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    He got off the train in Ponyville, carrying only his saddlebag. Many ponies continued giving him a few strange looks. Some were rude, but most were just curious. He had gotten used to it by now. Before he left, they had told him he might not be accepted at first, but given the chance, most ponies in Equestria are inviting and friendly. It was a good thing he was considered an expert at making friends by everyone he knew well. Were zebras really that rare? Zareb thought. He made his way towards Ponyville proper and out of the humble landscape, could see the star of the castle spearing into the sky. It towered over everything, including the town hall. Zareb looked at his paper instructions and made steps to what he presumed was Twilight's Castle. Would he see the Princess today? He hoped so, but he also knew that Equestria had changed in a good way, and many of the Princess' tasks forced her to Canterlot where Equestria was ruled from. Maybe one day he would visit there, too. He approached the castle from it's grassy front yard and looked up at it. "Ngome kubwa," he muttered to himself, basking in the glory that was the crystalline fortress. He saw what looked like the school in the corner of his eye, adorning it's famous waterfall collection. He wondered why he was asked to come here first. Outside the castle, there were no guards. So he walked up the steps at opened the big front door himself. He peeked inside. "Hello?"
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    The School of Friendship always had an international character of an informal type, even going back to the core of six students that Princess Twilight had gathered together. As far as Prince Blueblood was concerned, however, informal was simply insufficient! In fact, he'd deliberately connected his new position as Archancellor to his already-existing IMAGINE project. After all, world peace and harmony was the eventual goal of both institutions, though the latter had been bogged down in the still-ongoing war in Whitescar. Attempting to forge a post-war society before the war ended was obviously a difficult task... Having an alternate angle of approach, therefore, seemed very much in order. And the school was just perfect for that. A place where the young and talented from all over the world could be gathered together, taught the values of Equestrian friendship and harmony, and become friends before going back to achieve high position in their home countries? Absolutely brilliant! Twilight Sparkle might have taken a little heat from so-called educational experts who nitpicked and nagged about "practical curricula," but as far as the Prince was concerned, the School of Friendship was teaching things far more important than algebra and cell biology. *What does it profit a pony to solve for X, but lose the ability to care for others, and have others care for them?* To this end, he took some interest in ensuring full representation of all sapient creatures and countries of origin among the student body. Surprisingly, there wasn't a zebra among the student body yet. Unyasi was pretty distant, sure, but not really all that much further than Yakyakistan or Neighpon, surely? Well, no matter. Blueblood had sent word though his ambassadorial contacts that a spot for a zebra student was reserved, and they had returned with a promising candidate. A zebra with a talent for making friends? Zareb sounded just like the sort that would benefit from refinement in the school, and all the contacts he would make. Yes, great things would surely come from this! To this end, unusually for the Royal Unicorn, he was actually there in person to answer the door for Zareb, though he held off on greeting him until the newcomer could properly take in the magnificence of the Entrance Hall. Clashes with the local architecture aside, it really was spectacular in its own right. Once sufficient time was allowed, he stepped out into full view, dressed resplendently in velvet. "Karibu, rafiki!" He spoke, with flawless accent. Long nights spent practicing did not go amiss. "I hope your long journey here was pleasant."
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    Angelis, herself, was enjoying her after school time running some errands at the marketplace, happy to be finally free of a long and tiring session of grading tests. She was holding a basket with her magical grasp, slowly filling it with fruits and vegetables as she went from stand to stand, taking her time to pick the products that suit her needs and wants. She looked around with a sweet smile at the the ponies behind the stalls every time she passed by one, politely declining when she was called out specifically by the ones that sold things she did not want or need to buy. Eventually, she would reach Granola Gracie's cart, and just as she was about to pass by it, hearing her voice call for her caused Angelis' head to turn and look towards her, but not after looking around to make sure there was no mistake and it was to her she was talking. She then fully turned to face Granola, the surprised expression she got seconds ago turning again into a smile. "My, my, well, I certainly do not mind taking a look at what you have to offer." She replied as she took a couple steps closer to the cart, her strong foreign accent hinting of her origins. "I definitely could use some flowers in my small garden, may I take a look?" She added with a soft, small chuckle.
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    Princess Luna casually used her magic to cause elements of the environment to slowly fade away, but the dreamer had her complete visual attention. "That depends on what you mean by here. Why are you here? Do you even know where you are?" Luna motioned to her side where one of the wooden beams used to hold the tent up swirled into nothingness. "Honestly, I'm not so worried about where either of us are in reality. But I'm very concerned with where you are emotionally." Princess Luna had her fair share of anger issues. Even this evening while preparing for her nightly routine, she had been effected by inconveniences that gave her irrational bouts of frustration. And when she would overreact, it typically seemed to chain more events in which her temper would be tested. "You're dreaming, Pyro. Dreaming about many things, not the least of which is your inability to control your emotions. Tell me, when you are not dreaming, are you as talented at conjuring fire as you are when your mind's eyes are drawing fantasies during your slumber?"
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    The great city of Roam, a place no creature really talks about in the world of Equestria. A place that looks ancient compared to the rest of the world, yet it gives off an elegant vibe that is relaxing to anypony that steps hoof onto the cobblestone roads. A fleet of water stands still ever so patiently, making the whole city seem calm and cool. The weather wasn't outrageously rigorous, no intense rain or over the top melting heat, which was great for a class fieldtrip. A group of creatures from Twilight's School of Friendship would soon be arriving, ready to tackle and learn any new form of friendship they come face to face with... _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ The train ride was longer and more boring than the girls predicted, as they expected something more fun and excited to be apart of. It honestly made Hyper Drive more upset than the other two, because she was the most riled up to go. It was a time to explore more unseen things in her little life, and she wanted to see what else could be out there. Midnight Glory agreed to show up because she was into the adventure too, and was curious to see what else was out there. Fruit Juice just wanted to go to get in some friendship bonding time, but she knew her two friends had something else in store. "Y'know, mates, even though this ride was as boring as my sister's animal shows, I still can't wait to see Roam! It better be like I imagined in my noggin'!" The little Pegasus fluttered into the air, zooming to an open window to see a good look outside. Both ways of the train was covered in nothing but trees and plants, so she couldn't really see anything. The trio was sitting in the front of the rest of the group. Throughout the ride, Hyper was talking to pretty much every creature, but she was getting antsy to move. "I'm also surprised your coo coo parents let you come, Juice. This is the farthest they've let you get from the house." Juice giggled at her friend, shifting her weight and hopping off the bench and trotting to the blue Pegasus. "Ah'm sure Roam will be mighty fine. Ah'm just excited to spend it with you two." She scrunched up her nose cutely, looking back at Midnight. The little white unicorn stayed in her place, smiling at Hyper and Juice. "And Ah know, the only way Ah convinced 'em is that you two were goin', and there would be a lot of adult watchin' us. Ah also said Ah'd get 'em somethin'." "Well I'm glad your parents let you come for once. And you two have nothing to worry about," Midnight responded in her monotone, yet sultry voice. "We'll all have a great time, especially with the rest of the class." "I know we'll have a great time! Duh!" Hyper flew quickly to Midnight, putting her hoof on her head and rubbing her mane in. "That's why we're here!" Midnight let Hyper buzz around her nonchalantly, having a little smirk on her face. The unicorn loved her friends more than anything. Was she going to go and talk to the other students on the train though? Probably not. Hyper Drive would though! The Pegasus flew around the train, buzzing her little wings past all their heads, and finally landing next to two.. non ponies who seemed to be minding their own business. The Pegasus thinks one's a Longma, and one's a Quilin. She didn't really know them too well, but has seen them a few times in the school. She wasn't even too sure if they had any classes together, but it was time to be friendly, especially since they were almost there. "You guys excited? I'm excited!" She knew one of them was outgoing like her, but the other one seemed.. arrogant? She wasn't too sure, but didn't really care. Juice and Midnight ended up trotting behind Hyper, but sat next to a blue bat pony, next to the professors and a couple other students. Juice looked at her with a warm grin, showing off her pearly whites. "Howdy there! Ah'm just tryin' to get familiar with everypony. Ah'm Fruit Juice! And this here is Midnight Glory." The white unicorn looked over and waved, mouthing a 'hey'. After talking a little, suddenly Hyper flew to the professors with a bored look on her face. "Are we there yet? I feel like 'm gonna lose brain cells if I'm here any longer!" Midnight smiled at her anxious friend, nodding her head. "I am too, I need to stretch my legs," she said with a straight face. Lucky for them, they were just about there.
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