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    The monster Luna seemed to be heading closer to them, and as it tripped on the hat, something.. interesting happened. Out of pure luck, the kitty bumped her head right onto a button that made the large wooden doors open. They made a very large screeching noise, making Golly turn his head immediately and watch from the back as the monster-Luna made it's way into the room. Golly couldn't help but land on the ground and take a deep breath, kind of relieved from all the action. The Pegasus trotted to the other two, forgetting about the Luna for a quick second. "Every creature okay?" The cat and dragon poked their heads into the room, and Golly couldn't help but follow along. The room was unexpectedly large, covered in shelves of books and other relics. Even a dragon head was hanging from the wall, which made the golden Pegasus giggle a little, just from Bratty's reaction. He didn't understand the dragon language at all, but just from the tone he could tell it was something bad. What surprised Golly the most was the Luna, which wasn't an entity anymore, but a stain glass wall. With the sudden realization that the monster was gone, Golly flew into the room. "That's how we get rid of monsters, huh? Tossing them into a room where they can transform into stain glass?" The Pegasus was amused by solution. Suddenly there was a sharp sound of something shattering behind him. Golly turned to see Bratty heading towards a very dangerous looking cabinet, making the mare/stallion look around at what the baby dragon did. "What the-" The room seemed to be a tossed up mess, from where everything was organized, now it seemed to be chaos. Relics of all types were laying around their unoriginal spots, making the Pegasus role his eyes. "Bratty, what are you doing?" The golden eyed pony flew to the dragon, as Bratty was about to get his filthy little claws on something that didn't look too promising. The Pegasus got in front of Bratty, raising an eyebrow. "So, we just go through all this danger and now you're aimlessly getting into trouble with these.. things that we have no idea about? What if we unleash some like, crazy killing animal?" Golly thought for a second, as Daze's actual curiosity started to poor out into her head. Would Golly say what she was about to say? "But, maybe it'll be cool that we mess with this stuff. We don't know what it is, how bad can it be?" How bad can it be?..
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    "I have an idea," Sombra began and fell quiet at the mere mention of it being tabled for later. Tongue Twister was the last to have stuck around after the situation with Hou, if only because she'd dealt with the sorceress with him, and he hadn't expected their little meeting to end so soon. He straightened with a frown. "I didn't think this path would be that well traveled that I'd have to hide soon. How many ponies often go wandering through the woods?" His ears flicked back and he turned his frown towards the earth he stood on. Maybe some did, but.. it was a stupid question he regretted asking immediately. The king looked back up towards the sky, in the direction he'd seen the earlier multi-colored glare of light. The Elements of Harmony in use, he assumed. He never wanted to have to actually deal with that, as he was certain it was light magic of some sort. Like the Crystal Heart, though that particular relic had failed to kill him in any way that mattered. His tail flicked and Sombra stepped away to pick up his crown with a flicker of his dark magic. "Part.. ten?" he turned to look at Tongue Twister, confusion on his dark features. "I'm not sure what you mean by that." The most he understood was that Equestria was frequently nearly conquered many times, and he understood this from both the kingdom's history books, its newspapers (when he read them when a particular headline caught his eye), and her statement. "Regardless, I think I will head to Canterlot. At least, once whatever that was calms down a bit," Sombra stated, jerking his head in the direction of the earlier lightshow. Maybe it was the fight he had with Hou and the excitement it'd stirred up that had him so tempted to commit a wild, and impulsive idea, or perhaps because he'd just fallen into a routine too generic for his liking as of late.
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    Tongue Twister had to think about that for a moment. "Well, that WOULD be something nopony would expect." she stated, "And some warning is better than none at all. Celestia has dealt with Hou before. But how to tell her ? For now though, I think that question should be tabled for later." she stated as she looked around, "Now that the 'Final Battle for the Fate of All Equestria' part ten is over, every creature will be heading for home. This road might be getting busy soon, so best to get lost !"
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    Windward jumped at the sudden introduction, nearly falling on his haunches. The pony had come at him, practically tackling him in his enthusiasm. Windward smiled and chuckled a little bit remembering how he'd been as a child with his father. Not a whole lot different than this. He'd asked him a simple enough question, and offered employment. Windward decided he'd make it interesting for the stallion. He hoped it wasn't going to turn him off, but judging by the docks he was on and his he'd introduced himself here, Windward figured he wasn't having much luck. "Well, as it turns out, mister Cain, you're right. I am in luck. I was just thinking I was going to need a deckhoof. Have you been to Neighpon? I was just finishing getting set to go. You can come, free of charge, if you agree to be my right-hoof pony for the trip. Don't worry, I don't bite... often." he smiled at the pony trying to appear friendly. While he was mostly just giving him a way to feel useful on the ship, he really was grateful he might have some help. While it was possible for him to sail this ship by himself, it certainly doesn't hurt to have some help. "Of course, if you'd rather, you can come as a passenger, but you will need your own papers." that was another thing, he'd just realised. If he came as crew, he would be covered by Windward's merchant papers. Otherwise, he'd need his own. "If you don't mind my asking, what has you leaving the harbor in such a hurry?" then he added quickly, while still sounding natural "Whatever it is, you'll be safe on my boat." He gestured Candy to his boat so they could finish their conversation on deck while he got the crate in place.
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