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    The fight with Hou Shuren followed Sombra on his way back across Equestria to its capital, some of the events and what the sorceress said replaying themselves over in his mind in an effort to understand, to look for details of her plan that she might have unwittingly given away, or intentionally hinted. So far, nothing sprang to mind, and he refused to contemplate on the possibilities so that none of them could muddy what he was hoping to find in the memories. A few weeks had been allowed to pass since he last saw Hou Shuren and that distant explosion of rainbow light in the sky, in order to allow the events Tongue Twister had spoken of to calm down. The last thing he wanted was for any panic he might cause to be bigger than it should be when he finally showed up, although it was already a part of his plan that he wasn't going to let anypony know it was him until he was right where he wanted to be. At the moment, he sat on a train heading up Canterlot's mountain in disguise, and his excitement only mounted the closer he got to the capital city. All thoughts were temporarily put on hold while he struggled to keep himself still as the train came pulling up to the station. Soon enough, Sombra was disembarking with the crowd and heading straight towards the castle, breezing through the streets of ponies off on their daily errands. It didn't take him long to reach the castle itself, which was easy to spot over the buildings of the city with its tall towers. There was evidence of damage and reconstruction still in progress, but likely not as bad as whatever it might've looked like initially- perhaps his imposter had caused such damage? Sombra wouldn't have been surprised if that were true- he knew he was a destructive individual, but he didn't destroy as wantonly as some might believe. Every action he carried out usually had a reason behind it. Now that he was so close, some doubt began to creep up from the back of his mind. It was a crazy idea, and a stupidly crazy one at that. What gain would there be for him if he went through with this, other than what he already feared? He wanted to at least be a thorn in Hou's side, she was the one who'd pushed him to do this.. He also wanted to find out what might've gone missing. It was all a gamble. He headed to the castle gates, intent on getting inside and requesting an audience with the princesses. He wouldn't drop his disguise until he could find one. [i couldn't think of a good title for the rp sry]
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    Luna listened intently to this visitor. There was indeed something odd about him. As he dispelled information her suspicions only grew. How would he have such privileged information? She would have known him if he'd been a head of state, an imperial advisory, linked to a leader of any nation. But he was not. At least that was what she surmised at this time. Perhaps he'd slipped her notice somehow or perhaps he had been brought on into the confidence of one with select information without the princesses of Canterlot knowing? Hou Shuren? Yes, she knew of the unicorn sorceress. Her moving castle. The sway she held. She was not to be trifled with. Again the information was more than strange. A common pony having an interaction with Shuren in the White Tail Wood. If it had happened she doubted the unicorn would have offered anything other than a threat or a bolt of power to somepony such as this. Stolen something from Canterlot? Luna had not been informed that anything was amiss. This was quickly becoming frustrating...especially for a night shift princess that was working during the day. "Enough with your tales," She fixed him with a stern gaze. "Who are you?" She used her royal decree voice and it bounced over marble flooring to echo around the chamber. She heard the faint clanking of armor as the door guards came to attention in response to her tone. Trouble could be coming at any second.
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    One of his ears flicked as Luna bid him to continue. He didn't favor her with any bows or dips of his head for letting him speak and went on with what he had planned to say. "I don't suppose you've heard of Hou Shuren have you? She's claimed she's had run-ins with Princess Celestia over the centuries, and ah.." He trailed off, searching for the exact right way to say it. It would be quite the heavy bit of information to just drop on Luna like this, and he wanted to make sure he phrased it properly. There were so many variations to how he'd wanted to reveal this information that he wanted it to be just right. "I had an encounter with her in the White-Tail Woods. While there was so much she had to say to me and revealing so little.. she's admitted to me that she's stolen something from Canterlot. It happened a few weeks ago during that rather big event with all of Equestria against a few goons." Sombra snorted softly. Tongue Twister told him that Discord was behind his imposter- he wondered if he was somehow behind the others, too. It wouldn't be much of a surprise he was, and to what end, the king didn't have a clue yet. He was sure he'd get any answers he might want about that particular problem later- if Luna was feeling chatty enough to tell him once he made himself truly known. Sombra was just looking for the right time.
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    This fellow seemed... peculiar. She was used to that. She'd had encounters with Discord. Nothing really seemed that odd once you'd played a dream game with the God of Chaos for an eternity. Well, it had seemed an eternity since Discord had manipulated time. Anyway... she looked the stallion in front of her over with a raised brow. The Dream Princess inclined her head as he greeted her. "Good afternoon." An important matter was it? "Well go on then," She spoke not unkindly. "What matter would you wish to address?" The more she observed him, the more he raised question in her mind. Something did not feel quite right. Luna hoped Twilight would appear soon. It was always nice to have another to confer with and Twilight was one of the soundest minds in Equestria.
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    A guard had lead him to the throne room doors, where he was informed that his request was granted. Of course. Sombra supposed he shouldn't have thought it would be difficult, if he was pretending to be just another pony. However, as the throne room doors were opened for him and his eyes landed on the sole princess sitting on one of two thrones, something in his stomach dropped. He was already starting to second guess some parts of his plan, and whether he ought to- especially when there were a few guards about. Not that they were a match for him, they would just complicate things. Sombra strode inside under the guise of a normal unicorn, although he hadn't done much to hide his height. His mane remained black, with a light tawny coat, and green eyes. Green seemed fitting considering it was how they used to look. He strode confidently enough up the rug that ran up the middle of the large room, his eyes locked on the princess. It'd been over a thousand years since he'd ever seen the princesses in person again, and it was.. strange. Maybe revealing himself wouldn't be a good idea. He'd hate to be imprisoned again, or worse- destroyed. He didn't want to be on the wrong end of their Elements and whatever they'd do to him. The Crystal Heart's effect on him was bad enough. "Good.. afternoon, Princess Luna," Sombra broke the silence as he came up a short distance from the ramp leading up to the two thrones. They were more extravagant than the old, broken ones in the old castle he'd briefly visited with a pony some months ago, and the throne room itself was.. interestingly large with tall, stained glass windows. He'd gotten a look at them on the way in. "I was hoping to bring up an important matter to.. one of you." His voice wasn't boastful and over-the-top; it was actually much deeper, and could almost be silky without the growl that sometimes edged it. More recognizable, as he hadn't tried to disguise that either; he'd wanted to drop hints rather than hide himself altogether. If he could make her suspect something before he made any reveal, then.. maybe this would be easier.
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    Luna sat upon the throne in Canterlot castle looking looking uninterested. The Princess of the Night had been called upon to take the day shift as her sister had been called to attend to business in the Crystal Empire for the day. "It's fine," she rolled her eyes and tapped her hoof on the large silver throne that was adorned with her cutie mark. "I love working day and night." She stifled an ill tempered laugh and sighed. It had been too long since she'd been needed for anything outside of guiding ponies through their dreams. Sure she should be grateful for a time of peace after the not so far gone invasion but Luna had an active mind. She was ready for anything...even if anything meant pretty much nothing as far as this day was concerned. She was looking forward to the later afternoon though. Twilight had promised to come by. The purple alicorn always had something going on and though she was way too much for Luna sometimes today the Night Princess felt their meeting could be useful. Her ears perked up as a guards pony entered. An audience was it? "Of course, of course, send them in!" Well now... this should prove interesting...
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