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    If anyone wishes to talk to PyroBlaze, his new address is now the moon. He was banished forever. Sorry.
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    Ah yeah, I remember the good ole' days when hippocampi swam about freely. Nowadays, you got those obnoxious hippogriffs who masquerade as so-called "sea ponies". These guys will always be the true sea ponies in our hearts.
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    Hrm, how long before Glitter is trying this on Temmy.
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    Us sun pones always stick together, cuz we're family!
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    Such a sexy stallion
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    Sunset: "Yeaaaaah, how about no?"
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    What a cute little pony
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    I was unaware press could look.... Cuter!
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    *pushes his sharkpone king towards her*
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    Just because she's not in the mane 6 doesn't mean that she aint got no tricks.
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    She looks more 'round' in that art-style..... .........Swift isn't exactly....displeased with this.
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    Squall: "Thank you Sir, can I have another?" He wants that 'sass' all week long!
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    So.......Jack took Squall's line about multiplying seriously I see.....
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    I love seeing my Remington drawn <3
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    This is #29 in today's drawfriend on EQD! https://www.equestriadaily.com/2020/04/drawfriend-stuff-pony-art-gallery-3320.html?m=1
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    Looks great! My first thought was it was a FE: Three Houses uniform.
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    My Morianna Razorclaw would definitely be the sort of House Lannister gal, haha.
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    Looks awesome! Great job!
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    Expect more armor ponies soon, with weaponry included, this one was really fun!
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    Awesome Dashie!
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    *slides Sunrise over*
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    you are on a roll with all this art!
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    Very nice pony!
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    Looks like a fun time! Great work!
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    Hmmm have to ask Dubby. Shes a performer but not sure if she emulates more than Trixie's stage skills. I agree the cuffs are the perfect rpunding out to this character's design. I had fun drawing her!
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    Does she emulates her idol's habits, I wonder? Also, those cuffs. They really bring the design together. She looks like 'rated E' pony equivalent to Zattana!
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    Hou: "<eyes Sunset> Nice soul you have there...."
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    Looks awesome! Looks like money well spent on that comm!
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    Oh my goodness! Such a great design
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    Love this emerald cutie
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    Those lil' fangs! I suppose they're a reference to the musk deer?
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    If you're doing WoE throwback art, do a peryton next, please.
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    I love her expression! Great job!
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    Beautiful design! I love how you do changling eyes!
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    You've got quite a talent! I love the eyes on this, incredible!
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    I love her! And Feng should love her! But he's an idiot in several important life areas!
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    Oddly enough, she is a smooth jazz type musician.
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    And the more that she thought of this Whole Breakfast crop The more toaster thought, “I must make this all stop!” “Why, for fifty-three days I’ve put up with it now!” “I MUST stop this non-toast from coming! But HOW?” Then she got an idea! A toasty idea! The toaster got wonderful, crunchy ideas! “I know just what to make!” The toast laughed in her slots. And she made a quick check for her 'lectrical plot. And she chuckled, and clucked, “What a great toasty treat!” “With these egg-os and breads, that cerea'll be beat” “All I need is a socket…” The Toast looked around. But, since electrics are scarce, there was none to be found.
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