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    I still remember all of you, and I miss you so so much.
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    Posted my 'goodbye' in the Planning/Leaving thread earlier. I may visit here every once in a while, but my 'active' days on this website are done.
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    yay it's my birthday. feel free to leave flowers by my dusty bones...creak....
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    Updates! Word filter was lightened up. You can now say certain words in normal conversation that you could not before. We are all mature here. Do not abuse! You can now accrue posts in LPW/Spam Stables! Enjoy!
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    My busted hdd has finally been replaced by a shiny new one! I'll finally have my computer back this weekend once the cinnamon roll is done doing the thing with it. (:
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    Doing posts tomorrow, one of them will involve someones whose name rhymes with "Bacotob"
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    After a week of steady rehearsal, work, and hospital visits, a posting spree is incoming!
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    Wow. I'm officially an Uncle Tacobob. And now my uncles are all Gruncles...Wow..Imagine being an Great Uncle and only be in your 40s.
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    Woohoo! 750 likes! and I'm coming up on 1,500 posts!
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    This is how AJ won this year's 'Running Of The Leaves'
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    They have been putting out these cute little official MLP videos on Youtube lately. And unlike the ones in the past, they're original animation. This one has Pinkie doing an 80's style workout video. The previous had Twilight trying out a Rubix Cube.
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    Finally caught up on all the pony and I might be posting to the gallery again soon.
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    HI, EVERYPONY! I'm back. I...was active. For awhile. but...my laptop got fried, to put it simply, and I've been basically only online on my phone for a couple months now. BUT it's repaired and should be running normal again! I'm sorry about any RP's I ended up abandoning. I plan on resuming my normal activity and posting some art soon!
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    Hey peeps! I kinda took a long break from the internet to think about stuff and things. I'm back now but gave my laptop to my brother cause his broke so art will be slow. I've been getting into watercolors and other traditional stuff though. My camera isn't very high res and looks kinda bad but I'll go ahead and post it anyways I suppose. It also looks like I need to catch up on mlp season 7! I didn't realize it was back in season cause we switched to netflix lol.
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    Hello all! Yes, I'm still here. The past few months have been hectic with my current job, and now I'm about to transition towards a new job of working in a library. Yay! This also means a (hopefully) less erratic schedule.
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    Let's see. Door is nailed shut. Real live lion guarding said door so roomie cannot disturb. Phone has been crushed by 16 ton weight.. I think I might be able to post today.
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    *begins work on yet ANOTHER character* Who shall it be? Stay tuned to this forum to find out!
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    *Is hard at work in the depths of the CCL (Character Creation Laboratory), developing a new being to let loose upon the unsuspecting Canterlot Masses* -Insert evil laughter here!-
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    It's been a little while since I've been here or done much online in general, but I wanted to let everyone know I'm okay and still really enjoy this community. Just feeling overwhelmed and taking a break from computer stuff. I'm focusing a lot on my writing, sketching, and refining a new art style in the meantime. Also reading lots of classic books. I didn't think I'd like Frankenstien so much. I'm thinking about taking sketch request in the future to try out drawing some ponies with my new techniques. Sorry if I worried anyone!
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    Two (unofficial) lore articles in a week! I'm on a roll!
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    Fire Walker needs no less than ten thousand waifus, So pretty.
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    I am alive! After weeks of my PC being broken and 300$ in repairs I'm back. After I get everything back up and ruining I will get to work on some posts ASAP! Sorry it took so long mates.
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    Thanks again to the marvelous miss TurrKoise for this lovely character sheet!
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    Wow! My Skype sure has blown up! Really, Everyone. Thank you for being so nice and wishing my a happy Birthday! I couldn't ask for better friends than all of you!
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    *draws a pony thing featuring someone else's oc... is striving for maximum cute.*
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    If you want others to accept you, start by accepting yourself!
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    Iron Pony 2019 begins in a week!
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    Will work on some posts tomorrow. Right now focusing on Haunting and Gate kicker. I have goldfish's memory so please dont be scared to let me know if there's another spot I need to be posting on.
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    Yay! I'm back..again...Probably should have not done this.. Don't mess with Rarity.
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    Given that I literally just bought a beat up G1 pony to make a custom of one of my characters on here, I thought I would say hi, and HARASS DIO! muhahahah.
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    Slight delay in posting..old man reality keeps a'bugging me. And none of you will give me a million dollars like I've asked for. Hmmph. Keep on working. keep on working till the day I die.
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    I probably should not have let Pinkie do my taxes this year.
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    Put it on. Do awesome things.
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    Cute little FIM reference in Dr Strange...
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    Hope everyone had a great Christmas, and have a Happy New Years!
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    #Optimismtothefullest I need it for the tough week ahead~
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    There seem to be some misconceptions floating around so allow me to clear the air. Myth: Spending time with me is an enjoyable and rewarding experience. Fact: All currently living white tigers are severely inbred and descend from a single white cub that was captured in the 50s. Any sanctuary that claims they're an endangered species is not a sanctuary you should trust or give your money to.
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    Today is Teachers' Day! So remember best teacher Cherilee!
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    Captains Log, StarBucks Date: First day. Only one grumpy person, most very forgiving of new person, didn't make many mistakes, sampled many drinks, very good yes. I think I'm gonna like it here~
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