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    Glitter sat on the hay bale next to Temy. She smirked at her mare at her lofty plans. "Oh, I've heard of AJ's famous cider and that's not the kind of stuff you leave just laying around!" She winked at Tempest. "But if anypony can swipe a whole keg...it would be you." She glanced about, noting their distance from other ponies and then leaned in to nuzzle her friend. "Thanks for letting me come with you Temy," She giggled. "To this oh so romantic occasion!" She couldn't help it, she loved to play with Temy and her supposed "dislike" for all things mushy and/or romantic. Glitter sat back, resting herself on the bale and watching the proceedings. She supposed the mares of the day would make their appearance soon enough but for now things were still getting under way. Numerous guests were arriving and moving to the closer seating in the roped off area. Neither her nor Tem had any interest in that. The two of them usually kept their distance from others, spending lots of their times living and working out of their cabin in the far north. Coming to Ponyville was cetianly a change. She'd not been to the little town for Celestia knew how long! "You know, I could just go get us some cake and drinks," She smiled again. "You turn everything into a raid or adventure of some kind don't you Temy?" They both did that sort of thing, all the time actually. She loved that they could sit in the outlying area, not having to dress up all fancy or deal with small talk. It was better to live the way they did. At least for Glitter and Tempest anyway.
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    I'm wondering if I might come back. How (in)active has the community here been lately? I've been gone a while, so I guess it'd be prudent to also ask if there are any major changes since... when was it? Idk sometime last year. If I decide to become active again, should I make an intro post? I'll likely read or at least skim the rules over again to re-familiarize myself. Also, idk if anyone even remembers me, but if you do, heyo! How's it hangin'?
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    Oh, here came the first pony in search of a thirst-quencher! Berry hadn't spoken to her before, but had seen her around as one of Princess Twilight's guards, before the Lavender pony left to take over from the Alicorn sister's. What a time to be alive! Even though Twilight Sparkle had technically been a Canterlot transplant, she and Ponyville had been through so much together than they all thought of her as one of their own. The hometown girls were making good, especially if this wedding was any indication! "Not to worry, Miss Walker! With one of the brides-to-be pregnant herself, I made sure to keep most of my offerings on the level. Nothing like a foal to cut back on one's drinking, even after they come out." The burgundy mare gave a wry smile to the pegasus, before chuckling. "Besides, in my experience, you really don't want the guests getting tipsy before the vows. Every wiseguy who thinks they're funny always chimes in at the 'speak now or forever hold your peace' bit. Save it for the toasts, I've learned." Scooping out a spoonful into a cup, she hoofed it over with the expert grace of a trained barmare. "You're looking at me like you know my face or flank from somewhere. Can't say I've seen you before you came to town, though."
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    Applejack took a deep breath, though she couldn't for the life of her feel totally relaxed. How could she? She was getting married, and she was simply too excited. It wasn't a whirlwind romance or a shot out of the blue, however. No, this had been a long time coming. They had known each other for many moons long before they fully ready to admit their feelings to one another. And in the tempest that was their day to day life over the years it had been hard to manage it. Heck, it was hard to manage it now! It never mattered much though. You always made time for those you cared about and Applejack had made more and more time over the years for Rainbow Dash. It was apparent a long time ago which way the wind blew but like all-weather it could become a storm, and so Appejack had waited. She loved Rainbow Dash and Rainbow Dash loved her, but they had a whole heaping pile of responsibilities. Of course they added to that. You couldn't stop them from many things and nothing that had ever or would ever exist could stop them from having the best little colt on the planet. Zap Apple had been a wakeup call in a thousand ways both big and small but it was evidence that flaws and all they were a family. They didn't need to have a second to prove that- though Applejack was more than happy to have a second, or third, or fourth, or really any number- but they had done so. And if there was one thing Applejack knew it was that no matter the weather nor how stormy the seas, family was as enduring as the very earth behind her hooves. And together, she had Rainbow had created a family. And all that was left was to cement the final detail. There had been a small 'debate' about where to do it but Applejack wasn't one to let foolishness get in the way of a quick truth. There was no way that she wasn't getting married on her farm, in the same spot as her ma and pa, as her brother and sister-in-law. Trees were covered with wedding decoration courtesy of Rarity, with the style and trimmings most commonly associated with the heroines. And oh, that guest list! Everypony who was anypony wanted to attend. Applejack had put a stop to some of the more intangible invites, limiting it to Ponyville residents, friends, and family. Limiting- ha! Between how many friends they had made over the years and how Ponyville had grown, this wedding was becoming more than a little large. The ceremony was in the orchard as was the reception, the areas cordoned off from the rest of the orchard as best she could. Which, well, it was was at least good enough. She had so much on her plate. She had planned the whole nuts and bolts of the wedding. She had help, of course. She didn't have to think much on who would be in charge of the decor as Rarity would probably do it even if she had been specifically disallowed. Twilight was the obvious choice to officiate it, as who better than a Princess to marry two Elements together? Wedding bands, guest lists, hobnobbing about. She wasn't somepony who woud normally have spent a lot of time on non-farm work but with her second foal kicking her around a lot and making her have to spend a lot of time just watchig her family do the work without her, her brain had the time (and need) to keep busy on tasks like the wedding. She took another deep breath, holding her stomach as she felt Ambrosia kick. She wasn't far away. There had been some concern that the foal would be birthed before the wedding but as luck would have it Ambrosia seemed to have a bit of patience when it came to leaving her warm, cozy abode. The Apple family was sure starting to add to its stable a whole host of very special ponies, and she was plum excited to welcome its newest member into the fold. What would she be like? Incredible, of course. Awesome even, duh. But beyond that? Applejack had spent a lot of time thinking about it and her conclusion? Whatever it was she needed to be, and whatever it was, it would be perfect. A knock against the silo. Applejack darted to look at the door, aware in that fraction of a moment (don't worry, it passed) about the ludicrous nature of her surroundings. As was tradition with a field wedding this far out, the bride and groom were each prepared in their own separate areas nearby- in this case, cleared out silos. It looked nice enough all things considered. A good mirror, several dresses on hooks and lines and everything she needed to make herself ready for the wedding. She was dressed in the final culmination of the epic battle she had with Rarity about her wedding dress. The end result was rather fetching, as the fashionista was given to saying. She reached for her white stetson, custom made for this very occasion, and tossed it on in a panic. "Come on in! Come in!" She yelled out to whoever was knocking at her silo door. --------- OOC- 1- Thread is open to any resident of Ponyville as well as family of friends of Applejack and Rainbow Dash. 2- Only a few visitors for either AJ or RD, as they should be prepping for the ceremonies. Also, AJ and RD will not be part of the posting order until the ceremony. 3- Guests are allowed to enter and congregate, find their seats and prepare for the ceremony. 4- During the ceremony, only RD, AJ, and the officiant (Twilight) may post. 5- After the ceremony, time for the reception!
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    The Steel Wings An Equestrian Pegasus Gang (The emblem of the gang and also its founder's cutie mark. Members have this emblem embroidered on the front of their denim jacket. Not all members choose to wear the jacket, but most do.) Overview: So I'm sure you know about earth's motorcycle gangs, mostly prevalent in the United States and an identifying part of American culture? Yeah, just like that, but maybe a bit different. Given the atmosphere of Equestria, it would be unlikely for violent gangs to arise, but the tough exterior and free-spirited nature of these groups is still a likely thing. This group, The Steel Wings, is one such gang. The pegasi of this gang fly around Equestria in a sort of loose pattern (sounding like a fleet of WWII planes), doing stunts and generally being unsafe and reckless. However, unlike a certain unnamed group that doesn't seem to mind putting other ponies at risk (cough)Washouts(cough), they aren't in it for fame or bits, they're just having fun. Sometimes, the gang will play harmless pranks on friends of theirs, but that's about as far as they go. They mostly just like to fly with like-minded ponies who they see as "tough" and who gel well with the rest of the gang. They conduct themselves more like a family than anything, and they are fiercely loyal to one another. While, by the nature of it being a gang of pegasi, they only travel with other pegasi, they have been known to dub non-pegasi who they are exceptionally fond of as "honorary" members. Who, when they come around, can join their fun, and at any time can call on them for favors and protection. Leadership and Foundung The founding and current leader of The Steel Wings is the elderly Steel Wing, himself. Though he is in his elderpony years, he hasn't lost one bit of his sprite or toughness. At any point should the members of his gang feel he is unfit, they are encouraged to challenge him to a wing wrestle. When he wins, they back down. He hasn't lost yet. Steel Wing views his members like his own children. Membership: There are many members of The Steel Wings. Some of them have moved on, retiring from the lifestyle, some come and go from time to time. Only Steel Wing himself knows how many ponies are members. The named members (that is ponies who have roleplayers) are: Steel Wing Silver Haze Flower Love (H) ("H" denotes an Honorary Member) PS. Feel free to let me know what you think about this (concept, writing etc), and how you think it can be improved. Character Submissions: OPEN If you're interested in having your character be listed as a member of The Steel Wings, DM me, and we'll talk, kay?
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    Twilight sipped from a glass of water that materialized next to her, unphased by his aggression. It was the hallmark of his style of concern, after all. "I'm not accusing you of attacking us, nor making assumptions," she began before she smiled, looking over the photos before her and beckoning him to take a seat. "You have, in the past, been an enemy of Equestria. That makes you uniquely positioned to consider what the Sorceress would want to take or use against us," she continued as she laid out the photos before him. She was sharing a great deal of information with him- trusting him on several levels. How he viewed it and how he responded to it would go a long way to deciding just how much they could help one another. "As I said, I do have two incidents that concern me and may be involved in this," she said once more, this time popping in some glasses of water for Sombra and Luna. No reason to discuss something this serious without the lot of them being able to keep themselves centered, and sometimes even something as simple as water could solve it. "So, I ask again. If you were seeking to strike at us, what style of magical artifact would you have designs on?" She asked hopefully, hoping he would be able to take it the way she meaning it. And if he didn't, she knew she could at least speak with Luna. Something would need to be done regardless.
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    Glitter blanched and placed the tin with her oats to the side as Temmy mentioned eating rats. The unicorn had been in her fair share of situations as well but...eating rats?! She had to hoof it to Temmy, that was some true survival grit! Glitter had never eaten meat and she doubted she ever would. She'd certainly go for frozen bark and snow melt or basically anything before eating meat! "Yep! I'm sure a moss, fungus, bark sandwich will be much better than a rat-cicle!" She raised her lip in disgust and then smiled. "You're showing me up with eating rats. I mean, I've survived a lot of bad situations but never something that would press me to do that!" She winked. "I like an outdoorsy mare that can take care of herself." She liked that Temmy was opening up around her. Even jesting with sticking out her tongue and laughing a little. She could see it was good for the unicorn's soul, it was certainly good for her own soul. She wished they were somewhere safe and warm where they could laugh, and snuggle, and maybe... she shook her head as a blush crept onto her cheeks. Whoa there filly! Keep your head in the game! She wanted to ask more from Temy. She wanted to hear where she'd been and what she'd endured but, best not go there for now either. "Yeah, I'm good to go." She felt a little weak but the offer of a ride and the thought of being back safe to her cabin was a driving force! She reached up and touched the bandages with with a hoof. "Yeah, I have no idea what's going on under there." She felt good having Temy care for her and look after there. There's no way she would accept it from anypony else. But this mare was different. She felt like they'd never had a time apart. She'd never felt so whole.
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    Gallus was already regretting every decision that he had made that led up to this point. He was anything but mechanically inclined. Somecreature told him to hit this with a hammer or pull that lever and he could do it. Especially so if it was around his friends, no use complaining about things then. But this cider press? Well, i seemed simple enough. At least he hoped it was as simple as all that since Silverstream was being very claws on with it. Good, good for her. She was waaaaaaay more likely to know what to do than he was. She seemed to have this weird fascination with books regarding mechanical topics and other random, kinda weird but very useful things. He just didn't expect to be needing to rely on her skills at Applejack's farm of all places. Whatever. It wasn't like they weren't getting paid for their labor in drinks so if he was gonna be a wrench kitten, a wrench kitten he would be. "Got it," he said, more then a little mildly impressed by her knowledge and drive. She really attacked the problem, right? Must be the guilt from dropping the cider. Which, ya know, was totally on her and she needed to make it up to him, though he wouldn't say that bit out loud. She motioned to a pile of rubble and told him to go looking for a three-eights-hoof wrench, a ratcheting one. He barely understood Equestrian measuring systems but he'd give it the good ol' eagle eye. He started rummaging through the pile, looking out namely for a wrench and then bothering to size it up. He did spot a field mouse which had hid deep inside of the pile. Lucky son of a fish. He was very hungry and a nice, juicy field mouse would satisfy him almost immediately. But no, he had to live among the ponies. Besides, the mouse probably knew Fluttershy. While staring at the mouse hungrily he caught a glimpse of what certainly looked like a three-eighths hoof wrench with ratcheting or whatever. "Run," Gallus said as he reached in with his front paw. The mouse fled in terror as the catbird grabbed the wrench with claws extended, ensuring a better grip. Gallus, seemingly successful, hovered over to Silverstream. "Got you a present," he teased before laying it down next to her. "It's a three-eigths-hoof ratcheting wrench. I think. Is it?" he shrugged. It was the one wrench he found so it would have to do. "Hey, I'm gonna get the wood. Need anything special?" Apple Bloom had to stop herself from asking a million questions. She wanted to know what her brother's dreams were about. Apple Bloom could certainly take some educated guesses. Some probably involved Sugar Belle. Those ones were probably the most awkward to see but she'd guess that Luna was used to the content of those. But knowing Big Mac, he probably had Alicorn Princess dreams sometimes. Maybe a few about carnivorous apples taking their vengeance upon ponies. She knew she had a few of those herself! So she had a million questions, but knew better than to ask them. She would have to settle for one, just one. "Mah brother, eh?" She smiled as she did a bit of the two bits mug, "anythin' ya don't mind spillin'?" She asked with an impish look on her face. Hey, anything she could use as fun familial blackmail was good for her! "Yer welcome!" She said to the kirin. Mighty fine friend this Taira was turning out to be. "Hopefully it's livin' up ta yer fantasies, right?" She said with a laugh as she continued working alongside the Princess of the Night. She had so many pie ideas for the pie Princess that by the time she was done feeding her she'd have to rethink the stocking of the royal kitchen 'cause if it wasn't ingredients Apple family pie, it wouldn't be worth stocking!
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    Oh how things have changed so much over the last few months. At the start of the year, Fire Walker had moved to Ponyville to accept a position at the castle and become part of Princess Twilight’s special guard. And then a good deal of craziness came crashing in. There as a battle and now Twilight was ruler of all of Equestria, and the red mare was back in the R.E.A. Her own wedding was quickly rushing towards her and she was now with foal. Thankfully this foal was the size of a penny. Still, the fact that she learned all of this from a valley girl siren just seemed to make sense for her way of life. She still made sure to visit her doctor once she and the others got back from their mission. And now she was attending the wedding of a pony she considered the bravest, and toughest country gal that ever roamed Equestria and also Rainbow Dash. She was a decent sort. The officer’s fiancé was supposed to be here. Whew. She was beat. And thirsty! Thankfully there was some food and drink prepared like some juice-bowls. But she could not just go willy-nilly into these. She had to ask. Thankfully there was a mare who looked like an old college friend of hers named Pinot Noir was she one of the caterers? "Excuse me miss.", she made her way towards the mulberry coated mare, "Are any of these non-alcoholic? I need to watch what I'm drinking...And also any without mango? I'm really allergic to that." The rather worn out looking creature really needed to just sit down and chill for a moment. This was not her wedding. She was just a guest.
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    Tempest grunted with sweat as she rolled the hay bale into place. It was an utter pain in the flank too move it all the way from the fields in to the orchard but with it in place she had a perfect perch to sit and watch the wedding. Safely away from the cordoned off zone where all the gusts were hoarding up like a flock of sheep. No place for a wolf. Laying out a blanket over the hay for more comfortable laying she made herself at home for a long day. She had no real love for weddings; they seemed pointless to her. Why gather such a host just to say you loved some pony? She’d want it more small and close. At most a few of her most trusted friends and have it… oh she knew a few places. Wonderful views in lands untouched… Line it up early, early in the morning so when she makes the vows the sun will just be rising! Oh that’d be perfect...oh! And it MUST be on an airship! Yes! She smiled at such hopeless dreaming. She’d never get married, such a thing was unbelievable to happen. Yet she did dream of it… what was odd. She never did that before… she never even dreamed of love before. What in the buck was going on with her as of late. “Bleh. Needs more airships… And cannons.” She says looking over at Glitters. She had to tag the mare along, when she told glitters about this the mare begged her to come along. How can she say no too Glitters? Well maybe by saying no but the puppy eyes! By Lunas flank the puppy eyes were just evil. “Hope we can steal some cake at least… and drinks. Heard they will have kegs of AJ’s cider out. Going to try and grab a full keg. You got to try it, trust me.”
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    A new voice broke through the tension Sombra felt and he turned with a slight jerk, catching sight of the purple alicorn as she made her oh-so-casual way by them towards the throne. She certainly seemed familiar, in some vague way- maybe she was with one of the mares that he'd chased into the empire. He still remembered what they looked like, at least what little he'd seen of him throughout that particular event. The barrier mostly kept him out.. "Hmph," the king grunted, wrinkling his nose and peering up at the new princess. One of Celestia's new pawns given power, though he had to wonder how she'd earned those wings of hers.. "Why would you ever ask me that?" Sombra asked, rather than answering her question. He was sure there were a few artifacts that would probably catch his attention, ones he probably hadn't even learned of yet at that. However, other than one that'd been on his mind as of late, if just as an object of his curiosity to some extent, he couldn't exactly say if he was seeking any. Nor would he. "I'm still not exactly sure what has happened, but as I was telling Princess Luna here- that wasn't me. I'm not seeking to 'strike at' anypony, either, before you start making any assumptions."
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    "You know, I saw you without hat already. No need to be jittery." Swift Squall said as he slipped into a silo. How did he deduced that she was without headgear, just a moment ago, was anypony guess. Stallion paused for a moment, before reconsidering. ".....Well, I suppose it would be hard not to be in such day." he mused before giving apple mare a look-over. "Sparkle was right. White and blue DOES suits you. I am sure you will knock you wife-to-be off her hooves when she lays her eyes on you." noblepony complimented his friend. "....And now I owe Princess fifty hundred bits." And speaking of clothing ....For the occasion, the noblepony made sure to garb himself in white and vivid green longcoat, with white suit underneath - quite similar to wear he had on the first day he shown Applejack Fillydelphia Botanical Gardens - but more regal and professional. And professional he had to be. While Miss Rarity was obviously the mare to decor things, and Miss Pinkie was one who was in charge of the 'FUN' stuff, Squall took upon himself to be responsible for the logistic, making sure that those two - or anypony else involved in the preparations - needed for nothing. Seeing that he had a fleet of airships at his beck and call, he was obvious choice for such role. "Those additional chairs that were needed should be here in 5 minutes. As will be extra appetizers. I knew you had large family but between hearing AND seeing..." he shook his head somehow between impressed and horrified, while leaning on silo wall. "....And you do nothing to buck this tradition." Swift said while pointing at her gravid belly. "Not that there is anything wrong with that! Plenty of unused land in Mustangia to expand to." he quickly added. "I am sure she will as good of a kid as you colt is. Heh, who know what career path she might choose?" he pondered before giving a deep sigh. "Sorry, I guess you have enough on your mind already without my rambling to disturb you...." he said with grimace. It was clear that he was displeased with himself. "But I......How does it feel? I mean....in few months I will be in your horseshoes. I wanted to ask before those Five will have you all themselves so...." he paused, this time for longer.
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    "Oh my gosh, oh my gosh, oh my gosh!" Rainbow zoomed around the silo that had been cleared out to make a pre-wedding prep room for her. She kinda wished she' just been allowed to get ready in the same place as AJ. It would have been nice to have her practical nature around to calm her down. Everything swirled through her head in a giant rush. Since the first day she' d known AJ the mare had sparked Rainbow's interest. It hadn't been romantic right away. Nope. Anything but that. RD was a competitor as was her farm mare. Back in the day they had really kicked their heels up trying to out do each other. This only lasted for so long in a platonic fashion though. She remembered vividly the first day she'd noticed AJ in that new a special way. How her heart had skipped a beat and made her feel kinda light headed. After that RD had gone through a shift in her life. Sure she'd liked looking at mares but not wanting them the way she wanted AJ. She didn't want to just know about her, she wanted to be the closest thing in the world to the farm mare. "Take a breath filly!" Pinkie squinted up at her friend. "I mean I get excited too but you gotta get your head on straight before we head out there!" Pinkie Pie was not usually the most calm of ponies but she had the sense to know what would make a party go off right. That certainly did not include a certain cyan pegasus going batty during the biggest moment for her life! "You're right!" RD zoomed back to the hay covered ground and folded back her wings. "It's just," She huffed out a breath through her nose. "This is a lot!" "Yeah, but it's a good a lot right?" Pinkie giggled and reached for a cupcake. She'd been sure to bring some of the confections with her to help prep in the silo. Who wouldn't? Cupcakes were like super duper important for this kind of thing! "You want a bite?" Pinkie stuffed a treat into her muzzle and gulped it down. "Yum!" "Come on Pinkie, you're supposed to be helping me go over my um," Her eyes bulged. "Where's my vows!" "Relax silly!" The pink mare hoofed a crumpled paper towards her friend. "You know you can just read them off here right?" "It wouldn't be as special though." RD looked at her incredulously. "Right?" "I'm sure what's most special will be what makes you most comfortable!" She gulped another cupcake. "But if you want to try from memorized it's up to you! Want to practice again?" RD shook her head. "No, the last time was a disaster. Maybe I should just wait until I'm up there." As she spoke her stomach dropped. She was really doing this! It wasn't about AJ at all. She loved the farm mare deeply and truly. Loyally just like her element. They had a colt, the perfect colt. Zappers was amazing and just the best guy and she was so so so proud of him. And, they had another on the way! Rainbow couldn't help but wonder what Ambrosia would be like. She wondered if she'd be a little tom colt just like RD had been. The thought made her smile. "There you go! That looks much better!" Pinkie commented on her friend's smile and reached up the straighten the bow tie that brought her friend's dapper tux together oh so well! "Is it time yet?" Pinkie cocked her head and listened. "Not quite time yet..." She grinned hugely. "I'm so excited fr you guys!" Rainbow's smile dropped away for the time being. This whole thing was making her more nervous than any Wonderbolts race she'd ever been in!
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