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    They have been putting out these cute little official MLP videos on Youtube lately. And unlike the ones in the past, they're original animation. This one has Pinkie doing an 80's style workout video. The previous had Twilight trying out a Rubix Cube.
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    Finally caught up on all the pony and I might be posting to the gallery again soon.
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    O and O post coming either tonight or tomorrow afternoon.
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    Put it on. Do awesome things.
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    Today is Teachers' Day! So remember best teacher Cherilee!
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    Time to ban more people at random. This time I'll pull up the member list, close my eyes, and pick my latest victim to banish!
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    Quote time! "You know it's cold outside when you go outside and it's cold." - Someone wiser than I'll ever be
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    Back. On my ipad for now, using an itty bitty bluetooth keyboard...but soon...SOON I shall have my glorious new $1400 laptop and then I shall use and abuse the internet SO HARD. But I can totally start RPing now. ipad Pro does the trick with the keyboard for tippa typing! Hit me up if you want to plot some plots or think some thoughts together!
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    Sorry for my dip in activity all, I caught a cold this week and have been fighting it >_<
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    Now that RotL is done, what should I do?
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    Dear Princess Celestia, Today I learned it's almost impossible to stump Spotify. I threw several obscure/odd songs at it, and it only failed me once, when I wanted If Only Tears Could Bring You Back by Midnight Sons. Discord (Living Tombstone Mix): Yep. Lil Deuce Deuce - Beep Beep I'm A Sheep: Yep. Mark Owen - Four Minute Warning: Yep. Pennywise - This Is Only A Test: Yep. Atreyu - You Give Love A Bad Name: Eeyup! You win this round, Spotify.
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    I kinda feel like doing a big piece with as many people (well, their OC) as I can get. It will be in chibi vector, so that I can draw as many as I can as quick as possible. I'll post a thread with details soon.
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    Wow...it's been a while since I've been here~ I was thinking of leaving the forum, since I've been having less and less time on my hands-but I was reading one of my old roleplays the other day, and I think those are worth staying for So yeah! I'm back
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    Happy Horse equivalent of Easter. Or just Easter. Happy that as well.
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    Alright post's will be rolling this Sunday. Heads are optional.
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    Sorry bout dropping off the site for a little bit right after announcing my upcoming thread. Things are settling down now and I'm going to start working towards Peachy's Portraits once more. Not sure when it will be up yet though but I'll be keeping you updated.
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    Don't be sad it's over. Be happy it happened.......
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    posting ponies monday. sweepy now.
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    Nightmare Night 2018 is Live! http://www.canterlot.com/forum/463-nightmare-night-2018/
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    Happy Birthday Brianblackberry! Always happy to see you. Brings a smile to my face and warmth to my heart to know you!
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    Holy cow, MLP FIM is seven years old! Seven! I can't belive it's been so long, man I remember when ep-5 was new. How time flys and how I loved all of it. So heres to more of it and to more good times, friendship and more!
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    From https://hoofclid.tumblr.com/ One of my OC's from Canterlot.com "Fire Walker" is on the Right. :3
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    Stay tuned for updates on IPS 4.2 and what you can expect from it!
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    *peers at profile* I see you there~
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    Hey Knight, I JUST now saw that picture of Harvest you did for me~ Thank you so very much
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    This continues to be the cutest fan-strip for FIM:
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    Another quiet day for me. I just wanna rp...
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    My eyes hurt; pulled too many all-nighters. I'll be back after a 12 hour nap.
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    The bus ride was horrible... but the visit is absolutely amazing so far. Her mother is extremely nice. The paterfamilias is a bit protective, but he's really amazing as well... even offered to put in a good word for me so that I may possibly get a job at his workplace. Her two sisters and one brother (who, I kid you not, looks EXACTLY like Markiplier.) are awesome. My girlfriend and I got a few moments alone, did a bit of cuddling and gaming, and I eventually got my first kiss ever. If I died tomorrow, I wouldn't regret a single thing.
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    Don't you just hate it when a classmate jumps you, and you kick him in the groin, and then he falls down a flight of stairs in the fetal position, and you get in trouble even though it was self-defense?
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    Saw my celebrity crush at the casino today. The amount of restraint I have is astounding. @.@
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    It's called a hustle, sweetheart!
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    Quote of the day: "There are more blind people in the world than people blind like me" ~ Starry Requiem [visually impaired]
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    Everything's so quiet here... I love it!
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    - So close, yet so far away! #OBJECTION!
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    I'm starting to think I should just start linking new art I make in here instead of Gallery. On my end there's always some stupid problem... and nobody else gets this.
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    Those who have been having image posting issues, IPS is aware of the problem and has deployed a hotfix to the board software to address it. I am having the IPS techs do an installation ASAP. Please do not change your logs or layouts until we have gotten the image serving sorted.
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    Re-enabled font modification drop-down and added dedicated preview button to large editor. CKEdit should have advanced color picker enabled already.
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    I wonder what Equestria would be like in a Game of Thrones style setting...
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    I really don't understand why people keep saying they like my writing... Because according to my parents, I can't write. But if that's the case, then why do people like my work so much???
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