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    From the album: Gift Pony Art

    A gift for IceStorm of her OC pegasus Wind Dancer!
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    @IceStorm A pic of Wind Dancer for you! I took some liberty with the mane/tail design...hope that's ok for you! Also just noticed I'm not sure which wing the scar should be on. I have it covered on the right ATM.
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    It's on the left, but that looks amazing!! Thanks a lot!!
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    "Mm, I had the same thought," Sombra muttered, running his tongue over a fang. His eyes had drifted downward to the grass, and soon flicked back up as Tongue Twister recited what Hou said- word for word, which was rather impressive for a pony to have remembered that in so stressful a situation. "Hm." "I might wonder if she's bent on destroying everything, but even then that feels like a stretch." A heavy sigh escaped the king and he glanced over at the unnamed pony, a small frown on his face. His tail idly lashed in the grass next to his flank, twitching like an irritated cat's. It was too bad there wasn't something he could've done to learn even a little bit about what Hou was going for, and what she might've stolen. Could it have been his helm, something that might have actually survived and was found out in the Frozen Wastes to be stored away in Canterlot? Or was there some artifact he'd yet to know of? There were so many, the sisters had likely hidden some from the public completely. "Really," Sombra mused. The thought was almost entertaining- dealing with a few unicorns who might actually know what they were doing with their magic. The reason this stallion was cast out was for such a silly reason, and yet.. it'd be something for Sombra to focus on. To vent his frustrations, and maybe find his way closer to an answer on the side, if it lead him anywhere near Canterlot. His thoughts wandered over the royal sisters, and what could be done. "Fine, then," he spoke up abruptly, straightening up. "Maybe I can assist you."
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    Hey! That's gonna make Glitter jealous! You keep your eyes on me Temy 😉
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    Winter Un-Wraped Winter had been fairly mild this year in Ponyville. From only trace amounts of snow at one time to the lack of any real subzero temperatures, most ponies took their last winters sleep with the knowledge that tomorrow was going to be a breeze compared to years past. Among the ponies in town on the last night of winter was Midnight Oil. Lately it seemed he had found himself in Ponyville for all of the local holidays. The purpose of this trip however was to visit family who had moved to the town. As he lay in bed trying to sleep, he would pull out a book showcasing the traditions of other towns in Equestria. Needless to say, this book did not hold his attention long and he was soon fast asleep.
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    The warm breeze, dulled only lighty by the cooling night, came in heavily flavored with the taste of salt heavy in the air, a fact which disquieted Applejack. She wasn't much for the beach. Sand had nothing on good, solid ground. The ocean was a pile of salty nothing that had a bunch of mystery critters she wasn't much fond of. She'd take a deep fresh lake any old day. And the salt? It just carried with it memories of one too many salt cubes as a younger mare and a few too any raging headaches as a result. Not that she'd openly complain about any of this, anyhow. It'd be a right stupid thing to do about an all-expenses-paid-trip to the Gallopocus Islands at the best of times, least of all when it was her job as a member of the Twilight Guard to investigate reports of mysterious critters down south. She wasn't alone. Seven other members of the Twilight Guard joined her, the most important being the Captain of the Guard herself, Fire Walker. Equestria must've been real quiet to send the Captain on what was gonna amount to a wild goose chase! Not that Applejack didn't appreciate her company. The other members of the Guard were all right no doubt but four of them were former Royal or Night Guards who were folded into the Twilight Guard and the other two were fresh into the ranks. Twilight above, it was good to have somepony she knew on this trip. They were also taking a new-fangled airship, and the only pony who could fly it was one of the Night Guard. It was built for speed and was supposed to allow a small group of Guard to respond to calls very, very quickly. It was a very small airship. Very, very small. Two ponies could be on the 'deck' at most, climbing up and down a small ladder through a hatch. A single large magi-tech crossbow with ten bolts was hitched to a rail but that was it for defense. Then Underneath that was the crew cabin with four small bunk beds with small personal chests and a table and chairs that were bolted into position. The door in and out of the airship was located here and it was a simple unhitch and drop. and one room to either side. One was for storage of supplies and gear and was hardly large enough for that and the other contained waste disposal and a small emergency supply of magic charges to power the auxiliary magic engine should the sail-powered craft need it. She was sure they would need to. They had gotten a late start and the airship had proven to be slower than they had thought- though still really fast, all things considered. What should have been a six-hour trip to the island had instead taken almost ten hours. Applejack busied herself as best she could as she went over the supplies. They didn't know how long the investigation would take so they had been told to pack for a week. Each pony had their own bag with essentials and they brought in a bunch of mission critical gear and additional food supplies. She spent some socializing with the new crew and even some time top-side, though the air rushing past her face almost made her lose her stetson- thank Twilight for that conveniently placed crossbow! By the time they arrived at Fire Stone Island, a smaller but densely forested island with a dormant volcano, it was ten at night. The airship came in with a swoop astride the island. To its credit the airship was silent as all get out and moved like a dream, almost like a bird. It slowed and came to a stop gently. Applejack could tell that much. Even though she was now stuffed inside with five other guardponies near the exit door in full armor and by all rights she would have been fine even if they had crashed against rocks. Instead it smoothly slide into the sand and settled in. That warm breeze, the salty smell, it soon overtook the cabin as the door was unhitched and landed softly in the sand. One by one they exited. The first Guard out, a Royal Guardspony unicorn, cast a spell. A small, dull green wave that was nearly invisible radiated from his position and into the treeline. Creatures larger than a newborn foal became outlined in a pulsing red briefly as the guards scanned them. Some small island predators, a large bird or two, even a shark or two in the water a bit. Nothing to be too concerned about just then. The others fanned out. "Woo-eee, happy to move mah legs! Alright, secure tha perimeter and we can set up camp. Reckon it's a bit too late ta start investigatin'. Right, captain?" She asked Fire Walker as she trotted out. She was the XO to Fire's CO out here, after all. Whatever Fire said was law!
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    Such good work coming from you... can’t wait to see more!
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    now i'm just thinking of that blasted meme! And I need to get more art of Temy and Glitter. So going to get a big fancy com for them someday. Happy Tem Tem art is vary good after all.
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    Thats one prety mare! Temy going to be eyeing her up plenty.
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    This turned out very well. Here’s hoping that if you have time you can do one of Blizzard and Glitter from our RP in the updated style.
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    Fire Walker's eyes curled up in a true happiness as her snout sniffed the wonderful salty air. She almost wanted to break out into song. 'Somewhere beyond the sea..Somewhere waiting for me..My lover stands on golden sands..And watches the air-ships that go fly'n.' Thankfully she did not. She had what she considered a -decent- voice, but this was a SERIOUS mission. No singing. No prancing or frolicking about on the wonderful, magical sand. No stylish bathing suits. And definitely no Martinis with salt on the rim! This was business. She had other days she could return to these wonderful, wonderful islands. And then she would have her sweet Swifty at her side. She wondered if Martini Paradise returned to her homeland. She hoped to see the magical masterful mare of mixed Mojitos and Manehattans! And it was another 'critter' mission as her partner would say. What's with all the critter missions? Fire Walker would also say. Whatever it was, it had to be very important, having all these Twilight Guards...Especially a Captain and an actual hero along with the ride. And they also got to test out a mini air-ship. She knew her husband to be would want one of these. He already had a big and fancy one, but a small and sleek one? She could picture him zooming around in one of these. She never heard of 'Fire Stone' until they took off for the mission. It almost sounded like an romantic getaway. Secluded forests. Probably have a lovely cabin or two there for couples. But then there was the volcano. Something she did not lava. at all. After a quick and safe landing, the red Pegasus pony followed the others out of the air-ship. "It's a bit too late to be wandering out into the darkness.", the mare kept her voice down low as not to disturb the creatures that choose to sleep at this time. "We should all get some proper sleep so we'll be well rested before we need to find the lay of the land." with a nod, she asked the others to help set up their temporary camp and set up two look-outs who could switch after four hours. She volunteered to go first.
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    It was extremely gratifying to see the enthusiasm which her daughter was showing towards her campaign. Spoiled Rich had to admit, there was a period when she had almost despaired of making Diamond Tiara a proper dynast. Her failure to win a school presidential election didn't bode well for her political skill, and her subsequent behavior towards here, well she never! But, once the initial shock ha died down, a more thoughtful Spoiled Rich had to admit, that failure was only a part of life, one which a pony sometimes had to learn from in order to reach greater heights. And while those (former) blank flanks showed little promise in terms of social advancement opportunities (proxy proximity to princesses notwithstanding), they had been the winning team behind the school election, and if one wanted to become a winner, hanging out with winners was usually a good step. And, wouldn't you know it, but the time spent was actually bearing fruit! "Oh my, that is an excellent likeness! I do hope you have many copies ready to put up." She gave her daughter a smile of maternal affection mixed with pride. "Your father should be here any moment now; I believe you sent him on 'opposition research,' was it? I have to say, you've taken things well in hoof."
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    "Awp!" The feathered blow to the back of the head caused Akairo to stumble in her walk, but didn't do much to dampen her desire to talk. "Was it really that irritating for me to point out that I'm not as naive as you think? Or do you simply dislike your subordinates correcting your misconceptions?" One didn't get thrown out of the Imperial Naval Academy for having a subordinate temperament, that was for sure. To be fair, though, the Kirin had enough tactical sense to not push the issue any further, slowing up her pace to fall behind Draco. This also gave him less opportunity to nail her like that again, to speak of tactics. "You won't have any complaints from me about that, Captain." A sentence unlikely to be uttered often, but Akairo was a hungry mare who had to go dry for far too long as well. Being of draconic heritage, she was also much more open to carnivorous meals than a normal pony. She followed her captain, her own mouth watering as they entered the griffon-run pub. "Ah, they know how to do a roast right, unless my nose deceives me."
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    Ha! Ok @szalhi, I'll add that to the list! Also, @Dusty... 😉
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    The roar of the monster made 'Golly' grimace in fear as he gained enough quick speed to catch the other two, who seemed to be a little lost on where to go. He ended up going to fast, a trail of colors followed behind him, which could lead the monster to where they were at. His hat also ended up flying off too, but he didn't seem to notice. The monster didn't seem all too smart, as all it did for a few seconds was roar in a frustrated manor. Though the Luna impostor seemed to be farther away, it was a matter of time till it was set free from the Pegasus's trap. Then the trio would be in bigger trouble. They all had to think fast, but it seemed as since Daze was the 'main protagonist', she would have to make the quick-witted decisions. As 'he' arrived at the foyer, his 'little brother' congratulated him. "You kinda have to think of somethin' fast to y'know, not get kill-ed." Another roar rang across the walls. "Like right now!" Two sets of double doors were presented in front of them, making Golly's brain hurt. Another door was there too, but there was no way in opening it. "How it nothing working? Just our dang luck!" The Luna monster was inching closer, as he could see in the corner of his golden eyes. He watched as Boopsy and Bratty tried their hardest to open the doors. He was thinking so hard, but he had to think faster. Then the idea hit him. The fire was real. Suddenly, the Pegasus whistled for the monster, making it perk up a little. Though it couldn't see them from the certain, Golly was sure the sound would make it easier for it to come to them. This was part of the plan, though. Was it incredibly reckless? Of course it was, but this had to work. So, after he went and picked up Bratty and whispered, "Hold the torch, make sure the monster can see the light. I'm gonna try and make the monster bust open the doors. And Boopsy, you stay to the side." Golly set down the little dragon then whistled to the monster again. "Over here, stupid! Catch us if you can!" The monster followed his voice, roaring in anger. Hopefully spotting the light from the fire, the Pegasus bravely flew ahead of it, high enough for the fire to still be seen. "C'mon slow poke! Try and catch us!" Then something unexpected happened. The hat that Golly lost ended up getting in the monsters way, as the blind Luna couldn't see it. It ended up slipping on it, diving forward and at one of the double doors. Golly dove out of the way, realizing the fire was still being held. "Bratty look out!" What would happen next?
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    “They are unicorns, yes, and there is some magical skill present. The three of them could probably beat me, and it seemed like my father had found ways to make up for his lack of sight the last time I did reconnaissance. I have no doubt I could take them down one-on-one, especially from stealth, but I would rather be prepared for the worst-case scenario. The cornered beast is often the most dangerous.” Magnus said, keeping his gaze even as he watched Sombra. Maybe he was getting somewhere here after all, but on the other hoof, the more time he took here the harder it would be to find Hou.
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