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    The rooster crows at the first light. As the sun peeks over the horizon, settled fog is exposed in the valleys of the apple orchard giving it the nonverbal command to quickly disperse. Conditions were perfect. It was a relatively beautiful day with a chilly breeze to remind all living creatures of the coming holiday seasons, the first of which was to be a Ponyville tradition known by ponies far and wide. It was cider season at Sweet Apple Acres! Along the road back to Ponyville from the farm were rows and rows of tents where ponies camped last night in an attempt to try and beat the crowds. The famous cider had created an insane demand for its taste, but the Apple family way of doing things would only yield so much cider for so many ponies to drink. Applejack would always assure everypony that there would be enough cider for all as long as ponies were willing to not take shortcuts and wait for the process of making the best cider in Equestria. And even though she would always be faced with criticism of short supply, she would be right all along and in time everyone would eventually go home happy and Applejack would be able to take a few barrels of cider for her family and herself for the next few weeks. The season wouldn't officially start for another hour or so, but even so several ponies were getting restless in their cooperative lines waiting behind the great cider counter set up at where the farm paths meet the road. The counter was adorned with all the spigots and tools needed to uncork new barrels and squeeze the apple nectar into wooden tankards, which were clean ready for their first pour. Applejack allowed ponies to bring their own vessels for the cider, but if not, she had a rotation of clean mugs ready for every customer that needed them. The sign above told everything everycreature probably already knew. 'Two bits for a cup, limit one per pony per day.' "Apple Bloom, could you bring over that spare pump, I think this one might quit on us at some point." Applejack yelled lovingly to her little sister as the orange mare looked over her counter for problems to minimize. To Applejack this was like any other day, it just had the higher volume of customers and slightly more tourism. Ever since the debacle from Flim and Flam trying to put the farm out of business, a healthy coating of sympathy and appreciation covered the cider season operation, with some ponies offering their help on the back end to make more cider and clean equipment involved in the process. Of course, Applejack was more than willing to pay a fair wage to the ones who earned it. She stepped out onto the road and looked down it, seeing the long line of ponies getting excited for their cider breakfast. The low sun reflected off the luster of the Ponyville road. "Howdy! How ya'll doing this morning? You guys ready for cider season to start?" Cider season wouldn't start for several minutes, but it was still nice to have a little moment to make small talk with the colorful ponies of Ponyville to help them manage their expectations and to gauge how impatient the crowd might become this year.
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    A black griffon poked her head out from her tent, only to be driven back in due to the sun's happy rays that met her eyes straight on. "Hok a chanik...", she grumbled to herself. Her silly Ponyville friends managed to convince her that the Apple family made the best cider of all time. Everything else was utter schlock when compared to this famous, fabled beverage. The griffon had her doubts, and she had some of the best Rockwington Dry Ciders one could try....Canterlot Estate No. 139 Dry Rosé Cider.....Froggy Bottom Hoofmade Cider. And even Angry Appleloosa Old Timey Western Cider. This was all crap when compared to the Apple's, they said. And you couldn't just shlep on down to the nearest Cantermart and snatch a six pack from their coolers. Nope! You had to visit Sweet Apple Acres on a certain date and be ready to wait. For a long time. Maybe event rent. a pup tent. Do it, or you'll regret it. There were plenty of things she regretted in her life. One was a permanent marking on her right claw. Pretty blue markings. Done by an artist who dumped her during what was to be a very happy day for her. And now she was in an tent. Waiting for a mug of cider. After letting out a sigh, she pushed her tent flap open again. Thankfully she was ready for the light this time. One of the famers, a pony she knew as Applejack had greeted the little tent city. The line had gotten a good deal longer since the night. Wow. She took a good look at the nearly endless row of tents behind her. Ahead of her was a cute griffon....Oh. He was a little on the young side. A boychik. One with a rather unique bright blue coat. Was he there when she set up her tent? Did he cut in line? He called the farmer an 'Professor'. Heh. Typical griffon snark. Hearing the name, 'Griffonstone' did sorrow her mood just a little. Did the kid come from that dump? She had heard they were -trying- to fix up those ancient pile of ruins, but it wasn't worth it. And the cider BETTER not be decent. Or even just good. She heard 'Big Mac's name called. The last time she ran into that big stallion, they were fleeing from an horde of angry and probably mutated termites. Hopefully they took care of that mess before they started on the cider. Even the best drink would go in the bin the second she saw an nasty little bug floating around in it. Since she still had time before the line started to move, the griffon started to roll up her tent. Hopefully they would be able to finish this quickly, so she could get her deposit on the tent back. She gave he young griffon an 'Morning' before she turned and nodded politely at the unicorn as she continued to work on her tent.
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    Completed the final of three arts of these two! So cute together ❤ @Hippo's Remington and @SteelEagle's Moonlight Glitter.
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    I felt like practicing some pony armor today! Also been trying to practice some background stuff. @IceStorm I hope you like this:
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    Silverstream's curiosity had soured the moment it spurred, as the stranger she inspected was disturbed enough to pull away. Just as he did so, the Chancellor walked by expressing his own perspective on the social blunder Silverstream would so commonly make. Although the role model would quickly get in line ahead of them, a line which lost it's meaning every second that passed. And the griffoness near the batpony was also outraged at her breach of conduct, calling her something she had never heard before. She would have to ask the elderly griffon about it later. She rubbed the back of her neck and looked away at the ground. She chuckled as she explained herself. "Oops, sorry. I just get so excited about things I've never seen before. I grew up in Seaquestria where we don't have many of the things that you can find on dry ground, and because I was born into a society trying to escape the Storm King, we never got many visitors either, especially a..." Silverstream looked around the batpony for a clue to the name of his kind, but she could not think of what it could be and she refused the obviousness in her head. "What kind of pony are you? Like a vampire pony or something?" She didn't think he was a vampire, but now that she said it out loud she started to notice the incredible length of the pony's fangs and began wondering if vampire ponies were actually a thing and not just a silly campfire story Gallus told her when they went camping not too long ago. Current fresh cider supply: 29%
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    The griffoness could not help but grin just a little as she spied the cute blue griffon through the corner of her eye, checking her out. She was that way too when she was his age. Always hanging around with her friends in Canterlot. Fire Walker was the military minded tough-girl. Presteza was the creative and cute planner. Docket was the brains. Together they......Wow....Something else caught her eye. Towards the farm, there was a rather large wolf-dog-thing? Did the Apples trade away their Border Collie for that big fella? Apparently they were ready to make a big batch. Hopefully enough for every creature. From what she had been told, the cider was made on the spot. Fresh with an proper head. Shame it wasn't hard cider. There were a few other interesting folk nearby. From a rather adorable and fuzzy bat-pony in sun-glasses. Wait a second? Were those dragon-wings? He almost looked like Wind Walker's little fuzzy 'Draco The Dragon-Pony' plush doll she used to have on her at all times.Was Draco for real? Further down was an rather attractive mare that seemed to be offended by the very idea that she was standing on an dirty, unpaved path. Still, she was a cutie. Griffons were born with incredible eye-sight, so she could see Prince Blueblood...And she was sure her old friend Fire Walker had been pulling her tail. Said he used magic and turned himself into a mare. Ha. Even said former colt-friend Dunder did the same. Poor gal must have been drinking some of Swift Squall's stronger wines he had in his cellar. Squall Sherry....And speaking of Dunder...That mare did look a little like.....Nah. It was probably a good idea to dissemble her tent and roll it up, which she started to. The griffon did not want to lose her deposit. "Huh....", she caught sight of a creature she had only heard stories about. An Hippogriff, and a rather pretty little on at that. She seemed to know the bluey and even called him out. Gallus. An proper, heroic griffon name. She liked him even more. They were probably school-mates over the nearby school. Being an bit of the beaky side, she decided to listen in to their conversation as she finished putting her tent back into its bag. Was it always this small? Oh feathers.
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    Bellissima Stella: talented, beautiful, and had a heart of gold and a kind soul. Ha! Maybe half of those are correct. This popstar princess was all looks and no personality, but most didn't know that. It took a while for anypony to actually catch onto her snooty, cocky self. This mare wasn't one to mess with, yet with her popularity growing, one did not look at her for her personality, but her talent. And she knew that. Why would a growing singer be stuck in a line waiting for some high class cider, though? Who knew. But there Bell was, sleeping peaceful in her very large tent, behind a couple ponies and griffons in line. The sky was clear, and the sun had just risen over the shelter she had made with a quick spell. She remembered she didn't really speak to anypony the night before as she set up her tent. The tall unicorn knew though in the morning she'd have to talk to somepony, because this was Ponyville. Ponyville met ponies liked to make friends. Bell wasn't much for friends, and that could be a problem. The high class unicorn already rehearsed what she'd say in the morning though, probably a few times over. She'd smile, flutter her long lashes, and tell everypony a good morning. Seemed easy enough. Maybe somepony would recognize her, hopefully. She loved the attention. But this wasn't about her, it was about the cider. She heard from countless news papers that it was cider season, and she wanted to put her own opinion in. Apple family cider. Bell loved cider herself, it was sweet and juicy. Her favorite fruit was apples anyway, so it made sense. There was no class on a tree farm, but she could deal with it. She didn't need marble floors and chandeliers to be happy- though, it would make her a little less grossed out from the dirty ground. The pink unicorn woke up quite late, later than everypony else. The mare needed her beauty sleep after all. A tired Bell was a grumpy Bell, and no pony needed that. So, when she woke up, she slowly got herself out of her sleeping bag and grabbed a hairbrush to get all the tangles out from her very long, colorful wavy mane. As she was brushing herself out, she heard creatures talking from outside. Bell knew she should probably go outside now. The mare trotted to the front of her tent and zipped it open, peeking her head out and looking around. She squinted from the sudden brightness, groaning as it shocked her eyes. "Why doesn't the sun ever warn precious 'ol me? It could blind any poor onlooker trying to get some sunshine!" Her nose scrunched up, bringing her whole body out of the tent and setting her hooves on the dirty ground. "Elch! Who dares live on this filth?" she questioned quietly to herself, huffing then turning towards the voices near her. She then put the fakest smile on her face. "Good morning, everypony! How are we all this kind morning?"
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    Hello. After some nostalgia and me totally being right about everything Discord, I was thinking about coming back to roleplay. To be sure I am getting a little better as I had been going through a difficult time in life so the overwhelming negativity had taken its toll on my weakened state of mind. I am feeling a bit stronger and can assure I will be more inclined to disregard the behaviors that had first driven me away, if those that wish to roleplay again, really a deeply important hobby of mine, wish to do so. I am looking to resume or pick up threads I have previously been "the next to reply" to if it is viable.
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    @IceStorm I'll add it to my list In other news: Finished this for @PrinceBlueblood! It was requested by @Bellosh Feng in his new armor for his new job. He's a handsome fella
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    Kay Dreamer awoke as soon as the sun rose, sparkling through the bright crystal panes of the window on her little caravan. She'd left it to the side of the apple orchard, hoping the morning breeze would carry the scent of fresh apples through the crisp, dewy air. It did not disappoint. Breathing deeply, and with a contented sigh, she gathered up her sketches from yesterday, placing them into a saddlebag along with a set of field paints and a small jar of water. She hadn't had a chance to speak with the great wolf creature from the day before, as he had seemed much too busy on the treadmill - and to be fair, she was much more interested in drawing him, anyway - but she hoped she'd have a chance to learn more about the many other creatures who had come to sample a mug of Equestria's best cider. Kay was delighted to see that she was one of the first ponies in line this time, deciding that she'd take this opportunity to try some cider herself before settling down to paint and sketch some of the more interesting looking ponies and creatures as the day wore on. 'Just keep your cider away from your paint water, Kay,' she thought to herself with a smile. She'd lost count of the times she'd swigged a glass of paint water, or dipped her brushes into her tea or her wine. It wouldn't do to waste good cider like that! Kay trotted to the up to the counter just as an orange mare called out that it was ready to pour. Fishing a few bits out of her saddlebag, she clinked them onto the counter. One of them was stained with black ink, while another was suspiciously antique looking, but bits were bits, right? "Hello," she said cheerfully. "One cider, please!"
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    Kay Dreamer had arrived a little late to try the famous Sweet Apple Acres cider, if the empty barrels and the dwindling line of disappointed faces were anything to go by. But that was okay. The cider wasn't the only reason she'd come. The gleaming crystal mare trotted past a very strange assortment of creatures on her way to the front, trying not to stare too obviously as she did so. The tales she had heard weren't exaggerating - it seemed Ponyville really was the most diverse location in the whole of Equestria. There were many disorienting things about jumping a thousand-or-so years forward in time, and this was certainly one of them. Kay had seen paintings of some of these creatures but she never imagined meeting them in the flesh - let alone so many all at once. It was a little overwhelming. 'I suppose if anypony- any- anycreature? If anycreature is upset by my staring, I can just ask to draw them and maybe they won't be offended,' she reasoned to herself. And there were some remarkable looking creatures here. The griffons, with their fierce shapes and sharp eyes, one of the bat-winged ponies she'd only ever seen with Princess Luna's royal guard… but as she looked around, one creature in particular caught her eye and she immediately stopped dead in her tracks, her staring not even remotely concealed now. There was a huge wolf running on a contraption of some kind. A huge wolf with horns. A huge wolf with horns and green fire on his head. A huge wolf with horns and green fire on his head and a tail made out of swirling clouds. Kay was watching him run, open mouthed. Never in her life had she seen anything remotely like him, not in a painting, not in a book, not anywhere. All discretion gone now, she cantered over and skidded to a halt just off to the side where the light best caught the edges of the flowing clouds drifting from his body, took a thick-papered book and a pencil from her saddlebag and started to sketch.
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    Oh, wow. That was a very, very large dog working the treadmill on that machine. Not only very large, but also enveloped in an aura of smoky clouds that blended in with illuminated markings across his body. As the creature responded to Blueblood's wisecrack, Dunnie could only watch in awe as the creature moved legs and jaw. Only after a familiar voice entered her ears, did she realize that she was staring. Her cheeks flushed red as she took a deep breath. Her reaction can't be that bad, can it? She smiled as she laid eyes on the black griffoness. "Hey." Dunnie said back, then paused a moment, "Hay is for horses." "I haven't seen you in a while. I think you've gotten a lot taller." Dunnie grinned at the black catbird. While Blueblood was distracted, she dropped a bit of her own cider into his mug to give him a little more. He had saved her a spot, afterall, and he was the one excited about all of this. On time with Zelda's cheer, she took a sip. After a gulp she was starting to realize why ponies lined up for this stuff. The flavor, apple, acidity, smooth. All with the zing of fermentation at the end.
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    Apple Bloom fell back from the counter, wiping the hard-earned sweat off of her brow. A few customers were getting a bit antsy with their words, saying how it wasn't right how some ponies got cider and others didn't and what a waste of time it was. Yet they'd be back tomorrow and Apple Bloom'd serve 'em all the same. The Apples well knew the passions their products could easily inflame in the hearts of others and didn't hold against them the flowing filth that screeched out of some mouths. If you were denied a taste of heaven, wouldn't you be cranky? Speaking of cranky, Apple Bloom had to roll her shoulder once or twice to get some soreness out of it. Talk about a workout! "Wooo-wee Applejack, that was a good first day! Mah crank-hoof's gonna feel it once tha season's over. Whatcha want me ta do now?" the filly asked as she approached her sis, ready and willing to take some additional orders. Hours had passed and the day grew long but her energy had yet to be fully spent. -------------------------------------------------- Somecreature whose willpower for the day had been spent was Gallus, whose mouth was agape at the knowledge that the day's cider had been sold. They had all year to prepare for this and they ran out this quickly? It was busier than it had any reason to be yeah but did they really just prepare a few hours worth of cider and then pump more for the next day? That was absurd. This as absurd. Everything was absurd because he didn't have a mug of cider and he could smell it and it smelled good. Damnit! "Oh what, really? You're out already!? I thought the Apples were supposed to be good at preparing for this event!" He yelled, though it would be hard to be heard over the din. It died down quickly enough- ponies held their anger so briefly. Good on them. Good for him. That meant he'd be the one to get cider at some point. Forcing his anger to evaporate was Silverstream's excited report about a new type of pony and how excited she was to know that this line provided for something else other than fuel for Gallus' frustrations. It, for example, gave him fuel for another idea. "Yeah...well I guess we'll have to come even earlier tomorrow. Hey, Silverstream- wanna camp out here together? You might need to go and get a tent or a bag though. I don't have a lot of room," he offered, happy to spend time with a friend rather than alone. Especially with that black griffoness and her indecent floof.
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    Seaquestria? Seriously? That sounded so made up. And she mentioned -dry- ground? Did her kind escape that bloated snow-baboon by hiding in the clouds? Or did she mean she lived under the sea? Like a sea-pony? But she was an.... Ugh, it was far too early to be thinking so much. She just needed to be patient and wait in line like a good little birdie and soon she would have her fancy pony apple juice and then her friends would shud-up about it already! It was like this every year! Did you go to the opening day of cider season? No. I had to work. Did you go to the opening day of cider season? No, I want to sleep in that morning! This was supposed to be the best of the best! Something to make your feathers stick up! The black griffon did roll her eyes up a little when the pink gal mentioned something about vampires. Oye. A somewhat familiar voice called out to her. She turned. "Oh.". Yep. Fire Walker wasn't messing with her. What was his...her name now? Donnie? Dander? Danny? Dunnie? Drander? Flanders? Oh crap. The big griffon gave her old friend a hug. "Hey...Haven't seen you in ages....", she purred. It took her a moment to figure out what she was doing with Blueblood, when she remembered the little job he..she...Fire and Muggo went with him all those years ago. She wanted to say a few more things, but someone, or somepony was trying to get her attention. "Oh. Last mug?", were the others going to have to wait until the next day to have their cider? Holy Moley! "Thanks kid.", she handed over the bits and took the glass. "Hey Brownie...If you want half my glass, just ask...Feel odd drinking this right in front of you.." She took her sip. "Mazel tov!"
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    Bell felt like there was a little fly swarming around her, and she just wanted to swat away. It was like the fly was hitting her in the face and sticking in her perfectly styled mane. She'd use her magic to poof this little sucker away, but she didn't know the spell for that. Who did these days? She figured out this little mutt of a pony was the annoying little fly. Even just the way the pegabat was looking at her, the pink unicorn just wanted to vomit. Like, actually vomit. She'd vomit her dinner from the night before all over the ground. She was holding in her gag. Just the look from this pony made her cider taste soiled. "I don't need to sip-" she stopped herself from losing it. There were so many ponies around, she couldn't just take out this.. creature with her words. So, all Bell did was lift the bottom of the mug up and take a swing of the sweet drink. It did calm her down a bit, but she felt so uncomfortable. Who did this pony think she was? This wasn't the country where all the lunatics ran about. Wait. This was the country. Bell let out a soft groan, holding in what she could from the sudden realization. This stuff was probably going to happen. A freaky weirdo would come over and antagonize her wonderous beauty. This poor, poor girl. Reckless's question left Bell trying not to spit her drink out. The unicorn took a big gulp, and looked anywhere but the mare in front of her. "Yeah- it's pretty- sophisticated for such a dirty location." Her voice quivered with the word "dirty", as she finally looked at the pony in front of her. Bell just gave a small smile, her deep blue pupils growing smaller as she noticed the pegabat was staring right at her. She was confident, and Bell couldn't handle it. She cleared her throat, looking back at the sky. She had to be nice, she had to be nice, she had to be nice... "So- you try any of this cider yet?"
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    After taking a quick second to note that his student's excessive enthusiasm had been tampered, Blueblood was able to devote his entire attention to the matter at hand: the best cider that Equestria had to offer! Of which no second mug would be forthcoming today, apparently. "Well, you can't blame me for trying, can you? I'm sure you've endured flimsier pretexts in attempts to wheedle you and your clan into inequitous generosity. Ah well, thank you, Miss Applebloom!" Taking his now full mug from the growing filly, he raised it in a toast with Dunnie, then with Bellissima in turn, before taking a deep draught himself. "Ahh, now that's the good stuff. Nothing quite like it; the only thing that can possibly compare is taking in the Beaujolais nouveau straight from the Prench vineyards." He had to chuckle at how... fancy that sounded, though the actual experience was, indeed, very much like this: wading through the crowds in a rural town to take in a near-divine libation straight from the hooves of the local earth ponies. "You know, Applejack," He raised his mug in greeting to the orange mare behind the fence, "If you ever get the chance to travel, I do hope you'll get a chance to visit the vineyards yourself. Honestly, as fancy as wine seems to to most ponies, and don't get me wrong, it is; but the ponies who actually grow the grapes themselves are as down to earth as they come. They might even be distant cousins of yours!" Speaking of the workers behind the fence, he owed a greeting to a certain yokai. "Taira, you old rogue!" He called out, after taking another quaff of cider to wet his whistle. "That's a pretty far fall for a king of the mountain, treading a mill on a valley farm, eh?" He laughed, feeling the fizzy feeling of the cider he just drank flowing through insides, lubricating his social self.
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    Bell was loving the attention she got from such a handsome stallion. Something about him made her heart flutter, maybe because she knew he was some kind of royalty. Though she couldn't fit a name onto him, the way he talked seemed higher than normal pony folk. She knew a high class pony when she saw one. She wasn't an idiot, a fraud. She knew who she was talking to. "Why, you're not too shabby yourself." She fluttered her eyes, bringing a small smile across her face. "Ah, yes, that's right. Prince Blueblood. How quaint to meet you." She gave a smile again, noticing the line become more of a blob. "Well, I hope your duties well. Hopefully we can meet again, yes?" Fast forward.. After she got her cider, she looked at the little filly with a sparkle in her eyes. "That sounds very.. appetizing!" Bell grinned, grabbing the cider with her magic. She then hunched over, acting like she dropped something. "If only I could understand this little spec of mud- She sounds like she was raised by farm animals," she whispered to herself under her breath, very unlikely anypony heard her. "Thank you, again, little one!" The unicorn trotted away with her cider, leaving room for the next ponies up to try some. She looked around, making sure she wasn't just awkwardly standing by herself, and took a quick swig. The cider was very smooth, and very tasty. Bell actually thought it was the best drink she's ever had, and that says a lot. It was sweet, and tasted fresh and homemade. It probably was fresh and homemade. Now, the pink unicorn actually thought this was time well spent, until somepony came up to her. A black blur swooped in next to her, making Bell jump a little in shock. The mare looked incredibly athletic, grey and pink, didn't look 100% pony. Bell scrunched up her nose, trying to hold in the squeal she had in her. She didn't want this thing approaching her. The unicorn was picky with the ponies she talked too, and this was the main reason. The only thought that ran through her head was that some weird dirty half-pony got enough courage to talk to a gorgeous specimen like herself. There were so many ponies around her though, she couldn't be anything but nice. Bell took another sip, looking away then looking back at the grey mare. "Hello, there." Was all she said, as she gulped down another sip. 'Stay calm, stay calm, stay calm'....
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    Apple Bloom had to stop herself from giving a bit of an impish squeal. Why, Stella was even prettier and nicer inpony than she had imagined! She even hooved over her bits with grace as Apple Bloom talked up the cider she now held in her hooves. “Oh, its real good! This year's vintage got tha intense passionfruit-like aroma of freshly picked and pressed Jonagold and Porter’s Perfection apples, flourishin' all nice like! Try it, you'll be hooked,” she said confidently before the rush of customers once more stole her attention. Two bits, mug. Two bits, mug. “See ya!” Two bits, mug. “Chiao!” Two bits, mug. Two bits, mug. “Ahriivahderchi!” Two bits, mug. This is really hectic...but kinda fun! Another customer, a more regal sort. Apple Bloom knew this fella well enough. He was Prince Blueblood after all, and anypony who knew anything knew about the little side nobility that didn't much matter to anypony but themselves. Blueblood had a poor reputation at one point but his work with IMAGINE had turned that around pretty well, and everypony liked Princess Bluebelle! She was the Chancellor of the big school after all. So was Blueblood. Bluebloodbelle? It was hard to get it all right. She reckoned she'd just be as simple-minded about it as possible. If she got it wrong how could anypony be angry at her? “Hey there, Chancellor Blueblood! Fancy seein' yer fancy self this mornin'. Ah forgot, was it cold or hot drinks that did all the magical thingamajig?” She asked as she took his bits and sent over a foaming mug of ice-cold cider his way. So that was Silverstream's excuse? Well, knowing her, he could safely file that as a reason and less of an excuse. She rarely needed good cause to do anything at all as simple flights of fancy were things that well suited her on any given day. Still, she had better things to do than waste her time on this 'line'. “For all this? The cider better beat the expectations. I mean, its just an fruit drink. How big of a deal could it possibly be?” He said, looking around. “I guess a big deal. Maybe ponies in these parts are just really bored. It is a farming village, after all,” he said, turning around to catch Silverstream. He was deafened as she saw a batpony and flew up to it, touching it and being very invasive. Silverstream and her curiosity was almost as powerful as his desire to get his way through the line. Almost as powerful, anyway. He knew enough about batponies to know they were ponies with some bat features and were the rarest of the tribes. Maybe if he had his 'Stamp Once For Every New Creature You See And Befriend' Diversity Card for a free lunch in Canterlot he'd bother but he also figured that joke was played out. He turned his head back towards the crowd and tried to find a way through it, the noise of the crowd drowning out Zelda's rabid defense of the Lunar Guard as Gallus looked at the counter and saw some sloshing cider and felt a thirst that was different from the thirst he had felt just a minute or so ago start to build within him. @PrinceBlueblood
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    Waking up at the crack of dawn was not something that Dunnie was used to. At least, not anymore. However, camping was an exception no matter how close to civilization the camping was. These were also unusual circumstances for the mare, it seemed that Blueblood's collection of expensive drink would not be complete without some of that famous Ponyville cider, made by none other than the Apple family. Dunnie knew well enough that this was a popular enough occasion for the locals and some out-of-towners to break out the tents, so this had better be some good cider! She was trotting back along the endless stream of tents. Ponies waking up, milling about, preparing food or drink to start the day of waiting in line. Fortunately for her, she had a spot saved for her closer to the front of the line. Surprisingly so, since she had just arrived yesterday to find that her quarry had been camping early enough for him to get a good spot. Fresher cider, or something like that. As she trotted back up, she noticed that Blueblood was already awake and talking to a neighbor. She smiled and trotted past the pale pink pony and took a spot up next to Blueblood, where she would plant a kiss on the side of his muzzle. "Good morning." She opened up her wing to reveal a paper bag. "Got us some breakfast! For some reason, though, the only place open was the fast food restaurant." Guess they couldn't ditch work to snatch up some limited time cider. "Is this your friend?" She certainly was pretty, and definitely did not look like a local. A Canterlot native would not be far fetched.
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    Prince Blueblood, Head of House Platinum, foremost of the Canterlot Nobility, hereditary head of the Equestrian Unicorns, and part-time Princess (very long story) had recently added to his list of titles. As Twilight Sparkle had been selected to be the new Head of State, she had devolved her duties at the School of Friendship to him, making Blueblood the new Archancellor. No doubt she sought to make use of his extensive experience with diplomacy to continue international outreach, as well as his domestic political connections to shepherd the fledging academy around the pitfalls and traps laid in for it by obstructive bureaucrats and obstreperous nobles. And it had to be said, that despite his superficial reputation for superficiality, he did take these duties seriously, even to the point of taking up temporary residence in Ponyville, and trying to fit into the local life of the place. He would find himself often bemused at the differences in the social scenes between a growing but still small town and Canterlot, the city of his birth. It was in some respects quieter, of course, but more than the mere reduction of activity, what struck him was the unanimity of it when it came. For instance, Canterlot would often receive special shipments of food or drink, as highly prized among his class as any cider, but only his class tended to show up to such events. For the Apple Family Cider Season? Literally everypony in town was here, and that wasn't counting the out-of-towners. No wonder it was one mug per pony... He had, of course, reserved his spot with an extra-large tent, not to show off, or at least, not just to show off. He had some office work that still needed done, cider or not, and made a small workspace to finish up papers by lamplight before turning in the night before. This, naturally, led to a late wake up time, further extended by a thorough mane-brushing before emerging to greet the morning, along with a striking unicorn that had been his neighbor in line. "Oh, well fancy that!" He remarked upon laying eyes on Belissima Stella. "It is a good morning indeed, but I can't help but wonder, have I seen you somewhere before?" Seeing how a pony reacted to that question was a good way for Blueblood to get a sense of their character. Most ponies around here, would deny, truthfully, that their social circles had ever intersected. Some would do some humbly, others defiantly, still others in such a manner that betrayed desperation to enter his rarified world.
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    Gallus replied with a cocksure grin. No doubt her cider would be worth it but he couldn't act like it was a closed deal now, could he? Besides, how could he ever deny the chance at razzing one of Equestria's heroines? "Deal, Professor. Next time I'm in Griffonstone I'll tell them all about it, assuming all the boasting is true," Gallus said with a laugh. The caveat being that he didn't plan on returning to Griffonstone unless forced and if her work was half as good as advertised then he would be happy to talk about it. He just had to wonder if there was a secret code word to get the good stuff. He didn't have to follow their pony drinking laws, right? Griffons aged differently. He was technically an adult and could drink if he wanted. Or at least he would say that and hope they didn't challenge him on it too much. His mind wandered as he imagined just what he could get away with if he pursued that logic. Probably a fair bit until either Fluttershy or Twilight found out about it and then he'd get in a fair bit of trouble. Until that point though? Being treated like an adult griffon would be pretty nice. Had to be, right? Maybe lost in some old Equestrian law was the right for a Griffon to hunt down some wayward sheep and get some meat inside of him. That was something he missed. Harmony was great and all but veal was simply delicious. He was content in this thought process until he turned over to the sound of somecreature saying hello. Oh sweet feathers, look at her chest plumage! No don't let her catch you staring! He looked at her, then down, then away. She had such good chest plumage, damn. He then shook his head and replied with full confidence. "H-hey, yeah. Nice to see another g-griffon out here, haha!" he replied with extreme coolness and calmness. She also had cool coloration. You didn't see a lot of very dark shades among griffons from Griffonstone anymore and he always found it kind of...hot. Plus she had these cool markings on her talons. Were those natural? He wanted to look but he also didn't want to look at all because if he did look he was gonna try to sneak another peak of her awesome chest plumage. Well maybe just a peak... AT THE CIDER GALLUS COME ON! Apple Bloom took a deep, deep breath of her home's sweet air. Sweet Apple Acres was the best smelling land in all of Equestria because what came from it was the dual pleasing smell of apples and the familiar process of cidermaking. It was that time of year! That very special, very lucrative, time of year when the family's efforts became unnaturally focused on a single style of product and the time of year when everypony turned their eyes to Sweet Apple Acres. What would this year's vintage taste like? How would it hold? Ponies had so many questions and who could blame them. Sweet Apple Acres Cider was the best Cider in Equestria, maybe the whole world- no, definitely the whole world. She felt confident in that assertion. She also felt confident that this year she could actually help out a whole lot and actually earn her place at the Apples' celebratory table when all this was said and done. Sure she helped out but this year she wanted to *work*. She had brushed up on her sales techniques in case Applejack needed her to help push their family's fine product along. It spoke for itself but still you needed somepony up there to do the deed. She had her old bullhorn on hoof because she knew she could hype it up lie nopony's business. When you had as much passion for it as she did the job pretty much did itself! Inventory management is a pretty big deal so while it was super boring it was also just another way she could help ensure this was the best season ever. Security? She was super tough! Apple pressing? Super tough! Managing the barrels heading off the farm elsewhere? Super smart! There was no task that she could not complete and she would be happy if she could have Applejack look at her at some point and think to herself, "that young mare is pulling her weight and then some!" Apple Bloom trotted next to Applejack and was nearly jumping in place, such was her excitement. Of course despite being a young mare she had all the energy of an over-caffeinated filly to let out today. She had been storing it up after all! "Ah'm ready ta help! Where ya need me? Salespony, hypepony, inventory management, Flim n' Flam looker outerer! Whatcha need?" She asked with a wide grin, looking around with eyes seeking jobs and work for her to do.
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    Aaaand this got done! Requested by @SteelEagle of @Hippo's Oc Remington So handsome!
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    Not on the list but was a request from @SteelEagle for the new Friendship School uniforms. There's another one to go with this one that will be up soon!
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    Rainbow Dash As suprised no pony, Dash had once again overslept. She woke up to the scroll poking her int he face. After trying to swat it away a few times, moaning "cut it out, twi!" she finally woke up enough to realize there was a scroll there poking her in the face. She unrolled it, not noticing as the seal vanished. At first she just stared at it, it had to be a joke, she must have missed the 'ha ha gotcha!' thats all. she read it again and she got an unsettling feeling in the bottom of her stomach. She carefully slid out from her bed and shuffled to the window, opening it and looking out... "OH FOR PETES SAKE!!!!" The whole town no doubt heard her exclamation, it was a wonder that Cloudsdale didn't --- she would have loved for them to! They intentionally made sure that Ponyville would have the worst wrapup in years now that twilight was gone. They were being spiteful that the unicorn prodigy could get ponyville wrapped-up faster than they could! That was the only answer. Dash quickly threw on her uniform and kicked open the door, leaping off the cloud and spiraling down, taking time to circle wide and make note of all the proverbial damage... this was a disaster! She finally made her way to the center of town, perching on top of the statue "OK! EVERYPONY KEEP CALM, NO NEED TO GET THE TORCHES AND PITCHFORKS OUT YET!" she announced, in her typical fashion of comically missing the point. "I DONT KNOW WHERE THE OTHER LEADERS ARE, SO FOR NOW I'M TAKING CHARGE!" Her internal monologue though was far from so certain...: Oh wow, THATs your big idea? you dont have any clue what your doing! Yeah, well if somepony doesnt, there's going to be chaos, and the last thing we need is an invitation for discord to show up! point taken. She sighed "I none of us were expecting this, things looked so clear and simple last night... but..." A tune began to float through the air "I know things are looking dark This is an unexpected test But we wont miss our mark! Because we're gonna be the best! "Those ponies up there dont know us Think a little snow'll get us down They think they'll ruin us But they dont know this town! "Its time for us to pull together! We wont let them pus us around! Claw, hoof, horn and feather! Its time for us to stand our ground! "They think we're softer than the rest Just because we're small But we'll push it, we'll show them we're the best! IT wont be us that will Faaaaaa-aaaaaall! "Yes! We're the best! Yes! We're the best! Yes! we're the best! "We'll make a stand and prove it to the whole world! We're the best!" Dash flashed her winning grin and rose her hoof in a cheer... hoping beyond hope that they'd all join in... if not... well... that was all she could think of right now... and she didn't like having to dodge pitchforks flying through the air...
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    I wanted a group shot of my newer OCs 🙂 going to release some over the next few days. First up Reckless and Oblivion!
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    Well, this happened today! Vote for Spoiled @Bellosh @PrinceBlueblood
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    Got a little unicorn here for @Dubstep! I hope you like it! Probably a follow up head shot of her in a her hat coming soon!
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    Equestria was a land of peace and harmony, its values bare for all to see. It saw only the best n every creature and nation and would never be accused of being an aggressor. It sought diplomacy where others sought war. It sought friendship where others sought strife. These things would never, ever change about Equestria or Equestrians for that matter. But Twilight had seen enough to understand that there were threats big and small and relying on a small group of heroines to handle everything was a recipe for disaster. She had other tools at her disposal. Equestria had other protectors she could empower. And so today she was holding a meeting with various branches of the armed forces to see what they could do to improve the nation's security, from an organizational, technological, philosophical, and activity standpoint. The Twilight Guard was invited, of course. They were her personal guard and would need to be kept fully aware of anything that was going to change how they did their jobs with her. The Solar Guard would have to show up, of course. They were what ponies thought of as the Royal Guard and while their role was about to change, the prestige and honor of their position was without question. The Lunar Guard was too small to warrant a direct invitation to the meeting as they were technically within the rolls of the Royal Guard, now Solar Guard. This would account for the Royal Guard collection and while they were the faces of Equestrian security that could not be denied, they were far from the only ones. The invitation list continued. The Royal Equestrian Army was the most important invitation of all, as Twilight looked over the world map and understood the dangers and threats that lay beyond the borders of Equestria. While the Guards were there to protect the royal line and duties similar at best to those, it was the REA that was tasked with protecting the national integrity of Equestria. While a great many things were due for a change it was they that would see the lion's share of it all. The Royal Equestrian Navy had been allowed to wallow in its misery for untold generations. It looked impressive on paper but it suffered from a vast number of faults. They would have to show up and be given the sort of resources needed to remake them to answer the threats they faced on the seas and in the skies. The meeting took place a week after the coronation, when the very last of the long-form guests and gifts had been opened, when the tales and the fables of the disaster that was the ceremony, had finally subsided. The coasts had been clear for the ships long left to rot ashore to come home and once more refitted to stand the test of time. The room they gathered in was not technically in the castle, however. Instead, when the castle had been rebuilt, Twilight had an idea. A complex was built in the mountains themselves with hidden paths through the castle. The complex itself was a defensive redoubt built into the mountain with the capability to house thousands and continue the functioning of civil government. Should everything else fall, this area could be protected and defended for years and had enough space for most of the city's residents. It was in one of the many rooms near the front of this complex that the meeting would take place, with a view over the city outside. It was a one-way mirror rock. It looked like a normal part of the mountain to most of the city's residents but it was a window from which Twilight could gaze out in safety. She didn't plan on using this complex much but considering she had designed it she wanted to make sure everything worked. She wanted desperately to ensure everycreature's safety, not only through this complex but through the reformations they would discuss today. A better, safer Equestria for all was one of her most important duties. She turned away from the city and took her seat at the head of a large table. Each chair at it was given a full folder of information about today's topic and a glass of water- to be refilled by two castle workers who were going to filter in and out. Twilight sighed, waiting for the others to show. A less desirable task she could scarcely imagine. A more important one she could hardly fathom.
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    Bell's heart was racing now, not because she was nervous, but because she was about to blow a fuse. If the air was chilly from the early morning sun, she was about to make it a million times hotter. Not because she's hot (to the bat ponies she is), but because she was mad. It was getting to the point where the poor mare just wanted some peace a quiet to herself in her own tent. She didn't have a reason to be there, she really didn't. When her annoying little companion from yesterday showed up, the unicorn wanted to cry. And when Reck started talking to her, she wanted to bawl. "Oh trust me, dear- I g-got enough yesterday." There was a little undertone of growl in her voice, but not enough for everypony to notice. The mare was stuck in place, staring off into the sun, just so her eyeballs could burn. She wouldn't have to see the two beside her that way. Neb just stood there with a wide smile, as she fully checked out the new pony next to her. She looked a little familiar, sure. Most ponies like them looked kind of the same though. Neb's fangs showed just enough in her smirk, as she made direct eye contact. "Hard to get? That thought never crossed my mind." She just looked at Bell with an sarcastic look, making the unicorn roll her eyes obnoxiously. "Don't think we've met either. The easy going ones call me Neb, the hard to get ones-" she nudged Bell, "Call me Nebulous. Sometimes Moon." Neb licked her lips when she saw the wink, nothing provocative at all, just to show her little interest. "Yeah, I'll go back in line with 'ya. I feel like I would miss out, anyhow." She sent a wink herself, then turned to Bell. Neb noticed a tall mare walking towards them, and the look on her face just showed a big smile. Bell felt vomit rising up her throat, and quickly turned away from the two bats. A sense of relief pawned over her, as her glorious form wasn't dead yet. She wasn't dead. She wasn't dead.. Then the singer heard a familiar voice, but it was rather more.. feminine? The pretty mare turned to look at a white Princess, an obvious royal. "Why, hello, my dear!" Bell smiled greatly at the princess, feeling more safe. She couldn't help but remember about the poor mishap with Bluebelle. She, of course, wouldn't judge such a thing with a royal. Not at all. "So- very nice to see your wonderful face again. You do look utterly amazing." She turned to the other two bat ponies, which made her feel very self conscious. "Oh- yes- my frie-nds! They're very lovely." Time to pull the fake act. She was good at lying, like really good, but she hated using the term 'friends'. It made her want to barf. Neb just stood there smiling. "Princess Bluebelle! Never expected such a beautiful mare to be here-" The bat pony playfully bowed, then pointed her head towards the line. "Though it was such a treat laying my eyes on such a gorgeous specimen like you, I better get some cider." She then abruptly trotted off to Reck. Bell face hoofed herself, blushing immensely. "I'm so sorry Princess-"
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    The beautiful crystal pony didn't have the time to really respond as the entire line surged around her. Drats! That was a nice looking pony right there! Apple Bloom moved on though. She didn't have as much cider to give out this year and she didn't really think about it more than that. She had to make sure she did right by as many ponies as possible as quickly as possible. And with that on her mind she went right back into the raging maelstrom of her work. Apple Bloom moved like a mare on fire, taking bits and pumping cider as fast as she could. Two bits, mug. Two bits mug. Two bits mug. “Y'all have a nice one!” Two bits, mug. “Hehe, only mah sister knows that secret!” Two bits, mug. Two bits, mug. “Oh, we'll have more days after this for sure” Two bits, mug. Two bits, mug. There was a certain anxiety as barrels vanished but she didn't let it show. “Ah reckon yer gonna remember this mug for a long time!” “Say hi ta 'er for me. Return mah letters, dangit!” “What a charm-” Two bits, mug. Two bits, mug. Eventually her eyes settled on...was there a bat pony, one of those aerions or what have you? This one had pink mane and pink wings and as just adorable! There weren't many bat ponies around and for the life of her Apple Bloom never understood why. as there too much light? Did bat ponies care about light? Did they just like cities because of the hustle and bustle? There were a thousand things Apple Bloom didn't know about the how or why of Equestria and she was interested in the answers to all of them. She didn't think she'd be getting the answers today though. The only thing anycreature was getting was a much of cider from Apple Bloom in exchange for two bits, which Apple Bloom collected from Reckless as she poured a cup and sent it over. "Ah ain't seen you 'round here before. Where'd you come from, if you don't me askin'?" He inquired, her mind unable to filter the question out. Gallus poked his head out quickly, allowing Silverstream to get decent for everycreature else. Not that she needed to on his account, what he saw had been decent enough for him. Though if he were honest? He did like her hippogriff form better. Swimming was not like flying and flying was best. In due time she was out, though they were stuck far back. "Yeah, I guess we were just too tuckered out. My bad, I should have set a better alarm," he said as he looked around. "Wait. Why are two Princesses here?"
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    RECKLESS Art by the awesome: GoldenDaze! She's had oh so much fun yesterday that Reckless had decided one more night would totally be worth her time to get a mug of the good stuff. Perhaps she'd find another stallion or mare to meet like she had the lovely Bella yesterday. "Yeah..." She stretched as she exited her tent and zipped it up. "She was so into me," The pegabat laughed dryly to herself and made her way through the tents and towards the scene of chaos building before her. So many ponies and creatures had been drawn by the siren's cider call! Reck was impressed! It had to be worth it, it just had to be! She trotted into the line and yawned before glancing around. "Another day another cider huh?" Another dry laugh as she spoke to nopony in particular...
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    Given how... comprehensive Apple Family reunions were, Applejack was probably right. Still, there had been that whole business with them discovering a distant relation to the Pie family, wasn't there? Or was it Rarity's? One of AJ's friends, at least; he remembered that much from a long spiel from Twilight he'd only been half-listening to at the time. "I certainly will, though unfortunately the only one I know of who has left the farm is a certain quote-archaeologist-unquote going by the name of Doctor Merlot. I doubt you'll ever see him, though; he's the sort that can't bear to stand in line with ponies that won't give him money or social standing, even for the best Cider in Equestria!" Insufferable snob as he had once been, there were many snobs that had always seemed insufferable to the stallion. Snobs, in fact, almost never enjoyed the company of other snobs; they were just competition for the attention of the really important ponies. The Prince had at least come to learn that those who love and care for you are those who are really important. Speaking of which, a good friend had come down from the treadmill to greet him. "I suppose that's why you're looking hale and hearty as ever in your old age." He continued the good-natured joshing as the wolf yokai approached. "And Niilavin isn't a... pet exactly. Yet to be housebroken, though we're making progress. I made him promise not to eat anypony while I was gone, and he does take his promises seriously. At least, the ones to me." Taira directed his gaze to Silverstream and the griffons, just as Dunnie was secretly topping off his mug. "Oh, Silverstream and Gallus, the pink and blue one respectively, are my students. Oh, did I tell you that Princess Twilight appointed me the Archancellor of her school? I'm taking over for her, now that she's moving into government. As for Zelda, she's more a friend of a... dear friend." He gave a warm smile with some fairly obvious implications towards Dunnie. Words nearby attracted his attention, and he caught the exchange happening between Bellissima and Midnight. Oh, what a delightful frission! He gave Dunnie and Zelda a nudge, indicating the unicorn and thestral with a discreet wave of his mug. "I think we're in for a show, ladies." He spoke in a low tone. "Bellissima's cracks are starting to reveal themselves." High society meltdowns were so entertaining, and to get one in the country, just as one was enjoying a lovely beverage? A perfect end to a perfect morning.
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    Silverstream was relieved to see the bat pony she was curious on wasn't so abrasive to her invasion as much as the dark griffon close to him that seemed annoyed for him. "An areion. Wow! I haven't learned about you ponies at the school yet." Silverstream hovered up and held her talons to her cheeks in typical astonishment. "And your eyes! Your eyes are so so cool!! They're like... up and down!" She exclaimed as the bat pony drifted away from her towards the front of the line. The pink hippogriff zipped back to Gallus, which took her a few minutes to see where he had moved, which happened to be close behind. "Gallus, this is incredible. If I had known there would be creatures I had never seen before, I would have insisted we camp out together to get a good spot in front of all the different things to see!" Silverstream did not know how cider season was typically run. The moment she would find out about a second day, she would plan her entire evening around preparing for it. Applejack saw that the spigot was sputtering on the last barrel, as Apple Bloom poured the last drink. She hopped on top of the cider counter to get a good look at all the crowding ponies and griffons, and bat ponies, and whoever to soapbox her planned speech at this time of the day. "Alright ya'll. That's it for today. We knew we'd run out, and its that time that we ran out." She paused for expected groans. "But, with the help from a few friends, including my new best farm-paw over there helping me press apples, we should have plenty of cider to sell first thing tomorrah. Just give us tonight to make some more, and we'll be back to selling the best cider in Equestria!" Applejack hopped down and stayed nearby to receive any criticism to block any that would be unfairly directed at any other member of the family. Even though Apple Bloom would declare she could take it, Applejack would never want her to. Meanwhile, in the crowd of ponies, Granola was attempting to reach the front but failed to get closer enough to the orange mare who was addressing everyone. She would continue to stand close for an opportunity to talk with the apple orchard's future matriarch. Current fresh cider supply: 0% ((The day will reset in 7 days, on November 11th 12:00am UTC))
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    RECKLESS Art by the awesome: GoldenDaze! Playing "hard to get" already? Reckless let a tiny breath escape from her muzzle. That was a classic move, classic for a mare who was wanting more. The pegabat could take care of that and then some. After she had some of that cider of course! Looked like the unicorn could use some too, she seemed like she was about to jump out of her skin at the moment. "I think you might need another sip babe," She spoke casually, like she'd known this lovely creature for years and years. She raised an eyebrow, watching the reaction she was getting. She knew she was one hot item but she hadn't thought she was attractive enough to make an obviously refined and oh so beautiful mare get all nervous. That was new. After the unicorn had enough time for at least one more sip she pressed a question on her. "So is it the best you've ever had?" The words were coy and her eyes were fixed on the unicorn's at the moment, not her cider mug.
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    Keeping up his dash on the treadmill, Taira was only distracted a moment when he heard the familiar voice of Blueblood. The dapper stallion had a bit of a silly look on his face after his swig of cider, a look that made the old wolf very curious. "Come now, Blueblood!" He said as he kept up on his sprint, "A noble savvy as yourself must know the importance of keeping oneself in shape! None with a lofty titles can claim they're truly beyond the need to work now and then!" Taira had been at it for a short while now and despite the want to push on, he had to admit: he was feeling the burn. He was more than happy to try and push through it, but eventually he would need to take a break. At the very least he'd have to re-hydrate. All the resistance on the mill from that giant stone grinder made for quite the challenge. By the time Applejack got over to relief her new ranch-hoof (or was it paw in his case?) was panting heavily. Ears perked up when he heard the word break and soon he slowed his gait down until he could come to a full stop, "Wow... This is hard work. No wonder your family is so strong!" Now armed with the information of a Barrel of the cider behind the other mill, Taira perked up. He may get to taste what all this hubbub was about after all! Rather than speaking up about the barrel and potentially causing a riot if the crowd knew there was a backup barrel, Taira gave a calm nod and smile. He casually made his way to the back and found the barrel in question. After a few seconds fiddling with the spigot , He had his cup and took his drink. To any in the back it may look as if the old wolf might have been paralyzed. In actuality, Taira was completely floored by how incredible it was. He'd not gotten to taste anything this good in years! How many other things had been developed by the Equine that would be so amazing! Maybe that fox from the valleys had the right idea all those years ago to look into equine Kiwizeen... was that what she called it? Oh well, no time to get lost in his thoughts, Taira had seen many a curious creature in that line and he was hoping to get to know a bunch of them! Once he'd downed his cup and set it back down beside the barrel in a handy space marked "used mugs" He made his way back over to the front and into view. First he gave his attention to Blueblood and grinned, "Good to see you again, My prince." He dipped his head gracefully before sniffing at the air, "Oh-ho! Did someone get a new pet? I smell cat on you... Hoping to bring him a sample? Speaking of cats..." He looked over to a few of the catbird visitors nearby, "Are you friends with any of them? I don't believe I've gotten to speak to a griffin before... Or that stallion with the bat wings, or her with the pinkish coat and baby blue mane. I never knew ponies and griffins had gotten so close!"
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    Midnight would give Silverstream a half smile, though this emphasized his fangs. “It’s alright,” he would say with understanding in voice. “I too grew up in relative isolation as well. Before Princess Luna returned, we where see as almost sub-pony.” He chuckled at the vampire comment she said. “No....not a vampire that I know of, but you never know....” He would remove his sun glasses so they hypogriff could see his purple eyes. “ “Areion is the proper term...though most of us just use Bat Pony. It’s easier to remember.” He would wink. As the mob continued to move, he would find himself at the counter being greeted by a filly who was handling the sales. It caught him a bit off guard that he had made it to the head of the line. He would put his bits on the counter as well as a small tip for the youngest Apple Family member. ”My name is Midnight Oil,” he would say as he licked his lips as the cider was poured in front of him, his eyes locked onto the mug. Taking the first sip was like heaven to him as he savored it. It was the sweetest, most perfect thing he had tasted...better even then Areion Ale.
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    Taira kept up his run on the mill, "I understand." he said with a nod of his head. He kept the response short since he wanted to save his breath for this sustained sprint. The wolf was mildly miffed knowing he'd be on longer than usual, but he gave his word and there was no way he was going to break it. If he was in this for the long haul there was no use crying about it... At least the scenery was nice. In the crowd he saw Blueblood looking his way and gave the prince a smile from the distance. He could also see quite a few interesting faces. That blue Griffin was interesting to watch awkwardly talk with that admittedly attractive member of his species. It was almost like watching himself as a pup talking to the rest of the pack on the mountain. The rest in the line that caught his attention were so fascinating looking. Was that a griffin with the hindquarters of a pony and a stallion with bat wings?There were so many he'd need to make sure to pester... someday he'd have to sneak into that school and see what the fuss was about.
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    Dunnie chuckled at Blueblood's late thoughtfulness with the kitchenette. It was the thought that counted, afterall. "Oh, Blueblood. Lack of a cooking space is no worry, I get to take a break and we get to try the local cuisine!" She pulled the fast-food bag free from under her wing and set it inside the tent. The brown bag's bottom was stained noticeably dark from the oils. Just as soon as the bag was set down, it seemed that the line was moving. Talk about good timing, "Right, lead the way!" She tried not to get swept up by the crowd and stick close to Blueblood. How this place managed to not turn into a full on riot was beyond the brown pony. So many bodies were lined up and eager to taste something of such a limited supply. The Apple family must be flattered. She was trotting alongside Bluey while glancing about the trees and landscape. She would have flown overhead, but, she also wanted to blend in as well as she could. When the unicorn pulled her attention toward someone she knew, she glanced over to see none other than...Zelda. "Ah! Zelda!" Her eyes lit up. Indeed, she was an old friend. They had been through a lot and shared a lot with each other. Though, the bird has not seen this form of Dunnie. "Oh, two cups?" She asked. Perhaps she could get another cup with some cunning. "Well, it seems most ponies already know you are as you are, so." She took one of the mugs, thanking Blueblood for the payment and smiling down and thanking Apple Bloom too. So cute! "Anyway, seems that the cider is going to run out before you can try." She eyed the cider stocks, already getting dangerously low.
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    RECKLESS Art by the awesome: GoldenDaze! Reckless was a liiiiitle late getting herself up and outta her tent. "Whew! What in Celestia happen-..." Her exclamation cut off as she realized she wasn't the only pony around. It was true though, Celestia only knew what she'd gotten into last night. She was, in fact, in a line... a very long line. "Why was I here again?" She tapped chin thoughtfully for a moment before the commotion further up the line drifted down to her. "Ah! Sweet Apple Acres cider!" She trotted in place for a moment, excited to taste some of that amazing golden goodness! She just wished she didn't have to wait in this dang line! The hybrid bat checked out the scene. Lots of ponies, yep, looooots of ponies. Most were run of the mill regular Ponyville ponies, bleh. Boring. Some were a bit more flooty and snooty, and some were ahha! Some were famous! She spied the pretty no, beautiful pink unicorn up at the front of the line. "Well, if I'm gonna do this I better do it right!" She ran a hoof through her mussed up hot pink mane to "fix it" as best she could. The bat pone trotted up like she owned the place, ignoring the ponies along that way that gave her stares of irritation for cutting the line. "What?" She smirked at one such fussy bottomed pony. "I'm just gonna go say hi to my friend!" A little closer and she could see that that same beautiful unicorn, who just happened to be fairly famous too, was hoofed over a mug of the good stuff! "Perfect timing!" She slowed to a calm walked and sidled up next to the fancy mare. "Hey there sweetness." Her words issued silky smooth like the feel of that perfect cider.
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    Was this even the same bag her tent originally came in? Somehow the large tent that could fit two full griffons came out of a bag that would be too small for one single apple. Setting up had been easy. Just pull tab A. Walla! You got yourself a tent. However, there was no simple tab to put it back in. You had to fold it up like sixty times to get it to fit just right. Just as she was on fold number forty two, an excited mob of creatures rushed in....”Hey!”, she growled. Too late! The poor griffon and her tent were carried along with the thirsty mob and promptly planted a little closer to the farmers and their apple cider machines. She gave any creature an nasty snarl if they dared to cut ahead of her. Still, the cute blue griffon continued to grab her attention. He had an old griffon name. It meant someone who was bold...daring...reckless. One with full chutzpah! A proper hero. One who would look rather impressive in a pair of her armor once he got a little older. Gold and blue. She could see it. Golden armor. Not that awful steel armor that breaks apart with one hit! She managed to hear a little bit of his conversation? He didn't have anything to do? Really? He should be fighting off all the gals who wanna give him smooches! A pleasant voice snapped her out of her train of thought. It was the adorable bat-pony. There was an proper, restful word she had heard her friend Fire Walker and her goofy husband to be, Swift Squall said to call them. But she forgot it and bat-pony was fun to say and easier to remember. So the heck with Fire and her big red flank and Swift with his snooty, snooty snout. "Oh hey....", his little odd show did cause the griffon to pause as well. He almost looked like he wanted a kiss. Once he was finished, the black bird continued, "Yeah. This thing just doesn't want to go in the bag. Almost want to just chuck it in the can over there, but then I'd loose my deposit. I....er...the hay?" as ponies would say. The Hippogriff was getting her claws allover the poor guy. "Hey you pink shmendrik!", she growled. The blacksmith was starting to say 'hey' a lot today. What was with that? She wanted to scare her away with a swipe of her claws, but there was a good chance she would hit her, and that would not look. Hitting a teenager and all. Or young adult. She was not sure. "You don't go grabbing a guy's wings! Especially if you don't go asking first!", she cawed.
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    Magnus hummed to himself slightly at the mare’s confident response, his exercises winding down now as he settled back into his spot in line. He looked back towards the griffon that she responded to next, watching the bird’s reaction before noticing what was apparently a new helper on the farm. Well, this one was interesting, an okami was a rare sight, especially one so openly themself and working on a farm. Perhaps that was something to ask him after getting through this line. “I am not standing by anything yet. I came to find out the truth for myself, I don’t tend to just take others’ words on it.” The unicorn responded simply, waiting for the booth to open up for the day.
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    Reckless watched Aegis incredulously as he checked her out from his upside down position. He soon rolled upright to introduce himself. Ah stallions, who could resist their obvious charm? This one seemed nice enough and her guard friends that helped with this set up hadn't been wrong, he was one good looking stud. He lifted his hoof after his introduction and she smiled with an eyebrow raised. "So formal," Her eyes narrowed as she bypassed his raised hoof and stepped closer to him, bumping gently up against his side. "Recruit Reckless," She stepped to the side and dipped her head slightly. "at your service." She glanced around, hoping to pick out some fun shenanigans to get this date going. There was music playing but from his look she figured it wasn't the sort he was apt to sing to. The mare turned her neon pink gaze back to Aegis. "Not time to pressure you into karaoke..." She stepped towards the refreshment table. "yet." She soon had a glass of sparkling cider for each of them poured. Nothing like cider to loosen a filly up. "So, how long have you been with the night guard?" She took a sip, figuring it would be nice to get to know him for a bit. ----- The mare in the suit felt good. She'd syked herself up for this like nopony's business! She'd messed up ummmm... like a ton on their last few dates. She didn't even want to think about the last well, disaster that had taken place. She'd been nothing short of absolutely awful that night. She had promised herself she'd make a change and she felt she had. Lots of thinking, lots of choosing the right directions. Lots of striving to be a better version of herself, as a marefriend. She didn't need to improve in any other area as far as she was concerned but she blew barley as a marefriend and Applejack didn't deserve that! Nope her mare, the love of her life deserved waaaay better than Rainbow had dished out lately. She didn't feel like she was doing this as a make up. She was doing this because she wanted to change. She wanted to be there for AJ, to compliment her as a true partner. She owed it to their little guy Zappers to make the change. She wasn't finished yet, not by a long shot but she'd started on the road to better things. RD landed on the steps outside of the Equestrian Guards Ball. She'd been sent as the delegate from the Wonderbolts to this event so she had even more reason to be on her best behavior. As she made her way up the steps the mare paused to straighten her tie. Her Wonderbolts medals and badges offset the formality of the suit and certainly made her look well, dashing! She had gotten herself a new pair of shades and she planned on keeping it cool in them for most of the evening. In she went, nodding curtly to those in the lobby and outside the main entrance doors to the ballroom. It was nice inside she had to admit! Lots of guard ponies that she knew but only one she was looking for. Ah! There she was! Rainbow stifled a blush when she saw her mare. AJ looked awesome. Her outfit was reminiscent of her Twilight Guard armor but fit her form in a much more pleasing manner. Rainbow trotted up next to AJ and gave a low whistle that only she would hear. "Hey there beautiful." She used a hoof to drop her shades and winked slyly at the farm mare.
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    After receiving the invite and wondering if she would be able to attend, or if her fiancé Swift Squall would also be able to fit the event into his usually busy schedule...Or if she could order the dress and get in time, it was time for the ball. As the red mare slowly entered the venue with her stallion, she glanced around the room. This was practically a family reunion as every single one of her brothers that were officers were here. From Cordy Walker to Moon Walker...Her older brother Punk Walker could be seen trying to hit on one of the R.E.A Head Enchanters, who was one of her very good friends, Ilinalta. Who was also married. This does not go well for her brother. “Ugh.”, she groaned as they continued to walk. She was pleasantly surprised to hear that her old teacher and now head chef at the impressive Cupid II Resort Airship, Greasy Spoon would be preparing the meals for the ball, or at least there to supervise. Her father was probably in the middle of having a chat with him and seeing what he and his staff would be working on. Now she needed to deal with her grumpy little pony she had at her side. “Swifty...”, she whispered, “These are supposed are not supposed to be wild parties, but just nice little, relaxing..”, she stressed that word, “Get togethers...I get to see more than a few ponies I rarely get to talk to..Outside of letters...Even a few I haven’t seen since officer school graduation...",Oh crap...There were a couple of ex-coltfriend in attendance. Storm Chaser was looking a little on the heavy side. And Player One, her very first boo was with his wife. “I’m going to need to find your ‘snark button’ and flip it off.”, she whispered with smirk. “You’ll just need to relax...Nothing you need to do but make small-talk. I’ll make sure you talk to the right ponies....And hopefully General Pummel isn't here...", she had spoken about the elderly stallion before. Fire Walker had faced all kinds of terrifying monsters in her lifetime...Armies of evil Changelings...Pirate Griffons. Shadow beasts..But the old grey Pegasus pony had been giving her the 'jibblies' since she was an filly. "No...No drunk royalty here. Not even sure Alicorns can get drunk..." The closest thing she saw was Princess Twilight before she became a 'princess' dancing at a Canterlot garden party she was standing guard near. The purple pony had been either dancing drunk or just wasn't very good at shaking her flank. "Just relaxing music....Pleasant conversation. And oh, look!", she pointed to one of the servers. "I requested they serve Bon Marché, and here it is....Nice red wine. Perfect for an relaxing evening with friends." , she curled her eyes up in pure bliss. Besides Ilinalta, there were a few ponies she recognized, but none she was super-close with. "Miss Presteza told me she was attending with one of the guards...You remember her? Cute gal. Freckles. Kind of sassy. Uses her tail as a paint brush, which I would normally not recommend...", she glanced around to see if she could find her old friend. "An't no party like a Pressy party and there an't no party without my Pressy pal....ie...", she was not a good rapper...
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    @QuickLime Sure! I'll add you to the list! In other news: I finished this Luster/Sunset sister picture that Bellosh requested 🙂 I'm going to do more of Luster for sure, she doesn't have enough art out there poor thing!
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    The Mayor looked herself in the mirror in the bathroom of town hall once more, taking a deep breath. More than ever before she felt her age but she could only guess that was mostly in her head. She rearranged her glasses and brushed her mane. She smiled, then played with the edges. She had to get her smile just right after all. There were expectations of a Mayor and she had ensured over the years that she met, then exceeded all of them. It wasn't just what you could behind a desk or what your feelings on your constituents- it was whether they could look at you and see you as their Mayor. Accept you as somepony they could trust, their deed and mannerism alike. She had succeeded at that for years and would continue to do so until the terminus of her career. It was time for the town hall meeting. It was a monthly bit of business by nature though many an emergency session had been called. It was often times a quiet affair, some speakers would take the podium, ponies would be allowed to come up and bring issues to the forefront of the Mayor and the town as a whole. She was the only official who was answerable to the public so that put the onus on her to handle all the matters that were brought before the town. She assembled a good staff and went the extra mile to ensure she did the best she could. She couldn't do everything but she rarely had a pony who was upset with her. Her efforts had been rewarded with every smile that greeted her and watching the town grow under her care. It had been a wonderful career, and it was those memories that kept her focused as she trotted out into the office and then in a few minutes out into the main foyer of the town hall, to a smattering of appreciative hoof stomping. "Good evening, mares and gentlcolts, and welcome to the first town hall meeting of the new year. A few small items on today's agenda to start! First off, congratulations to Miss Cheerilee and all the students at Ponyville Elementary for being awarded the Equestrian Heartland Educational Achievement Star for a third year running. Thanks to your efforts, the future of our town is as bright as ever!" She started off, stomping her hooves in approval. Those gathered followed suit and a cascade of applause, well deserved, rounded the room and quieted down in due time. "Next, thanks to our recent fundraising efforts, we met our goal for funding a new shelter for the less fortunate in record time. Naming and staffing will be announced at a later date," she said to several appreciative cheers. Ponyville was always a very giving town and she never felt as if she needed to cajole the money out of them for deeds of greater import. Even during emergencies, all it took was a simple visit with her leading citizens to solve the problem. The blessings had all been hers over the years, she realized, and she hoped she had never taken them for granted. She took a deep breath and then looked up at her townsponies, taking a moment to collect herself before she continued. Okay, here it goes... "I do have an announcement to make, one that is not on the docket," she cleared her throat and took a second longer to regain herself. "It has been an honor and a privilege being the mayor of this fine town for many years. I have seen it grow from a small town to a burgeoning, growing home for so many. There have been many challenges and just as often there have been solutions, and I have enjoyed both in my time here. But the time has come for me to move on. The time has come for Ponyville to move on. And so, at the end of this year, I will be resigning as Mayor of Ponyville." Gasps. For most of the ponies in town she was likely the only Mayor they had ever known. Recall campaigns were the only way to remove a Mayor from office once elected- that or royal control. The idea of losing Mayor Mare to many was likely something of a shock. "We will be running an election to select my replacement. As you can see, we have a candidate signup sheet that will be open until the end of the month," she pointed at a smaller podium off to the side with her aide Raven, who waved happily. Ponies were welcome to toss their hats and hooves in the ring as long as they signed up. "I will be revealing further information as to how the election will be run at a later date," she finished with a heavy sigh, readjusting her glasses. Luckily the rush to get the speech out allowed her to maintain her composure, or at least most of it. "...So, yes. That is my big announcement. On to the next order of business- an open podium to our fellow townsponies!" ---------------------- OOC Rules: 1- If you want to signup to run for Mayor, feel free. You have to be an adult and live in Ponyville, at least after election. 2- Signups run last until the end of the month of February. More will be revealed then! 3- You may react to the announcement, take the podium to talk about some new topic, or otherwise do as you will within the confines of a town meeting.
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    Tiger hummed slightly at the reaction to his words. Seemed the mare didn’t appreciate the compliment, oh well. At least the stallion kind of had a response to him aside from dirty looks. “Just as well, I don’t think I could handle being around all those high-society ponies all the time. Guess that’s what happens when you grow up in a small Hesperian town.” He shrugged, focusing more on Feng since the mare didn’t even deign to speak to him. “Oh well, my current job is better anyways, I get to talk to the normal ponies and get into fights. Either to break them up or draw them towards me so they can blow off steam, usually. Fighting dragons is fun too, when I get the chance.” Tiger smiled to himself as he spoke, not really paying attention to what the two were whispering to each other. Not like he had been trying to eavesdrop earlier, but sometimes you can’t really help it. “Anyways, my point was you should enjoy life while you have it, and hopefully make it better for others in the process. Who knows when your time is up? Sorry for the unwanted compliments, didn’t think about how it must’ve felt to get them from an unknown pony.” He added, directing the apology mostly towards the mare, since she had the worse reaction to them.
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    Heeeeeeeeeeeey all. Decided to try this out again since I've had a grand ol time drawing other's OCs. I have some sample art below! 1 slot per person and I'll start out with 3 slots. Willing to work from descriptions! Oh! And tell me a little about your OC or just link their profile! I just need to know what they're like to help get my ideas together. Thanks for the interest! 1. Yù Yuè and Fēng Yīnhǎitāo 2. Reckless 3. Blazing Thunder Samples:
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    So... it seemed that the Crystal Empire as a travel destination still needed a bit of rehabilitation work. Being remote plus an invasion site didn't do much for the tourist board, and Shining Armor felt more than most ponies the sting of having one's home ill-defended. Not something he felt like contemplating right now, with his daughter back home. It was all to easy for a father to spiral into a series of worries, which would only drag Cady, then the whole evening down with them. Shaking his head, he tried to cut these off at the stem, and was quite grateful to Swift for re-directing their attention. "Ah, so they are! I haven't heard anything, and I would think Twilight would write me if two of her best friends were getting married to each other. She did write to me about their son. Even tried to set up a playdate with Flurry for little... Zap, I think it was? I wonder if we could still manage that?" Now freed to roam, Shining noted that the two Elements were not the only couple in sight. Of course, with so many guards bringing in a plus one, it was only natural that relationships would either begin or continue. Smiling, he could only imagine how his wife was feeling now right now, in an atmosphere of love... "Let's see now, I think I see the beginning of something beautiful over there, Cady." He pointed the pink Princess towards where Aegis was meeting up with Reckless. Couple-spotting was among one of their favorite things to do together. "Not to mention, there's probably a good story over there." He pointed out where Sparkles and Licorice were sitting. "In fact, the only one I see alone is... oh dear, one of mine." He pointed out Aquamarine, recongizing the signature on her regalia marking her as part of the Crystal guard."
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    Security hadn't given anypony any slack, and even though Swift Squall had been able to get his cases into the event, they had been THOROUGHLY searched and nearly confiscated. Other staff too were busily doing their various jobs. Wait staff had approached the now empty table where Aquamarine and her cohort had been seated and left a card and a small silver bell they could use to alert staffers they were ready to order, as well as the table where Heart Shield had been seated. The tan-coloured unicorn nearest Heart Shield bowed and said "Ah, yes. The pasta al nero was an excellent choice. We recommend the tomato basil soup beforehand, though of course the gentlecolt is welcome to whichever first course he wishes." which was an offer one of his tablemates took up. A piping hot bowl of the thick soup was promptly and smoothly laid before her, just as others at the table were when the orders were placed. In fact, in the entire ballroom floor, only one pony seemed not to have a job already that he was busy doing. An elderly stallion of indeterminate race wearing the full Parade Dress version of the defunct Solar Guard. It covered the top of his head with an elaborately plumed helmet, and his back and shoulders with a formal cape, all in shades of orange and gold. A small card was levitated to him from a tube that lead downstairs, and the stallion cleared his throat and performed the one function still reserved for that ancient order. The one dread job he could possibly be there to do. "PRESENTING!" he declared in a voice loud and clear enough to be heard over the orchestra without magic "HIS EMINENCE, ROYAL CONSORT AND SOMETIME CAPTAIN OF THE ROYAL GUARD, COMMANDER SHINING ARMOR OF THE CRYSTAL GUARD!" he was a herald. "HE IS ACCOMPANIED THIS NIGHT BY HER AMOROUS RADIANCE, KEEPER OF THE CRYSTAL HEART, VANQUISHER OF DREAD CHRYSALIS, AND DISPELLER OF FALSE KINGS, MI AMORE CADENZA, PRINCESS OF LOVE AND LADY REGENT OF THE CRYSTAL EMPIRE!" The stallion hadn't even taken a breath, but once he was done he just sat back down and pulled out a newspaper. He'd done this bit twice already tonight when Fire Walker and the main Royal Guard's commanders had shown up as well, though their cards had been shorter. Much shorter. Even the conductor of the orchestra had been impressed by the herald's lung capacity. Aquamarine Gleam, who had been at the edge of the ballroom when she heard her commanding officer's arrival announcement, quickly ducked into a particularly thick knot of ponies and tucked the errant curl of her mane back into its updo. It promptly fell back out again, and she didn't have time or a mirror to spend adjusting it back into position. She adopted the haughtiest expression she could muster and did her absolute best not to be recognized in this outfit.
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    He wondered what this class was about as well. As much as he would like to believe everything he had told himself in his head regarding claw to hoof combat he doubted it would be anything like that. Probably something to do with Empathy or some other pesonal virtue that wasn't somehow covered by the others. Sometimes he felt like the Elements tended to overlap with one another but he guessed that was kind of the point? All of the Professors embodied all of the Elements to some degree, they just exemplified one more than the others. But that didn't mean somepony couldn't come by and make a big deal about some specific part of something that showcased a thing or whatever. He didn't know what it was or what it was going to be, but he was sure it'd be fine in the end. It always was with the ponies, and it was kind of infuriating. "I don't know, but hopefully the defense part means...I dunno, fighting? I kind of want to see what ponies think fighting looks like. The ones who aren't Guards, anyway. But probably not. One bit says it'll be about emotional defense though. You on?" He challenged Yona to a bet, leaning in with hungry eyes. Nothing better than betting a Yak. They won, it was fine. Lost? Liable to make a friend for life or see them smash. It was great either way. Same with Smolder. He liked her. She was fun to be around. Whether they were teasing one another or being a bit mre serious, he sometimes felt like Smolder was the only one who operated on a similar wavelength. A little aggression, a little rough around the edges, but both were pretty cool cats/dragons when it came down to it. Not that he'd ever admit it. Dragons hoarded more than gold and Smolder's ego didn't need the additional massaging. He nodded. That was enough. Finally their professor walked in. Fiery looking unicorn with a broad smile and a killer mane. Where did they get all these color combinations from? It was like an entire species made up of crayon and creativity. She had a certain flint to her voice too- she sounded older than the other Professors. Not terribly so, but...mature. Gallus dug it. She revealed her name was Sunset Shimmer and that she had also been a pupil of the soon to be former Princess Celestia. Huh. They were multiplying. She also seemed aware of her relative obscurity. Well, at least she was self-aware and not another Professor Dash. Gallus raised his claw. "Hey, Professor. First off, I'm Gallus. Good to meet you. You should know that they don't give us homework usually. My question is: Who are you?"
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