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    A lost throne? This conversation was starting to get political, and as a rule, the Prince did not do such business in the open square. Not that he planned to recommend any of Equestria's resources be spent to restore Anu's rule... but he could always slip the name of a few adventure junkies he happened to know. Send them and any trouble they caused far away to foreign shores, and possibly right an injustice at the same time. Win-win. Still, best to get this parade back into gear. "Just so, gentle-dogs. If you will excuse me for just a moment..." Nodding to Hogo-sha and Anu in turn he addressed his feline companion once again. "[They well may, you have very nice haunches indeed. But the buildings block the view. Let us make our way to the central park. You should have a bit of room to stretch in, and they shall have an unobstructed view.]" The flattery was not insincere, plus the fact that Blueblood was as interested in showing off Niilavin as Niil would have been showing off himself. The trip to the park was made in record time, thanks to the agile paws of the sphinx. The park was not empty, as it almost never was, especially on a fine day, but the Canterlot crowds were easily induced to give the Prince and his ride a wide berth. Many would still watch from the bushes or trees, however, and a bold few might approach even closer. Upon arrival, Blueblood would slide down Niil's withers to the ground, still leaning up against the big kitty's side. "Ah, there, and now we are comfortable. I regret only not packing any provisions for a picnic, but I will be happy to serve refreshments at my home manor come teatime. Now tell us, honored guest," He turned to Anu, "Your full story. The tale of a lost throne is rarely a dull one, and I trust I may safely speak for Hogo-sha's interest as well?"
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    Silverbolt made his return to Ponyville with a flapping of wings. It had been a long time since he had come back to this place, his wayward rambling and courier routes keeping him from coming to visit. He had owed his mother a visit but it would have to wait. He had heard some rumors through a rather frequent client of the courier service, Pocket Change. As he landed, he chuckled to himself. He still recalled that whole mess with the bugs and Pocket. What a fine mess that he narrowly avoided! The rumors he had heard was of some sort of old treasure or artifact being hidden somewhere far away from Ponyville but wanted to meet him here, mostly away from prying eyes and ears. There was some prudence in choosing Ponyville, it was home to Princess Twilight and still sleepy enough that as long as you avoided the Crystal Tree you could speak in relative privacy. At least that was what he could gather from his somewhat cursory overview of the town. He trotted towards the appointed meeting place, wearing his courier uniform and carrying a package. The package was shifted to his back as he now waited for Pocket to arrive. Their meeting place was at the edge of town, heading towards Sweet Apple Acres. He yawned as he now sat down, waiting for the arrival of the white coated unicorn stallion. There was definitely an air of excitement about him as he considered the potential for fame and glory. Perhaps he could hang up the courier's sack for a time if things went well!
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    ~Basics~ Roleplay Type: WoE Name: Street ArtNicknames: Arty, Art Sex: Female (her/she)Age: Younger MareSpecies: UnicornSexual Orientation: Pansexual ~Physical Attributes~ Eye Color: Pinkish-Orange Character Color: A light purple with white freckles on her face. Mane/Tail: Her mane and tail are short, and a darker purple. It's more ratted and round, being held back from a pink beanie. Physique: She's an average mare, but she has three legs. Extra: She has freckles on her face, a beanie on her head at all times, and paint splatters on her hoof and chest. She only has three hooves. Cutie Mark: Description: A dark pink splattered heart with other shades of pink splatters, meaning her love for spray paint. Story: When Arty was little, she couldn't wait for the day when her mom would take her to work and show her all the different forms of art and how to create it. Of course Arty would do little sketches in her notebook, but she wanted something more. Something more colorful and beautiful to look at. So on that faithful day, her mom took her to see her own graffiti that was plastered on the side of a building. It was so gorgeous, and bright, and it made Street Art's life become even brighter than before. Sure, she had a wild imagination, but she wanted to see truly amazing art that could make anypony smile. So, Arty took some inspiration. Asking her mom, she grabbed a whole rainbow of spray paint and got to work on the wall beside her mom's art. She really busted her butt trying to make it as eye catching as her mom's. She used a wide range of wonderful colors, so beautiful it brightened her heart up even more. She got the paint everywhere, and when she was done she was covered in colors. But, she was so proud of herself she couldn't stop smiling, and her mom was smiling too. Too bad she was colored in paint, because she didn't even see her flank flash into a cutie mark. ~Outside Information~ Family: Dad (Earth Pony): Crisp Pen, Mom (Unicorn): Graffiti, Brother (Earth Pony): Sketch Book, Brother (Earth Pony): Marked Pages, Brother (Unicorn): Paper Folds Occupation: Street Artist Residence: In an apartment in Las Pegasus. ~Characteristics~ Character Personality: Flirtatious, confident, and creative, Street Art is one fine pony. She's the kind of pony to never let her limitations and disabilities stop her from creating beautiful street art across Las Pegasus. She's very flirty, towards anypony really, and uses her looks to create new opportunities for friendships (or more). Everything seems to roll off her tongue perfectly, and she never has any slip ups in her language. Arty is very smooth. She craves attention most of the time, and can hold her own (from growing up with her triplet brother). She is very kind, and wants to fit everypony's needs if possible. Arty looks at the world as bright and full of potential. She can be a little too ecstatic at times, coming off as annoying and too 'touchy'. She doesn't really understand boundaries, as she's all over everypony 24/7, probably because she's so flirty. She generally likes going against the impossible, especially if she wants to impress others around her. This mare is quite the looker. Unique Traits: Arty was born with three legs, keeping her walking skills a little odd. She has a limp, but that doesn't really stop her much from doing her job. She has freckles on her face like her father, and is really good at persuading ponies. She has a sharp tongue. History: Being born as the first child in a really big family in Las Pegasus, Street Art was destined to follow after her mother. What shocked her parents was being born with only three hooves, something that kind of threw her parents in a loop. Both her mom and dad didn't really know what to do, having to teach Arty how to walk in a whole different fashion. Arty never let her missing leg hurt her learning, as she was strong willed to begin with. When Arty was a filly, her baby brothers were born. Arty was the definition of happy. She already fell for her knuckleheads right when she saw them in the hospital. She basically vowed to never ever let anything happen to them. She was a tough, protective sister, and loved them with all her heart. She basically cries every time her brothers cry.Later on in life, as her whole family is art oriented, they all create art on their own bases. Whether it's writing, graffiti, or paper sketches. Their family is pretty well known in Las Pegasus for their creative outlook on life, as they're all really talented. Arty was really close with her mom growing up as well, as she had to learn magic from her. Arty was always put into art contests and such, becoming known at a young age as a 'little version of Graffiti'. Of course, Arty liked the attention, as she did well in school. Now she roams the streets, getting paid to spray color on the dull streets of the city. A little growing up photo for reference: Character Summary: Street Art is a quick witted, flirty, and creative pony with a heart of gold and a sharp tongue. Though she is left with a disability, she never let that stop her move to become a great artist.
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    While dimensional rifts were not unknown in this world, they weren't uniformly distributed; some countries dealt with them more than others. Some countries dealt with them so often, in fact, that their governments had entire divisions dedicated to tracking and predicting such breaches, and doing it well. Equestria... was not one of those countries. But Neighpon was. The Shogunate didn't normally venture so far outside of its borders to deal with any breaches it located in other continents, but if it had agents in place already... Shiroi Boshi, better known as Kōkina Kyūkei, didn't especially mind her vacation being interrupted. If her leave from duty wasn't mandatory, chances were she wouldn't have taken it; the mare was haunted by a constant concern for her native land. And while the breach wasn't a threat to Neighpon per se, that only meant she had the opportunity to observe, and subsequently maximize the opportunities this might present to the Shogunate. On the surface, the unicorn didn't look all that different from the sort of tech-cyborg that Lightning dust was, only with a more "street samurai" fashion sense, and tech several generations behind. Not so much behind that she couldn't detect the presence of advanced technology, but certainly too far behind to easily interface. *Just what in the name of Inuyasha dropped down, and how can I get me some of that?* Licking her lips slightly at the thought of all the new toys that could come from a successful capture or neutralization, she made her way to the park, upstream of the panicked civilians fleeing. *Like the koi, pursuing the destiny of dragonhood.* Upon emerging to view the altercation, she immediately ducked behind a bush, eyes wide at the supplemented pegasus. *Long live the-? She must come from a world where the Tatakau Zaibatsu continued and spread! This is extremely worrisome...* Indeed, if any resentful veteran of those corporate civil wars got even so much as a hint of LD's emergence, there would be considerable trouble back home, which could not be tolerated. Hence, why Kōkina was willing to deploy some more... experimental gear. Taking out what looked like a dart gun, she took aim, and fired... what looked like a cloud of smoke. The smoke, however, was more that what it seemed. A cloud of nanite transmitters, a gaseous supercomputer, designed to be a universal interfacer with all technology more advanced that a slide rule. "Now, let's just see what is what is what with you..." She muttered under her breath in her native tongue, a less-sophisticated readout appearing on the inner lens of her shades.
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    Welcome to the Explorers Society! The pub was founded many years ago by an adventurer named Bounder O’ Adventure and his fearless group of like-minded friends. They wanted a place they could hang out and talk about the adventures they had either been on or were about to start. They hoped to create a place they could hang photos and paintings of their adventures and friends. And where they could display mementos of their epic feats. The actual society held monthly meetings in an hidden room on property, but with the disbandment of the actual Society, the room had been unopened for decades. For all intent and purposes, the ‘ES’ was now basically a well themed pub. This pub still allowed story-tellers to sit by the fire and spin their tall-tales. Grateful pub-patrons had been know to send a few drinks towards the narrator, as long as he or she had a good yarn to spin. Two ponies slowly made their way through the pub, only stopping to admire the many paintings of adventurers of the past. The older pony, a red Pegasus coated mare let out a sigh as her eyes fell upon a particular painting. This one consisted of a rather heavy looking stallion adorned with an oversized white mustache that look up nearly half of his face and made him look like an elderly walrus. An neat little monocle and pith helmet completed the scarlet cheeked earth pony's 'uniform'. "This is grandpa and dad's old friend. Merry old 'Colonel Critchlow.", her voice was filled with respect and awe. "Once in a blue moon, we would pop over here and I would listen to the good Colonel's stories while dad would play cards or darts with his officer friends...And while I was told some of his stories were real, he generally liked to 'enhance' his tales....For the listener's sake." The younger pony nodded her head. Hopefully somepony would have a tale of their own to tell.
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    The sun hung lazily in the west, still shining brightly over Ponyville, but beginning to approach the end of Celestia's day. A large, old caravan lumbered along the dirt road on its way into town. The paint, somewhat faded from years of sun, depicted a stylized stage with lights around it. Emblazoned over this display, were the words "Tour d'Equestria" in large ornate letters. Under which it said "Touring Theatre". The vehicle swayed side to side gently, pulled by a very large, sturdy Earth Pony riddled with scars. He smiled as he crested the hill and saw the town come into view. He stopped a moment and stomped thunderously on the ground. "What is it, hoof?" called a voice from inside "Are you tired?" He stomped once. "Just a moment." the voice requested. some rustling from inside and a crash then out came a grey pony "What is it?" He asked Hoof gave him an expectant look. "Sorry" the grey pony said "he's asleep" Hoof pointed to the town down the hill. "Thunderhoof," The grey one started "get ready for a real bed. We're here." Hoof stomped excitedly, and continued on. Grey went back inside. Inside, grey pony walled over to a sleeping unicorn and gently shook him awake. "Stage!" he whispered "Stage, wake up. We're almost there!" Stage stirred, spoke a few words in French before "Flaire, please. Let me sleep. It has been a long week." He grumbled "Wait. We are here?" he asked "Almost." Flaire answered "Maybe 5 minutes." Stage groaned. "I tell you what. You know where the list is, yes?" he offered "Yes, director, of course. I'll take care of it, you guys can sleep." Flaire answered "Don't forget the grease. That wheel has been driving me up the wall." "Don't worry, I've got this." He was met with snoring. "Alright. I've got this." Flaire said to himself. A few minutes later, the caravan stopped moving, and he heard a heavy thud outside. He grabbed his saddle bag, and climbed out to the driver seat to check on Thunderhoof. He heard loud snoring coming from the ground. He looked down and saw Hoof crumpled in front of the caravan sleeping soundly. "It really has been a long week." Flaire chuckled. He climbed down the short ladder from the seat down to the axle, and jumped to the ground. They'd made it to the outer edge of the small town. Flaire could see the star-shaped spire in the distance that belonged to the castle of friendship, signifying that he was, indeed, in Ponyville. He looked around. There were a couple of ponies still up and about. The day was not yet done, but time was not on his side. Flaire trotted down the street looking about the houses and businesses for the stores he needed. As he looked, his face slowly contorted from an excited smile for a new place into one of confusion and mild concern. until, all at once, he stopped and quietly exclaimed. "Oh, Fi!" he complained "I don't see what I'm looking for anywhere! Maybe I should've waited for Stage to help me after all." He reached in his bag and pulled out a list in his teeth, putting it in his hoof to look through. "Do we really need that many apples?" He questioned. Then, thinking about Thunderhoof's insatiable appetite, said "Actually, better get more, to be safe." Then a gust of wind blew the paper away "Ah!" he exclaimed "get back here!" He began galloping after it with reckless abandon. Paying such little attention, he didn't notice the pony he was barreling straight for.
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    Manehattan; the busiest and most packed city in Equestria, most would say. Celebrities, famous restaurant owners, stylish artists, and more, come from everywhere in this world to take on this city and what it has in store for them. Many come for the sights, and many come for competitions. Like one competition being held in town square. A music one, which entails many different bands and communities to come in and preform to be judged and win a prize. Mainly publicity, but some extra cash too. Ponies and creatures of all sizes want to come and show their talents off to be victorious in their matches, which normally leads to some unprofessional jealousy and such. One pony normally found this argumentation kind of funny, and entertaining, and she could watch these fights all day long while she paints her pictures on the walls of the backdrop. As long as they didn't touch her wet masterpiece, everything would be find and dandy. She was normally laid back anyway, and wouldn't fuss too much about it, but it would still make her mad. And her name was familiar on the tongue, as she was known all over from her family back in Las Pegasus. She wouldn't be here today without her famous family, as she wouldn't have been paid to come and paint her masterpieces on the backdrops for the competition. She normally couldn't be seen without somepony recognizing her, but not to toot her own horn, she loved the attention. "Street Art?" a random pony said from behind the purple unicorn, making the mare turn around. Rainbow paint was splashed all over her, but she was used to the sticky stuff on her coat. "That's me, baby." Her voice was as sweet as honey, which made the stranger melt from the soft tune. "Can I get your autograph?" "Sure can do, honey." Her horn lit up, lifting a pen and a random piece of paper she found on a stool, not noticing it was a music sheet. Normally her own self got in the way of being observant to others. The mare then signed the sheet with pretty cursive writing, and gave it to the pony. "Have a nice day." Art turned back around, fiddling around with her paint brush as she dipped it in a soft yellow, finishing up her orange sun in the corner of the painting. She wanted this pony's background to be fun and indulging, yet sophisticated. She felt like the hint of blues and yellows worked perfectly. She felt like she needed to add more, though. Maybe some orange? That should do. The mare got back to work, keeping herself contained, but also listening to the conversations around her. This day seemed perfect already.
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    There's a new pony in Ponyville. He's just a bit different, but hopefully, he'll be accepted all the same. He needs some help getting some things, cause he's new here and has no clue where to go. If you have an OC who would realistically be out in Ponyville in the evening, and would greet a new face and offer to help, then I'd love to see where it goes. Just lemme know you're interested and I can write an intro, and get the rp started. I'm not super good at multitasking, so I'd prefer to have just one other character in the rp. Two would be ok, but pushing it.  Any and all questions are welcome, and I'd be happy even just to discuss OCs if you want (even if you're not in the rp/don't plan to be. I love chatting about my OCs). If you saw the already underway rp and really want to join for whatever reason, go ahead and ask here, and I might consider it. Thanks in advance. The OC I'm using is going to be the freshly accepted Dramatic Flaire. He's a part changeling earth pony who's an actor in a traveling theatre called "The Tour d'Equestria" which has just stopped in Ponyville. They need some supplies (mostly food) and Flaire was tasked with getting them while the others sleep. Later, they're going to put on some plays for the public, and stick around for a while before moving on to their next location. PS I might, for future rps, make apps for the other members of the theatre, depending if anyone expresses interest in them after my intro.
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    If you can make it there, you can make it anywhere. For that the city of Manehatten was bustling with activity: taxi stagecoach ponies galloping down the streets to pick up riders for an expensive fee, airships soaring high just beneath the clouds, the shrieking brakes from the subway below the ground, and the shrill whistles from trains carrying ponies to their destinations. Unfortunately, one pony was in the hustle and bustle of this activity, carrying his saddlebags in great haste after disembarking the train. Flying down to the subway station below ground, he caught a subway train just in time, making sure that he paid the fare. Breathing a sigh of relief, he placed his bags onto the seat next to him and opened it up, making sure all of his sheet music was organized for the concert. "Hey, you with the saddlebags. What's your problem?" Slide Fortissimo looked up from looking inside his bag at the pony across from him. "Excuse me?" "Don't you know subway etiquette? If you have one bag, you put it on the floor. If you have two bags, you put them in the luggage racks at the end of each car. Same goes for three bags. However, if you have four bags, then you should take a ride on one of those stagecoaches if you know what I mean." "Ah, I see. My apologies sir, but I'm almost late for a performance. You see, I'm perform-" The pony shushed him. "I don't need to know what you do sir, but it looks like you'll do well while wearing those clothes. Be careful out there, okay?" "Absolutely sir. Thank you." Slide Fortissimo placed his saddlebags onto the floor in front of him as the stranger went back to his seat. He hadn't been asked for an autograph yet upon his arrival in Manehatten, but as Principal Trombone of the Royal Canterlot Orchestra, Slide was needed for warm ups as soon as possible. The orchestra was going to perform at the town square soon and he didn't want to be late. After studying the majority of the music, Slide disembarked from the train at his stop and departed the subway in haste, trotting to the town square as fast as he could. When Slide was passing by the main stage in the square, he felt a glimmer of rainbow color from his right. With curiosity, he climbed up the stage stairs and when he reached the backstage area, he gasped and stared up at the colorful backdrop. "Whoa! Who painted this?"
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    Roleplay Type: WoE Name: Stellar Drift Sex: Stallion Age: Adult Species: Pegasus Eye colour: Blue Coat: very light grey Mane/Tail: Blue to grey gradient, slightly messy. Physique: Average Residence: Canterlot Occupation: Astronomer Cutie Mark: The pegasus constellation in front of a moon. (I'm going to mention his cutie mark moment in the "history" section) Unique Traits: Wears glasses History: As a colt, Stellar was often pressured to pursue a carrier in sports. His parents are both athletes, and wanted him to be one, too. He learned a lot about buckball, hoofball, and the Wonderbolts. He was just never really interested in it. Sometimes, he would spend the night staring into the stars, thinking about what he wanted out of life. Then, one day, as a joke, his dad bought him a small telescope and said "if you're gonna stare at them so long, might as well get a better look, amirite?" His dad thought he was hilarious, but Stellar took it more seriously. That night, he was looking through his telescope, and his dad came out to chat. He said "If you really don't want to be a sports pony, then I guess I can't force you. You should do what makes you happy. and if staring at the stars is what makes you happy, then... then I guess I could always get you a better telescope." They spent that night staring at the stars together. Stellar's Dad asked him about some of them, and he'd answer lots of questions. At one point, his dad said "You know, you're pretty good at this stuff. Wouldn't it be funny if it ended up being your special talent?" making a friendly jab at the fact that he was still a blank flank and all his friends had gotten their cutie marks (it had become a sort of running joke once he stopped worrying about it) Stellar had a sudden realisation. Just how much star gazing meant to him. And right then and there, he got his cutie mark. His family couldn't be prouder (unless, of course, he'd become a Wonderbolt instead, they would joke). Character Personality: A generally introverted book worm, lately, he's trying to be more outgoing. Quirky and a bit awkward. Character Summary: Stellar Drift is a booksy pegasus with a knack for astronomy who sometimes has a hard time with socialization.
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    “[That is troubling, but I have many years to seek out another in time.]” Niilavin says looking at the growing traffic he was making. It did not bug him, let them stand. If he wanted he can take a nap here and the dregs can just deal with it! Such low things, it was shameful how his master acted around them. Yet it did keep the masses in line and happy too do as told. It was shameful how well this system was working it seems.“[Master it seems the unwashed masses wish to not stare at my nice hunches all day. Shall we… move?” He asked flicking an ear and stretching out his big wings, fully out he can touch the buildings lining the road before he pulled them back in agent his sides.
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    Hogo-sha did not back off from Tempest's hook he took it full on as came in... just as he'd been Hoping. Bringing her antlers in for the headbutt might have seems a good idea but while her opponent ws fast with his fist, he was faster with his teeth. Those jaws snapped down on Tempest's antlers and Took hold tight. In a swift motion, Hogo-sha lifted up the cow in an arc in a grapple then tossed her back down to the ground on her back. Once she landed, the dog brought up his foot and tried to bring it down hard onto her stomach with great force. The Dog was already smiling down at her, still enjoying this bout.
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    The little Pegasus pony blinked. She was not a vella? No vella? Oh. That was her full name. Like a novella. A short story! She thought that she would know her? Oh-oh! She was probably famous. "My name's Fast Track.", the little colt had a cute little train on his flank. "Parents work at the Canterlot Railway Company....Dad is an train engineer and mom works at the corporate office..Oooh.", he paused to admire an old framed photo. An rather impressive mustachioed unicorn decked out in an old timey train engineer uniform. He stood by an rather beastly looking train. "That's Sir Neighel Gearsely, explorer and train engineer. He built the famous 'Fireball Express' and held the speed record until his daughter, Toot Tooter broke it rather recently." He frowned as the mare mentioned that she wasn't exciting enough to tell a story. "Nonsense..", he shook his head, "Dad said everypony had a least one really interesting story to tell...Maybe it might not be an epic tale with you facing an mighty Cipactli or fleeing an big ol' rock in an ancient Temple of Chicomoztoc...But you probably have something to say...Maybe how you got into whatever you do for a living...Might encourage kids like me to go into that field." The brown coated colt lead the mare into an rather large room. A heavily themed bar sat at the end, and an old brick fireplace kept the room nice and warm on the other side. There were an assortment of ponies, from a few who sat at the bar, to a small group of colts and fillies that mingled near the fireplace. All within distance held glasses that were filled with drinks of all colors..Some had bit of fruit that hung from the sides. Some even bubbled. The colt waved at a small blue Pegasus pony who was in mid-conversation with an older pink stallion. "That's my friend Wind Walker....Her big sister should be around here somewhere...You could probably see an rather old chair near the fireplace..That's where the story-teller sits."
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    Ma'am? She wasn't quite expecting that. It would make sense under formal occasions, but nothing about this seemed to be formal. It made her feel quite old, She was a madam yet... Now that she thought about it, she did remember getting comments that she did look older than she was. That was probably it. But it didn't really matter. The point was that somepony was here to help her out and she was quite grateful for that. "Thank you kindly," she replied to the... colt? It sounded like a colt, but she didn't want to be mistaken because sounds can deceive. They said the place was world famous. Maybe famous locally, but she didn't quite believe that statement, it felt like an exaggeration to her. "I'm not sure if there were any indications towards the identity of this place, but if there are, they aren't any that I could possibly notice under my condition. I would say that maybe they still have their own exclusive location elsewhere." It was a classic trope to hide secret locations and societies behind fronts. Makes it easy to hide the location while still keeping it relatively easy for members to access. She would follow the colt along to the best of her ability. "I'm not sure if you know me, probably not because I don't go out often. I'm No Vella. But you can just call me Vella. I came here intending to listen, but, I can probably let loose a tale, I've got some that haven't been heard before. They don't have to be true, do they? I'm not an adventurer, never was. My life was never that exciting." It would be really surprising to her if anyone truly thought her stories to be true within the realms of this world. Well, maybe some of them.
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    Ah. Ponyville. The biggest little village in all of Equestria. As the stallion retrieved his pack and trotted off the train, he surveyed the village. It was a good deal bigger than when he was last in town. There was now a giant freaking castle that appeared to have been snatched from the Crystal Empire. Nearby was a very impressive looking school that might as well be an high school. But they considered it a 'school of friendship'. Fine. His sister's friend Fire Walker worked and even lived at that castle. Hopefully he would not run into her as not only did she live in FREAKING CASTLE, she was also marrying a billionaire. He had heard more than enough from his identical sibling, and he did not need to hear it from her. Ol' Miss Braggy Pants. The last time he was here.....He had enjoyed a leisurely afternoon at Sweet Apple Acres. A small event had been held to sell apples. Buy an bag of apples and receive a kiss from the farmer's daughter, Applejack. Thankfully this was before he became a 'thing' with his current beloved. But he doubted she would have minded. He remembered that part rather well. The apple farmer smelled like her croup of choice, crossed with sweat and what he assumed was 'Sassy Horse' body-spray. But what else had he done that day? He had run into the pony that had invited him over. Silverbolt. Skinny guy. Worked as a mail-pony. Maybe? While he had a good job, he always was looking for a little adventure. Something beyond 'Whinny World'. As he pondered a somewhat lost memory...Pocket Change watched as a friendly bee buzzed near his snout. Oh how he loved honey. Especially the kind they mind in the south....They call it Tupelo....Tastes like cotton candy...:Pinkie Pie....Oh...Now he remembered. There was that strange place with the weird bug pony and Pinkie...And also Silverbolt. And the Whitetail Woods. He got lost in the woods and was stung by stinging bugs. Not a memory that needed bringing up. The unicorn let out a sigh. Hopefully they will be avoiding the angry insects this time around. One could hope. As he neared the massive farm, he quickly spotted the cobalt Pegasus. "Hello Mister Bolt..", he shouted as he drew near. Weird, he was still dressed for work and had a package. had he come too early?
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    No Vella caught the attention of a young colt that had followed her into the themed family pub. He was obviously trying his best not to sound rude. Afterall, there was a rather large sign outside that marked the building as the 'Explorer's Society', along with another, smaller sign that welcomed victors once they entered the building. All of the employees were wearing name tags with the pub's logo, and they were also selling a ton of ' Explorer's Society' branded merchandise nearby. And the rug underneath their hooves was also marked with the logo. Maybe she was distracted. "Yes mam.", the little pony smiled back at the mare. "World famous and all.", he wanted to wander off and meet his friends, but he decided to help the poor pony out. "My parents took me here a few years ago..Said it was started by a bunch of famous adventurers as a place they could hang around and tell stories about their previous adventures." He waved his front right hoof at a series of painting that hung nearby. These contained creatures of all ages and sizes...Most decked out in fedoras or pith helmets...With names like Colonel Critchlow, Bravely Blue and Captain Merrifeather Pleasure. These were hardy adventures filled with daring doo! Brave souls that lived the life only the little colt could dream about! "They would showcase their finds here and would have a secret meeting once a year." There were an assortment of interesting relics that were displayed in glass covered cases. "A few years ago, they turned it into an 'all ages' themed family pub. Dad said the regulars weren't keen about the idea, but it kept the place from going under....Tonight, they're hosting creatures to sit and tell stories...If you have a tale to tell, or just like to listen, follow me..."
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    One of the funnier episodes...It was nice to see Maud without Pinkie for a change. And Cockatrices were one of the nastier creatures that have popped up in FIM. Nice to see them again....And now Silverstream has a really powerful pet at her side. And I just love the expressions in this episode...
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    Book 5 was on a bit of hold for now. She had hit a bit of a stump in her writing. As much as she delved into the world of fantasy and alternate realities, she still had to admit that her imagination did not stretch forever, and while this type of situation hadn't happened in a while, she thought it was probably overdue. And so she was here. Well, she thought she was. It was supposed to be this one, the fourth one on the left. Unless she miscounted or misheard. The Explorer's society, a pub named so for the history as a sort of hub for explorer's to tell their tales of epic and adventure. Stuff that she already did, although through books and paper. She came wanting to hopefully refresh her brain. Maybe hear some stories from others. They didn't have to be true or not, they just had to seem interesting enough to spark her mind. Of course, that was assuming she was at the right place. She heard of the place about two weeks ago through eavesdropping on her weekly grocery trip. She hadn't thought of it much back then, but it was useful to know now, and luckily for her, it wasn't too far from her place. Vella made her way inside the building, the unlocked door basically inviting herself in. Of course, that was kind of the only part that really did. She heard some chattering inside, that kind of reassured her, maybe she could have been in a store instead? Although what kind of store would have chattering at this level? Maybe she was inside a cafe instead? She stood there for a moment, taking in as much as she could. She had to admit that maybe she should have trained her senses more over the years, although that wasn't really something she could do often with her lifestyle. "This is the Explorer's society... right?" She said out loud hoping maybe somepony heard her. "Because if it isn't, well. I'm obviously not supposed to be here." There was no super standard protocol to design layouts in buildings to help her.
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    Nice, heavy snow. Normally she would hate to see it in her yard. But this time it kept the blacksmith and her ‘passenger’ free from harm. And even nasty scraps and bruises. “Oh....Right.” under her lawyer of clothing, feathers and fur was a blushing little griffon girl. She almost did not want to let the poor mare go as ponies were so dang hug-able. After what seemed like forever, Zelda released the poor mare from her grip. “Not terribly keen about our current predicament.”, the black bird grumbled as she retrieved her bag, “But I feel fine. I would rather be in our little cabin, but oh....”, she gasped as their former little home kept rolling down the track. It seemed to go faster the longer it went on. “We probably should start moving. Even with all this clothing, we could still freeze to death out here...” and there was always a chance of FROSTBITE. She didn’t want to end up like Ol’ Steelbeak.
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    Daze poked her head out of the freezing snow, sneezing out the last of the iced over chunks on her face. Her snout was wet, and frozen, and she hated the feeling. Her mane was now damp on the tips, and her fluffy shoes were damp as well. That was an amazing feeling. She wasn't cold at all. Nope. "It's hotter than a summer afternoon," she muttered to herself sarcastically, annoyed from the horrible weather and sudden action to jump off the train. Oh yeah, her companions and herself jumped off their cabin. Oh Celestia. The Pegasus twisted herself around, gliding her golden eyes around the white blanket of snow to find some sort of color. Once she spotted some movement, she yelled, "Everyone okay?!" Hopefully no one was hurt, because how could they get back to the train? Or the empire? Thinking about this, Daze was really going into freak out mode. What if they couldn't find a way out of this freezing mess? "Stay calm, Daze. Stay calm." She poked her head out of the snow even more, trying to see the others. She then heard Fiver's voice, calming her down. "I'm over here, Fiv- I'm okay." Daze needed to get out of the snow and head over to the other Pegasus, but how could she? She'd have to either crawl out or fly out. The wind was incredibly strong, but she was a strong flier. She could do it... maybe. So, Daze crawled out of the ice hole and opened her wings to fly, then lifting herself off the ground. She was airborne for a few seconds, until the wind pulled her out of control and flung her over to Fiver. "That worked better than I thought. I don't recommend flying, though. The wind it stronger than I thought, ha-" she said to Fiver, giving her a weak smile and a nervous look. "Have you seen the others?" The clothed Pegasus looked around again, seeing Zelda and Loose near them. "Hey! You gu-ys okay?"
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    Fiver was the last off the train, at first trying to figure out the why. Did someone on this train not want any of them to get to the empire? Was someone here more important than they were letting on? Noone in their cabin seemed to be hiding anything while they were getting to know each other. She looked closely at the damaged coupling closer, trying to memorize how it looked before she grabbed her luggage and jumped out into the frigid winds. Having her suitcase in hoof made her stumble in the air, her balance offsuit by the heavy case. She tossed it to the side of the tracks as the car sped backwards down the tracks. It landed beside Zelda's in a snowbank that was only growing with the increasing amount of snow coming down. Fiver rushed over to the rest of the group as the winds continued to howl. While they were loud, at least they weren't so booming as to prevent anyone from talking. One didn't get into the Wonderbolt academy by panicking, Fiver certainly didn't. In times of emergency like this she needed to keep a cool head as best as she could. IN this frigid wind, no problem at all... hopefully. She could already feel her teeth started to chatter. "I-is everyone okay? Nopony-- or griffin- injured?"
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    "Hmmm...." Blueblood did a quick comparison in his head between these paranormal manifestations and the ones he had to deal with in his summer house. "So, it's mostly been objects moving by themselves, not shadows taking strange shapes, cryptic messages, or anything like that? I think that sounds more like a haunting than a curse, or at least the kind of curse I had to deal with. I'm assuming no one new came to the palace in that time that you can remember?" His reflections, as he fell back, were pretty grim. Whatever was causing this, there was probably an active agent of some kind, either a ghost or some kind of well-hidden monster. Well-hidden monster with magic. He'd seen too much to disbelieve in either at this point, and his only comfort was in the fighting competency of his companions. *Kind of still wish Foxglove were here. Could use her expertise.* Of course, if worst came to worst, he supposed he could just send her an invitation. He had a fairly extensive network of ponies who could deal with these things, now that he thought about it. Totaling all them up... heck, whatever they were facing hardly stood a chance! That thought perked him up, enough to even engage in a little small talk. "Hmm... she's a real night owl, as you probably know, and not one much concerned with the sort of things mares usually buy to show off. I'd probably go with giving her a unique night-time experience. I wonder if Auntie Luna can do temporary constellations; one of Icy on her birthday be pretty fantastic!" He smiled, but then dipped a little bit as his political mind ran through the implications. "Of course... then poor Auntie would be swamped with mountains of requests by the rest of the nobility for such a privilege. Not to mention all the businesses that would try to purchase it as advertising space. Hmmm... I think I'll have to get back to you on that." Hogo-sha's boomign sneeze brought them all to the front, and Blueblood had to sigh a bit as he saw his friend's true form. "Well, I suppose there wasn't going to be any hiding it for long. Yes, my friend is a wolf-yokai. This is his natural form, say hello everyone."
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    The chattering of Zap's teeth and lips made his soft murmurings indistinguishable, his young mind wondering left and right between being a little afraid to being really cold. As he though about the dangers that might come ahead in the water, he would slowly forget about how cold the water felt. The large splash behind them didn't alarm him right away, but the look of his mother's eyes told a tale of concern. Zap was about to look behind him but before he did, his mother gained all of his attention. "Under?" Zap looked down in the cave pool, the water that was once still was now torrenting with haste like that of a drain during bath-time, only on a much larger scale. Zap was not feeling too encouraged about his situation and how uncomfortable it felt. He had no idea that adventures like this were so taxing to the pony body. Wet. Cold. Hungry. Yeah, he was getting hungry. What would normally be snack time for him had turned into a major derail into the wilderness, with the only fortunate detail being that he was with the one mare that would keep him safe, and fed he secretly hoped. The pep talk from his mother was just enough for him to muster the courage to go along with what she asked. "Okay," he whimpered. Applejack started counting down, and in between the counts he could hear the turbulent water behind them. Just before she got to zero, Zap took a huge inhale of breath and closed his eyes. He could not see anything, but he could feel the cold water rushing around him, he could hear the scary growl of what seemed like a not-so-distant timberwolf, and he could smell the caustic fumes of death and rotten wood. And then, he felt nothing.
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    “All citizens please clear the area and find cover. There is an 95.23 percent chance of collateral damage and or death to non-combatants! All citizens are to remain calm! Unexpected behavior may cause unnecessary defensive action to be taken, resulting in damage or death of citizen non-combatants!” Lightning added as she moved in to a full speed run at her targets, she hated forced scripted speech. It felt weird to have words forced out of one's muzzle without your own input on it. But she had more pressing matters to deal with. Leaping in to the air with blinding speed she dodges in the incoming discs, aimes here for legs and opens fire in one clam calculated move as her combat poragarms documented what the combatants did, moved and acted to help her better pre-act there moves. The longer she was engaged the better her AI can judge what they will do and pre-run ways to counteract them. It was about time this world learns not to mess with a first class Enforcer. “For the Hurricane Conglomerate! Long live the CEOs!” She shouted as more combat drugs flood her body and line after line of text, maps and combat date flash before her eyes.
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    A creaking could be heard as the door to the Explorers Society as a pink-haired stallion poked his head into the establishment. Candy Cain gave a sigh of relief: This was the place after all. He had been worried at first - he had, more often than not, taken a wrong turn in his travels when it came to little establishments like these. He couldn't help it. He was new to the areas outside of Canterlot still. That could soon change though, He just had to stick with it and explore a little more. He continued to travel around to this day. For now, though, Cain was tired. He'd heard of this place from a couple ponies miles back, and had decided to take a look. It sounded interesting enough. But was it really worth walking all the way out here? That was what the locals had asked Cain before he'd set out to find the place. In his opinion, any place was worth it, as long as it was something new. This was new. So Cain would check it out, at least once. The stallion's bubblegum-pink mane and wheat-colored coat seemed a bit dusty from hours of walking on the dirt trail. No matter, he could fix that later. Still, it pained Cain that he had to been seen like this: it was sort of embarrassing. He didn't want anyone thinking he was always a mess like this. Candy Cain took a few steps inside, shut the door quietly, and glanced around. It wasn't the biggest pub he'd ever seen, but it felt nice and cozy. There was even a fireplace, with a few ponies already gathered around. Cain allowed himself a lopsided grin as he walked a little closer to them. It seemed as if stories were being told over there. . . he'd go check it out, but it would have to wait for now. Right now, Cain was, above all, thirsty. The stallion made his way over to the bar, and knocked the wood with a hoof to catch the bartender's attention. He nodded to them, a silent greeting, before saying, "What's the best ya got? I'll take it." Cain wasn't normally one to spend a bunch of money on things like food (or drinks), but, hey. He'd walked all the way out here - might as well take a load off and enjoy a little rest. Something cold right now would be perfect. While he waited, Cain turned back to the fire, examining those who sat by it. An attractive red mare and a gray lad he'd never seen around before, and. . . "Well, I'll be," Cain allowed himself another crooked grin, his exhaustion forgotten, if only for a moment. "Would that be miss Wind Walker I see over there? Good evenin', sport!" They might not have spoken much, but Cain could certainly remember the little filly from Nightmare Night awhile back. He'd given her and a few others treats, after all. That had been fun.
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    Explorers Society.... Grey has heard quite a few things about this little, peculiar place from a couple of ponies and was planning to give it a visit for some time now. After all an adventurers pub is defenietly something that was right up this trvelers alley, so passing on such an oportunity would just be so unlike him. Plus, who doesn't like a good drink while sharing a story? With a gentle push, Grey opened the doors to the pub and made his way through the doorway. Some clinging could be heard with every step he took as the clips of his old, weary saddlebags tapped against each other. While this stallion didn't look too shoddy, his dark grey mane was still a mess and a his coat defenietly has seen better days then... well, now. Stallions green eyes quickly moved around the tavern, taking in its surroudnings. The pictures on the walls seemed to catch his interest for a good couple of seconds as he slowly made his ways through the interior of the pub. It was quite suprising how empty this place was... Grey expected a bit more ponies in a place like this, but he couldn't say he didn't mind the lesser crowd. Grey sent a polite nod towards those who were in the pub and slowly but surely made his way towards the bar, hoping to get himself something to drink. Once there, Grey's horn lit up and his saddlebags slowly onto the floor with a rather loud thud. "I'll have a glass of water, please." He asked as soon as he had a chance and place a couple of bits on the counter, throwing the bartender a slight smile. He hoped to start this visit slower with his drinks. After all, he didn't come here to get wasted, but to maybe have a chat with someone, share some stories and well... spend some quality time in here.
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    Looks good to me! Approved!
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    "Oh, excuse me. I'm rather impressed by this backdrop you've been painting. It looks almost like Manehatten during a beautiful sunset, if I say so myself." He took off his saddlebags and placed them by his side. Slide felt eager to learn how this pony was able to paint this masterpiece, not knowing that he had to attend a rehearsal soon. "My name's Slide, Slide Fortissimo. Principal Trombone of the Royal Canterlot Orchestra. It's a pleasure to meet you." He observed the pony with interest. She didn't have a fourth leg! Keeping his composure, he didn't want to be judgmental and ask the artist why she didn't have a fourth leg. Noticing that she was covered in paint, he knew that she had been working on that backdrop for a long time. "Oh, I do apologize, but I have to attend a rehearsal soon and then perform with the orchestra, who will be starting off the music festival soon." He paused and adjusted his bow-tie. "What's your name?"
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    Stellar found himself perplexed but intrigued at the mares' behaviors. He'd chuckle, but that would be rude. Then he thought he noticed something that gave him pause. He decided he'd be sure before he said anything. He smiled when Tranquility mentioned his book. He was very excited to continue his research with it."Oh, um yes. It does." He gestured to his cutie mark which is the pegasus constellation in front of a crescent moon "I'm an astronomer. I've been doing some research on the magical effects of interactions of stars and the moon and the implications and applications it could have for us in Equestria. It's really quite riveting stuff.... I-I mean.... yeah." He chuckled awkwardly. He hadn't gotten into the whole social thing, but he was pretty sure being nerdy was a one way ticket to being avoided by most ponies. Then he thought actually, these ponies seem pretty quirky themselves, so he might be relatively safe there. Then the thought came up again. "Hey, uh. At the risk of being completely nuts, a-are you guys.... telepathic?" He scrambled to explain himself "I-i mean, your mouths don't move when you talk, and your voices seemed a bit strange, not that that's a bad thing, but with that and the mouths not moving, and I probably sound like an idiot, but..... I'm right, right?"
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    Twilight blanched at the mention of the soreness yet to come from today's lesson. That sounded really painful! She mentally took a note to look up a muscle relaxing spell just in case she needed it tomorrow morning. She rubbed her front hoof behind her fetlock and raised her brows. "Wow, yeah that's quite a price! Too bad nopony told me that before we started the workout from Hades," She tried a friendly nudge with her shoulder towards the pegasus but ended up leaning into her for just a tad too long. She let out a breath and righted herself. She might as well admit it, there was going to be no more normal between herself and Rainbow until she was able to talk it over with her long time friend. Just the thought of it set her stomach into a series of knots that made her want to squeak. Rainbow lead the conversation towards that of the food and Twilight ran through what would have been the menu. "Wellllll, it was supposed to be a starter of fresh greens dressed with a vinaigrette, followed by hot carrot souffle, and for afters some ice cream sundaes." The thought of all that nice food made her stomach grumble, reminding her that her recent bouts with gitters due to her newfound feels had caused her to reduce her intake quite drastically. "I made the mistake of leaving a certain dragon in change of the preparations..." She eyed the empty ice cream carton on the counter nearby. "But he ate the ice cream and," She glanced at the orange mess still spotting the kitchen here and there. "And apparently managed to explode the carrot filling for the souffles everywhere!" She sighed in exasperation. "I wanted this to be a special dinner for you... as a you know... thank you for your help today?" She offered. Twilight suddenly had a great idea! Maybe if she cooked with Rainbow it would calm her down enough to talk normally? It was possible...maybe. "So you want to help me try to salvage this into something edible?" She glanced around while levitating the wash cloth from her back over to the counter to continue wiping down. "We've still got the greens, some pastry dough, tomatoes, eggs, carrots, I think some cheese, and ice cream toppings." She glanced at Rainbow. "What do you think we could make?"
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    Hi I'll be happy to assist you on getting this app approved. It's super close! Just a couple quick checks: Mareseilles. I looked for this town on our map of official approved WoE locations and did not find it. If i's on there and I missed it just let me know here. If it's not, please pick a location for our vast array of approved locations. They can all be found here. Usually wouldn't be that big a deal but since it's the town your character grew up in, it should stick to our lore. Also there seems to be some typo issues on your very last sentence: "He always sees their potential, not just whee they're at. and he brings that potential to the surface." A bit nit picky I know but we do like to try to keep the apps as typo free as possible. Let me know when you've had a chance to look this over and edit and I'll be happy to move this to approved status for you.
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    Flaire saw the unicorn just as he was about to run into her. He would have been unable to stop himself in time, but thankfully, she had noticed him in time, and stepped aside. Flaire skidded to a stop, narrowly avoiding embarrassingly falling on his face. "Sweet Celestia!" He exclaimed "I am so sorry! I usually don't gallop blindly about the street." he chuckled, rubbing the back of his head "I nearly lost my list, and I really need that." He looked at the mare who he'd almost knocked over. She was holding his list with her magic. "Oh, Thank goodness!" He breathed "You caught it!" He righted himself, cleared his throat, and generally attempted to salvage what was left of his dignity. He reached out a hoof in greeting. "The name's Dramatic Flaire." he introduced "but everypony calls me Flaire." He smiled at her "What's your name, if I may be so bold?"
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    "Well, I think that just about does it for today," The unicorn looked over her check list as she backed out of the front door of Carousal Boutique. She looked over the top of her red framed glasses and smiled. "Spike! That's enough for one day!" The dragon was always such a good helper and now that he had wings he could do even more than before. The best part was he always seemed to be falling all over himself with a will to get done whatever she needed. He certainly was a good friend. One in a million in fact! "Ok Rarity! Just getting this last corner..." Spike flew back to the ground and trotted to the closet to deposit a feather duster and apron. "All finished!" He smiled as he made his way outside and allowed Rarity to lock the door. "Thank you so much Spikey Wikey! I certainly do appreciate your help. I find less and less time to come and check on the Boutique what with everything going on at my other stores. The Canterlot location certainly is a bit more grand but Carousal Boutique will always have a special place in my heart," She nodded fondly towards her establishment. "Ok then, I guess I'll go back over to the castle and see if Twilight needs anything else..." He drug his foot claws through the soft grass. "Thank you again Spike," She bent down and gave him a little peck on the cheek. Spike blushed and turned to the side with embarrassment. "Anything for you Rarity!" With that the dragon made his way back to the Castle of Friendship. Rarity smiled softly as he went. Spike really was a good friend. As she turned to make her way home a sudden breeze caused a slip of paper to press up against her leg. The unicorn used her magic to remove the paper just as her eyes caught a figure barreling straight for her! "Oh my Celestia!" She cried out in shock as she neatly side stepped, nearly missing a collision!
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    "Well you can say 'good-bye' to that headache once you feel this water..", the dragon closed her eyes and let it all soak in. Being the helpful type, Thrilly placed some of the special shampoo on an loofah and started to scrub away. The small creature did not seem to mind. "Considering we have dragon soap and a scrubby brush made just for creatures with scales, I have a feeling they warned the staff as soon as we entered the hotel...", the cat mused as she washed away the gunk from the former dragon punk. Since she had booked the room, there was already soap for her, and the hotel was always stocked with pony toiletries. Once the dragon was nice and shiny, Thrilly gave herself a good washing. Daze's little scrapes and bruises nearly vanished once she touched the water. This was pretty powerful stuff! Anything beyond a light scar still remained. The pair watched in semi-horror as the pony gulped down some of the water and sprayed it back at them. "Ah nasty!", the dragon gasped, "You put some of that water in your mouth? After we bathed in it? And also, I've been sort of tooting in it for a bit. Sorry.", she slowly climbed out of the tub and quickly shook off the excess water. "Heh. Dragon-Toots....Can I call you that?" "No! You can't!", the dragon called back as she dried off. "What's this place you want to take us for dinner?", she asked the Pegasus pony.
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    It started off very well for the little colt. Applejack was many things to many ponies but the one thing she was to everypony was the most reliable and trustworthy friend you could ask for, and doubly so for family. Valen could feel that love from her, the earnestness and honesty as she allowed for the recent events to be taken as they were: quite awful. She didn't excuse Silver or buy into the lie she had spread, even it was partially from his lips. This was going great, he was actually going to get through this rather awful time. After what seemed like a hundred little strikes against his sense of peace and a Ponyville experience tinged with disastrous misconceptions and foibles, somepony was finally listening to him! And then it turned. It turned in the way only Applejack could make it turn, full of honesty and sweetness and kinship, but to Valen, it was awful. Valen had known for some time how Applejack viewed him and what he was meant to be and do. They had multiple conversations in the past about this and it seemed like it was a settled manner, even if they disagreed. She had voiced her opinion stronger in the past, but she had never refused to call him anything but Lilly. She was supportive, she was wonderful, she was the best cousin in the world, and she was wrong to the degree that it almost physically hurt him. False hope dashed, he sighed and looked down at the ground. He wasn't going to get the help he wanted, but he still had to talk it out, at least for a little bit. “My name is not Lilly or Gilded Lilly, Applejack. I am Valen. Cousin, we've talked about this before. I'm comfortable as I am! I don't want to be anyone other than Valen. But we've talked about that before, so I'm guessing your mind is settled on the matter?” He asked, half-knowing the response even as he asked it. His mind was already running ways to cope with it. He didn't have to acknowledge being called Lilly outside the farm, right? Back home in Manehattan, around town, he was certain to have some peace. As long as he could get help from the other leading citizens of town to ensure that Silver's other routes were blocked, it would be okay. His cousin was worth dealing with the fact that she was delightful, sweet, stubborn, and wrong Maybe this would be isolated. Maybe. Hopefully.
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    Roleplay Type: WoE Name: Dramatic Flaire Sex: Male Age: Young Stallion Species: Half earth pony, half changeling Eye colour: Teal Coat: Grey Mane/Tail: Purple (pictured) Physique: Slim, feminine build Residence: Nomadic (he travels a lot), currently stopped in Ponyville Occupation: Actor in a travelling theatre Cutie Mark: Green flame with a gold ribbon swirled around it. (pictured) How he got it is included in the "History" segment. Unique Traits: His changeling heritage has given him limited shape-shifting ability. That is, not really any shape-shifting, per se, but he can change colors, voice, and the length of his mane and tail. When he changes, there's no green flame as is normal among the pure changelings, rather, his coat/hair/eyes just fades into the colors, and his hair simply grows or recedes. His cutie mark always stays the same, and his physique isn't changed either. History: When Flaire was young, he had a hard time coming to terms with what he was. Other foals didn't make it easy, growing up in Manehatten. They would avoid him and make sharp remarks about how he was not to be trusted (keep in mind this is before the changeling reform). For a time, he tried to hide his natural appearance, tho he would sometimes revert if he was too distracted, which would ruin the whole thing. One time, he was in disguise. A travelling theatre came into town. Flaire was intrigued, so he watched them do a play. and another. and another. he got so involved watching that he lost hold of his disguise. He faded to his natural colors, and the ponies around him gasped. One pony even exclaimed "It's a changeling! Run!" Flaire began to cry as the crowd quickly dispersed. All he wanted was to watch the play. He hung his head, dejected. Then a gentle hoof rested on Flaire's shoulder. "Don't listen to them, son." said a voice. Long story short, this pony was the stage master of the travelling theatre. He and the rest of his cast were sympathetic to Flaire's predicament, and took him in. They taught him to be proud of who and what he was. He discovered his talent in acting, but his cutie mark didn't show up right away. It took weeks. It faded in over time. It was just assumed that the cutie mark magic present in all ponies was just weaker in him because he was only half pony. Character Personality: Flamboyant, stereotypically gay (also actually gay, but that's beside the point), feminine in a lot of ways, but still distinctly male. Friendly, and accepting of other's differences. Character Summary: Dramatic Flaire is a showpony with a twist. He can change colors on a whim. He used to be scorned, but learned to accept himself and be proud to be him. Others just followed suit. He's outgoing, flamboyant, and friendly. He is very accepting ponies (or anycreature) who are different from others. Especially when they are rejected by others because of it. Pics:
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    Rainbow had to wait a few seconds longer than she would normally have to wait, allowing the pregnant pause in her thoughts to grow anxious with wildness and misappropriation of emotions. She went back through the long backlog of events and meetings, words and actions, friendly dates and heart-pounding adventures and tried to mine it all for little nuggets of information that could help her understand what was in front of her. All she could come back to was a feeling of confusion, both at what she was feeling and what Twilight was offering, fitted nicely inside a small but unstable box that she was trying to keep under control. She had to be calm, cool, collected, and just be a nice dinner guest. If Twilight wanted to broach the subject then Rainbow would get into it but she was content just passing the time in a friendly, pleasant manner with a long-time friend. Spike was the one to answer and he seemed nervous. Stammered, out of sorts, the whole nine yards of anxious just like Rainbow was. He did like the blush that kept on from time to time making a home on her cheek- he didn't know or was being a great little helper and wasn't letting on that he knew. Rainbow wasn't going to dissuade him from that. Heck, she wished she didn't know. It would make the dinner far less awkward. “Hey there, Spike. Lookin'....good!” She said with nothing else to really back it up. She shuffled in place a second before Spike regained himself. He invited her in- “Thanks!”- and she followed right by him, allowing him to outpace her as she slowly trotted through the castle. The clip-clop of her hooves echoed stronger than she could have ever imagined it could. After a little bit the noise got to her nerves so she started hovering, thanking herself for the silence, the echoes ending their torment of her. When Rainbow got to the door leading to the kitchen where the noise and sound of a pony came from, she had to stop cold. Then had to stifle a giggle. What the hay had happened in here? The smell of half-finished or over-prepared food was one thing, and the mess was another. The cherry on top, however, was Twilight, the Princess of Friendship and soon to be the ruler of all Equestria, looking like a mess. Not even a Princess could save what was looking like a disaster of a dinner, right? After a brief moment trying to hold back laughter, Rainbow took flight and laughed as she got to her friend's side. “I guess that's one way of preparing dinner. What book did they cover this in? Bahahahahaha!” She guffawed as she looked around, landing and putting her front hooves on a table. “It isn't that bad, honestly. I'm sure I've done worse. Where do you need me to start?"
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    The young dragon was still impressed by Valen's little dance. She knew it wasn't that hard for those who could stand on two legs to break into some moves...But those who were born on four...That took true talent to look good..."I should hook up with one of those dance club things as we dragons are cool and those who know the moves, always rule the school." Back to the tree.... “It was so....”, Smolder paused to think of the right word, “Bizarre this feeling we all shared over the loss.” The dragon planted herself back on the ground, “Some of the other students and I tried to come up with something to memorialize the Tree of Harmony...So those who passed nearby would know something of such great importance, even for such a short time was once there....And we all tried to come up with something..", she frowned, "Being a dragon we go big...we go strong and we try to make things that last forever....I tried with a statue...But considering our art classes recently had us make pipe-cleaner spoon ponies....We had not yet made it to stone carving....So you could see where it went.....And we all put our heads together..." She was pretty sure Gallus' noggin sounded like a coconut. "And we all worked on something and it turned out how you expected....eh...", she shrugged. "But something happened...Something magical, and in a blink of an eye, we had ourselves an 'Treehouse Of Harmony'...I'll have to show you it later.." She really wasn't sure how to answer the next question, but she tried anyways. "Eh..", she shrugged her shoulders. "Guess the tree maybe thought you were special....Wanted to say hello....Heh..", she grinned back at the pony.
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    For a show about cute & colorful little animals, they always seem to be the cutest when they're MAD. And also Rose was in this as well.
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    Applejack wore the look of a flustered and confused mare poorly. Her features, often riven with confidence and dripping with certainty, lost themselves in an August sea of concern written deeply and boldly in her. It was highly concerning to see her friend in such straits, but Rarity knew better than most the value of Applejack's stubborn qualities and knew that if the mare wasn't going to talk about it, it was best not to push the issue. In time she would open up about whatever was ailing her and Rarity would be ready to help one of her oldest and dearest friends. Of course, that didn't stop her mind from running rings around it in an effort to decipher what the awful little problem was that was sinking her friend's confidence so. The fireworks provided a wondrous spectacle. Rarity had seen more than a few such spectacles recently so she wasn't enamoured with it as much as her loudly exclaiming friend. The show was well-made and had such great patterns to it. Many thought she enjoyed such things less than others but she'd put forward the belief that she had a deeper appreciation for the artistry of it all. Big set piece projector show? Had to have a fabulous set design, or exquisite effects and costumes. In the arcs and explosions of light and sound in the sky she saw the same heart of artistry as she wove in fabric. She always believed that when you looked deep in others you would find a deeper appreciation and respect, and often times, many similarities that would be cross at first. It gave her time to ponder what was wrong with her friend. Was she in trouble? Applejack was a very stubborn mare and would be reticent to seek aid, which could explain why she was having problems discussing it. But she had overcome some of the greatest issues she had regarding her willingness to seek help- Applejack had grown in that realm of mental engagement. Reticent or no, she had come to her friends for help before and would again. Why only Rarity? Why had her demeanour changed so radically? Rarity prided herself on knowing just what her friends needed and delivering it to them just when they needed it, but she was at a loss. Another chill in the air. She scooted closer to her warm friend, not heeding the boundaries of personal space as she allowed herself the enjoyment of the night. “I'm enjoying the show as well. Zamponelly is putting it on this year. They always do such good shows- remember the Summer Sun Celebration the year before Twilight came to town? That was them as well,” she said before a large, unladylike laugh erupted from her, “oh, when Miss Hooves managed to drag that chain of fireworks near the Town Hall minutes before the show, I thought Amethyst was going to keel over from panic!” Rarity said as she turned to Applejack. “It certainly has been such a long time, hasn't it? Why, I feel now as if I were barely a mare all those years ago! It does seem like time flies when you're enjoying it with such fine company.”
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    Hello! I'm completely new to this website and I'm very excited to start roleplaying again after a long hiatus. I will be mainly roleplaying as Slide Fortissimo, my main OC. Thank you and stay awesome! ^^
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    Squall decided to take her comment and went on one of his patented, famous half-rants. You could say many things about the Count but that he lacked passion would never be one of them, even when it was misdirected and misunderstood. Still, she knew better than to interrupt him when he was a role. She often wondered why he didn't commit himself to stage acting at some point. He had all the details in facial expression and body language to succeed rather wildly at it, she believed. After he spoke she shook her head. "No, it isn't wrong for you to think in such a way, Count,” she said softly, not allowing his fire to unsettle her. Then she herself looked sternly at him. “But you need to understand that more often than not, the greater good of Equestria is served in a decidedly more boring fashion than in an adventure. Losing ponies of quality such as yourself or Pathfinder not because of danger, but because of thrill, is a disservice to those who love you as much as it is a disservice to Equestria," she said as she took a drink. “I study magic. I study very dangerous magic. When I was younger, even a few years ago, I would do so simply because I could and wanted to. But I am a Princess now and I realize that I can't do it alone, and I can't do it simply because I want to. I do so because I have to, and I go into it with a clear idea of the risks. One such risk is that I am incapacitated in some manner and cannot fulfil my duties to Equestria. It would be irresponsible of me to become incapacitated because I am committing myself to dangerous study on account of personal desire, so I try to ensure that I take such larger risks only when what I am doing is important. “It is irresponsible of adventurers such as Pathfinder when, after making the obligations they make to something larger than themselves, they decide that their personal thrill-seeking overrides those obligations,” she added, looking out into the skies. “We are all free to do as we wish, but there are responsibilities we are born with, ones we grow into, and those we choose. The truly great are cognizant of them and act accordingly. Pathfinder often isn't. You normally are. Fire always is. That is the difference.” --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Twilight hadn't rested on the way. Indeed, she had other pieces to work on. She brought out a notebook and carved a very particular spell into it. Unlikely to be needed but better safe than sorry. She looked over her schedule and the new tax code for the itinerants of Mustangia, as well as the establishment of the new Equestrian Diplomatic Corp. So many small tasks to take up the time! The trip was in all actuality perfect. Free from the Castle, free from the School, able to just accomplish work. Indeed, she felt like she got more done in a few short hours than she would have over the course of days back in Ponyville. It was grand! In time they were over the target. Itaily was a unique province of Equestria. It had an established state before Equestrians found their way to the region. While Equestria easily could have conquered it or forced it to join, it did nothing. Over years it was Itaily that slowly moved into union with the larger pony nation. It still had its own armed forces, though they were simply a few regiments under Equestria's control, and administered itself in most matters. She had been to Roam a few times and found it a fascinating place. It was the only location she knew of on the continent with its unique mixture of Acroneighsian and Kastroti architecture. Squall awoke after a short nap. “I'm sure your organization has it well in hoof!” She said with a jolt, getting off of her rump and ready to go. In due time they were on the ground. Indeed, the TEMPEST corporation had done a great job. She would have everything she'd need no doubt. And speaking of no doubt- on queue, the Mayor. Not a bad stallion, but the wrong stallion today. Squall allowed her to take it and she approached him with a smile, and offered her hoof. "Mayor Beronccolo, a pleasure. Thank you for keeping the perimeter safe. Your help has been appreciated and noted when this is made public. If you could continue to assure that nopony enters the perimeter while Tempest, Count Squallcoast, and myself handle this matter, that would be very helpful. We'll speak later, Mayor," she said politely, slowly but surely manoeuvring to help gently lead the Mayor away while not overtly doing so. When he was gone she turned around smiling. "Alright! To work."
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    After serving an slew of well paying customers who knew how to tip, the bartender’s mood improved a good deal. This was just in time for the pink-haired stallion to order. What did he want? 'The Best'? Ugh. She hated ponies that couldn’t just pony up to the bar and order what they really wanted. She needed to do the actual work on that side as well. Fine. Whatever. She gave the unicorn a quick lookover. He just SCREAMED lightweight. Her real 'best' would probably KO the poor guy or even worse, get him really drunk, really fast. After taking a good look at his ID, she decided to go easy on him. "Well...", she rubbed her chin, "How about an 'Son Of An Son Of Somnambula'? It's an old favorite of mine." And this was the truth! "It's basically Princess Pride Bourbon, Blackberry Brandy, lemon juice and a pinch of special Vanhoover syrup..." As the mare worked on his drink, the stallion alerted a nearby filly. "Oh hey Mister Cain!", she sat by an empty seat that had once held a stallion. "I was listening to their storyteller...Nice guy, but he had to go use the 'lil' colt's room'. But I'll fill you in on his story, so when he comes back, he could just continue it...Easy peasy, lemon squeazy!" Her drink probably contained a bit more sugar than advised by the Equestria Health Committee. "The stallion had an really old scar on his...flank...Tell stories about getting scars is an popular type of story to tell at these places according to my dad...He actually got a really bad scar back when the Changelings were bad and invaded Ponyville.", it was almost two seconds for the filly to quickly veer off subject, "He gave this really mean Changeling a good clobbering, but the meanie grew really big claws and slashed him good in the face...Gave him a scar near his eye...Dad calls this an 'handsome guy' scar, but mom wanted him to get it fixed. But he didn't. Cause he never had a cool scar and couldn't tell cool scar stories without an cool scar...And nopony wants to hear about his appendix scar...Any-who.", she took a sip from her themed cup. "The stallion that was here.", she pointed to an empty chair. "He was in Hoofington at a pub..Oooh..", again, she was not very good at telling stories, "My sister's friend Muggo' Ale owns a pub in Fillydelphia...Well, his family owns it...And sometimes we go there and Muggo' always has this old hat on and he....Oh..", she started to blush. "The stallion was in a pub, but he was running out of money..But oh no!", she acted surprised, "Some dirty boy took his coin-purse! And he got up from his stool to chase after the thief! Of course he had to yell 'Stop Thief' like they do in movies. Thieves never actually stop when ponies tell them to. Which is rude. Then he chased the thief into a dark corner, which is always a good idea and the thief was there...And the stallion called him a bastard, which I probably shouldn't say cause I'm a kid. But he calls the thief a bad word and the thief pulls a knife on him...Which you'd think he would have a dagger. Or something he can shoot darts at like in 'Daring Do and the Trek to the Terrifying Towers', but nope. He took out a knife, which he probably stole from the pub. But just when he was getting to the best or 'stabby' parts, he had to get up and use the baf-room. Boo." "So.", she smiled back at the pony. "Do you have any stories?"
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    Silverstream could tell the answer the question Gallus asked was not fully satisfactory, but she was used to that. She wondered if there was more detail that he could use, or what else he would be curious about. She never knew Gallus for a griffon interested in creature history or politics, except when it came to griffontarian studies. Eventually, their slow-sinking swim would lead them to the luminous glow of Seaequestria. Gallus seemed immediately bewildered, and Silverstream mostly noticed a couple of the new structures that have appeared since she left for school. She was happy to be home. "Oh gosh, is that a new kelp store? And the shell factory looks like they expanded!" She shook with excitement while still hooking limbs with Gallus, although the shaking of her body was much slower than it would be on dry land. The two were close enough to approach, some seaponies swam up to greet them; They recognized Silverstream's signature pink and light blue appearance. Silverstream immediately let go of Gallus, an instinctive reaction to not knowing how others would see that. But then the greeters immediately darted and swam away in fear. Silverstream obeyed their reactions. "A sea monster!?" Silverstream grabbed Gallus again and pulled him down behind a large rock to hide. "I can't believe there's a monster down here. This is like the Coral Catastrophe from a couple years ago all over again!" She shook quietly with fear next to Gallus, not knowing where the announced monster was.
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    In this first part, Princess Celestia and Princess Luna decide to retire and hand off the ruling of Equestria to Twilight Sparkle and her friends. Meanwhile, the ancient villain Grogar bands together a legion of villains to conquer Equestria, but King Sombra has plans of his own. In this second part, Twilight Sparkle and the rest of the Mane Six struggle to come to terms with the destruction of the Tree and Elements of Harmony, and King Sombra sets his sights on conquering all of Equestria. This thread is dedicated to discussing the episode before, during, and afterwards. As the thread is now open it may indeed contain spoilers. I ask that potential spoilers talked about or shown before the episode airs stay within the spoiler tags please, after the episode you no longer have to use the spoiler tags, but warning, if you haven't seen the episode yet after it airs, this thread no doubt will have all sorts of spoilers in reviews, images, etc. So tread at your own risk
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    "Yeah, I stink...", the little cat grumbled, "It's like I'm at the elephant pen once again....With my little shovel.." That was not an image she needed to relive. It took her two hours of tub-time to get the stink off her. She was pretty sure she smelled so bad, her little rubber duck flew away! Oh, how her mood was starting to sour. Much like her scent. If only she could get her claws on that pesky thief! She would do him an injury! Thankfully her special wish was answered, as the sneaky thief was within their grasp. And was he trying to HIDE her precious necklace? That's some never-forgive action right there! "No planning..No thinking...Just gonna get 'em.", she growled. Thrilly ran towards the rogue on all four, "MINE!", she hissed as her fuzzy body crashed into the thief's. This of course, caused an traditional, fight cloud, or "cloud of violence'. Golden Daze could hear Thrilly as she growled as the cloud grew bigger, "Nobody breaks into my room and takes my things! And then makes me have to crawl through a stinky sewer and ruin my new friend's day!" The cloud vanished as quickly as it started, with Thrilly being the victor. "Now I wonder who this is...", she quickly reached over to remove the disguise from the thief. WHO COULD IT BE?
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    “A’-Choo!”, Applejack somehow managed to sneeze with a cow-pony accent. It appeared the closer her lion’s mane got to her nose, the more she sneezed. Even in her current condition, she still managed to keep up with Rarity and Valen Orange as they quickly made their way to the Carousel Boutique. “I really hope that costume is not a rental, darling.”, Rarity groaned. Thankfully her shop was moments away. The farmer shook her head, “Nah, ah done found these Nightmare Night duds in thuh attic." "Well, that's what you get for not letting me design you a costume this year. I had so many ideas for you to show off your beauty and your ruggedness.", the unicorn sighed as they arrived at the entrance. Rarity lead the pair into her shop. After flipping on the light, the fashionista pointed out three costumes. "I apologize for the lack of variety, Valen, but I have only three costumes that will work on you..." The young earth pony could see only three sets of Nightmare Night costumes.. "Let's see...Red and black checkered long sleeve shirt with functional front buttons...Length-adjustable black elastic suspenders with silver-tone metal clips...Black acrylic knit stocking cap...Goofy beard optional...This is my hardy lumberjack costume." She walked by the second, "Pale blue velvet tunic....Satin cuffs and collar....Supplex tights and shoes...For the agile danseur..." "And finally.." There was the last costume. This was rather simple. "And a ninja costume. A mixture of strength and dexterity.....Mostly just black bodysuit and an mask....And rubber sword.". She waited for the pony to pick his costume..."While we normally wear costumes that reflect what we wouldn't mind being, I wonder if you could choose one that best reflects you....An fantasy reflection of an honest self-image.."
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    Man, this episode just restrengthens my love for Cozy Glow even more. She's quite the master of the cheeks. The Talisman must have been placed in an expository sense for the audience otherwise I find it hard to believe that Grogar might not have noticed it there. I get that Chrysalis was the Changeling Queen and she's supposed to be real good at magic and stuff, but I'm not sure how I feel about the increasing notion that changelings can basically transform into whatever they want. There must be some limitations unless just pure magical power is enough.
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    Forged got very glad about the acceptance of the apology, then felt free of the guilt. A new satisfied costumer is always an opportunity of getting known and get others. Although of his knowledge and fine work, he has almost always the same clients, some of other cities. But in that moment his mind was much more into his father subject than in work, although when he hear the mention to Twilight, his heart got faster. “So you gonna lunch with the Princess Twilight herself? That’s amazing! I think she’s busy, cause she’s a princess, but if she could help me with this problem I’d felt very honored! She’s the smartest pony of the vile, so I think she’ll give us some light!” After saying that, the alarm of the oven sounded again. “Wait a little, please.” He got to the workshop again and adjusted the temperature of the oven to 250 Celsius degrees, also he got the clay stamps of her hooves. He compared with a quad of alpha-beta titanium horseshoes, then he heated and shaped them until they fit perfectly in Applejack’s measures. However it was not ready yet, in order to have the correct mechanical properties that horseshoes must be taken to the vacuum oven for a bunch of hours, so Forged took them into it, then he got back to the balcony. “The measures of your horseshoes are ready! But, in order to have the desired properties, it needs to stay in the vacuum oven for around 8 ours. You can come back tomorrow to get them, or if you need it earliest as possible I can close the shop later today, so you can come back to get it. Now, about the horseshoes you need to repair, you want them in your size also, right? I will do heat treatment and superficial hardening to make it last longer, it will be ready when you come back too. Do you want that I paint it to protect against rust?”
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    Name: Autumn BlazeSex: FemaleAge: Mare/DragonessSpecies: KirinEye colour: AmberCoat: Light-gold gray with gold-gray ear tips.Mane/Tail: Dull red-orange and curly, a pronounced 'lion's mane' and thinly haired tail. with apple-green scales. Her horn is dark and moderate crimson.Physique: Fit but unremarkable.Residence: 'Kirin's Grove', The Peaks of Peril.Occupation: Entertainer? Pundit? Writer? Self-Made Celebrity?Cutie Mark: N/AUnique Traits: Like most Kirin, she has an alternate transformation that comes out when her emotions run hot. Known as a Nirik, this form is all black with a purple and dark pink fire erupting and covering her mane, tail, and fetlocks. She is capable of exuding large gouts of flames, which can also be made to appear wherever she walks. History: Character Personality: Character Summary:
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