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    Hello. After some nostalgia and me totally being right about everything Discord, I was thinking about coming back to roleplay. To be sure I am getting a little better as I had been going through a difficult time in life so the overwhelming negativity had taken its toll on my weakened state of mind. I am feeling a bit stronger and can assure I will be more inclined to disregard the behaviors that had first driven me away, if those that wish to roleplay again, really a deeply important hobby of mine, wish to do so. I am looking to resume or pick up threads I have previously been "the next to reply" to if it is viable.
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    Its night. the CMC are playing hide-and-seek at the fairgrounds. One makes the "brilliant" decision to hide int he basket of a hot air balloon, the others pile in and dont hear the rope holding it down snap. They start screaming and panicking, but since it late at night nopony hears them... Then after they calm down (and probably fall asleep till morning) they finally figure out, atleast partially, how to control the balloon we get a rousing version of In the meantime, the adults of ponyville are engaged in a bad game of telephone where everypony thinks the CMCs are staying at somepony else's house and it takes them way too long to realize the trio are missing. Fortunately for the fillies, they have a guardian angel, or rather guardian alicorn, and being the wise-and-slightly-tough-love mentor, Twilight decides instead of teleporting the trio home, to just keep an eye on them with a scrying spell and helpfully nudge things as needed, letting it be a learning experience for the girls. While at the same time not bothering to tell ponyville unless they directly ask her to teach them a lesson as well. Since they cant really control the balloon's direction, the CMC are going to have adventures all over the globe, everything from accidentally stopping a robbery by landing their balloon on the robber's heads, to helping a foal find their lost puppy. (honestly ponyville may only realize the fillies are missing after they gain international attention and are featured in the newspaper! XD) So far, we have a Scoots (me) and an Abby (Steel), still need a 'Belle (or if we cant get her, we'll take some random filly or colt that the 2 CMC met earlier the day on the adventure) Also looking for ideas on places the CMC should land and what adventures they should have there. (obviously they're going to visit all the different race's homes and some major cities/historic sites but what happens there is still up in the air, and any other places. Looking at a minimum of 10 locations, possibly 20 or even more depending on how the thread goes!)
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    It was well past curfew. At this time, every hall of the School of Friendship was likely dark and empty. Occasionally, a custodian would be lurking the halls to finish up their cleaning duties for the night. None of the doors were ever locked, except for some of the faculty offices. There was never any reason to fret on some creature sneaking into a classroom. Maybe one day, a student who was a huge prankster would give the school a reason to lock its many corridors, but for now, the closed campus was surprisingly pretty open. Silverstream is no prankster, but she did have reason to be up at this late hour. She recently felt inspired to do some extracurricular activities that involved some study and planning. She started a habit of just minding her own business, and was sometimes peculiarly solo on her interests. She gets excited all the time and loves to share her musings with her friends and teachers. But too many goofy looks on her friends' faces whenever Silverstream would hold up a chart about hydraulic rams gave her pause on how much she should be sharing this extra enthusiasm. She wasn't nearly as embarrassed as she was disappointed that her friends didn't also think hydro-kinetic engineering was fascinating. Eventually, she would shrug it off and plan to spend some of her alone time with these daydreams of unpredictable learning rabbit holes. After the students' quarters were good and quiet, Silverstream softly opened her door and closed it behind her, tip-toeing her claws and hooves across the carpeted stone flooring. She made her way to the exit to make her way through the courtyard. Her destination would be a place where she hoped no one would be. It's a good thing she waited until this late hour, so that none of the other students would be disturbed by her night-crawling expedition.
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    The large Siren floated along with her eyes closed as her head bopped back and forth to a song nopony could hear. One could only assume it was similar to what the impressive creature was singing along to. “In a clothing store...Okay, fine...Fer sure....Fer sure....She's a....Like, oh my.....", Already looking down, her eyes opened up and was rather surprised to see a small army of adorable little horses! "Like, oh Wow.", she gasped. The little orange one with the funny accent was trying to talk to her. "Like wait a sec, my little Bettys.", she removed a red colored pearl-like earring from her right ear. She then placed it on a bracelet which was covered in pearls of the same size but of different colors. The unicorns in the group recognized it as a form of a memory stone or gem. Spell-casters could enchanted stones or other small items to record messages, which was unusually very helpful in school, meetings or other activities that required taking notes. This Siren apparently recorded music on hers. "Oh, gag me with a trident! Look at all thuh adorable little ponies!", at first her tone was cheerful, but it slowly shifted into less positive territory. "Little ponies wearin' armor canterin' around with weapons. On my island! Without an invitation. Messin' up my mournin' groove. Gettin' cute little hoof prints all over my sand.", she added as she folded her front legs, "And now you wanna me to get all shrinky so you can beat with your little horsey hammers. As if!" Fire Walker started to talk, "I assure you we were.." She was quickly cut off by the Siren. .."I am so not talkin' to you, little red, like I am talkin' to thuh country orange horse!', she glanced over at Applejack as she spoke before shifting her eyes back to Fire Walker for a moment. "Betch.", she sassed as her eyes rolled up. Her expression quickly reverted back to cheerful as she turned back to the farmer. "Okay Country Time, like, are you goin' to promise you and your little pony pals are not gonna hit me with your weapons if I get all fun sized?" There was just one more thing she needed to say before she opened it up to the Earth Pony, "Oh, and if you need to, like, know, my name, it's Toccata Tre, as in 'Tre-Awesome, Tre-Hot, and so Tre-Talented!", she broke into three different poses for each of her 'Tre's, "Just don't you dare call me, Tre-Ta. Only my boyfriend can call me that and he's, like, so-very super-hot. Wish he was with me right now. As we'd be doing stuff." And to make sure everypony knew what she meant, she started to rock up and down.
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    (sorry if I missed responding to anyone! If I did, not intentional ) Sunburst was really excited to have peaked the interest of at least one little pony thus far! He was ready to tell her more when they had to leave the train. "I'll catch up with you later! So many stories I could tell you!" The stallion trotted down the street towards the hotel when he heard the griffon's exclamation. He turned and called out. "I-It's ok Gallus! When in Roam..." He reached into his saddle bag and pulled out a white toga wrap. He had been wanting to wear it himself but a griffon with no luggage might find some use for the piece of fabric. "Dress like the Roamans!" He trotted on. "Oh, and don't worry. We can find you supplies here if you need anything!" Roam was an ancient city of secrets and Sunburst was going to discover them all! He noticed little Horuma trotting nearby and smiled at her. "Isn't this exciting? Have you ever seen some many interesting buildings?" Blue Bird hovered along with the group of younger fillies for a little while, listening to their chatter. Then Hyper flew up and spoke about her cool jacket! "Yeah I want to be a Wonderbolt! You too!?" This could be a fun friendship!
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    AJ was ever the honest one. The strong one. The smart one. The one that actually thought before she did. As her fiance got to work on their son RD did nothing but beat herself up mentally. Well, she also tried to keep the grimace off of her face and keep things positive. She had to for Zappers. She knew Applejack wouldn't let this go, probably ever. But that was better. Rainbow couldn't be trusted. She couldn't handle anything. Not even one little day with just her and Zappers. Dash did as AJ bid. Fetching supplies, cutting and hoofing over tape, keeping her danged mouth shut. She;d never felt this awful. Well, she had actually. But this felt the worst right now cause it was happening now and that was how RD rolled. In the moment as always. She listened to AJ's soothing words, somewhat placated by them. It had been a fun day. A good day. A day to remember. It would be a day to remember, just not how RD had planned...
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    ~~~Golden Bit~~~ Golden Bit watched as Terry looked over the contract and everything. Most of her performers did this as a way of double checking that Golden's lawyers weren't up to something behind her back. At least that's what most of them told her anyway. Truth she always suspected that it was because the way performers tended to get treated everywhere else. They see it as we're giving them an opportunity to perform, so performers must pay us to perform at their venue. they give them what's left over. Golden couldn't stand that philosophy. All they were doing was providing a place for them, as well as a bit of security. That was it. They were still doing all the work and she made hand over hoof more from the crowds drawn buying refreshments, food, and souvenir items as well. The performers more than earned their bits for putting on a good show. That was the primary reason why she wrote the contracts and not her lawyers. She was the final dictator in how her business was handled therefore she had final say. Nopony else in this building could override this document. When he was finished, she smiled as everything appeared to be to his liking. He signed the document, and once he hoofed it back over to her, it lit up in her magic before being split into two copies. One got filed in her cabinet, and the other poofing out of existence. When he then asked about something he could help with, saying that his day was pretty free so that he could spend it helping a few others if they needed. "Well, with today being my weekly open day for interviews, I'm expecting to be fairly busy. That being said, I always have time to commerce with those around me until I'm needed to perform another interview for today," she said with a smile as he offered her stay in his inn if she ever wanted to get out of the casino for a bit. "I might have to take you up on that offer at some point. I can think of a few others that could benefit from that as well," she finished with a smile.
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    This was like talking to Applejack's cousin Moonlight. Valley filly, Applejack thought it was. The speech patterns kind of made her go nuts because the word 'like' appeared about forty times a sentence. It drove Applejack batty, especially since Valen had been such a well-spoken colt before she had become Moonlight. Oh well, not that big of a deal and it certainly made talking with this siren a bit easier. She was hesitant to come down, and it looked like they had interrupted her in the middle of a groove session. The big, big siren seemed caught up between calling them cute and being aghast at their weaponry and armor. Well, an evil, hungry siren wouldn't be conversing like this. Probably. Applejack wasn't an expert on sirens as much as she was other critters. She reckoned nopony really was an expert. "Ah promise we ain't here ta hurt you. 'cross my heart, hope to fly, stick a cupcake in my eye. We don't mean you no harm as long as yer meanin' no harm ta us. Just come on down, sugarcube. We just wanna talk," she said as she sat on her haunches, assuming a non-threatening position. If this was a siren who was just chilling out and having herself a grad old time than the agical barrier wouldn't have any negative impact on her. Heck, she shoudn't even notice it! She wasn't sure she was the best pony to undertake first contact with an odd native creature but, well, it wasn't like she didn't have so much experience with it. On a way, yeah, she was best suited for this type of first contact. "Hehehe, ya know, you sound a lot like mah lil' cousin Moonlight. You spendin' a lotta time in San Flanknado?" She asked with a wink. That whole valley girl shtick was vexing to Applejack's ears but hey, who was she to judge. She was sure her countryisms managed to hit someponies the wrong way too. No foul in being different. Of course, she wasn't sure that answered any of the pertinent questions she had. "Ah'm Corporal Applejack. Nice ta meetcha, Toccata Tre. How long you been here on this lonely old island?"
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    Silverstream was amazed at the speed and force Gallus was able to carry her through the water. Also, highly illegal. Seaponies frowned upon dangerous stunts that involve leaving the hypercurrent, but even Silverstream knew... ...they would get over it. After they splashed into the air dimension, Gallus seemed to be able to use his fully functioning wings just fine over the water and she was hung with him in the air for a moment. Silverstream could fly and swim, but she couldn't fly-swim. Gallus' unique anatomy gifted to him by the pearl gave him capabilities seaponies were unable to obtain. Silverstream was taken aback by his gusto. Silverstream always liked adventureous attitudes, but coming from him it was attractive to see since he was basically acting on instinct. Her impression of him and his moves would only last a short moment. Along with the large pair of wings that did not shrink to the size of small pectoral fins, he was also given a generous tailfin that rivaled that of large sharks. Unfortunately for Gallus, using it for balance like he did his feathery cat tail was a much for difficult calculation and would end up slapping Silverstream around so that both of them would lose their aerial energy and fall straight back to the sea. Silverstream was able to quickly adjust in the air and with a healthy amount of grace and she cut the water smoothly like a hot knife through butter. Gallus might not be as fortunate. As soon as they both were under the waves and the bubbles from the residual splashes returned to the surface, Silverstream could see Gallus and their distance from the rest of Seaquestia's surroundings. Terramar was no where in sight. "Yeah so, it's actually against the rules to leave the hypercurrent like that, but I don't think they will be too mad at us. I'll just explain to them you didn't know what you were doing." She giggled. While they were both above the water, Silverstream remarked on how late the evening had gotten. "It's actually pretty late and I want us to have a good amount of rest for tomorrows events on Mount Aris. So is there anything else you thought about seeing down here before we leave it?"
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    "Dashie shows me how she flies and how to move your body around in the air. She says I will be fast one day like her!" Zap picked up another fruit gummy and chewed it. "I like to read books about flying." Or rather, he liked when Rainbow Dash read books to him about flying. She would try to use some of the made-for-foals books, but Zap's favorite was page 46 of Daring Do and the Marked Thief of Marapore when the protagonist is explained through action-related details of a high speed flight pursuit she endured. Rainbow Dash had no problem reading this to him almost every night he stayed the night with her. "A what? I've never heard of that." Zap had never used the word projector or what it meant. He had heard theater but didn't understand the context.
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    Applejack rinsed off her few dishes in the sink and then straightened up the small kitchen mess she might have made. "Alright then. Let's get to it!" Applejack grabbed her bag and started making her way back up the stairs to the studio. Before she turned the hallway to the room, she detoured to her bedroom. "I'll meet you in the studio, I just need to get my guitar and get ready." Applejack spend a considerable amount of time in her bedroom for just having to grab her instrument. It might have needed a new string, or maybe she was tuning it. Applejack tried to hurry so that Coloratura wasn't waiting for too long in the studio but eventually a mare would come out from her borrowed quarters.
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    Applejack was concerned that rumors around the school amongst the students were traveling, but it figures. "Everything is fine, I could go into all the details but it would be a long tiresome explanation and well, honestly, it's not worth the fret. All you need to know is that everything is fine and you students don't gotta worry 'bout a thang." Moonlight was such a magnificent pony. She reminded Applejack of the times Granny Smith would go on walks through town with her when she was a filly, and the matriarch would comment on how pretty her female classmates were, saying that they were the prettier than fillies she went to school with. Applejack guessed that it was a part of pony life. The newest band of young mares would continue to outdo the generation before them. Look out Rarity! Applejack did have a more concerning issue with the way Moonlight was talking though. Through and through, she spoke as she always had done, and her recent magical transformation just gave her more courage to be who she always was at heart. But the vernacular she was using would unintentionally pierce Applejack's ears with what she felt was unnecessary coined terms. "Uh, Moonlight, sweetie. I think it's great that you have friends that you're gettin' along with and I'm sure your fashion sense will be realized in many other ways. But maybe tone it down on the adjectives you're using to describe your feline roommate. We don't like those words used around here. If Granny Smith hears those kind of words, she might throw you off the property quicker that the time it'll take me to explain to her that you're our cousin." Winona accepted the rubs from Moonlight's hooves, and after a few seconds, the border collie recognized it as her old friend Valen's signature behavior. Winona wasn't entirely sure who this pink unicorn was, but she had an aura that smelled like Valen, she moved her hooves like Valen. She was probably Valen. Applejack smiled and loved Winona's reaction, further evidence that Moonlight didn't need to be invited back into the family she was already apart of. She smiled smugly at Moonlight as she petted the farm dog. "You know Moonlight, you don't need to lie to me like that. I know you didn't come all the way over here to ask me about food. What's on your mind, cousin?"
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    Bellissima approached Applejack with the warm coffee, watching the orange earth pony fiddle around with various parts. She levitated the cup over to her, a blue aura of magic brightening up her horn brilliantly against the new morning sun. The unicorn put on her classic fake smile, motioning AJ to grab the coffee. "Well, you're very welcome," she said, even though Applejack never really said a thank you. She was visibly tired though, not even able to finish her sentences. "Hopefully the coffee will suit you well. I trust in my dazzling abilities to make you feel a little more.. conscious." The unicorn's ears perked up when she asked for her name. "Mm, Bellissima Stella." She smiled, kind of surprised she didn't know her name. "You may kindly call me Bell." After the rather awkward interaction with Applejack, the new popstar looked up at the prince, letting out a huff. "Oh, I see," she commented, nodding her head slightly. She didn't really know what to say after that, so she stood awkwardly with a small smile. The prior years of lacking social interaction with ponies that she could barely call friends came into view here, as she just swiped her long mane back. The mare thought it would be best to leave the conversation to the rest of them, as she listened quietly. Finally, she felt the need to say something, maybe off topic. "Hm, you can surely trust me with delicate work, don't you know." She cleared her throat. "Whatever the task may be." The unicorn still wasn't used to helping like this, but it felt a little good to help. Would she say that? No.
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    The colt chewed obnoxiously which was a great sign because anytime he had encountered a kitten, colt, filly or chick who was well-behaved when it came to eating they were probably secretly pretty huge jerks. He wasn't sure if there was really a connection or if his brain just imagined one. He also wasn't sure if the difference even mattered. The important thing was that he had teh right idea for a pegasus. Going fast may have been the most pegasi thing he could have said and he appreciated it but those bird brains. "Faster than anycreature else, eh? Your mom's pretty fast herself. Does she show you the ropes or something?" He asked, vaguely aware that flight camps were a thing that Zap may somehow be less liable to be sent to. His momma would probably want to do it herself. Gallus didn't ignore his rather polite response to his milk question. He guessed that was more on the Applejack side of things. Rainbow Dash didn't seem like a please and thank you mare. Gallus poured the colt some milk in a nice cup and then slide it over the table until it rested near the pegasus. "Here's your milk," Gallus said as he sat back down. So he wanted to just fly around? That was cool and all, but Gallus wasn't a flight instructor. "Do you like to read? Or do any of your moms take you to the projector theater?" He asked, searching for ways and means of keeping the colt's mind occupied for as log as possible and as safely as possible. Applejack's threats still rang through his head like bells rung violently.
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    ~~~Wind Dancer~~~ Wind Dancer couldn't help but giggle a bit when she heard Sky ask about who Golden Bit was. She wasn't too entirely surprised that he didn't recognize the name. After all, he was very new to the scene of Las Pegasus so knowing some of the bigger names in town right off the bat is something that most ponies don't know. Shoot, there's many ponies that have been here for most of their lives so far that didn't know who all the big names were. After all, Las Pegasus was a feast or famine city. Not every pony that came into the city with hopes and dreams, and building a resort prosper. Some just don't know how to manage it. Which is okay in of itself, but the problem lies with them believing that they can handle anything that comes their way despite not really knowing what they were doing. Golden though, was one of the few staple ponies in Las Pegasus though that everypony that calls Las Pegasus home should know about. If for no other reason than she's one of the best ponies that live here! She gmiled a bit more when he mentioned thinking that she was the manager of the cafe or something like that. "Well, she definitely is something like that," she said happily leaning into his ear to whisper. "She's the one that put me back into the air," she pulled back with a smile. Sky had seen her memoir, which means he'd seen the article about the owner that helped get her wing fixed properly. From that point she was sure it would click for him and he'd realize just the amount of weight the mare pulled. Of course all of her thoughts were erased when Ice Storm had made her way to their table. She was quick to introduce herself and she couldn't hold back a small look of surprise when she asked if Sky was looking to pick up more performances. She was quite giddy to hear this and she clapped her hooves. She was also happy to hear him accept, though he'd be busy with an album in the coming weeks, which Ice Storm was perfectly fine with. She also told him to swing by her casino at some point and they could work out the finer details there. ~~~Golden Bit~~~ Golden Bit listened to what Terry had to say about the performance. He said starting out, he didn't really think it was anything overly special. It was good, but there were a lot of good musical artists in this city. He kinda hit the nail on the head with that, but at the same point, she felt the ones that were good deserved to get better promotion. Terry seemed to echo that when he said that if he can continue to captivate audiences like he did with the last song, then he would definitely be able to make a name for himself. Though a part of her inside of her had a feeling, especially with the last comment that Terry made, Sky Sailing would be making quite a name for himself anyways. The paparazzi were always attracted to those with fame and fortune, and the fact that there were already rumors floating around that Wind Dancer possibly had a romantic interest, there would be little place for said love interest to hide from them. She just hoped that they would leave them alone when things started to get a bit more serious between them if it hadn't gotten there already. "A stout, honest assessment as always. I think he will be a very good addition here, and if I'm honest, but the time everything is done with... I see Windy and this Sky Sailing performing a lot together. After all, It was Wind Dancer that managed to pull the strings for him to be able to perform here tonight. I didn't know who this pony was until she mentioned him to me, nor what kind of music that he performed. But with Wind Dancer speaking highly of him, I figured it wouldn't hurt to give him a chance. After all, giving ponies a chance is kind of what I do," she smiled as she watched the owner from next door approach and then return to her table. "I will be right back myself. It's only fair that I let our performers know what I thought of the act," she smiled before nodding to Terry and walking over to the table where Wind Dancer and Sky Sailing were sitting. "I must say, that was quite the performance. I'm glad that Windy talked me into scheduling it," she said smiling towards the pair of love birds. ~~~Ice Storm~~~ Ice Storm smiled to Sky Sailing as he said that he was looking for some more performances. When he added that it would likely be a few weeks before he could commit to anything though because he would be putting a few things together from this performance, likely an album of sorts, she nodded. He confirmed that when he mentioned possibly working in a bit of album promotion. "Absolutely, and that time frame works out perfectly actually. Most of the places around here that I know of usually want a couple weeks to put some marketing out for their performances anyway. At least the good venues that want their attractions and performers to succeed. Otherwise they either risk nopony knowing about the performance or double booking a performance against a larger, more well known and popular group and not really giving them a chance," Ice smiled. "If your interested, swing by my casino within the next couple days. I'm almost always around somewhere and my staff have ways of getting a hold of me if I'm out. I'll also be able to set up something for some album promotions at that time as well, provided you have enough information on the album that I can start running promos for it. That said, I must return to my significant other before she starts getting lonely, and I wish you both the best of evenings as well," she smiled before winking at Wind Dancer and then made her way back towards Raven and their table. She sat back down once she got back there and then leaned over and gave Raven a gentle kiss on her cheek. "Sorry, wanted to express my gratitude for the performance tonight as well as extend an invitation for more performances. He was really good, and definitely a pony that I wouldn't mind performing in some of the concert halls that I have," she said with a smile to Raven. "So, what do you wanna do next tonight?"
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    I could always use Fast Track. They'll have to visit Griffonstone...Rockville (Where Pinkie's parents live) Ghastly Gorge...Applewood (I think Whinny World is there)....
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    Applejack's ears had been perking up at the sound of music. She couldn't place where it was coming from until they were in the thick of it, at which point the revelation that it had been a siren was almost a blessing. At least that gave Applejack's mind something to chew on instead of wondering who it was that could hum straight into her head. She turned to face the siren and studied it, her mind racing through the vast catalogs of information that they had been force fed during review and training. Sirens only appeared in three scenarios as far as Applejack was aware of. Families of them were almost never encountered but when they happened it was always bad news. Even the well-meaning ones were willing to do whatever was necessary to protect their family units, and as a species they were known to react quickly to potential harm. Still, they tended to move in very dense units when it happened, and she only saw and heard one. So it wasn't a family unit. Most commonly whenever a siren was encountered (though that was still exceptionally rare), it was a positive experience. Their normal nesting and 'hunting' areas were around large lakes and in the frozen north. The festivals of the lake folk were said to be the happiest of all places to be for a siren, who would be willing to provide magical song and joy to the townsfolk. This siren certainly looked the part, but why was it all the way out here, on an island seemingly abandoned? The third scenario was that this was one of the 'classical' siren known to schoolponies for their tangles with the Pillars of Equestria. They fed on anger and disharmony and fueled it in return. They were much rarer than the second grouping but were the most famous of all types of sirens. They sometimes worked on packs when feeding on larger groups but would often work alone. The better with which to eat, right? But if that had been the case, wouldn't their armor have set off some anti-magic protection? Plus, Swift had said it was a Tri-Horn. Now, ponies could make mistakes and such but the difference between a Tri-Horn and a Siren was pretty significant. Either their scout needed to retake whole courses on identification or something was fishy. Applejack didn't know what to think, but she knew something was up. She motioned to the Captain and the rest of the team with a loud tap on her breastplate before making two zipping motions. The others nodded. That was their sign to activate their own anti-magical field. It was limited n duration before it recharged but it weakened magical affects of all kind within their personal bubble. And this close together, both the power and bubble grew. Assured, Applejack began. "We are tha Twilight Guard of Equestria, sent here on order of Her Majesty Princess Twilight Sparkle. If ya could be so kind as ta come on down so we may talk to ya all proper like, we'd be awful thankful," she said sweetly and earnestly, though she did make sure to announce themselves first. It was proper protocol and one they adhered to in any unknown situation, by custom and law alike. She really did hope it was a nice siren. If it was, then the anti-magical field would just prevent any active aid, which they could adjust later. If it was an aggressive siren however, the field would actively counter the magic.
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    Applejack played it off well, just as Rara knew she would. Of the pair only one of them was a pony who loved the limelight. In a way, one hid behind facades most of her life to perform and the other had nary a dishonest beat of her heart. It was strange to know that in order for the tour at the end of all this to work, the facade user was learning to be a little more honest and the one with an honest heart had to use a mask a long time discarded. "Well, the Countess won't be learning anything, just Rara. The Countess won't be stirred to action again for...ohh, about another eight months or so. This is all Rara season. Unless you ask my publicists, they all want another Countess record," she laughed and then sighed with only the smallest hint of annoyance, "it's been a bit long for some of them." It was true. She still portrayed Countess Coloratura during some tours and had even put out a full album of songs under the name since her revelation with Applejack all those years ago. Still, she had spent a considerable amount of time as Rara with music and styles that were either more authentic to her or were experiments in range. They had been received well but weren't big hits compared to her pop material. She now had to deal with publicists and distributors on her own with Svengallop gone and while they were all supportive of Rara and what she wanted to do, they all had a personal preference. It wasn't a bad thing per se or something she regretted. It was all part of the system and while the system had done her dirty once or twice, she had benefited as much as anypony else from it. No cause for sadness there. Same story with Applejack's desire to get to work musically. It was actually refreshing to have her just get to work. Rara could always run in the afternoon. "That sounds good bto me. I'll stretch these mustang legs later," she said with a smile before she arched herself and let out an aggressive yawn. "To the studio! I might not have the dulcet tones of one Apple Chord today, but I think Apple*jack* will suit me just fine."
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    Applejack asked a question that made Moonlight light up as she bounded closer towards Applejack and then started going around her in her joviality. "Oh my Celestia, the dorms are so bangin', like, they're sooo cool. I'm rooming with an Abyssanian. You know, Thrilly? That girl's got, like, totally bitchin' flexibility cause she was, like, or is I guess, some sort of circus acrobat. I'm gonna try and get her to join the cheerleading team. I'm totally gonna join it too. How could I not? Like, I'd be a killer. Anyway, like, the point is that I love those dorms. It's like a home away from away from home. For real!" She ended with a breath, leaning against a tree as she gave off a big, fake sigh. "It'd be even better if I could get everyone to wear the clothes I made them, but I suppose the school uniforms will suffice." What a tragedy. Everycreature looked positively rocking thanks to her. However would they recover? Probably when they were fed. Applejack revealed a little about the problem but not enough for Moonlight. She needed to unstack these Applejack mystery packs into smaller, less problems that she could report with full confidence would be totally solved. "Yeah, about the supply shortage. What's the four-one-one, cuz? 'Cause, like, there's all of these totally bogus rumors going around and I don't believe any of them. They are being totaly not cool about it so I was all like, 'ya know what? Just go talk to Applejack. She'll sort this out,' and so bam, I came down here so I can be all eyes wide open and stuff about all this and be, like, woke," she offered positively as she inspected the tree. She'd throw out a fake concern, hoping to get Applejack to open up about real ones. "The trees aren't all, like, gnarly and dying, are they?" As she tried to pick apart the mystery of why the food hadn't arrived on time she was interrupted by a happy bark and then a confused look. It was Winona! That little troublemaker was always in such a good mood and had been one of the many bright spots of the first few days spent at Sweet Apple Acres at the start of that fateful trip. "I haven't seen Winona in a while. Like, she looks so confused!" Moonlight laughed as she turned to face the dog. A smile creeped in as she approached Winona happily. "Hmm, maybe you'll remember...here girl, my name's Moonlight!" she said as she dropped low and offered Winona to come closer. If Winona did, Moony would pet Winona in the way that only Valen had- with swift, gentle strokes on the head that curved around the ears, leaving strands of dog hair on edge around the edges of the ear.
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    As the strange and scary dark world shifted away into the bright and colorful real world, Thrilly pointed to a sign. The cat, who was back to being a proper cat smiled, “Looks like you got the high total score. And look, Knife, you got the award for ‘cutest baby dragon’.” The dragon rolled up her eyes, “Ha Ha.”, she was not laughing, “You are so full of it your...oh..”, she was utterly amazed when there was an sign underneath Daze’s that proclaimed the little creature for being the ‘cutest baby dragon’ complete with a adorable image of Knife. “For the love of.” The threesome walked by an rather annoyed brown colt as they left the building. He knew they had been up to no good! Using the wrong comic! He said nothing to the group, but his cute little frowny face said it all. After noticing how late it was, the dragon waved a taxi and the pony, cat and dragon soon found themselves entering Thrilly and Knife’s hotel, where a friendly looking male dragon waited in the lobby. “Imagine..”, he muttered before he got up from his chair and made his way over to the group. “They told us you made two new friends, so we made sure to reserve a few extra seats.”, he smiled at Thrilly and Daze, “Thank you for looking over my little whelp.", he gave the dragon formally known as Knife a hug. "Dad....Not in front..", the reptile groaned as she tried to keep away a blush. "If you want to come with us...Follow me..", the large creature said with a grin before turning back to his child, "Mom is holding our seats..Let's go.." Being the types not to turn down a free meal, the brave group of 'heroes' made their way into the fanciest restaurant they had ever seen and ran into who was Imagine's mother who was covered in impressive white scales. "You'll have to tell us about your little adventure.", the male said with a wink. And that they did. And they made sure not to mention Imagine's short career as a thief. The three also made sure to exchange addresses and promised to write each other when they could. The cat had a P.O. box that would deliver the mail to the current location of her circus. Thrilly would contact them when her circus would be in their town. Imagine really wanted to find the right date so the pair could visit her home and meet her siblings. And Daze would need to inform the of her next show. She would have the most interesting cheering squad. Dragons and cats. Once their meal was finished, they retired to Thrilly's hotel room and planed their next visit to Canterlot..
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    Silverstream let her mind wander all the time. It wandered so much sometimes her friends could visibly see it running around. Although she could be labeled as hyperactive, she also had the ability to focus on a single task very well. Often times, her enthusiasm is mistaken for a deficit of attention. However, make no mistake, she is that too sometimes. When she gets an idea or a musing, she is brave enough to attempt to discover it on her own. This led her to taking research trips to the Everfree without telling anycreature, scaring her friends and family for her whereabouts. It has also caused her to adapt a strange amount of proficiency in the most peculiar of trades. And not just plumbing, but also empty snail shell voyaging, artistic soap carving, and extreme iron-boarding. She would eventually be a jack of many trades without some of her closest friends and family ever knowing. Fascinating how such an eccentrically social creature like Silverstream could also be such a closet hobbyist. Recently, she found a new adventure in a department that some would not find too surprising, but just like all of her other extracurricular activities, many had no idea what it was. A few clues could be found to associate with what she might be doing, but no one would care to pay that close attention to the details. After all, no one was murdered and nothing is stolen. So what might this pink hippogriff be up to? Well, for starters, she has been sneaking out at night. After everycreature is supposedly asleep, she is sneaking out and going somewhere around the campus. Why alone though? And why at night? What is she hiding? ((New thread open to students. PM if interested)) Thread: The Seabourne Identity
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    This was what she got for allowing Rainbow Dash to take Zap Apple out for a fun day. Did they go see a projector show? Did they have a nice fly about the town? How about teaching her something? No. Rainbow had to be the fun mom. Had to take him somewhere dangerous, most likely. Based on the goggles and the general look of him, probably the Wonderbolts academy. Zap Apple hadn't even been to flight camp yet and Dash was looking to get him hurt! Taking Zap Apple there and allowing him to get all amped on account of her super cool Wonderbolt mom was a surefire way to get him hurt. But of course that didn't go through Rainbow's mind, because of course it wouldn't. She wanted to show her colt a good time. Be the cool mom, the fun mom. Applejack reached out and patted Rainbow on the shoulders, though her eyes were still on Zap Apple. "RD, Ah'm...so, so angry right naw that Ah can't really think about it," she said with a sigh as she looked around. "You probably shoulda taken him ta tha hospital, but what's done is done. Ah'll inspect it. Ah need ya ta get mah medical kit from tha silo near tha house, and stat," she said as she took her hoof off of Dash and took a few deep breaths. She would have to remain calm while she worked with her son, lest she just get angrier at Rainbow over what was certainly just an unfortunate accident. She was petting him gentle atop is head to soothe him and keeping him in her loving embrace as she started to inspect him. "Yer Ah smart little fella, Zap. It sure is broke," she started as she felt around his injured wing. She didn't touch the body of the wing itself, rather she felt along the feathers. Luckily the wing hadn't suffered from a compound fracture. Judging by the way his feathers bent and the wing had moved, she could guess it wasn't a mess inside. It looked like, for better or worse, a simple breaking of the bone in the wing. "You'll fly again, after yer healed, Zappers. Can't tell you how long that is but it'll happen, not too long Ah'd hope," she responded truthfully while she focused in on the bad part of the wing. The main break was between the second and third wing joint. The Radial had snapped like a twig near the middle, but the reason the wing had that odd topsidet han was that the Ulna had broken near the top. This'd be hard, but luckily there was no blood or major damage except the break. "Keep yer goggles on. Why, yer a little cutie with them. Do you like 'em?" She asked as she saw Dash return. "Thanks," she said quickly as she opened it up with her free hoof and flipped it to face her soon-to-be-wife, pointing at the scissors. "Gimme seven feet of veterinarian tape," she ordered as she continued to reassure her son. "Was that a gift from Dashie? What did you two do today? Meet any nice ponies?" She asked as she started to work. It would hurt Zap Apple no matter what but by focusing on the events of a fun day- after all, Rainbow was the fun mom- hopefully everypony would remain calm. She was gonna have to set the wing, bandage it up, and then make sure to follow through with it. She hadn't seen any other damage and pegasi blood flow wasn't robust enough for the damage to be anything more than minor but that was no reason not to be careful. With a breath and as everypony was discussing their day, she went to work resetting her son's wing. She would go as gently and easily as she could, but there was no way it wouldn't hurt.
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    Like a young filly drooling over cakes on display in a store window, Sunset Shimmer pressed her face against the museum display separating the outside world from one of the most important scrolls in wizarding history. Here indeed was a treasure beyond her wildest aspirations. Back in more ‘innocent’ times, Sunset hoped that she too would produce such seminal works that would leave as big of a lasting impact as those of Starswirl the Bearded. But well... growing up happened, and it taught Miss Shimmer that childish daydreams couldn’t always be fulfilled. For now however, Sunset wasn’t reminded of that disappointment. Instead, she joined in the chorus of gushing over a thousand-year-old piece of paper. “You know Twi, ponies would *kill* to possess something this priceless,” She suddenly turned to give Twilight Sparkle a look of dead-seriousness; “Mares like you and me...” .....It took all of Sunset’s willpower to avoid corpsing right there and then, and it was blatantly obvious to anypony who knew the look of somebody holding back laughter that she was doing so.
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    Sunburst was more excited than the kiddos were and it wasn't hard to understand why. Sunburst had his mind half in the past, wrapped in history and Roam was a city that celebrated its long and well-established history. For all of that though she wouldn't have wished to have anypony else as a chaperone. He loved history and was gonna be able to handle some of the more educational facets of the trip more than she ever could, triply so because of the city they were in. "Tha city's fine," she said curtly. "Ah figure we can go to one of them shows. It ain't on tha lesson plan but AH'm sure you could find time in the plan for it," she said with the briefest hint of a smile. If anypony could, it would have been stallion-Twilight. "Just make sure yer bein' a teacher 'fore an enthusiast, sugarcube. Yer job is ta make sure that the youngin's leave here smarter than they entered," she said with a nod, hoping to assure his understanding. It was then that Juice went ahead and got her attention, asking her what hotel they were staying at. "Tha Roam Cahvahl-Erri," Applejack said with a smile. "Princess Twilight says it is one of the best hotels in Roam an' indeed tha entire Foothills," she said with no lack of excitement. That was a big claim Twilight had made since the Foothills included Canterlot. Whule she wasn't one to seek out the fancy and expensive treatments she wasn't fool enough to turn it down. She turned to the collected mass of fillies and colts and assorted terms for assorted species. "Alright. If everycreature's got their luggage, time ta head ta tha hotel. Sunburst- err, Professor Sunburst- lead tha way," she said with a nod, falling in line behind him as she kept he eyes on the group. This group would include one partially sullen Griffon near Smolder. Gallus was not a happy camper whenever he awoke and this time was no exception. He had slept on the train pretty well, better than most. The hubbub of a train held little to throw a kitten from the streets of Griffonstone out of his slumber when he felt safe and secure amongst friends. But he hadn't expected to sleep quite this well. He had only come out of it when his head had been hit by an older mare who was having trouble with her carry-on bag. The large bump gave proof to that story. He had made his way off the train with everycreature else half-asleep, yawning all the while. He didn't speak before they started walking to the hotel- well he was hovering, but whatever- as he elbowed Smolder accidentally in his grogginess. "Ooh, sorry. I'm still-" yawns, "-waking up. What's this I'm hearing about gladiator fights?" That sounded cool, which is more than he could have hoped for at the start of this trip. Gallus hadn't really wanted to go on this trip in the first place. However, Smolder was being forced to go and none of the other members of the group could make it. He figured she'd enjoy the company more than a bunch of younger ponies and creatures. After all, few could compare to the deadpan excitement that he brought to the table. Ask him yourself. Plus, it was a sweet deal for a student in the throes of a mental block. He wasn't gonna say no to a fancy hotel in a rich city and away from papers that would otherwise have been due. A stay of execution was always good, right? As he hovered next to Smolder and the group made their way further away from the train depot, the train departed- and something about that train whistle seemed to slowly jog something from his memory. He turned his head to watch the train depart, the fog only slowly being lifted. And when it did, it lifted with a bang. "I left my luggage on that train..." Gallus said in shock as the train ventured into the beyond. "I LEFT MY LUGGAGE ON THE TRAIN!"
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    Okay @szalhi, I'm done! Here's Loose Cannon! You can download her here: https://sta.sh/0xowys575fn This is the base I used: https://www.deviantart.com/crazyaya/art/MLP-Base-Don-t-you-want-devoted-followers-801044554 Lemme know if you want anything changed!
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    ~Basics~ Roleplay Type: WoE Name: GillianNicknames: Gill, Gilly, Gilligan Sex: Female (her/she)Age: Young AdultSpecies: Griffon (She's half Peregrine Falcon, half Cheetah)Sexual Orientation: Lesbian ~Physical Attributes~ Eye Color: A soft green that melds into orange. Character Color: Her main body is a normal cheetah coloring with dark brown spots covering throughout. Her bird claws and beak are a orange-y yellow. Mane/Tail: Her plumage ranges from three different colors, a darker blue that looks grey, a lighter blue-grey, and a more mellowed out brown. She's rather fluffy, as her chest and the top of her head has extra feather. The ones on her head form a mohawk, reaching down her neck. Her wings are large and strong, and her inner feathers are lighter than the outer ones. Physique: Gill is very athletic looking, tall and muscular, literally build for speed. Extra: She always has her flight goggles on her head, and is rarely seen without them. When she isn't wearing them, you can see that her right eyebrow is partly shaved off. She does that on purpose for a more 'edgy' look. Cutie Mark: Griffons don't have cutie marks, duh! Unless you're Gabby. Description: N/A Story: N/A ~Outside Information~ Family: Aunt (Griffon (Falcon/White Lion)): Gia Occupation: Air Sprinter (And hopeful future Wonderbolt) Residence: She currently lives in Griffonstone with her Aunt, but travels for her meets. ~Characteristics~ Character Personality: Gillian isn't really your typical grumpy griffon, as she isn't the type to lash out on some creature because of something stupid. She's really quite reserved, most of the time keeping to herself and only herself. Because of that, she doesn't have many friends. Or any at all. Like most griffons, she wasn't opened to friendship. The only times she's had a glimpse was when she was in the Junior Speedsters Flight Camp when she was little. She's not known to get comfortable with any creature, as she doesn't trust them. Gill isn't rude or anything, she just simply isn't the type to start a conversation. When she is brought into one, she always has a level head and speaks out with basic answers. She was shy when she was little, which is kind of what brought out her more reserved nature. She's a pretty determined griffon, and likes to focus on her work and how she can improve. She doesn't really take cocky creatures all too well, and isn't fond of unnecessary reckless actions. She tends to be quick to be defensive with these types of creatures, and likes to fire back insults. It's her and her work and that's it. Gill isn't much of a team player, so she has trouble fulfilling her dream of being a Wonderbolt. She has a long way to go. Unique Traits: Gill is very very fast. This birb was literally built for speed. Being a mix of the two fastest animals known to Equestria, it's not hard for her to prove herself worthy of winning races. Her wings are strong and powerful, and she's very agile. It takes little to no effort for her to keep up with others, but she does work a lot. It's rare to see her doing something else rather than flying. She's also rather fast on the ground too, and loves to take on large hikes and climbs. Her endurance is phenomenal, and can fly and run for a really long time. That's just from staying in shape though, because cheetahs aren't known for have a strong endurance. History: Gillian was born on a rather rainy day in Griffonstone. She was kind of unexpected from her birth mom, as she was the result of a one night fling. Her mom wouldn't be able to take care of her, as she really didn't want to. Her mom's sister though, Gia, wanted to take her in. Her Auntie Gia wanted to have a kid on her own, but because Griffonstone was so depressed at the time, it was kind of hard. So, Gia took custody of the little baby birb. She sees her mom sometimes, but isn't super close with her. Growing up, Gillian was rather shy. She hated unnecessary attention, and just wanted to be by herself in the backyard. All she would do was fly around and figure out how to do cool tricks. She over heard her aunt talk about the Wonderbolts one time, and the griffon was very intrigued by the group. For days on end she'd try and get her aunt to talk about the flying group, but the only thing that little Gill was scared of was that it was an all pony group. A little discouraged, the griffon asked her aunt to put her in a flying club. She started out in an all griffon flight school, but realized their grumpy and rude nature overwhelmed her. They also didn't try as hard as her, and she didn't have any griff to push her to her limits. She stuck to herself, and her aunt ended up sticking her in a flight school located in Cloudsdale. Of course Gill was nervous to be around a bunch of colorful, happy-go-lucky ponies, but her aunt thought it would be for the best. It was there where she met her match, a little pony named Golden Daze, and Daze's best friend Sea F. Salt. Finally she had some creature to keep up with! They soon became arch rivals, and honestly, as Gill hated Daze's guts. They were rivals for years, and still are. Even though their passions are different, they still push each other. Over the years though, Daze continued to be extremely cocky, which drove Gill insane, but, Gill does have a soft spot for the Pegasus. Maybe even has a little crush. Shhhhh... Currently, the griffon is an air sprinter, and has meets literally everywhere. She just hopes one day the Wonderbolts look her up. She has yet to join the academy, but eventually will. A little growing up photo for reference: Character Summary: Gillian is a reserved griffon literally made for speed, and wants to fulfill her dreams of becoming one of the best fliers. She has a long way to go though..
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    ~Basics~ Roleplay Type: WoE Name: Hyper DriveNicknames: Hyper, Hype, Small Fry Sex: Female (her/she)Age: FillySpecies: PegasusSexual Orientation: Lesbian ~Physical Attributes~ Eye Color: A Bright Pink Character Color: Sky Blue Mane/Tail: Her mane and tail are unkept but short. They're a darker blue with a navy stripe. Physique: She's an average size for a filly, but a little more athletic looking. Extra: There's nothing too special about her appearance, but she always wears pink leg warmers that were a gift from her father before he mysteriously disappeared. Cutie Mark: She doesn't have one yet, but I'm thinking something to do with her acrobatic flying style. Description: N/A Story: N/A ~Outside Information~ Family: Dad (Pegasus): High Voltage, Mom (Pegasus): Cloud Buster, Older Sister (Pegasus): Sea F. Salt Occupation: She's currently on a buckball team with her two best friends, Fruit Juice and Midnight Glory Residence: With her mom in a small apartment in Ponyville. ~Characteristics~ Character Personality: This hyper little filly is all action and less talk, well kinda, she talks a lot too. But, her body language does most of the talking as she's always buzzing around everywhere. She's been like that since she was born. Hyper is always all over the place and is very spiritic, which puts up a good fight with her crazy, over-the-top mom. The duo are always seen racing each other, and of course smiling and laughing. Hyper got most of her positive attitude from her mom. Same with her and Golden Daze, her older sister's best friend. Daze makes her a happy camper too, keeping her dreams alive. Hyper and her sister Finnie are pretty much opposites personality wise, as they practically look like twins, but their bond is incredibly strong. They're both super positive, and work very well off each other. She has an unlimited supply of love for her two best friends, and is the most adventurous reckless one. She isn't one to think of a situation before jumping into it, which leads her to a lot of trouble, or getting hurt. Hyper doesn't have her cutie mark yet, but she knows it'll have to do with her incredible skill in flying. Her dream is to become a Wonderbolt one day, like most filly pegasi her age. A picture of her and Finnie: Unique Traits: Hyper is a very talented flier, especially for a pony her age. She is fast and can do lots of flips and tricks. She is also super quick to react to sudden movements, like a buckball. She also has an Australian accent, like both her mom and sister. History: Hyper Drive was born a couple years after Finnie in Cloudsdale. She was a total mama's girl, as her wonderbolt father left right after she was born. Her mom was threatened the most by this, as she really cared for him and loved him. Negatively for her too, both her daughters looked exactly like him, but she keeps a positive outlook just for her kids. As such, not knowing her own dad kind of discouraged her, as her mom never wanted to talk about him. All the filly knew was that he was a very talented flier, and that her and her sister look just like him. Growing up, all she did was fly. She got the good genes from her father, which pushed her to be just as good as him. Hoping that someday he'll come back and cheer her on from the sidelines. Since her sister couldn't fly very well, her best friend Golden Daze would help along with that. Her and Daze would fly together all the time, and it just as close with her as she's with Finnie. Since Finnie grew up with Daze, Hyper grew up with her as well. Daze is like another sister to her. Most of her speed and tricks were taught by Daze and her mom, whenever she was home. The family ended up moving to Ponyville later on, after flight camp of course, where she met her best friends Midnight Glory and Fruit Juice. Her mom placed her in Twilight's school to hopefully let Hyper grow up into a humble happy filly, and she is very satisfied with life at the moment. Her and her friends all learned to play buckball together at a class fieldtrip, which makes their bond really strong as they're all nothing alike. They all go on crazy adventures now, trying to find their purpose in life. They all have a basic idea, but they haven't found the right moment yet. Here's some pictures of them together: Character Summary: Hyper Drive is a hyper, enthusiastic filly who loves to fly fast and play buckball with her best friends.
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    ~Basics~ Roleplay Type: WoE Name: Fruit JuiceNicknames: Fruit, Juice, Juicy Sex: Female (her/she)Age: FillySpecies: Earth PonySexual Orientation: Lesbian ~Physical Attributes~ Eye Color: A Bright Blue Character Color: Deep Red Mane/Tail: Her mane and tail are a blonde-ish color that is very long and wavy. She loves her hair and never wants to cut it, even though it kinda gets in the way. Physique: She's just above average height for a filly, which means she’s gonna end up taller than her older cousin. Extra: She has white freckles on her nose and cheeks. Cutie Mark: She doesn't have one yet, but I'm thinking something to do with farming and cooking, like the rest of her family. Description: N/A Story: N/A ~Outside Information~ Family: Mom (Earth Pony): Fine Dining, Dad (Earth Pony): Berry Seed, Baby Brother (Earth Pony): Clean Plate Occupation: She's currently on a buckball team with her two best friends, Midnight Glory and Hyper Drive. Residence: With her family in a farm next to Alizarin Fruits' and Vermilion Fruits' farm. Berry is brothers with Verm, which makes Alizarin and Juice cousins. ~Characteristics~ Character Personality: Fruit Juice is a very kind pony who loves to cook and farm with her family. She definitely got both sides of her parents, as she's talented at both of those things. She's generally the one who stays behind her group of friends, as Hyper Drive is always the ecstatic one. She's normally on the same line as Midnight Glory, though. The earth pony is generally very sweet and kind. Juice is typically the pushover of the group, as Hyper is generally overwhelming and Midnight likes the idea of adventures. There's always a two against one kinda thing going on. Since Hyper is always the one doing stupid things, Juice is the one who's wise enough to say no, but everything always goes Hyper's way. So normally, Juice is the one who goes "I told you so," when something goes wrong. She can be seen as extremely sassy and sarcastic because of this, which creates a lot of humor in the group. Juice loves her family and friends, but is a little scared of Alizarin. Unique Traits: Fruit Juice is an incredibly good cook, but also loves bucking the fruit off the trees and making her own meals. Her legs are incredibly strong, and she has loads of stamina, which helps with playing sports and never getting tired. She can chase her friends all day long. She also has a country accent, like her cousin, dad, and uncle. History: Fruit Juice was born right after her parents got together, which scared her parents a little, making them go into parent counseling. She would normally get dropped off at her Uncle's house, which made her get close with Alizarin. Juice is never really uncomfortable around her, but overtime got used to being around her grumpy cousin. Though Ali won't admit it, she loves Juice. The filly just grew up into cooking and farming, as her mom owns a small restaurant (currently the most popular place the trio of friends go to hangout), and her dad owns some land to farm fruits. The fruits are used for the restaurant. Her baby brother was born a couple years after her, and she's always babysitting him and Midnight's younger brother. She has a soft spot for foals. She grew up knowing Midnight Glory, and soon became friends with Hyper Drive. They all met during a fieldtrip at school, which was getting to know the gist of buckball. They all fell in love with the sport and are super good at it. The sport makes her too occupied to get her cutie mark, like the rest of her friends. Here's some pictures of them together: Character Summary: Fruit Juice has a knack for cooking and farming fruit, but also loves playing with her friends with her kind yet wise nature.
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