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    mmnnnffhmffnnhfhfh AAAAAAHHHHH YOU BEAUTIFUL LADS AND LASSES I dare you to share yur Chrimbus trees, presents, menorahs, sweaters, hams, OR CEREMONIAL GOATS~<3
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    “Good evening...erm.”, What was his name? This handsome fellow was assigned to the Guard..She had heard that somewhere, but where? Being the captain, she should have been contacted as soon as they had even suggested the stallion as a recruit. Full papers that showed that he was fully vetted for the position should have been on her desk before he was even considered for the part. “Silver.” Was that it? He had a helmet, and uniform, but that could mean anything. Was something odd going on? A simple command word could be said and the pony would be introduced to the many security features the castle now had. But she was not in the mood. She had a very busy day and she could hear her very comfortable bed call out to her. He also saluted her and she was not in uniform. Since her mission was dealing privately with mostly the public, she had worn an slightly enchanted winter coat. She looked good and felt nice and warm. You normally do not salute officers out of uniform. The friendly mare placed a mug near the stallion. “No worries.” Parade uniform? She doubted the guard had nearly enough ponies to watch a parade, let alone start one. As she decided on her actions, something else caught her eye. It was a pup! Oh how Fire Walker was easily distracted by such wonderful creatures. And this one had a good bark! Probably not so wise....Waking up the castle residents was not a good idea. But he was a very handsome dog. He almost resembled an Shiba Inu but the tail was all wrong. And how did he manage to get inside the castle? They never installed a doggy door! Maybe Miss Fluttershy was staying over? Or did Starlight Glimmer finally get a pet? "Hey Pup.", she tried to gain the attention of the adorable critter. She actually had a few cookies on her tray. Let's see. No nutmeg. No chocolate. No raisins or even macadamia nuts. These were dog-safe. "Have a cookie." Oh how she wouldn't mind having such an sweet dog at her side. She always wanted a pupper, but somehow ended up with a cute little Squeak Bat named Dander. "So..", she turned back to the stallion, "What is your current assignment?", she could at least have a little fun with him before finding out the truth. If he needed help, she would try her best to aid him....Unless it was illegal. Then she would have to whoop him.
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    (Oh shite, great to have you back man! I hope we can start this for real now.) (Gotta admit my post has been real pain in the ass, but I'll do my best to finish it as soon as I can.)
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    Roleplay Type: Main RpName: Night Breeze Sex: FemaleAge: MareSpecies: Unicorn Eye colour: Sky Blue Coat: Light Grey Mane/Tail: A long mane, and tail, Mainly Brown in color with Blue stripes running through outPhysique: Taller, with a Average build Residence: Canterlot Occupation: Works in a Spa as a therapist Cutie Mark: A swirly breeze effect wrapping around a heart. As a foal, Night Breeze always seemed to enjoy caring for other ponies and animals. She would often stop to help ponies in any way she could. Night Breeze would often spend her time in libraries looking for spells, as well as the Archives, on the few occasions she had access to it. Most of her time was spent looking for non harmful spells, She could just never imagine harming some pony else. On one such occasion a Spell she had learned would prove very useful in the quest of gaining her Cutie Mark. It had been a average day outside among other foals for a Young Night Breeze who was not quite in her filly years yet, When one of the foals crashed in a bush trying to do something. Catching it out of the corner of her eye, She rushed over with a concerned look on her face. Helping The foal out, She looked to see scratches and scrapes all along the pony from the crash in the bush full of scratchy twigs and branches. Night Breeze's mind raced as she thought of what to do to calm this foal. Her mind went back to a spell she had seen in a book he parents had gotten for he out of the library. Unsure if it would work, Night Breeze looked to the pony as she cast the spell with all her might, It had to be better than nothing. A woosh was heard as the spell surrounded the pony, Seemingly flowing all around the ponies body, as the scrapes seemed to slowly healed. She was no means good at it but it was working. Having Casted the spell for as long as she could, She stopped to see the pony was mostly healed up. The Young foal thanked her as He ran off to continue playing. She could hardly believe she managed to do, When looked to see something else she couldn't believe. A cutie mark! Unique Traits: Night Breeze found to have a talent in Positive magic such as Healing, and soothing magic to calm worried or angry ponies and possibly other creatures in her older foal years. To this day In her studies she has limited herself to non harmful spells only, and finds her self unwilling to harm any pony for any reason. History: Night Breeze was born in the outskirts of Canterlot. Her Family wasn't considered to be rich by any means in comparison to the elite that lived within the Canterlot, But they weren't poor either. Night Breeze's Life growing up had been pretty calm. She spent most of her free time roaming outside at night, She loves getting outside of the city where she can lay on a grassy hill and observe the stars in the sky on a peaceful night. She also loves rainy days, Not so much being out on those day but staying inside and listening to the rain hit the window. After getting her Cutie Mark she set out to make it her profession to care for others. Reaching her Filly years she attended a school to become a Physical Therapist. Having finished school she found a job at a Spa inside of Canterlot, where she to this day works at. Her parents have always been supportive of her in her journeys and try to help out as well. She now owns her own little home in the lower parts of Canterlot and travels inside to work everyday. Night Breeze hopes that one day she can save enough bits to buy her own place within the city to set up her own spa. Character Personality: Night Breeze has always been a very calm and collected pony, and often cares for ponies needs over anything, and often times observes ponies body language and tone of voice trying to discern and help any issues there might be. Some times one might think she is over caring or obsessed, But Night Breeze only wishes the best for other ponies. She is very hard to get agitated, and will always try to find a way to defuse any aggression another pony or creature might have against her. Character Summary: Night Breeze Is a very calm and collected pony. She Lives in the lower parts of Canterlot and works in a spa in town. She loves caring for others, and spending her time out in calm night away from the city. She is hard to anger, and will often find a way to calm a pony or defuse a argument in the calmest tone she can. Some ponies may see her as over caring but she only wishes the best for others.
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    This place was absolutely huge! Not as big as the mountain range back home, but still impressively spacious. If not for his occasional visits to the place when Applejack was stopping by to see Princess Twilight, Taira would have likely gotten eight types of lost in here. A place so full of powerful magic made the yokai's nose itch but if all these books didn't have the spell he was looking for he'd have to start looking in the archive in Canterlot, or try and dig up that ancient library city said to be buried somewhere in the Saddle Arabian Desert. Just the thought of all that sand in his fur made him shudder on the spot. If he could find this spell than this trip to Equestria would have been even more wonderful than it had already been! Even more smile inducing than that exciting race a while ago. While he'd ended up exposing his true self to almost half the town, he was glad to see most take his real appearance in good humor. Still, he figured he couldn't just start prowling the streets at night as an alicorn sized magical wolf with glowing eyes. There were far too many elderly ponies in this town and the last thing he wanted to do was scare somepony into an early passing. To take care of this problem he cooked up a smaller (though not by much), less ethereal form to wander the streets in: that of a normal wolf-dog. Given that wolves were apparently a rare sight in this part of the world, Taira soon realized that most just mistook him for an over-sized dog with a few scars on his chest and one across his muzzle. He made sure to keep any talking to a minimum like this though. It would still be a bit of a shock to meet a talking dog that... didn't have thumbs and mined underground. As the large canine wandered the halls he felt his nose twitch as he caught the scent of something nice. Was that chocolate? With a toothy grin, Taira followed his nose until he came skidding to a halt in front of the door that Fire Walker just entered through. The visitor left staring somewhat awkwardly with the trio present, to break it he just gave his best bark and tried to look as harmless as possible. Seeing at this group seemed well armed and armored he could only assume they were the Night watch.
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    Silver Blade nodded to the Stallion as he motioned to the title on the page. Scarlett Mane, Daughter of the Dune, Terror of the West, and Queen of the Pirates! The title screamed in bold black lettering. "Very few can say they crossed swords with that most famous pirate to ravage the seas and survive" Silver Blade said with a smile. Motioning to what looked like a gold bracelet around her hoof he couldn't help but get a smile and a nostalgia on his face as he said, "Funny joke it be that she was born into wealth and nobility but chose a life of plunder, and pillage, and raids on the sea after falling in love with a dashing pirate Captain" he said in his swarthy navel accent Yet the smell of hot chocolate quickly got his attention as well as the sound of a voice he had gotten to know over his time at the Castle of Friendship. Quickly grabbing his helmet, he tucked I under his fore hoof and saluted Fire Walker as she came in. "Ah Captain Fire Walker! A lovely evening to ye Ma'am. Had I known ye would Grace us I would have worn me proper parade uniform" he said with a slight bow.
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    Oh what a day it had been! Fire Walker welcomed the start of the morning with an steaming cup of coffee and an ‘Official Twilight Guard Scroll ‘O’ Things' scroll That Needed To Be Done’. Normally this would involve her usual morning of training ‘n’ education for the citizens of Ponyville! There were still plenty of ponies and other creatures who wanted to make sure there was no repeat of the many invasions the formally sleepy little village had been enduring over the last few years. And it seemed that rapstallions and mischief making-mares always had a new scheme. The latest crime had been done through the mail! Pen pals had become Pen Mal..s....factor...This was fixed when it was suggested that all outgoing and ingoing mail would be checked at Tartarus. Both the content of the letter and actual magical detection would also be applied. Hopefully they would also start checking incoming cakes or pies for files or chivs. There were quick visits to Appleloosa and Manehattan. Items to retrieve and ponies to talk to. There was also her final stop at Las Pegasus! However, it was not for sightseeing and fun, instead she needed to have a chat with a security head at the resort town's largest hotel and casino! There she picked up tips on how to handle security during big events without the public even knowing they were being looked after. She still managed to snag a very tacky shirt souvenir for her fiancé, Swift Squall. And now she was back home...Or at least one of her homes. She officially had a place in Fillydelphia and an small home she used mostly for storage in Ponyville. There was also her small little office/apartment in the castle itself. She found it to be rather cozy. After the packages were deposited in Twilight's slot, and the officer's own mail was checked. Fire Walker started to make the trek to her room for some shut-eye. However, her trip was cut short when she heard somepony shout...yell? Or was it just an HEY! The mare let out a sigh. It was not unusual for ponies to hang out at the library long into the night. Normally older students would hang out, hoping to take care of a paper they should had finished ages ago. This was rare as they now had their own special library located right in their school. Pajamas and bunny slippers were not frowned upon there. Shouting was usually very frowned upon in an library. Especially if it could be heard into the rooms...Nopony wants a cranky Spike! And the urge to throw whoever was making the noise out of the castle did pop up in the mind of the mare..That would be rude...She would do something else. "Good Evening fellows.", the mare pushed over a small rolling tray table topped with three cups of hot cocoa adorned with 'Fluffy Puff' marshmallows. A perfect beverage for a chilly night!
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    (Alright finally able to sit down and get this out here, I've been waiting to do this and am pumped I finally got the time for it! Welp time to get to it and, Enjoy!) -------------------------------------------------- The train finally came to a full stop at ponyville station which caused the ponies inside to begin to pile up towards the door to get out of the cramped train cars and meet with whoever they were meeting with or just to wait for the next train to the next city. The once colorful trains now more drab and monotone in color and design. Guards in dark armor and carrying standard issue Mana Rifles making sure trouble doesn't arise and to keep said trouble in check if it does rear its ugly head. Trick was one of the last off the train not so much in a hurry as he made sure all of his gear and equipment was present. After securing his scarf he put his saddlebags on and secured his large rucksack on top as well which contained his own personal heavy DMR (Designated Marksman Rifle) which he took special care of during his time being deployed in Dodge Junction which admittedly he hasn't done much in terms of fighting any of the Everfree beasts due to being the new guy, plus his usual attitude didnt get him to many favors with those in positions above him in the Rangers. He was suprised when he heard he was volunteered for being relocated to ponyville even though he wasnt sure as to why. He smirked as he walked out onto the platform his eyes scanning the area around him as he moved. Watching ponies reconvene and mill about he also took notice of the heating fields keeping the storm at bay. He sighed as this would not make the walk anywhere pleasent. " Welp...nothing ventured, nothing gained " He said as began trodding toward the exit passing a few guards who watched him go by with only looking away when they saw the ranger emblem on his bag. Trick braced himself as he walked out into the barrage of snow and wind he grit his teeth but kept moving towards ponyville square the wind howling into his ears and snow seeming to pile up which he continued to trudge through ignoring the biting cold and wind. After a bit of walking Trick was growing weary of walking through the snow he made a bit of progress making his way toward the outpost but couldn't help but find the need to take a breather from the storm. He noticed what seemed to be a diner and began trudging his way up to the building. Once through the heating fields he breathed out in relief from the cold as he stretched out a bit as shook off water droplets and stretched a bit as he made his way to the door and walked in to see few ponies sitting around enjoying the warmth and escape from the weather. The once obviously bright and cheerful decorum now gone which admittedly was familiar all around equestria after the rise of Nightmare Moon he walked over to a empty booth and set down his ruck sack followed by his saddle bags and slid them under the table before taking a seat with a gratuitous sigh and smile as he looked out into the storm thanks to the window next to him lightly tapping his rear hoove on the floor as he lost himself in thought.
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    (Hey guys, you know what, I think that posting what I have right now is better than to delay this forever.) (I'll edit in a hopefully little while but the basics are there, so the roleplay can be continued.) (So here's my near-complete post:) --------------------------------------------------------- The workshop had always been his favorite place. For him, it was a precious little world in itself where he could spend hours either by himself or in the company of his dad. They've made many great things here over the years, he and his dad, and whatever it was patching up roofs, improving old crystal devices or simply making a nice dining table for their neighbors, ol' Gear and son got the job done alright. Today's project was something bit more special than a simple table however. About two weeks ago, he passed the entry test and got accepted into the Rangers. It had been a dream for some time, but for one reason or another he just couldn't bring himself to do it. His dad being ever so doubtful of him becoming a Ranger also didn't help. "That accursed forest is no place for us folks my dear sonnie. Trust ol' dad for that one," he once said, looking him straight in the eyes; "at best, ya'll just come back here within day or two, disappointed and your feet frostbitten. But at worst," his dad paused, sighed heavily and added: "at worst my son, is somethin' I truly hope I won't ever have to think about." His warning hit Frosty real hard and has stuck with him since, sowing seeds of doubt about the coming expedition and how wise his choice really was. The look in his father's eyes was nothing he could forget either, it almost as he had been in that forest himself, fighting for his very life. But he could hardly be speaking of his personal experience, could he? ...Well, to make things a little better, his dad's attitude changed somewhat after Frosty got accepted though, much to Frosty's surprise as he'd applied without him knowing. Instead of being furious with his son going behind his back like this, he hesitantly congratulated him when he got back home. Perhaps his dad knew that he couldn't stop him in doing whatever he'd got himself into, and thus could only prepare him for the dangers to come. That's also when his dad gave him the heavy crystal pistol he'd gotten from somewhere. But enough of that. Said pistol was the reason of why he was here, with his welding helmet on and covered head to toe in blazing sparks. Frosty was seldom in better mood than right now, lost in a world of his own as he fiddled with the device before him, heavy electro blasting in the background as usual. He just needed to attach that cooling system beneath the barrel, connect it, and then "The Repeater" as he called it would finally be ready. ... "A little finishing touch..." ... "And done!" Barely able to contain his excitement, Frosty powered off the welder and looked at the still glowing technological marvel before him. "The Repeater" was truly a masterpiece, unlike anything he'd ever done before. Named after it's two round burst mechanism, the pistol was heavily modified for sure. With it's removed power limitations, enhanced energy capacitor, widened barrel and newly installed cooling system to counter the excessive heating, most would say that "The Repeater" was far from anything resembling fancy. And while that was perhaps true, he couldn't care less. It was his very own creation, and if crude look and fried power cells were the price to pay for a devastating weapon that could disintegrate nearly anything in his path, then so would it be. And now, it was time for the best part. Everything required some double checking, masterpiece or not, and he needed to ensure that the newly installed cooling system was working correctly. Unless he would want to risk it blowing up when he needed it the most, that is. "Sure, it'd be wise to delay the testin' until tomorrow, considering how very late it is and I could really use some sleep." Frosty thought sarcastically and smirked, "But to be honest, that would just be lame, and hell, if I don't wanna waste some cells after all this work!" Thus, he wasted no time and brought "The Repeater" over to the workbench in a haste, slammed some brand-new energy cells into it and dug out a rusty metal sheet to use as a target. With all things in place, Frosty positioned himself at the other side of the workshop, raised the pistol casually and aimed at the center. Shooting was nothing new to him, as it was one of many things he and his dad did together, so Frosty was quite good shot. That was perhaps for the best, as when he took a deep breath and charged the weapon, he was reminded instantly that "The Repeater" was indeed nothing to be played around with. The raw power contained within built up at an alarming pace, the vibrations grew stronger with every passing moment and the once faint electrical humming quickly became dangerously loud. But Frosty knew what he was doing, and just as an explosion seemed imminent, he exhaled and calmly let go. (A little bit more to come, although I now see that this is perhaps a bit too much of nothing?)
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    The red mare let out a sigh, “I have my doubts as there are more misers out there that continue to stay rich mostly by sitting on their bits, but I’m not here to argue with you...” She was here to get her flank down the hall and into his chamber’s private bath. But that could wait. “You want to fix a few things and help a few friends...We’ll just need to talk about it....See the problem....Find the solution...And then apply the solution.” She wished Miss Starlight Glimmer was about. She was the nearby school's guidance counselor and a real smart cookie. She was a good deal more kind and understanding than the Captain could ever be. It wasn't that long ago with a rather pesky, heavyweight dragon barged into the castle and started getting his dirty claws on EVERYTHING. Even interrupted the pink unicorn during her bath and TOSSED the mare out of the castle, still in the tub! Yikes! Thankfully Glimmer was able to use her magic to keep both the tub and herself from being smashed into pieces. And she still kept her cool. Fire Walker would have taken her glaive to the scaly pest. Guest or not. He was not going anywhere near her stuff! "You're probably a little too old for the school." It was basically a high school with the added bonus of FRIENDSHIP. And it had probably the most diverse student body anywhere. Dragons. Griffons. Ponies. Changelings. And even a Yak.. All in one school. "Not sure if they gave a night-school for adults. Would make sense. But I'm sure you already got what you needed.", she pointed at his fuzzy ol' head. What they needed was a hot tub! Nothing like sitting in a vat of steamy bubbles while enjoying an adult beverage or two. Well, Swift would probably get a soda. Or juice. What would Pathfinder drink? How about the drink only adventurers drink! The Kungaloosh! Just need vodka, rum, melon liqueur, pineapple and cranberry juice and wala! You're ready for adventure! "Well, he was using the kid...I think....", she had heard BITS of the story. "And somehow he used her to stop magic.....For short moment, but I was getting a few things done early in the morning and boom!", she waved her front hooves about, "Magic was gone and I was falling....I bounced off a few branches, hit a bush and landed rather awkwardly in somepony's backyard. Thankfully nothing was broken...And once the magic restore and I was checked out by the local doctor..I spent the rest of the day at La-Ti-Da...Just soaking....And letting the pain float away." "Ha!", the Pegasus snorted, "I see maybe one....two kids tops...", since girls were perfect, she would want two of them, but EVERY dad wanted a colt to chase around and do 'dad stuff'.....So it would be one of each. Maybe twins. "I have nine siblings, so there's no way I'm going through that again...Or put my poor kids through that as well." She glanced at the mare. Was her coat light cold like Daring Do? Or was it dyed? Would it be odd to simply be born to look just like your eventual fictional role-model? Maybe Pathfinder's true talents were like her name. She would find the path and solution for any problem? Fire listened patiently to the adventure's story. Sounded like a Daring Doo adventure. Even with the need to keep her heroin from being able to fly. Why didn't A.K simply make her character into an earth pony? Would solve the need to keep the brave pony from simply flying over a death-trap or foe. "Those snappy turtles can be mean....My father got snapped on the flank many years ago during our little canoe trip at Flabanabba Park....Was just a filly and I learned all kinds of new words that day.", the mare added with a smirk. "If we're going to be fixing problems, I'm going to need a drink...Something strong....Anything you two want? Along with the usual, we do have sodas and tea....", she glanced at the Doo-Clone. "If you want something crazy, just ask..." Fire Walker also needed to get out of her armor!
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    (Mwahahahahaha! I have returned! I'll be a bit more open in scheduling as I no longer am in training, we can go when able )
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    (Happy Holidays Ya'll! This is just a friendly little reminder that this rp is still active. I guess this can also serve as a bit of an interest check to see who's still on board and ready to go. I'm still in communication with Toast and I've also been talking with Shadow, I've been assured that they're both still ready to go when their schedules open up. Feel free to reply just so we know who's still on the roster.)
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    Thanks, Fawkes.. Doing something in their honor.. I dig that. You're right, it really does make you think about what could have been. I said I was going to visit for Thanksgiving this year and I never made it. I wish I just sucked it up and went... What could have been.. The fact I didn't make that trip will stick with me.. However, what I think will come of this is us reconnecting with his side of the family. It's a very large family.. We would typically see pretty much all of them at family holiday gatherings which were held at said grandfather's house.. and since we haven't visited them for the holidays in 10 years, we haven't seen much of that side of the family. I really want to reconnect with all of them... I haven't had a single reason not to visit (it was the drive that turned me off from visiting, actually. They are quite a ways away... I know that is a horrible excuse when it comes to family, though).. Yeah, ten years is long enough.
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    Candy Cain examined the new pony as he tried to organize his thoughts into rational speech once more. He had expected to be alone up here. Another pony on the hill would complicate things if he stayed, most likely. From the looks of it, they probably didn't know who he was, either. Instead of going for his usual showman's attitude, Cain tried to sound casual, something not easy to pull off when lugging around a large cart of candy supplies. "Erm, hey. You're not in my way, I was just, ah, about to set up for the night. Here." Now that Cain thought about it, it seemed more like he was some homeless pony, rather than a traveling confectioner. He probably could have worded that better. He cleared his throat, feeling his face heat up somewhat. "Well. . . I guess I have come to join you then, haven't I? I mean, technically speaking. . ." Cain continued to murmur quietly, trying and failing to remain completely calm. He set up his cart around fifteen feet away from where Night Breeze was sitting. It was just to be safe; he feared that she'd take it the wrong way if he set up too close. He wasn't here to intrude on her privacy. "Ah, don't mind me, I'm not here to bother. . ." He paused. "I forgot my manners. Name's Cain. Candy Cain." Even his name sounded stupid when he said it out loud now. Why was he being so awkward? He swallowed. Out of nervous habit, Cain summoned a pink-swirled candy cane from his trove of sweets, and began to nibble it, not directly meeting the mare's eyes. "U-Um, ify'don't mind me asking. . . what were you doin' up here, anyway. . .? You don't have to answer. I was just. . . Curious." She, at least, didn't seem to be uncomfortable around him, even with his awkwardness. Cain just hoped things remained that was for the remainder of the time he was up here. If there was one thing a showman hated, it was making a fool of themselves. Cain certainly didn't feel like the normal stallion everybody knew right then. It was a weird feeling. He'd never had it before, so why now? For now, he was just confused. He hoped that it didn't show much. It was a pleasant night outside, really. The lear sky and cool air helped to settle his frayed nerves a bit, but not much. Cain continued to set up the cart as he awaited an answer, locking the wheels into place so that the cart didn't roll away in his sleep. Yes, that had happened before. Once. Never again. Cain was determined to forget that little mishap once and for all.
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    F also if anybody wants in on the SU stream here is the link here's the link https://lets.rabb.it/YsZga8axYS we haven't started yet, still waiting for people to show up
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    A day late but Merry Christmas you guys! On a different, slightly darker note..
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    Night Breeze took a deep breath in as she closed her eyes in relaxation taking in the calmness around her, The gentle swish of a clam breeze blowing through the tree, crickets heard hear and there, and an unusual rattling noise heard a little ways off behind her. Flicking her ear at it she paid no mind to it, somepony was probably just passing through, She thought to herself. Some ponies would come and go out of Canterlot at night, mostly traveling ponies going town to town. She wandered in the back of her mind where this pony might be heading to, It was hard to tell. Opening her eyes again she glanced up at the stars, It was amazing how they could be so beautiful and yet also make you feel so small at the same time. Princess Luna sure had put out a beautiful display this night, It was a shame that not many took the time to admire it, She thought to herself glancing up at the castle perched over Canterlot. Its bright lights from the windows overpowering that of the rest of the city. The odd rattling noise heard from before seemed to be getting closer. Glancing over her shoulder Night Breeze didn't see anything. Letting out a little breath she returned to her star gazing, after all the path was just at the bottom of the hill behind her, This pony was just passing by. She was just getting relaxed again when a Squeak was heard from behind. Startling her a little she snapped her head up and looked behind her to see a wheat colored stallion with bright pink hair standing behind her, his legs looking stiff as a board. A soft smile rose on her face as she remained seated in her relaxed position with her front hooves stretched out in front of her, looking behind her at this new pony. "Oh, Um, Hello there" Night Breeze said in a soft tone a small blush on her cheeks. "I'm not in your way am I?" She asked looking behind him seeing a cart that he had been pulling, before returning her gaze to this stallion. "Have you come to join me?" She added in a soft voice, Her blue eyes gazed focused on this new arrival, studying him over, The littlest smile on her face.
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    Merry Christmas to those with and those without scales
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    If Hexxer had her hooves free she would have clapped at the broken parasol. Those were hard to break even for some of the strongest in the school. With an impressive degree of speed the head zipped away from the invader's grasp to orbit her body with a proud grin, "So close! Care to try again? I've got an eternity to play with you so don't rush on my account." The head seemed to exhale wisps of pitch black smoke from her mouth, the stuff soon assuming the shape of a parasol again that flopped into her body's hoof. "I might actually have to start taking you seriously soon, Lass!" The sun was starting to go down, shadows were getting longer and as a result so was Hexxer's range. When Nighttime fell she'd have an even greater advantage. For now though she insteadl stretched her shadow out beneath her, making several spiky tendrils erupt from the ground beneath Lightning and soon they hooked down to pin her into place. Seemed that the 'hero' wasn't aiming to end the mare's life but for now just restrain her. "If you're some sort of heartless machine, you've gotta have a power source and a bunch of movin' parts, right?" Another smirk came to her muzzle, "Let's see how much of a beatin' hard steel can take!" If she could make a crack in this mare's armor she could end this fight sooner than she thought... or at least make it much easier.
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    Sounds good to me. I understand being busy, take your time
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    I like the idea of any one of those, I would be up for what ever you see fit.
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    I like the idea as well! As for how they meet up, I'm sort of leaning towards him running into her in Canterlot. I'd have him be lost, but I'd have to find a realistic reason as to how he got so lost, especially if it was a place where Breeze would never be. Perhaps, he could be running a show in Canterlot (or setting up for one, perhaps?) He could have either just finished, or he could be searching for extra supplies for his magic. Really, almost anything works. Or we could just go simple and do your idea. Whatever you think you'd enjoy more, I say! (Edit: Well, actually, I could do your idea instead; just to keep things simple enough to follow. I'd enjoy that. The night is his inspiration for many things. There's no harm in being out and about at that hour, right?)
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    “At least Saddlelon still stands.” Nilaavin says with a waving of his paw in a rather dismissing manner as he keeps sunbathing. “Even if Ubar was my favorite city. They cared to my kin rather well and found us as its guards do to that. Even had grand baths for us to relax as an army of servants saw to are needs. Wonderful city to visit thanks to that, even if I did not wish to live in it.” He glances down as he felt Bluebelle touching his body, brave thing. He was not distracted long as he chews over the last thing the Basira told him. “That is… a long time. I’d not have lived that long without being in stone. Even if we far outlive your tiny race that is no small amount of time. Even to us. If I was alive i’d be very old.” Looking back at his master he shrugs. “I never heard of this ‘Equestria’ master, so i’d believe so… I will be happy to have you guide me and see what has changed. I believe the saying is… ‘fish out of the sea’ for where I sit today. What is the name this lands Pharoah today?”
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    Perytons - Creatures of Enchantment Sprawling along the western rim of Cirrus Lake is a chain of low-lying islands known as the Velvet Strand. The gentle, grassy slopes which rise out of the shallow waters are home to the peryton: flightless, winged deer who have made their home in the Nimbusgait lakes since they first welled up with water. While there are no solid records of where exactly these mysterious creatures came from, a favoured legend amongst them and their pegasi neighbours tells of a forbidden romance between a famed pegasus general and the princess of a herd of whitetail deer. After entering an arranged marriage under the command of her father, the princess often wished she could fly far away, to a world where she was free. Every night she gazed at the stars and wished to be one of them, and every so often, when granted a taste of freedom, she would venture to the western shores of Cirrus lake. Here the shallow waters grew so still that they perfectly mirrored the shimmering expanse of the night sky, so the whitetail princess would wade into the waters and close her eyes, dreaming that she was a star and far away from her life. One night, a pegasus general famed throughout the world for his ruthless tactics and cold command of pegasi armies spotted the princess wading through the waters. He instantly fell in love, and it was not long before his affections were returned. Once every three months they would meet in the waters surrounding the Velvet Strand, until years later they were discovered. The princess was cast out from her home in the Everfree forest and left to fend for herself in the wilderness. Desperately wishing to help her, the general abandoned his rank and his home to live at his banished princess’ side on the Velvet Strand. It was their love that gave birth to the peryton race, so the story goes. Whatever the truth may be, the peryton race has proven itself to be a vital entity in the Nimbusgait lakes. Though individually they appear to possess no supernatural talents beyond the ability to walk on clouds, in groups the peryton are armed with precious, life-giving magic unlike anything else in Equestria. Their collective magic is passive, and the larger a herd is the stronger its effect upon the world. It is difficult not to notice the change in the air and the water around a group of peryton: murky water slowly turns clear, smog and fumes transform into sweet, clean air, and wilted plants spring to life and flourish once more. Simply by coming together, peryton have the ability to purify and revitalize the world around them. It does not happen overnight, and the area of effect is limited to where the herd dwells, but this magic has been purifying the waters of the Great Nimbusgait Lakes for countless years. There is a reason the waters of Cirrus Lake are famous for being so clear and pristine, and that reason lives on the Velvet Strand. Because of their uncanny magic, life amongst a herd of peryton has a quietly enchanting atmosphere. They regain their energy faster among their own kind and are much less susceptible to illness, while the lingering feeling of magic weaves its way through everything and everypony. Indeed, it is not just peryton who feel these effects when living near a herd, and as such it is not rare for ponies and other creatures to find themselves drawn to the winged cervidae. Being near them is cleansing for all life, and for sentient species the effect is mental and emotional as well as physical. Being in the company of a single peryton is quietly uplifting, but the effect a herd has can heal many kinds of hurts. Peryton are well aware of the effect they have upon other creatures. Thanks to this, they possess a natural sense of self-importance and arrogance. Vanity and selfishness go hoof-in-hoof with peryton, so when the enchanting appeal of a herd is removed and one must deal with them individually, their charm quickly diminishes. Even so, peryton still retain a certain magnetism when separated from a herd. It is not uncommon to hear stories of those lost in the Everfree woods near the Great Nimbusgait Lakes being drawn down a safe path after catching a fleeting glimpse of a mysterious, winged deer through the trees. Even without the intention of rescuing lost wanderers, their natural allure has helped many travellers and earned them something of a heroic reputation in heavily wooded areas. Scholars who excel in the field of Aetheric Theory have long puzzled over this peculiar brand of magic. Though much of it remains a mystery, Canterlot researches have discovered that it is a peryton’s antlers which connects them to the magical community of a herd. The antlers behave similarly to lightning rods, attracting magic that is naturally present in Equestria and channelling it through the peryton. Though they are most similar to whitetail deer in appearance, unlike their wingless cousins both male and female peryton have antlers which they do not shed. It has been observed that breaking off an antler nullifies their natural magnetism and can even lead to ostracization from their herd. They are prideful creatures and their antlers are their greatest source of pride. Seeing one of their own so disconnected from the essence of what makes a peryton a peryton causes a great deal of discomfort, making it difficult for them to know how to behave around those whose antlers are broken, or worse yet those whose antlers never grew in. In modern Equestria, peryton have taken full advantage of their passive community-based magic. The Velvet Strand is famous as a spa/resort destination, where creatures from all walks of life go to relax, rejuvenate, or even to heal. They excel in careers designed to help with de-stressing, and it is common to see peryton across Equestria running spas, salons, massage therapy clinics, yoga classes, and other businesses of that ilk. The best summation one could make of peryton is that they are beautiful, irrevocably self-involved, and most importantly: they are uncommonly enchanting and irresistible. Equestrian Travels Volume 4, Journal no.137 penned by Ryx Blackwing, Aquellian Archives ​