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    From the album: Muddy's Album!

    Villain design to take my mind off the heat.
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    So... the crowd's reaction seemed to range from indifferent to enthusiastic. Bluebelle could live with that spread; any absence of hostility was welcome, and positive acceptance was a good sign of future things to come. One of the first student reactions, of course, reminded the mare that these were, of course, students. That is to say, young and fundamentally immature. But that could be worked with, in time. "Well, mister..." Bluebelle made a show of glancing down at her notes. Twilight had sent some notes ahead on some of the new students to keep an eye on in particular, and this was one of them, "Grubber, was it? I am pleased to say that diligent students are often in the kitchen's good graces, when it comes to dessert." Never pass up an opportunity to encourage effort. Let's see, besides him... there were a couple members of Twilight's initial class that she picked out, an enthusiastic Yak with a sleepy-looking dragon across her back. And there... a longma? Or ryuma, as they were called in Neighpon. So the school was extending its reach, excellent. "If you have any more questions, I will be able to take a few. Other than that, welcome to Twilight Sparkle's School of Friendship for another year!"
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    If anyone wishes to talk to PyroBlaze, his new address is now the moon. He was banished forever. Sorry.
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    Oh, why did she read that book? A rather sleepy Smolder ambled into the main foyer, along side her classmate Yona. The big yak was basically a walking mattress. Even wore a sheet on her back. Would anyone mind if she hopped on her friend and took a little nap? Probably. And considering how hyper her large friend was, there was a very low chance she would be able to stay on top before being tossed off. She could sit. And listen. She wisely brought a cup of coffee with her, but so far it wasn't helping. The young dragon had finished reading her favorite new book last night. Salem's Stables. A rather terrifying little novel about a writer who returned to the old village he grew up with, only to learn its deadly secrets! It was full of Vamponies! And while she normally paced herself by reading just a chapter a night, as she drew near the thrilling conclusion, she needed to finish it all! The ending alone nearly caused her scales to shiver off. Then it was time for bed. And she could not sleep. She could almost see those vamponies sneaking about outside. Waiting to taste her awesome dragon blood. But they couldn't have it! It was hers! And while she was awake....They would never get their filthy fangs on her! Oh-Oh! She nodded off. Thankfully the noise in the large room quickly shook her back into the land of the living. Princess Twilight was giving her speech. She was leaving he school to rule the whole lot of Equestria. Old news. Can't believe she will be doing the job of TWO rather ancient Alicorns. How will she sleep if she has to move both the sun and moon! There was more of her speech. Yadda Yadda. But wait. Starlight Glimmer was still the Guidance Counselor? Huh? She could have sworn that the usual trusty grapevine had mentioned that Glimmer would be running the school as the Headmare. Instead this 'Bluebelle' would be running things? Who the heck was that? The confused dragon glanced over at her friend with an look of utter bafflement. Thankfully her question was answered once the purple mare was finished. And nope. She had no idea who this gal was.....A gal who was also a guy in the past? Pony magic was odd. Yona was already on ball with the new leadership. Hmmmph. Smolder really needed to see how things went before passing judgment. Along with the others that cheered the new Headmare, there was an odd little creature who shared Yona's enthusiasm. Was he a Diamond Dog? Giant rat? Hamster? He almost looked like one of those creatures that attacked her and the others awhile back. What did Fluttershy call them? Pukwudgies? Were they able to talk? For now she would try her best to stay awake and hear whatever speeches they had left...And maybe the dragon would be able to get a quick nap in before the first class.
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    Another student new to the school, and one new to Equestria as a whole really, was the longma filly standing in the front row of the crowd. Kireina had no real emotional stake in Twilight’s speech, only wondering who would be fit to take the place of a princess. The answer was apparently another princess, though of a different sort. This one was just a unicorn, though truthfully more beautiful than the last one. There was a certain natural beauty to alicorns, but this Bluebelle knew how to surpass it. All in all, she was only half listening to her speech, more focused on admiring the unicorn’s outfit and beauty and wondering how it would look on her. Once it was over though, after the other unicorn started the clapping, she joined in with her own dainty clapping until the Yak started jumping. “<Well, someone’s excited...>” She sighed in neighponese, wincing slightly at each ground shaking landing. The yak and that other strange creature both it seemed. Maybe it was best to avoid them, they seemed like a lot at the moment. (Here She is if you wanted the app: http://www.canterlot.com/topic/24390-kireina-hinode-ready/ )
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    Aight Foxxy, I took your suggestion on how to label the thread. And honestly, if it does end up just being the three of us I can maybe add some variety by having some of Hawthorn's family get more involved? Though I don't know how much I want to use them without officially submitting them as OCs. Keeping them pretty generic for now just so they can be easily retconned if I write them more thoroughly later or give them to someone else to write. Anyway, the point is I started the thread and any of y'all can jump in when you like. I assume it's obvious enough but just in case I should point out that the inn Hawthorn ends up at in the end of my establishing post IS in fact the Honest Hearth. Oh, and I changed the title to reflect the altered plot.
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    Hawthorn takes a deep sniff of the air and exhales in satisfaction. "I knew we'd make something special together if we tried, and you sure as sugarcane didn't let me down! Good work, my little ponies!" He gathers his younger siblings in a group hug at the end of the table, admiring their work. Today had been their first time cooking without him ever putting a hoof on the food. Of course, he had been there to give more than enough advice, and it had taken almost a week to find the absolute highest-quality ingredients for the occasion... but it still felt like the four of them did this all themselves. Looking at the scrumptious results, he can't stop smiling with pride. Moments later, the front door opens and the sound of Ginger Snap's sweet voice snaps Hawthorn back to reality. "Goodness! So much food! What's the occasion?" she asks the group. "Ah! Ma! Well, y'see, you were gonna be workin' all day, so I figured..." Hawthorn starts. "Big bro's teachin' us all to cook!" Sage abruptly chimes in. Ginger Snap blinks, then bursts out laughing. "Oh, you silly fillies and colts! This is very sweet and all, but don't you think you took it a little too far?" Hawthorn looks around one more time. He can't see the table under all the food. There are loaves of bread stacked as high as the Smokey Mountains. Fried apples and apple pies line the counter tops garnished with the omelettes they didn't have space for. Sticks of carrots and celery dangle from the wall clock and are spilling out of the cupboards up high. Most upsettingly, a pile of dirty dishes threatens to spill over and eat the food before they can. "Maybe we did go a little overboard..." Hawthorn admits sheepishly. "Aw shucks, did we mess up after all?" Sage puts her head down in shame. "Naw, I figure it as long as we had fun together it was no mistake!" Hawthorn grins and pats the filly's mane. "Still, no way we're eating all this before some of it spoils... Sure would be a shame to let any of it go to waste..." The next day, Hawthorn is out taking care of business in Ponyville, noticeably lost in thought. It is while giving the ground a thousand yard stare that he accidentally takes a wrong turn and ends up on a street he's never bothered to visit before. He trips on a rock and goes headfirst into the dirt, breaking the trance-like state of troubled thinking. He slowly stands up on shaky forelegs and brushes some of the dust from his mane while trying to get his bearings. "Oww... Great, ya done it again, Hawthorn. This ain't the way to market..." He's about to turn around and head back when he notices a mare and stallion couple laughing and waving behind them as they leave a rather homely-looking building. On further inspection, it seems to be an inn of some kind. Hawthorn suddenly remembers the extra food from yesterday and his cherry red eyes light up with inspiration. He quickly trots up to the door and knocks, but suddenly feels silly for doing so. This is a business during service hours, after all... so he pushes the door open and steps inside. "Hello? Is the owner in?" he calls out. "I have a bit of an odd suggestion, if you'll listen!"
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    Day 23. Give it up for Day 23.
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    The captain smiled broadly at the little Apple filly. She had been assigned to look after her older sister and her unborn foal during their little adventure in the Everfree. Now she was looking after the elder mare's sister. Who finally got her cutie-mark. It almost matched the marks her friends also had. Was that something that had happened before? Friends getting uniform cutie-marks? “That’s my little sister’s dog, Mister Gumby.” The little corgi was rather grateful to receive early snacks! “RALPH!”, he happily barked as he did his ‘snack’' dance’. This consisted mostly of him shaking his chubby little corgi backside. Once the dance was finished, he gobbled up his cookie, gave the little farmer a very special ‘boop kiss’, which consisted of him standing on his back legs and giving the filly a kiss on her snout. After noticing somepony very familiar to him, he rushed over to the Pegasus mare. “You might not remember him Lady Fluttershy...”, the Captain was starting to feel just a little odd...Like someone...or something was watching them. “My sister and father picked him up during your last adoption fair...event...”, she really hoped her silly father left the poor mare alone during her pet-event. Considering the mare was drop dead gorgeous and he still had a few sons that were unmarried. He might have tried setting her up with one of them. Oh the horror. Their little party was shaping up rather well. A few farmers and the pet-whisperer herself. She made sure to nod her head back at Alizarin Fruits. Name almost sounded like a drink. Maybe even a Sangria with extra red....red wine....pomegranate juice...Hmmm. Once she was finished with this little quest, she would have head over to the nearby pub and have them make up an tasty Alizarin Fruit! Then she noticed somepony who really should not be there. "Sombra!", she growled at the shadow lord of lies. The former tyrant of the Crystal Kingdom. The dark wizard. As she took in the form of the loathsome libertine, she instinctively stood in front of the filly. He would have to get through her if he dared to harm one hair on the farmer's sweet little head. She knew he was very powerful. and also dead. What's with that? "Lady Fluttershy, didn't you and your companions..", oh wait, she couldn't say the 'k' word in front of the little farmer. "Illkay imhay eadday?", she wisely used 'pig-pony' to describe them putting an end to the shadowy scoundrel. She also noticed Mister Gumby was still playing with Fluttershy. Normally, he would be in the middle of chewing the lord of larceny and master of malfeasance's face off. But something was wrong. This didn't look like the Sombra she had seen pictures of. He looked a bit sad. Like a poor copy. "Sir, I really hope you are not a changeling hoping to play a prank on us...", she was ready to defend her new companions or give a pesky little shape-shifter a good talking to. Maybe it was Discord? He always liked to play pranks on ponies!
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    Yona listened intently as the Headmare she knew and loved stepped down from her position. The yak's eyes filled with tears at the proclamation that Twilight would no longer be in charge to the school. She looked up as the Princess looked down at her students as the brimming tears fell from her eyes. She had learned so much form Twilight and it seemed such a shame for her to go. "Yona no get too ahead for herself." The yak spoke quietly to herself. She'd been working on her self control and now was as good a time as any to practice. Twilight said she'd back to check on them and so at least Yona had that! She sniffed loudly as the alicorn's talk turned to that of her chosen knew Headmare. If Twilight had picked her then whoever it was they would be good! No, they'd be great! Yona trusted Twilight. As Bluebelle was introduced a hush fell over the crowd for a moment. It was all quite a lot to take in and Yona felt her head swimming with the changes that were flying fast and furious. Applause started near the back and then filtered forward, though some hooves were a bit tentative at first. This was big news to take in! “WOOOO!!! YEAAAAAHHHHH!!!!! LET’TH GIVE IT UP FOR OUR NEW HEADMAAAARE!!!” Yona's mouth dropped open for a moment when some small prickly guy she'd never met before started cheering loudly. The gaping muzzle turned quickly into a grin. "If Twilight say Bluebelle new headmare then Yona say GO NEW HEADMARE!" She hopped up and down in place which caused the whole place to rumble slightly and a tremor to go through the crowd. "Bluebelle! Bluebelle! Bluebelle!" Rumble, quake, rumble... The ground shook as the yak hopped in place with much excitement!
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