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    Well I noticed there is not that many forum games around so lets see what happens... Well title says it all did I win already?
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    Hey everyone, I thought I'd stop in with an update from my phone while I have some downtime. Aside from a broken toe and seatbelt bruising, I am doing okay, and will be discharged from the hospital soon. My car, however, did not fare as well, and will not be making a recovery. I will be going to where it was towed later today to search for my glasses, which have been missing since the accident. Thank you all so much for your get well wishes! You should all be assured that I'm in good care
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    (I apologize that I have started this in here, but due to an internal server error, I'm unable to post this in Brony Chatter where it was meant to be. Still, this is a message I want to share with as many people as possible, so for any mods looking in, could you please move this instead of deleting it asap? And everyone who'll stick around, happy new year.) I am Apolline Allura, and I am prefacing the following with many thanks to not only the brony community, but in particular to canterlot,com. I haven't written nearly as much in my whole life as I have the past two years thanks to the people I've met here, and the structure of which RPs and random topics take place. For those that know me from more private channels, for good or bad, I would like to apologize for any past behaviors that have alienated you. One of my many new years resolutions was to not be as vindictive-sounding or as abrasive in my language or my meanings when it comes to disagreements. I am impressed and honored with how no matter what, this site, the fandom and the show, My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic continue to stay alive, and thrive from everything to do with it. Never have I seen a more dedicated or inspiring base of people centered around an animated, or even just plainly, fictional program in my life. It's heartening enough to have made me take up my own projects within this universe, many of which using characters that got their start here. The following wall of text is my focus on one of the most important things that this world needs more of right now. If you'll look at the title, you know what I mean. The characters and events and charming lore are all very much good reasons I'm into MLP right now. But even moreso are the tenents upon which it's built. You guessed it, the elements of harmony. I paste this from my facebook account, unedited and containing personal experiences and information in order to remain transparent as possible. We talk ponies, but I come to you as a human being, naked and real as any of us outside of these brightly lit screens. --- [colour=#333333]I awoke with a start at about five am this morning and realized I had written none of this, despite weeks of talking about it all. I have no regrets though, for at this point, it can be done with a clear conscience, sound soul and a sound mind. [/colour] [colour=#333333]Though I write this for those close to me, I will introduce myself for those not so close, because I want to reach more than just my circle with this cascade of words that I continue to throw at my screen. [/colour] [colour=#333333]My name is Canaan Walker. I'm a high school graduate and a dead even twenty years old. My passion is writing, and my one day desire is to gain a foothold in the finicky world of writing fiction. Be it for video games, comics or television, I have visions that I want to someday see plastered on the many screens and in the many books we have of such things these days. [/colour] [colour=#333333]I have two levels of what is known as my personal circle. The first one being my immediate family, who are the among the greatest beings I have come to know in this world. My grandmothers, grandfathers, uncle and dad and mother. Since I came into this world, these five individuals have done their best to raise me into what will one day culminate in a well-rounded, conscious, concerned and self-sufficient black man. They sacrifice and do and do it all out of love and some day I will give that back AND forward. It's one of the biggest superpowers in the universe.[/colour] [colour=#333333]The second level consists of my family outside, the family distanced, and the family that isn't blood, but family to me. The cousins, the aunts and the other uncles and such. My brothers and sisters, both of the cloth and not of the cloth The mentors and people who's teachings I've come to revere and live by. The village, in short, who raised me along with my immediate family. Those I haven't spent time with as much, but know me like anyone else would. These people support me on a different level. No less important than my inner circle, but there are values that I gain from both circles that one might not have.[/colour] [colour=#333333]An even more divisive section of that level are the people not related to me, but I am blessed to have come by. My friends. Of which, the magic of friendship is shared with, which is another of superpowers in the universe. [/colour] [colour=#333333]This New Years Eve, I would like to share the six virtues learned between both of these circles, as well as the world around us. [/colour] [colour=#333333]It's been a crazy year I might add: we've endured tragedy and division escalating beyond what we've had in recent years, specifically in this country, the United States of America where many people in aformentioned personal circles live. The seeds of discord continue to take root within our society and the world at large, leaving us all unable to unite as people. [/colour] [colour=#333333]But I've seen more than that. I've seen honesty. I've seen loyalty and generosity. Kindness and laughter and by the grace of He the most high, magic even. [/colour] [colour=#333333]I do not mean magic as an inexplicable thing in relation to His grace, but rather, the thing that enables the other five to survive, and form a cohesive whole.[/colour] [colour=#333333]The 2012 election was simultaneously amazing and frightening in how easily smaller pockets of people banded together, but even more pockets of people remained unheard and will be unattended to, no matter who sits in the Oval Office right now. I speak of course of lower class citizens. Although to be frank, I know people without much money or make much of it who have twice the class of any politician or businessman.[/colour] [colour=#333333]There have been natural disasters, which have torn homes asunder, but kept us strong in our committment to helping our fellow man and woman. Of course some of our countries policies regarding disasters have been less than optimal (see: New Orleans), but we have done so much better this time around. Workers of all stripes labored tirelessly without pay to aid everyone way, not because it was the right thing to do, but the human thing to do.[/colour] [colour=#333333]Finding gainful employment is an exercise in itself, because of nepotism, racism (yes, I said it) and the poor economy. You will need a BA to work at McDonald's in the next year, if not the next six months. But through collective work and economics, some families manage to sustain themselves, and people are rooming together and pooling resources to stay afloat.[/colour] [colour=#333333]And of course, the mass slayings of innocent people; men, women and children. The pain hasn't quite gone away, and for some it never will. But more of us can feel it than I've ever seen nowadays which is once again, both amazing and frightening. When we have endured tragedy ourselves, news of it strikes the feeling within us that enables us to connect with those closest to the situation. But to anyone who has never lost a family member to a cause beyond any sane persons understanding, it's nothing but news feed on the internet, or television. [/colour] [colour=#333333]And then the Mayans said the world was supposed to end or something. But we're still here, so I'll keep it moving.[/colour] [colour=#333333]I've witnessed all of these things and wondered how on earth the spirit of resilience that is the human soul continues to endure these things. And then upon realization of what exactly it is, I decided to write this note.[/colour] [colour=#333333]We are here because we work together, live together, exist together.[/colour] [colour=#333333]We are here because of Harmony, an extremely powerful compound. [/colour] [colour=#333333]Harmony consists of honesty: Of which we are duty-bound to tell the truth to ourselves and others. When we fail to recognize this as a duty, we fail ourselves and the people around us. It is a double edged sword to some, because some think some things are best left unsaid. But lack of communication, lack of information and context can lead to misunderstandings, and breed mistrust. The most beautiful of us can look particularly ugly when we don't act in the interests of preserving our integrity through honesty. When I was younger, I had a major issue with being honest with everyone, and paid for it with time and privlege. I'm glad I've went through it and dealt with my punishment for it then. Because now I'm learning how to deal with it as an adult, as a man. And when you're older, honesty is much more difficult because life has multiplied itself tenfold in it's complexity. Never sacrifice your honesty for fringe benefits. Everything in the dark eventually comes to light. And honesty is it's own reward. Like working for something and then acquiring it of your own sweat and toil. Or realizing your flaws are what give you your strengths. Or giving you the courage to pull away from a toxic relationship, and the courage to keep a genuine one afloat.[/colour] [colour=#333333]Harmony consists of loyalty: With honesty, people become loyal to one another. There is nothing human beings seek more than security and self-assurance. Loyalty arises from these things, because when we have what keeps us able to interface with one another so well, we gain a fierce desire to protect it. And so comes the ability to love. Whether it's being able to love your mother, your best friend, or your other half, you are kept to that other person. It's not dependence, because when it comes to loyalty, all parties are equal, respect is mutual, and even if you're as different as night and day, just like night and day, you will be there for the other. Loyalty is also easy to get lost in. When loyal to multiple parties, you must weigh your loyalty against your other loyalty. Who will you do for unquestioningly? Who can you do for unquestioningly? Who is the most important in the end? There are no easy answers to these questions. I've met so many people, and have had trouble reconciling the differences between them all, because loyalties and priorities change with time. As long as you are honest with yourself, mindful of others, and can remain satisfied with your decision, loyalty can be one of your biggest assets in life.[/colour] [colour=#333333]Harmony consists of generosity: Generosity is not necessarily the result or catalyst of loyalty, though it can be. Generosity is freely giving of one's self, irregardless of reciprocation. Sometimes, we get too smart for ourselves and get generosity mixed up as a ploy for loyalty, or a guarantee of it. Sometimes, the reasons why matter, and sometimes they don't. It is imperative that no matter what is given (be it time, money, love), that we remain grateful for it all. And that we can one day pay that back, or even better, pay it forward. Practicing things like generosity could genetically lead to a kinder human race in another...couple hundred years or so. [Full disclosure. I am not a biologist.] There is a such thing as giving too much though. Giving in greed, giving just because it's within your means, giving to everyone but yourself are all generally bad ways to use generosity. It is a natural thing to give, and not forced. You may end up turning people away because they can end up finding you fake. Or a doormat with free prizes and twenty dollar bills underneath to be beckoned upon whenever someone feels like it. Generosity, without learning how to be generous to one's self is generosity without meaning. We cannot be self-less if we have never learned how to be a little (emphasis on little, because of loopholes and self-imposed statues of limitations of little) selfish.[/colour] [colour=#333333]Harmony consists of kindness: Kindness is the default human state, in my opinion. When you see another human being and greet them, you may very well have done that person a favour. You may have lifted their spirits with a hello, or a have a nice day, or something of the like. And it was all in the interest of doing so. It feels good to do good. Kindness, is a prerequisite in no way to generosity, loyalty or honesty, but can be directly influenced, or even end up breeding one of them. Kindness is however, practicing all of the above with the purest of intent. It means to have no alternative intent other than the deed itself. A subsidiary of kindness is compassion, to which we are all bound by in varying degrees. I have learned kindness through sharing with and listening to others in this world, and understanding what they have gone through in relation to my own experiences. Even if I haven't been affected directly I can still feel for the situation. And we all have the ability to demonstrate it, but we all need to do it more. Better attitudes breed better people. Let's fill the world with more of it. [/colour] [colour=#333333]Harmony consists of laughter: One of the more taken-for-granted of the elements of Harmony. We cannot cry and not be able to laugh. Laughter is essential in keeping ones self, above all things, sane (relatively speaking in the case of humanity). Sometimes, when beseeched with the seemingly-mountainous tasks and responsibility that living and getting older brings us, all we can do is laugh. We need to laugh, because laughter is joy, and unless you let it, your joy cannot be taken away from you. Not if you continue to remain grateful and aware where you are, who's you are, where you came from and where you're going. Intentionally created humor is usually revered as the cause of laughter, comedians and comedy shows, but what we forget is that art imitates life. Everything in it. I have a friend who is currently dealing with throat issues, and has had them since Christmas. They've plagued her and left her unable to enjoy what was supposed to be a great time of the year with someone important. In the following weeks since discussing it, I found myself dealing with the same thing (briefly) as she continues to come down from hers. It was a delicious irony, because there have been so many illnesses spreading round quicker than ever this time of year. And it's as if they flit from one of us to the next, the person who wishes that the sick person gets better catches the other persons sick! It's so messed up, but so funny if you've ever been sick around others. Not everything is always funny though, so we must be careful to not cross the line with our laughter. We can cause pain to others with, but only if done in excess. Not everyone is thick-skinned to everything, but every joke is not meant to harm. When used to heal, observed with care for others, and a sense of fun for one's self, laughter is simply one of the best things ever.[/colour] [colour=#333333]Harmony consists of magic: The main ingredient of main ingredients, magic is the most critical element of harmony. Many get magic confused with people in pointy hats waving sticks, or throwing thunderbolts from the sky, or riding cleaning implements through the night. Others take the very notion of it as a slight to their religion, relating it to witchcraft, devil-worship and other evil things. The complete truth behind magic is this: it simply is. We as human beings do not take well to what doesn't make sense to us, and love to stick with the familiar, but in truth, magic makes as much sense as science and religion and all the otherworldly things we come to believe and/or denounce. Magic is what enables us to practice honesty, kindness, loyalty, generosity and kindness. These things cannot be directed at just anyone. A spark of magic must be present in order to ignite the desires to practice such things. We aren't going to be able to do all of the above with everyone we meet--the average human can meet over a hundred thousand people in their lives and interact with consistently with as few as a hundred of them. No one is going to handle everything, and we cannot see or do everything. It's a fact of life that I've come to accept as I've gotten older. No matter your wins or losses, life keeps moving. And with life comes magic, and vice-versa. Because the elements of Harmony are needed to lead healthy, productive and cohesive lives, we are given a spark. It may not activate in the way we necessarily want it or expect it to, but when it does, we know it. When we meet someone who eventually ends up becoming important enough to be honest, loyal, generous, kind to and to laugh with, we feel it. We feel that spark that gives us the preemptive knowledge that this is my friend. This is my special someone. The same goes for more than just people. The thing that some have labeled the sixth sense is in fact magic. Because it's an inexplicable feeling of energy directed to one thing, and it is natural as night and day.[/colour] [colour=#333333]Misuse of magic is misuse of harmony.[/colour] [colour=#333333]Don't pretend like the magic is there for someone or something when it isn't. Don't pledge yourself to someone you can't trust, or be trusted by. Don't do for someone who won't do at all, be it themselves or others. Don't act in malice and call it kindness. And don't laugh if it's not funny.[/colour] [colour=#333333]I have seen these things form the collective whole that is Harmony, and going into 2013, among a host of other things, I resolve to practice them. [/colour] [colour=#333333]Even more importantly, I challenge you, the reader to do the same. [/colour] [colour=#333333]The world hasn't ended. No, instead, today, tomorrow and the days after are the first days of the rest of your life. I say it's time to live like it. [/colour] [colour=#333333]Signing off now at...eight ninteen a.m., this has been Canaan Walker. I love you all dearly. Congratulations on surviving this year, lets thrive in the next.[/colour] [colour=#333333]---[/colour]
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    The rooster crows at the first light. As the sun peeks over the horizon, settled fog is exposed in the valleys of the apple orchard giving it the nonverbal command to quickly disperse. Conditions were perfect. It was a relatively beautiful day with a chilly breeze to remind all living creatures of the coming holiday seasons, the first of which was to be a Ponyville tradition known by ponies far and wide. It was cider season at Sweet Apple Acres! Along the road back to Ponyville from the farm were rows and rows of tents where ponies camped last night in an attempt to try and beat the crowds. The famous cider had created an insane demand for its taste, but the Apple family way of doing things would only yield so much cider for so many ponies to drink. Applejack would always assure everypony that there would be enough cider for all as long as ponies were willing to not take shortcuts and wait for the process of making the best cider in Equestria. And even though she would always be faced with criticism of short supply, she would be right all along and in time everyone would eventually go home happy and Applejack would be able to take a few barrels of cider for her family and herself for the next few weeks. The season wouldn't officially start for another hour or so, but even so several ponies were getting restless in their cooperative lines waiting behind the great cider counter set up at where the farm paths meet the road. The counter was adorned with all the spigots and tools needed to uncork new barrels and squeeze the apple nectar into wooden tankards, which were clean ready for their first pour. Applejack allowed ponies to bring their own vessels for the cider, but if not, she had a rotation of clean mugs ready for every customer that needed them. The sign above told everything everycreature probably already knew. 'Two bits for a cup, limit one per pony per day.' "Apple Bloom, could you bring over that spare pump, I think this one might quit on us at some point." Applejack yelled lovingly to her little sister as the orange mare looked over her counter for problems to minimize. To Applejack this was like any other day, it just had the higher volume of customers and slightly more tourism. Ever since the debacle from Flim and Flam trying to put the farm out of business, a healthy coating of sympathy and appreciation covered the cider season operation, with some ponies offering their help on the back end to make more cider and clean equipment involved in the process. Of course, Applejack was more than willing to pay a fair wage to the ones who earned it. She stepped out onto the road and looked down it, seeing the long line of ponies getting excited for their cider breakfast. The low sun reflected off the luster of the Ponyville road. "Howdy! How ya'll doing this morning? You guys ready for cider season to start?" Cider season wouldn't start for several minutes, but it was still nice to have a little moment to make small talk with the colorful ponies of Ponyville to help them manage their expectations and to gauge how impatient the crowd might become this year.
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    World of Equestria: Age of heroes. Even before the founding and golden age of Equestria… there have been creatures with curious abilities beyond the norm. Some creatures able to jump tall building in a single bound, others could fire powerful bursts of energy from their eyes… and that’s not counting the even stranger things other have been shown to be able to do. One hero has stood above many others of her age, that of the Sun Sentinel. A mysterious mare who has protected the world from evils from the past many times over… but legends say that when she first appeared and began her rise as the symbol of hope for Equestria and some lands beyond, that she had a partner. A mystifying mare who manipulated and was empowered by the moonlight as she was the same with the sunlight. The stories say that after years [of jealousy had built up], She turned on her sister and partner and attempted to take over the world. A long battle raged until Sunlight Sentinel emerged victorious… They’re fight on the namesake of the former Moonlit Knight (and then, Nightmare Moon) covered it in the equine profile pattern of craters until using some legendary spell, The Sentinel sealed her partner and bound her to the moon. The scholars of myth say that this event is what caused the Sentinel to form her group of heroes and began a campaign to work with the government of Equestria to form the Sunlight academy: a school to teach the empowered individuals who desired it to learn how to use their powers well or for some, how to control them and to use them constructively. Over time, the school grew and grew until it became almost the size of a large town… in the current day it is a gigantic facility with the Lair of the Sunlight sentinel hovering high above it. Myths became a reality however after the night of Nightmare Moon’s return. A group of six heroes in the area of Ponyville: where the mare in the moon made her return. Together six solo heroes who had been fighting over the territory of Ponyville worked together to locate the magic used to seal her and instead used it to cleanse her of whatever evil had corrupted her. Although after using these elements, they dissipated and disappeared… That night left a mark on Equestria as all across the continent many heroes began springing up, some with no powers beyond their talents, others more so. But one thing has become clear: The age of heroes has only been emboldened by the return of the Moonlit Knight. While the government of Equestria has put her on trial… she has been sentenced to a type of community service in which she must now teach the new age of heroes. A roll she has taken to with Gusto along with her sister, her first act being to announce an initiative to allow villains who wish to turn over a new leaf to apply to the academy. (For those wondering what the content of this AU is supposed to be rated; think somewhere along the lines of the marvel cinematic universe, The justice league animated series, sky high ... and maybe my hero academia:P) Notable Figures The Sister Heroes Because of the important nature and weight these characters have on world I'm going to have to ask those who app them to work with me on what the backstory for them will be and about some aspects of this universe's lore is most likely to affect them. Sunlight Sentinel (Celestia): The sun themed exemplar and top heroine of the modern age and for the last thousand years. Her place in the world is now more a symbol of hope and peace for all creatures to strive for. In the past she had worked alongside her sister as the two most influential heroes of the age. Moonlit Knight turned on her out of jealousy (and possibly more). She has not chosen anyone as her personal protege but is looking for someone she believes could fit her type of mold once she has passed, not even the sun can last forever. The issues she faces is a mix of just how much she should use her powers to influence the world and also where to use them. In a world full of super villains it is not possible for even her to stop all of them, this is why she formed her school:To teach another generation of heroes how to use their powers wisely and for the greater good. Usually the only things that warrant her intervention are the appearances of immensely powerful villains of a world ending nature but often is able to stop crimes wherever she is while in canterlot so long as there’s no one else who can help. Due to her not taking up the role of rule in this universe, the old method of sunraising is still done by several skilled unicorn mages in Equestria. Her role as a mentor is stretched to the entire student body and she is often immensely protective of all of them. Known Powers. Solar energy manipulation and empowerment: Due to her nature and sun theme, Celestia does not control the sun itself but serves as a generator of powerful solar energy which manifests strongest during the day. Her powers allow her to use the sun’s energy to strengthen her abilities so that not only her magic but her physical capabilities allow her to hold her own in fights with the hardest hitting non magical bruises, her speed and reflexes have allowed her to keep up with (or be a bit slower) than even the fastest speedsters in Equestria and beyond. While her powers are impressive and potentially the strongest out of all heroes of the modern age, she is significantly weaker when cut from contact from the direct sunlight. Secret identity: N/A Thanks to her powers and alicorn status… and incredible height, Celestia has become fully invested in her persona is rarely seen out of costume. Moonlit Knight (Luna): Status: Appable The heroine turned villain turned heroine again. A contentious figure for this age, having grown in a tougher world than the one the modern ponies and creatures know, she has been hardened. While less… warm than her sister she is once more on the side of justice and eager to prove it to all who may doubt her. Unlike her sister who has had a thousand years worth of experience in crime fighting Luna has had considerably less but still enough to be a respected authority. Known powers: In fitting with her lunar theme, The Moonlit Knight’s abilities are based around the night and moonlight. Due to not having trained and honed them to the same lever her sister has (as well as being out of practice for a thousand years) Her ability to empower herself with the moon’s light is comparatively immensely weaker, despite this she has proven to be able to manipulate it to the point she is able to create constructs made of it to fight on her behalf, her conjuring abilities being second to none in this particular category. Unlike her sister who is always at her strongest during the day, Luna’s powers draw upon the moon’s phases and are strongest when it is full in the sky, and weakest when it has reached the new phase. Secret identity: Optional Luna while tall and still rather recognizable, thanks to her isolated area when she was cleansed the look of the Knight under her armor is still safe. It is entirely possible for her to go out and meet others if she so wishes. The Mane six (group title still unchosen) The mane six are all available to be apped and you are free to have them have whatever backstory and powers you wish so long as you don’t step on your fellow teammates toes. There are some conditions you’ll have to abide by if you wish to play them however: If you wish to play a member of the mane six their relationship with other characters in canon continuity will likely be different, one of the biggest differences will likely be that whoever apps Twilight Sparkle will not be The Sunlight Sentinel’s ward, protege, or whatever variation on that idea is as the sentinel has lived long enough and is aware she cannot show favoritism amongst a large body of students in such a way as she is working to be a role model for all creatures. Another condition is that seeing as the backstory and opening concept for this AU requires the mane six having actually been heroes who were originally against each other working in their territories but joined up to work together for the better of their town. It’s not likely they would have have a had a particularly close friendship (at least not in their costumed identities) However after the events of nightmare moons return and reformation, you’re free to take them in any direction you wish within reason. Government figures Since the two sisters didn’t take the role of raisers of the sun and moon and bringing of the day and night respectively, the current Equestrian government has several highly trained and powerful mages working to move the sun and moon each day through the sky. The land is in a state of mixing but still divided. While Earth ponies, unicorns, and pegasi do often live amongst each other there are still worries and the occasional bout of xenophobia from old, darker thoughts , feelings, and traditions that haven’t died out as quickly yet. In this world it’s most likely a trio of elected representatives from each species of pony work to try and come to agreements over what should be done about issues their world faces… but all things are susceptible to corruption. Technically the academy is run with the assistance of the council so many heroes have been worried about the effect it may have on the process of molding the heroes of the coming generation. Thanks to the combined efforts of the three species of pony and the long time spent between them Magitech has mademany advances, prosthetics are advanced and some are more like superpwered in their own right if you can afford/make them. gadgeteer and inventor heroes have been very popular for a while now. Major Locations: Sunlight Academy (in Canterlot) : The school of heroes and the empowered. Founded a thousand years ago by the Sunlight Sentinel herself, the academy has been (along with it’s founder) a beacon of hope to many an aspiring hero or empowered citizen: With the funding from the Equestrian government and the help of many scholars from across the land, it has experts in the fields of many of the powers that have appeared in the past. The major program for the academy is it’s hero training program for empowered who have either proven to be capable heroes or those who wish to go there and learn of their powers with the assistance of professionals first after having taken a difficult series of tests if they are just starting out. Once a hero has been approved for application of the academy they are subject to many classes that the school offers for different power categories after the empowered individuals capabilities are analyzed. Training drills are done regularly and eventually heroes will be trusted for more dangerous work if they haven’t been in dangerous situations before The other big program there is the empowered acclimation program. This course is for Empowered individuals who are not interested in being heroes, so much as learning to come to grips with the powers they have and finding ways to fit back into regular society. Some of this is for practice to learn control for more dangerous and powerful individual’s capabilities, but most of it is meant for those whose powers can inconvenience or hinder them in their everyday life. (at the time of writing this , these are the only areas that have a vaguely defined lore and even Ponyville is meant to be a flexible setting. Any locations, cities or towns in Equestria are fair game for any who wish to add their own superhero spin to each site… just don’t make everyplace all dark and gloomy, everyone! ) Ponyville: A still growing, large, and well established settlement a good trip away , but still adjacent to the academy. Ponyville is a flexible setting with a few heroes still operating in , the most prominent of those there being a sextet of mares with differing powers, abilities, and personalities. All of them show potential to be great heroes… but since the events of Nightmare moon’s return, they’re competition for recognition from Equestria and beyond as great heroes is growing more and more difficult. The biggest threats to Ponyville are regular attacks by creatures and oddities from the Everfree forest. What emerges from that place is rarely the same and always seems to have some strange abilities or method to give the local heroes a run for their bits. Application Rules and form: List of current Superheroes:
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    Starting today, blog posts based around popular gorefics are no longer welcome on our blog feature. I've been getting too many user complaints regarding this. They're not creative, interesting, and just create forum spam. Please find another outlet for this sort of content. Blogs featuring these posts may be deleted without warning. Repeated posting may result in a warning or loss of blogging privileges. Thank you!
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    Apple Bloom fell back from the counter, wiping the hard-earned sweat off of her brow. A few customers were getting a bit antsy with their words, saying how it wasn't right how some ponies got cider and others didn't and what a waste of time it was. Yet they'd be back tomorrow and Apple Bloom'd serve 'em all the same. The Apples well knew the passions their products could easily inflame in the hearts of others and didn't hold against them the flowing filth that screeched out of some mouths. If you were denied a taste of heaven, wouldn't you be cranky? Speaking of cranky, Apple Bloom had to roll her shoulder once or twice to get some soreness out of it. Talk about a workout! "Wooo-wee Applejack, that was a good first day! Mah crank-hoof's gonna feel it once tha season's over. Whatcha want me ta do now?" the filly asked as she approached her sis, ready and willing to take some additional orders. Hours had passed and the day grew long but her energy had yet to be fully spent. -------------------------------------------------- Somecreature whose willpower for the day had been spent was Gallus, whose mouth was agape at the knowledge that the day's cider had been sold. They had all year to prepare for this and they ran out this quickly? It was busier than it had any reason to be yeah but did they really just prepare a few hours worth of cider and then pump more for the next day? That was absurd. This as absurd. Everything was absurd because he didn't have a mug of cider and he could smell it and it smelled good. Damnit! "Oh what, really? You're out already!? I thought the Apples were supposed to be good at preparing for this event!" He yelled, though it would be hard to be heard over the din. It died down quickly enough- ponies held their anger so briefly. Good on them. Good for him. That meant he'd be the one to get cider at some point. Forcing his anger to evaporate was Silverstream's excited report about a new type of pony and how excited she was to know that this line provided for something else other than fuel for Gallus' frustrations. It, for example, gave him fuel for another idea. "Yeah...well I guess we'll have to come even earlier tomorrow. Hey, Silverstream- wanna camp out here together? You might need to go and get a tent or a bag though. I don't have a lot of room," he offered, happy to spend time with a friend rather than alone. Especially with that black griffoness and her indecent floof.
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    Nightmare Night was never a huge part of Discord's life experience. Even the past few he never had a reason to participate. Given he was a regular resident of Ponyville, despite his home being located far and close in-between in Chaosville. He had dawned a fabulous cape with some paling powder painting his grey hide. With the addition of a false fang and a snazzy vest over a blouse the spirit became the spirit of lore as he dressed himself in the garments of an immortal, ancient undead count! Count Discord was ready for the night and with a slick of grease through his make he was ready to spook with the best of them. While it was no Fool's Day he could get behind an evening of tricks and treats! Of course it was difficult to convince his usual companions. Big Mac, unfortunately, was already signed up for a familial venture with the tiniest Apple and his parental entourage. Snapping the last of his vest's buttons and curling his beard the spirit would collect large sacks with spooky print and be out of his door in a flash! Let's see who else? Well aside from the Apples the resident CMC, of which he was an honorary member of, were out and about enjoying the evening most like together or with their authoritative figures. Luna, ironically so, was busy as well and Glimmer buried under paperwork. She would make a lovely cubicle zombie! It cut the list shorter and shorter. Than there was Spike. The spirit had, a week prior, been playing Ogres and Oubliettes with the guys, Pinkie and Rainbow Dash missing the session due to prior commitments. Perhaps they were lucky, or unlucky in that regard. But without the mares it seemed to have left Spike with the sole responsibility of handling a most auspicious idol and the noodle himself was not the sort to debase himself to such manual efforts, plus he had appraised the item to be worthless, so found no point in collecting it, dibs aside. This totem in question had some sort of enchantment attached to it that Spike's Detect Magic couldn't confirm, due to its level gap. The trap was triggered as soon as the wizardly dragon grabbed hold. Discord had looked through the module's manual, but was having difficulty understanding the details of the conditions as it was far from anything he's seen! During such games one would surmise some simple curse! But alas he had been unable to decipher it. Once more Spike had left before the game could end causing a glitch in the system of sorts. "I have returned!" He declared, appearing above a very discontent looking Spike and fabulous looking Valen. "Oh..." he wasn't expecting the prancing pony to present such a provocatively Prench outfit in public! "Well, well if it isn't the little Orange." The noodly count mused as he lowered down onto his hind legs. With talon and hoof touching to the ground he would hold out the dutifully needleworked potato sacks. They had fierce some designs on the fronts. Valen's an angry orange with fangs and Spike a ferocious rendition of himself as an adult dragon with a smoky sneer. "Here, you can't expect to fill such paltry sized sacks!" He handed Yama his which had a peculiarly profoundly pouting wolf with a devious grin on his maw. The spirit's own sack had a devious red balloon design with a toothy grin. He seemed to have been working on them last minute. The spirit of chaos did some fine work with the needle. You should see his crocheted sweaters! With personalized sacks there would never be a question of whose was whose! But why the massive bags? Surely they were just to go down the block and enjoy some of the games. No, no. Discord had done some reading up on this tradition. It seemed that collected candy was to be paid in full to the spirit of the terrifying Nightmare Moon, but given the absolving of her hideous fables the collected candy seemed to hold no purpose of sacrifice save to the small bellies of overfeasting foals, colts, and fillies! No Discord had declared to Spike that had he come out to trick and treat with him there was to be great reward. "Is that everycreature?" Oh it probably wasn't, but he would not be delayed as time was everything for an eternal serpent of madness. Pulling his picket watch from his vest one would come to realize the curious, bat-like shape of it. He tossed it to the side, leaving the clockwork creature to fly away into the night. "So as you may know I have gathered you all here for a very important mission." he pressed his paw and claw together as he nodded a solemn head bob. "You see I was doing a little research on this Pony holiday and it seems before Nightmare Moon the collection of candy had served a different purpose." Now knowing Discord he could be making it up, but when it came to candy and treats the spirit did not play games... mostly. Discord stared off to the houses. Parties being held, lights filling the streets and candies being passed out to good fillies, colts, nymphs, and other itty bitty creatures. "Have any of you ever heard of the Ghoul?" he swiveled an ear to the crowd. "Well it seems when you collect enough candy, at least your weight of it, a strange house shaped like a gourd appears on the edge of the Everfree Forest. In that house lives a Ghoul and for the most dutiful goblins and fiends who had collected their treats are to be rewarded with a candy equal, of not greater, than their size." Now Discord was not one to befall to legends and rumors of ponies, but this mystery had other parts. "It was even said that Celestia herself has seen this Ghoul and gotten a chocolate sized Celestia in return!" He clenched ups paw into a fist. "I'll not have it!" W-what? "She won't be the only one to meet this Ghoul!" So it wasn't just about the candy. The competitive chaos spirit would perhaps never change in that regard... "But there was just one catch... for any house to fail to offer the tastiest of treats we must return a trick." He manifested a tiny notepad and a pair of spectacles on the end of his nose. "I made a note of the conditions in the book to summon the Ghoul."
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    In hindsight, the necessity of holding a town meeting in a daycare center, of all places, should have been a warning. It had, however, started off completely well-intentioned, as such things usually did. Because considering the overall concern Ponyville citizens had raised against the budgeting of a new and highly expensive daycare center for the town, it had seemed most appropriate to address said concerns in the building itself, to show off all the fabulous features that the town's budget had gone into crafting it. Part town meeting, part walk-in tour, the daycare was currently open for ponies to take their first look inside before the meeting itself kicked off. And even the slightest glance over the interior of the building would have provided evidenced to exactly how much had gone into its planning and building...perhaps an overly extravagant amount, at that. The main foyer itself boasted an impressive set up. A large open space filled with shelves that sported toys, safe art supplies, and a small play area were all visible upon first walking in, more than ample room for a small legion of foals to run around and play in. One corner in particular held a large playhouse for foals to dart in and out of, while another, softer looking corner held a very large plush chair and a veritable army of stuffed animals, of all shapes and sizes. Two doors, with handles too high up for any flying foal to reach, branched off the main room on the left and right sides, while a third door led out to the fenced in back yard. The door leading to the left opened up to an arts and crafts room. A semi-circular table sat in the very middle, with one chair obviously meant for a foalsitter or daycare pony to lead the pack, with the others all placed around the half circle. The room was filled with all sorts of materials useful in arts and crafts, including paints, glues, glitter, construction paper, popsicle sticks, and any other sort imaginable. All available materials were housed safely out of the reach of any and all foals, along with the door handle that led to a very simplified kitchen that remained locked at all times. The modest refrigerator and pantry were kept stocked with all sorts of snacks and drinks for a hungry foal, to be brought out and shared at any time. The other door leading to the right of the main room showed the full extent of thoughtfulness that had gone into creating Lifetime Daycare Center. Inside, another large area held several soft surfaces for a weary foal to take a rest and sleep off an exciting afternoon - or the exercise a quick power nap. Whatever the case, the soft, plush couches and seats were large and roomy, allowing an entire host of foals to all snuggle up together if they so choose, or to cuddle against a caretaker. A few storybooks were scattered around the shelves, along with some more stuffed animals, but for the most part, the room was a quiet and peaceful place for a foal to simply sleep. The locked door to the backyard opened up to one of the most extravagant playgrounds imaginable to a young foal's eyes. The gym itself was a sight to behold, a myriad of several different playground activities all merged together in one large, continuous loop. A small wading pool, currently empty, was also set off to the side for the hotter months, along with an impressive looking treehouse that extended just high enough for a foal to feel on top of the world. The main body of the treehouse was big enough to comfortably fix to six foals at once, though the various small balconies strewn along the structure more than made up for the lack of space. The entire backyard was surrounded by a wooden fence that held the latest acquisition from Neighponese magitech. When activated, a magical barrier could spring to life at a moment's notice around the entirety of the daycare, ensuring nothing untoward made its way inside. Magitech security, a plethora of activities, and a play area to make even the richest parents green with envy - such were the expenses that had gone into the making of the daycare center. Boasting town-wide support for any and all foals, it was clear that Lifetime Daycare Center payed for itself. It's just that...some of the town's citizens needed some extra convincing. -------------------- Link to OOC
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    The original posts for the 2013 Running of the Leaves RP event were accidentally deleted while being archived. Unfortunately, they can not be pulled from backups. However, we have compiled a downloadable file that contains all the threads and posts from the event. To download the file, click this link: RotL 2013. This will open a .zip file on Google Drive that is accessible to anyone. You will need to download this file, then extract the files to a folder. The folder will contain one .html file and one folder of graphics for each page. Open the .html files to view the threads. If you have any problems or questions, you can send a PM to Corsair.
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    [colour=#ff0000]HO HO HO!![/colour] [colour=#ff0000]Santa Hooves has some very special gifts for the good little fillies and colts who asked![/colour] [colour=#ff0000]Sadly, not all of our requests were finished on time, [/colour][colour=#00ff00]due to some elves sleeping in on workdays[/colour][colour=#ff0000]. Don't worry! Your requests will be finished![/colour] [colour=#ff0000]Thank you all for participating, and happy holidays![/colour]
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    RECKLESS Art by the awesome: GoldenDaze! Reckless was a liiiiitle late getting herself up and outta her tent. "Whew! What in Celestia happen-..." Her exclamation cut off as she realized she wasn't the only pony around. It was true though, Celestia only knew what she'd gotten into last night. She was, in fact, in a line... a very long line. "Why was I here again?" She tapped chin thoughtfully for a moment before the commotion further up the line drifted down to her. "Ah! Sweet Apple Acres cider!" She trotted in place for a moment, excited to taste some of that amazing golden goodness! She just wished she didn't have to wait in this dang line! The hybrid bat checked out the scene. Lots of ponies, yep, looooots of ponies. Most were run of the mill regular Ponyville ponies, bleh. Boring. Some were a bit more flooty and snooty, and some were ahha! Some were famous! She spied the pretty no, beautiful pink unicorn up at the front of the line. "Well, if I'm gonna do this I better do it right!" She ran a hoof through her mussed up hot pink mane to "fix it" as best she could. The bat pone trotted up like she owned the place, ignoring the ponies along that way that gave her stares of irritation for cutting the line. "What?" She smirked at one such fussy bottomed pony. "I'm just gonna go say hi to my friend!" A little closer and she could see that that same beautiful unicorn, who just happened to be fairly famous too, was hoofed over a mug of the good stuff! "Perfect timing!" She slowed to a calm walked and sidled up next to the fancy mare. "Hey there sweetness." Her words issued silky smooth like the feel of that perfect cider.
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    Name: Sunset Shimmer Sex: Female Age: Young mare Species: Unicorn Eye Color: Cyan Coat: Ember Mane/Tail: Long flowing red hair, with curvy yellow highlights Physique: Typical of a mare her age Occupation: Guest speaker & substitute teacher at the Ponyville School of Friendship Residence: Whenever visiting Ponyville on business, she always stays at Twilight’s Castle Cutie Mark: Sunset’s cutie mark is a sun with curvy rays. The rays on one side are pale yellow colored, while those to the other are dark red. In the center of the sun are shapes reminiscent of a yin-yang symbol, also featuring the contrasting yellow-red color scheme. Unique Traits: Although technically a drop-out alumnus of the School for Gifted Unicorns, the accelerated rate at which Sunset Shimmer blazed through her classes (and various other “extracurricular studies”) long ago gives her a spellcasting repertoire equivalent to that of a typical summa cum laude graduate. Alongside Sunset’s relatively well-rounded magical skill set is a natural aptitude for fire spells... as one might expect of a unicorn with a fiery appearance and a sunny cutie mark. Back in her earlier troubled years, Sunset Shimmer discovered for herself how emotions could be drawn upon to further enhance a unicorn’s power. Filled with overwhelming feelings of pride and resentment, Celestia’s then-pupil readily channeled her anger and will to dominate to give herself power that exceeded those of nearly all her contemporaries. Not helping matters was Sunset’s brief flirtation with the learning of forbidden black magic. Although the unicorn didn’t get too far in her illicit studies before getting caught by her mentor, she learned enough to gain a rudimentary knowledge of the dark arts. Yet given Sunset’s desire to atone for her past mistakes, she vows never again to willfully wield negative emotions as weapons. How her resolve holds in the face of great emotional distress, however, remains to be seriously tested..... A curious recent development for Sunset Shimmer is the acquisition of advanced empathic abilities. These powers actually first manifested as a result of her adventures in the so-called “Mirror World”, after having come across rogue elemental magic that escaped from Equestria. If she wills it, Sunset can “touch” another creature with her magic in order to perceive their thoughts and memories. While using her empathy magic, the unicorn’s eyes glow with an unearthly white light. Foalhood: The tale of Sunset Shimmer is a tale of Villainy versus Redemption; of bondage to the past and the power to rise from one’s own ashes. It all began in the quaint town of Hope Hollow, a once idyllic community located “at the end of the rainbow.” But by the time Sunset was born, what had once been a popular weekend getaway for city ponies was beginning to fade into obscurity, and in the process falling into economic — and quite literal — depression. As ponies grew more hopeless, bonds between neighbors and families started withering away like flowers deprived of nurturing sunlight. So thus it was that in her first years of life, Sunset Shimmer knew nothing of love or friendship. Whenever her parents weren’t busy sniping at one another, they were taking out all their frustrations at their daughter. As for cordial playmates... well, such a concept was simply unheard of that day and age! Few foals ever congregated in Hope Hollow without getting into bickering matches or bullying one another. Little Miss Shimmer escaped all that by spending as much free time as she could in the local library; by then, nearly all townsponies avoided communal spaces like the plague. While piles upon piles of books were absolutely no substitute for the instinctive equine need to be loved and part of a herd, they did provide Sunset with the gateway she believed would lead her to the acceptance she desperately craved. In particular, the library’s unusually large Magic section (even divided into Arcane, Elemental, and Theory Of subsections!)..... Reading about amazing spells and great conjurers of old filled Sunset Shimmer with inspiration, igniting the fires of passion and ambition within her heart. Refusing to succumb to the scourge of despair, the young unicorn naively dreamed of a future where she’d shake the dust of her crummy old hometown off her hooves. First she would go to school in Canterlot to see what they knew, and then it would be off the see the world! She’d tour the castles of Kastrot and explore the arctic wastelands in search of the mythical Crystal Empire, fight magical beasts in the Everfree Forest, and write spells a volume long and forge a dozen- no, a HUNDRED enchanted relics!!! Sunset was going to be the greatest unicorn spellcaster since Starswirl the Bearded, and be praised and beloved by every single pony in Equestria!!!!! Naturally, Sunset Shimmer’s parents derided these lofty dreams as nothing more than foalish nonsense, but the filly had long since stopped giving a hoot about what they thought (at least, that’s what she told herself anyway). With the educational resources at her disposal, Sunset plunged head-first into the world of magic, starting first by learning how to conjure fire. Obviously, self-learning was no substitute for a proper education at an EEA-accredited institution, but Sunset couldn’t care less! So what if a few things accidentally caught on fire while taking the first steps on her journey? The fiery filly was making her dreams come true!!! It may not have been much of a surprise then that Sunset Shimmer’s first public debut of her talents to a crowd of jeering schoolkids ended rather controversially. Lacking the know-how to properly control her powers... and by subconsciously channeling her will to succeed at all costs, little Sunset’s clumsy attempt to magically create a fake sun out of flames left the manes of many a foal burned that day. But hey, that hovering sphere of fire actually turned out wondrously when all was said and done... and those neighsaying kids were jerks to her anyway. In that moment, Sunset Shimmer demonstrated the internal strife fueling her determination... and that in spite of everything she went through, an inextinguishable light burned brightly deep inside her heart. And so, Sunset was awarded with her cutie mark. Almost immediately afterward, the unicorn filly left Hope Hollow behind and never looked back. Judging by how she never heard or read of any news from that place since, Sunset simply assumed that crummy old town was finally abandoned and left to rot. Not once did she ever bother inquiring about the state of her former home or her family; those were all in the unicorn’s past... and her past was no longer today..... Under Princess Celestia’s Tutelage: If Sunset Shimmer’s first performance as a spellcaster could be described as a rocky rehearsal, then her entrance exam into Celestia’s School for Gifted Unicorns was an epically disastrous opening night. Reflexively channeling her feelings of extreme frustration, Sunset resorted to blasting the dragon egg she had been encouraged to try hatching. It might have actually worked too if the filly could have better controlled her powers. Instead, all Miss Shimmer accomplished was exhausting all her magical strength... and trapping herself in an inferno in the process! Had it not been for the timely intervention of Princess Celestia, things could have ended up a lot worse. Recognizing that Sunset Shimmer possessed powerful magic that she didn’t know how to handle, Celestia offered to take the filly on as a personal student so that she could learn to safely harness her abilities and use them to help her fellow Equestrians. Having believed just moments before that her dreams had forever shattered into pieces, this was understandably quite the turn of events for little Sunset. Needless to say, the young unicorn wasted hardly any time in hugging her new mentor out of gratitude. Sunset Shimmer turned out to be quite the fast learner of Magic… maybe too fast. Still embittered from her early foalhood experiences, the new royal apprentice continued to focus on studying to the exclusion of nearly everything else, Friendship most of all. That turned into a grave concern for Princess Celestia, who had come to believe that Sunset was destined to play an important role in forestalling the inevitable return of Nightmare Moon. Celestia knew full well that only those with Friendship in their hearts could wield the Elements of Harmony. Accordingly, the alicorn expected — perhaps unfairly in retrospect — that Sunset spend more of her time bonding with her fellow schoolponies. But Miss Shimmer failed to grasp the vital importance of making friends... nor did she even know how to make friends to begin with! All Sunset heard was a nagging mentor being a nag for its own sake. While Celestia may have been the most knowledgeable magic practitioner known to ponykind... her attempts at guiding Sunset towards Friendship proved woefully inadequate. This would bite Celestia in the flank a few years down the line, after Sunset started suspecting that she was being held back in her studies due to her mentor’s apparently nonsensical whims. Everything came to a head on one fateful night, when Princess Celestia caught her disgruntled student illicitly reading a forbidden tome on dark magic. During the insuring confrontation, Sunset Shimmer tearfully accused Celestia of having no faith in her student; the faithful student who only ever wanted to make her mentor proud. But when Celestia responded that declaring Sunset would have to be put on probation for her actions, the fiery pupil finally snapped. Cruelly mocking Celestia as a worthless hypocrite with no real friends of her own, Sunset betrayed and abandoned the mentor she had once loved as a daughter. Employing an enchanted mirror she stumbled upon earlier during her extracurricular studies, the unicorn fled Equestria altogether. Rising From the Ashes: As if living in self-imposed exile in the bizarre Mirror World wasn’t traumatic enough for Sunset Shimmer, the fact that she was now incapable of using Magic at all was nothing less than the ultimate insult. Magic meant everything to Sunset; without it, she was nothing. With her lifelong dreams utterly crushed, Sunset’s heart blackened and became filled with hate and rage. If she could not prove herself a girl worthy of praise, then she would prove herself a villain and hate the idle pleasures of those days. Plots did Sunset lay in her adoptive community, setting friend and clique alike against each other. Through manipulation and intimidation, the Unfaithful Student rose to a position of unquestioned prominence amongst her peers... though of course, petty social standing was absolutely no substitute for the Power of Magic. Swiftly consumed by megalomania, Sunset covertly returned to Equestria in order to steal the Element of Magic and exploit it in the Mirror World. However, as irony would have it, her diabolical plans were thwarted by the girl who took Sunset’s place as Celestia’s Faithful Student: Twilight Sparkle. Yet again in her life, Sunset Shimmer hit rock bottom... only for Twilight to unexpectedly offer the very foe she opposed mere moments before the opportunity to not only accept her Friendship, but to study it under her tutelage. Sunset was overwhelmed; all her life, she was led to believe that only by mastering Magic would anypony ever provide her with the acceptance she’d desperately craved since birth. But to be offered Friendship unconditionally, with no ill will and complete acceptance of who she was? ........................... .....Frankly, it was all that Sunset Shimmer ever really wanted in the first place. To this day, Sunset Shimmer deeply cherishes the pony who currently reigns as Princess of Friendship. With the additional help of a band of special companions from the Mirror World, the former villain has managed not just to turn her life around, but to transform into a genuine inspirational figure in her own right. While Sunset considers it her primary responsibility to keep tabs on Equestrian magic and exiles which escape into the Mirror World, more and more she finds herself returning to her homeland for both business reasons and for fun. And if the Headmare of the Ponyville School of Friendship gets her way, those trips of Sunset’s may become even more frequent..... Character Personality: The Sunset Shimmer of today barely resembles her past self. Kindled by the fire of friendship instead of personal ambition, Sunset is an outgoing individual, community-minded and always happy to lend support when needed. Additionally, Sunset nowadays appreciates the joys of recreational hobbies, art being chiefest among them. Although she presents herself as a cool laid-back girl, Miss Shimmer in reality possess a sharp analytical mind that many wouldn’t suppose at first glance; a lasting legacy of her time as an aspiring sorceress and Celestia’s prized pupil. Whilst undoubtedly Sunset Summer’s demonstrated her reformed nature many times over, other lingering elements of her prior life remain under the surface. For one thing, she hates losing; absolutely HATES IT! If placed under enormous stress, Sunset is also prone to lashing out in anger at others around her, although her temper usually subsides rather quickly. Oh, and if someone ever dares threaten one of Sunset’s friends, it will take a herculean effort on her part to avoid giving into the temptation to end them right there and then. Sunset Summer’s greatest fear is that one day, she’ll end up failing her dearest companions when they need her the most. Likewise, the Redeemed Student hopes that in the far future when all is said and done, she would have lived a good life, becoming someone earnestly worthy of love..... Character Summary: Sunset Shimmer understands that within her — along with the potential to cause great harm to others — is the power to lift them up with the light of friendship. But rather than dwell on her past mistakes, Sunset recognizes that everyone on some level can face the internal battles she once suffered through. If anybody is capable of both great evil and great good, then shouldn’t they be treated like they’re worth giving a chance?
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    Welcome to the Official 2018 Running of the Leaves signups, standings and OOC discussion thread. The start date is September 28th; the end date is October 21st. - The Running of the Leaves is a race that spans through the Whitetail woods. We will have a special thread for every three days of the race- each of these three days represent a different stage of the race through Whitetail woods. - Everypony on the forum can race with one WoE RP approved character. - Each post during a stage is worth one point. - We will also evaluate the quality of each post per section of the race, awarding a player between 0-3 points for the stage as an RP bonus. - Additionally, I will be rolling a D6 and adding that many points to your score. This reflects the randomness of such competitions. This system leaves a lot of the race up to random chance (which is much like a real race- you never know the strength of all your competitors!); but everypony will be able to directly affect their chances by how well, and how often, they choose to RP the race. - There are bonuses in five of the seven stages. Sometimes they will be explained thoroughly, while other times you will need to pay attention to the words of the OP and events in the thread itself. Some bonuses are optional while certain threads are littered with bonuses as well as deductions. Bonuses and deductions will be based on what the characters choose to do. Choices can be made, timing can be important. Sometimes it is best to be bold but remember that being bold can have a downside while being safe and secure is no guarantee of victory! Deductions are also possible. - Because of the way this is set up, even if you miss a 'section' of the race, you won't necessarily be out of your chance for 1st place- hang in there and give it your best! If you join late to the race, no problem at all! Just start RPing from the section that everypony is currently on- you never know, luck may just be on your side! - You can sign up and start racing at any time, no matter when as long as the event runs. Summary and Rules - 7 Stages to race in. - One point per post, 1-6 possible die roll, 0-3 for RP quality. -2-3 for deductions and bonuses based on the stage and events. - No double posting. There is also a hidden limit to the amount of points that can be gained by posting to prevent spam. Spam posts will result in deductions. We want you to post, but we want you and your friends to have good, fun posts, not spam. - No flying and no magic! Locations: Stage 1- Ponvyille Startling Line - September 28th-30th Stage 2- Bubbling Brook - October 1st-October 3rd Stage 3- Galloping Glade - October 4th-October 6th Stage 4- Rearing Ravine - October 7th-October-9th Stage 5- Roundbottom Hills - October 10th-October 12th Stage 6- Whitetail Woods - October 13th-October 15th Stage 7- Ponyville Home Stretch! - October 16th-October 18th The End- Final Standings and Aftermath - October 19th-21st Roster: Ice Storm - IceStorm Hawke - Dubstep Applejack - Riverhippo Swift Squall - Ciraxis Loose Cannon - szalhi Pinkie Pie - RainbowFoxxy Taira - Pretzelparty Coloratura - SteelEagle Discord - RexDraco Fire Walker - Tacobob Boulder Dash - Dashman Heart Shield- DreamWanderer Standings: Go See Final Standings and Aftermath! T1- Taira: 69 (10, 11, 11, 14, 11, 12) T1- Applejack: 69 (12, 9, 13, 11, 12, 12) T2- Coloratura: 64 (9, 9, 12, 14, 11, 9) T2- Pinkie Pie: 64 (10, 8, 14, 10, 12, 10) T2- Boulder Dash: 64 (8, 10, 11, 11, 14, 10) T2- Hawke: 64 (9, 6, 14, 15. 10, 10) 3- Fire Walker: 57 (10, 8, 9, 12,10, 8 ) 4- Discord: 49 (7, 8, 8, 8, 10, 8 ) 5- Loose Cannon: 48 (8, 7, 8, 8, 12, 5) 6- Heart Shield: 28 (1, 3, 2, 5, 4, 13) 7- Swift Squall: 27 (9, 9, 2, 4, 1, 2) 8- Ice Storm: 25 (7, 5, 3, 2, 6, 2)
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    Come spring ponies of Ponyville and Canterlot would find themselves waking up to not the bright morning sky of blue hey were used to, but to the glittering aurora of green and pink, the sun stuck somewhere between dawn and dusk. It was pretty obvious what had occurred but a large banner and beneath it was what appeared to be a portal between the respective areas. Across the banner it red the Parade of fools. Between the portals multicolored balloons with faces on them floated about, their strong tails carrying a large mirror. Static displayed on the mirror, Discord appearing tapping the microphone. “Is this thing on?” The back of his head facing the crowds. A blue balloon with headphones squeaked and pointed its string tail the other way. Discord blinked and spun around. “O-oh my how embarrassing. Well live performances, am I right? That’s right ponies!” The mirror zoomed out to reveal the veritable king of fools seated on his old throne, a cap and jester’s hat atop of his head. “Greetings one and all! With the gracious leniency of your princesses,” He spat out his tongue and gagged. “I have been granted a day to let you ponies loose from all responsibility: a vacation of sorts. Of course you’ll have the security from your princesses that any changes and alterations will turn it back to normal at the day’s end…” The balloon squeaked. Discord waved his paw dismissively. “Oh fine, fine.” He unfurled the conspicuous looking contract. “In accordance to the games’ rules np ponies shall be harmed, size, color, age shifted in a way that would interfere with the games’ progress and there will be no effects lasting beyond the day.” He paused in his speaking and grinned. “But what’s a day if the sun doesn't set? Of course the agreement was this for halting the day… I have hidden a pocket of my magic somewhere as a reward for one of the games. If a pony can find it using the convenient clues the game will end! Until than fools, jokers and party makers enjoy because today is just for you. Anypony else is a player in the game!” He cackled and held out his paw, tossing the microphone back for the balloon manager to catch. It had an annoyed expression as the microphone bounces off it and held up a picture of Everfree Forest before the mirror zoomed in on Discord once more. With a snap of his claws the fields would be set! The first game is a Scavenger Hunt in Ponyville The second is a capital wide mass checkers game! The games continue until May 18th! -------- There is no posting order. The pace of the game is set by Discord or the game board itself! Things may move ahead or back unexpectedly!
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    One thing you could say about Blueblood, at least when he was a colt, was that when he was ill-mannered, it was because he forgot to be polite, rather than being deliberately rude, as certain later incarnations of him famously were. As such, when talking to the little grifflet in his own tongue, the unicorn kept to the proper protocol. "Je m'appelle Blueblood. Je thuith heureux de vousthrencontrer." That was easy enough, though it was kind of a canned greeting. And the fact that Blueblood was lisping probably didn't help comprehension all that much. On top of that, Diamond's first question about where they were actually required that the Prince think; not an easy task. "Cet endroit est ... étrange." Etrange... to say the bucking least, as a certain red-coated mare might put it. Or at least, might put it before she had been rebuked by what seemed to be Blueblood's appointed guardian. There seemed to be some dispute over who was going to be watching whom, actually. But, like most foals, the various fusses and disputes that happened over his age group meant less to him than the happenings of his peers. And, for once, a familiar face showed upon the scene. "Thwift! Huh, did Auntie thay you had to mix with the commonerth too?" He trotted over to his... well, they weren't exactly friends, but closer than strangers, and that was enough for Blueblood to orient himself. "Thweet thord..." He spoke admiringly of the green colt's wooden toy. "I wathn't allowed to bring mine. Do they let you play pirates at home?" He confided in a whisper. The last major event, as far as his peerage was concerned, was the sudden blasting in of the latest foal. The Prince had jumped skittishly at the first sound of the crash, quick enough to catch the tail end of the transformation. It... made his eyes hurt to look at, causing him to blink and rub his head. It hurt his head to think about, as if it were meant to be beyond his comprehension, and the pain made him grunt out, "Hey! Not fair, I don't know how to thpeak that!"
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    Nopony panicked. This came as something of a surprise. Granted, it was obvious a few of the ponies in the daycare were surprised and a little disturbed when they first saw Naj, but none took any overt action, and things generally even seemed to calm down once they recognized that it was Naj walking through the door rather than some random changeling. As always there was a ways to go, but it was a very promising sign. Naj smiled slightly. Her serene expression was momentarily disrupted by Swift Squall, having arrived just after her, saying she need not be so concerned before moving on to the other ponies in the room. “Inkbrand,” Naj replied somewhat taken aback, when the tattooed stallion greeted and wrapped a leg around her, after recovering from his shock. It was almost impressive how quickly he shifted from shocked to vaguely flirtatious. She wouldn't have expected Inkbrand to react in such a physical way, even if it was just to keep up some sort of appearance. Maybe this was just how he was friendly? Thinking of surprises, Naj replied to his question. “I could ask you the same thing.” Anything she might have said next was interrupted by Inkbrand's sudden distraction with a few other ponies, which gave Naj a chance to awkwardly return Blueblood's greeting. Inkbrand's attention returned to Naj after a moment, and after a brief explanation he finally finished his earlier line of inquiry. He wanted to know what she was doing there, which was understandable. But he also wanted to know where Red was. Naj's face fell. “It's...complicated,” she replied quietly, after a moment. “We're still friends, good friends. But we've grown apart a bit.” Through a force of will, she perked up. “And nah, I was just curious. I could have sworn there was nothing here the last time I was in town, and then I happen to here an all of a sudden there's a whole building! I couldn't help but take a look. It's quite a place, isn't it? Nothing like what I remember when growing up.” Squall returned moments later, and with Inkbrand still hanging a limb around her Naj was introduced to a red pegasus, who was apparently Squall's romantic partner Fire Walker. Naj was given what she could only describe as a glowing recommendation, although Fire Walker seemed to have confused her two names. Naj smiled apologetically. “It's just Naj actually. Or I guess 'Spring Breeze', if you want a more Equestrian name. Anyways it's nice to meet you, and I only hope I could live up to an introduction like that.” Any more conversation was forestalled by the arrival of something Naj had only heard about in stories or reports. A misshapen creature seemingly materialized out of nowwhere, appearing to be several animals mashed together. Naj wasn't really paying attention to what Discord was saying. His sudden appearance, combined with the stories she'd heard of him, made her ready for combat. She likely wouldn't be able to do much, but she would go down fighting. Of course, Naj didn't even notice the smoke, not until it was too late. When her attention shifted, even for that brief moment, she started to feel lightheaded...it was...getting hard to...think... Naj stumbled, her sense of confusion growing. Where was she? What was she doing here? How far away from home was she? Why was there all this smoke? As the smoke cleared, Naj's surroundings became clear, but the answers to the questions did not. This didn't look like anywhere in the hive. It was too angular, and colourful. She looked around, blinking in confusion. She did like to wander, but never in her sleep! She would have remembered if she came all this way by herself...right? It was a concerning thought. Naj's concern was soon overridden by interest, when she realized: this was a pony building! She'd never seen a pony building before, except for some drawings shown as examples, and now she was inside one! She wouldn't have thought they'd be so angular, given that ponies seemed to be more round. The colours were very impressive though! Naj had never seen so much variety in one place! As Naj worked her way down, having started looking at the ceiling, she was overcome with a terrible realization: if this was a pony building, it was probably full of ponies. That would be all well and good for a pony, but Naj wasn't one. She was a changeling, a pony's natural adversary. And she wasn't even in disguise! Naj finally looked around herself, now on alert, and to her dread she found there were ponies everywhere, wandering about whatever this place was! Most of them were small, wandering around exploring whatever it was they were all in. That might be an advantage right now, the little ponies probably wouldn't give chase, but it might make the bigger ones chase her all the more for having snuck up on their young! Naj had to get away. Fortunately, she had an opportunity right at the moment. Of the three adults she could see, two were distracted by some of the little ones, and the last was yelling at 'Discord', whatever that was. She had a chance! Naj stood up, her legs wobbly at first, but she forced herself forward and soon was galloping across the floor. There was a door ahead of her! She recognized those from her studies, and she made a beeline right toward it- Thud Unfortunately, her studies had failed to explain that doors opened by manipulation of their nobs, rather than the usual changeling method. Naj rubbed her head with a hoof for a moment, before standing back up. Had she time and presence of mind to assess she likely could have figured it out, but she didn't believe she had the former, and she certainly didn't have the latter. She had no idea why ponies would go with such inefficient doors, but for the moment it seemed surprisingly dangerous: they had her cornered! Naj looked around frantically, head darting this way and that, as she desperately looked for a way out. She started breathing heavily. Tears welled up in her eyes, threatening to leak out. She didn't know how she was here, and she just wanted to go home...
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    Naj hesitantly poked her head through the doors of the new daycare centre. Strictly speaking, she had no business being, or at least that's how she thought. She didn't have any offspring of her own, and likely wouldn't for the foreseeable future. She didn't even live in Ponyville anymore. She still visited every so often, as she was doing right now, for the friends she'd made there and the time she'd spent in the town. But it wasn't really her business ponies did to develop the town. But darned if Naj didn't wonder when she saw the building recently built, and opening its doors. She had to know. And if they were making it open to the public, even or perhaps especially for just one day, she couldn't help but investigate. Naj was in her natural form today. No disguise whatsoever, not even her 'not-disguise' of a changeling coloured pegasus. A part of her knew that she'd have to walk around in her natural form sooner or later if ponies were to get used to it. Another part of her knew that this was one of the only places she could bring herself to try it. She had just enough history her that she was fairly sure she'd be tolerated walking out in the open like this. It was easy enough to distract herself from such thoughts after Naj stepped through the doors. It was an impressive space, filled almost to the brim with anything a foal could need or want, at least from Naj's limited experience. A part of her disapproved of it, thinking they could have still done pretty well with a much more modest budget, and then put the rest elsewhere. The rest of her recognized that foals were the future of the community, and felt that no expense should be spared to ensure that they are cared for. The fact that she'd never had anything remotely like this when she was growing up only made the prospect seem all the more appealing. A few ponies had arrived before Naj, as evident by the snippets of conversation she heard as she stepped through the doors, but it took her a moment to notice them. There were a couple she recognized. Inkbrand for one, and Prince Blueblood she met as an acquaintance once or twice. But her eyes to one in particular, an orange earth pony. One she had a history with, and in truth still didn't fully know where she stood with the mare Though curiously, Applejack was carrying a foal around herself. She was here for a more practical reason than simple curiosity, then? Naj was tempted to join in the discussion, but she knew she hadn't heard enough of the conversation yet to actually make a meaningful conversation. So for the moment, she simply greeted the assembled ponies, before waiting for the . “H-hello,” she said, and waved.
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    Martini Paradise very rarely ever had such a frenzied evening working the bar as she had this night of the Grand Galloping Gala. The unicorn mare had worked a couple galas before, but this year's was by far the busiest. It had been so hectic she barely had time to talk to anyone past quickly taking and delivering their orders, but now it has finally calmed down enough that she can relax a little and take in the scene around her. There was such a diversity of species in the lounge, many of which she never seen before outside of pictures! Griffons, Caribou, Saddle Arabians, Zebra, Qilin, Longma, and was that a Changling?! Were they allowed in Equestria now? Equestrian society was certainly changing quickly! As fascinated as Martini was in all the various patrons relaxing in the lounge, she couldn't simply mingle with any of them, as she wasn't a guest but an employee, or more precisely a contracted free agent. Instead of some beautiful gown, Martini had a simple monochrome saddle with white frill that matched the dark bow tie with white collar and small round, brimless cap she was sporting, all part of the standard uniform that each of the hospitality workers wore; she really wished they allow for individual embellishment for she really would have liked to wore something a little more colorful, or at least have a flower in her mane. Well at least she now had the opportunity to have actual conversations with any sociable customers instead of simply rushing from one to the next in a frantic pace to keep up. Chatting was Martini's favorite part of being a bartender,it was just a question now if there were any guests who were interested, past galas were notorious for the snobbish patrons, but with such a diverse group this time around, surely some of them were gregarious as she was.
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    Decided to give this a watch since I heard it was the big thing right now... and... uh... I don't know. Well, I commend the animators who worked on this for doing an excellent job. It looked pretty smooth and approaching show quality. The voice acting was hit and miss, but generally okay too. I'm glad to see the fandom attempting big projects like this, and I think there was a good amount of talent involved in making this. For me, this was a pretty big failure though. I'm probably too jaded or something. The story just felt trite, overwrought and manipulative. The fandom can produce impressive, inspired content, but this... it just felt like a turgid, mopey celebration of someone's mary sue OC. I dunno. Just totally not for me. Sorry.
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    showing a little love for the autobots~
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    I decided to start with something a bit ambiguous, as always: The Wonderbolts defend a pony from a scary monster. Which BrainedBySaucepans drew as this: BBS: "And no, I have no idea what's up with that carrot...." MyLittlePonyTales described it thusly: A shadowy Discord reveals a glowing carrot to a stunned Carrot Top, while Spitfire and Soarin' prepare to grab it. And Davroth drew this: Phil's interpretation of the picture went like this: Two swift ponies compete for Discord's carrot. Which led to Ping111's masterpiece (and our first character change of the game) Note: I'm not making fun. The filename is IT'S A MASTERPIECE.png Linkhopper tells it like it is: A lovely carrot shoots out of discords nostril, landing on rainbow dash, lighting dust then proceeds to immediately fall in love with the carrot. Which Weesh gave us a different spin on: OilWells cuts to the heart of the matter: "Lightning Dust found Rainbow Dash's discomfort fairly amusing." And AngieCakes knew just how to portray this: Tenkan's line pushes us in yet another new direction: Spitfire mocks a pony's involuntary gender change. Fawkes' picture is a sad day for Soarin': Leading to the final line of the game by StarStorm: Spitfire is annoyed that Lightning Dust named a pie bar with lesbian Wednesdays after her And there we have it fillies and gentlecolts! Good game! I'll do a follow up post a bit later once folks have had time to look over this.
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    Roleplay Type: Crossovers Name: GAK Sex: It's Gak Gak Gak! Age: It's Gak Gak Gak! Species (or "What is GAK?!?"): It's Gak Gak Gak! Eye colour: It's Gak Gak Gak! Coat: All sorts of Gak colours. There's even Gak in the Dark! Glow in the dark Gak! That glows!!! Mane/Tail: It's Gak Gak Gak! Physique: Incredible squishable! Squashable squeezable!! Stretchable bounceable!!! Flopable popable stuff!!!! Residence: Everywhere. Occupation: Making wacky Gak sounds! Cutie Mark: A Gak Pack and Gak Vac (sold seperately) History: Gak apparently went somewhere for a while, but now GAK IS BACK! Character Summary: Gak is here and wants you to know about the most important thing in the world: GAK! Some might call gak self centred, but gak just thinks you'll be so amazed by the properties of Gak that you might accidentally stop paying attention to what Gak is saying about Gak! And that would be terrible! Don't worry though, Gak knows that the solution to this problem is obvious, so as soon as Gak finishes talking about Gak, Gak just goes back to the beginning and starts again. That way, Gak can be sure that everyone has all the relevant information about Gak! Don't think that Gak is just interested in Gak though. Gak would be nothing without Gak's accessories, like the Gak Copier, the Gak Colour Mixer and of course the Gac Vac! Gak is just as keen to talk about these as Gak is to talk about Gakself, perhaps even more so. When Gak isn't talking about Gak, Gak will occasionally let Gak's friend/very special someproduct Floam say a few words, but unfortunately Floam has no interest in talking about Gak, instead preferring to talk about Floam. This depresses Gak, since Gak knows that talk of Floam will only confuse Gak's other friends. Fortunately, Gak knows that any confusion can be easily solved by talking about Gak some more. Unfortunately, much of the above is just Gak's internal fantasy; Gak, being Gak, cannot talk at all or move of Gak's own volition. Instead, Gak just sits there imagining how brilliant everyone's life would be if only Gak could tell everyone about the joys of Gak. GAK ATTACK! Roleplay Type: Crossovers Name: GAK Sex: It's Gak Gak Gak! Age: It's Gak Gak Gak! Species (or "What is GAK?!?"): It's Gak Gak Gak! Eye colour: It's Gak Gak Gak! Coat: All sorts of Gak colours. There's even Gak in the Dark! Glow in the dark Gak! That glows!!! Mane/Tail: It's Gak Gak Gak! Physique: Incredible squishable! Squashable squeezable!! Stretchable bounceable!!! Flopable popable stuff!!!! Residence: Everywhere. Occupation: Making wacky Gak sounds! Cutie Mark: A Gak Pack and Gak Vac (sold seperately) History: Gak apparently went somewhere for a while, but now GAK IS BACK! Character Summary: Gak is here and wants you to know about the most important thing in the world: GAK! Some might call gak self centred, but gak just thinks you'll be so amazed by the properties of Gak that you might accidentally stop paying attention to what Gak is saying about Gak! And that would be terrible! Don't worry though, Gak knows that the solution to this problem is obvious, so as soon as Gak finishes talking about Gak, Gak just goes back to the beginning and starts again. That way, Gak can be sure that everyone has all the relevant information about Gak! Don't think that Gak is just interested in Gak though. Gak would be nothing without Gak's accessories, like the Gak Copier, the Gak Colour Mixer and of course the Gac Vac! Gak is just as keen to talk about these as Gak is to talk about Gakself, perhaps even more so. When Gak isn't talking about Gak, Gak will occasionally let Gak's friend/very special someproduct Floam say a few words, but unfortunately Floam has no interest in talking about Gak, instead preferring to talk about Floam. This depresses Gak, since Gak knows that talk of Floam will only confuse Gak's other friends. Fortunately, Gak knows that any confusion can be easily solved by talking about Gak some more. Unfortunately, much of the above is just Gak's internal fantasy; Gak, being Gak, cannot talk at all or move of Gak's own volition. Instead, Gak just sits there imagining how brilliant everyone's life would be if only Gak could tell everyone about the joys of Gak. GAK ATTACK! Roleplay Type: Crossovers Name: GAK Sex: It's Gak Gak Gak! Age: It's Gak Gak Gak! Species (or "What is GAK?!?"): It's Gak Gak Gak! Eye colour: It's Gak Gak Gak! Coat: All sorts of Gak colours. There's even Gak in the Dark! Glow in the dark Gak! That glows!!! Mane/Tail: It's Gak Gak Gak! Physique: Incredible squishable! Squashable squeezable!! Stretchable bounceable!!! Flopable popable stuff!!!! Residence: Everywhere. Occupation: Making wacky Gak sounds! Cutie Mark: A Gak Pack and Gak Vac (sold seperately) History: Gak apparently went somewhere for a while, but now GAK IS BACK! Character Summary: Gak is here and wants you to know about the most important thing in the world: GAK! Some might call gak self centred, but gak just thinks you'll be so amazed by the properties of Gak that you might accidentally stop paying attention to what Gak is saying about Gak! And that would be terrible! Don't worry though, Gak knows that the solution to this problem is obvious, so as soon as Gak finishes talking about Gak, Gak just goes back to the beginning and starts again. That way, Gak can be sure that everyone has all the relevant information about Gak! Don't think that Gak is just interested in Gak though. Gak would be nothing without Gak's accessories, like the Gak Copier, the Gak Colour Mixer and of course the Gac Vac! Gak is just as keen to talk about these as Gak is to talk about Gakself, perhaps even more so. When Gak isn't talking about Gak, Gak will occasionally let Gak's friend/very special someproduct Floam say a few words, but unfortunately Floam has no interest in talking about Gak, instead preferring to talk about Floam. This depresses Gak, since Gak knows that talk of Floam will only confuse Gak's other friends. Fortunately, Gak knows that any confusion can be easily solved by talking about Gak some more. Unfortunately, much of the above is just Gak's internal fantasy; Gak, being Gak, cannot talk at all or move of Gak's own volition. Instead, Gak just sits there imagining how brilliant everyone's life would be if only Gak could tell everyone about the joys of Gak. GAK ATTACK!
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    The only correct answer is Scootaloo.
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    Oh no, you've made a derp. We should probably all assume you have a horrific mental handicap, rather than you having a tendency to make silly mistakes. We must treat you with utmost care and tenderness, as if your feelings had the resilience of a twig.
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    Heeeeeeeeeeeey all. Decided to try this out again since I've had a grand ol time drawing other's OCs. I have some sample art below! 1 slot per person and I'll start out with 3 slots. Willing to work from descriptions! Oh! And tell me a little about your OC or just link their profile! I just need to know what they're like to help get my ideas together. Thanks for the interest! 1. Yù Yuè and Fēng Yīnhǎitāo 2. Reckless 3. Blazing Thunder Samples:
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    It was not too much to say that Feng was a bit taken aback by the reaction to his question. Bug? Where had that come from? At least the teal one was nice, though altogether the puncture at his ego, and his ability to be diplomatic, did cause him to figuratively back into the shell he constructed for his on-duty persona. "Ahem, well, of course, I'd ask for yours too. They would make a good presentation on return to the Empress. That goes for all of you, by the way." He waved a wing at the whole company, before turning back to Sea Salt. "And I am sorry, but I must return home after the competition. It is a long way back to Huangjing, but if you ever decide to make the journey, the Palace is open to visitors." Pathfinder's continued chattering only confirmed Feng's first impression of her; he definitely was going to be called upon to remove her from the premises next time she visited the Imperial. Openly bragging about criminal activities? "You do realize, of course, that as a Watcher, I would have to arrest you if we met in Long Guo, right?" The Watcher's shell cracked again with a grin as the longma continued, "There are always old tombs in the mountains that we can't be bothered to regularly patrol. Bandits often hold up in them; would be nice to have a civic-minded sort clear them out from time to time." Speak of the bug, there came one who fairly bore that label! Along with a Pink friend of his, bringing with her not only an air of friendliness and joy, but also a mental association link that finally placed Tempest Shadow in her context. "Wait, wait a minute...." He turned back to the maroon mare. "You know her, and I think I remember from where." He gave her a look of much deeper appraisal than before; not just a mask of professionalism, but the actual real deal. "It is... interesting to meet you in person." He was fully standing up straight now, seemingly relaxed, though a trained eye could see he was 'at the ready' for something to happen. Not that he really expected it, but... something might. And yet, the first thing he did was rather unexpected. He went over to the little table, taking up a pen and some paper (ignoring the pastries as the cupcakes within were as yet not amenable to further companionship), and walked back. "I think I would like to get your autograph first." He said to Tempest, offering the implements. "Whichever name you prefer."
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    On Long Kong there hides a group, a family of sorts, taking in hoodlums, the desperate, and desiring a place to call home. Shady, underhoofed: sometimes it pays being naughty. Here are some highlights to the group as it is built and grows; The Divine Protectorate, aka the Triad of Long Kong. DIVINE PROTECTORATE Poke me if you've any questions or toss in an app if you wish to join the ranks. I'll be posting an OOC thread regarding it's members and open positions soon. Long Kong Lore Long Guo Lore RANKS Ranks are the simple state of the hierarchy within the family. There ranks instill a sense of power and place to a group who are otherwise outsiders and casteless amongst the Long. There will be limited positions for a rank, but no limitation on what sectors one can work in. Long Kong is divided into four sections, all being controlled by the Da Family within the Redoubt's District. All members know where they live and which Dragon Head they report to. Glossary: "Mountain" or "Dragon" Master (or 'Dragon Head') is the boss of the family group “Patron” an individual who provides fundings and laundering services, part or separate from the family. "Deputy Mountain Master" is just that to his or her boss. "Grass Slipper" is the Mountain Master's proxy, a son or daughter "Incense Master", who oversees inductions into the DP. "Vanguard" assists the Incense Master. "Red Pole" refers to a "military commander" overseeing defensive and offensive operations. "49" denotes the position of "soldier" or rank-and-file member. "White Paper Fan" provides financial and business advice "Straw Sandal" functions as a liaison between different units. "25" refers to an undercover law enforcement agent or spy from another gang, and has become popularly used as a slang for "snitch", i.e. informant "Blue Lanterns" are uninitiated members Long Kong Dragon Head: Da Jian-ya Patron: Yu Kinokawa (Cat Constellation), Open Slot, Open Slot Dragon Head: Port Town District Head: Open Downtown District Head: Open New Town District Head: Open Celestial District Head: Open Deputy: Open Slot, Open Slot, Open Slot, Open Slot Grass Slipper: Yin (Horse Constellation), Subjective Slots Vanguard: Open Slot, Open Slot, Open Slot, Open Slot Incense Master: Open Slot, Open Slot, Open Slot, Open Slot White Paper Fan: Open Slot Red Pole: Yángguāng (Ox Constellation), Corva Pardus (Ox Constellation), Open Slot, Open Slot Straw Sandal: Open Slot, Open Slot 49ers: Unlimited Slots Blue Lanterns: Unlimited Slots 25; The Snitch, Undercover Law Enforcement or Spy: ??? Four Pillars The Four Pillars of the Divine Protectorate, also known as Trines, control a section of family’s business to ensure the overall, unified goal of the family is met. Each pillar runs its own business front to generate a profit which is sent to the main house on a monthly basis for purchase of land deeds, equipment, and other amenities. Weekly stipends are often sent to the local Dragon Heads to provide extra allowances on luxuries the clans re not usually able to afford. Sometimes these stipends are called bribes by lower members because it keeps the Deputies in favor with the local Dragon Heads. Within the Trines there are Three Sects called Constellations. Each sect is named after a unique, skyward constellation to identify their roles in the family. It is often considered more honorable or preferred to be part of certain constellations as they make higher profits and can afford more free time while other constellations are more militaristic in their nature. Whatever the case there was a place for everypony. There is a thirteenth constellation known as the Cat that is not regarded as part of the House Trine. They are outsiders who have been given place in the family or members who have been cast out of the family, but have to be kept close and under an iron hoof due to their knowledge. They are always watched. It is not regarded as honorable to be cast out to the Cat constellation, as you are now an outsider and can never be part of the family, even if though marriage. First Trine; Business Sector Members of the First Trine handle much of the local and foreign business involving the paperwork regarding formal and informal contracts. These paper trails are meant to keep authorities off their tails and present their businesses as legitimate giving them official sounding names. They are also known for buying out local businesses who have been threatened or forced into financial ruin by local DP members. Rat: Businessponies by their nature those of the rat constellations are at the forefront of these deals. Accustomed to wearing the suit they have a keen eye in spotting risky deals and are remiss to risk the family's profit. Dragon: Hard workers those of the dragon constellation drive themselves to the bone to ensure everything is perfect when it comes to the loss ends. If ever one finds a loss end, it wasn't a dragon. Monkey: There is hardly a more relatable constellation than the monkey. They are the talkers. They convince the shopkeeps, foreigners and other individuals to keep business with the Da Family, under the assurance they have no ties with the Divine Protectorate. Second Trine; Security Sector Members of the Second Trine are the enforcers of the family's rules and laws. While not prone to any questionable behavior, it is not unheard of. They are the muscle to the brains, often being hired by the Business Sector for guard jobs or clearing riffraff in areas they are looking to raise property value on. Ox: This constellation works with what they have. Never needing more than a target they are independent and capable of getting the job done with as little instruction as possible. They are often more permanent fixtures in neighborhoods run by the DP. One can never know who is an Ox so it is always best to behave when crossing the train tracks. Snake: Leaders by their nature this constellation is well known for executing jobs using hired mooks either from within the ranks of the uninitiated, the Roosters, or outsiders who have done wrong by the family and seek penance. They are mobile so are never in one place long, often used by the Construction Sector as security officers with small teams. Rooster: In this constellation they are better suited in teams and strategic planning. Brain within brawn they excel in the lin kuei arts and other forms of espionage. Third Trine; Public Relations Sector Those in this Trine deal in the public image of the family businesses as well as covering up individual incidents that could lead to exposing their secrets to law enforcement. Tiger: More comfortable in large groups this constellation often hold public offices as secretaries or managers to important figures such as provincial governors or celebrities. The money paid to charities are often funneled into DP funds. Horse: The motivational speakers: this constellation are often the mouth pieces to the Construction and Business Sector, allowing the groups to wedge into business using their charm and precise expertise in the situation. They present these often unfair practices of forcing our business as financial and social opportunity for the pony being extorted. Dog: The counters, the measurers, and thinkers. This constellation is revered for “carrying an abacus in their saddlebags” as they are excellent problem solvers. They are kept by Dragon Heads to ensure profits aren't skimmed off of by Deputies and assist the Business Sector with larger trades and numbers. Fourth Trine; Construction Sector This Trine is responsible for all the construction business in the family. From shipping construction materials to purchasing land they are in charge of the general infrastructure that provides the DP with advantage over the local government. If their demands aren't met it sometimes means strikes from local teamsters causing a halt to businesses in Long Kong. Rabbit: The climbers, this constellation strive to buy as much possible always fighting to be seen as better than their peers. They are favored by the Dragon Heads for their insatiable drive to market themselves through their work. They are often in charge of listing, buying and selling property for the family to build on, tear down, or build up around. Sheep: A solitary constellation who prefer the dark office to field work. They are suited to the constant crunch required of the bureaucracy that is the nature of business. Office decorations they sometimes slip into privately owned businesses and funnel funds into DP projects without ever being discovered. Pig: Given roles as leaders to a union of teamsters or on the docks as ship captains this constellation benefits from DP funds by delivering material goods and workers into DP hooves. Functional members of society they have usually found their way into DP through financial strain. Fifth Trine; Outsiders This constellation is for outsiders, the dishonored and scattered gangs who wish to retain their freedom but remain disassociated with the DP. Cat: Loners, outsiders and the shamed. This constellation is a catch all for those who will never find ascension in the family but are either too valuable to turn away or have proven themselves valued allies. A place is a place and for casteless or outcasts this is often better than banishment. ------ Wow you're still here? Well if you are interested in joining just post below with the character you are interested in using. It does not have to be a Long, it does not have to be a pony, but they do have to be selfish and interested in doing the crime despite the time. This is for naughty ponies not good guys, unless yer a copper. Than we'll talk. ----- As a criminal organization the group needs a proper hang out where they go to pick up jobs and get news. The best place to do this is directly from the big boss himself: Da Jian-ya. The big boss is often seen hanging out at the bar, talking to clients. As a son to a decorated naval officer he has his place in the real world. The underworld is where his family has all the power. Below, when it is open, I shall have the link posted to the headquarters. It is a karaoke bar just at the edge of the busiest street in the Celestial District. At any given time this place can have ponies form off the streets coming in to find some fun in the arcades, a bit of friendly hangout in the karaoke rooms, or getting some locale cuisine to munch on at the bar. Some are looking to-- find opportunities or make them. THREAD TBA [OPEN]
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    In truth, Mei supposed it was a bit unkind of her, to burst into laughter at Lìmi's abrupt realization over his predicament. However, surely she could be forgiven, because in all honesty the Caribou was being utterly adorable. Said adorableness was quick to turn into true panic, though, and before Mei could dispel any thoughts of illness from the young bull's mind, Lìmi was swiveling backwards to fall over a...Pegasus, who was just suddenly there. Had she been sitting there the whole time? How had they not noticed her before? Whatever the case, she was suddenly there, and Lìmi was falling over her to land atop her, causing Mei to shoot upwards as run revelry turned into a potentially dangerous situation. A runaway machine was quite enough for one day, thank you very much, there was no need to add a Caribou-Pegasus ball rolling down the hill to the mix. She needn't have worried, however, and neither did Lìmi, it seemed...the blossoms had come loose quite easily with his shaking about, spreading a rather beautiful sheen of petals throughout the wind. Mei almost found cause to be a little upset - they had looked rather fetching atop Lìmi's antlered head - but a sudden crown of the same blossoms appeared on her own head, causing the Qilin to start a bit as she craned her neck upwards towards the dragonesque creature now folded up beside her. He seemed agreeable to accompanying them to a better flower viewing spot, then, which pleased her just fine. But before Mei could so much as open her mouth, Akairo had suddenly reentered the picture, and was engaging the serpent in some conversation - something that sounded like boring political agenda rather than romantic cherry blossom notions - leaving the Qilin to huff somewhat petulantly under her breath. "Well I do believe - " the vivid blue mare began, in attempt to indulge on the creature's offer to tour around with them, and was subsequently stalled yet again as more bodies began turning up underneath the tree. Specifically, the charming Diamond Dog from earlier had seemingly followed along Akairo's wake, and Mei nodded politely even as she felt her smile beginning to strain at the corners. "I think it would be best if - " Mei tried again, and this time an ear splitting shout had the Qilin's ears flinching backwards onto her head as the Unicorn, also from their previous group, suddenly came bounding towards the tree, apparently intent on the Pegasus Lìmi had run into. The picture perfect serenity and romance of the cherry blossoms were quickly falling to the wayside, visions of long walks underneath swirling petals making way for reunions and hysterics and photographs, and the camera shuttered is completion of a captured moment in time. "WOULD YOU ALL KINDLY. SHUT. IT." The fire breath that accompanied her words was hot enough to rise around her in a storm of smoke and heat, its ejection from her mouth rendering parts of her beautiful kimono singed, but not enough to cause any harm to the nearby bodies. At any other time, she might have taken a moment to mourn the loss of her lovely crown of cherry blossoms, which, too, had gone up in smoke at the steamed breath, but in all honesty, Mei was having a little bit of trouble concentrating around the ringing in her ears. "I have traveled," the blue Qilin said, wisps of smoke exiting from her mouth with every heaving breath she took, "all the way from Garden Gait - " heave "- to see the cherry blossoms - " wheeze "- in a scene of serenity -" breath "- and romance - " hiss "- worthy of the fables -" rasp "- and I will not -" gasp "- be denied -" breathe "this, moment." Mei wasn't entirely sure what sort of look she had on her face as she turned her head towards Lìmi, but she wasn't too much worried about that sort of thing as one of her hooves reached out to clench the Caribou's foreleg, because there were clearly more important things to be worried about at the moment, weren't there? ...Yes? "I do believe," Mei extrapolated, vaguely aware of the way her left eye twitched slightly as she regarded the young bull, "that we were about to find ourselves a peaceful. And picturesque. Viewing spot. To view the blossoms weren't we ...Lìmi?..."
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    check out me and my gf we're so cute together
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    You do not need an approval stamp to play as your FFA character! This also means that you also do not need to put WIP or READY tags in your character sheet. This subforum is for you to post character sheets that you and other players can reference in your RPs. There is no standard format for character sheets in FFA. The standard World of Equestria character sheet will be reprinted here for reference. Be creative and have fun! Topic Tags: Please add appropriate tags to the Topic Tag field under the Topic Title. At a bare minimum, this should include the "OC" tag for original characters, the "FiM Cast" tag for cast characters, the name of your character's species, and your character's name in "oc:NAME" format. Name: Names must be in the flavour of the roleplay and species. Names are subject to staff review and discretion. Gender: Female or male is fine for this field. Age: Any age that is not numbered. Young, old, teen, filly, mare, colt, stallion are all fine. Species: Refer to our species list for acceptable species for play in Canterlot Chronicles. Eye colour: Eyes that relate to the species are fine. Any colour is fine, though be reserved with use of glows or strange pupils. Character colour: What colour is the character? Mane/Tail/Other: What colour and style are the mane, tail, hair, etc? Other: Do they have any accessories like hair bows, an eye patch, or braces? Physique: How is the character described? Can you get a good visual idea of what shape they are? Anything different about their body should go here (lost wings, broken horns, an extra toe, etc.) Residence: Any location on our map resources is acceptable, including Ponyville. Occupation: What does the character do? If they don't have an occupation, what do they do in their free time? Cutie Mark: Applicable to pony species only, including Zebras. Adult ponies must still possess a cutie mark. Unique Traits: This is a new space where players can list fun things about their character. Do they carry swords, specialize in ice magic, or do they like to bust flight tricks? Beware of characters that want to be analogous to Cast or emphasize power over a certain other character. History: Just a brief history of the character is fine. No reason for a fanfic here. They may mention family if they'd like, but focus should be on this character. Character Personality: What are they like to meet personally? Try to push away from introverted -- it makes no sense for a social roleplay. If they want to be socially cautious or shy that's fine. Character Summary: Everything about the character should be nicely summarized here. ​ Admin Edit 8/7/15 : This sub-forum area may now be used to place character log threads as well. ~ Rose
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    The fact this is one of the biggest issues on this site makes me pretty proud of the site as a whole. Think about the horrible issues the fandom has overall with what overzealous and socially inept fans have done, then think about here. Man, it is no wonder I spend 98% of my fandom web effort on this site, because it is pretty much what I wish the fandom could be (although it could use more smexy in socks art )
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    Ugh, Wonderbolt Academy wasn't that great of an epsidoe people!!! /me bangs head and rages BBLLLLLAAAAAMMMMMM!!!!!! but yeah, Sleepless in Ponyville was one of the best balanced episodes ever. Great flow, great characters, great edginess, great everything. If that episode had a song, it probably would be the best episode in the series.
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    All I'm gonna say is that Discord confirmed for best character. That is all. SSTB OUT! PEACE!
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    here SkyMunki, I'll fix it. Another series of photos of Scotchkie looking right stupid w/ my friend Ian (who is not a brony, but I am pretty sure his daughter likes ponies). I really am the prettiest princess of them all. here's some mugs for you, Appliance.
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    Sure, your just in the NICK of time! I'll add you to the list! Than you all for your request! The thread is officially closed! I'm sure Santa Hooves will be delighted at all the people who still believe in his Santa Hoovy-ness and thanks to all that sent him milk and cookies (and apparently fruit punch) Keep a look out for the Canterlot Gallery on Tuesday, December 25 for your gifts. That's all, have a great night, day, afternoon, where ever you are in this great big place we call Earth.
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    So your belief is that the moral of the story should have been, "Hey, if you're being bullied, beat the bully/get your revenge!". I have a feeling you do not have kids. As a father and uncle, I want their first response to be to go to authority and report the bullying. Violence and vengeance may satiate some primal desire, but such actions make you no better than the bully unless it is the last resort. If the moral of the episode had been that you should take matters in your own hand and take care of the bully yourself, then when my niece comes over later so her mum can do errands, she'd be watching old episodes and would never see this one.
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    SteelEagle's Guide to Pre-Ordering from a Comic Shop: 1- Disregard phones. You want to show up in person to make sure they have your voice burned into their memory. 2- Get dressed. While going naked may help them remember you, pony money would go towards a fine and there is a possibility of jail time. 3- Get there. You may use a motor vehicle or a bus, but should these solutions prove futile, a friend(who is someone who is kind to you and may wish to do things with you) could take you. Failing that, you may walk. 4- Open the door. This is actually a multi-step process, but you need to ensure that the comic store is open. Many will have hours posted, but some want to confuse ray you and won't. Either way, try opening the door. 5- Punch someone in the face. Establish dominance. 6- Talk. After establishing your supremacy, talk to an employee about pre-orders. After they are done cowering in fear from your earlier attacks, punch them. Keep them under your heel at all times lest they think to mock you. 7- Order. Tell them you want the My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic comic book and you wish to pre-order it. If they make eye contact, punch them. They will do a magical dance and will soon ask for your money to pay for it. This is an important step: Do not punch them for trying to steal for you. Hand over the requested amount! 8- Leave. Remind them that you'll be back to eat all their cupcakes in a threatening tone as you glare at the field of broken bodies that you have left in your wake. Congratulations, you have now pre-ordered the My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic comic book!
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    I'm doing a fun little comprehension project! Draw the MLP cast in their teen years. So far this is just a comprehensive exercise and an excuse to draw the cast with alternate hair styles. I may story it out somewhere down the road if this project doesn't flop like my usual ones do! I AM open to ideas if people have particularly interesting head canons, by the way. First up we have Fluttershy's papa trying to get her to smile after getting new braces.
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    Hmmmm... aren't we all forgetting someone? Someone really cool who voices a famous character on FiM?
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