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    Will work on some posts tomorrow. Right now focusing on Haunting and Gate kicker. I have goldfish's memory so please dont be scared to let me know if there's another spot I need to be posting on.
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    The Iron Pony 2019 starts June 28th! Get ready to claim the crown in a number of fun events!
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    Oh my Celestia I've updated my profile image! Might have also updated my order of favorite ships Now it's #1 rarijack, #2 twidash, #3 appledash. What's your favorite ship if you've got one?
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    Oh, my. That's 4 apps for stallions lol. Don't worry, my mares will come next. Just had to finish the crew I started. He ha! Although, there's at least two more characters, both mares that I have yet to make. Right now, they're just placeholders because "yeah, there's also a few mares there" but I should prolly make their characters eventually. I just really wanna get started making apps for my other existing unrelated OCs.
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    I've been sick in a way I can't explain.
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    Just when I think I'm out...I get tempted back in <<
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    New song in my channel!
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    @tacobob @SteelEagle Did y'all plan to murder my notifications?
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    Yona's starting to grow on me a bit
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