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    After receiving the invite and wondering if she would be able to attend, or if her fiancé Swift Squall would also be able to fit the event into his usually busy schedule...Or if she could order the dress and get in time, it was time for the ball. As the red mare slowly entered the venue with her stallion, she glanced around the room. This was practically a family reunion as every single one of her brothers that were officers were here. From Cordy Walker to Moon Walker...Her older brother Punk Walker could be seen trying to hit on one of the R.E.A Head Enchanters, who was one of her very good friends, Ilinalta. Who was also married. This does not go well for her brother. “Ugh.”, she groaned as they continued to walk. She was pleasantly surprised to hear that her old teacher and now head chef at the impressive Cupid II Resort Airship, Greasy Spoon would be preparing the meals for the ball, or at least there to supervise. Her father was probably in the middle of having a chat with him and seeing what he and his staff would be working on. Now she needed to deal with her grumpy little pony she had at her side. “Swifty...”, she whispered, “These are supposed are not supposed to be wild parties, but just nice little, relaxing..”, she stressed that word, “Get togethers...I get to see more than a few ponies I rarely get to talk to..Outside of letters...Even a few I haven’t seen since officer school graduation...",Oh crap...There were a couple of ex-coltfriend in attendance. Storm Chaser was looking a little on the heavy side. And Player One, her very first boo was with his wife. “I’m going to need to find your ‘snark button’ and flip it off.”, she whispered with smirk. “You’ll just need to relax...Nothing you need to do but make small-talk. I’ll make sure you talk to the right ponies....And hopefully General Pummel isn't here...", she had spoken about the elderly stallion before. Fire Walker had faced all kinds of terrifying monsters in her lifetime...Armies of evil Changelings...Pirate Griffons. Shadow beasts..But the old grey Pegasus pony had been giving her the 'jibblies' since she was an filly. "No...No drunk royalty here. Not even sure Alicorns can get drunk..." The closest thing she saw was Princess Twilight before she became a 'princess' dancing at a Canterlot garden party she was standing guard near. The purple pony had been either dancing drunk or just wasn't very good at shaking her flank. "Just relaxing music....Pleasant conversation. And oh, look!", she pointed to one of the servers. "I requested they serve Bon Marché, and here it is....Nice red wine. Perfect for an relaxing evening with friends." , she curled her eyes up in pure bliss. Besides Ilinalta, there were a few ponies she recognized, but none she was super-close with. "Miss Presteza told me she was attending with one of the guards...You remember her? Cute gal. Freckles. Kind of sassy. Uses her tail as a paint brush, which I would normally not recommend...", she glanced around to see if she could find her old friend. "An't no party like a Pressy party and there an't no party without my Pressy pal....ie...", she was not a good rapper...
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    You are hereby cordially invited to attend the Royal Equestrian Guards' annual Ball. This year's event will be held in the illustrious Royal Grande hotel in Canterlot. Security will be handled by a private firm, so please remember to have your invitations and identification with you when you arrive at eight hours past noon five nights before the autumnal equinox. Proceeds from this year's Ball will benefit the Equestrian Services Organization in their efforts to improve interdisciplinary cooperation and morale, as well as to fund improvements to the training grounds and academies for the Wonderbolts, the Royal Equestrian Army, and the Twilight, Solar, and Crystal Guards. Please indicate your meal selection and that of any guests who will be attending with you on the enclosed RSVP postcard no later than three weeks before the event. This is a formal event for guards and civilians to mingle and understand one another. Evening dress is strongly recommended. The Royal Grande was one of the largest hotels in Canterlot, and tonight the entire top two floors had been reserved for processing and housing the annual Guard's Ball. On the floor below, attendees were vetted quickly and efficiently by the hired security, then processed through the registration desks by the maîtres d'hôtel who then passed the guests off to hotel staffers, with the entire operation overseen by the Equestrian Services Organization. On the top floor, the orchestra was playing a selection of light melodies on the stage of the Grande Ballroom and several smaller event halls had been arranged with tables for the various branches of the armed services and policing forces.The lighting was warm and mellow as a summer sunset, and speakers in each room conveyed the orchestra's performance or the occasional interlude or speech to all attendees. Periodically the orchestra would bring a full band onto the stage as well to combine for a symphonic version of one of the REA branches' marches or anthem. True to the spirit of the event, no table was populated entirely by any single group, and even the smallest hall contained seats reserved for civilian ticket holders and donors alike. The seating arrangements had all been planned, with little cards at each place setting to let the attendees know which seat at which table in which room their meal would be served, and hotel staff were busily busing attendees to their assigned places. There were quite literally hundreds of guests seated already, and the rooms looked to be set to accommodate even more before the evening was over. In short, the ESO had done everything in its power to make sure tonight was as stress-free as possible for each and every one of its attending servicemembers, a place and a time where they could let their manes down and just enjoy the evening without the distinctions and duties of rank and regiment. At once formal and informal, exquisite and relaxed, tonight was a night to let down walls and build inroads, and to remind the isolated and insular that the armed forces and its members were a unified whole. Tonight was the Royal Equestrian Guards' Ball.
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    Security hadn't given anypony any slack, and even though Swift Squall had been able to get his cases into the event, they had been THOROUGHLY searched and nearly confiscated. Other staff too were busily doing their various jobs. Wait staff had approached the now empty table where Aquamarine and her cohort had been seated and left a card and a small silver bell they could use to alert staffers they were ready to order, as well as the table where Heart Shield had been seated. The tan-coloured unicorn nearest Heart Shield bowed and said "Ah, yes. The pasta al nero was an excellent choice. We recommend the tomato basil soup beforehand, though of course the gentlecolt is welcome to whichever first course he wishes." which was an offer one of his tablemates took up. A piping hot bowl of the thick soup was promptly and smoothly laid before her, just as others at the table were when the orders were placed. In fact, in the entire ballroom floor, only one pony seemed not to have a job already that he was busy doing. An elderly stallion of indeterminate race wearing the full Parade Dress version of the defunct Solar Guard. It covered the top of his head with an elaborately plumed helmet, and his back and shoulders with a formal cape, all in shades of orange and gold. A small card was levitated to him from a tube that lead downstairs, and the stallion cleared his throat and performed the one function still reserved for that ancient order. The one dread job he could possibly be there to do. "PRESENTING!" he declared in a voice loud and clear enough to be heard over the orchestra without magic "HIS EMINENCE, ROYAL CONSORT AND SOMETIME CAPTAIN OF THE ROYAL GUARD, COMMANDER SHINING ARMOR OF THE CRYSTAL GUARD!" he was a herald. "HE IS ACCOMPANIED THIS NIGHT BY HER AMOROUS RADIANCE, KEEPER OF THE CRYSTAL HEART, VANQUISHER OF DREAD CHRYSALIS, AND DISPELLER OF FALSE KINGS, MI AMORE CADENZA, PRINCESS OF LOVE AND LADY REGENT OF THE CRYSTAL EMPIRE!" The stallion hadn't even taken a breath, but once he was done he just sat back down and pulled out a newspaper. He'd done this bit twice already tonight when Fire Walker and the main Royal Guard's commanders had shown up as well, though their cards had been shorter. Much shorter. Even the conductor of the orchestra had been impressed by the herald's lung capacity. Aquamarine Gleam, who had been at the edge of the ballroom when she heard her commanding officer's arrival announcement, quickly ducked into a particularly thick knot of ponies and tucked the errant curl of her mane back into its updo. It promptly fell back out again, and she didn't have time or a mirror to spend adjusting it back into position. She adopted the haughtiest expression she could muster and did her absolute best not to be recognized in this outfit.
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    The concept of being “fashionably late” had never really made sense to Shining Armor. Being raised in a family that believed in punctuality and politeness, and immediately transitioning into the REA, where lateness was met with swift reprisals, had driven any hope of empathy with such high-society foibles far away. He suspected the first pony to come up with such a concept was merely trying to cover themselves for travel time delays. Much like he and Cady had encountered on the way down from the Crystal Empire. To be fair, it was a far trip down through the Frozen North, and with the weather being what it was, trains were preferable to airships, especially with the recent accident he’d led a rescue team to recover. And, of course, they weren’t technically late, just arriving after most of the others. Still, travel troubles aside, the Captain-turned-Consort was looking forward to this. Any evening that he could spend out with his wife, Princess -turned-Empress Cadence, was a good evening. Especially now, with a new little Princess running around the Crystal Palace; fortunately, the royal Crystaller had made getting somepony to take up babysitting dute much easier, and now the two of them could enjoy a weekend trip back to Shining’s home city, and meet with some old friends. Or, at least, his old friends. “I kind of feel bad about dragging you all the way down here for this.” Shining admitted to his wife, as they walked down the cobblestone streets to where the ball was being hosted. “I don’t know how many of the ponies you’ll know here, and I don’t want you to feel left out. Still, I know you love it when we can dance together, and it’s been a while since we’ve been able to do that since Flurry was born. Not since that nice dance instructor gave us those lessons…” He did have to give the pink alicorn a somewhat cheeky grin at the memory. That had not been the kind of dance they expected to learn, but the couldn’t either of them say that they didn’t enjoy it. “And the food’s going to be good, too.” He remarked, as they handed in their invitations at the door. “Remind you of home any?” He checked himself one last time before entering the grand ballroom. As this was a formal military function, he’d come in his mess dress, a sharp suit of scarlet and cobalt with silver piping. It was similar to the one he’d worn as Captain of the Palace Guard, though this particular one had all the Equestrian sigils replaced with Crystal Empire regalia. New medals and coats of arms. Some of his own new command had come down as well, and he certainly wasn’t going to let down the side!
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    "I know right?" Said the unicorn as she looked around the aforementioned 'shindig', "I've been in Long Guo so long I was worried I'd forgotten when big expensive Equestrian parties can really look like." Indeed it had been such a long while since, Presteza had attended any sort of ball like this. She'd received letters about the latest from family and friends, but now that she was back in Equestria she could experience them all over again! It would take some time to truly get back into these things... When she was a filly she never cared for the pomp and circumstance of nobility and their fancy parties, but with all the changed Equestria had gone through perhaps things had changed. ... Not enough that she didn't have to bring out her old ball-gown. It had been so long she'd worn it. A quick trip to a certain tailor helped take it out a little for all the growing she'd done while out of town. "I'm glad I was able to dig this out of my cabinet's back home." She said with a small smile before looking over flash as they walked over to the table with him, "... You said that tuxedo was new? You pull it off really well!" He really did. She hadn't thought too deeply on it, but she had to admit that Flash did look rather charming in his regalia. Appreciating it for long wasn't really an option as a certain red pegasus not far off caught her attention, along with a certain emerald maned stallion. "Oh-Oh!" She waved her hoove excitedly in the other couple's direction, "Fire! Fire! Over--- uh." She blinked as she realized just how badly that could have been misunderstood by the rest of the attendees. She cleared her throat and called out in a more relaxed tone, "Fire Walker! Squall! Over here!"
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    Oooh. Hopefully the tickets will glow and float around like in the 'Ticket Master'. For some reason, that always amused me..
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    Sunset hopes of quietly catching up to Tempest were dashed as the mare turns back to face her, as if she heard every hoof step in a tiled room with no other sound. But she did not glare or look angry. Tempest just looked tired but she did not stop walking down the road sayiong nothing. letting Sunet catch up more she starts speaking. “Whatever you are selling, I don’t want it. Friendship speech? Seen at least seven so far.” She says with a shake of her head, looking back down the road. She did not have much more to add. She knew Sunset will keep at it. She had the look. That hopefulness. From what it sounded like Sunset was down in the pit… so was Fang. maybe even Foxy… But they all got out. She never got close it feels like. Every time the rim was in reach. One stretched hoof to freedom she slipped and fell down to the bottom. She was never going to get free. She’d never feel happiness again. Not real happiness. How can she ever hope to fit in well missing something key to being a pony? “Tell me about that… thing. The other world was it? With no magic? Tell me about it.” She asked, glancing at Sunset. She needed to distract herself. That was her life. One distraction to the next to stop herself from thinking too much. Why she loved battle so much. Pushing herself. A distraction to shut the past up.
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    Panic was written all over the poor farm pony's face. She didn't care if she looked scared anymore, she didn't care if her stone cold face showed any other emotion. Ali just wanted out of the quicksand as fast a possible, but her panicking did no good for her or the deer next to her. It was dark, cold, and the only thing she could really see was her small candle and the group of ponies around her. The only thing the brown and cream earth pony could think was how much she wanted to be saved, even if she didn't trust these ponies. Did she not trust them, though? The small gal kept wiggling, getting deeper and deeper into the gooey sand, which slowly engulfed her in it's wrath. Her heartbeat was faster than a cheetah at this point, and she couldn't stop yelling random words, until the young little Apple Bloom walked right up to her. Before then, Ali watched as Sombra made a large crystal appear in front of her, making her pupils grow smaller. The big 'ol thing protruded right in front of her, making her teal green eyes stare at the odd use of magic. Apple Bloom began to talk to her, and Ali's stubbornness made her move even faster. "Ah'm literally almost neck deep in this goop and you think not movin' will do anythin'? I need out of here!" The little filly kept talking though, which soothed Ali's temperament. She stopped moving all together, which slowed down the sinking immensely. A flash of an idea popped in her head, something that probably wouldn't have happened without the little fillies help. And maybe the little drink she had earlier helped too, but she thought she could trust this ponies. That idea only popped in for a few seconds, but maybe these ponies weren't that bad. Soon the little yellow filly was gone, and the only thing Ali could do was look up at the red captain above her. All four of Ali's legs were stuck in the sand, mainly her back ones, and even with small movements she couldn't get them out. The black crystal was right there to grab, but of course she couldn't reach it. "Just gimme the rope! Just gimme the rope!" She tried to get her front hooves free, as she slowly sunk a little more. Ali was panicking again, as another thump shook the trees. "Please! I really don't wanna die today." She looked around, searching for Apple Bloom and Fluttershy. The sweet Pegasus was tending to the deer, and the filly was no where.
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    Chatting it up with Commander Tempest started to remind Grubber of the good ole’ times when he got to snatch all the sweets he wanted and Tempest would be there to- WAIT NO, DUCK AND COVER! BAD OLD TIMES INCOMING!!! “EWWWWOOOHHH!!!!!!” It was almost a learned reflex for Grubber at this point, jolting as if a wave of electricity punished him for whatever mistakes he made this time. And yet... there was pain to be experienced. Yelling from Tempest, sure... as well as a light show of fiendish fright. Even some spit on Grubber’s face! But no part of his body had been touched by the scorch of crackling plasma energy. And then, Tempest just... coldly turned away. .....Was this the dawn of a new Tempest Shadow???! Initially dumbfounded, the hedgehog suddenly beamed and rushed back to Tempest’s side; “Oh ohhhh, have you been going to Anger Management therapy? Becauthe I can definitely thenthe you’ve made progreth, Tempetht!” He glanced behind him and gestured towards the frightened hippogriff; “Thee? Thethe guyth can tell, too! They’re not running away from you threaming, anymore!!!” The way Grubber was speaking, one might believe that Tempest just accomplished the most amazing thing in the world.....
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    Glancing around the room with his blue eyes He searched for any pony he might now, Heart Shield spied a table where fellow guard members where dining on the far side of the room. With a awkward growl of his stomach He remembered that he hadn't ate much today in anticipation of the ball. Gently making his way through the crowd the Gray stallion softly walked up to the tables to find a seat. Walking along Heart Shield noticed a Red mare at one of the tables reserved for the guards that looked vaguely familiar, He felt like he had seen her somewhere before. 'Ahh yes, She was in the running of the leaves last year.' The gray pegasus remembered briefly running amongst her during the late stages of the race, which he had joined in lately. 'What was her name again?' Heart shield thought to himself, he wasn't even sure if he had gotten to learn it. Glancing around at the tables it appeared everything was organized and tables where assigned to each member by a little ornate card laying on the table in front of all the chairs. Searching around awkwardly for a moment. The gray Pegasus finally found his table. Pulling the chair back, Heart shield sat down sighing for moment as he finally got to relax. He had spent most of his day on his hooves, and it was finally nice to give his sore hooves and back a rest. Taking a moment to relax he glanced down at the menu which was laid out on the table. Picking it up with his hooves he glanced it over, Looking it over with a odd gesture in his eyes he stumbled over all the items on the menu, He might as well been looking at some ancient script written in some foreign language that he didn't understand. Thankfully for him there was a description of each dish below each name. 'The portabella buc- portabel- Uh how ever you say that looks pretty good' Heart shield said awkwardly to himself. Sitting it back down again he glanced over the room once more. More and more ponies seemed to be piling in. To be honest with himself he wasn't much into formal parties, But he was rather much excited to get to know some ponies.
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    Wow. This has all become rather...interesting... The young dragon really knew it was rude to state, but she just had to watch the verbal beat-down the odd mare with the broken horn just did against what she assumed was a giant talking dish scrubbing pad. Was that right? Maybe it was a pile of yak hair clippings that somehow managed to get its wish to becoming a real boy? An cereal mascot that somehow leaped out of his bow to terrorize the citizens of Ponyville? Pinkie Pie’s experiment in cotton candy that went terribly wrong? While she had the urge to kick the fuzzy little creature into the air like a soccer ball, for some odd reason, she kind of felt bad for him. Weird. “Pfft. Like they say, leave all your drama to your ma....” Wait a second. There was like two whole minutes and her friend did not speak. Was this a record? Was she carried away by an Roc when she wasn’t looking? Did she just fall over dead? “Er, Silver?”, she turned to look at her friend who looked rather terrified. Smolder only saw this look on her face when the normally bouncy hippogryph spoke of the Storm King. “Silver...”, she whispered to her friend, “There’s no reason for you to be scared, especially with me at your side..I’ll whoop anything that tries to mess with my friends...” While Silverstream could be a bit much at times, she was Smolder’s number one go-to-gal when she wasn’t feeling so hot. Just hearing her ramble on with an odd story that just popped in her head, see her in utter amazement as she noticed something she had never seen before or even a quick hug from the fuzzy female always brought her spirits up. “You tell me what’s bugging you and I’ll get to whoop’n.”, she whispered as she cracked her knuckles.
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    "Three!? You got it!" Applejack bent down behind the counter so that all was showing was her tied yellow tail. From the abyss that is under the counter, she lifted out two more bushels of apples, one with each leg. She gave a mighty grunt as she thrust the bushels up with as much grace as you'd expect from a strong farmer earth pony. "That's fifteen bits." Coloratura was persistent about dinner, which made Applejack begin to question her fillyfriend's intentions. Although regardless of the motives, she was glad to have the pop star around. But she had no desire to write a schedule or keep dates and her offer was open-ended. "Tell ya what. Any day of the week for the next four years. How's that sound? There may be days where we work longer hours or we may have extended family over for a weekend, but we always make sure to have supper as a family every night, no exceptions." Applejack brought her hoof to her chin and tapped a couple times. "Well, unless the fate of Equestria is in the balance in which case, the family supper will commence when that kind of issue is settled." She countered herself with a smile. "And so, since I have no idea when Tirek is going to try to blow up Ponyville, you might as well show up whenever you are available, and upon walking into our home in the evening, you will see supper being prepared. You are always welcome to join us." Applejack put her hooves on the table and stared into Rara's eyes. "Always." Tempest's explosion of anger caused Silverstream's wings to fold. As she stood observing Grubber getting scolded, she felt her own safety might be at risk. So she softly started backpedaling towards Smolder's place in line. But then, the angry unicorn responded to Silverstream's question. Even though, Tempest's anger had been tucked away, Silverstream was still very cautious about what to say next. So instead of risking a social faux pas of her own, she decided to slowly nod her head in agreement as she looked at Tempest with frightened eyes.
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    Aquamarine Gleam was sitting at a table with a pair of donors from Trottingham, one of the Lunar guard she'd never met, and a sheriff from one of the wild land border towns. She'd reached a compromise with her family, who'd partly funded the rental as their 'donation to the cause' this year. She was officially attending as Private Aquamarine Gleam, but she'd been obliged to do so in a ball gown rather than her dress uniform. The gown was haute coutre of the latest fads, which her parents had just happened to have commissioned for her. She had wondered why her parents had wanted to provide a custom tailored dress uniform for her, and now she knew - to make sure this gown had been cut perfectly for her. It was in the style of classic ball gowns, with billowing bell full skirts and petticoats, but just enough not the classic ball gowns that it looked modern and completely messed with her five-year-out-of-date sensibilities. Her dam's staff mares which had helped her get dressed had been very polite about how she had been doing it all wrong, but they had nonetheless completely taken over in dressing her in this frippery, making sure her dam would not be embarrassed by her lack of current style. Even she had to admit it was gorgeous, perfect for her colors in powder blue silk and silver threaded seams, and she had to appreciate the concession to her affiliation to the guard in the form of the crest of the Crystal Guard filigreed into the breast of the tight bodice, but even despite that, she hated the thing almost as much as she hated the socialite she was sitting next to, exchanging pleasantries while he bragged about all the successes he'd had that year thanks to the REA. She and the aerion guard shared a knowing look when the stallion turned to a waiter to ask for his first course. It was a look nearly every lawpony knew, one part rolled 'get a load of this one' eyes, and one part 'grin and bear it' smirk. THIS was why she'd joined the REA in the first place, avoiding parties like this one with blowhards like this one. It was a tedious reminder of the life she'd escaped. Then there was a blessing in the form of an unthinkable faux-pas. The jerk went on bragging about the size of his donation and when he mentioned an exact figure Aqua's head whipped around so fast one of the curls of her mane pulled free from where it had been tucked into its elaborate updo and ended up danging at her temple. The entire table and the two nearest him went silent as every single eye locked onto the boorish stallion and Aqua employed the sneer she actually appreciated having learned from her sire. She wasn't as good at it as he was; her look said 'you are inadequate' rather than 'you are the type of thing left behind after bottom feeders consume pond scum and I never want to see you again' but it got her point across. She exchanged a glance with the other guards at the table and said "I think I shall enjoy the company over there. If you'll excuse me." in a passable imitation of her dam's clipped inflections. Everyone nodded and stood up together, the other serviceponies drifting off in various directions while Aqua, the only unicorn among them, pulled the chairs in and bid the embarrassed looking wife of the offender a good evening. She headed in the direction of the dance floor, pointedly ignoring anything further either of them said. It was an act, of course. At least once a year at these events somepony broke the taboo and tried to use the donation as a bragging point and the others at the table would stand up and walk away, but the guards would be back to the table in a few minutes to eat, and hopefully the braggart learned some manners by then. If not it might actually be a fairly enjoyable Ball. All of this was before dinner was done and the actual planned entertainment started even. Although now that she thought about it, tradition also dictated that she find the pony who had inherited the invitation she'd relinquished as a guard and get to know them. She hadn't been introduced to anypony yet by the staff, maybe it had gone unclaimed this year?
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    The good news was that Tempest Shadow didn’t try shaking Sunset Shimmer off her tail. Whatever her negative thoughts on Friendship were, at least Tempest was accepting companionship at the moment. That was something Sunset could work with. Suddenly, the broken-horned unicorn asked about... “over there”. Miss Shimmer took a few moments to consider what exactly could be conveyed about the realm without Tempest incredulously laughing in her face, then she spoke. “Honestly, life there isn’t bad at all if you get used to a lack of unicorn magic... and uhh, other changes. One plus of living in a magic-less world is that there’s no monster attacks to worry about... or evil overlords trying to take over the world with ancient relics. That’s something about Equestria I definitely don’t miss at all, teh heh heh!” As the two unicorns kept walking side-by-side, Sunset glanced towards Tempest; “I should be more precise; Magic DOES exist in this other world after a fashion, but how it manifests is unpredictable, and can’t be reliably reproduced the way unicorn spells can. It took me a while to accept that uncertainty... but then I realized that actually, there’s something cool about not knowing what it’s gonna’ do next. After everything I’ve been through over there, I feel like not knowing something isn’t always so bad! It gives you something to work for.” Sunset glanced upwards with a fond smile; “Equestria has a magic all its own, but this other world does too! Someone has to figure out how it works there, aaaand... it may as well be me, so..... that’s why I choose to live there.”
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    The Door to the throne room soon stirred and out poked the head of a what seemed to be a well put together Diamond Dog. He walked slowly up to the table with the artifact, eyes widening at the sight of the relic. Not wanting to breach any etiquette, Hogo-sha bowed deeply to the princess. "Good Afternoon, Princess Twilight. My name is Hogo-sha and I came from the mountains of Neighpon." after straightening himself back out he continued on, "I am a traveler with no recognition from academic institutions... but I have educated myself on many myths and stories from my homeland and beyond it in the east. I believe. At the very heart of my being, that this is the Chintamaney stone." He gave a moment to let the name sink in before speaking up once again, "... The short answer to what you wish to know, is that is a stone that can grant wishes to any who holds it. It was originally a combined effort by an ancient sect of monks of the harmonious path, formed from both Neighpon and Long Guo to create a faster method to attain harmony. Some texts speak of wishing to gain a kirin or longma form of ascension in the way of..." He gestures towards her wings. "I have nothing but speculation to back this up... but I think that the reason you are having such difficulty activating it may be because you have already gotten so close to achieving perfect harmony or at least are quickly on the way to it. If I may approach it?" The 'dog' took a step closer and sniffed a few times at the air. Hm... it was strange. This item's magical scent was both present and absent, "Hmm... curious. I'd heard stories that they may have used the blessings of ancient yokai, hoping that our mythic connection to the one you call Discord would be able to grant them a way to give the jewel a link to a realm beyond to fuel its potent magic." Hogo-sha's knowledge came from a bevy of tomes and parchments he'd read. He'd snuck into many places of learning before to try and get a look at leads on artifacts before. He also had the advantage of being raised by one of the oldest yokai in Neighpon who had many stories he loved to share, for better or worse.
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    Sombra couldn't tell if there was any guilt in the satisfaction he felt when he discovered that the crystal he'd formed stayed in place, all unwittingly tested by Apple Bloom. He hadn't expected her to nonchalantly walk across it to calm Alizarin, if that was what she was doing, but she had. He only hoped it'd hold his weight, as she was just a filly. Her attempts to calm the earth pony mare aside, Sombra paid some attention to what Apple Bloom said about the quicksand as he briefly glanced up to check on the others. Fluttershy was dealing with the stuck deer, who the umbrum wasn't terribly concerned about, and the Captain who'd gone to land, presumably to get the very rope she mentioned, the same that Alizarin called for. Sombra waited until Apple Bloom had returned to dry land before he approached the edge of the quicksand, and his crystal, though he paused at the edges. "Where do you think you're-.. !" Sombra started to protest when Apple Bloom darted by him and off towards the trees. Investigating? These woods were too dangerous for a-... He stopped his thoughts there, a confused scowl on his face. Obviously there was nothing he could do about Apple Bloom, it wasn't as if he was her caretaker or anything. He would've considered whether he should say something to her if Alizarin's panic hadn't become so apparent, and he chose to focus on the issue at hoof. The filly could handle herself. A foreleg lifted and Sombra hesitated to step out onto the crystal he'd formed. While he'd never suffered from nearly drowning in his life and had never been in anything too deep, he knew he couldn't swim and there was something in Alizarin's panic that bothered him, echoing a little of his own fear. All his bravado and nonchalance hid that he was a coward- the king would do anything to protect his own skin, though he was never beneath fighting somepony or something if a situation came to blows. Sombra forced himself to move and gingerly stride out across the plank of a crystal, hopefully before anypony could notice his hesitation, and he bent down, reaching a foreleg out to the struggling mare to see if he couldn't grab one of her forelegs. If anything, he could at least try to drag her closer to the crystal so she'd have something to hold onto if he just couldn't get her out himself. This was probably where the Captain's rope might come handy; they might both be able to get poor Alizarin out of the quicksand. And probably deal with the deer in a similar fashion, he supposed.
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    What the hanging nail was anthropology? That niggling concern aside, Gallus was satisfied and satiated by what his newest professor said. He didn't really understand why they needed this class. They'd already proven to be basically super perfect at this whole friendship thing. Just look at Smolder moving quick to rectify Yona's worry. Of course it was nice of SMolder to go through it with Yona, seeing as it meant she wasn't reducing that book to cinders too. No, Gallus wasn't bitter or anything. He just had a long memory, and was waiting for his time to get reve- to pull a prank of his own. Ya know, because friends pulled pranks on one another. With their school supplies. During the school year. What it came down to for this class was that it was basically friendship emergency therapy. See somecreature about to turn dark, try to light them up. Or if they have turned dark, how to stop them. Could be fun. Could also be lame. He always imagined what an evil Gallus would be like and then he realized such thoughts could go really dark really fast. He was a meateater after all with sharp talons and claws and teeth. A bad Smolder? Easy enough, lots of fire and hoarding. The longma, Kireina? Gallus didn't know that one well enough to really say. Probably something with poetry. Evil poetry? From his vantage, most poetry was evil. Was there a difference? Yona would probably smash and yell, but aggressively and angrily. So not too big a difference, except angry. The topic of Cozy Glow came up. Yeah, had she turned dark or was she always that way? "Yeah, Cozy Glow. That's a name I won't forget. I wonder if she was always that way or if she turned dark at some point?" He tapped his talons to his beak, then glanced over at the Professor. "So this class teaches us how to, uhh, engage those with dark hearts or...darkening?...hearts, but what do we do about creatures that are already dark as night itself inside?" He asked, sincerely wondering just how three-sixty this class would be. And later he'd need to learn what anthropology meant. And get some cool stories about wild magic and villains from this Professor, who just might be cool enough to hang with them.
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    Blueblood clambered back up to ride on Niilavin again, the Prince not inclined to walk all the way there if he could absolutely help it. Not just from laziness, though; seeing the sphinx being ridden would reassure the public that he was under control. And the public, it would seem, was very much in need of reassuring. "[Nonetheless, consider yourself forbidden from engaging in any games that will result in the death of my subjects. I may in the future permit you to frighten them, if I find it useful or amusing, however.]" There were quite a few stuffed shirts that Blueblood wouldn't mind getting an up close and personal look at Niil's jaws, just to put them back on the straight and narrow. Or at least liven up an interminable soiree. As the quad made their way to the fish markets, the Prince kept in political conversation, somewhat, with Anu. "I still think it fairly naive of you, not to seek out fighting friends if you anticipated conflict over your rule. And if you didn't see it coming... well, that doesn't speak well to your perceptions. Knowledge for next time, I suppose." Honestly, if Hogo-sha hadn't already pledged support, Blueblood might not have been willing to give any more than a good-luck wish and some mercenary contact information. It was a sad story, but was it really worth spending blood and treasure to resolve a tribal dispute? The Fish Market of Canterlot was a testimony to what enough gold given to the right ponies could accomplish. It sat equidistant from the train station and the airship port, where icebox cars and rush airfreight deposited fresh fish for the perusal of the Canterlotian public. Blueblood suspected the whole venture had been made economically possible by crazy cat ladies who wanted to spoil their menagerie, but the establishment was kept up by the griffon minority, as well as the embassies from more obviously omnivorous populations. Not that the Prince didnt' mind a good tilapia now and then, and recent travels had given him a taste for sushi, as well. "They'll give me a tab, Niil. Just point out what you want and I'll sign for it."
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    The little blue Pegasus pony gasped. Her soccer teacher both didn't and wanted to fly! Since that cancled each other out, it meant she didn't want to fly! Why would anypony not want to fly? It would be a terrible nightmare if the filly were to be grounded and never to experience a good part of the world. There were cities one could only get to by flight. She would never be able to experience the delicious ice cream at the 'Cloud Nine' Ice Cream Shoppe in Cloudsdale if she didn't have wings. She would have to endure her entire life being forced to settle with only -good- ice cream. Like the 'Hokey Pokey Ice Cream Parlor' in Canterlot or the 'Scoop-er Stars' in Fillydelphia. The horror! Echo was a very wise filly as she picked clearly the best athlete in the entire park. "Good choice!", she made sure the pony saw her mouth. "I'm thinking...If we're running with the ball and I'm in your blind-spot, I could lightly flex a wing, so you'll feel a little breeze coming your way. That means I'm kicking the ball to you, so you'll be ready.." While she would not be able to hear her calls, she could feel the stomping of her hooves on the ground and the wind would help get them properly coordinated. While her partner was hearing impaired, Echo was a pretty tough little filly. "Hey Mr Gumby!", she called out to her faithful dog. "You bring back any balls that leave the field...Okay?" The dog responded back with an "RAPH!" Once everything was settled, Wind Walker glanced over at their teacher, "I've got my partner, Miss Long Shot!"
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    Kirin - A Lesson in Duality The Kirin are a peculiar species. Although Kirin are considered equine, their physical forms are radically different from those of ponies. Major points of distinction include cloven hooves, bushy lion-like manes and tails, dragon-esque scaling on their muzzles and backs, and a curved horn capable of projecting magic. Although some aspects of the Kirin initially make them seem like close biological relatives of the part-dragon Longma and Qilin, they have no ability to breathe out elemental flames. However, it is true that the Kirin originated from the Far East; from the islands of Neighpon, in fact. Contradictory myths and legends float around as to how exactly the Kirin came to be, but the historical consensus suggests that as Neighpon become more heavily populated, the Kirin collectively believed in the need to isolate themselves from other creatures. To that end, they undertook a great migration westward across vast oceans and strife-torn lands, traveling as far as their hooves could take them. After much toil, the Kirin reached their final destination, a sheltered grove on top of the Peaks of Peril within the northern Tarpans, which they saw as a perfectly isolated oasis to build their new community around. The reason the Kirin undertook this great migration was due to the Nirik, a supposed race of fire creatures raging with fury. In actuality, a Nirik is the form a Kirin takes when overcome by anger; their hair and tufts blaze into an ethereal fire, charring the color right off their coat! In this furious state, a Nirik can effortlessly engage in pyromancy but at a cost of losing self-control. It is not uncommon for everything around a raging Nirik to go up in smoke. Bereft of safe spaces to blow off steam thanks to their isolation, the Kirin were left no other choice than taking out their frustrations on each other. After one particularly nasty incident that resulted in most of the Grove burning down, the Kirin’s leader decreed that all her subjects were to take a Vow of Silence, enchanting a stream with the power to strip a creature of its voice and emotions. While this appeared to be a decisive solution to the Nirik issue, the Kirin grievously lost the ability to nourish their spirits with the joys of song, dance, and laughter. However, one Kirin stumbled upon both the floral cure for the silent oath and the realization that anger wasn’t necessarily a bad thing. With help from pony interventionists, the inhabitants of the Kirin Grove chose to introduce sound and emotion back into their lives. Finally accepting they have the power to channel their negativity into non-harmful ways, the Kirin no longer fear intermingling with the world beyond. ~Canterlor Research Journal (Revised Edition)
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    "The usual please, heavy on the cream this time." A low, rich feminine voice sounded over the counter of a cafe. "Comin' right up Ms. Solo." A gruff voice came from over the counter. The pegasus gave a small smile before walking back over to her table, sitting down and staring at the various pictures sprawled out across it. There were many photos of her, in different outfits and poses. Different hairstyles, different expressions. All of them seemed to have a different theme, a different purpose. It wasn't like she just took these for fun, no... This was her job. She was a model. Her current dilemma seemed to be her next theme. She thought she had done every occupation out there, from apples to oranges. Her agent had been pestering her about it for days but she just wasn't feeling it. Her father had told her not to let it get to her, and that she'd find it soon. She just wasn't sure. It had been about five minutes when a coffee was placed on her table. She looked up and gave an appreciative smile toward the barista before she spoke. "Much love, my friend." The barista simply gave a soft neigh before going back to the counter, and she began to take small sips of the tall cup. It was going to be a long night, or at least it seemed that way. She calmly sat at the cafe, brainstorming and clearly in deep thought. A tingling of bells made it known that somepony else had entered the cafe but she was too busy looking over her life's work to care.
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    SOLO SHOW "Strange, ain't it?" extra 1 | extra 2 Roleplay Type: World Of Equestria RP Full Name: Solo Show Sex: Female Age: Young Mare Species: Pegasus Eye Colour: Yellow Coat: Dusty brown with black and light splotches on her legs. She got stripes dyed onto her hind legs because she enjoyed the edge it gave. She re-does it regularly. Mane/Tail: Her mane is usually kept straight, and it's long and black. Her tail is the same. Physique: Her body is slender, and she's pretty tall. Residence: Fillydelphia Occupation: Model Cutie Mark: Solo's cutie mark is a makeup capsule. It is often used to touch-up already done appearances, which is what she lives for. She always keeps one with her. History: Solo Show grew up in a single parent household. Her father, Mountain Dust, took care of her since her mother passed away when she was young. To Solo, her mother was absolutely breathtaking, and so she decided to do something with her life that was beauty-oriented. Luckily, she had the looks that ponies were looking for. Her father had a friend, and his friend had a wife that was highly respected in the modeling industry. Knowing his daughter wanted to get into modeling, he called in a favor and thus began her model training. She was happy she had the looks, and all that was left was the technique and brains. She studied hard, perfected her walk and eventually landed her first big show when she had just matured into a young mare. She got into modeling young and earned her cutie mark during first 'cat walk' in her pre-teen years. After earning her cutie mark, she began to take her career much more seriously. She has over 200 photos inside her modeling portfolio and holds her head high. Many of her peers perceive her as stuck up, but she is more-so just aware of what she wants in life. Under all her ambition, she's very soft and would enjoy the company of others if they gave her a chance. Her father raised her to be proud, compassionate and ambitious so she tries to live by that as much as possible. She does live on her own now, as her father is a perfectly healthy and lively middle-aged colt. Recently, she does modeling for a modern clothing line. She is very good at her job. The only thing is that she is not an incredibly approachable person. She always dresses her best and is usually just focused on her next show. Though she might not be approachable at first, she always smiles when someone speaks to her unless she's incredibly irritated.
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    The silence was deafening. Apple Bloom was gone for some time. It took a while to guide ponies, guide deer, out of quicksand. Alone it would take hours, even half a day. With help? Much faster. But still a long time. Long enough for the sounds of silence to be louder than any thumb, roar, hiss or scream. Apple Bloom walked into the forest and not a peep after. She had explored many woods before. Many of them dangerous. She had come prepared with a readied retort to whatever malfeasance showed itself to be the architect of these woods' sorrow. Or so she had convinced herself, full of the fire of her indomitable youth as she was. Still not a peep. She had fought monsters before, learning earlier than almost possible that this magical land held dangers and horrors that existed to cut short her tether. Mostly in losing efforts had she engaged, but she had fought enough of Equestria's nastiest to have a sense of bravado and can-do that could rival any filly or colt her age in the history of Equestria. Even many adult ponies were less than well equipped to handle the world's worst in comparison to the apple filly. Maybe her confidence was ignorance masquerading as a virtue but it existed nonetheless. It would often beat so loud that it could be heard by other ponies in the swagger that tinged her voice when the possibility of threats was discussed. It thrummed and beat and shook and caused those around her to vibrate to her, at least to some degree. A breeze. The trees swayed seductively, beckoning others in its subtle cruelty to explore them. Whatever malice had taken hold of these woods seemed to salivate at the aggression of these invaders, their desire to help a welcome change. Such outward malice often held a kernel of vulnerability and weakness, bulwarked by the shield of untoward mania taking the form of deceit and temptation. But seduction and temptation, it took many unique forms. And it loved to prey on the swagger of the kind-hearted and good-natured. The glee with which it had attracted the attention of a little filly with a vibrant heart was palpable. It wanted nothing more than to separate it from the others. To snatch it away. Without it, the silence in the woods was deafening.
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    Aegis hummed a song to himself that the band was writing, trying to figure it out and possibly add some lyrics later. For now though, he was at the ball, and with a mare no less. At least that’s what his guard friends had said, he hadn’t met her yet, all he had to go off of was a description. Still, she sounded like a good mare to know, so he hoped to come out of this day with at least a new friend. As for himself, he was wearing his dress uniform, since he had nothing else that would fit the bill. His mane and tail were their typical selves though. The bat chuckled a bit as he overheard a unicorn complaining about the music, looking over to see he was with a good-looking Pegasus mare. Loggins? Yeah, that’d be some good music to listen to right now. He didn’t have anything against classical perse, but it wasn’t really his style. He wandered over to his seat, figuring it’d be easier to meet up with Reckless there as he sat down and ended up laying across her seat too. He stared at the ceiling and tried to figure out words for the song as he waited for her to show up.
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    Twilight listened to the honorable Hoga-sha. She was aware of him, more so than other yokai. And what he said made a lot of sense as she started to put the pieces together. Why they had failed. Why she had failed. Her ignorance of all the possibilities came crashing down not as disappointment, but relief. "The Chintamaney stone! Of course. How foalish of me!" She said with earnest joy, jumping out of the throne and towards the stone, circling it- and by extension, Hogo-sha. "Now it makes sense. Equestrian aetheric displacement can't have an impact on the stones since the stones are what we refer to as artificer magic, or made magic. Once you isolate the aetheric principles behind auric displacement and separate it, you can create a feedback loop. Issue is, Equestrian magic- indeed, most known magic- can't violate Starswirl's Sixth Law of Magic. But you can! Haha, it all makes sense! Finally! THANK YOU!" She laughed half-maniacally, hugging Hogo-sha. After a moment she realized how uncouth it was, and stood back, rubbing the back of her neck. "Ohh, uhh- sorry about that. A pleasure to meet you, Honorable Hogo-sha, and feel free to approach it. I am Princess Twilight Sparkle, and I thank you for your help. Spike, announce that the problem has been solved. Bits and papers of travel to those who had hardship or expense getting here," she said with a gracious bow before turning back to the artifact. "So, this works off of the Harmonic Principle. Very interesting. I wonder why they would feel the need to create such a thing for such a purpose? Then again, I suppose we did have the Elements of Harmomy so it can't be that strange," she asked, lost in thought. "Wishes, you say. Hmm..." She tapped her chin, then gave a half-frown. "I never trust something that makes such a claim. You rarely get something for nothing and you never get gains without loss. Especially something tied in with Discord. he is a fan of irony, after all. What else do the legends say?"
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    “Just relax....This isn’t a Daring Do book....You’re not going to get sucked into an bottomless vortex of doom or anything..” , she pulled out an decent sized rope from her saddle-bag. “I’ll throw you the rope...Hold into it and I’ll slowly guide you to dry-land...But make sure to wiggle an leg...It will allow water to fill the sand in your area and weaken it...Allowing you to move...Just don’t move so quickly or you’ll push the water away and allow the sand to hold you back..” With that, the Pegasus pony took to the air and slowly lowered the rope to the poor mare...Since she had to hold it in her teeth, she could not speak, and was unable to call Apple Bloom back when she rushed away...Once again. Ugh. There better not be anymore freaking quicksand! Once the older farmer was able to grasp onto the rope, Fire Walker proceeded to slowly guide her to the edge of dry land. Oh, how she wished she were a griffon at this moment. They had those nice and very useful claws. Great for holding things, which wings could also do, but not while in flight. And while she could have probably flown over to the mare and tried to pull her out, there was a very good chance the officer would end up being pushed into the sand herself. For now, it was slow and steady...She would be happy if the ‘King Sombra’ could use his magic to help.....And hope Applejack’s kid sister didn’t end up some beastie’s meal.
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    The class erupted in giggles and whinnies. Fluttershy raised an eyebrow. "So you would listen to somepony who intended to do harm to others and embrace them, and then do whatever they needed help with?" Fluttershy asked perplexed. But, then her face evened out and she smiled gleefully. "Exactly! See class, Gallus has properly shown that even when dealing with others who may not have your best interests at heart, it's always best to approach them with kindness so that you can help lead them in the direction where they will change their mischievous ways. Good job, Gallus." Fluttershy softly stomped her front hooves back and forth, prompting the rest of the ponies in the class to do the same on their desks. Angel was in the corner of the room with an unsatisfied frown on his face. He rolled his eyes and shook his head before staring at the griffon with resentment. Fluttershy began speaking again to continue the lesson. "Now, when faced with decisions on two friends that have differing opinions..." The school bell rang indicating a change of class. "Oh!" Fluttershy flew to her desk and picked up a stack of papers. As ponies started to file out of the classroom, Fluttershy hovered by the door to pass out papers to each of her students. "Tonight, I want you to write a small essay about what you would do if you had to confront someone who was trying to steal something from you. And next week, we'll start a new chapter on when to be assertively kind. Have a great weekend everypony!" She noticed Gallus was in line and decided to interrupt his routine to the next class. "Gallus, could you stay here for a moment? I need to speak with you."
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    Heart Shield had been so excited to attend tonight's ball, He was most looking forward to being able to chat with other guard members. Sure he had been around them often enough, but he had never gotten a chance to chat with them. he had thought about it all day while on guard duty. Heart had to work that day but was given off early enough to attend. After the day was done. The gray pegasus trotted swiftly down the streets of Canterlot to his little home. It had been a stressful day but he could now finally relax. Relaxing in his home for awhile awaiting the time to get ready to go. Heart Shield trotted over to his closet, and opening it pulled out his Formal attire for the night. It was the typical guards red dress outfit. Slipping it on, the bright red of the coat stuck out among his dark gray fur. Glancing himself in the mirror for moment he made sure his mane was in his signature ponytail. Trotting downstairs he grabbed his invitation from the table by the door, He couldn't forget that. Sticking it in a pocket of his coat he trotted out the door closing it behind him. Stopping for a moment Heart shield remembered the way to the Royal Grande hotel. Trotting excitedly down the street, He made sure he was careful not to mess up his suit before he got there. It was a little ways walk from his house but he made it soon enough. Stopping for a moment he gazed up at the Grand hotel to take it in. walking in through the main lobby door the gray pegasus glanced around the room. It had appeared there was security watching over tonight's party. Approaching one them he pulled out his invitation, and Identification. After going through registration, Heart shield headed up stairs to the top floor where a orchestra was being played. The rooms atmosphere was warm and soft. There had seemed to be plenty of guests already in attendance for tonight's events. Glancing around Heart shield calmly walked across the floor to take it all in. Glancing across to one side the room, A table was laid out with various types of food displayed in a decorative fashion. Looking around Heart Shield tried to determine if there was anypony he recognized here yet.
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    Applejack reckoned that the Chancellor was damaged goods when it came to her experiences with high society. No doubt it'd be a problem if it was run by those types and those types alone. They did seem awfully greedy at times. But that was why it would be good to get their hooves in early, to help shape it. After all, there'd be Professors and Chancellors and Headmares and Headstallions at this school long after Blue and Applejack trotted into greener pastures. If the organization that was being discussed took flight, it was only a matter of time before the clarion bell was rung for the School of Friendship. It would only ever get harder to resist the call as more schools joined- Applejack wrote this off as an opportunity for good lost. Nonetheless it wasn't like she had a real stake in the game. She was about to retort however when a new presence made itself known. Loudly. "Oh you wouldn't believe how uncouth they were acting!" Rarity spoke loudly and with a tinge of gossip as she bounded into the room, the door seemingly flinging itself open in front of her as if to make way for her grand entrance. "To think I brought my good silk in only- oh, Chancellor!" Rarity's tone changed quickly as he head snapped to Blue, a look of sheepish foalishness slipping in and around her elegant features. She took her seat next to Applejack, facing the Chancellor. She put her hooves up on a nearby chair and telekenitically brought over a hoofcare kit to the table, leaning back and half supporting herself on Applejack as she worked on her back hooves. "Sorry for my disturbance but I really did just have the most horrible experience involving needles and my hoof wall. I swear, Smolder and Gallus will be the death of me!" She said dramatically and leaned back, her mane half falling into Applejack's food. Applejack swatted away the mane hair and continued eating. "I do hope you're settling in, Bluebelle. I was trying to work on a proper uniform for you and get this place all spruced up but I feel rather ill. Briefly, anyway. I suppose I wasn't that ill, but even the mild sniffles managed to truncate my artistic vision. And now this!" She said as she worked on her hoof wall, eyes filling with water. "The tragedy of it all! The most sincere tragedy!" A pause. A smile, head turn to the Chancellor. "I suppose I'll just need your measurements again."
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    Sunset Shimmer attentively nodded as Twilight Sparkle prattled on about Netitus. Ah, so Regalite Maxinimium was the secret ingredient, eh? That sounded about right. Although she had never seen it for herself, Sunset learned a fair amount about it back in her magical studies, as it had been a desired stone to forge magical relics out of. “Yeah...” the unicorn grimly commented; “Too bad all the Regalite Maxinimium mines in Equestria ran dry centuries ago, though.....” Unexpectedly being turned into the focus of Twilight’s gaze made Sunset feel self-conscious about herself. “Barding?” The blushing unicorn asked incredulously; “That’s... sweet of you Twi, but really, what would I need armor for? It’s not like I’ll become a princess who leads troops into battle anytime s-.” Before Sunset’s inquiry could be answered, Twilight got distracted by an old artwork, Flash Magnus and the Dragon, which Sunset Shimmer’s eyes dissected in discerning detail. “For surely being one of the oldest surviving pieces of oil painting,” the unicorn’s inner amateur artist awakened inside of her; “It IS quite detailed. And quite experimental too; assuming art history ‘over there’ progressed similarly to here in Equestria, then oil on painting wouldn’t have caught on for another several centuries.” Sunset rested a hoof on her chin as she scanned the artwork further; “Not quite sure about the painting coming alive bit, but I suppose it’s theoretically possible if Grand Canvas was using enchanted pigments? Then again, how could you tell the difference between sorcery at work and your imagination playing tricks? Maybe with.....” Obliviously rambling to herself, the unicorn clearly fell victim to, uhhhh... something?
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    This fox was... unsure what to make of this. On some level, This unicorn was right about her. She didn't know what Tempest had gone through and the only thing that she could say for sure gave them common ground was having lost the ability to perform magic for a time. Being a yokai, she was never terribly interested in the bits. In fact, if she found herself ever needing to leave the palace she could leave her restaurant in capital in the hands of whatever next up and coming chef was around and go back to her old ways of wandering about and doing whatever she pleased. She did know a thing or two about being vulnerable. The magical power she had wasn't without it's conditions, a clever enough pony could take the focus of it at any time. She'd never quite understood this 'friendship magic' that Equestrians spoke of: as far as she could tell it wasn't very different from the Harmonious path of Long Guo. Even in all her time in that country she never quite cared for the monks. The only follower of the path she recalled fully liking was Prince Hei lian. If anything this told her... how truly different she was from these three. From Feng, himself. Suddenly, she felt worried. Hearing Feng voice that possibility brought up something in her. As Tempest and Sunset walked off, the sullen fox put a paw on Feng's shoulder, "I promised you. That I'd help and cheer you on in every dream you have... I will not let you end up like that, Feng."
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    Standing atop of one of the many green, rolling hills that made up the area of land surrounding Ponyville, a lanky, fedora - sporting, poncho - garbed stallion could just barely be made out by anypony that might have happened to be looking in that particular direction at the time. It was just about to make a joke to his rubber chicken buddy, Boneless Two (one that involved tumbleweeds, shouting, and a cream pie - don’t ask), but thought better of it. The stallion, the one-and-only Cheese Sandwich, sighed in annoyance and boredom, and began pacing, as he had been doing for some time now. Cheese had arrived at Ponyville early, a little after most of the townsfolk had woken up. He had been stalling for a few hours now, just along the outskirts of the little town, reluctant to do what he’d come here to do. This was embarrassing. . . Where did he start? Well, Cheese was in a bit of a doozy. This particular doozy was one that Cheese hadn’t been expecting, and wasn’t prepared for in the slightest (a true insult to anybody as sporadic as he was). It was a doozy regarding a certain party. This party was something that Cheese had known would eventually happen, as it did every year - yet he was no more prepared for it than a balloon being prepared for a popping, or somepony’s face being prepared for a sudden pie. “Oh, wait. Scratch that,” Cheese muttered to himself. He’d already made a pie joke earlier. The curly - haired stallion struggled to focus. The problem was this: He was here at Ponyville on account of a birthday. Not just anyone’s, either - this pair of ponies was by far the most difficult case Cheese had ever worked on. This year, he was drawing blanks on how to plan a party for them. Nothing seemed right. At least, not for Cheese. The stallion paused for a moment, glancing back at Boneless Two, who lay on his back. “This was a mistake,” he murmured. “Party ponies don’t ask other party ponies how to plan parties.” Especially not the particular mare Cheese had come to see. Pinkie Pie was great - one of the most awesome, energetic, and interesting ponies Cheese had ever had the pleasure of interacting with, if not the most awesome, most energetic, most - well, you know. Cheese had secretly been fanboying in his mind one of the more recent times he'd met with her. So, naturally, it was a horrible embarrassment to have to ask her for help planning a party. Not that he couldn't learn a thing or two from her - any newer, ambitious Party Pony should look to Pinkie for advice. Just not Cheese. He had many reasons, the biggest being that he expected that Pinkie might think less of him for running to her for something that was not her problem. Cheese also couldn't deny that his pride would have been dented, having to get pointers in general, from anyone. Cheese continued to stare at Boneless Two for a response. It was silent. "What do you mean, 'incompetent'? I'm not 'incompetent' at planning parties! I'm. . . capable, I guess." The chicken was silent. Cheese huffed. "Well, maybe if a certain someone wasn't such an open pessimist, then I wouldn't be whining!" The chicken was silent. It's head lolled to one side, but was otherwise motionless. "You're the one that convinced me to come all the way out here, and you decide to complain now? Boneless One was never like this." Silence. Cheese sighed. "Sorry, buddy. My bad. I'm just a little stressed out is all. I just. . ." The lanky stallion bit his lower lip. "You know how this time of year can be. For them, I mean. I just wish planning a party for them wasn't so gosh - darn difficult all the time. . ." Boneless Two was, again, silent. With another poorly hidden sigh, Cheese took a seat in the grass, staring out at Ponyville, and beyond. Maybe he'd just sit out here a bit longer - better not to talk with Pinkie with a headache. . . The stallion just wished that something would happen. Anything to take his mind off of his problems. He chuckled weakly. Pinkie would have been perfect for that. Too bad she was the one Cheese was currently avoiding. . .
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    The king rumbled softly as he looked around, trying to figure out what doorway would be the likeliest looking one to lead them to the library. The second floor could wait; they could just work their way up if they couldn't find anything on the ground floor. "I think I might like to start with the halls to our right, first. Judging from how this place looked on the outside, it might be somewhere off in that direction," Sombra mused, heading off across the worn stone floor for the closest arching doorway. They, he noticed, were a fair bit taller than himself. Perhaps a little taller than Celestia at her strange height, and the hallway looked wide enough for a few ponies to walk side by side. At least the castle was roomy.. and perhaps plenty of places to get lost in. Not him of course, but perhaps somepony else.. if ever Sombra felt inclined to lose poor Heart Shield in here. The umbrum had to stifle a chuckle and moved in to the dimly lit hall. "After we find the library, or perhaps before, I wouldn't mind getting a good look at what's left of this place. Do a bit of sightseeing. I'd like to see what the royal sisters left behind with my own eyes."
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    Twilight was excited about the prospect of detailing the historical origins of ancient artifacts. It was easy to see, because her face lit up and she made an audible squee. "Oh! It was forged in one of the last active Cloudforges of the Hasufel Mountains, when the Royal Legion of Cloudsdale maintained an alliance with the Forgemares of that range. The materials involved were..." she thought long and hard about it, "bronze, mythril, most importantly one of the last remaining supplies of Regalite Maxinimium. It gets dinged and scratched up but never truly damaged. It can survive everything, from magical attacks to full body blows from the strongest of enemies. See that nick right there? It is where the Axe of the High King struck the Commander of the Royal Legion. The axe was the size of a stallion and the High King was the largest caribou yet recorded. Look at it- just a scratch, where others shattered. Truly a wonder!" She said with a heavy sigh. So much history written in the surface of something so base and simple as a shield. Yet it retained its luster and function after all these years! Something she hoped Sunset would be able to follow up on. "I'll have to get you some nice barding after I'm done working on the barding for the Twilight Guard," Twilight said as she sized Sunset up, her face and voice more focused and lowering as it went along, trailing the end of the sentence even as she did her eye's work. Then did some more, because she needed measurements. Yes, that's it. Then her eyes caught something behind her BBFF (Best Bipedal Friend Forever), and the old spark returned. "Ooh, they did get permission to show this!" She said as she fluttered over Sunset to land in front of a painting depicting Magnus helping a crowd of defenseless ponies to escape from a terrifying dragon, shielding them quite literally, before flying up to engage the dangerous beast himself. "This painting was a work done by the famous painter, Grand Canvas. It depicts the last recorded image of Fash Magnus before he vanished along with the other pillars. The detail is stupendous. It is said that if you stare too long at his works though, you might fall victim to the magic that helps make the painting seem so alive!" She said with a nervous chuckle, though she had to admit that such magic...technically did exist, though it was unlikely Grand knew it.
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    Twilight was at her wit's end. It was an accomplishment because of the many things she had in her life an abundance of wits was often at the forefront of her accounting. It had started several weeks ago when an expedition in the ____ mountains of the Crystal Empire turned up some ancient artifacts. As per usual they immediately came to Twilight who, despite ruling all of Equestria, never stopped herself from experimenting with what new discoveries had the possibility of shaking the world of magic up. Most of the artifacts wre readily identifiable. Enchanted weapons belonging to several cultures. Divining Rods of Pre-Equestrian ponies. Aetheric holding devices. Some of them were more esoteric and required a degree of experimentation, ending with the blank waters of Neighpon- a dangerous substance that wiped personality and memory from a target. Spike had a very close call with that. As she experimented and cataloged the items it became clear that what they had stumbled into was some sort of high-level security vault or collector's room with little in the way of organization or theme. Kind of like the Royal Archives before Twilight went to work on them! Yet one item remained. It was a stone. A simple oblong stone with ancient carvings in it that not even she could identify- and the pile of books she read as she tried to do so spoke to the vastness of that effort. It thrummed with powerful magic. A foreign magic, detached even from the aetheric flow of normal magic that existed across the world. She tried for hours, then days, to penetrate its secrets, yet the dozens of spells and artifacts she used all delivered her nothing but failure and hornache. Yet she continued. Day after day, spell list after spell list, until all she could do was bitterly admit that she was incapable of solving this message. She knew it had to be special. After all, it had been found in a class case at the very center of the room it had been found in, but with no documentation. It was strange and annoying and driving her mad. So she sought help. She sent out a missive to all places of magical learning or interest, and displayed notices across the nation and around embassies internationally. One by one and then five by five, creatures from across the world came to inspect the artifact. Most did a few simple spells or potions, failed, and moved on. Others tried to con her- she saw through them. One strange kirin even tried to eat it, thinking it needed stomach acids to activate. Twilight would ensure she got the help she very clearly needed. One by one and five by five they failed. Hour after hour and day after day passed without success. Twilight lost her excitement after a while, and was left with the stubborn need to succeed at cataloging this damnable artifact. "Next," she said with only a faint hope that the next expert could help solve this problem. She sat on her throne, bored, one hoof holding her head up with the artifact laying on the table at the base of her throne. Hopefully the next individual to take a crack could provide something, anything, to get her excited again!
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    Applejack chuckled, though not dismissively. She took compliments well enough now but she didn't reckon she was anypony special. Just a farmer who loved her family, happened to know some famous ponies and did what she could do to help. She wasn't anything special. Indeed, she found that to be one of her most important traits. Anypony could be like her if they really applied themselves to understanding what mattered about being Equestrian. "Shucks, yer jus' trying' ta make me blush. It won't work on me, ya know," she said with a laugh, then a drink from her cup. It didn't hurt to hear it though. When she was younger she struggled with questions of self-worth, especially after ma and pa passed away. She reoriented back onto the real subject at play here, something the apple farmer felt powerfully about. "Harmony...well it comes from tha heart, and tha heart? Well," she said as she looked away, then back as if an idea struck her, "it's like any other muscle. You didn't get that figure on a lark, right? Y'all had ta work on it. It was within you tha whole time, but you still had ta work it, right?" She said as she pointed at Tempest's impressive physical form. Then she took a few bites to eat and swallowed fast. "Harmony ain't no different. You've got harmony inside ya. Just about every creature does and those that don't have it? They don't walk around mah farm, do some chores, chat, and fall in love with lil' Zappy at first sight," She said- then looked up quizzically, back to her foal, smiled, and shrugged her shoulders. "Well okay, maybe the last one would happen regardless. Point being, you've had a hard life. That don't mean you can't have yer full fill of harmony in yer life. It just means you'll need ta work at it," she spoke from the heart, getting a glass of milk and trotting on over to give it to Tempest- and the mare certainly needed it, based on how much she was scarfing down! "And Ah'll be thar ta help."
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    Gallus enjoyed his time at the School of Friendship well enough but that didn't mean every single day was going to be a showcase of his immense, prodigious talents. Some days you were simply tired, weary from the previous day's activities. He was just so active, ya know? Okay that was all a lie. And he was learning to be more honest lately. Indeed, it was that increasing need to be honest that ensured he was so tired today. He had tried to put his honest feelings into words on paper for what felt like ten hours, the wicker candle burning long into the night as he tore up page after page. He wasn't good at it and he wasn't really prepared to write it, let alone say it. That much was obvious because he kept on failing and failing. Frustrated, he eventually took out the wastebucket of failed letters and tried to go to bed. He tossed and turned for what felt like another ten hours, which made for about twenty hours of emotionally exhausting frustration. Or maybe it had only been most of the night. The effect was the same. He was a tired griffon and tired griffons would generally sleep all day. Blame the cat half for that quirk. Alas, he had school. The school he liked well enough, but not as much as trying to get his rest in. And of all the classes to sleep in, Professor Fluttershy's Kindness class was the best one to sleep in. Not only was she the most forgiving but if something interesting did happen, he would be woken up for it. He liked her a lot. She was the best Professor the school had- and his grade was almost perfect in it! So, yeah, a great one to take a small...little...nap...in... "Ok, Gallus. What would you do in a situation like the one I described?" Gallus woke up in a flash. "Wha-whu-who-" he said as he looked around in a panic, then resettled. She had asked him a question- and he had to answer- what was the scenario? Darnit. The one time he was caught taking a nap this week took a nap, he was caught. How unfair! "Uhhhh-" he tried to think about one that would work. His answer needed to be kind and generic and appeal while not detailing the depth of his nap. He had to be smooth. His arms went wide in a welcoming fashion and he smiled wide. "Well, I would listen to their problems and tell them that I'll be there for them, and then embrace them! You know, in the spirit of kindness," he said, his tone slightly saccharine. "And do what I need to do to help 'em," he said with a snap of his talons and a wink. Because he was smooth, so smooth, so smooth it hurt.
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    Shot was still itching with excitement. She didn't really know what she was the most excited about, watching the fillies pass, or helping the fillies pass. Everything seemed so entertaining to her. Maybe because this all was soccer related and she loved the sport all too much. Either way, she was pumped up. The yellow earth pony grabbed her ball and kicked it towards Thunder's ball. They were probably gonna end up passing there, so she just followed along with her Wonderbolt friend. She sprinted towards the couple of balls, letting all the fillies get their partners and balls. "I know passing is generally a one ball type deal, but we're going to do some juggling and shooting next so make sure everypony has one!" she yelled as her quick hooves chased after her ball. The mare was faster on hoof than most pegasi were in the air. She got her ball, letting the kids regroup and come closer. Thunderlane was standing in front of her, as Shot grabbed her ball and tossed it in the air. As it floated for a quick second, she began to talk. "Passing is one of- or let's say- the most important thing to learn in soccer." The ball landed on her nose, then she flicked it up into the air again. "Passing helps the ball get around the defenders and up the field. You want the ball to do all the work, not you." The white ball landed onto her front hoof, and so she began to juggle it with her front legs and her back legs, which kinda looked really cool. "With enough practice, you can do things like this!" Shot stopped juggling and placed the ball down in front of her. "The main rules are simple, no wings, no magic, and you cannot pick up the ball with you hooves whatsoever. Keep the ball on the ground. These are very important to know throughout the game." She then simply passed the ball to Thunderlane with her front hoof, a perfect pass. The ball went back and forth a few times with ease, and Shot finally stopped it. "Any questions? If not, you guys can start!"
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    "Hee hee!!" Pinkie squealed with delight as she floated along. "Isn't this great Gummy?" She cocked her head to get a peek at the gator that was clinging to the poof that she called her mane. The gator in question blinked his eyes in succession. His mouth opened slowly and then snapped shut once. "Yep! I just knew you'd love ballooning as much as I do!" She twirled her tail for a moment, directing their flight towards the outskirts of Ponyville. "You can see pretty much everything from up here!" Something caught her eye on a hilltop in the distance. "Pretty much everything and every pony!" The party planning wonder reached behind where dozens of balloons were tied about her middle to get at the small backpack she was wearing. She produced a spy glass. "I wonder who'd be waaaaay out there?" She pondered while snapping the copper and glass instrument open. She squinted her eye and peered through. "Ahhh!" She sucked in a breath and her tail twirled in the direction of the lone pony. "Cheeeeese!!" "I can't believe he's back in town already! It seems like I was just visiting him at the factory the other day and now he's here!" Pinkie loved spending time with her party planning friend. It was just too perfect that he'd roamed into town today! The breeze combined with the tail twirling had her directly overhead in no time! "Hey there Cheese! Hi Boneless 2!" She grinned hugely as she untied a couple balloons. Enough that her weight brought her down lower. "I didn't think I'd get to see you again so soon!" She spoke while floating in the air above him. Gummy took the opportunity to crawl from Pinkie's mane to make a small leap onto Cheese's back alongside Boneless 2.
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    The old castle doors creaking open with the push, almost like they where going to fall off their hinges, but somehow stayed on. Stepping in Heart Shield glanced around the foyer. There where hallways leading in almost every direction. Up ahead was a grand stairway, or once used to be that lead to the upper parts of castle. To be honest from what he could see the upper levels looked a little sketchy. Trotting down the foyer the gray pegasus glanced down each of the long dark hallways , and then up the stairway. He honestly didn't know where to start, and it seemed all to easy to get lost in the castle with its labyrinth of hallways, and rooms. "So where do you suppose we start?" Heart Shield questioned curiously as he stood at the base of the crumbling stairs. "It looks like it would be all to easy to get lost in this place." He commented looking over all the hallways, before noticing Sombra eyeing up the old banners hanging above the foyer. Taking a glance around the room Heart Shield imagined just how lively this had to be at one point in time.
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    Roleplay Type: WoE Name: Autumn Blaze Shadows name: Silhouette Gloom of the sun-down land Hoof puppet: Twiggy Bloom of the old woods Sex: female Age: Mare Species: Kirin Eye colour: Moderate gold Coat: Light goldish gray with goldish gray ear tips Mane/Tail: Moderate tangelo Physique: Autumn Blaze stands around the average height of an equestrian mare without being to lean or full in body. Like all her kin she has cloven hooves and scaling along her muzzle back back. Her mane is very big, looking line a lion's it grows all the way around neck in very thick fur. Her tail is long, like a giffins, with long mane like fur growing on the underside starting half way down the tail all the way to the end. Residence: ‘The Grove’ as all Kirin do. Her home is found just outside of the Grove, one made by her own two… four hooves! Well she was welcomed back to the Grove she found it easier to not move everything she did. With her plans to travel the world she has left everything she cant take with her behind there, interesting friends in the Grove to keep an eye on her home well she is away. Occupation: Singer, speaker, stand up comedian, playwright, carpenter, farmer, herbalist, Etc, Etc she’s unemployed. Cutie Mark: N/A Unique Traits: Autumn talks. A lot. But when one digs past what looks to be an utterly insane mare she has real talent with many things. She can grasp almost anything with shocking speed but never master it. She is a jack of all trades, master of none. Not that she can ever focuses on something for the time needed to master it too began with. History: “From a wonderful dad! I mean mom! Stallions can’t give birth. Besides the point they were totally awesome parents but this is about me! So this is my story with all the complicated descriptions and comedic tangents one can hope for! When I was reeeeally small they told me I was gifted! But that’s all boring things, I don't even remember half of it. Maybe for the best, you ever watch a foal? All they do is chew on things and cry about something you can’t hope to understand. Tried foalsitting. Don’t recommend it. But when I was not so small I found my voice! The first time! Not the later time. That is later. I found I just loooove singing. And talking! And other things! I was helping all over town, farming, building that, sell this. It was a wonderful time and everyKirin just loved me to bits! Ask them! I know every single Kirin ever I think! Well some time later, not missing too much. First crushes, good times, bad times, filly drama. Truuust me, you don’t need to know. Just ask Summer Flare! She’s like, my BFF! Well anyways the ‘big thing’ most known about us is not talking! Well one day… well lats back up! Sometimes we, the Kirin, get like mad! And not mad like “oh i dropped my bread!” but “that Kirin is on fire!” mad. It even happens to me! We just get soooo mad. Boom, fire! Yelling! Good thing fire doesn't hurt us! But it hurts are homes. What leads me back to what happend! One day we had a big one. All of us got in on it. Free for fall! It was bad. But Rain Shine she’s like, are queen or something do to how tall she is… I think. But she did not join in. She saw us going to town on the town, just everything was on fire, and got really mad at us. So seeing as the start of this was us yelling or something, I don't know, I think it was the price of something, she made us all go in the Stream of Silence. No clue how it works or why it is a thing! But it suppressed are voices aaand emotions. You ever had both suppressed? Not fun. Well! I was stuck like that for years and all the talking I could do was in my head! I got reeeealy good at it. But the voices in my head got boring and rude after years of being stuck with them as roommates. Well one day well I was arguing with Silhouette Gloom in my head I tripped and fell down in a lot of flowers. Well! One of them told me brew them in some tea! … I don’t remember why I did that honestly, have you ever tossed some random flowers in tea? But it was so worth it! Not the tea, it tasted pretty bad. But it did give me back my voice! Best day ever! I just had to let out a years worth of words! And I did! Well after like, one week Rain Shine told me get back in the river or leave town... So after moving out of town to a hill with a stunning view I got to work! Made a home, farm, made friends. Silhouette Gloom is my favorite, don’t tell Twiggy. And made a living! … it was boring. And lonely! At first it was not a bad but after a few years it was just like not speaking at all! But with all the emotion! Well my saving grace came. Applejack! She is just the best. She cooks real good as well! So she got all brave and went to make us all talk! Us is Kirin. Well I had this gut feeling it will not work. I hoped she’d make it work but well, no Kirin knows Kirins like a Kirin! So after arguing about it with myself I set off to see how it was going. Good thing I did. Applejack and, to my shock, not at all a shadow, buttershy were about to go swimming in that Stream of Silence. Not willingly. I think… they were not puting up too much fuss for it. I almost did not save them! Maybe they wanted it. But my gut… or a voice told me to go save them! So I got all fired up and went racing in! Good thing they just did not drop them in the river or something. But after saving them we all talked and this time Rain Shine did not just tell me to leave and not come back. In fact she sided with me! And Applejack… Oh and flutterfly. Well I made them all that tea to let them talk! Told none of them how it tasted. Was fun. But after that they let me back in to town! All the talking, jokes, it was good. But I saw something that just did not leave me. Applejack and Shyflutter were outsiders. I am going to be honest I didn't even know they were a thing! And there is a world full of them! And others! I just… had to see it all. So after a few years of planning I packed my bags and took to the road! Ok I didn't plan it in two years. More like one year. But I feel ready for it what can go wrong?” -Autumn Blaze, speaking to the world's most unlucky train passenger. Character Personality: Autumn Blaze is very excitable, chatty and eccentric to the extreme. Having gone years with no power to speak, than years living alone after that has left her leaping at every opportunity to talk, make friends or just interact with something. She made several imaginary friends that she speaks with with the two primary being Silhouette, her shadow, and Twiggy, a hoof holding a stick. This was born from her years of solitude and well being around others have helped combat this, she still speaks to them very often. This gives her a less the “all together” appearance around others. But she means well and will happily work with others to spend time with them. Even if it's just doing the dirty work. Character Summary: Autumn Blaze is an eccentric Kirin that spent much of her life unable to talk, then followed by being outcasted and living alone after curing her lost voice. With the help of Applejack and Fluttershy she was welcomed back to her town and was allowed to cure all of them from the self imposed silence. After living with her town she found a growing wish to explore the world and see more. There was so much she has yet to see or hear. So packing her bags she jumped on a train with no real game plan other than exploring the world and going wherever she can.
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    Was Rosemarey the reason for the uptick and flower's around Ponyville? Or was she just seeing wrong and they were always there? Once again she hoped it was the first one other wise she'll have to get her eyes checked. Or her brain, might just be that, they're both bad though... Echo watched as the dog made his way up to her and proceeded to boop her nose. She could have easily avoided it, but she chose not to. Let the dog do what they want and they will befriend you forever. That may or may not be a good thing. "That's short way to put it," she commented to Wind Walker as she introduced herself. She thought Wind Walker was a more complicated pony than simply flying fast, probably some other ambitions too, though this wasn't a one-uppance contest. Alright, time to pick a partner. But which one would she choose? Actually that was a dumb question because Sweetie Belle took the initiative first and claimed Rosemarey. Ah well maybe she could do something with her later. Right now it was easy mode as she was effectively given WindWalker. "Hey, Wind, guess I'm with you," She called out as she made her way closer to the other pegasus. When she got there she realised something. They all grabbed a ball, but for the activity they would only need half as many, unless they were doing some sort of juggling, which she doubted they were. She placed her ball to the side. She wanted to kick it into the goal, but then she would have to retrieve.
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    A shadow overhead prompted Sombra to look up and catch a glimpse of Heart Shield soaring over, having crossed the chasm himself and avoiding the rickety rope bridge. His expression was one of mild annoyance as, because of this, Heart Shield had taken the lead, the first to reach the old castle doors; tall, double doors, with metal rings for handles. The wood was faded and worn from age and weather, and the metal on it was rusted. "I'm sure it was pleasing to look at. I still find Equestrian architecture interesting, and what it might've looked like a thousand years ago was likely far better than the eyesore of Canterlot or.." Sombra trailed off with a frown. Well, Canterlot castle wasn't so bad. It'd taken him a while to get used to it, but it wasn't bad. "No, the Crystal Empire's palace is what I was thinking of." He sneered, a lip lifting back from a fang. The expression faded once he strode up the stairs alongside Heart Shield and used a hoof to push the doors open onto a grand foyer, a large hall that was a fair bit longer than Canterlot's with a few doors on each side of it leading off towards various parts of the castle. There were metal brackets mounted on the walls by each where torches would've burned once, and up ahead were stairs. It branched off into two that lead up to the left and right, leading up to the same landing that had possible paths that lead off through the castle's second floor. Sombra wasn't sure where to start on finding the library in this place- whether in its prime or in ruins, it was likely going to be a maze of halls and rooms. "According to some stories, they weren't. Some say Starswirl approached them, as well as the leader of each tribe, thinking that alicorns might rule them indifferently. Ponies couldn't rule themselves because of their racism, so outsiders were a better option to them at the time." He paused, blinking after he realized something. "You know, I've never thought to ask Celestia for the truth of all that happened. I'm around her often enough and yet I never thought to until now." Annoyed with himself, Sombra rolled his eyes and strode into the gloom. The interior wasn't quite as worn as the exterior, but there was visible damage, and chunks of the ceiling were missing. Plants grew up through the cracks in the stone floor, pillars were chipped, and two old fraying banners hung from the arched ceiling. These Sombra eyed with interest.
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    Twilight gave them their privacy, and followed along with Sunset as they went deeper into the exhibit. It had a very different character than Somnambula's exhibit. The colors were bolder and there were a lot more artifacts. A lot of it was only tangentially related to Magnus himself, instead opting in large to promote an understanding of the times he lived in. They were foreign to the ponies of today. Large military conflict, brave soldiers and tales of extreme hardship and woe. The collection interred here spoke to all that and more. Histories written in blood, sweat, and tears, of victories furnished by the efforts of ancient Equestrians and defeats echoing with the sorrow of lives long past. Take, for example, a simple scroll. It was ancient, the pages yellowed beyond reason yet held readable by modern magic. It was an ancient scroll written by a very young Flash Magnus and it didn't have anything profound on it. Instead, it spoke to his earnest desire to join the Royal Legion of Cloudsdale and fight the enemies of his young nation. It was riddled with pathos and words foreign to the soul of a modern Equestrian. "Flash wanted this one preserved and placed here. It isn't anything too grand but that's the point according to him. This was his mindset, his thoughts as he grew up, no different from many others in Cloudsdale. He said we needed to understand his time and those who lived in it before we could truly understand the relics they left behind," she said as she turned to a row of shields and spears, armor and helm. Descriptions of their use were written poetically by the unknowably intelligence Magnus and they read as a hymn to the mighty sung in sparkling notes of burnished rows of alabaster and steel. Then there was a painting made at the time of the first friendly contact between Cloudsdale and the griffons, with Flash Magnus as an enlarged figure with a bright sun behind him. It was a gift, the plaque said, from an ancient descendant of the Razorclaws to the Royal Legion after they helped save their village from a terrible storm at Flash's urging. It was a chasm shrunk down by Magnus himself, where claw and wing could meet without the sharp retort of steel and screeches. It was sitting alongside a menagerie of weapons he used during the many conflicts of the time. "The Spear of the Sun! It was said to be able to direct the full fury of solar power at a target, and it cowed an entire caribou war party into submission. Quitius, the axe that sundered clouds and stopped storms not even a pegasi could stop! And, of course-" "Netitus." A shield whose ancient life was borne proudly on its surface. Scars of claw and sword, axe and the dents of hammers. Ice bristled along the edges under close inspection but the clearer marks of being used around lava overwhelmed it. Yet for all of the damage it remained whole, defiant of all that had stood abreast of it with intent to harm. It shone as bright and clear as the day it was forged, resplendent despite all of its harsh history. It was a symbol of Flash Magnus of course but it spoke to her more clearly of Equestria. Battered but never broken and raging with optimism and life despite the thieving tendrils of disharmony that sought to fracture it. "This is still legally his property, after the dissolution of the RLC. It was so generous of him to give it to this museum!"
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    The sifting of flour and mixing of eggs seemed to be going well enough. Thanks to the cider Twilight found herself feeling more and more loose around her friend. Which was good! No need to be all caught up on stuff that wasn't even happening right? Like, she didn't really like being super close to RD. So close that when they turned to talk their muzzles were inches apart. So close that when she moved towards Rainbow it was super easy to bump into her with shoulder of her flank. There was nothing wrong with that...right? "Heh heh..." *awkward Bookhorse laugh* She finished stirring the eggs and then a thought hit her. She'd not drank any water for waaay too long. That would explain her sudden burst of courage. "So you've got the eggs done and the flour has been sifted. Next up add baking soda to the flour and whip two cups of sugar into the eggs. Can you handle the eggs, I'll take care of the dry ingredients." Once they were working again she quickly trotted over to the sink, levitated glass, filled it with water and gulped it down. There! That would take care of things right? And she'd done it quick so RD might not have even noticed. Well, she could hope at least. She trotted back over to the counter and got to work on adding things to her large mixing bowl. Baking soda, oats, some brown sugar, a a touch of salt. "Ok, this is looking good!" She glanced over to see how RD was doing with her job. Then the pegasus asked her about writing books. Twilight's blush immediately returned and flushed to the point where she had to look away! "I-i've written some things yeah." She wasn't going to lie of course. She had written some things. Recently they might have been short stories. They might have been about her and her friends. Some may have been about a certain athletic pegasus and herself. They may have been romantic in nature. Not that she was going to say any of that. Nope. Not a thing about that! "Short stories!" She blurted out the words and tried to relax. "I've been working on some creative writing. Short stories specifically." There. That would cover it! "H-how about you?" She nudged Rainbow. "I know you like reading Daring Do of course but have you ever tried writing any adventures?" She trotted over to the cabinets, looking for some raisins or chocolate chips. She found both and came back over with them. "How sweet do you like your cookies?" Twi found herself sipping down another half a cup of cider without thinking about it. Maybe tipsy was better than what she was doing right now? Only one way to find out...
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    Do not get mad… Do not let anger take over… She really was trying. Tempest held her eyes shut, body shaking as sparks leap off her horn. She did everything she can. She thought of AJ. She thinks of her friends. She played out holding Zappy and him dozing off in her forearms. But every word out of Grubbers muzzle was like claws on a chalkboard. But she can deal with this… Every pony knew what she did. What she was. Ya, she was Commander Tempest of the Grand Armada. She put kingdoms to heel. Made noncompliance towns and cities… disappear. She did all of this and worse. So much worse. She can just keep her muzzle shut and think of better things. She was a better mare… her friends told her so. She ca- Her eyes opened, face twisting with rage. Spinning around her horn screams in to life, raw magic flaring off like a lighting storm. “YOU SPEAK OUT OF LINE!” She screamed at Grubber. The very air felt electric as the hedgehogs fur stands up on end. He can feel an extremely powerful discharge belding up. A feeling he was all to kowing of from his time underneath her command. “DO NOT EVER SPEAK OF MY HORN! DO NOT THINK THE END OF MY FLEET MEANS YOU MAY SPEAK FREE OF IT!” She shouted, spit landing on the hedgehog's face. “DO YOU UNDERSTAND ME!?” She pushed her nose up against his, staring in to his eyes with so much rage as to even make a dragon back up and say she needed too relax some. But yet she did not zap him. For all her yelling this may have been the first time Grubber has ever upset her and not get electrocuted in to the next day for it. Pulling back she panted hard, shutting her eyes as the magic dies down. Deep long breaths. Deep long breaths… “Dismissed.” She mutters, turning away she faced back to the line as if nothing happened. Happy places…. Happy places. “Yes bird… I am the pony you are familiar with… No, I did not take part in what happened to your city. from what I heard it was very beautiful. I hope you can rebuild it.” She says to answer what was asked from the bird, the anger in her voice bleeding away in to a more cold but relaxed tone.
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    Thunderlane had to grin when Shot called him by 'Thun'. It was nice to have met a pony he could quickly become friends with. It was true they enjoyed the same kinds of activities and it seemed as natural as brother and sister when they were around each other. As the little circle finished he looked to the leader to see where she'd take this next! Shot explained that they would be the example for the little ponies and Thunder counted himself lucky that he'd had extra time to work on his basic soccer skills. He innately had sports talent which was obvious since he flew with the Wonderbolts. However, kicking a soccer ball and flying in formation were two different beasts! He'd be fine of course. Nothing the grey stallion couldn't handle. "Sounds good Shot!" He rolled a ball backwards and his front hoof, getting it to scoot partway up his front leg. From there he gave it a little kick, sending the ball down the field towards where they would be doing their first drill. "Hey there Rosemarey!" Sweetie Belle called out as she trotted towards the little filly. "You uh want to be partners?" She decided it would be fun to get to know some little ponies she didn't already know. She may not have been that great at soccer but today was going to be lots of fun!
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    Flutters was only too happy to see that the others in the group had their ideas of how to fix this situation to help the poor deer! Of course it didn't look like all of the plans were going well, according to plan. Quick action had resulted in one more creature stuck in the quick sand, some magic rocks being formed, and Applebloom asking her to look after the deer. The squirrel on her back caught the bottle that Abby had tossed to her. "Oh that's a good idea Applebloom. We'll make sure to keep the poor deer still until we work out a way to free it." Being asked to help with keeping the deer calm was right up her ally. Though she could have helped with the other aspects of the situation it was best for her to make sure the deer wasn't struggling and could remain calm. It was apparently the regular forest dwelling variety of deer, void of the ability to talk or reason as some deer could. That was no problem. She'd speak to it in her language. She flitted down close and spoke quietly. "Hey there." She smiled sweetly. "We're here to help you friend. I know you must be scared and exhausted." The deer glanced at his and let out a breath in dismay. "No need to fear. We'll get you out of here. Would you like a sip of apple nectar?" The deer complied and the squirrel jumped from her back to the deer's antlers with the bottle in her claws. Flutts would stay where she was, keeping the deer calm until help arrived.
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    “Says here Canterlot is one of the oldest cities in the world and is the sixth greatest producer of shower curtain hooks in all of Equestria!", the cat read from her pamphlet before sliding it into her pocket. Like a pro, she stepped near the road and waited.....And waited. In a few moments, or two Knife yawns, a cab, pulled by an uniformed mare, Thrilly stood closer to the curb and waved her hand at the taxi, who stopped. “'House of Enchanted Comics, please.", the flying acrobat asked the cabby who started off right away. "So....",she turned her attention back to the pair. 'We're doing horror? Guess we can start off with something spooky. Then maybe a super-hero comics? Maybe a romantic comic?", she could not help but be surprised when the little dragon nodded her head at the thought. "Really? I was kind of joking..You want to be in a romance comic?" The dragon nodded her head once again, "There's nothing wrong with me liking romantic stuff....:People are happy when it's all romantic...", the dragon huffed. It took awhile, but the cab was soon at THE HOUSE OF THE ENCHANTED COMICS shop. Knife was slightly disappointed. "Looks like a regular comic store to me.", she grumbled, "Even has a fake oversized comic book rack and shelves outside in case you don't catch the sign."
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    It all went wrong pretty well and fast. Alizarin went ahead and tried to get a branch ready to help the deer when her weight became too much and she fell into the quicksand with a disastrous plump. The Captain and Sombra went about helping her in the ways they knew how. That was all well and good but it wouldn't much help Alizarin if she was too panicked. Apple Bloom had read all about quicksand a while back when she started heading into the Everfree alongside her sister and the information stuck. It was a weird combination of solid and liquid and you needed to treat it delicately, or else you'd just get tired. Apple Bloom briefly trotted onto Sombra's dark crystal so she could be closer to Alizarin. She bent down and offered a friendly, reassuring smile. "Ali, yer gonna need ta remain calm. The Captain's gonna help you get out, but if she starts tryin' ta tug you out, all yer gonna do is get hurt. If you try ta move too fast, then tha vacuum will just pull ya in harder! Slow an' gentle. Yer gonna be safe. Why, look at this crystal that Sombra made. It's comin' ta help you too. Just stay calm, slow and gentle, you'll be out. Move yer legs mighty slow, maybe try a gentle wiggle ta allow water inta tha gaps yer gonna create. That should help you eventually get them closer ta tha surface, where the tension is lower, an' then you can slowly move yer way out with tha Captain's help. You can do it, Ah know you can!" She offered to the leader of the expedition before hopping back on dry land. There were other matters that needed attending to and, she felt, not a lot of time to do any of it. She looked at the deer, squinted, and then pulled out her binoculars again. A frown. That poor thing was trying awfully hard to get out and it was just sinking deeper. She reckoned that this wasn't deep enough to drown in but that was cold comfort when the other option was wait to be eaten or starve. She looked up at Fluttershy as she went to help the deer. She'd love to do something, but until they got Alizarin out, they were up the creek anyway. "Fluttershy! Make sure that deer stops all of its strugglin'. Its gotten stuck deeper since we came in," She said as she dug through her bag, found a small bottle, and tossed it mightily at Fluttershy. "Catch! It's a nice apple concentrate. If it's thirsty or in pain that should help!" She said with a nod and a smile. Sighing, she then trotted back to Sombra. She sat down and went through her saddlebag again until she found what she wanted. She pulled out a small cylinder wrapped in what looked like a denuded leaf. She shook it and then twisted it until it produced a focused light, the geode crystals inside reacting to the layered earth pony magic. The leaf was slathered in tree sap, and soon she placed it between her head and her right ear. It projected a decent beam of light in front of her. She stood up, put the saddlebag back on, and looked at Sombra. "Ah'll investigate that thump. It sounded mighty big, can't have it be a surprise ta us," she offered plainly before she took one more look at the group and walked towards the sound of danger until her light left all view entirely. Then silence.
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