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    Cool doodle of Fire Walker by 'Probably Fake Blonde'. https://probablyfakeblonde.wixsite.com/portfolio
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    I only just noticed the Rank-up! Yay! I am now Crazy Oatmeal! I love it. Coupled with a quote by best pony, and you can't get any better. Thank you, powers that be, for the rank promotion. I love it.
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    Guess whose back. Back again. Jessie's back. Tell a friend.
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    sorry for not posting much at all. I have just been extreamly spent from life as of late. Soon as i can I will try to get some posts out.
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    Well, I should be 100% back to this site. Still working tons of hours, but I should be able to post. If there are any RPs that I need to post, give me a holler. Also looking for new RPs. I've got all kinds of characters from those little horse critters and a bird cat thing. Also a cat. Hurry hurry to the Tacoboborama!
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    Wow! I've been on this site now for eight years!
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    CANTERLOT! I! HAVE! RETURNED! Also, Vienna was seriously cool. Only in Prague and Rome I saw so many old landmarks.
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    Oh my Celestia! I updated my entire character log! Quarantine life got me doing all kinds of stuffs I never have time for ^-^
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    Greetings. I am here to locate living souls
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    RL continues to be a bother, so my posts are coming...But SLOWLY.
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    Friend gave me an early birthday present, it was Crash N Sane Trilogy AND Spyro reignited for PC I'm a happy lime ;3;
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    Calling anybody who plays Tails of Equestria: I has written an unofficial Bestiary supplement!
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    Unfortunately, it seems, I have to bid this site adieu. Due to factors outside the digital world, I will no longer have time or energy to spend on this website. It is with a heavy heart that I must bid thee all farewell. I know it hasn't been long, and only a select few have even seen me around, but still. I unfortunately must go. Perhaps we'll see each other again in another life. all right, I'll cut the drama. anywho. bye.
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    Iron Pony 2019 is live! Three weeks of fun and competition await, with three events for your characters to participate in per week! http://www.canterlot.com/forum/464-iron-pony-2019/
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    Iron Pony 2019 begins in a week!
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    Will work on some posts tomorrow. Right now focusing on Haunting and Gate kicker. I have goldfish's memory so please dont be scared to let me know if there's another spot I need to be posting on.
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    ................ I swear to Celestia, if you DON'T app that valley-girl siren I am going to strangle you with hugs mate!
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    Holy Moly! You're back! Nice to see the return of the best coffee based pony!
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    Uggh I'm sorry I dropped the ball on Pink Lady's Everfree adventure, I became an essential employee at my job, and am in charge of sanitizing and cleaning so I've been so tired
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    Dang it, work ate up all my time! PL'S EFA is cominnng Eventually!
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    Oh look, a FIERY SOUL is going to learn from a proper FENGHUANG MONK:
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    Huzzah. I am almost back. I've just been very busy..very very. Hope everyone had a wonderful assortment of holidays during the last few months. :3
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    I'm sorry I'v ebeen keeping those in my threads waiting... Again. I've hit a really big creative block regarding ponies lately and art as well. I'll try and post something somewhere, somehow if I can find any inspiration. I'm sorry for the inconvenience and I hope you all have a happy new year.
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    Hey everyone, I'm new here. Come on over and feel free to say hello.
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    They shall not grow old, as we that are left grow old: Age shall not weary them, nor the years condemn. At the going down of the sun, and in the morning We will remember them. For the Fallen: Laurence Binyon (1914)
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    Since I've watched 9 seasons of this show over six years I thought it was about time to get my first (and probably only) piece of merchandise.
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    Looks like they'll be doing a season '10' via the comics.
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    Only 10 more creatures to sign up...Will you make it? Will you be kissed by the best pony?
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    Quote time! "You know it's cold outside when you go outside and it's cold." - Someone wiser than I'll ever be
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    (TLDR; I'm back) A strange sound emanates from the air. It fills all the empty spaces with its quiet yet piercing tenacity. The sound grows louder, to the volume of a dull whisper. It begins to take form. The sound. It's.... It's.... a voice? "Hello?" the voice calls, getting ever so slightly louder with every second until it finally reaches normal speaking volume. "Hello? Anyone there?" Now sounding like a normal voice, it continues. "Hey! Wait! I think I see... hang on let me try..." the voice trails off. Then, with a great flash, the room begins to shake slightly. Wind picks up from nowhere, blowing toward one spot in the room. Into this spot begins to fade a figure. The wind picks up great ferocity seeming to pull in energy to the figure, willing it into existence. The figure raises up in the growing light until the light is too much to look at. Then, as suddenly as it had begun, it all stops. Upon looking back to the figure, you see KaityKat! She's returned! "Hey guys." she says nonchalantly "I have materialized from the ether." ---------------------------------------------------------- Yup. I'm back. I decided it was time to come back. I missed rp too much. I can't stay away. it's like an addiction. lol Also, for anyone interested who didn't already know, I have a vector art request thread. Check it out if you want to have me do a mediocre vector image of your OC.
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    Sorry for slight delays in my posting! I'll have my group threads done by Sunday
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    I'm gonna binge all the episodes I have missed, which is a lot, wish me luck and sanity.
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    I'm becoming tempted to create another guard pony
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    Anyone want to RP as Terramar, Silverstream's brother?
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    What you will find at the End of the Rainbow:
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    Thank you for participating in this year's Iron Pony event! You gave it your all and had a lot of fun, which is the real point of it all anyway. It was an honor judging it. I can't wait to see what comes next!
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    A few more days left in the second round of events for the Iron Pony!
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    Sunset Shimmer is Hottest Pone. Accept no substitutes:
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    Oh, and since I was asked on Discord: While these are the official events, you are free to come up with your own threads, whether they are competitive or not.
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    The Iron Pony 2019 starts June 28th! Get ready to claim the crown in a number of fun events!
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