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    If anyone wishes to talk to PyroBlaze, his new address is now the moon. He was banished forever. Sorry.
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    Ah yeah, I remember the good ole' days when hippocampi swam about freely. Nowadays, you got those obnoxious hippogriffs who masquerade as so-called "sea ponies". These guys will always be the true sea ponies in our hearts.
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    *pushes his sharkpone king towards her*
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    Super cool lightening tail! Great work!
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    He looks awesome! Great work!
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    Never skip...uhhh. whatever-the-day-he-did-to-buff-himself!
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    Oh my goodness! Such a great design
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    Love this emerald cutie
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    Those lil' fangs! I suppose they're a reference to the musk deer?
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    If you're doing WoE throwback art, do a peryton next, please.
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    I love her expression! Great job!
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    Beautiful design! I love how you do changling eyes!
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    You've got quite a talent! I love the eyes on this, incredible!
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    I love her! And Feng should love her! But he's an idiot in several important life areas!
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    So cute! Love her coloring, her expression, and her tail!!
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    Oddly enough, she is a smooth jazz type musician.
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    Your ponies are fantastic! Keep the art coming!
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    All very adorable. You will kill us all! Names? Using Blueberry terms. Big guy could be Duke. The gal on the bottom left? Brightwell?
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    Aw! Perfect colors! 😊
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    Woah! She’s gorgeous!
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    Oooooh, I really like her design! she have a name?
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    Adorable as always.
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    So pretty!! Love this design!
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    Nice to see Twily is still sparkling as ever.
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    *urge to snuggle intensifies*
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    Very cool work! I just recommend you to use some kind of shadow, cause the tail is mixed with the legs due to the same color.
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    Still best pony
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    Truly this is the most legit piece of fan art that's ever been uploaded onto Canterlot. Kudos my friend... kudos.
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