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    Completed the final of three arts of these two! So cute together ❤ @Hippo's Remington and @SteelEagle's Moonlight Glitter.
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    Hello. After some nostalgia and me totally being right about everything Discord, I was thinking about coming back to roleplay. To be sure I am getting a little better as I had been going through a difficult time in life so the overwhelming negativity had taken its toll on my weakened state of mind. I am feeling a bit stronger and can assure I will be more inclined to disregard the behaviors that had first driven me away, if those that wish to roleplay again, really a deeply important hobby of mine, wish to do so. I am looking to resume or pick up threads I have previously been "the next to reply" to if it is viable.
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    Silverstream let her mind wander all the time. It wandered so much sometimes her friends could visibly see it running around. Although she could be labeled as hyperactive, she also had the ability to focus on a single task very well. Often times, her enthusiasm is mistaken for a deficit of attention. However, make no mistake, she is that too sometimes. When she gets an idea or a musing, she is brave enough to attempt to discover it on her own. This led her to taking research trips to the Everfree without telling anycreature, scaring her friends and family for her whereabouts. It has also caused her to adapt a strange amount of proficiency in the most peculiar of trades. And not just plumbing, but also empty snail shell voyaging, artistic soap carving, and extreme iron-boarding. She would eventually be a jack of many trades without some of her closest friends and family ever knowing. Fascinating how such an eccentrically social creature like Silverstream could also be such a closet hobbyist. Recently, she found a new adventure in a department that some would not find too surprising, but just like all of her other extracurricular activities, many had no idea what it was. A few clues could be found to associate with what she might be doing, but no one would care to pay that close attention to the details. After all, no one was murdered and nothing is stolen. So what might this pink hippogriff be up to? Well, for starters, she has been sneaking out at night. After everycreature is supposedly asleep, she is sneaking out and going somewhere around the campus. Why alone though? And why at night? What is she hiding? ((New thread open to students. PM if interested)) Thread: The Seabourne Identity
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    Still don't have a solid style... working on that lol @SirAizen
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    Sorry for delays in requests... I'll get there soon! Had a couple deadlines for art stuff including Tempest Day tomorrow on EQD ^-^ So, in light of that... have a Temy!
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    Sunburst was more excited than the kiddos were and it wasn't hard to understand why. Sunburst had his mind half in the past, wrapped in history and Roam was a city that celebrated its long and well-established history. For all of that though she wouldn't have wished to have anypony else as a chaperone. He loved history and was gonna be able to handle some of the more educational facets of the trip more than she ever could, triply so because of the city they were in. "Tha city's fine," she said curtly. "Ah figure we can go to one of them shows. It ain't on tha lesson plan but AH'm sure you could find time in the plan for it," she said with the briefest hint of a smile. If anypony could, it would have been stallion-Twilight. "Just make sure yer bein' a teacher 'fore an enthusiast, sugarcube. Yer job is ta make sure that the youngin's leave here smarter than they entered," she said with a nod, hoping to assure his understanding. It was then that Juice went ahead and got her attention, asking her what hotel they were staying at. "Tha Roam Cahvahl-Erri," Applejack said with a smile. "Princess Twilight says it is one of the best hotels in Roam an' indeed tha entire Foothills," she said with no lack of excitement. That was a big claim Twilight had made since the Foothills included Canterlot. Whule she wasn't one to seek out the fancy and expensive treatments she wasn't fool enough to turn it down. She turned to the collected mass of fillies and colts and assorted terms for assorted species. "Alright. If everycreature's got their luggage, time ta head ta tha hotel. Sunburst- err, Professor Sunburst- lead tha way," she said with a nod, falling in line behind him as she kept he eyes on the group. This group would include one partially sullen Griffon near Smolder. Gallus was not a happy camper whenever he awoke and this time was no exception. He had slept on the train pretty well, better than most. The hubbub of a train held little to throw a kitten from the streets of Griffonstone out of his slumber when he felt safe and secure amongst friends. But he hadn't expected to sleep quite this well. He had only come out of it when his head had been hit by an older mare who was having trouble with her carry-on bag. The large bump gave proof to that story. He had made his way off the train with everycreature else half-asleep, yawning all the while. He didn't speak before they started walking to the hotel- well he was hovering, but whatever- as he elbowed Smolder accidentally in his grogginess. "Ooh, sorry. I'm still-" yawns, "-waking up. What's this I'm hearing about gladiator fights?" That sounded cool, which is more than he could have hoped for at the start of this trip. Gallus hadn't really wanted to go on this trip in the first place. However, Smolder was being forced to go and none of the other members of the group could make it. He figured she'd enjoy the company more than a bunch of younger ponies and creatures. After all, few could compare to the deadpan excitement that he brought to the table. Ask him yourself. Plus, it was a sweet deal for a student in the throes of a mental block. He wasn't gonna say no to a fancy hotel in a rich city and away from papers that would otherwise have been due. A stay of execution was always good, right? As he hovered next to Smolder and the group made their way further away from the train depot, the train departed- and something about that train whistle seemed to slowly jog something from his memory. He turned his head to watch the train depart, the fog only slowly being lifted. And when it did, it lifted with a bang. "I left my luggage on that train..." Gallus said in shock as the train ventured into the beyond. "I LEFT MY LUGGAGE ON THE TRAIN!"
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    Taira had mostly been sticking to his job on the mill for the past few days and focusing on that. The conversations of the surrounding equine were always fascinating, but he had a job to do for a friend. Today though, he'd been given some time off. His labors had been beneficial to the apple clan in this season, though not so much that he could take much pressure of his gracious host: Applejack. In his younger days he might have been able to keep at it nonstop through the night, but as he was getting on in years he felt he needed a break... and there were even some eager volunteers trying their hoof to push this season forward. How Fortunate! The old yokai's curiosity soon lead him to one of the few ponies here he had not yet gotten to speak to. Princess Luna. It was curious how many royals he was running into on his travels. First Blueblood, Then Celestia, and now Luna! Maybe he was having a run of good luck. It wasn't everyday he got to talk to someone so close to his age. So, with this time off he had been granted he saw fit to approach the princess. Not wanting to appear too obtrusive, he'd taken on his kirin shape once again. It was a good choice for social interactions. For the moment, It seemed that the princess was involved in decidedly one sided staring contest with Applejack. It was clearly a very intense one... had something happened between them? The stories he'd heard made no mention of animosity between the Moon Princess and a heroine of this wondrous land. Green eyes bounced between Luna and Applejack. Taira stuck a hoof out and waved to the princess, leaning into her line of sight. He spoke up with a rather pleasant tone, "Good day, Princess! I'm Taira from the mountains to the far far east, may I ask what brings you to cast your gaze on Miss Applejack this day?"
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    Fire Walker nodded her head and went to work. She had a common medical kit in her saddle bag, which she pulled out. She really hated to see anypony suffer, especially kids. Thankfully Apple Bloom would be unconscious for most, if not all of this. Maybe with some luck, it will all be just a really bad dream for her. The red mare dropped the kit right near the poor little pony. Inside she found a small cleaning rag which was still sealed in its air-tight bag. After opening the bag, she got the cloth wet with clean water from her canteen. She watched the little farmer for a moment and yuck. The nasty ol' boils really stood out on the filly's light coat. After cleaning up her area, it was time to release the fluids! This called for a sterilized needle which was also packaged. This is one of the times she wished she was a unicorn. A good ol telekinesis spell would do wonders, but without that, she had the very tips of her wings which were good for holding things. After she made sure the area was very clear, she proceeded to lance those suckers. These were then cleaned. Then it was antibiotics, which came in a little 'squeeze please' tube, which was applied and then it was loose gauze. Or gauzes? Was that a word? "Right, I'm done here. So far so good.", she cleaned up her little mess and waited. She rather liked Alizarin. For such a little pony, she sure was feisty! And this 'Sombra' fella. She was beyond curious now. What was he? Was he even a he? The real Sombra had been killed like three times? But he was evil. Like really really evil. This one was just cranky, although she had a feeling it would be very unwise to get him mad. Fluttershy's experience at her wildlife rehabilitation center proved to be beyond useful at this situation. She had changed so much over the years. When the officer had encountered the pretty Pegasus, she was so delicate, a small breeze would knock her over. Now she was giving out commands like an experienced officer. It also might be wise to head back to Ponyville once things settled. There was a small medical center they could drop Apple Bloom off, and then they would need to get a hold of her parents, er, family.
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    You know, since that Feng piece came out awesome..... I think it's time we got an art of his employer (and primary love interest) wearing her "work attire"..... in a manner of speaking. May I request art of Empress Yuè with a hair style (as best you can anyway, I know those horns can be tricky) and red dress as seen here? Can't really find a specific hanfu reference pic I like, but you probably get the basic gist. Reference material for the Empress:
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    Luna had assumed that Applejack would follow her order and slowly made her way over to the counter where Apple Bloom was serving her customers. "It appears that you have quite the operation here. I will help out where you would like me to," she said with a smile to the young filly. The princess was quite unaware of what tasks Apple Bloom would assign to her. Quickly, she did find a rather simple, but needed task. She would help fill the mugs. She would smile to the customers, though did not wish to address them fearing it may be a distraction or would hold up the counter in case any of them where filling 'chatty.' The alicorn had lowered her head to look for some bits that had slid off the counter. When she looked over the line once more, she saw the hypogriff and griffon from yesterday. She felt her heart sink a moment as she began to fill another mug for her new friend. As it was half filled, she would overhear her nephew and Applejack's argument. With a heavy sigh, she would serve what was meant to be a replacement to the next customer. The Princess's eyes however where now fixed on the orange earth pony with a glare that would put Fluttershy's to shame.
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    The Ponyville Town Hall was packed. More packed than usual. Indeed, Mayor Mare hadn't seen it so full since the Summer Sun Celebration all those years ago was to be held in her humble village. Ponies filled the seats and balconies with a large overflow standing about facing the stage, where two podiums were set up. Off the stage facing the podium was a single table. The walkway behind them was cleared for a projector recording device- two more were placed, one for each candidate. There was interest even outside of town for this election since democratic functions were a rare event in Equestria all things said. Recordings of this debate would be available to local projector theaters and then to Canterlot- from there, who knew? But Mayor Mare made sure she shined more than she normally would as she walked to the table off the stage to a round of applause. "Welcome to the first Ponyville Mayoral Debate!" She said as she sat down. One more projector recording was placed directly in front of her so it could record her speaking into it and the audience who would watch this. "I am the moderator for the evening and the current Mayor of Ponyville, Mayor Mare. Tonight, we are pleased to host primary candidates Strong Copper and Spoiled Rich," she said as the two made their entrances to applause. "The rules for this debate are clear. I will ask one candidate a question. Once a question is asked, the candidate has two minutes to answer it. After this, the opposing candidate has one minute to respond and rebut his or her arguments. At my discretion, I may extend each candidate additional thirty second slots," she said evenly as she opened up a large folder with various questions written on cards inside, facing down. "Questions will alternate, starting with Candidate Strong Copper," she said as she beckoned to the stallion. There was applause, mostly from the left side of the town hall. "There will be twenty questions in this debate, free of public comment. At the end, each candidate may give a closing statement. And so, let us begin the first Ponyville Mayoral Debate!" She said with a broad smile and clear excitement to the applause of the crowd behind her. "Candidate Strong Copper. What is the biggest challenge facing Ponyville right now?" OOC rules: 1- Once Mayor Mare asks a question, the current candidate has 48 hours to answer. After 48 hours have passed after the question has been answered, the next question will be asked. As long as posting order between the candidates is maintained, they may reply back and forth regarding the question until that time has passed. 2- If a question is asked and there is no response within 48 hours, Mayor Mare will move on. 3- This takes place the evening of May 10th. Campaigning and Other Sins and any and all other related Mayoral Race threads are to take a break but may resume once each candidate has *answered* at least two questions. 4- Other people may post, but they are not part of the post order. 5- The Final Debate is to be held August 1st.
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    ~Basics~ Roleplay Type: WoE (Cast Member) Name: Ocellus Sex: Female (her/she)Age: FillySpecies: Changeling ~Physical Attributes~ Eye Color: A soft turquoise Character Color: She is a pastel teal with a red wing carapace with white spots. Mane/Tail: Her mane and tail are a transparent pink with white specs throughout. They're rather short. Physique: She is rather short compared to her friend group, but is the height she should be for her age. Cutie Mark: N/A Description: N/A Story: N/A ~Outside Information~ Family: Ocellus lives with her mom, dad, little sister, and little brother. Occupation: She doesn't have one, as she's a full time student at Princess Twilight's School of Friendship Residence: Simply at the dorms of Twilight's school. ~Characteristics~ Character Personality: Ocellus is a rather shy changeling, usually getting frightened enough to shapeshift into other form of herself to hide away, or more so blend into her background. Though she's come out of her shell a lot, she can still be a little timid, or scared of something new/different. Often whistling tunes when she's nervous, she does have a little anxiety. Since being at the School of Friendship, she's definitely come out of her normal shy nature, and now speaks out when she has something smart to say, or when something is wrong. Among her friend group, she tends to be the listener, especially in class, as she often reads far ahead of the other students. She's incredibly smart, more of a bookworm, and loves the idea of learning and processing her new information. Ocellus pays more attention in class, especially compared to the others. She doesn't shy away from any friendship lessons, and is always prepared to learn something new. She can be rather sensitive and emotional, and is deeply afraid of being the opposite of herself, which isn't sharing her love, but stealing it. Overall, she's a kind young changeling that loves her friends. Unique Traits: As a changeling, Ocellus has the ability to transform into other creatures. She normally is brave and smart while doing so, as she has the ability to transform into creatures as large as a bugbear, as small as a mouse, or anything along with the ponies she knows. She can also fly like most changelings, which can be rather adorable with her bug-ish buzzing. History: Ocellus was hatched during the end of Chrysalis' reign, making her still quite young when Thorax took over. She earned great respect for King Thorax, and looks up to him, as he showed their hive how to love. Not feeding on it, but instead embracing and sharing it. In her younger years, she seemed to live life like Thorax did when he was a hatchling, as she was the shy one that didn't want to be hostile and scary. She felt it wasn't right to be so negative and take what others have had. Once Thorax took over, however, the hive became a much more welcoming and peaceful place, as Ocellus got to grow up in a positive light. The younger changelings became close with Thorax, as he wanted to make sure they learned to embrace love. Upon the opening of Princess Twilight's Friendship School, Princess Twilight invited Thorax to send a changeling to the school. Thorax ended up inviting the little shy changeling herself, as he thought she could open up a little more and make new friends without a hassle. He knew it was good to branch out their kind with the ponies, in hope to keep love from becoming wanted. Ocellus was naturally nervous, full of anxiety, especially from being so far away from home to be near creatures that she's only merely knowing of. The only time she's heard of these creatures was from Thorax himself, and she wasn't sure how to act around them. However, she ended up making friends with the other creatures quickly, forming a group of friends that she would never replace. Throughout school, Ocellus never slept through classes. She always puts her education in friendship first, and works hard to make Thorax and the hive proud of her, with the hopes of learning all about friendship. Her main goal is to spread friendship all around her, to keep the hive happy, and to keep herself and her friends happy. Character Summary: Ocellus is a shy changeling with a book smart brain, with the hope of spreading friendship and learning new lessons with her best friends.
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    Its night. the CMC are playing hide-and-seek at the fairgrounds. One makes the "brilliant" decision to hide int he basket of a hot air balloon, the others pile in and dont hear the rope holding it down snap. They start screaming and panicking, but since it late at night nopony hears them... Then after they calm down (and probably fall asleep till morning) they finally figure out, atleast partially, how to control the balloon we get a rousing version of In the meantime, the adults of ponyville are engaged in a bad game of telephone where everypony thinks the CMCs are staying at somepony else's house and it takes them way too long to realize the trio are missing. Fortunately for the fillies, they have a guardian angel, or rather guardian alicorn, and being the wise-and-slightly-tough-love mentor, Twilight decides instead of teleporting the trio home, to just keep an eye on them with a scrying spell and helpfully nudge things as needed, letting it be a learning experience for the girls. While at the same time not bothering to tell ponyville unless they directly ask her to teach them a lesson as well. Since they cant really control the balloon's direction, the CMC are going to have adventures all over the globe, everything from accidentally stopping a robbery by landing their balloon on the robber's heads, to helping a foal find their lost puppy. (honestly ponyville may only realize the fillies are missing after they gain international attention and are featured in the newspaper! XD) So far, we have a Scoots (me) and an Abby (Steel), still need a 'Belle (or if we cant get her, we'll take some random filly or colt that the 2 CMC met earlier the day on the adventure) Also looking for ideas on places the CMC should land and what adventures they should have there. (obviously they're going to visit all the different race's homes and some major cities/historic sites but what happens there is still up in the air, and any other places. Looking at a minimum of 10 locations, possibly 20 or even more depending on how the thread goes!)
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    (sorry if I missed responding to anyone! If I did, not intentional ) Sunburst was really excited to have peaked the interest of at least one little pony thus far! He was ready to tell her more when they had to leave the train. "I'll catch up with you later! So many stories I could tell you!" The stallion trotted down the street towards the hotel when he heard the griffon's exclamation. He turned and called out. "I-It's ok Gallus! When in Roam..." He reached into his saddle bag and pulled out a white toga wrap. He had been wanting to wear it himself but a griffon with no luggage might find some use for the piece of fabric. "Dress like the Roamans!" He trotted on. "Oh, and don't worry. We can find you supplies here if you need anything!" Roam was an ancient city of secrets and Sunburst was going to discover them all! He noticed little Horuma trotting nearby and smiled at her. "Isn't this exciting? Have you ever seen some many interesting buildings?" Blue Bird hovered along with the group of younger fillies for a little while, listening to their chatter. Then Hyper flew up and spoke about her cool jacket! "Yeah I want to be a Wonderbolt! You too!?" This could be a fun friendship!
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    ~~~Golden Bit~~~ The sights and sounds of The Mareage operating smoothly through this brisk Tuesday morning was the first thing that hit Golden Bit's senses when she entered the main lobby from her penthouse on the upper floors. Expectations had always been high for her because of her innate ability to read others. She always knew that she was putting ponies in the best position for them to succeed. Because of that, daily operations and smaller tasks of running the casino went by in a breeze and finances and accounting were always so on point that it required little more than basic math to keep track of at this point. Payouts were always accounted for, and the insurance company that paid them was always prompt with their services. Which was a welcome relieve because in the older days getting them to pay out was like trying to pull teeth from a dragon without restraining them or knocking them out. Very good way to loose a hoof... or four... Regardless, today was in fact, Tuesday. Specifically, the first Tuesday of the month and that meant that today was open interview day. She was always excited to see what kind of ponies would show up to these events and what there specialties were and what they were looking to accomplish. Most of these interviews were for the theaters, or ballroom events. Figuring out a price point and what the ponies will be performing or doing while in her casino. She'd dealt with enough of the unsavory types with her own family smearing her name, she didn't need outside help from a pony that she hired to take advantage of her generosity. Currently she found herself patrolling the table section of the casino. The Polynesian design and architecture inside give a soft white marble look. The carpet that was on the casino floor was lush, soft and extremely clean. Comfortable for even the ponies with the most sensitive hooves to walk on without discomfort. All of her gaming tables were lined with a white felt with black markings to go along with the theme of the casino and she smiled as she passed the hallway that lead down to her two other major attractions. The Secret Garden was a welcome relieve to the desert that was in the surrounding area, and moreso, the dolphin habitat that was inside of the gardens always brought ponies into see. Dolphins in this part were not easily accessible and for ponies to be able to see them up close this far away from one of the shorelines always brought smiles. Of course, just like her volcano outside, her primary attractions were always free. The exception being the Volcano eruption, one night out of the week. But that was because it was accompanied by one of Wind Dancer's shows every Sunday and it wasn't that she was charging for ponies to see the Volcano, but more that she was charging ponies so that she could pay Wind Dancer. She was one of the few casinos in down that didn't take large sums from their clients because they used one of their venues to perform. She was the opposite! She was thrilled about the fact that of all the places they could have chosen to perform at, they wanted to perform at her casino! Because of that, she only ever charged the performers however much it would cost her to set up the event, and never any more. This usually resulted in her performers walking away with a good eighty-five percent of their profits for the night. Which is how it should be. They did all the work for it after all, she just provided a venue. She soon stationed herself in the main lobby where a pony would check in for her hotel, which was also the main entrance to her establishment. She stayed towards the back of the lobby back by the main entrance to the casino to keep her eye on things out there as well, but was anxious so see who would be coming in today.
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    It was well past curfew. At this time, every hall of the School of Friendship was likely dark and empty. Occasionally, a custodian would be lurking the halls to finish up their cleaning duties for the night. None of the doors were ever locked, except for some of the faculty offices. There was never any reason to fret on some creature sneaking into a classroom. Maybe one day, a student who was a huge prankster would give the school a reason to lock its many corridors, but for now, the closed campus was surprisingly pretty open. Silverstream is no prankster, but she did have reason to be up at this late hour. She recently felt inspired to do some extracurricular activities that involved some study and planning. She started a habit of just minding her own business, and was sometimes peculiarly solo on her interests. She gets excited all the time and loves to share her musings with her friends and teachers. But too many goofy looks on her friends' faces whenever Silverstream would hold up a chart about hydraulic rams gave her pause on how much she should be sharing this extra enthusiasm. She wasn't nearly as embarrassed as she was disappointed that her friends didn't also think hydro-kinetic engineering was fascinating. Eventually, she would shrug it off and plan to spend some of her alone time with these daydreams of unpredictable learning rabbit holes. After the students' quarters were good and quiet, Silverstream softly opened her door and closed it behind her, tip-toeing her claws and hooves across the carpeted stone flooring. She made her way to the exit to make her way through the courtyard. Her destination would be a place where she hoped no one would be. It's a good thing she waited until this late hour, so that none of the other students would be disturbed by her night-crawling expedition.
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    The large Siren floated along with her eyes closed as her head bopped back and forth to a song nopony could hear. One could only assume it was similar to what the impressive creature was singing along to. “In a clothing store...Okay, fine...Fer sure....Fer sure....She's a....Like, oh my.....", Already looking down, her eyes opened up and was rather surprised to see a small army of adorable little horses! "Like, oh Wow.", she gasped. The little orange one with the funny accent was trying to talk to her. "Like wait a sec, my little Bettys.", she removed a red colored pearl-like earring from her right ear. She then placed it on a bracelet which was covered in pearls of the same size but of different colors. The unicorns in the group recognized it as a form of a memory stone or gem. Spell-casters could enchanted stones or other small items to record messages, which was unusually very helpful in school, meetings or other activities that required taking notes. This Siren apparently recorded music on hers. "Oh, gag me with a trident! Look at all thuh adorable little ponies!", at first her tone was cheerful, but it slowly shifted into less positive territory. "Little ponies wearin' armor canterin' around with weapons. On my island! Without an invitation. Messin' up my mournin' groove. Gettin' cute little hoof prints all over my sand.", she added as she folded her front legs, "And now you wanna me to get all shrinky so you can beat with your little horsey hammers. As if!" Fire Walker started to talk, "I assure you we were.." She was quickly cut off by the Siren. .."I am so not talkin' to you, little red, like I am talkin' to thuh country orange horse!', she glanced over at Applejack as she spoke before shifting her eyes back to Fire Walker for a moment. "Betch.", she sassed as her eyes rolled up. Her expression quickly reverted back to cheerful as she turned back to the farmer. "Okay Country Time, like, are you goin' to promise you and your little pony pals are not gonna hit me with your weapons if I get all fun sized?" There was just one more thing she needed to say before she opened it up to the Earth Pony, "Oh, and if you need to, like, know, my name, it's Toccata Tre, as in 'Tre-Awesome, Tre-Hot, and so Tre-Talented!", she broke into three different poses for each of her 'Tre's, "Just don't you dare call me, Tre-Ta. Only my boyfriend can call me that and he's, like, so-very super-hot. Wish he was with me right now. As we'd be doing stuff." And to make sure everypony knew what she meant, she started to rock up and down.
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    Gallus offered a talon to help pull Silverstream up off the ground. She might have been a klutz but she was his friend the klutz before anything else and he wasn't gonna allow her to wallow in self-made death spiral. The smell of the lost cider could still be felt wafting through his decidedly dry nose, which was close to his dry mouth, which was dry because no cider had yet graced his lips. "It isn't your fault. You tripped. It happens," he said with a heavy sigh. "Are you going to be all right?" He asked with some genuine concern. She seemed rather down and he couldn't blame her, because..."I doubt it. Not today at least. There are so many creatures in line and I don't think they're gonna push them away just for us. It isn't fair though. Look at all the other creatures who aren't anywhere near the start of the line!" Gallus said as he gestured to others around, who looked despondent as well. "There's gotta be another way..." he huffed before he smiled. "Well, at least you didn't break your wing or something." Apple Bloom was lost in the reeds with all the ponies she was serving some awesome cider to, bit not so lost that she didn't feel her heart leap in excitement when Princess Luna came by to help her. She really liked Princess Luna! More than most ponies. She was an honorary Apple and Apple Bloom hadn't forgotten all the good she had experienced on account of her. She also saw the look she was given her sisters, though she didn't have time to unpack the who, what, or why. Even as she bent her head to take in her new Princess helper she was still serving mugs- two bits, mug, two bits, mug. "Well, howdy thar Princess! Nice ta see ya back here. Sorry if this ain't so glamorous but hey, its an honest day's work!" She said with a smile as she saw a mighty impressive Taira lean in and get the Princess' attention. "Howdy! Two bits, mug!"
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    Blueblood looked up towards the approaching Belladonna, relieved to have the tension between him and Applejack at least a little loosened. "A bit of a disagreement over... hm, the nature of justice and the demands of duty." He could have elaborated on the point, expanding on the contrasting philosophies of paternalism versus democratic equality, and how both developed divergently in the unicorn and earth pony tribes respectively, but some instinct told him that the rising pop idol was not a history buff. The orange-coated Apple mare in question, though, looked pretty near at the end of her lasso. The experienced diplomat within him knew that a concession would soon be forthcoming, he just needed to facilitate it. The country mare wouldn't be as trained in the moves of the game, and would probably have little patience for the prevarications that went with normal play, so he decided to take the bold move of spelling out the gambit. "I don't mind playing the role of public-facing subordinate for this; if we do well, all credit goes to the Apple Clan, if not, the blame shall fall upon my shoulders. That all agreed?" He raised his eyes to his Auntie, hoping that his soothing words would placate both Luna's ire and Applejack's stubborness. Seeing his friend Taira come in to discuss as well only bolstered his confidence, and he added, "I know these ponies, kirin, and others very well, and can vouch for their character and work ethic."
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    Applejack continued fidgeting with the parts of the treadmill, only making moderate small successes that would eventually lead to a fixed machine. Unfortunately, she could tell that at the rate she was going she would be at it all day and night once again. Should she give up on fixing the treadmill, there might not be enough cider for everyone today like she had hoped. Granny Smith had always known that when it comes to cider, taking time doing things the right way was of utmost importance. But that also, if the delays became too long no pony will stick around to taste how wonderful the cider is, and the boosted sales of the famous cider will not be kind to the family during the slow winter and spring moons. She had to fix this treadmill. Salvation could be seen however, when her new pink unicorn friend arrived with a cup of coffee from the barn. "Oh thank heavens, I'm more thirsty fer somethin' to wake me up than a..." Applejack stumped herself, unable to finish what would probably be a layup of a countryism, a standard feature of apple ponies from this side of the hemisphere. But because she was so tired, the loose tongue vernacular she was sometimes known for was rigid and stale. "Ah, I forget." She used both hooves to grab the cup of coffee Bellissima was levitating towards her. "Smells great, uh. What was your name again?" Applejack wasn't sure if she wasn't properly introduced to her, or if she had and just forgot due to exhaustion. Applejack sat back to take a deep sip of the coffee when in her line of sight ahead of her she could see Apple Bloom's backside serving ponies at the cider counter, a large stack of cider barrels waiting to be fed into the pump, and a rather long-legged alicorn with flowing mane staring back at her with a look of disapproval. It jolted Applejack up a little before she could even take the first sip of morning nectar. She tossed out to Prince Blueblood again for a tip, since he seemed to be an expertly trained contrarian to Applejack's stubborn philosophy in this moment. "Hey, do you think there's a way I can actually trust you guys to run this system for me. I might need to take a short nap or two on account that a certain princess might make my night last forever if I don't." Applejack said in jest with a serious reluctant request for help.
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    This was what she got for allowing Rainbow Dash to take Zap Apple out for a fun day. Did they go see a projector show? Did they have a nice fly about the town? How about teaching her something? No. Rainbow had to be the fun mom. Had to take him somewhere dangerous, most likely. Based on the goggles and the general look of him, probably the Wonderbolts academy. Zap Apple hadn't even been to flight camp yet and Dash was looking to get him hurt! Taking Zap Apple there and allowing him to get all amped on account of her super cool Wonderbolt mom was a surefire way to get him hurt. But of course that didn't go through Rainbow's mind, because of course it wouldn't. She wanted to show her colt a good time. Be the cool mom, the fun mom. Applejack reached out and patted Rainbow on the shoulders, though her eyes were still on Zap Apple. "RD, Ah'm...so, so angry right naw that Ah can't really think about it," she said with a sigh as she looked around. "You probably shoulda taken him ta tha hospital, but what's done is done. Ah'll inspect it. Ah need ya ta get mah medical kit from tha silo near tha house, and stat," she said as she took her hoof off of Dash and took a few deep breaths. She would have to remain calm while she worked with her son, lest she just get angrier at Rainbow over what was certainly just an unfortunate accident. She was petting him gentle atop is head to soothe him and keeping him in her loving embrace as she started to inspect him. "Yer Ah smart little fella, Zap. It sure is broke," she started as she felt around his injured wing. She didn't touch the body of the wing itself, rather she felt along the feathers. Luckily the wing hadn't suffered from a compound fracture. Judging by the way his feathers bent and the wing had moved, she could guess it wasn't a mess inside. It looked like, for better or worse, a simple breaking of the bone in the wing. "You'll fly again, after yer healed, Zappers. Can't tell you how long that is but it'll happen, not too long Ah'd hope," she responded truthfully while she focused in on the bad part of the wing. The main break was between the second and third wing joint. The Radial had snapped like a twig near the middle, but the reason the wing had that odd topsidet han was that the Ulna had broken near the top. This'd be hard, but luckily there was no blood or major damage except the break. "Keep yer goggles on. Why, yer a little cutie with them. Do you like 'em?" She asked as she saw Dash return. "Thanks," she said quickly as she opened it up with her free hoof and flipped it to face her soon-to-be-wife, pointing at the scissors. "Gimme seven feet of veterinarian tape," she ordered as she continued to reassure her son. "Was that a gift from Dashie? What did you two do today? Meet any nice ponies?" She asked as she started to work. It would hurt Zap Apple no matter what but by focusing on the events of a fun day- after all, Rainbow was the fun mom- hopefully everypony would remain calm. She was gonna have to set the wing, bandage it up, and then make sure to follow through with it. She hadn't seen any other damage and pegasi blood flow wasn't robust enough for the damage to be anything more than minor but that was no reason not to be careful. With a breath and as everypony was discussing their day, she went to work resetting her son's wing. She would go as gently and easily as she could, but there was no way it wouldn't hurt.
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    The kiss with Applejack lingered longer than Yanhua thought it might. At first the qilin's eyes popped open when the lips met, but then shut again once she was more comfortable... as it lingered, Applejack would have felt the qilin growing especially comfy as the kiss channeled at least ten years of romantic frustration into the meeting of the muzzles. Once it was finally over, the qilin stood there with a very dreamy look on her face, Her mind having replaced Applejack with the stallion she'd been so fixated upon in front of her... until he spoke in the drawl and she promptly snapped out of it and cleared her throat. "Um... Thank you, Miss Applejack. This has proved a most um enlightening experience." She hurriedly exhaled a few motes of green flame that seemed to pick up the bushels of apples, "Perhaps before I get home I can speak to you about something that has been lingering on my mind since I saw your farm. But for now I'll take my leave. Farewell." With all that had happened in the rock climbing competition, the last thing that Yanhua wanted was to push her way through another awkward atmosphere. As she approached both Lian and Feng she was... a little curious about how Feng may have taken it. The petty side in her made her hope he felt at least a twinge of jealousy like she felt earlier. If he felt just the smallest bit annoyed maybe there was hope for her. Then he spoke. His words weren't the usual oblivious arrows in her side this time. At first she had rush of elation when he openly said that she looked cute... but the further meaning behind his words dawned on her. Frustration was boiling over already. Yanhua took a deep breath and again exhaled those ribbons of smoke as Feng's eternal obliviousness got her dander up. "You know, Feng. I think I will need help carrying these." She non-chalantly added the weight of her bushels onto the stallion's load before walking over to Prince Lian, "My lord, I believe you are up next in line. Do try not to break a filly's heart, will you?" She glanced back at the bow wearing filly and then took a seat by Feng as he got used to this newly added weight on his back.
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    Something from the request list happened today! Well, two somethings for @SirAizen! One portrait and one scene from our thread ^-^ These two dapper guys just waiting out a storm in the enchanted Honest Hearth Inn...
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    As the opening question was asked of him, Strong Copper allowed a smile to appear on his face as he made sure to talk nice and clearly so that he could be heard both by the projector and the audience. "A subjective question Mayor Mare, for I suspect that you could ask three ponies who live here that same thing and end up with six different answers." He paused for a second to let the quip sink in before continuing "But for my two bits, I believe that the biggest challenges that Ponyville is facing at the moment and the immediate future are going to be related to its growing population. Not only do we have to ensure that Ponyville can handle all of its new residents, with the presence of the School of Friendship more then just ponies are going to be moving here. I feel like ensuring that all current and future residents of Ponyville, regardless of the diverse nature of their origins, are comfortable and feel at home here will be something the town is a challenge that the town is ready to face."
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    If nothing else, it seemed that Tiger Blood would take well to the motley company that Blueblood was assembling around himself. It was pretty far from the trope of a decorative honor guard all too common in Canterlot; the Prince would swear that much of his fellow nobles chose their guards to match their curtains or begonias. *What kind of furnishings could possibly coordinate with a sphinx, an amazon, and everypony in between?* It was a rhetorical question, but some part of his mind was already designing the elephantine architecture of that dream palace. Definitely not something that could be done in Equestria, though. He blinked. *There is another possibility.* He technically had a weak claim to the Maretonian throne, not that such a ceremonial title would mean anything, as the real power rested in the three major city-states. Breaking their chokehold and mutual distrust seemed a pipe dream when he first learned of his familial connections.... but perhaps, with the crew he was building around him... *Something I'll have to talk about later, with Star.* Speaking of which, he stretched up to whisper in her ear before she gave Tiger Blood the lowdown on the job, "Remind me to give you a proper 'welcome home' later." With a smile, he stepped out of her way, seeing Tiger Blood accept the role as he answered Niil's remark. "[I'll let you know when I find one. Though, you didn't seem to mind when I served as a substitute!]" As the one pony on the planet who could get away scott free after teasing a sphinx, Blueblood couldn't let any opportunity pass up. Once his new recruit accepted, Blue gave him a crisp nod, magically taking out the papers he'd stowed on his person. "Good to hear! We can also discuss adding you to my sparring rotation; I'm not totally hopeless, but I'd be lying if I said I wanted to go anywhere without at least one of you having eyes on me. Oh! Speaking of which, I'll have to tell you all about the next large gathering I'll be at. It will be in Ponyville; Princess Twilight appointed me as the Archancellor to her School of Friendship, so I've been moving my household and business affairs into the Crystal Castle there for the time being. I'll be hosting a fundraiser soiree, where I'll be soliciting donations, enrollments, and such. I think having an eclectic gathering for my entourage will help sell the idea of a multi-national student body. There's still a few in Canterlot who are a little weirded out by seeing so many different kinds together, particularly when they didn't use to be so friendly with us or each other. Showing that I put my money where my mouth is in my personal life should prove of great assistance." That certainly explained his rationale for seeking out a recruit like Tiger Blood; Hesperia was one of the few countries not represented at the school, and no pupil could possibly be more outlandish than a sphinx. After seeing his Honor Guard, the student body would look like a well-ordered and pleasingly uniform bunch. Well, once all the students were wearing their spiffy new uniforms!
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    The memory of the Rock climbing event brought a shaky smile to the qilin's lips. Internally, .He was thankful that despite her mishap none had noticed how much she'd changed under duress. Perhaps the distance between the wall and spectator's stands was a blessing in disguise. It was probably awkward for quite a few when she didn't show up to accept the award until later in the day when she was in less of a panic. "To be honest, I think I handled the cupcake eating contest better... and it made less of a mess of my coat." A small chuckle escaped her at the memory, " Making that whirl of fire was much more fun... and the cupcakes were delicious." While Applejack perused the apples in stock, Yanhua was noticing something very familiar about this orchard. It reminded her of something from a very long time ago. It was hard to place at first but eventually she realized it was the scent of apples combined with this strange clan of characters running it. It brought to mind a family of qilin in the high mountain regions of Long Guo. She skimmed the deep trenches of her mind to try and recall the name but was interrupted as Applejack spoke up with another question about her selections: this time about the Quantity. "I think two will suffice. I'm hoping to make something special for the kitchen staff back home." A bushel was a lot of apples after all... If they were especially good, Yanhua might be tempted to snack on more than a few on the way to their next destination. Fishing the bits from her saddlebag and onto the counter she smiled, "Ten bits as agreed... As for the kiss. You'll have to forgive me I haven't kissed anypony in a very long time." At least not on the lips, She'd not done so in... What was it, a hundred years? Where does the time go? "I'm afraid I might be a bit rusty." She said with a small chuckle.
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    Zap Apple would be territorial if anyone other than one of his mothers came to touch him during this time of anguish. However, Applejack had a way with words, and even the way she walked towards him felt like a pain reliever prescribed to him by his pediatrician. Although even Dr. Horse's bedside manner was never as comforting like the sound of home. "It's my wing. It, it hurts, I think it's broken." Zap said whimpering to his mother, while also attempting the most grown-up face he could. He wanted to feel like a strong fast flyer. Mimicking the swagger of Rainbow Dash was always a template, and even in times of pain would he strive for that kind of reflection. Zap realized in both of his mother's reactions to each other that no one knew for sure exactly what was wrong with his wing. He knew it hurt and that it might be broken. But there was always more that needed to be answered. "Am I not going to fly now?" Zap asked as if it was an ultimatum. He wasn't playing dumb. He knew ponies got sick, got better, broke a bone, got better. But the panic that surrounded him made him feel like it was much more serious than that, and all he could do is either assume his fate or ask questions. "Do I need to give my goggles back?" He said worryingly, touching his goggles that were wrapped around his neck.
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    The mare slowly raised a brow at the name of 'Tiger Blood'. That certainly did not sound like a typical pony name - most certainly not one belonging to an earth pony. The name sounded grim if anything. It was the sort of name that gives the impression to any sensible pony to grab a crossbow before they hear the damning phrase of 'Stand and Deliver'. And that would offer the mare some measure of both doubt and concern. However, if Blueblood had personally vouched for the stallions conduct by giving him an honored position, she will have to simply trust the stallion for now. The mare turned around and gave the large sphinx a slow bow. "Greetings, Niilavin. My appologies that we had not time to meet before. Perhaps when business is taken care of, we shall find time to speak?" With that she turned that almost perpetually impassive gaze onto Tiger once more. This time, her eyes shifted over the males appearance to take him in as a whole. There wasn't a lot she could tell that points to experience in the military. The male was far too relaxed. The posture lacked that stiff practiced regimen. And the details of the muscles she could see did not give her any clues to whether or not he had done the long march trainings that were standard. And so nothing could be immediately noted of endurance. But she will give him credit. The pony walked with enough grace to be said that he knows some sort of weapon, and likely had enough experience to back what ever training he had for such a confidence. Before speaking with the new recruit, she turned to her second and gave a nod, along with a very faint - hardly perceptible smile. "It is good to see you as well Dunder. I do agree that some changes are surprising... but perhaps not the same ones you are observing." She turned her attention back onto Tiger Blood and gave him one finall look over. Then finally said. "Very well... If you were offered a position by my charge, then I will respect his decision and assume that you have managed to prove your capabilities. The job details being a member of the Prince's honor guard. You are expected to act with dignity, and protect him from the standard harms. Jostlers most likely. Occasionally a pie turned missile. And occasionally that also includes the need to take a knife to the face to protect your lord. The pay is meager - but always ontime. You will naturally have a roof over your head, and will not need to worry about a forced march outside of required PTs. Your uniform will be a standard issue chainmaile, padded barding, with plate. You may wear this uniform in any configuration as long as the plate is in the proper location, and the uniform is undamaged and modified. It can get hotter than tartarus, and colder than a night in Stygia - and you are expected to wear it while on duty." "If this sounds fine to you, then we will go ahead and get to the paper work and necessary security clearances."
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    His ears pinned back against his mane and for a moment, his nostrils flared in response to that snapped whatever from the mare. He had nothing to say in the face of it beyond another soft growl rolling out of his throat, although.. the expression of hers was making it somewhat difficult to hold any anger against her for long. He chose to let it go, for now, chalking it up to stress on her part. His attention moved on from Alizarin to the timid yellow-and-pink pegasus who was not so timid now as she moved among the other ponies, giving them orders- mostly focused on helping the filly as the antidote did its work to purge the cockatrice's venom from her body. The last pony Fluttershy visited was him, and he took in her narrow-eyed look with something close to indifference over his thinly veiled agitation. It was almost cute that she was trying to tell him what to do. His tail lashed behind him and he grunted, glancing back over at Alizarin and Firewalker crouched over the still-unconscious Apple Bloom. "Normally I don't listen to the orders of ponies, but.. fine. I'll keep an eye out-.." Sombra trailed off and turned his head as something in the forest shook the ground again, followed by a second. The former tyrant moved around in a half circle around the mares, his brow furrowed as he tried to figure out which direction it could be originating from. He could agree with Alizarin, it was getting annoying. It might not even be what he was looking for, but he was already here so he might as well follow this through to the end with his current companions.
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    Alizarin was a little taken aback when the dark unicorn named Sombra argued back with her. Her eyebrows furrowed in response, as the little yellow filly was drinking up the anecdote. "Well, er-" she fumbled with her words, frustrated at his response. He was absolutely right. And she knew that. Which is what made her irritated. She just decided to end with a, "Whatever", as it would make the situation worse. Instead, she just kept her eyebrows and nose scrunched, which was kind of cute to look at. She turned to Fluttershy as she spoke next, making the farm pony roll her eyes. "Fine." The mare then looked to the red Captain as she spoke next, make the small mare raise an eyebrow. "Darn tootin'! Ah didn't even think of that thin' bein' close over here. He could be 'nywhere right now." She looked dramatically around her, making sure she didn't hear a scary sound. "That can't be the huge thin' that's makin' all those thuds, right? Or is there another monster runnin' silly?" Her ear twitched, feeling a little uncomfortable. "Ah kind of like the idea of squishin' that bugger alive. Can't think of nythin' else to do." Something in Fluttershy must've snapped, as she came to terms with her confident side. The yellow pony told her to keep the bandana, which Ali did so. Following right after, foam started to spittle, in which Ali dabbed at the filly's face. The brown and crème mare nodded her head, "Yeah, I've had to deal with this type of venom before. Mah cousin Fruit Juice got basilisk vemon in 'er once, so Ah'm familiar with this ridiculous situation." Ali's voice still sounded irritated, and she kept ahold of Apple Bloom. When Fluttershy ordered everypony to help from what they could, another large thud shook the ground they were laying and sitting on. "If somethin' else happens Ah'm gonna rip somepony a new one." Another thud.
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    @Bellosh Oh! That would be fun! Onto the list it goes ^-^ Also, this came out of nowhere today but I think it turned out nicely! It's my version of AJ and Steel's Rarity!
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    The others were right. The water looked incredible! Nice and clear and she could see all kinds of fish! What a fool she was! She originally just wanted to stay home and grumble to herself and read her favorite magazine, 'Grumble Weekly'. This was the best field trip EVER! They got to see some pretty awesome sights like waterfalls, old sea forts, legendary mini-islands that were supposed to hide secret pirate lairs and soon they would be heading over to a old amusement park called the ‘Kick & Canter Park’. They had ten wooden roller coasters! Ten different kinds of churros! SIXTY kinds of fried foods! And sadly, only one first aid station. Today, they were going to do a little snorkeling with her group. The young dragon made sure she had everything on claw. She had her bathing suit, which she looked pretty darn good in. She wasn’t ready for a bikini, but this look, she could handle. She had her snorkel gear and flippers. There was also this water-proof camera that she was going to use to take some pretty awesome photos. And not just the sad, sad sight of a soggy Gallus! Nope! She was sure she would have time for maybe two or three photos of some fish. Nah. she couldn't lie to herself. It was all going to be soggy kitties. And maybe a pic of one big wet Yak. As she slid the flippers on, an eerie voice could be heard. While the voice was kind of creepy, dragons don't scare easily. As long as 'vampony books' aren't thrown into the loop. She wasn't scared. Nope. But she was polite. "Nah, I'm good. I have all the gear need and dragons have really great lungs." But the voice continued and while Smolder could ignore it, this time it was backed with magic, evil magic! "No. I do have a choice. Which is no. What are you doing? Please no!" Her cries were ignored. Horrible magic covered the helpless dragon. She let out a scream as the painful spell transformed her into a ugly, ugly monster. Curse you Silverstream. Was the last thing the poor creature could think before she took the form. "WAAGH!" Thank goodness it was only a dream. As Smolder got into a seated position, she wiped the flop sweat from her brow, which confused her as she was pretty sure dragon's didn't sweat. Her other claw was holding her festive little blue pillow so tight, she was surprised it didn't explode and send feathers all over the room. That was the second time this week she had that dream! Spike was the true king of horror! The little dragon told her not only was he turned into a dog in that other world he was in, he was also transformed into a puffer-fish when he visited Seaquestria. Why a dog or a puffer-fish? Dragons were awesome. He should have turned into an cool scaly lion or a sea-dragon! But that park looked really. Oh poop. She had already forgotten about the dream. Or at least the good parts. She was going to need a drink of water. So with her pillow still in hand (it was stuck), the heroic young dragon climbed down from the top of her bunk-bed and proceeded to amble towards the mini-fridge. She had a full bottle of Cantermart Drinking Water waiting for her. Nice and chilly. But something was wrong? Where was Silverstream? She never wakes up early! The bathroom door was cracked partially open, so she wasn't using that, and it was forbidden for students to wander around the campus during the night. They would lose House points! And um. Wait. That was also from another dream she had. And like the one piece bathing suit, she also looked pretty darn good in green robes. At least she could remember that. Oh no. She forgot it again. She needed to wake up Ocellus! She could turn into something sneaky and hunt down that crazy sea-bird. And then maybe turn into a Bite-acuda and snap at her booty. Heh. But then it dawned on her. The Changeling was off visiting her family. That left only Yona. Oh dear. Something else caught her eye. New issue of 'Grumble Weekly' arrived! Score!
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    I could always use Fast Track. They'll have to visit Griffonstone...Rockville (Where Pinkie's parents live) Ghastly Gorge...Applewood (I think Whinny World is there)....
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    So many questions about transparency and auditing. It was almost as if ponies didn't trust her, Spoiled Rich! The absolute nerve, and she had half a mind as to who exactly was responsible for these insinuations. Directing a severe look towards any visible representative of the Foal Free Press, she answered with emphasis. "Oh believe me, there is nothing more that I should desire than the opportunity to educate certain ponies about the financial realities of real governance. I'm not the sort of candidate to offer ponies bribes with their own tax money; part of the reason my aims are focused on widening the tax base is to ease the per-capita load. Anypony who likes will be able to see the progress, writ large in black and red ink." And it had to be said, in all fairness, that her aims had nothing to do with lining her own pockets or needlessly monumentalizing herself from the town budget. Not until she could be certain that statues would not be torn down or lawyers sent around by her successor. You couldn't be so blatant about political ambitions or corruption these days. Plus, she was a bright enough mare to know, after that little "incident" over the window and her guest lecturer application, that she wouldn't be able to get away with it. When all else fails in pursuit of glory, one might as well try to actually deserve it.
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    Fire Walker smiled as they made their way onwards. With a skilled scout in the air and an honest to goodness experienced hero in the back, the young officer had confidence for their mission. She was in such a good mood, she almost felt a song in her heart. One that was telling her to keep up cantering. Everything was going to be alright. And nopony's gotta worry 'bout nothing. Don't go hittin' that panic button. It ain't worth spilling your drink. Everything's gonna be alright. Alright, alright. The mare could not help but wonder where that song came from? The old song just popped up in her head. This was a favorite song she remembered hearing back in college. The singer went on and changed her style to pop a few years later, which was far more popular than country. Boo. Normally, she would have considered this a 'dooming moment', when things were going well, and then the goofy hero thinks about things going well, and then things go right to h-e-double-hockey-sticks! But she couldn't even believe that. Things were going well. And if she had a drink, it wouldn't be worth spilling. But she had so much to look forward to. Her bachelorette with the girls. Her marriage with Swift. Grindecologist Coffee just shipped her a fresh box of her favorite coffee. Her mother's first romance-adventure novel was being released. Rom-Adv? Advent-Rom? Her old instructor, Greasy Spoon was visiting her parent's house in Ponyville and was going to make a big meal for all. And hopefully give a few lessons to her Culinary challenged family. Things were going just swell! As they cantered on, she could not help but be impressed by somepony who broke out into song. Who here had such a lovely voice? She knew it wasn't Applejack as it lacked her usual country twang. "Guys, I do appreciate the skill it takes to carry a tune, but could you stop with the....", she glanced behind her. Nopony was singing. "Um.". The creature who was singing was right in front of her. And it wasn't an Tri-Horned Bunyip, but an... "Come on Swift Star. Did you flunk your U.L.C.U.D test? That's a Siren!" For a moment, the large creature stopped singing and glanced down at the little ponies with a grin. Was she hungry?
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    Sky blushed at the compliment, flush with the adrenaline of public performance that was only just now beginning to ebb. Though his performance was considerably more "chill" than many musicians on this circuit, it was still just as heart pounding to him as it would be to any performer. Of course, a certain pegasus mare might also account for his heart's accelerated activity... "Thanks, Windy. But, um, who is Golden Bit? I thought she was just the cafe manager." His ignorance revealed, Sky was honestly more concerned with the stacked sourdough sandwhich headed his way, which he tore into after a quick word of thanks to the waiter. It took a few large bites before the beast of hunger was quelled within him, and he felt able to take questions from the audience. The first to approach was an icy blue unicorn, who introduced herself under a startlingly appropriate name. "Pleased to meet you, Ice Storm! And honestly, I would definitely love to do more shows, though I'll be a bit busy in the coming weeks putting together my new LP. If you don't mind me doing a bit of album promotion, though, I can definitely make time!" After a second or two, another thought came to him. "Oh, and I do actually have a studio and label of my own; if any of your acts want to cut a record, I can help out with that, too."
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    Granola wasn't feeding herself a trough of lies as she described how it had a unique look without sacrificing a darn thing about it. It may not have been the right juiciest apple she had ever tasted but it was a near perfect blend of tartness and sweetness with just that right texture to make it all dance just right in your mouth. She wasn't sure where the Zap Apple taste was supposed to be involved but she reckoned it could be any of the subtle variances with how it seemed to make everything interact. It was rightly justified as a good eating apple. Baking? She didn't know. All of the varieties that came together to form this cultivar were exceptionally good at a wide variety of roles, but that didn't mean she could jot it down as a superior baking cultivar. But really Applejack's mid was just trying to piece together some sort of resistance. Because the hypnotic, anomalous effects of the apple was the real star. Applejack noted that it seemed like the apple had done a different number on both of them. Applejack hadn't been hearing any voices or felt like she had been brought to a warm, safe place. No for her it seemed...she didn't know how to phrase it. Even long after she had finished her apple it seemed to linger, but she seemed to take in her family's history even more. Her heart was pumping overtime trying to give her the mind able to expand to take in the enormity of her family line. She felt connected to each and every last one of them in ways equally unique and rote even on a normal day. Now? Now she looked at an ancestor's hoofwriting and felt like they were alive in her heart as real and true as she was. That her family from Dusk to Dawn and even, now, the Twilight, was alive and with her. It lifted her spirits and lifted her soul in a way she couldn't describe, though not to the intensity of her pal Granola there, if only because she lived with a level of such feeling all the time. "Ah know what you mean. Well, not exactly what you mean, but what you mean what you mean. Mah reaction ain't tha exact same, no voices over here- err, not yet anyway. Ah feel like that there apple is opening up mah heart in ways Ah didn't know it could," she laughed, wiping a tear from her eyes before she shook her teary cheek and tried to refocus. A part of her brain. was telling her something was off. "Gotta say that Ah've known mah fair share of cultivars but this is special. All sorts of ponies would want one of these beauties. Bad day? Have a cosmic crisp. Gonna see a patient at yer head clinic? Cosmic Crisp. Just wanna feel like everythin'will be all right, or how about a nice snack? Cosmic crisp! Woooo-weee, Ah tell you, tha possibilities are endless," she said as she leaned back. "A sixth sense...a sixth sense. Empathy, maybe?"
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    Gallus rolled his eyes, though he did so with a smile. It was better than being screamed at. He'd take foalish small talk any day of the week over the other possibilities. He just didn't know whether it was a real break or whether Zap was gonna continue not settling down and playing or drawing or doing whatever it was they could to pass the time before his parents came home. "Okay, Zappy. What does Zappy like to do? Gally wants to know," Gallus asked again, this time making sure to use his name. Truth be told he was kind of curious what there even was to do up here for a foal. Rainbow Dash didn't seem the type to have a lot of foal-safe activities about and he did need to start getting Zap Dapple on some sort of activity. They couldn't just rush from one small crisis to another with bouts of temper tantrums and the eating of candy to break it apart. Gallus wasn't a childcare expert by any stretch but he was sure most of that was against any number of training manuals for soon-to-be-battle-tested foalsitter. With an outstretched wing Gallus opened the fridge and got the milk out, pouring himself a glass. "Want a glass there, ki- Zap?"
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    ~~~Wind Dancer~~~ Wind dancer blushed a bit at Golden Bit's comment as the music finally started for the last song, It sounded familiar. She heard the notes a bit more as she finally placed it. This was the full non-acoustic version of the song that she had danced to when she visited his skyhouse! The melody and instruments all sounded amazing and then he started singing. When he did, she then also understood why he chose fireflies for her to use for some of her dance routines. She didn't deny that they would like amazing, but she was just more worried about hurting them with a strong gust. It would break her giant heart if she hurt or let along killed even a single lightning bug on accident and it would ruin whatever show she was doing. She shook her head of the thoughts and watched as all of the little toys, gadgets and gizmos started to come alive with the different hits of the music. They all started roaming around the stage and kind of started doing their own thing, but it was all in combination with the music. It was quite the display. And then there was sound. The entire room filled with sound as the speakers in the back activated and Wind knew instantly where they were in the music. This is where she had made the downburst on the lake. The words themselves kinda further described the dream state that he had mentioned to her and mentioned in the performance a bit. It hinted back to the fact that everything in the dream was just that, not everything is as it seems. Then as the instrumental part of the song began to soften towards the end of the song all of the little things around the stage began to stop and shut off until soon it was just his voice and the keyboard which soon followed into the silence. The restaurant burst into applause and several ponies began to stand for their ovation to him, including Wind Dancer, though whether she was the first to stand or not she wasn't sure. She wasn't focused on the rest of the crowd. She was focused on the pony that just finished singing for them and looked on as she applauded with a beaming smile. When he finally stepped over from the stage and sat with her, he asked her how he did, with the applause still lingers Wind smiled. "You did absolutely amazing, and judging by the reactions of everypony else here, they think so as well. You definitely got Golden Bit's attention, and that's a very, very good thing," she said with a smile before noticing that the Icy blue mare was making her way over. "Apparently more than just hers to," she said as she heard Ice introduce herself and remained silent but giddy as Ice spoke. ~~~Golden Bit~~~ Golden Bit remained by Wind Dancer through most of the last song and she was intrigued by the design of it. They way eveyrthing took the stage and came to life with the music was quite teh stage effect. He certainly had some skill in that department, which was a good thing if he was going to get anywhere outside of a small restaruant like this, but he definitly had potential, and the fact that he can control the stage effects with his keyboard like that meant that there was pretty much unlimited potential for a skill set like that with the kind of music that he was doing. It was generally softer than a lot of the new stuff that was coming out anymore, but that was a good thing. Sometimes ponies needed something that was soft, melodic and meaningful rather than something that's fast and shredding. She was a bit surprised when the large wave of sound washed over them in the middle of the song. It was something completely different than what he had done up to this point. It wasn't any heavier than anything else that he had done, but the volume was unexpected and it rocked the tables a little bit. At this point, all the toys and everything were full of life and moving on their own accord. Everything had come together for the full climax of the piece and she could see why the drop was the way it was now. Slowly though, different toys began to shut them out and the song faded as the performer stood up and the applause was immediate. Windy had indeed found a good one. She hoped, that for both their sakes that he didn't do anything to hurt her. As much as that mare had been through already, the last thing she needed was a broken heart. She smiled as he went over and sat next to Windy and said that he would be taking Q&A from his table. She would give him a chance to calm down a bit before moving over there to talk with the performer. Plus, her sights caught the attention of one of her other usual performers in the crowd tonight and she wanted to get his opinion. She'd already had her mind mostly made up from all the reactions already but still, fellow performers were often their own worst critics. She made her way over to the magician's table. "Hey there Terry, quite the show tonight eh? Wind Dancer picked out a good one for us," she said with a smile. ~~~Ice Storm~~~ When all the gadgets and gizmos started coming alive on the stage, it instantly started mesmerizing Ice Storm. The way that everything was being controlled by the keyboard lead her to wonder what else could be done with that. Was there a limit to what could be done with that? She didn't really have any idea how any of it worked or the logistics behind it. What she did know though, was that the music was good and the effects with all the little things moving around on the stage was cool! She simply leaned against Raven, munching lightly on her second sandwich as the music played. She couldn't help but giggle a bits from the lyrics of the song as she leaned up to whisper into Raven's ear. "You're my firefly," she said with a small giggle. It was true though! Well, mostly true. She couldn't fly unless they were on her airship, but she was definitely fire! Then the loud sudden blast of music woke her up as she felt her table rumble. She wasn't asleep per-say and she definitely wasn't bored, more she was happy to just take in the music and the large burst was completely unexpected. She wasn't going to say that it didn't fit with the music either. Truth be told, she was honestly more focused on the mare next to her for the most part of the last song, content to lean against her while listening. When the song finished, and all the gadgets shut down, the applause started and Icy joined in with the standing ovation. He had definitely earned it. She smiled as the performer thanked all of them, and then... basically confirmed her suspicions by going over and sitting at Windy's table! They were dating! They had to be! The rumor that had been floating around Entertainment weekly apparently had some truth to it! She gave Raven a soft kiss and a smile. "I'll be right back," she said said with a smile before heading over to the table where Wind and this... she looked at the brochure again, Sky Sailing was sitting. When she got over there, she nodded politely to Windy before speaking. "Excuse me, Sky Sailing was it?" Ice Storm asked to confirm. It was more a formality and a manner or professionalism than anything else. "My name is Ice Storm. Owner of the Fire and Ice Hotel and Casino next door. I was wondering if you might be looking into picking up some more shows?" she added. She had plenty of venues for him to choose from for his performances and could put something together for him pretty quickly. Of course, if he was dating Windy, She knew that it would be an every once and a while thing. She had little doubt that Golden Bit and Wind Dancer would like to keep him performing here at the Mareage, but she could hope that he could do a few shows in her casino as well.
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    Professor Fluttershy left but not without taking the wind out of his wing. Okay so he wasn't the nastiest, meanest Griffon of all time but he had claws and talons and a predator's jaw. That had to be a little intimidating, right? Uggh. These ponies and their carefree alliance with just about anything with a beating heart. With the exception of the Everfree they didn't seem to fear anything. And that was cool and all, he liked that, but just once or twice he'd like to feel like a lion and not a cub. "See ya," he said, taking the small victory of not having to deal with that stupid flamingo. He already had one out of control, ill-behaved bird to deal with today and he wasn't sure he could handle another. Heck, one was hard enough. One quick look at Zap Apple told Gallus he was ready to start crying his heart out again. Boreas, why was he so full of tears and anguish? Throw him onto the streets of Griffonstone for a week and that'd give him something to cry about. Okay, cool it, Gallus. You got this, he thought to himself as he reached into his bag. "Hey kid, I know we didn't finish those cupcakes but don't worry, I came prepared," he said with a smile. He had hoped to have these for later but solving a problem now was enough for him. He pulled out a cardboard box wit bright colors and flashy images. It was sugarfilled, apple-flavored, pegasi-adored hulled sunflower gummies that were all the rage. He had purchased two boxes. "Wanna sit down and have some snacks?" He offered a talon with several gummies as a peace offering.
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    It was hard not to have one's confidence be taken for arrogance, particularly when on a debating stage whose only other occupant was a clearly unqualified contestant for the mayoral office. Nonetheless, Spoiled felt herself to be showing admirable restraint, even waiting for four whole seconds to ensure that she wouldn't be interrupting any further remarks with her reply. "If I'm being perfectly honest, there was a greater degree of unity than my opponent alleged when I actually asked my fellow citizens that question, but I do believe his answer to be accurate enough. The real division I found was between those who saw the challenge of growth as a burden to be borne, and those who saw an opportunity to be seized. I could myself in the latter camp, just as those who founded Ponyville saw the challenge of making a town on the frontier seized what they saw as an opportunity. So it has proven, and so I am confident it will prove again, so long as we do not allow ourselves to lose that spirit."
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    Like a young filly drooling over cakes on display in a store window, Sunset Shimmer pressed her face against the museum display separating the outside world from one of the most important scrolls in wizarding history. Here indeed was a treasure beyond her wildest aspirations. Back in more ‘innocent’ times, Sunset hoped that she too would produce such seminal works that would leave as big of a lasting impact as those of Starswirl the Bearded. But well... growing up happened, and it taught Miss Shimmer that childish daydreams couldn’t always be fulfilled. For now however, Sunset wasn’t reminded of that disappointment. Instead, she joined in the chorus of gushing over a thousand-year-old piece of paper. “You know Twi, ponies would *kill* to possess something this priceless,” She suddenly turned to give Twilight Sparkle a look of dead-seriousness; “Mares like you and me...” .....It took all of Sunset’s willpower to avoid corpsing right there and then, and it was blatantly obvious to anypony who knew the look of somebody holding back laughter that she was doing so.
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    As the door opens the sound of a mare shouting can be heard. Yet, not a scream of fear but enjoyment as an unicorn maid can be seen shooting up in the air. Below her laying on his back was the beast known as a sphinx. Far larger than a yak or even the royal sisters it was juggling the main in the air. Launching her skyward with his paws as two pegasus maids stay close just in case. Yet his aim was true, every time she came back down a large powerful paw met her to send the mare skyward again. And it seems she wanted this given her cries of enjoyment and waving at the two flying maids. And like all maids given to this sphinx they were dressed oddly. Not like modern maids like the servants of ancient times. They even had on makeup styled after his ancient homeland to match the clothing. A small taste of his lost home to make the sphinx more relaxed in this odd modern time. “Hello! … Blue!” He spoke in a very heavy accent, his words heavy hoofed. Yet he was getting better at speaking to others in this new language. A useful skill as nopony but Blue can understand him otherwise. “Day… Very good. Yes?” He added as the maid landed on a paw and he did not toss her again. His focus now on speaking in the new language he was learning.
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    Homura stifled the initial response that came to her mind to Kireina question. After all, Noodle-Legs didn't did anything to earn her ire. At least so far. "<......Just looking.>" she finally muttered after a moment before returning to her drawing. The mere mention of 'gladiator show' however, was enough to stir Esaka from her torpor. It was like an jolt run through filly, one that filled her eyes with a little more gleam. Quilin got next to Sunburst so fast one could swore that she teleported. Only small yellow-gold embers on the floor told otherwise. "Colosseum? Gladiator show? Can we go? Can we participate?" the little blood knight inside Esaka reared her head. "Please tell me more Sunburst-sensei!" she pleaded. The change was probably astonishing for her traveling companions. After all, this was the most lively and excited that Homura got since enrolling in the School of Friendship! "They do the whole 'pankration' thing there, right? I want to it's moves!" Of course before hSunburst could answer, it came the time to leave the train. Homura gave unicorn professor a look that indicated that she wasn't done before rushing back to gather her things. During disembarkment, the young quilin bumped into toga wearing reptile. This made Homura do a double take. Wait, this wasn't a mare reptile - it was a dragon! True, it looked like horned lizard blended with a bat - unlike graceful dragons of Long Guo - but looks weren't everything. And besides, it weren't the looks that interested Esaka. No, she was much more interested in western's dragons reputation as temperamental and combative creatures that fought with claws, teeth and fire. The was one thing however....didn't western dragons supposed to be HUGE? "Or is she fun size? Neat." she muttered before joining the group. She really hoped that they get to hotel fast - the faster they do, the faster they can get to this Colosseum place!
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    Kireina glanced up at her fellow foreign student questioningly, raising an eyebrow as the other filly eyed her up a bit. “<Do you need something?>” She asked in their native tongue, looking the other filly over in return. They had only really met briefly so far, and it hadn’t been the best of first meetings, but she had hoped to find someone she could relate to in Homura. Not that she was likely to admit it, but she was rather homesick at times, and Homura represented a link back home. She could appreciate Homura’s artistic choice of how to spend the train ride so far at least. It seemed they didn’t have any time left in the ride though, as they pulled into the station and the professors, and other chaperones, started to herd them off. Tucking her book under a wing for now, Kireina grabbed her luggage and followed the others out onto the platform, looking around at the sights she could see from here. She didn’t really have friends to stick by for this trip, so she was kinda just by herself near the professors.
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    Rainbow was terrible at remaining calm. The only thing she could think about was what it felt like to have a fractured wing. She's had one herself not that long go and in that case it had been AJ that had set the wing and saved her ability to fly...well at least her ability to fly like she did. Her heart was beating like a trip hammer and tear brimmed under her eyes. She had to be tough for their little guy but she was not good at controlling herself. Plus, it was obvious that AJ was mad at her. Of course she was. She had every right to be. RD couldn't lie to AJ, that much she knew. She'd have to tell her mare how she'd been lapping up the praise of a certain flight master of the Wonderbolts instead of keeping track of Zappers as he tried his best at some speed flight. He'd crashed and burned and she could have stopped it all from happening. Too late now. "H-he was flying fast and then..." She spoke so Zap couldn't hear. "It's broken AJ. The wing's broken I saw it." She suddenly realized she should have taken him to the hospital, not here! "Oh Tartarus! I wasn't even thinking. I brought him here because you fixed my wing so I thought you'd fix..." She kept her voice low and away from their son, at least she had that much sense. It was a huge mistake but too late now. "Should we take him to the hospital?" She once again was depending on AJ to make the right choices. RD was a failure again and she knew it.
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    Okay @szalhi, I'm done! Here's Loose Cannon! You can download her here: https://sta.sh/0xowys575fn This is the base I used: https://www.deviantart.com/crazyaya/art/MLP-Base-Don-t-you-want-devoted-followers-801044554 Lemme know if you want anything changed!
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    ~Basics~ Roleplay Type: WoE Name: GillianNicknames: Gill, Gilly, Gilligan Sex: Female (her/she)Age: Young AdultSpecies: Griffon (She's half Peregrine Falcon, half Cheetah)Sexual Orientation: Lesbian ~Physical Attributes~ Eye Color: A soft green that melds into orange. Character Color: Her main body is a normal cheetah coloring with dark brown spots covering throughout. Her bird claws and beak are a orange-y yellow. Mane/Tail: Her plumage ranges from three different colors, a darker blue that looks grey, a lighter blue-grey, and a more mellowed out brown. She's rather fluffy, as her chest and the top of her head has extra feather. The ones on her head form a mohawk, reaching down her neck. Her wings are large and strong, and her inner feathers are lighter than the outer ones. Physique: Gill is very athletic looking, tall and muscular, literally build for speed. Extra: She always has her flight goggles on her head, and is rarely seen without them. When she isn't wearing them, you can see that her right eyebrow is partly shaved off. She does that on purpose for a more 'edgy' look. Cutie Mark: Griffons don't have cutie marks, duh! Unless you're Gabby. Description: N/A Story: N/A ~Outside Information~ Family: Aunt (Griffon (Falcon/White Lion)): Gia Occupation: Air Sprinter (And hopeful future Wonderbolt) Residence: She currently lives in Griffonstone with her Aunt, but travels for her meets. ~Characteristics~ Character Personality: Gillian isn't really your typical grumpy griffon, as she isn't the type to lash out on some creature because of something stupid. She's really quite reserved, most of the time keeping to herself and only herself. Because of that, she doesn't have many friends. Or any at all. Like most griffons, she wasn't opened to friendship. The only times she's had a glimpse was when she was in the Junior Speedsters Flight Camp when she was little. She's not known to get comfortable with any creature, as she doesn't trust them. Gill isn't rude or anything, she just simply isn't the type to start a conversation. When she is brought into one, she always has a level head and speaks out with basic answers. She was shy when she was little, which is kind of what brought out her more reserved nature. She's a pretty determined griffon, and likes to focus on her work and how she can improve. She doesn't really take cocky creatures all too well, and isn't fond of unnecessary reckless actions. She tends to be quick to be defensive with these types of creatures, and likes to fire back insults. It's her and her work and that's it. Gill isn't much of a team player, so she has trouble fulfilling her dream of being a Wonderbolt. She has a long way to go. Unique Traits: Gill is very very fast. This birb was literally built for speed. Being a mix of the two fastest animals known to Equestria, it's not hard for her to prove herself worthy of winning races. Her wings are strong and powerful, and she's very agile. It takes little to no effort for her to keep up with others, but she does work a lot. It's rare to see her doing something else rather than flying. She's also rather fast on the ground too, and loves to take on large hikes and climbs. Her endurance is phenomenal, and can fly and run for a really long time. That's just from staying in shape though, because cheetahs aren't known for have a strong endurance. History: Gillian was born on a rather rainy day in Griffonstone. She was kind of unexpected from her birth mom, as she was the result of a one night fling. Her mom wouldn't be able to take care of her, as she really didn't want to. Her mom's sister though, Gia, wanted to take her in. Her Auntie Gia wanted to have a kid on her own, but because Griffonstone was so depressed at the time, it was kind of hard. So, Gia took custody of the little baby birb. She sees her mom sometimes, but isn't super close with her. Growing up, Gillian was rather shy. She hated unnecessary attention, and just wanted to be by herself in the backyard. All she would do was fly around and figure out how to do cool tricks. She over heard her aunt talk about the Wonderbolts one time, and the griffon was very intrigued by the group. For days on end she'd try and get her aunt to talk about the flying group, but the only thing that little Gill was scared of was that it was an all pony group. A little discouraged, the griffon asked her aunt to put her in a flying club. She started out in an all griffon flight school, but realized their grumpy and rude nature overwhelmed her. They also didn't try as hard as her, and she didn't have any griff to push her to her limits. She stuck to herself, and her aunt ended up sticking her in a flight school located in Cloudsdale. Of course Gill was nervous to be around a bunch of colorful, happy-go-lucky ponies, but her aunt thought it would be for the best. It was there where she met her match, a little pony named Golden Daze, and Daze's best friend Sea F. Salt. Finally she had some creature to keep up with! They soon became arch rivals, and honestly, as Gill hated Daze's guts. They were rivals for years, and still are. Even though their passions are different, they still push each other. Over the years though, Daze continued to be extremely cocky, which drove Gill insane, but, Gill does have a soft spot for the Pegasus. Maybe even has a little crush. Shhhhh... Currently, the griffon is an air sprinter, and has meets literally everywhere. She just hopes one day the Wonderbolts look her up. She has yet to join the academy, but eventually will. A little growing up photo for reference: Character Summary: Gillian is a reserved griffon literally made for speed, and wants to fulfill her dreams of becoming one of the best fliers. She has a long way to go though..
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    They trotted up to the pigs to meet the little critters in their well-stocked sty. It was a large enclosure fit for a family of seven, with a newly built wooden hut for them and a large muddy ground area for them to play and frolic in. Apple Bloom had many tasks on the farm and one of them was keeping the pigs well fed and she did that exceptionally well, cleaning and filling both troughs every two days. Usually they got apples that weren't fit for sale with a healthy helping of whatever else they had in stock tossed in as well as grain feed, all to make the pigs happy and healthy and ready for fun. That came whenever Apple Bloom had to clean the pen, which basically turned into an entertaining one on seven pig wrestling match. One of the pigs, Cassie, approached the Princess as the duo closed in. Luna asked the piggie a question, but all Cassie did was stare up at the Princess and stamp about in place as it tried to negotiate the fence. What a silly Princess! "Princess, they don't speak an' they sure as heck don't know who or what a Princess is. Just little ol' piggies. Here, Cassie!" Apple Bloom said, smacking her hooves together. Cassie turned around in place and saw Apple Bloom, squealed, and ran over to Apple Bloom. It hit the fance and fell down because pigs were stupid. Stupid but cute. Apple Bloom reached through the fance and pet Cassie on the head, who in turn sniffed the hoof in expectation of food. Nothing. Maybe next time the little filly came around she would bring food. until then, Cassie just squealed and hurrumphed in place as Apple Bloom beamed and took care of Cassie's possible snout itch with a good pat. Good times for the little piggies! "This here's Cassie. She's Cassidy's baby and only three years old. Her mama is ten. She's a little cutie, aintcha Cassie? So sassy! Such a sassy piggie! Who's a sassy piggie? You are! You are!" Apple Bloom cooed as she continued to pet Cassie, some of the other pigs wallowing nearby coming by to join in the sassfest.
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