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    From the album: The Character Corner (Color!)

    In the magitech hotbed that is the city of Polohame. There have been occasional sightings of a mysterious yokai popping up across the city. Strangely enough these reports tend to fade into obscurity as quickly as they come and rarely make it out of the city. Sightings describe an Okami with a long mane and tail that gives off wisps of light and plasma not unlike the neon signs scattered across the districts. While it may have a habit of occasionally scaring the ponies who may have come across it... None of them have ever been injured. If somepony comes across this creature it would be wise not to try and take any pictures. Or else they may find them stalked by Polohama's Neon Demon. (Seriously, though. I think I FINALLY settled on a look for Toboe that I can stick with. Working on a new Pony form too."
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    From the album: The Character Corner (Color!)

    A not as secretive yokai who has been popping up all over the east, Hogo-sha is a traveling wolf who has been challenging various dojos across neihgpon and seeking challenges in other lands (depending on which, as a diamond dog)
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    From the album: The Character Corner (Color!)

    For a little over forty years, the city of Polohama has seen a great deal of prosperity. The Hiretsuna clan's current boss having proven a strangley stabilizing force for the community of the city and some of suburbs around it. Toboe is known as the adoptive daughter of the previous clan leader and several years ago took charge of the clan with his blessing. Since taking the reins of the organization, she has run many initiatives to improve the quality of life for many of Polohama's citizens. Those in her family operate openly and maintain friendly relations with the public. Rumor has it she has put the mysterious yokai that roams Polohama under her employ... although such speculation is obviously silly.
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    A terrible drawing of my newest oc Lockhart Thunder. I'm not good at doing the whole body, so i just drew his head I guess practice makes perfect, right?
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    From the album: The Character Corner (Color!)

    "Long, Long ago in Long Guo there was a beautiful queen and a Handsome Emperor. These rulers would protect and watch over the prosperity of the land for years to come. One day, The dynasty held a great feast for the greatest of their servants. Word of this great banquet reached all across the east and to the ears of devious fox from over the seas. This nasty beast concocted a scheme. On the way to dinner, the empress was spirited away and her likeness worn by the eight tailed beast. Throughout the banquet, the clever emperor noticed a strange dip in his wife's manners. His suspicions rose until he made a request for a particularly spicy dish to be served. The shock of the hot meal and powerful spices jolted the monster fox out of her guise. Thanks to the great spiritual advisor of the harmonious path, she was bound and captured and sealed away in a deep dark forest... Never to be seen again." --Excerpt from stories of the Early Feng Dynasty: The Foiled Fox. Let's Hope this strange creature is never set loose upon the Royal family again!