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    Why hello there, darling! Eager to join our little World of Equestria game? Looking to let all that wonderful creative energy flow free? Well, before you do get started, you're going to have to submit a Canterlot.com character application. A gorgeous dress starts with a fabulous design and much the same can be said for a fantastic character! Your character's application is that design; it's there to tell us all exactly who your character is and how we can expect him or her to behave in the RP. For that reason, it is imperative that you fill it out and fill it out right! Luckily I'm here to tell you just how to make your application shine like the most beautiful of diamonds! So listen up and let Miss Rarity tell you exactly how this is done! The application must include all of the following, so listen closely. Absolutely no skipping anything, now! How to title your application: Now, before we dive in and get started on what goes in the application, I must first explain how we like for applications to be titled. Every character application starts with the title. It's the first thing ponies see--it's the thing that catches the RP Team's attention. So, needless to say it's important that one fills it out just right! Right? But how do we do that? Well, a title needs to start off with a topic prefix for the character's species; you should find a drop down box when you go to post your application that contains all of the options! This part is as simple as just picking one of the choices from the list. When you do, it'll appear in the title for you; you don't have to write anything! You do need to write in your character's name, however, followed by a label for the application's status in the title box. Now this last thing is particularly important, so do listen up, dear. For the status label, you have two options: [Ready] and [WIP]. [Ready] is for applications that are ready to be receive feedback from the RP Team. It does not mean that you are absolutely sure your application is the pinnacle of perfection, and in fact you could still be actively working on it; it just tells us all that you are ready to move forward with the process. Applications with this tag should soon be noticed and reviewed by one of the RP Helpers. [WIP] on the other hand, is for applications that you are still actively working on. These are incomplete applications that are not ready for RP Helper eyes just yet. If you are looking for feedback on an application DO NOT use this label, as it tells the team specifically that you're not ready for them yet (though RP Helpers may still look at and comment on [WIP] applications at their own discretion from time to time). ​ Name: Let's on to the actual application content. To start with, before anything else, your character is going to need a name! Everypony has one! Now, we ponies, you'll find, have certain naming conventions. Our names aren't quite like the names of you humans. A good pony name is comprised of one or two words, usually having to do with our talents or personality. I happen to be a pony of truly uncommon beauty, talent and charm who is also adept at finding rare gemstones, for instance, so of all the possible names, Rarity certainly is the most fitting! Essentially, just remember to stay away from human names and you'll most likely be fine. Oh, and do also remember that we ponies don't typically have set surnames--Applejack and that oversized family of hers don't all have names ending in Apple after all! Of course, if your character is not a pony, you're playing by a different set of rules here! For your dragons, griffons and such, we're more open to all kinds of naming possibilities within reason. ​ Sex: Now this one is simple, dear. What gender is your pony? You should indicate Male or Female here. I'm afraid we don't allow any other options, so please stick with one or the other--even if you feel your pony falls somewhere in the middle.​ Age: For a pony's age, we ask that you DO NOT give a specific number (we do not know the number of years ponies live, or at what rate they age). Instead, please use one of the following labels: Foal - for ponies who are young children, regardless of gender Colt - for male ponies who are in their teenage years Filly - for female ponies who are in their teenage years Stallion - for adult male ponies Mare - for adult female ponies. You are welcome to add modifiers like "older" or "young" to give us a a more specific idea of just how old the character is, just don't give us any numbers for age (and that goes for ANYWHERE in the application)! For non-pony characters, you should use equivalent non-pony related terms for age. Child, Teen and Adult will usually be just fine, but if you want to use terms more specific to the character's species, that should be fine as well.​ Species: Another straight forward field here! What species is your character, dear? A pegasus? An earth pony? A lovely, majestic unicorn like myself? Or perhaps you are looking to create something a little more exotic? Griffons, zebras, cute little baby dragons like Spike? There truly are a lot of options! If you wish to avoid undue trouble, please do make sure you look at the Playable Species List to make sure your species is something that's allowed first though!​ Eye colour: What colour are your character's eyes? Any solid colour is fine, but we ask that you stay away from any really unusual eye effects. Keep it simple and you should have no problems here, darling! ​ Character Colour: Describe for us your character's colours. If your character is a pony, give us the coat colour. A zebra? Tell us about those stripes! A dragon? The scales!​ Mane/Tail/Other: Tell us about the character's mane and tail! You need to indicate the colour (or colours) as well as a general idea of how the mane and tail are styled. Feel free to include any hats or mane accessories here as well, if you like--as well as any facial hair for all your distinguished stallions! Be as descriptive as you can! ​ Physique: For this, just tell us a little about your character's shape. How big or small is your character? Is he or she muscular? Thin? Stocky? Glamorous? You can also use this space to tell us about any distinguishing marks, scars or physical abnormalities your character might have on his or her body. Use your creativity, but make sure you keep everything within reason and don't go overboard! Your character should look like he or she fits in the world where he or she will exist.​ Residence: Simple! Just tell us where your character currently lives. This is important, as it tells other players what locations they can expect to see you play your character in the RP. If you need help, take a look at our list of World of Equestria Locations for ideas!​ Occupation: What is your character's job? Please do keep this reasonable for the world in which the character will exist. If your character d0es not have an occupation, feel free to use this space to tell us how they spent their free time.​ Cutie Mark: In this section, we ask that you describe your character's cutie mark. Give us details, darling! Pictures help, but are not required. Do make sure the cutie mark is both appropriate and accurately describes your character. Stay away from symbols that are trademarked or already have a clear and explicit association with something else, such as flag symbols; the cutie mark should be something entirely personal having to do specifically with your character or his or her talents after all. You also need to tell us how your pony got his or her cutie mark. Trust me, the moment in which somepony receives their cutie mark is an important one for absolutely everypony! Just describe in however much detail as you please the events surrounding this pivotal moment in your pony's life. Make sure the story is appropriate and logical. We should be able to easily understand how these particular events lead to this particular mark appearing. It is simply not acceptable for you to not know or not be sure what the cutie mark means in relation to the character. All ponies get cutie marks, and they get them when they are still young. An adult mare or stallion will always have her or his cutie mark, no exceptions! However, for all of your fillies, colts and foals, bare flanks are definitely still a possibility. If this is the case, it is enough to simply indicate as much. Oh, and if your character is not a pony or pony related species, it's fine to simply answer "not applicable" here.​ Unique Traits: Tell us about the little things special to your pony. If he or she has any special abilities, like my gem finding and fashion magics or my friend Pinkie's Pinkie Sense, include them here. Physical skills and skill with weapons or tools would also go here. As with everywhere else, we encourage creativity, but do make sure that the abilities make sense for the world to which your character will belong. The abilities should also not be of the sort that stress power over character; remember that this is a social game and the fun will come in cooperating with others. No one is going to want to engage with a character who feels unfairly overpowered. I would also advise that you steer clear of abilities which directly mimic those of me or my friends and acquaintances. Unique is the key word here. Rainbow might dazzle us all with her Sonic Rainboom, but that doesn't mean your character should be able to perform their own version of a Rainboom too. It's never fashionable to be a copycat.​ History: Describe your character's history. Tell us all about his or her life. Be as creative and descriptive as you like, darling. A good history is important, but we're not asking for every detail of your character's life story. As a general guideline, these are some of the basic questions you might consider answering about your pony in this section:Where was your character born?How was life for him or her growing up?Who are his or her parents and how do they get along with your character?Is there any other family we should know about?What is his or her life like now?How did your character get to where he or she is?Where does he or she hope to go from here?​ Character Personality: This one is probably the single most critical field when it comes to RP: how your character will behave. Again, you should be as inventive and as thorough as you are able. List their hobbies, likes, dislikes and any other little quirks your character might have. Be sure to tell us how your character will act and interact with others. Good characters will be unique, well-rounded and well thought out personalities. Remember that no one is perfect; your character should have flaws and faults, fears and worries! Do note that, particularly introverted characters will be a lot harder to utilize in RP. As I said previously, the game will rely on you engaging with and interacting with others--so characters who refuse to do this likely won't be as much for you or anyone else. ​ Character Summary: Finally, give us a brief summary of your character overall. This should just be a condensed version of who the character is overall. Be sure to include all the most important details. This section should give someone reading it the general idea of who your character is in the broader sense, even if they haven't read any of the rest of the application.​ That about covers what should be included in the application, but there are a few more things that you absolutely need to know before you get started, dear! Applications should be written in plain, black, left-aligned text, with only the labels for the various fields in bold. Believe me, I understand the need to make everything gorgeous, but the RP team is looking for information that is easy to read, not pretty to look at. We prefer you write applications in third person. It's just easier to extract the needed information that way! Pictures of the character are very much welcomed, but are certainly not required for an application to be approved. If you're still unsure about anything after all that I've told you, feel free to direct any questions you may have to any of the talented and dedicated Canterlot.com RP Helpers! Have fun! To get started, just copy the application form below and paste it onto a new thread for your application: Character Application: Roleplay Type: Name: Sex: Age: Species: Eye colour: Coat: Mane/Tail: Physique: Residence: Occupation: Cutie Mark: Unique Traits:History: Character Personality: Character Summary: ​ Addendum on Roleplaying as Antagonists and the Value of Communication: Since the World of Equestria roleplay now allows for play in worlds where unsavory characters may more commonly exist, there are a few other things we ask you to keep in mind, particularly in the case that the character your making is of a more wicked nature. If creating a thread where conflict is likely to arise, I HIGHLY RECOMMEND that you set up an out of a character discussion thread and link it in the original post. This is actually a good thing to have for any RP thread, but for threads involving villains and the like, just having a space to communicate with everyone else involved will spare you all so much confusion and frustration. "Power gaming", "God-Moding" and the like--that is roleplaying which is unfair, where one player dominates a thread and refuses to let his or her character be effected by events in the thread, be shown in a negative light or simply just doesn't play along with others. If such behavior is noticed, players are advised to report it to the staff using the Report button located at the bottom right of every post on the forum. Reported posts will be reviewed and if we agree that the behavior is inappropriate, the posts will be removed. Guilty roleplayers will not receive punishment beyond this, though they might receive a verbal warning from the mod staff upon repeated infractions. Remember that your roleplaying partners, by rule, must have your consent to do ANYTHING in the RP. If someone does something to your character which you do not like, you do not have to accept that it has happened. Roleplay needs to be fun for everyone involved, and for that proper communication is vital. If you're ever in a situation where you're unsure if doing something to someone else's character is okay or not, ASK THEM FIRST! Courtesy goes along way, darling. And finally, do be aware that, if a thread becomes an ongoing problem--that is, if frequent reports and complaints are received or if wildly inappropriate behavior is noticed--and no other recourse can be found, such a thread may be locked without notice by the Canterlot staff.​ The goal here is for our players to have fun; newer players should be encouraged to develop roleplay skill without ridicule or threat of punishment for "doing it wrong." Skilled players should do everything in their power to help support the newer ones. Remember that everyone is new once and deserves the chance to improve--something only done through actively playing with other skilled players. I do hope our players will keep this in mind as we continue to develop this -- and other roleplay sections -- at Canterlot!
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    Well I noticed there is not that many forum games around so lets see what happens... Well title says it all did I win already?
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    Please vote for interest in a photo of Artax on a throne made of skulls (most likely not human remains).
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    Thank you everypony, for the heartfelt words and warm wishes- Mir and I are both stunned by the unexpected gifts- they are gorgeous and took us completely by surprise! We've already set several different pictures to our desktops as we plan out the final details; it has been a wonderful and sweet reminder everytime we look at our phones or computers to finalize guest lists, or call someone and see a picture of lampwick and acorn trussed up and ready to go- it makes me tear up :') I was approached by fawkes and shown his blog link where the well wishes were originally kept, and when asked by another if the art and well wishes could be displayed in a thread I thought that would be a very nice sentiment- I am very glad to see others chiming in to wish us well on our special day. I love this community, have poured my heart into it, and plan to continue to do so; its really touching to see others here excited for us, even to go as far as make beautiful artwork, poems, and literature about us- thank you so very much for caring, and sharing in my special days. Its been so much work lately its been hard to find time for the forum, so i find it really cool to see the forum reaching out to me to wish me well! Thank you all so very much- I heard a friend say this once when we parted, knowing we wouldn't meet again for years; it was the best blessing i've ever heard, and I'd like to share it to all of you: "I hope the worst of your future is the best of your past" It caught me off guard when I heard it, but if the worst of my future is the best i've ever known, then that would make for a pretty spectacular future. I wish the best for all of you- and look forward to getting to know you all better as we continue to grow as a community. Thank you again everypony; i'm sorry if i'm a little long-winded tonight, i'm getting married tomorrow and my stomach is full of all sorts of good butterflies ^_^;; Thank you again for the wonderful words, and gifts- I cant begin to express how thankful we are for your thoughtfulness :')
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    As some of you ponies may know, a very special day is rapidly approaching for one of Canterlot’s very most super duper special mares. Namely, Manestream! And specifically, her wedding to the lovely Mirelmture! So, fantastically, Canterlot’s own resident draconequus, Fawkes, decided to organize a little surprise to celebrate the special occasion. With just a little over two weeks to pull it all together, Fawkes contacted as many of Canterlot’s artists as he could reach and as you’ll see, they were more than happy to contribute to celebrating this momentous occasion! And for anyone else who might want to contribute a gift to the couple-to-be, there’s still plenty of time! Just send it my way in a PM once it's finished and I’ll edit it into the reserved post below! Although a couple of huzzahs and congrats I’m sure would be equally appreciated, and you can just post those here! It's a beautiful thing, and I truly wish you both undying happiness! I love you like a sister, Mane, and it's impossible to find strong enough words for how happy we all are for you both. So with all that said, [colour=#EE82EE]CONGRATULATIONS MANESTREAM AND MIRELMTURE!![/colour] I’ll let the draconequus himself fill you in from here, with a very special message! Click here for gifts! (Link to the original surprise post: http://lanternandacorn.blogspot.com/)
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    Hello, my little ponies. Roleplaying on Canterlot.com can be a delightfully fun experience, but finding the right confidence in your roleplay posts can be a difficult thing. Indeed, many of my subjects over the years questioned whether they truly have the talent to write outstanding roleplay posts. To those who wish themselves to be counted among my faithful students, I have to say that crafting exceptional replies is actually quite easy. By studying the wisdom I impart to you, you’ll soon be able to practice my techniques and learn for yourself the magic of roleplay. Proofreading is Magic.If anypony realizes the importance of proofreading, it would be my prized pupil Twilight Sparkle. While her efforts at maintaining the high quality of her reports oftentimes wear her out, the efforts she makes to ensure her writing is devoid of all spelling and grammar errors or phrases too awkward to be read out loud is truly commendable. If your fellow roleplayers are anything like their princess, they will be happy to see similar efforts. Even though I’m personally quite forgiving of errors (don’t let my student find out!), some players will be thrown off if they see writing lacking the care evidenced by a simple proofread. ​ Explore Your Character’s Feelings.Roleplay is much more than having your character go through the motions of speaking dialogue to other ponies. Like my real subjects, your creation ought to be swimming in thoughts and senses. How does your pony feel about the other characters? How does he or she perceive his surroundings? By exploring the reflections, emotions, and senses of your character, your posts will be more rewarding to read for both others and yourself. Don’t fear making your replies too long; the important thing is that others get a vivid picture of what goes on inside the head of your own little pony. ​ Not All Language is Spoken.Even though writing dialogue is a large part of roleplaying, don’t underestimate the importance of body language. Various scientific experts in my royal court suggest that upwards to 90% of all equine communication consists of nonverbal cues like eye contact and leg movement. To better simulate the lively nuances of real-life conversations, feel encouraged to describe what sort of gestures and expressions your character makes. Just as importantly, make every effort to respond to the body language displayed by other ponies. By minding nonverbal cues, conversations will be made that much more interesting to portray. ​ Reign In the Purple Prose.On occasion, I have seen my RP students go overboard and write up posts so long and convoluted that they are impossible to comprehend. While it is important to delve into your character, it is also vital to do so concisely. Be sure to write just enough to provide roleplayers a detailed picture of your pony or the current setting without drowning them in extraneous information and endless description. Assuming that two roleplay posts each have the same content about a character’s thoughts and actions, the better roleplay post is not the one that spends two paragraphs droning about the alabaster spires of my castle, but the one that only devotes a sentence or two at most to them. ​ Create Opportunities for Responses.Aside from getting inside your character’s head, the other essential element that distinguishes an exceptional post from an average one is how well it provides new directions for other roleplayers to respond to. Writing in-length about how your character came to arrive at a location sadly does no good if they make no effort to bond with somepony else. On the other hoof, having your character communicate with others, causing situations which other characters must respond to, and otherwise moving the roleplay along are what it takes to make RPs exciting to both yourself and others. However, be sure to respond to other roleplayer’s attempts at accomplishing the same task; reciprocation goes a long way in forging meaningful friendships. ​I trust you can now see that I was quite serious when I mentioned that writing great roleplay posts is delightfully easy. By following these five simple steps, you’ll be roleplaying to the very best of your abilities before you even know it. With quality roleplaying, I have faith that you'll soon find countless friends as you explore the worlds of Canterlot.com's Roleplay. Good luck!
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    It has come to the attention of the moderating staff that our FFA section has been used to fish for sexual RPs with minors. OOC discussion threads specifically looking for sexual themed RPs anywhere (including offsite; e.g. "Let's meet up on Skype!") will result in a ban. Please know that the moderator team closely watches the FFA section and we do read the OOC and RP threads that are there. A romantic thread may still be possible but should be limited to themes that would be appropriate for the show. G rated dates, a kiss on the cheek, hoof holding; anything far beyond that may be considered inappropriate. If you have ANY questions or concerns about the nature of your thread and if it is acceptable please ask a moderator. This is the only warning that will be provided, first offenses will result in a permanent and non-negotiable ban.
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    Hey everyone, I thought I'd stop in with an update from my phone while I have some downtime. Aside from a broken toe and seatbelt bruising, I am doing okay, and will be discharged from the hospital soon. My car, however, did not fare as well, and will not be making a recovery. I will be going to where it was towed later today to search for my glasses, which have been missing since the accident. Thank you all so much for your get well wishes! You should all be assured that I'm in good care
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    I joined Canterlot a little under half a year ago looking for a community to share my enthusiasm and love of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic with. I'm happy to say...I've found it! I could not feel more blessed, honored, and privileged to share friendship with all of you. I think this is a very unique community, a far stride away from what else can be found in other parts of the internet that discuss pony. I think we have a wonderful user base of people from different walks of life -- and different interests -- that have all come together to share something important, real, and precious, in a place where kindness and friendship are easily in short supply. By extension, I carry that pride of kindness, tolerance, friendship, and hope with me as I make my journey outside this forum, and I invite you all to do the same as well. Remember to celebrate what you enjoy, don't let anyone tell you otherwise, and feel proud to be in a special community such as this! So, I share my 2000th thought with Canterlot! Here's to 2000 more!
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    It has been a real pleasure pouring my heart into the community here. I remember joining this community as a member its first day, and sharing the news that I was proposing to my sweetheart with other excited individuals here. This forum even celebrated my wedding with me. I have deep, fond, loving memories of the community here, and I have made friends for life. However, as my career and personal life have been taking off, it has become painfully aware that my time to offer to this site has become increasingly limited, and the community here deserves better than that from me. I am still going to be around, and I look forward to interacting with everyone here in ways that I previously could not. I have the utmost faith in our successors, and I know that they are supported by an excellent team of RP Helpers, SRP's, and mods. I am looking forward to bright days for the community here. Thank you all, for being the best community I've ever had the pleasure to serve.
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    I'm sure many of you have been wondering lately about the calm our board has gone through the last few months, and find yourselves tapping your hooves to your muzzles and wondering "Hey, did I sleep through a holiday?" You most certainly did not! The next thing you might wonder is "Did Manestream sleep through the holidays? Was she pony-knapped?! Did she go wandering to deep into the Ever-free forest and get turned into stone?!" I most certainly did not to at least two of those! But I have certainly been busy. Some ponies are concerned that the lack of events means the forum is undergoing some peril; I assure you that is not the case. The forum is still steadily growing in members, and the Canterlot staff is still chugging along while I sort out some personal business in my life. "What business is that you might ask?" Well let me tell you! I have recently gotten married, and moved into a new home. To make ends meet, I was working a full time job, while training part time for a new job. Amidst all that, my grandmother's health declined, and we had a second, special, private ceremony for her. Since then, I have received a third job offer out of the area, and have been commuting to pursue that career. I have just recently lost a family member, and will be undergoing another move within the next 40 days. Needless to say, it has been a very busy time in my life- and despite how much I love this community and fandom; my family (and putting food on the table, and a roof overhead) has to come first. The good news is that future prospects are very good. Thanks to diligence over the last few months (despite a few Twilight-Sparkle style breakdowns), my partner and I both have better jobs lined up, and I will be able to access Canterlot at work, allowing me immediate turnaround in regards to board issues. "So Mane, what does this all mean?" While it is a disappointment that recently I have been unable to work with the staff on releasing events for you all to enjoy, in no way have I lost interest in the site, and already the staff and I are working together to bring the Crystal Empire and Crystal Ponies to the RP. Since I will soon be working only one job, my time for the site will increase, and you should all see a very exciting 2013, in which the staff and I hope to release a lot of long-talked about events and changes to the RP. In light of that, I want to take this opportunity to thank my co-admin Artax and our staff for working so hard on this site while my time was so thin. They have worked tirelessly to keep this place running, and are bursting with energy to take our RP further than its been before with new ideas. Please give a shout-out to all of them for keeping this place running, alive, and healthy- they devote a lot of their personal time and their hearts to this place, so show them some love! And you, our users, deserve a shout-out too. Thank you for investing your time here, in our community, and being what makes it great. The staff and I can plan from dusk until dawn, but without you- its all for nothing. So thank you for being a part of what makes us great I'm looking forward to whats coming ahead, and hope you are all as excited about it as I am. Thanks for your patience and understanding, and for being the best each of you can be. Its so rare that so many people come together to practice being better to one another- to practice the basic morals of the show we love. I'm proud to be a part of this community.
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    Today! It's really happening! XD omigosh!!! What should I do with myself? Hahaha! Going to get my hair done- anyone have ideas of how to keep the emotions under control?
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    Roleplay Type: Mane RP Name: Tom Sex: Male, obviously Age: Rock Species: Rock Eye Color: Rock Coat Color: Rock Mane/Tail/Markings Color & Style: Bald. Unless somepony would be kind enough to glue a wig on there. Physique: Like a rock. Cutie Mark: A rock (maybe) Origin/Residence: Rockland. Currently resides in Canterlot. Occupation: REIN Special Agent Cover Occupation: Stock Broker Motivation: To be a rock. Likes: Rocking out, Rock n' Roll, Bouldering, Rarity Dislikes: Rock bottom Character Summary: Tom came about a very long time ago. A time when things were less fancy, and more... Not-fancy. A time of non-fanciness. When ponies were all 'Ooo, I'm regal' or 'Ooo, I'm beneath the regal guy!'. Much less cool that what Equestria is today. And he's fine with that. He was born to Rocky and Pebbles out of Rockland, the famous-but-not-really-famous unknown city of rocks somewhere on the map that became a granite quarry. The construction workers came and they brought great, terrible tools and machines, that reduced his people to slab and dust to be used for countertops, sidewalks, gravel, you name it! It was atrocious. When Tom was old enough, he enlisted, and became a Rok. For the good of his people! Though they were no match for the mighty quarry miners. Despite numerous rock slides, collapses in tunnels, and stubbing of toes, the Roks just could not match the force of these miners. So, Tom fled. He knows not the fate of his parents or his beloved home, by takes joy in knowing they fight the good fight still, despite the odds against them. After the war, Tom found a fine meadow to rest in, where he remained for... Well, a very long time. Anypony who came to visit him just climbed upon him, or drew on him, or had picnics in front of him, using him for shade. Never did they ask how his day was, or if he had any tales to tell. It was saddening. He felt alone. So very alone. It overcame him with a sadness he felt could never be lifted. It wasn't until the rise of Discord, however, that he was proven wrong. As Equestria changed, he suddenly found himself lodges in a stone prison (oddly enough). He did not know where he was, but knew he was whisked away by Discord for some evil purpose. Try as he could, he could not escape. But then, a voice! So... Soft and frail... Beautiful. It shouted something, and then Tom felt the rock crumbling round him, freeing him more and more! Yes! At last he could feel the heat of the sun again! Before he knew it, he was embracing the lovely Miss Rarity of Ponyville. She called him 'a diamond'. The most lovely and biggest she had ever seen. They embraced in the labyrinth, and Tom was convinced he had found true love at last. They went everywhere together, the lovely Rarity insisting she carry him. But he was fine with that. Every moment with the mare was a moment in heaven. She loved him, and he loved her right back. It couldn't have been any more perfect... Until Discord fell at last. Perhaps Rarity was using him only as a distraction from the stress a discorded Equestria brought upon her. Perhaps she had other, selfish intentions. To this day, he does not know. She refused to speak with him, and cast him aside. She wanted nothing more to do with Tom, and his heart sank like a rock. Some time later, Tom found work in Canterlot as a vigilante, thwarting crimes of all sorts by just simply being in the way. He could not be moved, his resolve so mighty. He was responsible for the arrests of some of Equestria's most dastardly villains. It wasn't long before the REIN got their eye on him. They knew it wasn't right. The organization was for ponies, not rocks. But darn it. He had the resolve. He had the courage. He had a stone cold heart like nopony had ever seen before. Best of all, he could blend in to a crowd. They needed someone like him, now more than ever. And so he started his distinguished career as REIN's most celebrated spy and interrogator. Nopony knows who this mysterious 'Agent Granite' really is, but Tom, the innocent worker at the stock office in Canterlot, seems to find a certain satisfaction in hearing the agent be praised for his very hard, very honorable work.
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    Dear Family of Thoth, We live in an increasingly complex culture influenced by a great number of things -- many of them good, many of them bad. I suppose I could tell you that My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic and all of its fans and community have nothing to do with the sexual deviancy you might have picked up from media sources. However, since I don't have much credibility relaying this to you over the internet, I urge you to take a good look at the positives that make this cartoon -- and by extension -- community, wonderful. Sit down and watch a few episodes with your son; you'll see it is a show that encourages love, tolerance, friendship, and demonstrates important lessons that apply to everyone -- kids and adults alike. There's nothing sexually deviant about My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, and it certainly has nothing to do with pedophilia. This forum itself is heavily protected and moderated by a dedicated staff, round the clock, to ensure the content posted and discussed here carries a strict, all-ages rating. We have many members here younger than 15, and we encourage them to share their love of the cartoon with the older fans in a positive environment free from anything that might be deemed inappropriate by their families. I think it's wonderful you're taking an active role in protecting your teenager, but I urge you to take a closer look at why this cartoon series is getting so much attention from so many older fans, and maybe you will begin to understand the premise and culture that it is built around has nothing to do with the sex or deviancy you may be hearing from the media. Thanks a bunch for reading this! ~ Rosie
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    Hi everypony, More announcements coming up! There's a lot of upcoming changes, so let's dive right into the meat of this! Server Host Change I've been taking a look at other options for server hosting. We've been with HostGator for a while now, but I've continued investigating other options. After some research, I've finally found that InvisionPower offers their own cloud hosting service and license for a lower net cost than paying for an HG server and separate software license. We will be able to keep all of our current features such as blogs, the gallery, and content pages. This will lower upkeep costs and backend administrative burden as well as ensuring that our board software has up to date features and security. I have been in talks with IP for the past few weeks and I have decided that moving our boards over to their cloud services would be in the community's best interest. I am scheduling the cutover to occur in approximately two weeks time (the week of 15-February). Though I do not anticipate any hitches, I want everyone to be secure in knowing that their important site data (eg: gallery images, particularly beloved RPs, and character sheets) is safe. This two-week period will allow those who wish to conduct personal backups to do so. I will also take time to create site mass backups before the transition to ensure that we have the best possible data integrity. Call for RP Helpstaff Yup, you heard that right! Love roleplaying? Got great ideas for improving play? Want a more hooves-on approach to helping make Canterlot even cooler than it is? We want you! We are looking for individuals who can handle one OR more of the following: Help plan out RP events and run sponsored threads Assist in the development of new lore entries Bring enthusiasm to the community and cultivate activity on the forums and our IRC channels Contribute basic art assets to assist with site branding To apply, send a forum PM to Dio and Rosewind with your Canterlot.com Forum, Skype, and IRC handles (wherever applicable), your age (required for some of the processing we do), what you are able to contribute, and why you think you would make a great staffer. We'll review your application and decide if you've got what it takes to be part of the team! Ads and Donations Everything needs bits to run. Canterlot is no different. I wanted to run the site without ads as long as possible, but it will take a lot of financial pressure off me to set them up. I will be researching code implementation for small unobtrusive ads in the coming weeks and how to implement a subscription system to remove them once the server host has been migrated. In the interim, I am requesting donations to help keep the server online. Do not feel obligated to donate if it is not within your means, but every little bit helps! Please see the Canterlot Accounts forum for additional information on donations!
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    Dearest Denizens of Canterlot; Roleplay, as a fundamental rule, should be fun. Many of us have many cast characters with posting demands, or active threads with our OCs. If you're not feeling inspired to post, don't feel forced to in order to avoid getting dinged on a Cast Check. Simply PM SteelEagle, Dio, and myself and let us know you need a break. I would rather our players feel inspired to post, rather than forced to post. We only take cast character rights if you have truly exhausted any interest in your character or haven't posted in a long time with no feedback. If you're in the middle of a thread with nothing to roleplay, and it's your turn, feel free to ask the other players to skip you. Roleplay is about creativity, and there are dozens of ways to explain an inactive character in a thread if you're unable to post, for whatever reason. Above all, have fun! That is the point.
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    Canterlot.com is a community founded under the paradigm of understanding, tolerance, and friendship. With that said, I've noticed an overabundance of mean-spirited comments in our user blogs and status updates recently that my Moderation team has needed to remove and/or action. Please consider the type of site this is when making comments to other users. We're entitled to our opinions -- and disagreement and differing opinions are quite welcome -- but we all need to be mindful of how we choose to respond to others: Say what you mean, mean what you say, but don't say it mean. or Thanks for listening!
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    Hey, it's not Dusk risen from the dead but it is her roommate who will be posting in her absence. I have decided to continue on her account to continue her legacy and breathe life into this account. I will have to learn to RP but I'l do it for her, my mate Dusky.... or ofcourse Sarah, whichever you prefer. I have lost a great mate, and my room at uni will never feel so empty. ~Dusk II
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    Precious users of our esteemed community: Hiya, Canterlot! Wow, what can I say? We've spent the past month quietly working with Autumn and Manestream to take over as your new Administrators. It's been incredibly hard not saying anything about this; we've spent many sleepless nights discussing, polishing, working out issues, hoping, and dreaming. We believe this community is truly something special, and we are humbled and privileged to pick up the reins and carry on the legacy of not one, but two different Admin teams. We are Canterlot Admin Generation 3! While G3 may not be a celebrated part of the My Little Pony franchise, Dio and I are going to work hard to make our tenure a well-known period of exciting growth for the site. However, before we move forward to discuss what things will be changing, we would like to give a heartfelt bow of appreciation to two very generous women. As Autumn is no longer hosting the site out of her pocket, we needed other pockets to open to keep this site up and running. Both Armony and Manestream are now graciously offering us funds to help host the site. These costs are not cheap, and we will be working diligently to help trim superfluous parts of the site, half-finished projects, and forgotten content to help reduce our hosting needs, as well as costs. This means we will have construction dust, and things may blow up or not work as we carefully figure out what we can remove or not. Feel free to communicate with us actively as we work on this project. Additionally, we will be opening donations again. We are going to do away with Donator perks, however, and we may be offering a some of them to our users for free. We feel if the users are happy with their site experience, they will help host the site. This is truly what the Element of Generosity is about. We are also pleased that Manestream and Autumn will continue to be a part of our community in time to come. In addition to hosting the site and giving its new Admins support, Mane will be assisting with roleplay development and other projects she could never have done while leading this site. Autumn will be around, though she is a very naughty gazelle and you should watch out for her! (Report her for all the things!)​ ​ On to the big changes... As Canterlot.com is now hosted in U.S. territories, we can no longer offer the site as an all-ages experience without extensive review and ToS changes to fall into COPPA compliance. Additionally, we have considered the needs of our community, as well as what demographic makes up our majority user base. For this reason, Canterlot.com will be shifting to a 13+ environment. This means that we will not be so fickle with content, language, and user conduct. Our new Moderation team will be giving focus to site organization, content, and user support. We feel this will help our users feel more comfortable. We do ask, however, that our users use common sense when posting and keep our community a clean, safe, positive one. We will also be adjusting our language filters.​ ​ Luminous Absolution As this is a fresh start for our site, we feel it should be a fresh start for our users as well. Diomedes and I will be reviewing our user removal policies, past and present. Additionally, warning points will be issued with more scrutiny, and they may decay faster over time with good account standing.​ ​ The Return of User Stuff! We are pleased to announce that support for user-hosted events will have enhanced support. If you need space for an RP event, have a contest planned, need help from our talented site staff, or have an idea you'd like to pitch to us, we are quite happy to hear it. We think that since the users are hosting the site, they should have an opportunity to contribute creatively. Hosts of site event content will be acknowledged with additional awards, community recognition, and huggles from everyone for helping make our community an interesting and fun place to be!​ ​ Role Play Goodies! As part of the focus of this site is our role play content, we will be offering stronger support to make our play areas the best out there. Expect to see the return of our middle-tier area, the shadowy and long-rumored Heart of Equestria, as well as changes in our staff support, volunteer, and game policies to make it more fun, interesting, and convenient for our players.​ ​ Please excuse our dust! We're going to be doing a lot of housecleaning here. Old forum sections and content will be deleted, new sections put up, and threads shuffled around. We'll also be playing around with user permissions for the new sections and because of that, things might break from time to time. We ask that everyone be patient as we get work done on the site!​ ​ Our Faithful Students I know that's quite a bit to take in, and it's only the beginning! Dio and I are excited about the future of this community. We think it's one of the best My Little Pony fan sites out there, and we will do our best to give it the support it needs. We'll have a lot of challenges ahead, but we think this will be a special, fantastic time for Canterlot as we move closer to S4. We have a wealth of new creative content, passion, and fresh additions to the community coming up. We want our users to grow and embrace something special in their lives, even if that something is a cartoon with colourful pastel ponies. We will be there to guide and protect you. Thank you, our awesome community, for showing us how friendship truly is magic!​ Addendum I wanted to personally make clear that our above list is our "road map" for changes we personally want to make as Canterlot's new leadership, and things can and will change. Autumn and Mane are two very talented women who helped create a marvelous site. As with anyone involved with a big project like this, it's easy to draw criticism, both positive and negative. I want to make it clear that our choices and decisions moving forward are not critical of our past leadership in any way, and what you see above are things we personally wanted to change to set the tone of our new policy and leadership. We stand firmly behind the quality of our former leadership, and will make our choices moving forward with deepest respect to their legacy. With that said, they are still part of this community, and we can expect plenty of input and suggestions from them moving forward. Thanks for reading!​ Administrators of Canterlot.com
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    This can go here: That's me with all the hats I could find in five minutes in my room. I actually have loads more....
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    *Submitted for Judging* This wasn't Feng Yinhaitao's first trip to the Western Lands, but it would be his first visit to Equestria simply as himself, rather than as one of the Empress' Watchers. Being among the more dedicated of her guards, the longma never left her side, and thus was not able to see much of this foreign land, at least not from the perspective of a commoner. He didn't mind so much, no time spent in the presence of his beloved Empress was ever dull or wasted. In fact, this land held a special place in his heart, for it was in Equestria that he had finally, finally opened up and confessed his secret, forbidden love for the young Empress Yu Yue... An unrequited love, as it turned out, which Feng suspected was why he was here. Officially, he was sent as a representative of Long Guo to the Iron Pony Competition, as a way of signaling the new openness of the Eastern Lands, with a side mission of bringing home some of that sweet international glory. Unofficially, Yu was probably using this temporary exile as a way of telling her bodyguard to go cool his head, in the hopes that some extended time away from her would have his unlawful affection fade. *Fat chance of that. There is a local saying here, is there not, about the heart and absence?* This bittersweet reflection notwithstanding, Feng was determined to perform his official mission with all the vigor and determination he applied to his regular duties. Youthful rambunctiousness honed by discipline, was this not the definition of the ideal athlete? He'd show these other ponies what it meant to have the blessings of the Eastern Dragons! He didn't rush to the front of the line for the obstacle course, taking a little time first to do some stretches and preening. There would be no flying for this event, but wings could be used for many things, as long as you kept the feathers in line. This also gave a chance for onlookers to get a good view of his exotic form; and while there was a small bit of vain pleasure behind that, Feng being a young stallion in his prime, high visibility was desirable for his role as a representative of his nation and kin. "Our second contestant, coming all the way from the Long Guo Imperial Capital of Huanjing, is Feng Yin-hay-toe!" Snrrk! The longma's stoic 'game face' was disrupted for a second with the snort of laughter. Oh dear, he'd forgotten that Equestrians might not know how to pronounce his exotic name. It wasn't usually written in an alphabetic language, to be fair... But! This was no time for linguistic reflections, this was a time for action! Time to show all these ponies what a longma could do! At the flash of the red flag, Feng was off, sprinting smoothly towards the mud pit. Being most akin to the pegasi of ponykind, he was built more for speed and dexterity than force, thus making the first obstacle the most difficult for him to surpass. It also didn't help that any such obstacles encountered professionally he was trained to just fly over, but he couldn't use his wings... or at least, he couldn't use his wings to fly. Instead, right as he hit the edge of the pit, he extended his wings and locked his legs flat-hooved to the ground, intending to use his momentum to hydroplane over the mud! And surprisingly enough, this improvised move worked!... for a little over halfway through. It wasn't a perfect hydroplane, as the v-shaped wake Feng left in the mud did end up digging down into it, stopping his momentum and causing the sticky mess to collapse back in on him with a *glup.* He did manage to raise his wings above the mud level before then, but the rest of the way through couldn't be called anything but a hard slog for him. All in all, that wasn't the most impressive showing. Neither was Feng as he emerged, mud splattered all over his golden scales. No matter; he'd have to make up time on the rest of the course, but he had full confidence that he could do so. Giving himself time for only one cursory shake, he took off running once again towards the barrels. Even without being able to fly, he had a good vertical jump which could take him clear to the top in one go. From there, he counted on maintaining momentum in his upward journey, aided by the fact that he had an 'extra' pair of limbs to grip onto the top edges and propel him onwards and upwards. However, this did mean that he took no time to steady any wobbling barrels, leaving the tower quite unsteady by the time he reached the top! He didn't let that stop his careening momentum, however, taking one last leap off the peak as the stack began to topple beneath his hooves! The event assistants would probably have to re-stack a few of those.... His flying leap took his right to the flat stretch of grass, and he tucked and rolled into his landing to come out still running, gaining precious seconds on the clock! This was one obstacle where his wings would be a hindrance, so he kept them pressed tight to his sides, trying to minimize wind resistance as much as possible. This maintained momentum had to drop upon reaching the final obstacle, and along with it dropped Feng's stoic expression for the second and final time. This was going to be an absolute ringer for him! He'd trained for literal years, sneaking to and from the kitchens to smuggle plates of dumplings into his infirmary bed! Pausing just for a moment, he slipped one pie onto each of his wings, and the third between them, folding the trio all onto his back, arching it just so to create a little nest, before heading off to the slaloms. It was an easy trip, for one used to having to dodge patrols without letting one tasty dumpling drop to the floor! With a graceful ease and grin stretching his muzzle, Feng streaked across the finish line, setting down two of the pies, and picking up the third. Still warm. Impulsively, he ducked his head into the crust and took a bite. "Mmmm! Měiwèi de!*" The crowded seemed to love it, and the longma gave them a happy wave back. This was going to be a fun assignment... *Delicious!
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    Welcome to Keen's Art Shop Portrait event! All slots are filled. Sign up is now closed. This is where you will sign up to have your character's portrait drawn. Once you sign up, feel free to post in the original thread found here! Rules/Info Signup form Slots: 1. Tacobob - Wind Walker (complete!) 2. Lyipheoryia - Ebony Radiance (complete!) 3. Quicklime - Kalime (complete!) 4. Bellosh - Limi (complete!) 5. Zeig - Dawnguard (complete) 6. Pretzelpony - Sigrun (complete!) 7. LunarDisplay - Starshine (complete!) 8. RainbowFoxxy - Martingale Mist (complete!) 9. PrinceBlueblood - Halvard (complete!) 10. PyroBlaze - Flora Bloom (complete!)
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    Welcome to Canterlot! We’re so happy to have you here. Actually, we’re probably even worse than Pinkie Pie at containing our excitement about the fact that you’re here! And if you’re looking at this thread, you probably want to introduce yourself, but don’t really know how to go about doing so. That’s okay! Everyone’s a little nervous when they first meet new people. I’m a little nervous typing this! But I’m typing this to help you get a good idea of how to introduce yourself to all these wonderful new people you’ll meet here on Canterlot.com. Before I begin, though, there’s probably one thing I should make sure you know. You need three posts in order to unlock a lot of the things you can do on this site. Without those three posts, you can’t edit your posts or add pictures to the gallery. Not being able to edit your posts can make applying for a character really, really difficult. We suggest that you post your introduction and say hello to a few other new members in order to get your three required posts quickly and easily. Now, there are a few hard and fast rules to posting an introduction. Please don’t share any personal information. This includes your full legal name, your age, where you live, and anything else that somebody could use to find you. Please don’t roleplay in your introduction post. While we’re really excited to meet your characters, right now we’re more excited to meet you! Tell us about yourself, so we can get to know you better. Don’t advertise anything. Whether it’s a project or another website, we don’t want you to join our site just to advertise things. Accidents happen. If you accidentally double post or you messed something up in your introduction and can’t edit it yet, use the REPORT button (it should be on the lower right corner of your post) to let staff know, and we’ll take care of it as soon as we can! And now we get to the really important part… your introduction! About Myself This is easily the most important part of your introduction. Tell us what you do, what you like, and who are! We’ve got all sorts here, so you’re bound to find someone with common interests on Canterlot! How I found Canterlot.com We on staff are always really interested to find out how everyone found Canterlot. Let us know how you stumbled across our site! How I became a fan of MLP:FiM It can be really interesting to read how different people fell in love with My Little Pony! Tell us your story! We have all the time in the world. My favorite main cast/pony This is pretty self-explanatory. Which pony is your favorite? I know, the list of options is a little slim, but we’re working on changing this question to make the answers a little less restricted. And here’s the fun part. The rest of your post can be whatever you want it to be! It can be more about yourself, or maybe some questions for us! Whatever you want to tell us that could help start a conversation is great. So now that you have an idea of how to introduce yourself, go ahead! We’d love to get to know you! And if you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask myself or another staff member. We’re here to help, after all.
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    I regret to inform all of you in Canterlot that a member and dear friend of ours has passed away this morning. DuskBreeze, aka Sarah Hellens, born October 22 1993, has died today, 5:50pm (New Zealand Time), October 28 2012... I don't know about the rest of you but in the little time I have been here on Canterlot, DuskBreeze and I became quick friends. She was one of the first people who friended me and who I RP'd with. She was always so sweet, gentle, and kind. She also had a great sense of humor too. I could always look to her to brighten my day. Sarah... Dusk... has earned a very special place in my heart as I am sure she has with the rest of you. That is why this is so painful that it is nearly unbearable... my heart breaks as I compose this... Back to business, I create this thread so that we all may say to her and her family what is in our hearts. I ask that you all join and pay your respects for our fallen friend. We may mourn her this day but do not forget to remember her in joy for all the good she has brought to us. I know I won't. I love you Dusk, you were one of my best friends. I thank you for all the time we spent together here and all the joy you brought me and I will cheerish it always. Infinite love and respect forever. Your BFF... -MasterMustang
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    [colour=#330066]Greetings everypony and welcome! I, Princess Cadance, hereby cordially invite you, the members of the Canterlot.com World of Equestria Roleplay to come and experience the beauty and wonder of the Crystal Empire! After one thousand years lost to the terrible curse of the evil King Sombra, the Crystal Empire and its inhabitants, the crystal ponies, are finally able to rejoin our world and be at peace. Trains have started to run to the empire and the potential for new bonds of friendship to be formed is no longer obstructed. However, there are a few things all who plan to visit the empire should take the time to learn first! [/colour] [colour=#330066] Whether you plan to just visit or plan to call the Crystal Empire your home, I would recommend that you brush up on your Crystal Empire history and geography. Please review the following documents:[/colour][colour=#330066]Overview of the Crystal Empire - consulting this one is key as it contains important details about geography, climate and history of the Empire.[/colour] [colour=#330066]The Crystal Gates[/colour][colour=#330066] - This article describes the gates into the Crystal Empire, one of the empire's most unique and important features.[/colour] [colour=#330066]The Crystal Plaza[/colour][colour=#330066] - Here we have a description of the central Crystal Plaza and the podium at its heart where the precious Crystal Heart is kept.[/colour] [colour=#330066]The Crystal Markets[/colour][colour=#330066] - The Crystal Empire's Market District is one of the busiest and most important places to know. Read this to find out more.[/colour] [colour=#330066]The Crystal Palace [/colour][colour=#330066]- Read this one to find out more about the palace, presently the home my husband, Shining Armor, and I.[/colour] [colour=#330066]The Crystal Empire Farm District[/colour][colour=#330066] - Curious about the cute little ewes you see around the city? Read about the fertile Crystal Empire farmlands here![/colour] [colour=#330066]The Crystal Empire Arts District[/colour][colour=#330066] - Crystal ponies have a great affinity for the arts, so naturally we have an entire district dedicated to them. Learn about it here![/colour] [colour=#330066]The Crystal Empire Residential District - Then of course there's the residential district where all the crystal ponies make their homes. Read to find out more about it and the gem wards that comprise it.[/colour] ​ [colour=#330066] You should also take this time to understand the crystal ponies themselves. Crystal ponies are a unique pony species unto themselves, and with the Empire now open, you are all free to assume the role of these unique ponies as you please! Just make sure that you carefully follow the following steps if you intend to do so:[/colour][colour=#330066]The Canterlot Research Journal has provided us all with a [/colour][colour=#330066]concise article explaining the Crystal Ponies and what makes them special[/colour][colour=#330066]. Please take the time to read it and familiarize yourself with everything that the Crystal Ponies are about.[/colour] [colour=#330066] [/colour] [colour=#330066]Make sure you have read [/colour][colour=#330066]my dear friend Rarity's Guide to Writing a Canterlot.com Character Application[/colour][colour=#330066] and understand the contents fully. [/colour] [colour=#330066] [/colour] [colour=#330066]When you create your application for a crystal pony, make sure you select the "Crystal Pony" tag from the drop down menu for the character's species and list "Crystal Pony" for the "Species" field in the text of the application. [/colour] [colour=#330066]When writing your application, take extra care to insure that all of your crystal pony's character details fall in line with the above lore articles regarding the Crystal Empire and the crystal ponies themselves. Keep in mind that while all crystal ponies should come from the Empire, your crystal pony is free to live anywhere in Equestria. Also be aware that it is not necessary that you reference Sombra or his wicked curse in your application. [/colour] [colour=#330066]Wait patiently for the RP Helper team to assist you with your application. [/colour] [colour=#330066]Once your application has been approved, you're free to have fun exploring the Crystal Empire or visiting other parts of the World of Equestria as your new crystal pony![/colour] ​[colour=#330066]Please keep all of this in mind and enjoy your time here in the Crystal Empire![/colour] [colour=#330066]~Princess Mi Amore Cadenza, Acting Regent of the Crystal Empire[/colour]
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    She's back. Everything's gonna be okay.
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    WELP Time to hop on the bandwagon Allura started! Though mine will probably be less lenghty! And I'll be going by Lime here for my real name is most vile indeed! Okay so when I started Canterlot I was easily the brattiest little brat on the site, I thought I knew everything and that I was right and if you disagreed with me you were wrong! I was a nasty bitey little mess and it took time and a lot of patience to temper me to be a less bitey and nasty pony. I want to thank all of you that stood by me through that time where I was the worlds biggest pain in the flank, with my moral black and whites I also want to thank the helpstaff and mods that have stamped numerous applications of mine! My first App I was terrified to but once it got stamped they just kept coming, mostly because ya'll are a great inspiration! And over the year I'v become a better rper because of it! Since this is the new year I feel it is time to bury old bitter feelings and to start anew! I'v made up with people I'v previously bickered with that I know will give me a second chance, and I'm overall working on being a better person.. Robi, Helix, Magi, Phil,Scotchy, Steel, Rosie, LM and Mane I don't know what I would do without you people! You've been true friends for the long haul! StarSwirl and Em? You two have become a great seed to plant for the new year, I want to try to be more like you two every day Allura I'm glad we are finally burying the hatchet and are starting anew! From the ashes springs forth new life, and I wish to cast off the irritable and itchy pajamas of last year, to put on the clean ones of this year. I have celebrated 2 birthdays, 2 christmases, and 2 New years here and I am thankful for them. Canterlot and MLP are my port in a storm, the one sanctuary where I can truly feel safe and protected and loved. This site means so much to me you lot have no idea! The staff, the mods, the community! It's like a thousand twinkling threads in my tapestry of life! I wrote something to that extent and I'll quote it here. I want to thank all the new threads in my life that have made every day worth continuing! And I want to thank you all from the bottom of my Limey heart for being part of my past and my present Canterlot here is looking forward to the future!
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    (I apologize that I have started this in here, but due to an internal server error, I'm unable to post this in Brony Chatter where it was meant to be. Still, this is a message I want to share with as many people as possible, so for any mods looking in, could you please move this instead of deleting it asap? And everyone who'll stick around, happy new year.) I am Apolline Allura, and I am prefacing the following with many thanks to not only the brony community, but in particular to canterlot,com. I haven't written nearly as much in my whole life as I have the past two years thanks to the people I've met here, and the structure of which RPs and random topics take place. For those that know me from more private channels, for good or bad, I would like to apologize for any past behaviors that have alienated you. One of my many new years resolutions was to not be as vindictive-sounding or as abrasive in my language or my meanings when it comes to disagreements. I am impressed and honored with how no matter what, this site, the fandom and the show, My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic continue to stay alive, and thrive from everything to do with it. Never have I seen a more dedicated or inspiring base of people centered around an animated, or even just plainly, fictional program in my life. It's heartening enough to have made me take up my own projects within this universe, many of which using characters that got their start here. The following wall of text is my focus on one of the most important things that this world needs more of right now. If you'll look at the title, you know what I mean. The characters and events and charming lore are all very much good reasons I'm into MLP right now. But even moreso are the tenents upon which it's built. You guessed it, the elements of harmony. I paste this from my facebook account, unedited and containing personal experiences and information in order to remain transparent as possible. We talk ponies, but I come to you as a human being, naked and real as any of us outside of these brightly lit screens. --- [colour=#333333]I awoke with a start at about five am this morning and realized I had written none of this, despite weeks of talking about it all. I have no regrets though, for at this point, it can be done with a clear conscience, sound soul and a sound mind. [/colour] [colour=#333333]Though I write this for those close to me, I will introduce myself for those not so close, because I want to reach more than just my circle with this cascade of words that I continue to throw at my screen. [/colour] [colour=#333333]My name is Canaan Walker. I'm a high school graduate and a dead even twenty years old. My passion is writing, and my one day desire is to gain a foothold in the finicky world of writing fiction. Be it for video games, comics or television, I have visions that I want to someday see plastered on the many screens and in the many books we have of such things these days. [/colour] [colour=#333333]I have two levels of what is known as my personal circle. The first one being my immediate family, who are the among the greatest beings I have come to know in this world. My grandmothers, grandfathers, uncle and dad and mother. Since I came into this world, these five individuals have done their best to raise me into what will one day culminate in a well-rounded, conscious, concerned and self-sufficient black man. They sacrifice and do and do it all out of love and some day I will give that back AND forward. It's one of the biggest superpowers in the universe.[/colour] [colour=#333333]The second level consists of my family outside, the family distanced, and the family that isn't blood, but family to me. The cousins, the aunts and the other uncles and such. My brothers and sisters, both of the cloth and not of the cloth The mentors and people who's teachings I've come to revere and live by. The village, in short, who raised me along with my immediate family. Those I haven't spent time with as much, but know me like anyone else would. These people support me on a different level. No less important than my inner circle, but there are values that I gain from both circles that one might not have.[/colour] [colour=#333333]An even more divisive section of that level are the people not related to me, but I am blessed to have come by. My friends. Of which, the magic of friendship is shared with, which is another of superpowers in the universe. [/colour] [colour=#333333]This New Years Eve, I would like to share the six virtues learned between both of these circles, as well as the world around us. [/colour] [colour=#333333]It's been a crazy year I might add: we've endured tragedy and division escalating beyond what we've had in recent years, specifically in this country, the United States of America where many people in aformentioned personal circles live. The seeds of discord continue to take root within our society and the world at large, leaving us all unable to unite as people. [/colour] [colour=#333333]But I've seen more than that. I've seen honesty. I've seen loyalty and generosity. Kindness and laughter and by the grace of He the most high, magic even. [/colour] [colour=#333333]I do not mean magic as an inexplicable thing in relation to His grace, but rather, the thing that enables the other five to survive, and form a cohesive whole.[/colour] [colour=#333333]The 2012 election was simultaneously amazing and frightening in how easily smaller pockets of people banded together, but even more pockets of people remained unheard and will be unattended to, no matter who sits in the Oval Office right now. I speak of course of lower class citizens. Although to be frank, I know people without much money or make much of it who have twice the class of any politician or businessman.[/colour] [colour=#333333]There have been natural disasters, which have torn homes asunder, but kept us strong in our committment to helping our fellow man and woman. Of course some of our countries policies regarding disasters have been less than optimal (see: New Orleans), but we have done so much better this time around. Workers of all stripes labored tirelessly without pay to aid everyone way, not because it was the right thing to do, but the human thing to do.[/colour] [colour=#333333]Finding gainful employment is an exercise in itself, because of nepotism, racism (yes, I said it) and the poor economy. You will need a BA to work at McDonald's in the next year, if not the next six months. But through collective work and economics, some families manage to sustain themselves, and people are rooming together and pooling resources to stay afloat.[/colour] [colour=#333333]And of course, the mass slayings of innocent people; men, women and children. The pain hasn't quite gone away, and for some it never will. But more of us can feel it than I've ever seen nowadays which is once again, both amazing and frightening. When we have endured tragedy ourselves, news of it strikes the feeling within us that enables us to connect with those closest to the situation. But to anyone who has never lost a family member to a cause beyond any sane persons understanding, it's nothing but news feed on the internet, or television. [/colour] [colour=#333333]And then the Mayans said the world was supposed to end or something. But we're still here, so I'll keep it moving.[/colour] [colour=#333333]I've witnessed all of these things and wondered how on earth the spirit of resilience that is the human soul continues to endure these things. And then upon realization of what exactly it is, I decided to write this note.[/colour] [colour=#333333]We are here because we work together, live together, exist together.[/colour] [colour=#333333]We are here because of Harmony, an extremely powerful compound. [/colour] [colour=#333333]Harmony consists of honesty: Of which we are duty-bound to tell the truth to ourselves and others. When we fail to recognize this as a duty, we fail ourselves and the people around us. It is a double edged sword to some, because some think some things are best left unsaid. But lack of communication, lack of information and context can lead to misunderstandings, and breed mistrust. The most beautiful of us can look particularly ugly when we don't act in the interests of preserving our integrity through honesty. When I was younger, I had a major issue with being honest with everyone, and paid for it with time and privlege. I'm glad I've went through it and dealt with my punishment for it then. Because now I'm learning how to deal with it as an adult, as a man. And when you're older, honesty is much more difficult because life has multiplied itself tenfold in it's complexity. Never sacrifice your honesty for fringe benefits. Everything in the dark eventually comes to light. And honesty is it's own reward. Like working for something and then acquiring it of your own sweat and toil. Or realizing your flaws are what give you your strengths. Or giving you the courage to pull away from a toxic relationship, and the courage to keep a genuine one afloat.[/colour] [colour=#333333]Harmony consists of loyalty: With honesty, people become loyal to one another. There is nothing human beings seek more than security and self-assurance. Loyalty arises from these things, because when we have what keeps us able to interface with one another so well, we gain a fierce desire to protect it. And so comes the ability to love. Whether it's being able to love your mother, your best friend, or your other half, you are kept to that other person. It's not dependence, because when it comes to loyalty, all parties are equal, respect is mutual, and even if you're as different as night and day, just like night and day, you will be there for the other. Loyalty is also easy to get lost in. When loyal to multiple parties, you must weigh your loyalty against your other loyalty. Who will you do for unquestioningly? Who can you do for unquestioningly? Who is the most important in the end? There are no easy answers to these questions. I've met so many people, and have had trouble reconciling the differences between them all, because loyalties and priorities change with time. As long as you are honest with yourself, mindful of others, and can remain satisfied with your decision, loyalty can be one of your biggest assets in life.[/colour] [colour=#333333]Harmony consists of generosity: Generosity is not necessarily the result or catalyst of loyalty, though it can be. Generosity is freely giving of one's self, irregardless of reciprocation. Sometimes, we get too smart for ourselves and get generosity mixed up as a ploy for loyalty, or a guarantee of it. Sometimes, the reasons why matter, and sometimes they don't. It is imperative that no matter what is given (be it time, money, love), that we remain grateful for it all. And that we can one day pay that back, or even better, pay it forward. Practicing things like generosity could genetically lead to a kinder human race in another...couple hundred years or so. [Full disclosure. I am not a biologist.] There is a such thing as giving too much though. Giving in greed, giving just because it's within your means, giving to everyone but yourself are all generally bad ways to use generosity. It is a natural thing to give, and not forced. You may end up turning people away because they can end up finding you fake. Or a doormat with free prizes and twenty dollar bills underneath to be beckoned upon whenever someone feels like it. Generosity, without learning how to be generous to one's self is generosity without meaning. We cannot be self-less if we have never learned how to be a little (emphasis on little, because of loopholes and self-imposed statues of limitations of little) selfish.[/colour] [colour=#333333]Harmony consists of kindness: Kindness is the default human state, in my opinion. When you see another human being and greet them, you may very well have done that person a favour. You may have lifted their spirits with a hello, or a have a nice day, or something of the like. And it was all in the interest of doing so. It feels good to do good. Kindness, is a prerequisite in no way to generosity, loyalty or honesty, but can be directly influenced, or even end up breeding one of them. Kindness is however, practicing all of the above with the purest of intent. It means to have no alternative intent other than the deed itself. A subsidiary of kindness is compassion, to which we are all bound by in varying degrees. I have learned kindness through sharing with and listening to others in this world, and understanding what they have gone through in relation to my own experiences. Even if I haven't been affected directly I can still feel for the situation. And we all have the ability to demonstrate it, but we all need to do it more. Better attitudes breed better people. Let's fill the world with more of it. [/colour] [colour=#333333]Harmony consists of laughter: One of the more taken-for-granted of the elements of Harmony. We cannot cry and not be able to laugh. Laughter is essential in keeping ones self, above all things, sane (relatively speaking in the case of humanity). Sometimes, when beseeched with the seemingly-mountainous tasks and responsibility that living and getting older brings us, all we can do is laugh. We need to laugh, because laughter is joy, and unless you let it, your joy cannot be taken away from you. Not if you continue to remain grateful and aware where you are, who's you are, where you came from and where you're going. Intentionally created humor is usually revered as the cause of laughter, comedians and comedy shows, but what we forget is that art imitates life. Everything in it. I have a friend who is currently dealing with throat issues, and has had them since Christmas. They've plagued her and left her unable to enjoy what was supposed to be a great time of the year with someone important. In the following weeks since discussing it, I found myself dealing with the same thing (briefly) as she continues to come down from hers. It was a delicious irony, because there have been so many illnesses spreading round quicker than ever this time of year. And it's as if they flit from one of us to the next, the person who wishes that the sick person gets better catches the other persons sick! It's so messed up, but so funny if you've ever been sick around others. Not everything is always funny though, so we must be careful to not cross the line with our laughter. We can cause pain to others with, but only if done in excess. Not everyone is thick-skinned to everything, but every joke is not meant to harm. When used to heal, observed with care for others, and a sense of fun for one's self, laughter is simply one of the best things ever.[/colour] [colour=#333333]Harmony consists of magic: The main ingredient of main ingredients, magic is the most critical element of harmony. Many get magic confused with people in pointy hats waving sticks, or throwing thunderbolts from the sky, or riding cleaning implements through the night. Others take the very notion of it as a slight to their religion, relating it to witchcraft, devil-worship and other evil things. The complete truth behind magic is this: it simply is. We as human beings do not take well to what doesn't make sense to us, and love to stick with the familiar, but in truth, magic makes as much sense as science and religion and all the otherworldly things we come to believe and/or denounce. Magic is what enables us to practice honesty, kindness, loyalty, generosity and kindness. These things cannot be directed at just anyone. A spark of magic must be present in order to ignite the desires to practice such things. We aren't going to be able to do all of the above with everyone we meet--the average human can meet over a hundred thousand people in their lives and interact with consistently with as few as a hundred of them. No one is going to handle everything, and we cannot see or do everything. It's a fact of life that I've come to accept as I've gotten older. No matter your wins or losses, life keeps moving. And with life comes magic, and vice-versa. Because the elements of Harmony are needed to lead healthy, productive and cohesive lives, we are given a spark. It may not activate in the way we necessarily want it or expect it to, but when it does, we know it. When we meet someone who eventually ends up becoming important enough to be honest, loyal, generous, kind to and to laugh with, we feel it. We feel that spark that gives us the preemptive knowledge that this is my friend. This is my special someone. The same goes for more than just people. The thing that some have labeled the sixth sense is in fact magic. Because it's an inexplicable feeling of energy directed to one thing, and it is natural as night and day.[/colour] [colour=#333333]Misuse of magic is misuse of harmony.[/colour] [colour=#333333]Don't pretend like the magic is there for someone or something when it isn't. Don't pledge yourself to someone you can't trust, or be trusted by. Don't do for someone who won't do at all, be it themselves or others. Don't act in malice and call it kindness. And don't laugh if it's not funny.[/colour] [colour=#333333]I have seen these things form the collective whole that is Harmony, and going into 2013, among a host of other things, I resolve to practice them. [/colour] [colour=#333333]Even more importantly, I challenge you, the reader to do the same. [/colour] [colour=#333333]The world hasn't ended. No, instead, today, tomorrow and the days after are the first days of the rest of your life. I say it's time to live like it. [/colour] [colour=#333333]Signing off now at...eight ninteen a.m., this has been Canaan Walker. I love you all dearly. Congratulations on surviving this year, lets thrive in the next.[/colour] [colour=#333333]---[/colour]
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    Dear friends in Canterlot. This is not exactly a specific question, but more of a general ""Why does it matter?" for YOU the Roleplayer than something that needs to be addressed by staff. It is time to get on a soapbox for a moment and bring up one of the things on this forum that absolutely drives me insane and bums me out and at times has left me on the brink of leaving the community. And that is this weird elitism and board!canon-breaking, and arguing that seems to happen when people can't get what they want in Mane/World of Equestria RP. I don't RP much. I don't really have the time. But I rather enjoy reading the applications. However, it bums me out when I constantly see people argue with the Helpstaff here (who are volunteers by the way) over things that will make their characters extraordinarily overpowered, or just rooted in a way of life that is anathema to the way the ponies we have seen on the show so far. It seems that people spend more time arguing to force others to see their point of view than to step back and actually write good, enjoyable RP posts. But you know what? A lot of the time, people aren't looking for your RPs by tags, or looking at your created topics. Nope. They are looking on your LOG page, where you control how that information is displayed (or should be) to see what RPs your characters have been in. It's about your character and their interactions. That you can organize into a chronology so we have absolute sense of your intentions. And if you are established as an excellent RPer that people want to follow, a go-to place for everyone to see your threads. And it doesn't matter where that RP thread is at that point. It is all about the character you have created, and the quality of YOUR posts. Which YOU can control almost all aspects of, and YOU can state when creating the post what canon the thread is using, and even who is allowed to be involved. You have a LOT more freedom in Crossover and Free-For-All, to do WHATEVER you want. Ignore the labels that are given to the forum itself and embrace the spirit of the rules applied to that forum. You can still make character applications. You can still treat it EXACTLY like you do the "Mane RP", but you are not subject to the same tight restrictions. So everyone who wants their RPs to be just like their favorite violent video games, PLEASE keep in mind that there is a very set number of people here who want to RP as close to the show as possible, and PLEASE stop trying to get around the rules of World of Equestria RP to force your own headcanon onto that forum. Because not everyone wants their tea party or quiet adventure torn apart by a cyclone yielding madpony or megalomaniac. This is why World of Equestria RP exists. Because it's a filter to keep out overpowered characters and keep the status-quo so we know what to expect. It is NOT a filter to keep out "GOOD ROLEPLAY". What you neighbor does in a thread adjacent to you should have NO effect on the quality, or perceived quality of your own thread. And for those of you who who only READ mane RP threads because you automatically assume there is nothing worth reading in Crossovers of Free-For-All...you should know better. There are great threads in all three forums, just as there are weak threads in all three. So let's put this weird elitism behind us. I propose that all threads in Free For All and Crossovers that are just there because they want to expand beyond show canon with a more adventurous twist, or with greater technology be tagged with "Equestria Adventures" so that everyone knows that they are getting an almost board!canon-quality thread that might be a little more exciting or revolutionary if you are into that sort of thing than a standard World of Equestria RP would be. Your character rejected from World of Equestria RP for just a minor difference of opinion between yourself and helpstaff? Don't get mad, just move it elsewhere and RP as usual. Nice and easy. No need for anyone to moderate or critique, pure honor system. This is a community, and we should all strive to act like it. And being pedantic and trying to skirt around rules and impose your own will is not very pro-social. I personally would like to be able to be able to invite my friends' children here some day and not have it be a place where everyone's fighting all the time, or an elite club for 20-somethings. You have your own threads for that. Don't try to expand it throughout the entire board. Break the boundaries of the labels of the forums and write some good Roleplays, folks, instead of endlessly arguing semantics. Stop worrying about your perceived labels and the connotations therein. The board will adjust eventually if everyone is consistent.
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    Got caught up looking at mylittlefacewhen and decided to do this. The last frame didn't turn out animated. Oh well. I just think the second one works so well. [Edit: This image violated Canterlot's rules]
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    *This post is submitted for judging* “Dreadful.” Tempest mutters under her breath. Well this was all fun and games she can’t help but place judgement on others. Getting off her haunches she approached the starting line. As she walked she leaned her head down to start undoing her armor… Piece by piece fell off with a hearty thump and by the time she was standing at the starting line all she had on was her skin tight jumpsuit. “Our next… um, contestant is Tempest Shadow from… nowhere!” Tempest rolls her eyes and digs her hooves in dirt, tail flicking and nose flaring as she takes in a few deep breaths and counted down in her head. Three. Two. one. The ground rips up underneath her powerful legs in a shower of dirt. First up was the mud. Long, deep and wide. Easy, picking up as much speed as she can Tempsit pushed off in to a long leap clearing a healthy chunk of the mud. Aiming her legs out she straightened herself as much as she can on contact. Her momentum did the rest as she slid across the mud. Soon as she slowed down she pushed her legs down and crawled the last few feet and out of the mud and on to dry land. She did not waste a moment, soon as her hooves were on dry earth she was off for the barrels. Without slowing down she leaps halfway up the stack. Soon as her front legs made contact her rear legs slammed down as she leaps over the top of the barrel stack with a spin just for more flair. Landing on her front hooves she pushed off and pulled a backflip landing on all four hooves. No sooner did she land she pushed off in a full dash. The long straight stretch was nothing for her. She ran every morning in full kit for the fun of it. Without that slowing her down and with a race in her mind Tempest was almost flying across the dirt trail with her bounding sprint as sweat drips down her body and lungs panting for breath yet a smile was big on her face. This was joy, this was love. Pushing herself to the breaking point and well past made so much melt away. Worry. Pain. loss. This was freedom and she was going to win… Not for a prize or for glory but for the sake of winning for herself. The fourth obstacle was… Something she was less used to. Sliding to a stop she panted hard staring at the three pies on a table. Her body was shaking, she did not want to slow down but she needed to. With her mind racing she grabbed the pies, stacking all three on top of one another before picking up the bottom pie in her muzzle by the rim. Trotting down the path she weaved between the wooden poles doing her best to balance the pies held by her muzzle. While it let her watch them and keep it more steady in the heat of the moment she forgot the pies were meant to be balanced on her back, not held in her muzzle. Passing the last wooden pole she puts the pies down and panted like a racehorse. After catching her breath Tempest looked up smiling. “That’s how it's done.” She remarked before walking back to the start of the race to pick up all her gear. Soon as she picked it all up she moved off the course to get water and rest.
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    *This post submitted for judging* Applebloom pranced in place while she watched the first two competitors complete their runs on the obstacle course. "Whoa! That was just as fast as Boulder Dash!" She commented with excitement as Feng crossed the finish line and dove into one of his pies. "Are you sure this is a good idea Applejack?" She looked expectantly towards her older sister. If not for the farm mare's solid presence Applebloom was sure she wouldn't have been able to work up the gumption to even get this far! She gulped back her nervousness, knowing it was her turn next. "I mean, we've competed together in events like this a'fore but I've never gone through one of these courses all on my own! What if I git stuck?" Applejack smiled down at her younger sister, noting that she wasn't so little anymore. Applebloom had her cutie mark now, she was finding her way in the world. She was becoming a capable mare in her own right. Pride swelled in Applejack's chest as she bumped Applebloom lightly on the shoulder. "A'course this is a good idea Abby! An' yer not gonna git stuck! We've been trainin' hard an' yer more than ready to take this on. Besides," She let a half smile settle onto her muzzle. "This is for fun after all!" Abby's eyes brightened as she remembered why she'd signed up for the Iron Pony challenge to begin with. "Yer right big sis! There's no use in doin' this if I don't have fun!" "Don't you worry 'bout winnin' or loosin' sis! Yer a pride an' credit to the Apple family no matter what!" She nodded to the start line. "Now git out there and show em' how an Apple handles an obstacle course!" "Will do!" Applebloom called from over her shoulder as she readied herself at the start line. She could hear the crowd cheering for her and the announcer calling out her name but all that faded into the background as she focused on the task at hoof! She caught the flash of the start flag on the edge of her vision and took off like a starvin' raccoon towards a ripe corn field! "Eyes on the prize, eyes on the prize!" She repeated the phrase she'd worked on with her sister over in her head as she came up on the first obstacle. She really needed to pour on the speed for this one. Since she was rather light weight the plan of action was to tip hoof across as much of the mud as possible. Light and fast hoof steps were the name of the game! The young mare concentrated on moving her hooves as quickly as possible so they wouldn't get trapped and pulled down into the mud. This was the trickiest of all the challenges on the course. If she did sink, she'd be stuck and it would be game over! Her legs moved in a blur over the mud and before she knew it she was safely on the other side! "Whew!" She called out in relief and then galloped towards the next challenge. The barrels were stacked so high that the top was not even visible from her low vantage point. Not to be deterred by the magnitude of the climb she bunched her hind legs beneath her and sprang upwards! The barrels wobbled but not to the extent that they might topple as her weight wasn't enough to cause a large shift. Up up up she hopped until she was at last on the top! Applebloom sucked in a breath of air after the exertion of the climb but she didn't slow down! To the cheering of the crowds in the background she scrambled down two barrels until the height of the jump was doable for her. From there the Crusader launched forward and hit the ground running! Though the scramble down a couple barrels took a little time, the fantastic leap did much to make up for it! "Yeeehaaaw!" On she galloped through the straight away section of the course. Her legs may not have been as long as some of the other competitors but she went to the sprint with a will! Applebloom lowered her head and propelled herself forward with her hind legs like her sister had taught her. She could feel herself burning energy quickly, her muscles beginning to scream for oxygen as she pressed onward! She pushed through the pain, just like she saw Applejack do so often in competition! She may not have had the longest legs but she had the determination of an Apple! Finally she made it to the last obstacle! She flipped three pies onto her back with ease. She was a seasoned expert with pies being raised with them and so many other tasty renditions of apples. In fact the pies now in precarious balance on her back had been donated earlier in the day by Sweet Apple Acres. The young mare streaked forward with hardly a wobble, making her way through the upright poles with poise and style. The obstacle was behind her before she knew it! Abby used the last ounce of her strength for a speedy finish line crossing. There was Applejack waiting for her! Her gallop turned into a trot as she dropped off her pies and collapsed with exhaustion and joy into her sister. "I did it AJ, I did it!" She spoke around large breaths of air. Her heart was pounding and a huge smile was on her muzzle. Applejack hugged her sister and then held her at arms length. "Yah sure did sis! Yah did the Apples proud and more importantly yah did yerself proud!" Abby looked up at Applejack. "An' you know what sis?" AJ smiled. "What lil sis?" "I sure had fun!"
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    "Mares and Gentlecolts! We are proud to announce the start of the Iron Pony Obstacle Course!" a Unicorn at the starting line cried into a megaphone to the crowds of cheering ponies and creatures. The Unicorn waved a yellow flag as a sign for the judges to sync their watches and then held up a white flag to summon the first contestant. "Our first Contestant, representing Ponyville, is the owner of the largest Tomato Ranch in the area and the thickest skull in Equestria, we are proud to present Boulder Dash!" the announcer said as Boulder Dash entered the track. Never one to turn down an endurance challenge, Boulder Dash had quickly signed up for the Obstacle Course and was eager to show his mettle again. Removing his signature farm hat and waving to the crowd, Boulder Dash smiled to the cheers he recieved from his home town representatives in the crowd. As he approached the starting line he made sure to bow his head low to where he knew the Princesses would be watching from before he adjusted his hat and took his spot on the starting line. "Boulder Dash are you ready?" the announcer asked as he lifted the start flag. Boulder Dash nodded and scrapped his hoof against the dirt like his Earth Pony ancestors. The Unicorn waved the flag and Boulder Dash took off like a shot. Moving at great speed for a pony of such large size. It was only a matter of time before he came across the first obstacle, the Mud Pit. "Too easy, just another mud bath" he thought as he dove into the mud and landed with a loud GLUP. Trudging and marching through the Mud, Boulder Dash's thick neck and head stuck out of the muck like a shark fin in water. He moved just as graciously as well, do to years of slopping pigs and muddin on the farm. As such it didn't take long for him to reach the end of the pit and he crawled out shaking some of the mud from his body like a wet dog before taking off at great speed again as the mud had cooled him off and reinvigorated him as well. Soon he came across the 2nd Obstacle the Barrel Wall. Normally he would just smash through the blasted thing and and be done with it, but he knew that would be frowned upon as the object was to scale it. Again his farm upbringing helped him here as years of lifting and stacking hay bales had given him strength and experience as he jumped up and started to scale the wall. Using his upper body strength to heave himself up, he started to sweat as he kicked up and scaled the wall. As an Earth Pony he was able to feel any weak or wobbly barrels under his hoof and could right himself when need. He finally reached the top and leaped off with a loud "HEEEEEEEHHHHHAAAWWWWW!" Landed with a crash loud enough and strong enough to shake the ground, causing some spectators to think an Earthquake was occurring. Smiling proudly he took off running again and soon came to the third Obstacle, The Long Sprint. Boulder Dash sprinted forward and shot out like a cannon ball. Running as fast as his long thick legs would carry him. He put a lot of strain into it and soon his 2nd wind carried him across the sprint line. Slowing a bit to catch his breath he approached the last Obstacle as he wiped some sweat from his brow. He collected his three apple pies and place them on his large back before taking off through the poles. He placed himself here as he was winded from the sprint, but kept the pies balanced while dodging and weaving through the poles. He tried to not let the aroma of the pies distract him as he worked his way through the poles, not easy for a pony as wide and muscled as he was. But Boulder Dash worked his way through and finally crossed the line at th he end as another pony waved a finishing flag. Boulder Dash dropped his pies off at another table as the crowd cheered again. Waving to the crowd, Boulder Dash went over and dunked his head into a large water trough, taking a deep sip of water before removing his head and sitting watch the rest of the competition. SUBMITTED FOR JUDGING
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    World of Equestria: Age of heroes. Even before the founding and golden age of Equestria… there have been creatures with curious abilities beyond the norm. Some creatures able to jump tall building in a single bound, others could fire powerful bursts of energy from their eyes… and that’s not counting the even stranger things other have been shown to be able to do. One hero has stood above many others of her age, that of the Sun Sentinel. A mysterious mare who has protected the world from evils from the past many times over… but legends say that when she first appeared and began her rise as the symbol of hope for Equestria and some lands beyond, that she had a partner. A mystifying mare who manipulated and was empowered by the moonlight as she was the same with the sunlight. The stories say that after years [of jealousy had built up], She turned on her sister and partner and attempted to take over the world. A long battle raged until Sunlight Sentinel emerged victorious… They’re fight on the namesake of the former Moonlit Knight (and then, Nightmare Moon) covered it in the equine profile pattern of craters until using some legendary spell, The Sentinel sealed her partner and bound her to the moon. The scholars of myth say that this event is what caused the Sentinel to form her group of heroes and began a campaign to work with the government of Equestria to form the Sunlight academy: a school to teach the empowered individuals who desired it to learn how to use their powers well or for some, how to control them and to use them constructively. Over time, the school grew and grew until it became almost the size of a large town… in the current day it is a gigantic facility with the Lair of the Sunlight sentinel hovering high above it. Myths became a reality however after the night of Nightmare Moon’s return. A group of six heroes in the area of Ponyville: where the mare in the moon made her return. Together six solo heroes who had been fighting over the territory of Ponyville worked together to locate the magic used to seal her and instead used it to cleanse her of whatever evil had corrupted her. Although after using these elements, they dissipated and disappeared… That night left a mark on Equestria as all across the continent many heroes began springing up, some with no powers beyond their talents, others more so. But one thing has become clear: The age of heroes has only been emboldened by the return of the Moonlit Knight. While the government of Equestria has put her on trial… she has been sentenced to a type of community service in which she must now teach the new age of heroes. A roll she has taken to with Gusto along with her sister, her first act being to announce an initiative to allow villains who wish to turn over a new leaf to apply to the academy. (For those wondering what the content of this AU is supposed to be rated; think somewhere along the lines of the marvel cinematic universe, The justice league animated series, sky high ... and maybe my hero academia:P) Notable Figures The Sister Heroes Because of the important nature and weight these characters have on world I'm going to have to ask those who app them to work with me on what the backstory for them will be and about some aspects of this universe's lore is most likely to affect them. Sunlight Sentinel (Celestia): The sun themed exemplar and top heroine of the modern age and for the last thousand years. Her place in the world is now more a symbol of hope and peace for all creatures to strive for. In the past she had worked alongside her sister as the two most influential heroes of the age. Moonlit Knight turned on her out of jealousy (and possibly more). She has not chosen anyone as her personal protege but is looking for someone she believes could fit her type of mold once she has passed, not even the sun can last forever. The issues she faces is a mix of just how much she should use her powers to influence the world and also where to use them. In a world full of super villains it is not possible for even her to stop all of them, this is why she formed her school:To teach another generation of heroes how to use their powers wisely and for the greater good. Usually the only things that warrant her intervention are the appearances of immensely powerful villains of a world ending nature but often is able to stop crimes wherever she is while in canterlot so long as there’s no one else who can help. Due to her not taking up the role of rule in this universe, the old method of sunraising is still done by several skilled unicorn mages in Equestria. Her role as a mentor is stretched to the entire student body and she is often immensely protective of all of them. Known Powers. Solar energy manipulation and empowerment: Due to her nature and sun theme, Celestia does not control the sun itself but serves as a generator of powerful solar energy which manifests strongest during the day. Her powers allow her to use the sun’s energy to strengthen her abilities so that not only her magic but her physical capabilities allow her to hold her own in fights with the hardest hitting non magical bruises, her speed and reflexes have allowed her to keep up with (or be a bit slower) than even the fastest speedsters in Equestria and beyond. While her powers are impressive and potentially the strongest out of all heroes of the modern age, she is significantly weaker when cut from contact from the direct sunlight. Secret identity: N/A Thanks to her powers and alicorn status… and incredible height, Celestia has become fully invested in her persona is rarely seen out of costume. Moonlit Knight (Luna): Status: Appable The heroine turned villain turned heroine again. A contentious figure for this age, having grown in a tougher world than the one the modern ponies and creatures know, she has been hardened. While less… warm than her sister she is once more on the side of justice and eager to prove it to all who may doubt her. Unlike her sister who has had a thousand years worth of experience in crime fighting Luna has had considerably less but still enough to be a respected authority. Known powers: In fitting with her lunar theme, The Moonlit Knight’s abilities are based around the night and moonlight. Due to not having trained and honed them to the same lever her sister has (as well as being out of practice for a thousand years) Her ability to empower herself with the moon’s light is comparatively immensely weaker, despite this she has proven to be able to manipulate it to the point she is able to create constructs made of it to fight on her behalf, her conjuring abilities being second to none in this particular category. Unlike her sister who is always at her strongest during the day, Luna’s powers draw upon the moon’s phases and are strongest when it is full in the sky, and weakest when it has reached the new phase. Secret identity: Optional Luna while tall and still rather recognizable, thanks to her isolated area when she was cleansed the look of the Knight under her armor is still safe. It is entirely possible for her to go out and meet others if she so wishes. The Mane six (group title still unchosen) The mane six are all available to be apped and you are free to have them have whatever backstory and powers you wish so long as you don’t step on your fellow teammates toes. There are some conditions you’ll have to abide by if you wish to play them however: If you wish to play a member of the mane six their relationship with other characters in canon continuity will likely be different, one of the biggest differences will likely be that whoever apps Twilight Sparkle will not be The Sunlight Sentinel’s ward, protege, or whatever variation on that idea is as the sentinel has lived long enough and is aware she cannot show favoritism amongst a large body of students in such a way as she is working to be a role model for all creatures. Another condition is that seeing as the backstory and opening concept for this AU requires the mane six having actually been heroes who were originally against each other working in their territories but joined up to work together for the better of their town. It’s not likely they would have have a had a particularly close friendship (at least not in their costumed identities) However after the events of nightmare moons return and reformation, you’re free to take them in any direction you wish within reason. Government figures Since the two sisters didn’t take the role of raisers of the sun and moon and bringing of the day and night respectively, the current Equestrian government has several highly trained and powerful mages working to move the sun and moon each day through the sky. The land is in a state of mixing but still divided. While Earth ponies, unicorns, and pegasi do often live amongst each other there are still worries and the occasional bout of xenophobia from old, darker thoughts , feelings, and traditions that haven’t died out as quickly yet. In this world it’s most likely a trio of elected representatives from each species of pony work to try and come to agreements over what should be done about issues their world faces… but all things are susceptible to corruption. Technically the academy is run with the assistance of the council so many heroes have been worried about the effect it may have on the process of molding the heroes of the coming generation. Thanks to the combined efforts of the three species of pony and the long time spent between them Magitech has mademany advances, prosthetics are advanced and some are more like superpwered in their own right if you can afford/make them. gadgeteer and inventor heroes have been very popular for a while now. Major Locations: Sunlight Academy (in Canterlot) : The school of heroes and the empowered. Founded a thousand years ago by the Sunlight Sentinel herself, the academy has been (along with it’s founder) a beacon of hope to many an aspiring hero or empowered citizen: With the funding from the Equestrian government and the help of many scholars from across the land, it has experts in the fields of many of the powers that have appeared in the past. The major program for the academy is it’s hero training program for empowered who have either proven to be capable heroes or those who wish to go there and learn of their powers with the assistance of professionals first after having taken a difficult series of tests if they are just starting out. Once a hero has been approved for application of the academy they are subject to many classes that the school offers for different power categories after the empowered individuals capabilities are analyzed. Training drills are done regularly and eventually heroes will be trusted for more dangerous work if they haven’t been in dangerous situations before The other big program there is the empowered acclimation program. This course is for Empowered individuals who are not interested in being heroes, so much as learning to come to grips with the powers they have and finding ways to fit back into regular society. Some of this is for practice to learn control for more dangerous and powerful individual’s capabilities, but most of it is meant for those whose powers can inconvenience or hinder them in their everyday life. (at the time of writing this , these are the only areas that have a vaguely defined lore and even Ponyville is meant to be a flexible setting. Any locations, cities or towns in Equestria are fair game for any who wish to add their own superhero spin to each site… just don’t make everyplace all dark and gloomy, everyone! ) Ponyville: A still growing, large, and well established settlement a good trip away , but still adjacent to the academy. Ponyville is a flexible setting with a few heroes still operating in , the most prominent of those there being a sextet of mares with differing powers, abilities, and personalities. All of them show potential to be great heroes… but since the events of Nightmare moon’s return, they’re competition for recognition from Equestria and beyond as great heroes is growing more and more difficult. The biggest threats to Ponyville are regular attacks by creatures and oddities from the Everfree forest. What emerges from that place is rarely the same and always seems to have some strange abilities or method to give the local heroes a run for their bits. Application Rules and form: List of current Superheroes:
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    At the center of one of Whitescar's largest forests, by a long river that slithers further to the core of the land itself... there lays a curious source of light and sound. Boisterous and occasionally bawdy laughter accompanied by spirited musics serve as a good omen to any wanderer in these treacherous woods: For they have found the heart of the north-eastern forest. Skogr Hjarta: The oft talked about home of the Askr clan. Great walls of sturdy lumber and stone serve as a massive ring of protection around what from above appears to be nothing but a series of hills of varying size within smaller rings. Up close however, one would find that these hills hide the homes of the eccentric residents of this forest they have come the closest to taming. The homes of the residents of the east forest are called turf houses. Their roofs hidden by the grass and snow of the season with surprisingly spacious interiors. Warm hearths, communal baths lay beneath the cold weather that harasses the clan daily. Some structures are more visible to the scouting eye than others, such as the ritual buildings that serve as places of worship to the gods of the caribou. The three primary deities that clan Askr put their faith in being a trinity of beings: Tuktu, Qalipu, and Hreinn. Tuktu is the askr clan's spirit of war, fertility and loyalty. Associated with not just the night sky but the stars that speckle it's majesty. According to myths every star in the sky they can see and cannot is one of their clan's fallen. Watching over them and cheering on their prosperity. Qalipu is a the clan's spirit of wisdom, compassion, love, and is closely associated with the practice of Seidr. The shaman of the clan will often hold great festivals and celebrations around the time of the aurora as it hangs and wafts overhead. Hreinn is a deity with more mystery and obscurity about him, Refered to as both the spirit and guardian of the eastern forest Askr lives in... Hreinn is a cold, harsh, but not uncaring spirit. Said to be the being who grants strength to those who pass the askr will test, he represents the unending challenges of life and his graces can be felt both in the tranquil moments in the wilds and the bristling of fur on your neck when you feel as if you are being stalked. While the Askr clan still show a clear preference for the major deities they feel most benefit them. Travelers can still find shrines to gods from other clans to be used and revered as any faithful wanderer may see fit. These structures serve as places of reverence for not just the gods, but also their fallen: Stories are often shared of past heroes and how now they have taken their place among the stars. Adjacent to the ritual buildings and at the center of the fortress ring is the chieftain's keep. The Chieftain's keep differs from most buildings inside the rings as it is built beneath the largest tree at the center of the fort-city and is reinforced with more stone and iron that the rest of the buildings. It is an old building that stood since the clan's genesis, Surrounded by large rune-stones around it with intricately detailed carvings of the heroes to the clan who have occupied it. In this hall is the seat of what government the Askr clan has. The chieftain of the clan makes their home in this keep, protected by the elite guard of the clan who also stands watch over their family members. TO what few invading clans who have made it to the heart of the forest they have been met by the challenge the keep puts in their path. Tall stone walls rest on top of a great mound created by the past members of the clan. The slope of this mound making getting any siege engine's close a trial, and the great tree above making maneuvering longboats to attack from above even harder to manage. Not all inside the fortress ring are hills and trees however. Within the city there are several worn streets made by those who walk these paths so often on busy days. Longhouses lay close to eachother, some of them connected to the turf houses partly below the surface. These buildings serve as a sort of face to those who travel to their clan's territory. Many of the these structures being taverns and shops, selling the wares that make them so effective in both travel and conflict. It is in this aspect of the clan that Askr enjoys showing the most, especially to travelers from foreign lands. Any pony, griffin, zebra, or otherwise that can make it through the ancient woods that surround the heart have already proved strong enough to be celebrated. A curious blend of turf and boathouses have also been created by the eastern caribou, attempted attacks that somehow make it past the dangerous wilds and the great sea of trees flummoxed by ships that seem to come from nowhere. Dotting the insides of the ring there are several of the clans' namesake trees, standing guard over them and protecting from outside threats. In the present years, The heart has grown quite a few sizes in these days. The clan's rise as a power player in modern Whitescar politics has grown the Heart to a size rivalling even Barn. It boasts an impressive population and diverse members, all of whom wear the clan's symbol. Clans of the Ages: Records of Whitescar Eydis Hildusdottir, Skald and Historian of Clan Hakon
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    World of Equestria: Land of Dragons Welcome everypony to the new World of Equestria: Land of Dragons lore expansion pack! This is a momentous expansion to WoE and I hope you are excited for it as we have been making it! Here I will be detailing additions, changes, and bug fixes that have come in patch 9.0.0! Four New Realms! The first new exciting bit of information is the inclusion of four, count ‘em, four, New zones for role play and exploration! Each of these new zones has a wealth of new areas as well as plenty of opportunities for users to expand using the new Unofficial Lore option! Long Guo - On The Path of Harmony Long Guo, loosely translated as Dragon Country, is a sprawling and beautiful landscape filled with both the exotic and familiar! From small, quaint towns, to a beautiful capital city, to an awe inspiring city amongst the clouds, Long Guo has a little bit of everything for everypony! Long Guo Locations: Huangjing - Heart of the Dragon Kingdom: The capital of Long Guo! A gorgeous, sprawling city that serves as the seat of power for the Empire of Long Guo! The city also plays host to Long Guo’s most prestigious school, The Imperial Academy For Magical Study, as well as The Imperial Watch. Long Kong - Star of the East: If ever there was a melting pot of the east and west, Long Kong is it! Despite being among the newer cities in Long Guo, the city bustles and grows with each passing and brings in trade and tourism alike! Springblossom Town - Home to Nature’s Bounty: Proving that big things really do come in small packages, the tiny little town of Springblossom brings to the table one of Long Guo’s most beautiful wonders that only comes from there, Shimmersilk! Fenghuang Valley - A Sanctuary of Enlightenment: A wonder of balance in nature, it’s little surprise that the ascetic monks of the Harmonious Path have chosen this area as their home to find balance, inner peace, and expand their being—mind, body, and soul. Lake Huahuo - Sacred Lake of the Elder Serpents: Nestled high, high in the mountain range known as the Ancient’s Abode this lake, named after the founders of the Long Guo Empire, is a breathtaking site to those who can make the treacherous climb through the mountains and brave the storms that the Serpent Dragons that keep watch over the lake create to keep the unworthy away. Longri-La - Paradise Amongst The Clouds: Looming at the peak of Mount Suncrest, the tallest mountain in the world, Longri-La is a beautiful and peaceful cloud city of the Serpent Dragons, as well as home to The Serpent King and the Serpent Council, the leaders of the Long. Mount Faba - Tomb of the Tyrant King: The final resting place of the tyrannical King Faba, self-proclaimed ‘God of Order’, Mount Faba is filled with dangerous traps, mysterious messages, and hundreds of monstrous terracotta statues! What mysteries could lie in the depths of this wicked dragon’s tomb? ____________________________________________________________________________ Neighpon - Empire of the Eastern Seas Situated between Long Guo and Equestria, Neighpon is a string of islands that range from habitats for mystical creatures, quiet traditionalist villages, magictech cities, and of course, ninjas and samurai! Neighpon Locations: Kyoma - A Symbol of Heritage: A place of tradition, the capital city of Neighpon stands upon the plains (one of the few in the country!) of the island of Horshu. Having survived invasions of kaiju, warring clans, earthquakes, and the eruption of Mount Kaminichi, Neighpon as stood the test of time! And after the devastation wrought by Viking Caribou ravaged the land, the First Shogun of Neighpon united the land, allowing the city to rise time and again like a majestic phoenix. Polohama - A Spectacle of Progress: Lights, glamour, and magitech abound in the city of Polohama! Standing as both Neighpon’s most populated and most advanced city, Polohama is a haven of new! Ensorcelled billboards, magley trains, Goremu, and of course Neighponese Idols! There’s rarely a dull moment in the bustling city, so if you like things busy and bright, Polohama is for you! Mount Kaminichi - The Mountain of Purity: A mystical volcano that dominates much of the island of Horshu. Many Neighponese venerate the mountain which has inspired art in its many forms! But a great many mysteries surround the mountain and its nearby woods, the Forest of the Forsaken. Disappearances, mystical imbuements, strange visions. What will you see in the smoke of the mountain? And will you make it back to tell the tale? Ryushima - Where The Dragon’s Blood Runs Strong: Founded centuries ago by qilin and longma, regionally known as kirin and ryuma respectively, who did not wish to live under the rule of the new Long Guo Empire, Ryushima today is a quaint and quiet collection of villages and ports, mostly unassuming and plain. But if one looks hard enough, you may be able to catch sight of one of the few ninja clans that still operate on the island as mercenaries for hire! Dosanko - Bastion of the Homeland: Settled northwest of Neighpon’s home islands, Dosanko a cold and harsh island with even colder winters. For the most part, fishing is the main livelihood of the island, but it is also home to a significant military presence, due to its close proximity to Whitescar. From here the Neighponese Military can swiftly leap to action against any Viking Caribou threats. Poninawa - Mystical Friendships Beckon: Not as traditionalist as Ryushima, but not as technological as Polohama, Poninawa strikes a balance between the nature of their forested island and the bare necessities of some magitech. The reason for this may not be apparent to the average traveler, but one meeting with the mystical Yokai will show you why it’s best to not have anything too magically reliant on the island! ____________________________________________________________________________ Polyneighsia - Domain of a Thousand Islands Laying to Long Guo’s southwest, this region is a collection of hundreds of islands! Some inhabited and some very, very wild! Wingapore - The Sovereign Island: Wingapore is a beautiful city state with black sand beaches and tropical rain forests! A hustling and bustling attraction for both tourists and trade alike with imports and exports from Long Guo, Hesperia, Neighpon, and beyond! The Fillyphines - Islands of Plenty: The most populated chain of islands in Polyneighsia, the Fillyphines are filled with rich ancient history, trade, delicious foods, and rumours of mysterious creatures! Great for those who want a getaway or an adventure! Stottinsberg Islands - Slave Islands: The islands of Hidzume and Shiza are volcanic islands, home to the native Polyneighsian deer population. As well as the rebel caribou slavers that keep them under iron-hoofed rule. Though the Caribou’s Highking has banned slavery, the caribou here scoff at his wishes and refuse to change. Rumours circulate about escaped slaves who are looking for aid to free their friends and their islands. Perhaps some willing adventurers can help! Neighoa-Iti - Isle of Enchantment: A small and mostly empty island with a tiny population, Neighoa-Iti has several strange qualities about it. Such as beautiful forests that glow at night, fruit that affects the minds of those who dine upon it, and pools of water that is rumoured to slow the aging process of any who drink it. (Neighoa-Iti will be released in a content patch in the following days) The Mareaes - Isle of Idols: Despite being the locations of both the start and end of the Long Guo-Neighpon war, over all the Mareaes islands are rather non-descript. The part that draws tourists the most are the massive Mareaes Idols. Large carved stone statues depicting pones, qilins, longma, and more. So old are these statues that none living today know where they came from or how they were made! (The Mareaes will be released in a content patch in the following days) Tailiti - The Island of Beauty: Easily one of the most beautiful islands in Polyneighsia, Tailiti is the premier tourist destination for wealthy and influential ponies from all around the world! With gorgeous beaches, a serene atmosphere, and a wonderful view from the nearby dormant volcano, it’s little wonder that visiting Tailiti is on the bucket list for many. (Tailiti will be released in a content patch in the following days) Scoltra Islands - Lands of Resource: Filled with many natural resources, the Scoltra Islands were a prime target during Neighpon’s colonization efforts. Despite the resistance, the ancient Scoltra Alliance was brought to heel. Even today as a rebellious as they can be Scoltra proves to be pivotal to Neighpon, with its many factories, mines, and fields. (Scoltra Islands will be released in a content patch in the following days) Ironwreck Island - Tonnes of ‘Fun’: Easily Polyneighsia’s most dangerous island. Ironwreck isn’t just home to numerous sunken vessels that dot the oceanbed around it, but also plays host to numerous giant beasts known in Neighpon as Kaiju! These vicious beasts keep all but the most foolhardy adventurers away and have been known to seek vengeance on islanders who disturb them. But rumours still persist of friendly beasts the lay on the island too. Will you be able to confirm these rumours? Or will you be the next course on the menu? ____________________________________________________________________________ Hesperia - A Land Without Rules Founded long ago by Aquellia’s long range colonization efforts, Hesperia is a harsh and dangerous land filled with outlaws, poisonous creatures, gigantic rocs, and many nasty beasts. Even the waters aren’t safe, being filled with large jellyfish, ponyeating sharks, and monstrous krakens. Hersperia is not a land for the faint of heart, but for those who like their travels filled with thrills and their laws...lacking. Airbourne - (Information on Airbourne will be released in a content patch at a later date) Waterhole - (Information on Waterhole will be released in a content patch at a later date) ____________________________________________________________________________ New Equestria Locale!: Melodia - Jewel of the Eastern Sea Situated on the eastern coast of Equestria sits a little unassuming seaside village! With quaint shacks and a nice little market by the shore with plenty of friendly faces. Beneath the waves though, lay an awe inspiring wonder of a city, Melodia the home of the sirens! ____________________________________________________________________________ Four New Races!: To go along with all of our new locations, we are also adding four new Officially Sanctioned Races to our World of Equestria Lineup! Qilin - Mystical as the Moon: One of the two races collectively known as the Long Sun. Qilin, also known as Kirin in Neighpon, are a race of draconic ponies who are gifted with dragon breath like magics! With patches of scales across their bodies, as well as underbelly scales, it’s no wonder that the anterled Qilin are sometimes called ‘dragon ponies’. Longma - Spirited as the Sun: The other member of the races known collectively as the Long Sun. Longma, or Ryuma in Neighpon, are winged ponies with dragon like traits, such as scales across their bodies and where a pegasus’ down would be, varying curved horns, and access to breath magic! Serpent Dragons - The Ancient and Wise: Known to many as the Long, Ryu in Neighpon, Serpent Dragons are a race of beautiful, majestic, and powerful dragons capable of great breath magic, breathing underwater, flight without wings, and their ancient art of pearlcraft. This race of dragons, for which the country of Long Guo is named after, is truly a sight to behold. Sirens - Musicians of the Deep: One of the aquatic races of the deep, Sirens are renowned for their magical, beautiful, and sometimes alluring singing voices. But don’t let old mares tales fool you! Sirens aren’t all wicked songstresses leading sailors to their doom. Just like the land bound cousins they visit, they can be as varied as anypony else! ____________________________________________________________________________ We here can’t wait to see what you, the players, can do with this wealth of new content! Not to mention how eager we are to see what you can do with both the new Unofficial Lore option, as well as our new AU Section: The Multiverse for alternate takes on the world at large! As always, we’re dedicated to bringing you the best experience we possibly can! If you have any questions, concerns, or comments please feel free to message us! And feel free to stay tuned after the break for a list of ‘bug fixes’! ____________________________________________________________________________ Bug Fixes Fixed an issue where Princess Celestia would sometimes be erroneously listed as ‘Best Princess’ in some situations. Fixed an issue where Flash Sentry would sometimes end up shipped with Twilight Sparkle. Sorry for the inconvenience. Buffed the magical output for The Great and Powerful Trixie, she should now correctly be able to out magic anypony who gets in her path. Fixed those holes in the changelings. Get it? Bug fixes. Reinstated Pluto as a plant. Finally finished reticulating splines. Removed Ponybrine. Fixed an issue where Robikku remained undrowned for longer than an hour. Finally put that thing back where it came from. Added Guinea Pigs as supreme overlords of Equestria. Removed Guinea Pigs as supreme overlords of Equestria. Re-leashed the Kraken, future unleashings should happen far less often. Pinkie Pie’s ‘Fourth Wall’ breaking capabilities have been increased. She can now see you. Right this instant. She thinks you’re silly.
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    Starting today, blog posts based around popular gorefics are no longer welcome on our blog feature. I've been getting too many user complaints regarding this. They're not creative, interesting, and just create forum spam. Please find another outlet for this sort of content. Blogs featuring these posts may be deleted without warning. Repeated posting may result in a warning or loss of blogging privileges. Thank you!
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    He seems like a really fun user and always has super insightful things to say! He introduced me to a SodaStream and told me that my credit scores were too low! What a helpful guy! But...I can't friend him. What is this?!
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    Updates: Sorry for the wait on those request, but they've been pushed out. The thread is once again open for request again! And a new rule has spawned pertaining to the type of request I'll be taking. Also opened up two more request spots, so that's pretty nifty. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ [colour=#282828]Hey there, friend! The names LoopEnd, you've probably seen some of my artwork in the gallery section of the site. After a good long while of lurking in the Spam Stables and various other threads and being thoroughly too jumpy to actually start one of these, I feel I should do a big mega thread for art request. I'm finally posting to reach out to this community and hopefully give something worthwhile back to it, as well as take suggestions for improving my art skills. Why not drop a few lines for a request? Just make sure you read the rules first and everything will go smoothly![/colour] [colour=#282828]1. Phil The Time Wizard- Harlequin Salad[/colour] [colour=#282828]2. Frost137 - Spin Art & Mended Heart[/colour] [colour=#282828]3. SilverSwirl - Silverbolt & Sunrise Wisp[/colour] 4. Quillhart - Quillhart 5. Bellosh - Mist Weaver [colour=#282828] [/colour] [colour=#282828] Please make sure you have your request set in stone before posting. Please keep your request reasonably simple so that I can have a bit of leeway with the process. It's also alright that you only give a description. Also, if you have any references please post them when requesting. I reserve the right to ask you to change a request or not accept your request at all.[/colour] [colour=#282828] Time for request may vary depending on what you want. Try not to rush me, I want every piece to be in excellent quality for everypony who request something. Don't ask how long it will take, because I won't answer you.[/colour] [colour=#282828]For those of you who don't know, I send my request via PM through a direct download link via Dropbox in the form of a high-resolution .PNG file (I will usually include download directions in the PM as well.) I also hold the right to post your request anywhere (obviously). It will most likely be here on the Canterlot gallery though.[/colour] [colour=#282828]Follow standard Canterlot.com Rules and also the number one rule of the Request Area: Key things you need here are patience and gratitude.[/colour] Request Complete (67):
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    [colour=#282828]Dearest Players of Canterlot:[/colour] [colour=#282828]With the excitement of Friendship is Magic Season 3 coming up, we would like to make clear our policy regarding new canon content. As we are not sure what to expect, what new characters we will see, or how new locations may be used in our roleplay, we would politely ask that you all hold off on using content from S3 until we are able to process it and come to a final decision on what would be appropriate for our game. We will let you know what is allowed for our game as soon as we can in a compiled post. Feel free to work on any applications in private until that time.[/colour] [colour=#282828]As always, freshly minted canon will be available for immediate play in Crossovers and Free for All, so feel free to use those areas to your advantage while we process the new information for Mane RP and determine what elements can be integrated with minimal fuss![/colour] Thanks for your time, and we hope everypony enjoys what is to come on this weeks show! [colour=#282828]The [colour=#800080]S[/colour][colour=#800080]RP[/colour][colour=#800080]HS[/colour] Hive![/colour]
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    So i got a message from a woman at NBC who wants to interview me about thew brony culture... And frankly i'm excited! now, we havent exactly set up a date for the official interview, but when i called her up she seemed very interested. I mentioned how i enjoy the creativity the culture seems to have, and i used the phrase 'My little pony is good, but it's more of the glue that brings these creative people together." and i think that's what really got her attention because she mentioned wanting different viewpoints of the fandom. So since the call, i've been pretty antsy, i sent her an email giving her more information (including EQD and the Know Your Meme article on bronies) about the fandom and some personal favorite videos that i liked to accompany my comments about 'the creativity of the fandom' She really seems to be interested in showing the light of the fandom, she really seems interested in getting hard facts and opinions from bronies. If she wanted to make fun of us or make us looks bad, she could have EASILY just made up some **** after reading a few paragraphs and put it into a report, but she's willing to travel all over to interview Bronies about the fandom. So that's why i'm posting, she's apparently having issues getting willing volunteers to accept an interview, either due to lack of interest, concern about being on TV, or other reasons like age or their position at work or something... So would anyone be interested in being interviewed? or does anyone know of any meetups that may be open for the cameras? if not, at least someone who's willing to email their opinion on the fandom (like how you discovered the show, what's keeping you around, etc.) If you're interested i'll give you her email and you can talk to her yourself.
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    And now, a word from another wronged party! [colour=#696969]Hello? Is this thing on...gah, darn statue telepathy, never can be sure if I'm getting out on the right frequ-...ah, I think that's working...splendid![/colour] [colour=#696969]Honestly, One proposes to turn the whole palace into a bouncy castle and this merits the literal stonewalling? And you wonder why I roll my eyes at your 'esteemed' leader so - no sense of humor, a real buzzkill. Those two royal pains have no idea about how bored their subjects were all those years ago before imprisoning my delightfully dashing self into a stony shadow of my former self - All I wanted to do was perhaps liven things up a little, and make things a little more memorable for everypony involved...then that rather overpowered rainbow cannon of Celestia and pals was called into play and ruined everything, slandering my good name...which had as a matter of fact never had anything else but good natured pranks and perhaps the occasional chocolate storm. [/colour] [colour=#808080]Compared to that 'Nightmare Moon', another Problem your so-called Princess Celestia inflicted upon herself by not bothering to help Luna understand and come to terms with their subjects true feelings about her delightful night skies...why, I'm nothing more than a joker with an occasional mean streak. Ha - Eternal night? That's far more potentially harmful than anything I ever did, and your two princess ponies both know that little factoid. And you've all discussed the changelings - why do you think Celestia never thought to sort the matter out peacefully?[/colour] [colour=#808080]I'll TELL you - she never even attempted to make peaceful agreements with the changeling hive - she's the supposed pony ruler of all of Equestria, and she let this poor, starving race plot for all this time...never once thinking or givng them any quarter to have their say, never even attempted to approach them to arrange some kind of peace treaty or agreement. No, Celestia did what she always did and quietly occupied the entire Equestrian pony races into a safe, warm bubble of snowflake'ism, believing that they were the centre of the universe and that nothing anywhere would hurt them so long as Princess Celestia governed over them. Well, for the record - Equestrias very way of life is under threat BECAUSE Celestia governs over them...by treating these 2 parties as villains and not setting out a solution or a discussion before troubles came to a head, Celestia deliberately and knowingly put all of her subjects into harms way, and never once thought about the consequences...instead, choosing to drop Rainbows on anything that might argue back with her. The power of Friendship? Neigh, this is the Power of tyranny, my little ponies...and one that Equestria has had imposed on itself because of one princess ponies personal inability to face up to and handle her responsibilities. Yet I am the one who is in statue-exile? Praytell, where is the justice and the power of friendship in that?[/colour]
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    Roleplay Type: WoE Name: Rakuen Ryuichi, with a literal translation of “First Born Dragon of Paradise” Sex: Male Age: Young Stallion Species: Ryuma Eye colour: Bright gold Coat: Dark navy blue. The scales along his underbelly, back, and haunches are silver, but the scales on his wings reflect the colors in his mane and tail. In contrast to both scales and mane, Ryuichi’s horns are golden in color. Mane/Tail: Deep blue, with sections ranging into aqua, green, and pale yellow colors. Physique: Slender and lithe, like most Ryumas, and otherwise in fit and healthy shape. He is also a bit taller than average. Residence: The Palace Castle in Kyoma Occupation: Current Shogun of Neighpon Cutie Mark: A five-story pagoda against a magical aura. From a very early age, Ryuichi developed a mindset of “sacrifice” in terms of acceptable losses. Knowing that he would be the next Shogun after his daughter, Ryuichi’s grandfather often dispensed well-meaning but, depending on one’s viewpoint, fundamentally flawed advice to the future ruler, citing cases and memories where the sacrifice of the few led to the relief of many. It was his belief, and one that he passed down to Ryuichi, that a Shogun shouldn’t tire themselves with the well-being of every single citizen of Neighpon, as the weight of ruling meant looking at much larger matters than the fate of a few unhappy ponies. Ryuichi’s mother, the current Shogun, heavily disagreed, but despite her best efforts, the heir began snubbing certain individuals and matters, citing them not important enough for a future Shogun to contend with, or blatantly writing them off as dispensible. Disliking the type of ruler her son was shaping up to be, Ryuichi’s mother one day took him out of the Palace Castle and around Kyoma, in an effort to get him to see and acknowledge the day-to-day problems the average citizen of Neighpon had to deal with - and even non-citizens. A recently discovered black market for Yokai was the ultimate destination, one that only became uncovered through the tireless work of the shogunate. There, Ryuichi got his shocked fill of several Yokai that were still in storage while the shogunate arranged for their return to Poninawa. All of them had been shackled with magical restrains that had made them lethargic and compliant, almost mindless in their utter submission, and the lingering effects of prolonged seclusion and domination were evident. One Yokai in particular, a drab looking creature only barely recognizable as a Fox Yokai, was in such dire straights that Ryuichi was moved to tears, and feverently vowed to see the creature safely returned home. The young colt did exactly that, as his mother allowed him to accompany the retinue that returned the Yokai to Poninawa. The creatures, already ecstatic as their homeland drew near, were overcome with joy once the ship landed, and Ryuichi could only stand in helpless wonder as they celebrated with displays of magic, rancous animistic cheering, and even gratuitous hugs, courtesy of one particular Onikuma. It was during the revelry that Ryuichi’s cutie mark appeared, the characteristic pagoda with its magical force field symbolic of his willingness to protect and care for all of Neighpon - even its smallest non-citizens. Unique Traits: As he grew older, Ryuichi’s right horn grew out slower than his left, while also growing at a gentler slope than the left's steeper one, resulting in an asymmetrical balance. The overall effect makes Ryuichi’s horns look like a crescent moon resting at an uneven angle, similar to the headpiece that adorned ancient shogun helmets. As a congratulations for his return from the military, Ryuichi’s mother presented him with a rich gift - his very own, custom-built fighting golem. Affectionately named Raijū, the golem is a massive beast that somewhat resembles a cross between a western dragon and a wolf, and is powered by a magic crystal whose power tends to manifest as sparks of lightning around the golem’s eyes, mouth, and chest. Made of pure corundum, Raijū has an entire team of servants dedicated solely to its operation and maintenance, and it serves as a protector for Ryuichi in times of need. Due to his training in the military and mandatory lessons during foalhood, Ryuichi is a master swordspony. He mostly utilizes a katana in combat, simply due to tradition that closely associates the weapon with the Shogun. He also make for a competent hoof-to-hoof combatant, and can usually make use of various weapons against the average enemy. As a Ryuma, Ryuichi’s breath magics don’t stretch out very far. He is adept with the Metal school of magic but little else. History: While there had been one or two other Kirins and Ryumas that married into the family of the Shogun, Ryuichi became the first non-pony born into the Shogun line of succession. His mother, who had taken a Kirin as her husband, saw his birth as a sign of the future of Neighpon, further integration of the various political climates into a more harmonious unity. She gave him a flowing name that paid respect to his Ryuma heritage, and proved her optimism towards a future paradise for her country. Ryuichi’s early foalhood years were spent in indulgent luxury, as befitting one of his station. Despite being forced to sit through the palace lessons on etiquette and intrigue, Ryuichi still found time to remain a colt, a facet of his life that his mother did not deny him. Though she did not often have time to spend a relaxing day with her son, those rare moments were usually turned into an extravagant day off, complete with a visit to the Polohama Dome where fights were arranged specifically in their honor. Eventually, Ryuichi grew into age and, as was customary, joined the Neighponese military for two years. Even though he was kept firmly in the heart of Neighpon and out of any actual fighting, Ryuichi enjoyed his time in the military, and when he returned home, the young Ryuma was given an official position in his mother’s shogunate, where he could continue to grow and gain experience until it was his turn to rule. That time, however, came sooner than anyone could have anticipated. What started out as a public appearance on Dosanko to lift morale against recent Viking raids ended in disaster. A Kaiju, enraged at having lost track of explorers who had scoured around Ironwreck Island for treasure, took out its anger on the isle of Dosanko, where the current Shogun and some members of the shogunate had traveled. Taking a short vacation to the hot springs under Mount Kaminichi at the time, Ryuichi didn’t receive news of the attack until the rest of the community did - and with it, news even more devastating to the young Ryuma. The death of the current Shogun had Ryuichi’s bodyguards and council members eager to make immediate haste to the capital, but the Ryuma was too stricken with grief to listen. In a fit of misery and despair, Ryuichi fled into the Forest of the Forsaken, where he wandered aimless and mourned for his mother for a full week. He experienced despair as he never had before, every failure in his lessons or dissproving frown from his mother playing in his mind on repeat. Eventually, knowing that the ponies of Neighpon needed a ruler to lead them into paradise, Ryuichi was able to come to grips with himself. He held onto that thought as he navigated the forest, ultimately ending up at the edge of the tree line he had entered to begin with (along with the bodyguards who had fearlessly entered the forest themselves to find him, all of them miraculously escaping at the exact same time). Ryuichi apologized for his lapse in judgement and cowardice, and without another look back, made his way to Kyoma. Rakuen Ryuichi now rules Neighpon as its Shogun, and despite some misgivings over his young age and relative inexperience, the Ryuma has lived up to the role he was groomed to take since the moment of his birth. Whether he will continue the prosperity of Neighpon, or lead her to ruin, will only be determined with time. Character Personality: Due to his position as Shogun of Neighpon, it is unsurprising that Ryuichi has grown to reflect the solemness of his role. Controlled and serious, the Ryuma maintains a strong exterior that tends to come off as stern or austere in certain situations. Ryuichi is able to sit still for hours on end, and often only betrays himself with subtle gestures, such as stiffening up when angry or letting out soft and carefully measured breaths. Though he is wise enough to know when to listen to his shogunate and various other council, and may carefully evaluate all the options, the Ryuma is decisive, never agonizing over a decision once it’s been made. He is also very practical, a remnant more from his grandfather than mother. Despite caring about the well-being of everything Neighpon was and is, Ryuichi still understands that sacrifices must sometimes be made - he simply does not turn an uncaring eye on them anymore. The Ryuma knows that, no matter how great of a decision he makes, someone, somewhere, is going to have a problem with it. Ergo, he is very calculative in how he accesses the value and happiness of others. He may regret having to perform a certain action at the expense of someone or something, but he will do it without question all the same, for the good of the country. Despite the somberness and weight of his position, Ryuichi is still very young, a side of him which is shown more often outside the rigid formality of the Palace Castle. With a sense for dry or sarcastic humor, Ryuichi has a wry and sardonic tongue that tends to come out when he is more relaxed and comfortable. His sarcasm and humor become more prominent the longer he talks with someone, often slipping through the painfully polite mask he wears as the Shogun. In the presence of only close friends, Ryuichi is able to fully drop the facade to become more playful and casual, often commiserating the long meetings with the shogunate or wondering if he might have time to attend a Dome battle. The Ryuma is a naturally protective individual as well - less physically, as he is used to having to stand in the background while guards physically place themselves between him and danger, but more protective emotionally. Ryuichi dislikes seeing loved ones hurting or in pain, and can become apoplectic with anger and rage on their behalf. These emotions are not ones he easily shows, but there is still no mistaking the hard glint that comes into his eyes before he crowds in on a hurting friend and stubbornly refuses to remove himself from their presence. Ryuichi genuinely cares about others, and it shows in the private moments away from the general public of Neighpon. Character Summary: With a decisive mindset that elevates practicality over sentimentality, Ryuichi already seems to be shaping into a ruler that looks at the bigger picture on hoof. The trick is to not allow oneself to become hardened, however, and whether or not he’ll be able to continue ruling Neighpon without losing essential parts of himself remains to be seen.
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    Now let me see here... *Digs up a dusty old tome and blows the dirt off it.* Long ago, about March 2011... well, exactly in March of 2011... The 8th of March, to be exactly exact... *ahem* There were two ponies, Ashi (or Mocha Delight, as you may see her) and Tam, that decided to start a website. It was called equestria.electronook.com. Why, back then, EquestriaDaily even gave forums their own post, so we had a nice little advertisement from them. But on May 23 (or was it 22?), it was announced that the board would be closing-no if's, and's, or but's! The members, of course, pleaded for a solution... That was when the mighty Manestream worked her magic. Well, wait... there are things that went on much sooner than that... Lesseee.... Alright, so I joined on March 9th, just a day after the doors had opened! I had seen the ad on EquestriaDaily, as news was much easier to follow then nowadays. Why, they hadn't even hit 100,000 hits yet! Anyways, I ignored it, until I saw the ad pop up on my Tumblr Dashboard, and decided to give the forum a go. The rest is history! Which I shall now indulge to you. The staff was originally made up of Ashi and Tam's friends, most of which did nothing to help run the board. Just a couple weeks after the board opened, Manestream and WillowWisp were promoted to Moderators. I think Meow was already a Moderator by that time, but it was nearly two years ago and it's hard to recall. Around that time, Tam also made a post asking for volunteers for the Helpstaff position. Myself and several others volunteered, some of which are still around, but many that are not. Skye and myself were chosen to be added to the group. Yep, all the staff except Manestream and Artax started as regular users. I volunteered on a whim. I mean, the forum had, what, 80 members? No biggie. Less than a month after becoming a Moderator, Manestream was promoted to (Co-)Admin status... which was why she was handling things while Ashi and Tam were away. Ashi and Tam... kind of disappeared. They were gone more and more frequently, and since most of the original staff didn't do anything (never did, many have less than 10 posts), that left most staff decisions to Manestream, myself, and Skye. But making board decisions was difficult without an 'official' Admin to give the okay. Things were starting to fall apart, and we were doing what we could to keep things together and help users out... while we were basically users ourselves. One fateful day, something... happened. Tam made a post saying that the forum was closing. Users suggested just letting Manestream or somepony else take over. Something to keep the board up. A reasonable suggestion, right? But Tam would hear none of it. He'd left the announcement topic open, and people had commented and pleaded, but remained civil overall. A bit surprising, considering the circumstances. But instead of listening to the userbase, he deleted all comments and locked the topic (which probably would have been a good idea in the first place). That was when the mighty Manestream worked her magic. She talked to Ashi and Tam, and they gave her the board. Summoning her old business partner Artax, it was decided that the entire board would be moved to a new site. However, there was no guarantee that everything would make it in one piece, evidenced if you look at threads from before the move over. Some of the text in places got a little borked, but all the topics and users made it over safely! But, during the time when there was doubt the board would make it, myself and several other user volunteers did our best to save everything currently on the board. I remember I had gone to bed, only sleeping for two hours... and when I awoke was when the announcement had come. I spent around 32-34 hours awake, with just that two hour interval in between. But I spearheaded the group that was working to save every page of the board, every topic, every post. Myself and some others who were online and in the chatroom began making backups of the board, so we'd at least have things in text form if something went wrong. I organized different people to back up different parts of the board; whoever was willing and online. It was a fantastic effort by all involved. So, we ended up at Canterlot! Myself and Skye retained our Helpstaff positions, and WillowWisp ended up demoted to Helpstaff for reasons I am not aware of. Any of the staff Ashi and Tam had hired were welcome to stay on the staff force, and even Ashi and Tam were welcome to come and enjoy the board as non-Admins. Over the past year and a half, the staff have changed a lot. As mentioned, Artax didn't become an Admin until we moved to Canterlot. Skye has since stepped down from his Moderator position, which he worked up to just as I have. The Helpstaff (or RP Helpers, as they now are), have come and gone. The hiring process has changed a bit, Dessa being hired straight to Moderator. Diomedes also used to be Helpstaff, though he was promoted in February. I was promoted in October of 2011, and Skye sometime before that. So, suffice to say, the founding members of equestria.electronook have not returned since the board closed, but the founding Admins of Canterlot are still very much around. Many of the founding members are as well, whether they hold staff positions or not. I have lots of stories from the old days, but it's time for me to rest these old bones... *Sits, rocking in a rocking chair, as the camera pans out and fades to black.*
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    It isn't anyone's job to lay out the red carpet and treat every new member like they are gold nuggets raining from the sky. People could just not post there at all if they're getting flack for getting involved, so complaining about those that do involve themselves is sour apples.
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