the decoration of the royalty's home. Even the throne room looks like it was grown more than built. With this pocket of fertile land, it's said to be possible to grow any kind of fruit, vegetable or flower in the dirt of this grove and the local residents are more than happy to show off the fertility of this land by sometimes sharing homespun meals made of fruit and veggies not even local to the area and some that is whispered - mostly in gossipy and boastful allegations - that the Peryton's have fashioned for themselves from years of cultivating and tending. No doubt, this Peryton paradise is a jewel on top of an already beautiful crown of nature that the Velvet Strand has to offer. Chapter Two: The Royal Herd The Royal Herd of the Velvet Strand (or often simply referred to as the 'royal family') has lived and thrived for generations and lays claim to being descended from the 'first Peryton' as well as laying claim to being the most 'in tune' with the natural magic that flows through all their kind. Made up of the current monarch, their family, their entourage, servants and the like, they make an impressive bulk of the herd. Though they come off as arrogant and snobby, they have ruled their homestead with a deeply mixed past going from time to time. They are some of the few Perytons that have high decoration to them, even if it's usually just a crown or neckpiece with a pair of royal jewels set into each piece known as the Nature's Dream Emeralds. Every royal figure head has handled their kingdom in a different way but most have been altogether peaceful due to the Peryton's idyllic and carefree lifestyle, the royals only have to step in for serious issues pertaining to the welfare of the islands or diplomatic issues. The few most notable Royals of the past are the ones who made the greatest waves in society, for better or worse or for simply vain and boastful legends and myths that the Peryton's can brag about: Branach of the Branching Antlers was infamous for sporting the biggest horns of his ilk, legend has it due to their size he could grow a tree to full size by standing by a sapling. Fáelán the Harvest Lord was an adventurous King who ventured past the Cirrus Lake and to different parts of Equestria and brought back seeds for their family to grow and increase the variety of food their people could eat and enjoy. Galochobar the Friendly was a great and joyous stag who welcomed the first ponies who ventured onto the Velvet Strand with an open heart, taught them the ways of their kind and was surprisingly not condescending. Boadicea of Nature's Will was a Queen of the Perytons who rallied her herd together when a group of zealously industrial ponies wished to renovate the isles with modern homes and warded them off with help of some allies in the form of ponies who also wished to preserve the nature of the Velvet Strand. There are however, none more famous or infamous than Oberon, Champion of the Grove and his father Drust the Blighted One; The story goes that Drust was as boastful and vain as any of his kind who sported a pair of vestigial fangs that were a rare thing among Perytons of old, well aware of his powers and all to ready to share his weighty pride with those that would listen. However as he grew larger, so did his ego, to the point it became pride in his race to a frightening level. Ponies who visited were not permitted to speak in his presence unless spoken to and were condescended to as if they were nothing but fawns. This continued on until Drust had the worrying idea of making their small kingdom the 'greater power' in Equestria and mused about possibly overthrowing the all powerful Princess Celestia. His modest and level headed son; Oberon, who valued the friendly ties they had with the ponies begged his father to reconsider such a hasty idea - the Peryton kingdom was small and likely to be overwhelmed if they even dared to think of taking on the grand empire of the ponies. But Drust would not be swayed, somehow the mad king had found a way to corrupt the magic that could flow through his horns - instead of amplifying the life giving and healing natural energies, he would drain it from the flora and fauna around him. The Emerald Grove and the Royal Herd began to suffer from the effects of their king's power and it would not be long till he tried to inflict the same damage to the rest of Equestria. Seeing no alternative, Oberon challenged his father to a duel, putting his own antlers at risk to stop his father from destroying their beautiful home and bring ruin to the kingdom. From stories told, the battle was said to last hours that melted into days until finally with a mighty swing of his head, Oberon snapped his father's antlers clear from his head - halting the damaging magic. Drust was exiled from the Velvet Strand isles, never to be seen again and Oberon took his place as the new king of the Perytons where his lineage has thrived to the current monarch of this very day. ((Might add more later))
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    Roleplay Type: WoEName: Oisin (ush-EEN)Sex: MaleAge: Young BuckSpecies: PerytonEye Colour: Oisin's eyes start a deep, almost dream likeCoat: Oisin's coat is many different shades of emerald green, but his legs and wings end in a slight shade of dreamy lavender purple.Mane/Tail: Being a Peryton, Oisin has no real mane, but he harbors the usual tuft tail of his cervine like kind.Physique: Slender and almost balletic in appearance, Oisin bears a typical dear like physique.Residence: The Emerald Grove, Velvet Strand IslesOccupation: King of the Peryton Kingdom in Velvet StrandCutie Mark: N/A - Peryton's don't need cutie marks to show off their fantastic skills.Unique Traits: Like the odd few of his kind, Prince Oisin bares tiny vestigial fangs that hold no real power or effect other than maybe being threatening and possibly delivering an inconvenient nibble here and there. It is however doubtful as he is still a full vegetarian. Despite being relatively young and fresh to his princely title, Oisin holds aloft a rather impressive rack of antlers that have either bloomed or been decoratively dye'd a luminous golden colour, the same as his hooves. Oisin has wings just like any Peryton and just as useless as any Peryton's wings should be, however because of his magical affinity the purple tips of his wings seem to sparkle ever so faintly. Whether this is genuinely because of his affinity for magic or simply just showing it off for any onlookers, remains to be seen. History: Oisin was born in the heart of the Velvet Strand Isles - the Emerald Grove, where he and family have lived for generation within the small Peryton Kingdom. Like most of his line, he was greeted lovingly into the world and immediately brought up with ideals of 'Royal Peryton Perfection' and the attitudes he should have to his 'lesser' creatures - even those of his own kind. However he was also taught the importance of nature, of the herd and most of all modesty, leading to a slight clash in teachings to say the least as he developed from a fawn to sprouting his first nubs that would soon become his antlers. His father - King Tiarnán, raised his son to be comfortable with the visitors to the Velvet Strand such as the pony tourists and those that come for the peace and tranquility, it's at one of these visits the young fawn 'met' Princess Celestia on a diplomatic visit, however being so young he had little to offer in diplomatic conversation or regal baring than the odd bow and offering a flower to the tall pretty alicorn. He was raised on books of history, but his love was in fantasy. Tales of swashbuckling pirates, dastardly villains and courtly love. Being lost in books of epic romances of princes saving princesses for hours on end and re-enacting them with all the little does of his father's court with great energetic enthusiasm. When his vestigial fangs started growing out - despite their diminutive size - there were worried whispers that the young prince may end up like his maddened great great grandfather; Drust of the Blight. Learning of the history worried the young prince greatly and the rumors and teasing from his fellow fawns, royalty or not, was still a burden on his tiny mind to the point that it kept him near constantly distracted from his lessons of cultivation. It was only when his mother noticed her son's tired eyes and droopy ears and after a long talk with her and his father, the child's worries were pushed aside and he was soon on his way to the path of his royal teachings. With the passing years, his antlers grew, as did his passive magic. He became much more competent in his baring from the awkward and worried child he was and now had a healthy dose of boastful pride mixed with modesty, however it wasn't long till his father had stepped down from the throne of the Emerald Grove due to irrevocable injury done to his horns and Oisin's coronation took place on a bright spring morning, reigning him as the new if young King. Years before he rightfully should have been the age to become King. Now freshly crowned, the young King of the Perytons now has to face the world of royalty and keep the peace and tranquility of the Velvet Strand as those before him did for generations. Character Personality: Oisin is a bit of an unintentionally spoiled brat at his worse and a socially inept doofus at most, despite his regal baring - social cues and knowing what's best to say in what situation has never been his charm, even when trying to be kind. A compliment will be unintentionally added with 'for a Pony' or 'but not as good as a Peryton' and he'll think nothing of it. But despite such, there is no real vitriol or cruelty in his words, he's just a bit dense when it comes to socializing outside of his own species. Or with the ladies. Being a young buck, Oisin is unfortunately a bit of a doe-eye'd brag when it comes to the ladies, often falling head over heels at first sight for a pretty face and making wild claims of innocent adoration and often quoting old romantic epics he's read thinking the overly sappy saccharine love novels have anything remotely appealing to them. But when he isn't badly handling a compliment for dignitaries or flirting with some poor doe or mare, Oisin is surprisingly competent. He is nature loving, friendly and caring to those in or visiting his household and especially when visiting foreign lands despite any social frollups. Keeping himself poised, regal in times of stress to act as a beacon of tranquility during any trouble - some might see this as ignorant but it's simply to offer a peaceful bastion for any of his panicking people to latch onto. Character Summary: This royal Peryton may come off as a boastful flirt with nothing between the ears but at the end of the day, he's a young buck put into a position given to him too early and doing his best to be a friendly and approachable monarch that will make his people and family proud.
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    *Post submitted for Judging* It felt great to have all that muck and pie off of her after that doozy of an obstacle course. She'd hoped to have just come out of it with mud on her, but thanks to her allergies she ended up with pie on her face too. One tablet and shower later and Tokkuri was ready to continue on with these festive trials. Hm... The barrel weave. She remembered doing things like this when she was younger as part of her fitness training. The set she'd been trained with back home used flags instead of Barrels. Getting around those was surely easier than these sizable barrels. At first she was starting to doubt herself, but seeing how swiftly Nensho made his way through pushed them to the back of her mind. He wouldn't want her giving up in this competition because some sealed casks spooked her! As she concocted her approach to the course she let her eyes wander over to the cheering audience. Huh, seems that Feng's personal cheerleader was still there for his run. It was oddly cute seeing someone so eagerly cheering on a friend like that. She couldn't help but notice how the orange maned kirin seemed to lose some energy once that fellow eastern competitor finished off and yelled out that his run was for somepony named 'Yue'. Oh-ho! She could smell tension in a relationship a mile away and whatever story was behind was sure to be spicy. Nensho's run was more or less how she would have taken the course. Hoping not to look like she was trying to copy her friend, Toboe decided on a less flashy version of what he'd tried (with no spinning). She got down low and just as the flag waved she jumped forward to one side of a barrel, weaving between each one with a diagonal jump while keeping her eyes ahead and steady. It was almost like she was bouncing between the barrels. Her agility training over the years had paid off. the only close call she was having on the way was her tail just nearly brushing across the surface of the barrel at the opposite end. The kirin whipped around and repeated the process smoothly back to the finish line , panting softly as she finished. There were exuberant cheers from the crowd, which Tokkuri offered a simple bow to before making her way over to Nensho at the finish line and offering him a high hoof. "Great run, Nensho-Kun! Hope mine wasn't too similar!"
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    *pushes his sharkpone king towards her*
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    Submitted for Judging After a rather poor performance gobbling up cupcakes, and an even worse trip around an obstacle course, Smolder had faith. She had done this before, except with a group of her fellow dragons and those who lost, ended up in a big pile of 'Red Flavored Fluffy Puff Translucent Dessert Related Substance'. She teamed up with her brother Garble and his friend Fume. The three battled against an older dragon named Drogon. While the threesome soon found themselves with a faceful of whatever dessert related substance was, it was a true learning experience. She also learned not to stand so close to Fume. Guy has terrible breath! She marched over to her spot and took notice of the three rather tough fellows she would soon be facing up against. Considering she had heard Big Mac once pulled a freaking HOUSE, they really had to be strong. But she was stronger! She was a dragon! Fierce! Brave! She had wrestled and defeated larger dragons than she. She could smash boulders into dust with a slash of her tail or thrust of her fist. She was fierce! She was a dragon! They would soon hear her roar! The orange scaled dragon stood firm as she griped the rope. Lessons she had learned from her defeat, combined with an assortment of suggestions and ideas about how to win floated around in her skull. She could win this! The announcer's voice called out, "3-2-1......BEGIN!" With the rope in her mighty hands, the young dragon dug her feet into the ground and shifted back just a little. She did not weigh nearly as much as the impressive farm pony, but she would make things a little more difficult for the threesome. She let out a growl as held on tight to the rope. With her feet planted into the ground, she slowly backed up. She could tire these guys out! She thought of herself like a solid wall. One that could not be tugged over. One that would not break! But the three she battled knew what they were doing. They were a perfect team and made up the right tug-of-war combination. They had strength, experience and they could 'read the rope' better than any creature. Smolder could struggle and pump as much confident messages into her brain, but it was inevitable. She was going to fall. And that she did. This would be the second time she would get her scales muddy this afternoon, and thus it would be the second time she had to take a quick shower! At least she kept her mouth closed this time.
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    *post submitted for judging* The King of the Changlings did indeed incur a few curious stares as he made his way to the start line of the barrel weave. He'd gotten fairly used to the attention by now as he's been visiting Ponyville frequently enough as of late. Spike, Pinkie, and many others had been gracious in showing him the ropes of pony life and he'd come to make quite a few friends and enjoy his stays in town. This visit was... how did Pinkie put it? Hmmm, ah yes!... 'especially special', as the Iron Pony competition was taking place. And what's more, he'd decided to join in the games! After looking over what was available he could think of no better option than the barrel weave. He just couldn't see himself gorging on cupcakes or being pulled into a mud pit but he could certainly run. And if running around barrels was all there was to it, well then! This was certainly the event for him! "Go get im' Thorax!" He heard one of his friends shout from the sideline. He so loved having friends! It gave him the best feelings of courage and hope! His energy soared as he eagerly took his place. "Three, two, one, go!" A pony charged with clocking the event gave the changling the go ahead and off he went. Thorax's body had changed dramatically and he still couldn't get over his leg agile legs! He felt as graceful as a deer every time and ran! Grace would certainly be needed to clear all the barrels effectively. The King was upon the first barrel quickly, avoiding it with the delicate hoof steps of a dancer while at the same time maneuvering with high speed. On to the second, third, and fourth barrel! He tore by them in rapid succession, his light steps hardly even kicking up dust. He wanted to laugh out loud from sheer enjoyment which caused the king to falter for a moment at the half way point. He hadn't judged the distance very well on the blue barrel that was now right in front of him. It was all he could do to control himself to not open his wings and fly over the obstacle! "Come on Thorax! You've got this!" He spoke to himself in his head, helping him keep his confidence. The changling king reared up on his hind legs just enough to keep his front hooves from touching the barrel. He swiveled to the side and then used his hind legs to launch himself forward. Within a couple of strides a regained himself and was onto the task of the next few weaves. In and out, around and through! He was breathing hard now and he couldn't help the smile on his muzzle. This was serious competition but it was also really a fun experience for him! Around the ninth he went and towards the last one! On Thorax charged, thrilled by the sounds of the crowd cheering him on! The tenth barrel was soon behind him and the changling slowed to a trot. He may not have been the swiftest runner but Thorax certainly was graceful! He waved to the crowd as they cheered for him, soaking in the joy and kindness around him. "This is wonderful!" He proclaimed to nopony in particular. Few ponies could know the gratitude the changling felt in his heart for the magic of friendship!
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    *post submitted for judging* Welp, why not join one of the competitions before heading back to Sweet Apple Acres? Big Mac had been watching the event from his place at the candy apple toss and decided he might be right good at it! The stallion trotted up to the registration table and was pleased to discover he wasn't too late to join in! Now it was almost his turn and he needed to get himself stretched. He watched the battles that went before him as he warmed himself up. That winged guy, Feng was it? He put on the quite the show. Staying out of the mud for longer than Mac would have thought possible, using a very cleaver technique. Then there was a grey stallion. This guy had tried a technique as well though it didn't seem quite as effective. Big Mac shrugged, they'd both given it their best shot in a contest that was certainly a test of strength and determination. "Big Mac?" He heard the announcer call. "You out there Big Mac?" "Yep!" He'd been watching so intently he didn't realize they had an opening for him to go next. "You good to go next?" Mac nodded to the sky blue pegasus. "Yep!" He trotted out towards his end of the rope, mentally going over what he had to do. He'd seen some techniques already but he had his own way of taking care of business. The red stallion reached down and gripped the rope with his teeth. He tossed part of the end over his withers and then gripped it firmly in his muzzle. "Three, Two, one, pull!" The announcer called as cheers rang out from the crowd that had gathered to watch the spectacle. The ponies of the other side of the mud pit wasted no time with the order and Mac felt the rope go taunt with a quick jerk! Tug, tug, tug... They hefted away in rapid succession and Mac felt the strain instantly in his neck and jaws. That wasn't good, those were not his strongest muscles. The stallion leaned back, intent on taking the strain where he was strongest. He had Apple family buckin' legs and that was where he'd get the strength he needed to hopefully outlast the other competitors. He dug his hind legs into the dirt, grinding them into place for purchase. From here he was able to rock with the pulls from the other side, at least for a little while. There were three well muscled ponies over there though and he knew he couldn't hold out too much longer. Mac sat back on his haunches as best he could with so much strain going forward. They were going to pull him forward but he was a lot to pull. Little by little he was dragged closer and closer to the mud bit. The stallion grunted with resistance, holding out as long as he could. He fixed his gaze on the ponies across from him, eyeing them with defiance. The lead pony raised a brow for a just a moment at the challenge. That bought him a couple extra seconds but then they retaliated with a tremendous tug! Spluck! Into the muddy muck went the farm horse. He landed face first and rolled over with a chuckle of good nature, breathing hard. "You had enough buddy?" One of the tugging ponies called over to him with a smile. "You put up quite a fight!" Big Mac nodded as he waded out of the mud. "Yep!"
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    *This Post submitted for judging* Thunderhoof stood watching the ponies get covered in mud. He loved seeing them struggle against the rope. He'd thought about entering, but the idea of competing just didn't seem as fun when he couldn't just think about Stage joining in. That poor stallion had heard mud was involved and ran for the hills. He must still be traumatized from the last competition he entered. He'd taken so many baths, Hoof thought he'd wash his coat right off his body. He laughed silently to himself at the thought. In any case, Thunderhoof just liked watching, more than anything. He was content just seeing the others have fun. "Hoof! There you are!" a familiar voice called "We brought snacks!" Flaire was approaching, accompanied by Lilly Quille, the Itailian artist of their group. The beautiful unicorn was carrying a bunch of candy apples in her magic. and Flaire was coming up empty hooved. Hoof laughed soundlessly. she always has been better at those ring toss games. "I may have gone a little overboard playing the Apple Ring Toss game." she blushed slightly "I gotta admit, it kinda hurt my ego a little to loose so many times then see her win so easily." Flaire said "But she agreed to share, so.... all's well that ends well, eh?" Hoof drew in the ground with his hoof a little, using his only means of communication. "Well of course you get some, silly." Just then, another pony face planted in the mud. "That looks like fun. Hoof, why don't you give it a go. See how long the three will last before you pull them into the mud." Both Flaire and Lilly laughed, while hoof smiled. Flaire was only half kidding. He honestly felt Hoof was strong enough to yank them off their hooves, but he'd be too nice to do that. He'd probably just stand there holding the rope until they gave up. Thunderhoof drew on the ground again giving an evil smirk. Then pointed at Flaire. Lilly laughed out loud "This, I gotta see!" she said. "Do it, Flaire!" Hoof stomped in agreement. "Alright, alright!" Flaire gave in "Fine, I'll do it. But only if I get to do it my way." Hoof drew in the ground again "He's right, Flaire. You can't change colors. I'm sure they'll count that as magic." "But it doesn't give me an edge. It's just a bit of fun." he sighed dejectedly "Oh, you're probably right. Fine. No Colorshifting." he pouted Hoof slapped his back in a "you've got this!" gesture, which kinda hurt with his big hoof. "You'll do fine. Besides, it's just for fun, anyway, right?" "Yeah, yeah. You know, you guys are gonna have to make this up to me. I expect to have my spa day paid for, tonight." Hoof waved, dismissingly Once the next pony had finished his go, which seemed to take an impressively long time, Flaire made his way up to challenge the three others. He smiled weakly at them and waved. "Could you, maybe, go easy on me? I'm not vey strong." Flaire begged The one in front answered "Sorry, sir. For it to be fair, we have to give you the same challenge we give Everypony else." He and the others picked up the rope "Just pick up the rope whenever you're ready" He offered Flaire hesitated for a minute, thinking about backing out. But he decided why not, and picked up the rope in his teeth. The announcer's voice echoed as he called out "Alright! Let's get ready to start in three, two one, tug!" Flaire strained against the rope as the stallions pulled, giving him a challenge while not outright pulling him in immediately. It was then he realised what the challenge actually was. This wasn't about strength. It was about endurance. He didn't have to out pull three stallions, he just had to hold on as long as he could. He almost dropped the rope with his palpable sigh of relief. He stumbled a little, but regained his balance and pulled again, pulling with force as well as he could maintain. He knew the key to endurance was steadiness, so he tried to keep his pulling as steady as he could, trying not to jerk at all.As he pulled, he thought about changing colors to startle the others and get a good laugh. He'd probably be disqualified, but he didn't really expect to win, anyway. No, he thought, that would be bad sportsponyship. I'll just have to tough it out. He could feel his grip weakening, and snapped himself back to the task at hoof, yanking ever so slightly on the rope. Which gave him an idea. He started to relax his grip little by little letting them think they were besting him. They continued pulling the same, and he started slipping, but this was part of his plan. He got real close to the edge, and just before falling in, he pulled together all the strength he could muster and yanked on the rope like his life depended on it, trying to catch the others off guard. Unfortunately for Flaire, they were a little more practiced at this than he. They easily compensated for the sudden change and yanked back, sending Flaire sprawling into the mud. SPLASH! He quickly stood back up and began laughing his head off. "Well, that backfired, didn't it?" He laughed "You guys are pretty good at that." He gave them his signature genuine friendly smile "Thank you for the challenge, sirs." He bowed to them, and made his way back to his friends.
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    (just gonna snap back and forth in time for a brief moment to complete conversations ) Pinkie received the head pat from Pathfinder with a trademark eyed bugged giant grin. She'd always been a fan of Pathfinder and her antics, finding a kindred spirit in the go get em' nature that Pathy had in spades. Plus she always had stories of adventures. Crazy out there stories that were right up Ponk's alley! "OOOooooo, secret training grounds! Sure does sound top secret! Maybe me and you can go investigate that sometime!" She nudged the mare fondly. "Okie dokie Pathy Wathy! See you around I'm sure!" With that she bounced off in search of more ponies to meet and greet. ---- As she went she noticed quite a few ponies make odd faces when she came near. She giggled, it was probably her amazing amounts of energy and her winning personality! Some ponies could be so shy! Yep she's need to make sure to say hi to that purple unicorn and that spotted pony. They both looked like they could use another friend! Soon she found herself in conversation with a super nice mare named Sea Salt! "Oh wow! You've got fish as pets huh? What kind of fish?" As she spoke Gummy blinked up at their newest friend. He slowly reached a claw out towards Finnie. "Wow, he hardly ever does that!" Pinkie watched in fascination as her gator reached for the light blue mare. "Looks like Gummy wants to come on over your way! You mind a passenger for a couple minutes?" She smiled broadly as the pegasus spoke of the cloud diving event. "Well that explains the water then! Fish as pets and the diving event. Something tells me you like the water!" Finnie was super nice and Pinkie felt happy to be making a new friend! She did notice another pony not far away with a scowl on her face. Perhaps Finnie knew her? "Is that mare," She nodded in Ali's direction. "a friend of yours? She looks kinda down..." ---- Thorax smiled back at the young dragon as she spoke of more dragony types of exploits. "Yes you're right Smolder. I'd love to see you in a lava surfing competition! I'm sure they have those in the dragon lands. Must be quite the sight! Perhaps if they had a shape shifting competition I'd be making the record books too!" He sighed. "But the barrel weave will have to do for now!" Soon Thorax found himself wandering back towards the area Pinkie was in. She was talking to a blue pegasus and Gummy was doing his best at being the center of attention. Thorax smiled, these pony folk were always the interesting lot!
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    "Thank you." Slide took his seat and noticed that Street Art was only snacking on an apple. He looked at his tray of food that consisted of two flower sandwiches with hayfries and a water bottle. Slide then picked up one of the sandwiches with his hoof and took a bite out of it, being extra polite respectively. After wiping his face with a napkin and taking a drink of water, he answered Street's question. "The rehearsal was swell. We're going over two pieces that the audience will enjoy very much. They are called Pictures at an Exhibition and Blue Bells of Trotland." As he began to eat his hayfries, he didn't notice a group of ponies dressed in black walking towards him. Just as he was about to eat another, one of the ponies grabbed his tuxedo collar and turned him to look at the pony. "You're coming with me trombonist." Slide tried not to panic, knowing that he was in a dangerous situation. He took a nervous gulp, sweating a bit with fear. "Why me? There's other musicians here that you should be looking for. I mean...uh...look! It's Countess Coloratura!" He quickly pointed with a hoof at a random direction, causing the group of ponies to look in that direction. Slide got up from his seat, look a quick glance at Art, and then flew away from the square. "Get back here!" Slide heard that the gang pony was catching up on him fast. He was a pegasus pony too! Panting, he flew down the streets of Manehatten, dodging to avoid streetlights and buildings, apologizing as he streaked his way past a crowd of ponies waiting to hail taxi cabs. Rounding a corner, he found a subway entrance. With no time to spare, he galloped down the stairs and entered the station, dodging past commuters waiting for the train. When he reached the end of the platform, the gang pony had caught up with him and blocked his way. The passengers had fled from the platform, with the gang pony looking at Slide with terror and evil. "Well well well, what do we have here? The most professional trombonist in Equestria. Are you really that professional?" The gang pony spat at his face. Slide wiped the spit from his face. "Sir, if you excuse me, I have a concert to attend to in less than an hour. I was just having lunch with a friend-" The gang pony slapped Slide's face with a hoof. "Shut it red pone, or you'll be speaking with the boss faster than you can tune a piano. Understand?" Slide felt the sharp pain of a hoof on his face and began to cry a bit. Wiping his tears, he looked at the gang pony, still in fear. "What are you gonna do to me?" The gang pony came up close to Slide's face and whispered to him. "You see that tunnel over there? We're going to the lair of the boss. He'll want to hear your...music." The gang pony gave a sinister laugh and motioned for Slide to enter the tunnel walkway. He slowly made his way to the stairs that lead down to the path, his hooves clopping against the concrete stairs. At the bottom of the stairs, the gang pony motioned for Slide to start walking and to not stop until they reach their destination. Slide hoped that their destination would not be his final destination.
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    From the album: Muddy's Album!

    I love sharks, so big scary shark monarch was a must to do.
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    You would need to create some lore first, but it doesn't need to be too extensive
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    Submitted for Judging "Weeeeee!" Pinkie bounced about in the main customer section of Sugar Cube Corner. "It's alllllmost time!" She got down low and crawled until she was right in front of Gummy. The Ponk wagged her tail with excitement. "My favoritest of favorite Iron Pony events is tomorrow!" Gummy blinked his eyes one after the other, his mouth opening an then shutting once. "Ha ha! Silly!" She popped up and glanced at the stacks upon stacks of cupcake trays that could just barely be seen in the kitchen. "The cupcake eating contest is my favorite to get ready for! The Super Sure Shot Sniping Session is my favorite event to compete in!" Gummy blinked again. "Oh Gummy! Of course I have my super special secret silly surprise shot ready to go! I made them weeks ago!" She zipped up to her room and then zipped back down in a flash. "See! Just like party cannon balls but smaller." She held out a small hoof full of what looked like marbles with colored glass at the center. "Oops!" One of them dropped from her hoof and hit the ground... SQEEEAK!! A shrill squealing noise followed by a puff of confetti appeared. Where the shot hit the ground there was now the imprint of a smiling pony's face. She reached down and quickly rubbed away the mark. "I'm not sure the Cake's would really like my marks all over the floor..." She stood and smiled. "But they are pretty amazing don't you think Gummy? Plus they fade away on their own after a while." Another blink. Pinkie disappeared into her room to finish fine tuning her skills for the competition in the morning. ----- It wasn't long before Pinkie found herself at the 5S range! She had her 6S shot all ready to go and tested three of the slingshots that could be used for the competition before selecting what she figured to be the bestest one. She glanced at Lonna Longefletch. The griffon eyed her and nodded for her to begin her round. "Okie Dokie Lokie!" Pinkie exclaimed before whirling around to the target range. Somehow in the blink of an eye she had donned her super sky outfit. Black suit, tie, and all! Mission Impossible music started playing from nowhere as she sighted her targets. Pinkie's face was grim. "Targets sighted." She loaded a 6S into the sling shot and pulled back... Shot #1: There were soooo many fun things to aim at! She couldn't really decide where to focus so she just pulled back and let a round fly! As the round hit a mark it exploded with confetti which instantly relieved her of her serious mode. "Ha ha ha! Those are just great! Too bad there's no pinatas to aim at!" A severe glare from the griffon running the show got her back on task. Shot#2: She couldn't help but giggle when she saw a cut out figure of Discord in the closer part of the range. "How could I just let this opportunity pass me by?" She giggled again and let fly at that pesky draconequus! Shot #3: Oh wow! How much fun was this?! "Hee hee hee!" Was that a cut out of the cloud of parasprites? "I mean I should really just march you guys out of town buuuut..." She aimed and fired at the parasprites cut out. Shot #4: Time to try for some targets worth more points! She scanned about, taking back her spy demeanor. "Ok, where to next?" Ah! There was a whole bunch of fruits and veggies! "Time to make a fruit salad I think!" She aimed for a stack of oranges with her fourth shot. Shot #5: The fruit salad continued on with a stack of banana bunches! "Woo hoo! Let's make a banana split!" She couldn't help the maniacal laugh that escaped her muzzle as her 6S sailed towards the target. Shot #6: How could she possibly not take a shot at the big ol' watermelon. Just sitting there, asking her to aim at it! Shot #7: "Hmmmm," Her eyes widened as she saw the bottles and can lined up. "Those look like fun!" There was a few colored bottles all lined up sparkling in the sun. It would be so cool to see a round of 6S hit one of those! Shot #8-#9: She couldn't stop herself from trying to hit a couple more bottles. They sounded so cool when the shot hit them and all that confetti everywhere made the whole range look like a party! Shot #10: Pinkie pulled out her spy binoculars and spotted the golden cupcake! The binoculars vanished and were replaced by the slingshot. "Okie dokie cupcake..." She sighted as best she could as the target was super far away. "Got you!" She shouted as she released the shot, hoping it would fly true. Pinkie bounced away from the range as the squealing of the 6S faded and the last bits of confetti blew away. There was nothing the Ponk couldn't turn into a party! [Lottery Numbers: 9, 12, 35, 48, 51, 78, 49, 50, 88, 95]
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    Submitted for Judging Ranged weaponry. Feng pursed his lips as he surveyed the target range; this was not his specialty as far as combat training went. Not that he gave his initial academy sling training anything less than his all, but he might have let himself get the slightest bit rusty since then. Hey, a Watcher couldn't be good at everything, and he'd chosen to specialize in close combat. It's a pity that the Iron Pony didn't have any martial arts events. *Perhaps I should have a word with the organizers about next year...* Well, they weren't likely to take him seriously if he didn't take them seriously, and that had to include this event. The longma deferred the offered sling and ammo, choosing to use his Imperial-issued gear. He tested the suppleness of the leather, grateful at least that the material hadn't stiffened from disuse. There was a little bronze seal of the Jade Throne on the outside of the pouch, which he polished against the hide on his withers before trotting up to the line, loading one of the polished bits of stone into the pouch. He warmed up with a couple of practice shots towards the cardboard cutouts, instinctively choosing to avoid crudely-drawn depictions of the barbaric Western Dragons. A boorish contrast with the graceful long of his homeland though they may be, there was a bit of residual reverence there. Plus, deep down, Feng felt a twinge of empathy towards their culturally rowdy attitude. Perhaps the dragon side of him was from across the ocean after all... The next seven shots were all taken towards the fruit; pears and peaches each exploding in little bits of fruit as he got into his rhythm. Not too many risks, but no need to go for too easy a target. He had training, but wasn't an expert, and chose his targets accordingly. Except for the last one. That Golden Cupcake... no way he could leave the range without taking at least one shot towards it, right? Numbers: 1, 33, 34, 42, 45, 46, 47, 48, 49, 77
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    Dagger’s choices were all very safe as a kid’s menu would be. Before turning her complete attention to the assorted activities presented on her little paper menu, she muttered that she wanted the macaroni and cheese, or as it was called in the menu, Masala's Marvelous Macaroni & Please. She sounded more like 'Rac&Reeez' when the Pegasus pony had asked her what she wanted. These also came with a small bowl of grapes for some reason. The cat and pony had a slightly bigger selection of food to choose from. "Well, there's always Pakora....It's basically little fried nuggets of assorted flavors...spinach...hay....potato...All different and all very yummy.", the cat purred, "You can pick a few dips, which they were nice enough to give cute little names and pictures to tell you how spicy their sauce is....There's Bachche flavor...With a little foal next to it...This is just sauce...And all the way to the end is two faced fiery pony named Agni...That's the really hot stuff....And in the middle is an guy with sun-glasses being all cool...But not too cool....That's madhya sauce...." she sad with a grin. "There's also Hay-Samosa, which kind of sounds like a song....And I'm going with the Baingan....Looks to good to pass...." After a few moments, the older pony returned with their drinks and asked if they were ready to order. Once their order was set, the cat got an odd look in her eyes. "I don't want to be rude....I'm just curious....You said you had brittle bones....Wow....And you do what you do...You're far braver than me...How do you do it? All those stunts and impressive flying, knowing that you could hurt yourself even at a simple accident." Thrilly felt rather bad, dragging such a pony through such danger only for her silly little necklace.
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    "I just don't understand what's her deal...If she wanted to be alone and not covered in crazy ponies..." The only one they were missing was Silverstream. Just fill her up with some sugar and she'd probably join the crazy bouncing along with Pinkie and what might be her brother. "This is probably the worst place to be...The rest of Ponyville is probably deserted." The odd pony-dragon person wisely tried to help her find a slightly less crowded area. Ugh. She really needed to look into that. Was it possible that ponies and dragons were compatible? Smolder was slightly confused about her last comment. "Fight bats? You don't fight bats, you just let them flutter away, but if they want to fight us, usually a little 'pwosh' of fire their way would scare just about anyone..", she pretended to shoot fire.."I wouldn't hurt them of course as Miss Fluttershy would freak out if she found out. Probably give me that dirty look of hers...The ol'Flutter-eye.", she paused as the odd pony placed one of those adventurer hats on her. Hopefully this was an actual real pith helmet and not some cruddy Nightmare Night costume hat. "Thanks." She would go on an little adventure with this crazy mare and even use it as a school project. "I currently reside over at the new school near the big castle...It's really hard to miss. Just ask for Smolder.", the dragon added with a wink.
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    "Her? Yeah, she can be a grump. Well, you'd be a grump too if you were super cool badflank who wasn't off having adventures like you should be. Tempest Shadow: Commander of Armies. Terror of the Innocent. Really has a nice ring to it! I wish I ran across the Storm King when she worked for him. She'd have been really cool to fight against while trying to steal the Staff! Did you know she turned three of the Princesses to stone, all pretty much at once? I hear she has elite fighting skills and athleticism. Hopefully she calms down a few octaves and learns to relax, because then I'm sure she'd be fun to adventure with,” Pathfinder said wistfully, her mind flooding with book cover possibilities as she also listened to Smolder's schedule. A non-school day it would be. “Oooh, weekend adventure! How about this weekend? I'm not heading back to Snowfall's place in Stalliongrad until Monday, so I should have all the weekend to have fun in a ruin with you! Tell me, have you ever fought Screamer Bats? You might need to. They scream but it is more of a mental attack that confuses you. I think they don't like dragons though, so maybe you'll scare them. You should have lots of fun! We can even give you a pith helmet. I have a lot of officially licensed Daring Do pith helmets! Can't go adventuring without one, right? I don't have any purple or orange ones, though. Sorry if color matching was important! I'll also train you how to use a spear, too. Not because you'll need to spear something, but I think the ritual requires positions and moves that need spears. I could be wrong but hey, the golems are gone soooo...I'm sure there isn't anything else bad that could happen!” Pathfinder asked, going through her saddlebag. She put a pith helmet on Smolder and smiled. “This'll be so much fun!” Speaking of fun, there was a Pinkie Pie! She wasn't very close with any of Twilight's friends because, frankly, she didn't think Twilight was able to prepare them for the level of awesome that Pathfinder had. Luckiky, Pinkie Pie was on the same wavelength in terms of enthusiasm about life, even if it was wasted because it wasn't spent on adventure. "Hey there Pinkie Winkie! Nah, I got here too late to run it. Always next year though! Perfect score remains perfect. I tried to see if that score could impress the Wonderbolts enough to allow me to see their old, closed off training ground near Mt. Everhoof, but they claimed they didn't know anything about it. Pssh! Magically enchanted wind that makes it impossible to reach the top sure sounds like Wonderbolt training to me," she said with a laugh, patting Pinkie on the head.
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    Submitted for Judging Front and center among the prospective contestants was the winged visitor from the east, Fēng Yīnhǎitāo. He'd taken a quick break to rest and work off the after-effects of competing in the cupcake-eating contest, though the short break wasn't quite enough to undo the full effects of 17 rich baked treats. But, who's to say? Perhaps the extra weight would come in handy! The lithe longma was certainly going to need every ounce of inertia that he could muster for this event! "I'm up after you!" He called out to the pegasus who just came out from the pit, as he trotted up to where he was to take up the rope. He tuned out the announcement of his name, not caring whether or not the pronunciation was butchered. After all, the one event so far he'd placed first in was the one where the announcer had been the most wrong, and that patina of superstition that all sports everywhere accrued was having its effect upon him. Feng wasn't a pony to rely on luck, but neither was he one to ignore it. He'd seen from his life, and from the lives of others, how it could raise up or throw down a pony's fortunes... But now was not the time for pontification. Now was the time for taking the hemp between one's teeth and firmly grasping it! The three ponies on the other side of the pit, a couple of strapping stallions joined by a well-muscled mare, were already in place, drawing the rope tight. With that, the announcer's voice rang out: "Starting the war in three! Two! One! Tug away!" Almost immediately Feng had to brace his legs against the ground to avoid being pulled off his hooves entirely! The Watcher had honed his body to the peak of its strength, but there wasn't a whole heck of a lot of weight that he could throw around, and the cupcakes didn't seem to be making much difference. This wasn't even necessarily an event where agility could make up for a lack of pulling power... but maybe cleverness could. There was a bit of a stereotype about how long sun and ponies from the eastern continents fought, utilizing not sudden pulls, but sudden surrenders. Not an unjustified one, as Feng's martial arts training had included this technique among its arsenal. And it was one that he suspected the trio on the other side would not expect. Using one precious foot of ground, he kept a steady pull on his end has he was dragged towards the pit, using the time to read the pattern of their tugs. Once he felt he had the rhythm down, he leaned into one of their sharp tugs; the unexpected move cost him another foot of ground, but it also caused the lead stallion to fall over into the mare behind him, leaving them all in a pile. That gave Feng all the time he needed, scrambling backwards while their grip on the rope was loose, recovering ground and extending his time. But the trio rallied, regaining their grip and tugging again. This time, Feng tried the same feint, being dragged all the way to the edge before slipping back as an unexpected tumble caused the rope to slip again, letting the longma scramble back once again. Now, however, there was a look in the lead stallion's eye that told him the trick would not work a third time. Instead of gripping it in his mouth, the earth pony was up on his hind hooves, gripping it in his forelegs. Once the rope was taught again, he called back to his compatriots. "This time, steady pulls, on my count! One!" Heave. "Two!" Heave. "One!" Heave. "Two!" Heave. The predictability of their pulls was no longer something Feng could exploit; whether he held firm, or gave way, each pull was done by ponies who were prepared, and determined not to be unhooved by clever tricks. The more philosophical side of the Watcher felt this was an illustration of some ancient parable he'd read, once, about the futility of pitching intelligence against fate, how all one's clever schemes could not thwart the will of the heavens. Perhaps luck was merely one component of that, he thought, shortly before being pitched into the mud. At least his brain had thoughts to chew on while he cleaned off this time... "And that's game! Next?"
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    Flaire smiled and took the prizes "Well I'm not sure what a 'Zap Apple' is, but judging from the smells coming from your booth, I'm sure it's fantastic!" He gave the curious confection a bit of a sniff, smiled, and took a small bite, wanting to leave a bit for later. The flavor that filled his mouth was nothing short of amazing! He'd never tasted something so vibrant and shocking. He was amazed at how much flavor could be packed into such a tiny morsel. He couldn't resist chomping down the rest of the apple. "That. Was. Simply amazing!" he beamed "I have to know where I can get more of these apples! I've never tasted anything like it! You've got me sold!" He overheard the mention of Babs being a hairdresser, and he smiled "A hairdresser, eh?" He chuckled "I'm sure stage is gonna need one after he finally gets his mane clean. That stallion fusses over his mane so much, you'd think his talent was mane styling." He laughed. When the new pony came in and greeted Apple Bloom, Flaire smiled. He could see this colt's crush from a mile away. He didn't do a great job at hiding it. Sometimes, he wished he had somepony he could feel that way about, but he was content with the Theatre. He decided he'd let him do his best with the object of his affection. He still had three more rings he paid to toss, but honestly, the one apple was well worth more than both bits, so he left his rings on the stand and said. "Sorry, I'll have to go early. I'll definitely be finding your farm, later, tho, Apple Bloom. These apples are well worth a trip. I'll leave you guys to it, shall I?" He winked a wink at the colt that said "go get 'em, Tiger" and made his way back to the caravan. ((sorry, I'd do a better job, but I'm kinda busy irl, rn, and I get real nervous about rping with lots of characters at once. ))
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    Rocky was out and about again walking through the various stands of the Competition. After rooting for his big brother Boulder Dash in the Obstacle course he had decided to see the other attractions of the competition. Watching Scootaloo dive was exciting as well as the cup cake competition, yet yearned for a challenge himself. As he worked through the stands, the sea foam colored Earth Pony adjusted the red bandana on his head as he worked through the crowds. Soon he came across the Apple Ring toss stand and the voice of Applebloom soon caught his attention. The young colt walked up too the line and stood in place as he tried to remain natural, hard though it was. It seemed every creature in Equestria was aware of his crush on Applebloom, and though he was getting better he still struggled to talk straight to her. Still as his turn came up he smiled, fighting the blush coming into his cheeks, he placed his bits on the counter and bowed his head to her. "Afternoon Applebloom Ma'am.....I'd be greatly honored if I could give it a toss. If anything to get to help ya'll out today" he managed to squeak out with his country twang.
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