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    ↑ Not much else needs to be said about the Love Princess’s reaction, really. Witnessing romantic scenes like Rainbow’s proposal to Applejack were among the many heartwarming moments that Cadence lived for. Frankly, those two mares had waited long enough to get engaged! Cadence for her part got so excited and full of joy that her horn magically burst on its own accord a shockwave of pink hearts that blanketed the entire ballroom! Love was ABSOLUTELY in bloom, tonight!!!
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    Sunset: "Yeaaaaah, how about no?"
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    "Well" he started "My family's money comes from my father, who is a professional hoofball player, but that's a topic for another conversation." he waved it off, not really wanting to talk about his monetary wealth "I just love the joy of discovering new things and learning about magic." "O-oh, I'm sorry, ma'am. I mean you're not bad, for sure. I'm sure there've been plenty of ponies who even came here specifically for you. I-I just... don't really go for mares." he figured she might've assumed him to be at least into both, given the way he acted all shy. but what he didn't want to admit is he would be much worse (as hard as it might be to imagine) with a handsome stallion. He's just a generally awkward pony. He started upon being grabbed and pulled in, making a little involuntary noise like a rubber chicken being forcefully squeezed, but relaxed and allowed the kiss to happen. He nodded a silent thank you to her and attempted to lift the bushel in his teeth, and nearly spilled it on the ground. Just managing to keep it from upsetting. "U-um..." he sheepishly admitted "I-I might need help getting it on my back."
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    ~~~Ice Storm~~~ The words that Princess Twilight spoke to Ice were true. After all, Ice herself was limiting the amount of magic that she was using when she was testing the armor, so there was always a way to break through a barrier like Aether Resistance, but it would take a lot to break through it. She knew that on a battle field, opposing mages would not be lightening their blows and their spells so that the armor would be able to disperse the aether and make use of it elsewhere. Plus there was always the danger of Aetheric Overload should the cores get over loaded and disperse from within the armor rapidly and violently. She nodded to the princess. "It is a warning that is well heeded, after all, the best armor and weapons in Equestria are useless without proper training on how to use them," she responded. Twilight continued then to give her opinions on the weapons and how they would be at a disadvantage against ships that were, for example... made from Askr wood or Nth Metal, among other things. It was true that pure aetheric weapons wouldn't have great power against those and they would need something behind them to get through their defenses. Ice Storm nodded. "I'm sure that it will be something that we can work out in the testing phase. Perhaps creating exposive charges powered by aether or other means that would automatically disintegrate after a certain distance so it would fall harmlessly to the ground in small bits. I'll put some researchers on it for possible upgrades." "As far as me the pony goes, I'm doing fairly well, aside from all the stress that comes from trying to orchestrate something like this. I've recently started trying my hooves at dating again, after falling into the dangerous trap for falling for a subordinate. But she's strong, yet, she been broken repeatedly just like me, she was capable of holding up to me in a spare when I briefly lost control of myself right after I got these," she said pointing to her amulet. She wasn't sure if Twilight had seen the original housing amulet she had made for the Opalus Spheres before, but if she had she would definitely notice that the amulet was black now and looked like etched scales. "She... also didn't make fun of me when I invited her back to my hotel room and realized after I had opened the door that I had forgotten to put a few certain things away..." she said blushing a bit. "That was one of the big pluses that kinda made me start falling for her."
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    ~~~Wind Dancer~~~ Wind Dancer was in mid pull with her flight suit when she heard the knock on the door. She let out an exasperated sigh as she immediately presumed that the pony knocking on the door was one of the event organizers coming to try to go over the final payment structure and try to tell her how much was going to be coming out of the payment to fix damages to the auditorium even when there wasn't. It was always like that when she took a gig anywhere else, even if she didn't damage anything they would still charger her for it to try to pay her less. Las Pegasus was crooked like that. "Gimme just a second!" she yelled back through a struggle. After a few more tugs she finally popped free from her flight suit. What she wasn't expecting though, was the elastic nature of her new outfit to slingshot her into the wall next to the door, and a loud thud... as well the concussive force of the impact could be felt at the door. The hit would jar the door loose a bit as wind finally heard the ponies that were now talking outside of the door. One was a voice that she thought she recognized, but could just be the welt the wall left on her head that was talking to her, and the other was completely new to her. They definitely didn't sound like event staff that was for sure. That meant one of two things. Either they were ponies that she knew personally, or they were fans that snuck past the guards. "Go ahead and come in! going to take me a second to get my bearings again!" Wind said shaking her head to get the room to stop spinning.
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    Looks amazing as usual! Thank You!
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    From the album: Gift Pony Art

    Ciraxis' awesome sorceress unicorn Hou Shuren!
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    The Watcher suspiciously... watches.
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    Hou: "<eyes Sunset> Nice soul you have there...."
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    Glitter eyed him as he spoke of magic. Making ice cream? Yeah, there was something about this guy she didn't get. It would be best to follow him an find out at least where he lived. She hadn't pegged him as a thread or anything of that nature but she did like to keep a grip on who was inhabiting the lands of the Frozen North. She picked up stride alongside the stallion. He was right it was getting late in the day. She had supplies enough for a night on the tundra if need be so it was no problem to follow along. "Koda!" She called to the elk hound as they made their way north. Best to keep the dog nearby as they were entering a territory she hadn't explored yet. "Stay close." She reached over to pat the dog as he bounded up in a flurry of snow. A wall of sorts loomed in front of them and Glitter cocked her head. "You've built yourself quite the dwelling I'm assuming?"
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    From the album: Gift Pony Art

    Skycoaster's cute bat pone out and about in the night!
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    @QuickLime Added to the list! Love those two together! @Skycoaster Here's your batty pone! Working on backgrounds now so there's one of him out on the prowl Also a character sheet and a banner if you'd like to use it!
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    From the album: Gift Pony Art

    Ciraxis' character being all unassuming before kicking your flank!
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    Applejack chuckled. "Everypony knows I could out-eat all the colts here. But not everypony knows how enchanting your singin' voice is. I think we should do the talent show. And I'll do it with you! My pop taught me how to play the guitar in the Spring. I can play guitar and you can sing." Applejack's mind wandered as she put on a clean uniform and grabbed her guitar by the foot of her bunk. "I know! We should write a song." Applejack sat up on her bed and started strumming the strings on her guitar. The sounds were random but shortly became coherent and melodic. "How about, 'My name is Ra-Ra, and I like to sing. Singin' is my favorite thing to do, hey hey'." The song was impromptu and kind of awful as Applejack at this age was not very good at the creation of songs. To her as long as she could put it to her guitar's rhythm, it was good. "And how about, 'we are campers and we have a song to share, we are fillies and we're here to...'" Applejack hesitated and her strumming stopped, but then restarted when she thought of something that rhymed. "Care."
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