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    Yama was always eager to meet new creatures himself so as soon as Silverstream zipped back over to him he mirrored her words with perfect intonation. "I'm a w--- I'm a Kirin! From the eastern lands of Neighpon! I've never gotten to meet a bird um... pony?" The stallion paused a moment to ponitficate what exactly made a pony a pony (one of life's deepest philosophical queries) but then perked back up and bowed his head in greeting. "I'm Yamakara no Ongaku! Means "music of the mountains" back home but my friends all call me 'Yama' for short! It's nice to meet you and it wouldn't bother me if you played a kirin!" Him not actually being a kirin probably made that call so much easier to make. Gallus' little "Hey." managed to catch Yama's attention very easily, "Hey there! Nice to meet you, stranger!" Yama didn't say anything, but watched as the peppy Hippogriff shared a couple words with the griffin. His brow arched a moment and his eyes widened when he saw the blue birdcat fluff up and took note of him catching his breath. A small smile came to his face as Gallus stumbled through a response to SIlverstream's question. Yama was not a stallion who was good at concealing his feelings so his gleeful smile as his eyes bounced between the two feathery friends might seem a little out of place. Realizing that this thing between the two of them probably couldn't benefit from his excitement right now he brought his attention back to the game... then made his way over to the table across from the orange dragon. He gave Smolder a cheery smile and wave from across the table, "Hey there! I like your horns! Maybe one day I can grow mine to be as long and shiny too!" Was that an insensitive thing to say? Yama hadn't met many dragons but from the stories he heard they sounded really cool if a bit rough around the edges when it came to friendliness. But he came from a family where play wrestling was common. Had to be tough to live on the mountains after all! Oh! Was that common ground for them? He heard Dragons often lived among mountain peaks...maybe that could be a conversation topic later! Hearing Smolder elaborate on her character and the spells she'd use he grinned, "Thanks for making my job a little easier! I'm gonna bring in a cleric character I made a loooooooooooong time ago." The stallion took in a deep breath and exhaled some wisps of green flames... although they didn't set fire to the table. Instead they picked up a pencil and drew out a simple but decent doodle of a dragon in what seemed like to be clerical vestments and holding a hammer. "Her name's Lamplight and she's a a good natured dragon whose left her homeland in the far mountains to spread the word of her faith mostly through healing but other times by smashing if the need arrives." He looked up to smolder, "When i first made her up I actually pictured her around your size! She didn't turn out as cool looking as you did I think." "Thanks again for the seat and sheats, Miss Yona! I do have some questions though? Are the racials and stats for dragons in the game still the same as I remember?" The stallion scoured his brain for the text he recalled reading all that time ago, "If I remember right was like a plus one to physical and magic for every ten gold pieces on you? Having to role for constitution every turn when battle is going on around those red and orange trees? The ability to fly a short distance?" To any of those familiar with the game some of these might sound familiar to varying degrees... but the odd thing was that the bonuses he listed were from an older edition of the game. About at least forty years old. Maybe his first game was just with a really old set. Sure. That's it.
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    "Alright, so I'm definitely being a Paladin then," He said as he started to build the rest of his character. "I played the game a while ago, but like I said, that was a while ago. I haven't really read through the recent rules thoroughly, so as far as I know, I'm basically on par with everyone else." He probably sounded really modest, but it was kind of true. After some deliberation, SandBar decided that his Paladin would be a minotaur. He thought that the race best fit the role while not being a pony. A big tall stance to protect others, and with dextrous hands to hold equipment. Minotaur's weren't very fast creatures so there would be some penalties there, but it wouldn't be his key strengths anyway. Minotaur's were normally an isolationist species, so a Minotaur to be away from their group would be quite deviant. Maybe, their tribe doesn't exist anymore. That's probably why they became a Paladin in the first place. What about a name? The only minotaur name he really knew was from his teacher's recollections of one named 'Iron Will'. It didn't sound like his actual name, so he bet that their names were short and probably didn't need to make sense, kind of like Yaks. Why waste time on meanings? Maybe... Marcol. Yeah, he guessed that would work. While he was thinking of his character, two more creatures walked into the room. Silverstream and... no wait, that wasn't Ocellus. Unless it was, but wasn't Ocellus supposed to be doing something around now? No, it wasn't Ocellus. It was somecreature he had never met before, and he was uncertain of their species. It didn't really matter to him though. In her trademarked excitement, SilverStream marked this game as the best, although he knew for a fact that there was no way she could have played this game before. "Hey Silver, it really is a good game, if you can get a Good GM and can understand the rules good enough." So Smolder was playing a wizard as her character. Quite the contrast against herself, but he guessed that was kind of the point. If he put the same treatment on himself then he would probably be a dragon Barbarian or something, but it wasn't really something he felt like playing. He didn't want to force himself to not have fun. "Hey, you don't really have to worry about that Smolder. No one will be dying when I'm around." It would probably be him that died first, knowing his nature. "Alright, so my character is Marcol the Paladin Minotaur. He is the sole survivor from his tribe and rather than risk trying to join one of the other tribes at the thought that he could be seen as abandoning his original tribe, he decided to adventure out to try and help other creatures," he explained his character's simple backstory. "He doesn't get spells until level 2 so I haven't really thought of what I could use, although Lay on Hands is a pretty cool action. If Smolder is going to go support, then maybe I can focus more on Divine Smite, Although I kind of want to go defensive with Oath of the Ancient and Protection." He hadn't drawn his character yet, Minotaur's were differently shaped then ponies so he didn't really want to attempt it yet.
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    The young dragon ran her claws through a few pages of the handbook’s ‘character creation’ rules. She decided against using any of the characters that had been left in the book. She would make her own. And since the whole idea of playing Ogres & Oubliettes was to play a character different than the player. She was mighty dragon! She could fly and breathe fire and had sturdy scales. She needed to go opposite! Her eyes briefly fell upon Sandbar as he entered the room....Ideas formed in her head, and note-pad. She would play a little pony! A elf-unicorn*! Powerful in magic, but weak as the local diner's coffee. She would need a strong character to hide behind. And a familiar....Every good wizard needs one....She pictured an dumb bright blue kitty who she would call....Gall? Luss? Lucy...Yes, she will be named Lucy. Lucy the dumb blue cat. She was dropped on her head at an early age, and while she was dumb as a rock, she was really good at following her master's commands. And if necessary, she could be thrown at the group's foes for 1d4 damage. And her wizard would be an evoker. As she was going to 'voke' some monsters up real voking good. As she doodled in her pad, a rather unique looking fellow entered the room. He almost looked like a half-dragon, half-pony! Was that possible? She tried not to think of such things..Maybe he was an 'Kirin'? Professor Fluttershy mentioned something about a race of unique people she and Professor Applejack discovered in an placed called 'Kirin Grove'. Peaceful creatures who turned into fiery rage-monsters known as 'Nirik' when angered. Imagine playing an Kirin pyro-mancer? That would be fun, but Kirin have to be mad to go from lame to awesome and there were intelligence penalties for doing so and also fire spells kind of stunk in O&O as every other monster was immune to fire based spells. Buh. Sometimes when Ocellus was in one of her moods, she liked to shift into something..unique. She would have learned about the Kirin with the others during Fluttershy's class. Apparently Silverstream was asleep during that class. And speaking of the her....Instead of a can of ‘Hoot’n’Holler’n Jump'n Joy'Juice’, it would be better that she had an bottle of water instead. The bouncy Hippogriff did not need caffeine and whatever Brominated vegetable oil was to get her 'Hoot'n and Holler'n. She was already that way. A nice bottle of 'Peaceful Grove' artesian, locally sourced gluten free water would be far more suitable. Smolder could not help but grin as Yona got into her role as the 'Game Master'. Yaks were usually stern faced creatures, but when they were happy, few species could match their giddiness. Oh sweet mother of Torch! If her family knew she was thinking of giddiness, they would disown her...Again! It was bad enough she couldn't stop looking at the Kirin as he was kind of cute. And then mostly hot when mad. Which was not bad. Unless he was Ocellus. Hmmm. An Barbarian Yak with exotic weapon proficiencies in an double-bladed axe. Now that would be deadly...Unless they were all stuffed into a small dungeon. Then that would suck. "Seriously bird-brain.", she glanced over at her beaky, cheeky friend. "Go with a double-bladed sword or axe. He could hold the hilt in his mouth and just charge into stuff while bezerking. Slashing at foes at both sides." He would even be deadlier with a support mage. Haste and strength spells would make 'Smasher' into an unstoppable juggernaut! But nobody wants to play a support character. They're boring and they don't get any glory. And then 'blue bird of sappiness' dared to mock her! "Apparently not easy enough for you to grasp.", she teased the cat-bird as she turned the invitation over. There was a crude drawing of an very happy Yak that was obviouslly supposed to be their host. Little pink hearts emerged from the yak's head as she bounced about in yakky-happyiness. Next to the sketch was the words BRING BEST FOOD! Would these imitation cheese-like puffs cause such an display from their O&O Overlord? Only time will tell. "I'm playing an elf-unicorn evoker named...", She had not though of a name! Crap! Ponies usually had silly names. Princess Shiny-Butt. Bubbles. Seawinkle. Tootsie. Ugh. Her eyes quickly scanned the room. Her character was a mage...That Kirin has a cute hinder..And bouncy girl is from the sea...Mag-Butt-Sea? "Majesty...she has a familiar named Lucy and while she normally sticks with combat spells, I'll give her a support or buff spell or two, so you dumb warrior types don't die right away." She looked rather pleased with herself as she showed off her character. Complete with an decently drawn orange mare clad in a wizard's robe and cap. She was accompanied by a somewhat familiar, derp eyed blue cat with stink lines coming from her mouth and a couple of swirly lines over her head. Smolder also made sure their 'Game-Master' got a good look at the sheet for approval.
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    Gallus was shameless. He didn't know much about roleplaying games but he knew he wanted to be good at them if he was going to so much as roll a single die today, so he had done some reading of the rules. Yaks were strong (not too smart) and Berserkers were good at dealing damage and all that seemed simple. More importantly, he knew who the GM was and wanted to get on her good side. Gallus knew Yona and knew what Yona liked, and that was Yaks- so it was easy enough to decide what he wanted to do. Some creatures might call it a shameless move and they were right, but Gallus wasn't above cheesing his way to victory. Besides, this was a cooperative thing. His cheesing was really more like the group's cheesing. They should thank him. "Good choice, right? I think that if anycreature could rock an adventure, it would be a Yak. So his name is Smasher, and he is a Yak Berserker who swings a big axe. Pretty cool right?" Gallus asked, showing off his poorly drawn picture. It worked because it worked. Gallus kept a smooth face on as Smolder came in. She was a cool customer when it came to what was considered more or less acceptable for self-respecting kittens, dragons, and otherwise to do and she didn't look like a dragon who had spent time reading the feat list for level one Berserkers. Not that he did...intentionally. She also brought all the snacks they would need. Neat. He had gained a few pounds since he had moved to the school and it felt like if there was one thing ponies had excelled at without debate it was in sugary snacks and leisure foods. He would partake, gladly. "Hey there Smolder. Good thinking on the snacks. I didn't know whether or not I was supposed to bring something...anyway, yeah, its pretty easy. Easy enough even for you to grasp," he said, sticking his tongue out churlishly. He liked kidding with his friends and with Smolder it was fun to be a bit rough. She didn't hold back, so why would he? Sandbar took his attention next. Good colt, good friend. Kind of the perfect representation of an Equestrian, wasn't he? He was always so understated and calm that it could be hard to remember that he knew more about what was going on than the rest of them. He also seemed to know a bit more about the game too than the rest of them. He wanted to recreate a character? Heh. He was having a hard enough time making a character, let alone recreating one. Good for Sandbar, and of course he'd be a Paladin, the goody-four shoes he was. "Nah, I'm a Berserker. You should be fine as a Paladin. You've played before?" He asked rhetorically. This would put him in the position of party leader. Was he ready for it? Likely. Sandbar could surprise a lot of creatures, especially himself. "Paladins do some cool stuff, right? What do you think Smolder would like to play?" He asked for the dragon's benefit. She'd never ask and sometimes you had to rip the bandaid off, but if anycreature could answer and help, it'd be Sandbar. And he could probably tell Gallus who the stranger was. Gallus was far past his grumpy, non-talkative stage but that didn't mean he would leap to meet anycreature new...especially ones that looked a little old to be playing in a game being played by students and ran by one. What was it they said- young in heart something something? Gallus looked at the stranger as it bounced and talked and generally just seemed rather excited to play. Whatever. The more the merrier? Seemed harmless enough. He also seemed to know a little bit about playing the game. Cool. Well, at least a growing number of them understood the concepts. "Hey," Gallus said laconically. Not distant, not rude, but definitely not very engaging. He didn't know this stranger yet. Keeping your cards close to the chest was a time-honored tactic. His claws stayed close to his chest as Silverstream came in, a single claw lazily playing with some of his chest feathers as she decided to spend all her time talking to and about the stranger. What was so interesting about the stranger? He wasn't so interesting. Not that she was wrong in saying there seemed to be like sixty versions of ponies. He was always told there were three, maybe four, but it seemed like the list grew and grew. She gave him an excited eye and after he remembered to breath and stop playing with his chest floof he smiled and then looked nervously away, back at his character sheet. When she asked whether she could play as the stranger though..."No! I mean, umm, pretty-pretty sure there are only certain options, hehehe, sorry. In the book, since- I leafed through it, you know, I was too busy- flying not...reading the books, you know, working on my wings. Because. I fly, you know."
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    The little beginnings of a smile on Yona's face quickly turned into a fully-fledged and beaming grin at the arrival of friends and, although the Ogres & Oubliettes rulebook made some mention about how they were players and she was the Game Master, Yona preferred to think of them as friend-players. Or player-friends. Either way, she promptly abandoned her spot behind the table to greet them all, because regardless of what the book said about roles and who had to do what, hospitality was important. And with what she had planned for the game, Yona wanted one last opportunity today to be herself, before unleashing menacing monsters, terrifying traps, plucky princesses and troves of treasure. The game required a yak who could stand firm. "Griffon! Not sure who else turn up. Yona invite everycreature," which was true, insofar as she had spent just about every available minute of the last few days leaving rather vague and cryptic notes about the game. And, just to be sure, she'd spread the message via word-of-mouth, which presumably Yona had taken to mean 'shout loudly about Ogres & Oubliettes to anyone who was unfortunate to stand still for long enough for her to shout at them'. She was about to say something about what the character Gallus had created was, but then she spied the masterpiece of a picture on his character sheet (there was no such thing as a terrible drawing of a yak, Yona considered, because by definition all drawings of a yak are the best), and so rather than whatever it was she was planning to say, she simply - and, unsurprisingly, loudly - exclaimed "ADVENTURE YAK!". The happy grin remained. If anything, it grew as Smolder arrived; she had brought snacks. While the rulebook did not make any mention whatsoever of snacks, the few ponies she'd spoken to about the game did seem to spend a lot of time talking about the importance of food. Food with mysterious names and equally mysterious ingredients. What was a huff puff? Didn't she see one of them in the list of monsters at the back of the rulebook? "It best game ever," Yona explained, sort of, as Smolder got herself settled, "Friends play and they explore scary dungeon! Fight monsters! And ribbons! And roll dice! Make characters and snacks and Yona hope everycrea-" The excitement that she'd been carrying with her for the last week threatened now to break free, in much the same way that a beaver's dam could only hold back so much water, as Sandbar arrived. Fortunately she'd moved most of the wooden furniture to the sides of the room, because at this rate, the young yak couldn't exactly be held responsible for any smashed furniture. The low table, now freshly laden with snacks, might be the first casualty of the game. "-all Yona! And pony not late. And ribbon important. And can play pal-adin," she'd stressed the part which seemed to be the most important, "or anything! Imagination best part of game! Pony can even be a yak like griffon. Like saying goes, one yak best, two yak best, three yak best, four yak best, five yak best, six yak best..." The arrival of Yama mercifully cut what may very well have been a very long saying short. It was one thing, and a wonderful thing at that, for Yona to see her friends from school getting themselves settled around the table. It was quite another thing, quite an exciting thing, to make a brand new friend with the help of the game. After he'd safely stowed away his strange instrument, Yona carefully trotted over to him and gestured back at the still intact table. "Everycreature welcome! Especially new friends. Even rusty new friends," Yona nodded enthusiastically. As she was entirely new to the game, she knew it'd be very helpful to have somecreature who was familiar with how the game was supposed to work at the table. Even though it stood to reason that she would be the best at running the game, the stakes felt that much higher now she had a new friend to impress. "Come sit. Yona got good cushions from all across school! Not as comfy as sleeping hay but less mess. And introduce self to friends!" Speaking of friends, another had arrived, and not only did Silverstream seemingly share her excitement for the game, she expressed it in a way that Yona could easily understand and appreciate. While there was a time and a place for subtlety amongst yaks, a loud proclamation of something - anything - being the best made things very clear. While Silverstream inspected Yama with her usual irrepressible curiosity, Yona carefully went back to her spot at the table, her hair brushing against the ground as she went. Once she'd successfully made it back to her own cushion, she addressed Silverstream properly. It was time, after all, to start trying to put her serious face on, even though she was still grinning uncontrollably. "Hippogriff can be anything! Even not a yak," she refrained from saying aloud that this would be a very strange thing to do, but she thought it loud enough that it wouldn't take some kind of mind-reading magic to pick that up, "but Yona think you should ask new friend. Yona happy if new friend happy. In fact, we make characters now! Or if have character ready, show it to everycreature! Starting... now!"
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    As much as Niilavin said that he admired the way in which Equestria gave dignity to the lower classes, he still had an insufficiently broad definition of those to whom dignity was to be afforded. Of course, it would take some pretty powerful juju on Prince Blueblood's part to overcome the natural hatred between dogs and cats, but for the sake of avoiding mass hysteria, something had to be done. "[Enough of that.]" Blue gave an ineffectual but symbolic bap between his sphinx's ears. "[You shouldn't let your irritations define your actions, that only lets them control you.]" Not exactly an order, so the magic might not compel Niil. But if discipline could be instilled, then the magic would be redundant. *I really ought to see about hiring an obedience school trainer...* Speaking of which, there were the dogs. "Apologies." He dipped his head to Hogo-sha. "He isn't quite... housebroken yet." Was that an unintentional slur to diamond dogs? Or... was Hogo-sha actually a diamond dog? A Changeling? No, they rarely adopted bipedal form. Perhaps a yokai? Was that still insulting? Gah, it was stressful being a diplomat. The anubis newcomer was only complicating the situation. Good grief, had the Prince brought home a nationalist? Shaking his head, and resolving to ignore Niil's little snit, Blueblood addressed the Saddle Arabian canine. "I heard little of his kind; he will grow larger in time, though that will be some years off, sphinxes being quite long-lived. Truth be told... I'm not sure if any yet living remain besides he. I freed him from a petrification curse when accompanying an archaeological dig; he was buried with the pharaoh that had ensorcelled him." He decided against revealing that the amulet was the source of said ensorcellment. Didn't seem like the safest policy to go about leaking that information. "By the way, I don't believe I ever caught your name...?"
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    Silverstream was a little dejected by Gallus' shortness on the validity of being about to play as a kirin in the game. But soon into his rant, she realize he was being a little presumptuous, and Silverstream swapped attention to the others before she could even muster the discipline to figure out why his blue feathers were so ruffled. Yona and Yama gave Silverstream the approval of being able to play a kirin. So she replied her intention. "Grrreat! I'll be a kirin and I'll be named..." Silverstream scratched her beak for a few fast seconds and then her eyes lit up with an idea. "Todd!" Silverstream took notice of the others who seemed more experienced with character creation. She didn't really know what she was doing, but she was ready to attempt blending into the setting by observing how others were making their case for their personas. Gallus was playing a berserker yak named Smasher, probably to gain favor from Yona. Smolder created what she said was an elf-unicorn evoker named Magesty who apparently had a pet. Sandbar was going with a paladin minotaur named Marcol. Yama brought an old character of his, a cleric dragon named Lamplight. While listening to all the characters, Silverstream became overwhelmed. She had no idea there was this much detail in creating characters for a game like this and that several of the others had their information prepared. She was a little lost. "So what are all these titles for? What would Todd's title be?"
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    The pink hippogriff slammed the door open after Yama walked into the room. As she hovered in the doorway she squealed. "Best game ever!" she flailed her claws a few times and then landed softly on the floor, folding her wings to her back, and quickly trotted over to where the others were. It was the usual gang, except for one creature, the one who came just before her. Silverstream immediately had flashbacks of the first day of school at the academy when she learned about so many different creatures she never knew existed. She zipped in front of Yama. "Hi! What are YOU?" Silverstream curiously looked around his features, noticing the subtle differences in his pelt texture, the lizard-like spots on his back, and his long flowing tail, just to name a few oddities. It made Silverstream smile. "I've never seen a pony like you before." She hung a talon on her chin and her eyes shrunk with astonishment. "It's like there are sixty different kinds of ponies!" Before Silverstream could take the time to listen, she was reminded of the reason she came. She was really excited about what Yona seemed to describe as a game involving imagination. She jumped towards Gallus and stood next to him. She gave him an excited eye, but did not say anything. Instead, she turned to Yona. "If we can pretend to be anything we want this game, can I be whatever he is?" Silverstream pointed towards Yama.
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    Ponyville was so interesting and there were so many generous souls filling it. Just from playing in the town square recently, Yama had been able to buy a big breakfast for himself and even a lunch! Food couldn't satisfy all his needs, though. He needed some recreation! What could he do in a town so generous as this? He could visit that apple farm and see if he could volunteer his services... but that dog of theirs might be a bit too curious about him. Maybe all of that Hullabaloo at that school could present an interesting opportunity. He'd paid his brother a visit the other day and he said something about a game of O and O being played. Yama had watched his brother play that game a couple times... and even joined in once! back when it first released (boy how long ago was that?) he played a cleric. Maybe this was the chance when he could play her again! Or maybe he could be a diamond dog rogue of somekind. The possibilities were endless! As the bouncing ball of blonde energy cantered through the hallways he noticed the distinct smell of yak coming from one of the doors! This must be the place! He remembered Yona from his time at the running of the leaves in the stands. One day had to see if he could get her to be the lead vocals for a band. Well, those were ideas for later. Now it was time to throw some dice! The second he popped his head in the door he noticed a couple fascinating knew faces! Hoping to make a good first impression, he hung his intrument on the coat-rack by the door with its strap. He dipped his head in greating in spoke up in his usual cheery register,"Hey there, Everyone! Is this really just welcoming anybody in to play? I'm a little rusty but I'd love to get a chance to roll some dice with all of you!"
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    Sandbar did a bit of Tabletop Roleplaying back in Seaward Shoals. An old stallion back there was into it and tried to drag him into it. He couldn't really get into it properly, it was a bit complicated even when they tried to dumb it down. However, that was back then and now he was certainly smarter and he was pretty sure that the newer versions were designed to be less complicated to get into. Of course, he couldn't remember much properly from the game, and he wasn't sure if the changes were drastic enough. He would probably be learning it completely again. He didn't need to give it much thought when deciding to join the game, it was clear how much Yona wanted to do it and he couldn't let her down. He couldn't let any of them down. Walking into the room, he saw that the place had basically been transformed. It wasn't meant to be a classroom anymore, it was more of like a blank slate. Perhaps to distract them from the educational mood and to put them more into the world of imagination. He would say it was a bit excessive, but he appreciated the amount of effort Yona put into this so he didn't say anything negative about it. "Hey guys, sorry if I'm late," he said before looking around. He was the fourth one there. On the other half of lateness but not the last one. "Guess I'm okay. Nice work on the place Yona. It was all you right?" He went over to the table and took a seat. "Those ribbons Yona, they're in theme right? Might give us a bit of a hint, although I'm not getting much of a complete idea yet." He pulled over a character sheet. He remembered his old character. A level four Paladin. That was all he made it up to before quitting back then. The GM was probably being nice back there with the Experience. Well, he kind of had to finish what he started, so his character here would also be a Paladin. He couldn't remember much else about the character. He didn't really care what his race was, so he would probably do that at the last second. "I still have to create- well, recreate my character from back then. None of you are Paladins right?" Not that he minded if any of the others were, he just wanted a bit of a diverse team.
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    The morning sun glistened in the newly awoken sky, shining it's gorgeous light down beneath to the ground. Though, the sky was cloudy, and the air was chilly. The sun seemed to be the only sign of warmth to the late winter air. Spring hadn't blossomed yet for the ponies, but it was a short distance away. The cold still nipped down on anypony who was outside. Soon, a cloud floated over towards the sun, blocking the sunlight's path onto the small piles of snow. The piles were speckled throughout the roads, half melted. There were more piles of water than snow. Golden Daze always noticed this when spring was coming up soon. Daze always noticed the little things in life, or more so nature. She likes to look down when she flies and observe the ground below. This morning though, she was a little more frantic to get her thoughts together. As so, the golden Pegasus zoomed all over her cloud-made room, making sure she had every little thing she needed before taking the train to the Crystal Empire. Daze was well prepared, certainly. She always packed her bags the night before, to have time that morning to get ready. She was just nervous. Her brain was still processing every second of her trip. Daze was still never fond of new places. She's never gone to the empire before, and she's never raced there. And this race was important. Extremely important. If she lost this race, her career could be over. Well, that's what she thought at least. In between panic attacks and hyperventilating, because she was extremely overdramatic for no reason, she double checked and rechecked the double checks to make sure she had all of her air sprinting items and extra blankets. The only thing she knew was that it was cold there, and she hates being cold, which is why she spent a whole ten minutes getting all of her winter gear and throwing it on herself. Her fuzzy hat, her fuzzy shoes, a fuzzy scarf, and her fuzzy sprinting team jacket. Lots of fuzzy things. And she packed a lot of other things, like snacks and her favorite pillow. She even brought some extra scarves and hats just in case somepony forgot anything. She was generous like that. Of course she brought a whole box of band aids too. Why? Because she's the most reckless flier ever, well, to get where she wanted. She'd try anything to make her dad happy. That comes with a cost. Lots and lots of scars. "Okay, Daze. You got everything?" she asked herself one more time, finally nodding her head in reassurance and grabbing her bags. The Pegasus flew out of her cloud house and towards the train station, trying to find a clock to look at the time. When she found one, she was relieved. "Girl, you got tons of time to chill out. Relax." Daze's raspy but feminine voice forced the word 'relax' out meaningfully, to actually make the word go through her head. "Just keep yourself warm, your muscles can't tighten for your really important, one in a life time race." Daze smoothly landed on the platform to the train, reading all the times to make sure she had the time right. In bold letters displayed 'The Crystal Empire', which happened to be the next train coming through. After a few minutes, the train was early. The conductor trotted out of the doors of the train, and loudly said, "Train to The Crystal Empire!" Daze flew up into the air with impatience from waiting, or just from the cold, with her bags, and glided into the train. The golden Pegasus then landed gently onto a chair, sitting right next to the window. Then she was lost in her thoughts. Every scenario played in her head at the big race. Winning, losing, making it to the big leagues. Daze's anxiety started itching all over her body. Her hooves started to tap the booth she was on frantically. Her wings opened slightly, to get some fresh air in them. She probably looked crazy, but this was a normal thing for her. Daze just needed to calm down.
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    To whom it may concern, I'll try and get some posts out tomorrow.
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    Man, it's been so long since I've actually posted anything-. Hey, call me White Feather/Feather. I've been on and off Canterlot for a few years but I was never even really active besides when I roleplayed. Anyway, I'm 18. I've got a lot of free time and I love to do art requests because I like to practice. I know I could just draw my own characters and all that, but it's kind of boring that way. Uhm, I do roleplay. I'm into fantasy/adventure/romance all that stuff so just hit me up if you're interested. If I like it enough, I'll definitely draw out a scene from our roleplay because rolepalys act as a muse for me so. Yeah. I'm real chill and I hope we chat soon lmao.
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    "When you're on a train, it's not just the destination you get to enjoy, but the actual ride itself." The griffon was on high alert during the conversation and was able to quickly remove something that had popped up In her noggin. She was about to say 'And you get to enjoy the ever changing scenery outside your cabin', but that would not be suitable at all! "Meet new people, and it's nice to simply sit and relax...And not worry yourself to death on what you've left behind." There wasn't really much she was leaving behind. All of her jobs were finished. She did rely on ol' Docket to receive her packages and water her plants. There would still be time later to find a gift for a wedding she would later attend. Maybe she would find something in the 'Empire', or even an idea on what to make the couple. Loose Cannon's cutie mark reminded her of the bride to be's marking. Flaming horse shoe....Flaming meteorite. The bird wondered if she gained her branding the same way her friend did. And that was by overcoming rather extreme difficulties. Zelda turned her attention to the fuzzy brown pegasus pony, "I'm actually a blacksmith, and I sculpt as a hobby, but it's usually wise to sketch out your projects before diving headfirst into them and waste materials." While she did not work on this particular skill as much as she should, the griffon had managed to gain a decent amount of skill with her sketches. Maybe she should move to Coltifornia and get an job as an caricature artist at 'Whinny World'. "I don't believe you have what I can call a 'bad side'.", the griffon chuckled as she finished her first sketch. This starred a rather sassy looking Loose Cannon..."I'm Zelda...Formally of Rockwington...Now Canterlot...Just taking an rather random little vacation to help refresh myself.."
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    The golden mare looked into the eyes of the other Pegasus as she talked, making Daze open up her mouth again to speak. "Ye-ah, I'm gonna be in it. It's a big one for me," she exclaimed, her voice cracking, "My actual uniform is in my bag, I just need to keep the 'ol bones and muscles warm. I'm trying not to die from the cold beforehoof, I can't mess this chance up." Daze sat up straighter, feeling more comfortable around this strangers. "And thanks, you look pretty athletic yourself," she added to Fiver, giving her a slight smirk. She was always one to give a compliment back. The way she grew up, she always felt the right to give somepony something in return so she didn't feel bad. "Are you racing too?" Daze looked over at the other two, as the earth pony talked. She seemed to talk a lot, but so did Daze. When she felt like talking, she always had a lot to say. Especially about nothing. The griffon asked a simple question, to which Daze tilted her head. "I mean, sure. Whatever floats your boat." She was kind of weirded out, just thinking about some creature drawing her for a reason she didn't know. But, the mare's eyes sparkled as she said, "Make sure you get my good side though, I don't want anypony missing out on this." Daze then struck a pose, trying to seem ridiculous and crack a smile of the others. She sat back down, thinking she was hilarious. It was good for her to get her mind off the race, otherwise she would freak out again. "I heard this trip is going to take a while." As she said that, the train huffed out some smoke and the train was heading through the train tracks, blasting out a toot. "Guess we're off then." Her yellow eyes looked out the window to see the world ahead of her fly past her face and behind her. The train was rickety and bumpy, but soothing at the same time. Daze focused on the sound of the wheels running over the tracks, keeping her mind steady and in control. The golden Pegasus began to play with her bandages on her arms as she looked outside, her heart racing from newly found excitement. Her ears flicked as she looked farther up at the cabins ahead of theirs's, seeing it shake ahead as the train huffed again. The mare turned back around to face the group. "Oh, my name is Golden Daze by the way," she suddenly said, smiling warmly at the others. All this talk and they hadn't introduced their names yet. So, Daze had to be the first to break the ice.
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    "Not much to be nervous about, Stranger. It's a nice place according to the brochure." She said as she held up the aforementioned item, "That fancy festival they have seems to have passed, but there's gonna be a big race when we arrive." She pulled her eyes up from the paper and looked over Daze's cold weather gear and smiled, "Are you gonna be racing in it? You've definitely got the build of an athlete." Seeing her fellow Pegasus passenger like this really took her back, when she was a recruit in the Wonderbolts she had that same nervous look meddled with excitement. The griffin turned out to be quite the skilled artist. When Zelda spoke up about the rest of the cabin being her sketch subject Fiver cracked a smile, "If I can get a look at the result I'm fine with it. Are you a professional sketch artist? Or do you do other types of work alongside it?" The earth pony with the salmon colored coat was especially talkative. Her interest in the culture of the crystal empire was something that caught Fiver's attention, That bit about not interested in the crystals was a tad eyebrow raising. Not so much that Fiver was terribly interested in their architecture or artifacts either, but she couldn't help but think it was odd to mention that specifically. That last question about it also drew the pegasus' attention too, "That's a good question actually... The empire doesn't really seem to fit the definition of an empire. Seems more like a king-- er princessdom maybe?"
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    "[There is one other major difference you are forgetting.]" Blueblood gently reminded Niilavin. "[Your old masters are dead, and we are not. If we say we are superior, that would inspire jealousy of our majesty; if we say we are equals, they see themselves in our majesty. It is wise to allow everypony as much dignity as one can, for if we strip it all away.... well, you remember what happened to your last master.]" That, Blueblood felt, was sufficient catfood for thought, and his sphinx could be safely left to chew on it as he addressed Hogo-sha. "Dignity is granted by how tall you stand, not how wide you rule." A wise, but not unmotivated saying; the Prince's rule not being particularly 'wide' as far as actual power went. "And Niilavin can understand common speech as well as you or I; it is simply that he is not always comfortable with using it. But that is a good question; how large can a sphinx get?" A good question, but again, not an unmotivated one. Right now it was feasible for Niil to live in Blueblood's back garden, if he didn't mind converting the rock patch into a litter box. But if he grew to legendary size? Canterlot could hardly hold up under him! The Prince's worries were compounded as the sphix confided further. "[What, you mean changelings?]" Blueblood still couldn't help that small tingle of fear down his spine, in spite of the fact that half the hive were now multicolored hippie bugs, and the other half were at least following a Chrysalis who was not pursuing an invasion plan. At least, she said she wasn't, being content to run a tropical resort that 'farmed' love. But was Blueblood wise to believe her? Probably not, actually, considering the Queen's known penchant for deception. His eyes scanned the crowd, then the roofs. A useless exercise, for a disguised foe. But, of course, it may all be a false alarm. After all, there were good changelings, and it wasn't only changelings that could shapeshift. Blueblood had met, and befriended, at least one Yokai. "[We are not hostile to all such populations, Niil. Some, yes, but not all. Don't cause panic yet.]"
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    “[You call them equals yet we come first. They are not peasants yet they pay cash onto us for the honor of living in are land and to work. Workers. Even in the grand city we saw at the coastline… with buildings so tall. They lived in small homes. The powerful lived in the grand, the equals below them in small homes. Packed like fish in a net. Smaller towns looked not so different from my time. More colors, different buildings… but so similar. And here. The heart of it all… sitting above them all in keep of white and gold, towering over the land so small below sits the leaders. I see nothing equal but the belief they all are equals. And for that I have nothing to give but my utter respect.]” Niilavin speaks in a calm but powerful way, his words flowing one in to the other with wisdom. It is hard to know if he really was or if it was just the power of his race to sound like they knew best to play with the minds of others. Sniffing the air some more he gazed back down at the dog speaking to his master… magic was in the air. Leaning down he looked at the dog more close. “[Master, we have skin changers in are shadow. I recommend slaying one rat before it is five. They bring nothing but troubles and steal from my… Are land. Food. goods. Servents. Nothing more than a rat stealing grain but let to many live and you will have no grain to eat.]”
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    Whenever she read a book, she always wondered to herself if her image of the descriptions in the book were close enough to the actual depictions that were supposedly on the cover of the book. Of course, colour was a weird concept to her, but there were still attributes that seemed to surround them. Of course, she was sure that the cover art was not actually entirely done by the author herself and as such the description in the book was sure to be more authentic to the author's mental image. Some thoughts that occurred in her when she started reading her novel was whether or not that Griffon over there was truly staring at her or not. It happened often when she read, ponies and such not being accustomed to the method of braille. Or maybe they figured out that she was blind? That was something that was sometimes a hit or miss. A pegasus mare came in shortly after her and she did not recognise her any more than the rest. The fact that they left her mostly alone instead of trying to greet her immediately was a sign that she was not supposed to know them and it was not a so-called 'brainfart'. She had to suppose that the pegasus was here for the same reason that the other one was, except they did not seem as well, nervous. Her reading was a bit distracted as she paid attention to the pegasus put away her stuff, a sharp sound echoing around the cabin that could be heard by the others if they did not instinctively flush it out. The calm pegasus was the first one to break the relative silence by starting the conversation. So it would seem that it was everyone's first time going to the Crystal Empire, if she understood the calm pegasus correctly. From the reply of the eccentric pegasus, it was clear to her now that they were actually nervous. Nervous probably about that supposed race? What was that word she had heard before, 'Nervouscited?" Quite the portmanteau. "Sure is my first time," She replied taking her attention away from her book. She probably wouldn't need it right now anymore so she put it to the side. "If you asked me a month ago, I would have said it would be crazy for me to go, but I decided that I'd probably go eventually and that time might as well be now. I'm mostly interested in the culture, not the crystals. Although at this point is it right to call it an empire?" She was nearly startled by the sound of the door closing, but her quick internal response stopped her from showing much of one externally. Maybe she wasn't as early as she thought? Or maybe there wasn't anypony waiting so they just decided to leave. Wouldn't be good for any latecomers so she decided on the first option. Ah right, so that Griffon was drawing. And now she was asking if she could sketch them. She personally didn't mind, but it had no real benefit towards herself. "Uh yeah sure I guess, I mean, you know, if you really want to. I mean it wasn't like I could really catch you out for doing it," She replied. She knew the Griffon was just asking out of courtesy. "How long do you think this trip is going to take? I'm not trying to sound bored already, but I've only got one book with me and it's kind of supposed to last me both ways."
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    The griffon looked up from her pad as she heard the arrival of another new passenger. This one was just as cute as the previous pony. But something about her....The eyes...They were rather milky looking, which probably meant the mare was blind. The sudden desire to feel bad for this poor little pony...Blind and alone...Who would take care of her? This was not a feeling she needed to have right now. The little pony was obviously far stronger than her handicap and even the loss of her eyesight could not keep her from doing things like anyone else. And being alone? She probably had the same reason the griffon had. Noisy friends! She loved her little pony pals ever so, but goodness gracious they loved to gab! Getting away from those silly fillies was a good idea! The blind mare spoke, but those words were meant only to reassure herself. She was here early. The train probably would not continue its trip for at least an half-hour. The griffon's eyes lingered on the new mare just long enough so she could see the book the pony pulled out. It had those odd little bumps ponies could learn to read by rubbing their hooves against. She had read somewhere that this had been originally developed to use during wartime when messages needed to be read without any light that would give away one's position. She was just about to return to her drawings when another passenger arrived. Could this be new passenger number one's sister? Both had similar coats and were very athletic looking. The newcomer was rather tall for a pony. She did not openly greet the mare or even intact as one would do with a sibling. Nope. They were strangers. This mare dared to spy upon the griffon's sketches! Soon she would feel her wraith for violating the black bird's personal space...Nah. Fiver would get a good look at a page of sassy dragon drawings. "Yep. First time visiting the old empire..." Thankfully things had been quiet as of lately. The poor residents had to endure for so long. That beast Sombra held the empire in his cruel hooves until he had to banish the entire lands along with its ponies to a void for over a thousand years! And even with its return, also brought the shadow pony back as well. He was defeated, but they still had more problems to deal with, including nearly losing the kingdom once more...To a grumpy foal? Ho-Boy. The griffon nearly bounced out of her chair the moment the door closed. That was quick! She could only assume there wasn't a good deal of passengers waiting for this train. While she was curious why the bandaged mare was so...anxious...Was it her business to ask? Maybe not, but she still had one question. "You gals don't mind if I sketch you during this trip?" All three were idea models....And if she couldn't sketch, the poor bird would probably doze off. And she hated to sleep while sitting up.
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    Daze's hooves were jumping with nerves. Every little detail caught her attention now as she stared blankly at the floor. The floor was newly swept, kind of shiny. So, she admired the hard work it probably took to clean it. It distracted the Pegasus, so it worked in calming her down. Along with the cool airs coming from the open cabin. The gentle breeze from the wind cooled her down, clearing her fragile mind. It wasn't long until another pony.. or creature came walking through the door. Daze didn't even get the chance to think about who was going to share a cabin with her. Obviously there would be others along with her. It was a long ride to the empire. Getting to think now, the green maned mare was kind of excited now to meet new individuals. The first one she saw was a black griffon, and she definitely caught her eye. Something seemed elegant about the griffon, and Daze was really fascinated. She saw the griffon give her a smile, and Daze smiled back politely. It would be rude otherwise to not smile back. Daze was a nice pony, sometimes. A moody, stubborn, nice pony. It was kind of awkward in the cabin, Daze and the griffon in their respective places in their seats. The Pegasus looked over at the griffon again, noticing her looking at a drawing pad. Daze shrugged, minding her own business, thinking about the race again. She honestly didn't think she was ready for the big stage yet. Tons and tons of ponies and other creatures were supposed to be there. She wondered the who was other competition, because it was no easy feat getting an invitation. Daze had to work her tail off to get to the arena. Her hard work did pay off though. Soon another came into the cabin, an earth pony who just seemed to mind her own business. Daze noticed her sit down and take out a book. The Pegasus just looked out the window again, lost in her thoughts. Then, another pony came through, a Pegasus who looked kind of familiar to Daze. Daze was no wonderbolt fanatic, she wasn't really interested in them. The other Pegasus just seemed to ring a bell to her. Probably something she learned in flight school. She remembers the teachers would go on and on about how many students graduated and became wonderbolts on their own times. It really just sounded like bragging more than teaching the amazing achievements the school had. Her old school was all about sports anyway, which was fine because Daze was really good at anything related to athleticism. After a long break of silence before the other Pegasus came in, Daze finally heard somepony say something. Her head turned around to look at the others, clearing her throat. "Yeah," she started in her raspy undertone, "It's definitely my first time goin’." She paused, with a small smirk, but her eyes were full of anxiousness. "I'm not nervous at all. Not at all," she said with sarcasm. Quickly the train door shut after the conductor called for one more chance, but nopony else came into the cabin. The train was going to be soon on it's way to the empire.
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    It was awfully nice for someone to invite Fiver to the racing event in the Crystal Empire. At first they floated the possibility she could be a judge, but by this time Fiver decided that her discernment had been somewhat impaired as of late. Thankfully, the organizer on the other end of the mail service understood and simply gave her some fairly nice stand to watch from. If she was being completely honest with herself, she really wasn't terribly interested in going: Especially if someone was only calling her in because of her wonderbolt status. She'd hoped the calls would have stopped by now. With how little she'd been going to the demonstrations lately, being forgotten about would have been preferable. In the end, she accepted the offer so already she was on her way. Making it to the station just in time to hear the conductor calling out for the late arriving passengers. With a short rush of wind she was already past the doors, ticket in hoof. "Thanks, Mister." She said almost reflexively as she started down the Hallway, "See you when you collect the tickets." Toting her luggage behind, her eyes bounced between each cabin numbers and the ticket in her hoof. The bag was fairly heavy, even for her. So many larger than average clothes for a larger than average flier. Her Saddle Arabian ancestry made her shopping in general pretty difficult thanks to her taller build. Finding winter clothes for the crystal empire was almost an ordeal by itself. Still, she found some and now they were packed up in the bag behind her. Maybe she should have taken up Mother's offer to make use of the tailor's back home but Fiver's pride hadn't fallen so far ... yet. Finally finding a matching number on her ticket, Fiver knocked a few times for courtesy and then opened up the door. She looked over the occupants already present and smiled. This was a varied group she'd stumbled in upon. A griffin, an Earth Pony, a pegasus. If she waited a little longer maybe a dragon could pop by. That green maned pegasus looked like she might just be about ready to explode with how much she was shaking... Must be nervous. The black griffin sketching away at her pad made her curious, but she managed to resist the urge to peek: She heard some artists were very touchy about being watched in the middle of a work in progress. Seeing a seat by the corner of the cabin, Fiver took it and carefully put her luggage in the proper compartment. "Okay..." Once that was done she slacked down into her seat with a sigh, "Um... This everyone's first trip to the empire?"
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    O and O post coming either tonight or tomorrow afternoon.
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    Hooves stomping to the drummer's beat, horns blaring and crowds screaming as steels clashed. The arenas of Saarvagerg were busy as ever as a larger crowd gathered around one of the smaller public arenas. It was a open arena, no real guidelines given. Just a free for all brawl zone to sort out troubles. That was until one cow arrived. For the past two hours she carved a path around the arena taking on everything in it with utter disregard for how many rushed her and yet she came out on top using nothing more than her hooves. The cheering was reaching deafening levels as she bucked a bull so hard he shot over the arena wall. All around her the deaten, many out cold or rolling in pain on the muddy floor. The cow was shorter than most caribou yet her strength bested many bulls bigger than her. Her frame mached her strength with clear muscle mass underneath her hide and fur that was ashy white. She had a black mane done up in a mohawk with purple highlights. Her eyes were a crisp ice blue with a long jagged scar over her right eye that looked like lighting built. She was wearing black platemail covered her more vital organs but left the rest wide open to cut down on weight in a “all or nothing” take on self defense. Her weapons were nothing more than her four hooves reinforced with some black steel to be used in blocking blows. Standing on top of a whimpering bull twice her size the cow looks up at the onlookers, grinning ear to ear. She was not even panting yet. Yet she did not speak. Not one word left her muzzle in all of the combat. She waves a hoof at the onlookers, than aimed it at her self, dearing more to come down and take her on as they chanted the name given to her by onlookers. Silent Lightning, given thanks to her face scar and utter lack of speaking. But this was no cow. She was tempest. Thanks to the magic of Masquerade and his one of a kind disguises she looked complenty like a caribou even up close. The custom outfit cost so much she had to lone Bits from Ice just to pay for it! AND was going to need to do some… ‘work’ for Masquerade on top of it. But it was all worth it. The magic and skill in its making masked her flawlessly. She was for all it was worth a full blooded caribou when inside of it. But one thing it can’t mask was her accent and lack luster understanding of the caribou language. Well she had what she needed too get by and understand most things speaking it was another story. So to cover her flank she pretend to be mute and let her acts speak for her. ((This RP contants tempest in a magic disguse bult by Masquerade, as such she looks like a female caribou. If you don't know about Masquerade or his costumes read his app! it's vary usefull. The only thing that knows tempest is here or owns that costume is Ice her self.))
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    With the training finally getting its start, Fiver relaxed a bit. She looked back to the Daze and smiled, "Well thanks. I try to keep myself in shape but for me I've done all I can so... I'll be sitting this one out and watching from the sidelines. " Fiver always liked seeing new athletes enter the scene, not just fliers but runners or even swimmers. Some might say she was too old be feeling so nostalgic, and maybe they were right. Still, she was content for the most part and willing to cheer on anyone with a dream to improve themselves. When Golden Daze spoke up her name, Fiver quickly answered with her own. "Khamsa Alriah. My friends call me 'Fiver'." The musings of Zelda brought another smile to Fiver's muzzle. A chance to relax and not worry about what was left behind was exactly what she'd been hoping for. Shame it was only to last as long as this ride. "It's a pleasure to meet you, Zelda. I'm a ... stunt flier more or less. Been a part of a good team for a while, but I'm thinking about exploring other options in time. I'm on my own little vacation for the same reasons as you are." Loose cannon sounded much more knowledgeable about the nature of governments than Fiver did. Just hearing words like principality took the Pegasus back to the days of schooling with her mother back in Saddle arabia. Scholars could be such a boar, strange neither her nor her brother took to knowledge in the same way her parent had. "Frankly I stopped thinking about how Equestria's government is run a long time ago. It seems as though things will be as they will be regardless of what I or others do."
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    Yeah, I'd love to see an year skip....The CMCs are teens.....Pound Cake and Pumpkin Cake are kids..And the main characters..Along with their friends. Or I just want a certain artist to finish her comic strip! I'd love to see another city. We already had an itty bitty village. Why not set it in the city?
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    (Continuation from "A night out") After casting her relaxation spell on Cain again, Night Breeze smiled softly as he seemed to be asleep. Folding her hooves close to her she sat there staring up at the stars for awhile taking in the natural beauty. After some time she began to drift off herself. Night Breeze had hope that she would be able to go back to her home to rest in her own bed, But she didn't just want to leave Cain out here all by himself asleep. With a yawn she lowed her head as closed her eyes, quickly drifting off to sleep. The night had passed like the cool breeze which swept through the trees every now an then. Stirring in her spot Night Breeze felt the warmth of the sun and the sounds of the birds once again. Opening her eyes again she sat up stretching herself. Looking off in the distance at Canterlot Night Breeze had to squint slightly to bring her eyes into focus after awaking. She noticed that the city had been teaming with life once more. It had seemed they where still where the two fell asleep at just near a single tree perched on a hill overlooking Canterlot. Standing up she yawned stretching herself once more as she wandered the hill a little bit looking around trying to loosen up her muscles. Wandering what she was going to do for the day she stared off in the distance. The sound of wildlife could be heard everywhere. Birds flew from tree to tree, chipmunks and squirrel scurried along looking for food as sounds of life filled the air again.
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    "As far as I know, It's just a single city, doesn't feel like much of a kingdom either. Maybe a Principality?" she mused towards the calm pegasus. "That's the word right? I don't know much of the independence of the Crystal Empire after its return." Her education from her mother was both a blessing and a curse. She knew more than she wanted to and it meant that the stuff she didn't know kind of hurt sometimes. She could totally become a scholar, but that wouldn't be very fun now would it? "The frozen North can be cold, but the Crystal Empire itself is shielded from its effects. Unless you're flying outside of the boundaries, then you won't have to worry about freezing yourself," she explained to the totally overprepared pegasus. "Unless you mean on the way there, in which I trust the heating of this train to stop us from freezing." "Yeah sure, it kind of is good to meet new people, but If I got back home and my house was on fire, I'd be very worried." There was only so much relaxing one could do before stuff would start to go wrong. "I hear that some get their kicks from just riding trains, like the destination is just a bonus to their trip, it's all about the special trains that they put out sometimes. Never ridden one of those before, just the regular ol' trains." When the train started moving, she thought for a moment. What if a train ride didn't feel like one, would that be a good thing or a bad thing. Impressive in the fact that they made it feel like a house, but then it didn't feel like a train so... "I heard some engineers are trying to make a really smooth train. You could basically live inside it all the time and just travel around. It sounds like it would be very expensive to produce and maintain though." "My bad side is my every side, so, really there is no bad side. So make sure you get my good side, which is also my bad side." Hah, let them try and process that. She tried to look serious about her request, but she really didn't care. She just talked a lot to fill the void in the silence. "My name is Loose Cannon, formally of Appleloosa, now Ponyville," She mused at the thought of titles. It was weird, especially hearing one from a Griffon. Was it a title, or was it just context? "That might be what it says on my birth certificate." Knowing her, someone might actually miss the joke and actually believe her. She didn't want to explain anything.
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    "Traveling? Is great coincidence! Flying Brick has no roof to call her own, and scarcely ever shares that of others. Save when it rains, then sharing commences! On note, would be grateful for sharing over the night, as rain is imminent." Indeed, the sea breeze was already carrying clouds from the vast ocean where weather pegasi did not patrol. The mare's spirits remained undampened by the threatened weather, however, sweeping up her half of bits with one sweeping bow. "And there is nice cafe three blocks down which piles on the stroganoff like Mount Canterhorn! You are following, da?" The question was directed at Toboe and Nensho, who seemed inclined to stick around, even as the crowd had dispersed back into the chattering, scattering masses.
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    Ruby grinned back, her tail swaying in time with the thumping rhythm. It was great, and she couldn't keep her smile down, especially as ponies passing by dropped coins in the slot on her table. She narrowed her eyes when she was told to play another song, and switched her records with a totally practiced maneuver, not at all thought up on the spot. She took two new records out of her case and spun them using her wings, before tossing the two on her table up with her hooves before slamming the new ones down. She then caught the old ones with her tail before tossing them to her wings to put back. It was surprisingly smooth, and she let out a small cheer for herself. She changed some of the settings on her table before leaping over herself, her headphones popping off as she started bobbing and moving to her own beats. Soon, she grew tired though and went back to playing music, most of the other musicians and dancers had already left by then, as most of the passerby and crowd had focused on her and the strange, exotic earth pony who could move. Finally, her stomach growled loud enough for her to hear it over her music and she started to pack it up. She'd made enough to get a nice meal and a hotel room for the night, so no sleeping in a tree for her tonight... After she got the table packed up and slung across her back, she smiled as she went up to the dancer. "That was AMAZING! I've never seen a pony move like that! And I've never heard a pony that sounds like you! It's so Cool! Wanna hang? I was going to go get some food." She said, offering a wing. Her spoke slightly fast paced, and it was clear she still had some energy to burn. She then remember something, and gasped slightly. "Oh, Ponyfeathers, I forgot. My name's Ruby!"
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    WHITE FEATHER SHE HAS WINGS JUST WANTED TO SHOW OFF THE CUTIE MARK Roleplay Type: World Of Equestria RP Full Name: White Feather Sex: Female Age: Young Mare Species: Pegasus Eye Colour: Rich Brown Chocolate Eyes Coat: White with hints of cream undertones, along with light creamy zebra stripes due to a genetic mutation. Mane/Tail: Her mane is long and delicate but often kept in a fancy updo, while her tail is usually flicking about. She is part-zebra after all. Her mane and tail are a rich pink with soft pink tones. Physique: Her body is light and delicate, but slightly lanky to give her a graceful willowy appearance. She is tall for a half-pony. Residence: Solistice Heights Occupation: Fashion Designer Cutie Mark: History: White Feather was born an only child to her two beloved parents Brute Stripe and his wife Ivory Wings inside their quaint, spacious home in Solistice Heights. Her mother was a fashion designer and her father worked as a royal guard. Due to being born so close to the woods, a young White Feather was always fluttering around on filly wings, introducing herself to the various animals that lived there. Her mother and father never worried. Though with the animals, she seemed to have a natural bond and due to spending so much time quiet and still she was able to observe so many details. One day she decided to preserve the memory of them, and brought her art book out with her paints. She watched, painting all that she saw. By the end of her masterpiece she was surrounded by her animal friends, and she'd blushed softly since they seemed very happy with her art, she scarcely noticed the cutie mark that appeared on her flank. It was a winged paintbrush, the paintbrush symbolizing her eye for detail and artistic nature, while the wings symbolized the graceful and quiet nature that let her get where other ponies could not. She had a slightly hard time making friends in school because of the fact that she was merely shy, but the ones she did make were long lasting and dear to her. After schooling, she got into fashion design instead of painting. Her strange and unique designs got her recognition from fashion designers all around. Due to so much alone time as a child White Feather is very quiet and very sensitive in nature, but this slowly changed as she grew. After a while, she grew less shy and grounded. Instead of breaking out into tears she tries to fix a problem immediately or discuss it so she can understand. Though shy in nature, White Feather never stands idly by and lets others be put down or bullied, especially for their differences since she's always felt a little bit like an oddball. She is a gentle soul with a strong will and her sunny outlook and cheery disposition will take her far one day.
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    “[Why do you think I am impressed at what you have done master? I did not say you must be like my old one. You played the game smarter and so did the twin queens. There are no equals but you made them believe it so.]” Niilavin says back. “[Something I am taking to heart, if I ever gain freedom I use this system… it seems to work well. The twin queens, if they are old as you told me, lasted so long using it.]” He flicked his ears, looking at the mutt talking more and waving some book at him… what was that even and how dare this dog wave it in his face? With a rather agitated hiss he raised a paw up smacked the book out of the dogs hand well he was distracted. “[Why do you allow such mutts to speak to me master!? Or allow one being a skin changer! Hostile or not, I will not let such vermen speak to me and flint papers under my nose.]” his words had a angry cat like hiss to them, cleary getting upset by growing bravery of the onlookers. Looking up at the roofs he spots the other dog… wonderfull. “[There are more of them? Uhg. Master, i deeply dislike how you will not allow me to hurt such things. But it is your will…]” He rolls his eyes but looked more at the odd dog… hold on… “[A world away and one of them is here? The mutt is from my land! Master, do tell him to go back, no need to follow my kin even more! Can us cats not have a land to are self?]” The big cat ruffeld it's wings and looks away, it's anger going way in to just sounding upset, allmost like a young colt not geting his way. "[And I will get much biger master, in time. I am young, but in time my power will grow and so will my size. One day I will be big as a pirde king... then I hope to be free.]"
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    The cow snorted at the block but did not even try to move away from his follow up. Taking it on her chest plate she leans to the side, forcing it to glance left where she meets it with a raised leg. In one fast movement she traps it between her leg and chest, locking it down for just a moment as she reared up and delivered a hoof to the dogs frowning muzzle well pulling the blade closer to force him to let go or take a hit on the face for the price of pulling his blade free. For her part, she was smiling now.
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    That saying gave the dog pause... the foreigner seemingly mulling it over before smiling up at the pony atop the sphinx, "Those are wise words, Sir." He said with a short bow, "I see now why you have the privilege of riding a top a sphinx." He wrinkled his muzzle in the presence of the big cat as it looked down upon him in spoke that curious language, "Sorry to say I can't understand your words, Nil-san. I do think you should consider growing past your reluctance to speak common tongue... some can find it rude if it becomes to often an occurrence." The dog fumbled his pockets for a moment before picking up a book labeled: Equestrian for beginners. "I had a hard enough time getting ponies comfortable around me looking like this... I can only imagine how rough it could be for you being the size of a small building." Hogo-sha proffered the book in the Sphinx's direction, "If the print is too small for you to read then perhaps your master can help you out?" Seeing how large the creature's paw was he thought for a moment, "Maybe I should just offer this to your master instead--" Something on the wind caught his attention... Was it bacon?! no, of course not. He was more than civilized enough to avoid a tantalizing scent like that. Instead it was something the smelled of Saddle Arabia. Hogo-sha turned towards the source of the scent and took note of a curious looking diamond dog on the rooftops. That little ankh hanging from his neck brought a smile to Hogo-sha's face. In a couple bounds, the black dog hopped from the nearby canopy to a roof in front of Nilaavin. Now he was eye to eye with Blueblood... and was easily able to see the dog nearby, to whom he waved offer. "Excuse me, Sir!" He called over, "You seem like you might have some knowledge of the prince's new servant. Perhaps you have some insight?"
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    Why the Crystal Empire? she thought to herself often over the past week. Besides it not really being an Empire, it was a city of crystals and gems, or at least they appeared to be, maybe they weren't really, she couldn't really tell. And as such begged the question as to why would she want to go to a place where she can't see the main attraction? Well, she had to remind herself that there was more to the destination than just its main attraction. The city was an ancient one, having been in stasis for essentially a thousand years, and that meant that a lot of its history occurred back then. Its culture could be considered a mix of ye olde times and modern Equestria. The most astonishing fact was that its mere existence is based on the power of all its citizens combined to protect the forces of the Frozen North, a force that as it seems, the ponies had not been able to fully tame for whatever reason that she doesn't know about. Maybe it's chaos magic, or maybe it's whatever magic is in the Everfree, is that chaos magic, or is it distinct? Thinking about magic hurt her mind. She was not supposed to think of such things. When Loose was planning her next potential journey for when she would be on leave, she had considered many different destinations, but one that she had overheard quite a lot was the Crystal Empire. She knew that she was going to get around to it eventually so she decided, why not now? Perhaps the most interesting part of the experience would be the train ride. The train went right through the desolate environment of the Frozen North so as far as she knew, the train was effectively the only way to get there and back safely. Except that didn't sound right at all, because who built that track? It was supposedly built before the stasis, but that just begs the bigger question of how is it still functioning? Ever since she started journeying big questions started to form into her mind, and they were too weird to think about. When she awoke that morning, her bags had already been packed from the night before. If her alarm was set correctly, then her internal clock which had developed over years of not really using physical clocks would be correct, she would make it over to the station and hopefully, would make it on board. No complications, she had done this a couple of times before and if she missed it, she could just give the booth manager a hard time. Nah she couldn't think that negative. She made it over to the station just in time to hear the conductor announce the train as hers. "Just made it," She whispered to herself. "Or maybe I'm early. Hmm." She smiled as she made it over to one of the cabins and trotted inside. Her ticket had been purchased the day before. If anything she totally could have left the day before, but she had missed the train, by a couple of hours. She bought the ticket early so she wouldn't have to deal with it now. When she was inside, she pulsed and noticed two individuals. A Pegasus mare and a Griffon. The Griffon appeared to be drawing... stuff, and the mare seemed a bit eccentric almost like she was extremely excited for something. Didn't Haste say there was something on, this week? Something about a race in the Crystal Empire? Maybe that mare had something to do with it. She didn't want to deal with any big reaction so she decided to ignore the mare for now. She made her way over to one of the seats and plopped herself down. Reaching into her bag, she pulled out her book: 'Daring Do and the Eternal Flower.' It was unfortunate that braille books were naturally larger than regular books so she could really only bother to bring one. Maybe the others in the cabin would strike up a conversation? With as long as this journey was supposed to be, she was expecting it to happen at some point
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    The griffon known as Zelda, opened up her eyes as the large beast of an train slowed down for its next stop. Where was she? Did it matter? This was not the Crystal Empire, so she was staying put for the moment. As she glanced around the cabin that had been her private domain, at least since the last stop, the black bird turned her attention back to her trusty notepad. There were an assortment of sketches she had created to pass the time during the rather lengthy journey. There were quick scribbles of a few passengers, including one of an obnoxiously beautiful dragon who had no issues posing for the artist. All of her perfectly shined scales gave the griffon ideas for a personal project. In the very old days, blacksmiths wouldn’t think twice about using real dragonscales in the armor, but not anymore. She could see using stainless steel chain mail with layers of metal scallops. Red and black to match the impressive creature's scales. Zelda also made sure to snatch a bit of personal information from the girl so they could meet up in the future. Her name was Simmer. Along with working the forge, the Canterlot resident also enjoyed a second career as an sculptor. She would see about creating something special with Simmer's help. This all could not help but make the cat smile. She had left Canterlot to travel to the Crystal Empire to be refreshed and inspired. The empire was filled with beautiful crystal homes and towers. The Crystal Ponies had shiny, gradient manes and tails, and those wonderful eyes! There were also an assortment of statues she really wanted to look at. These were statues of griffons, which was very unusual for a pony city. These were probably of the white griffons that lived not that far from the empire. A friend of hers has a brother who encountered a drift of the white griffons or as they called themselves, the 'Stormfast' during an adventure he had with a group of explorers. These white griffons all lived in an rather large tower, which had been built by their ancestors for one special purpose. They were to wait until the return of the empire that vanished. One could guess what empire they were waiting for. Pocket Change went into detail about the tower, and probably a little too into detail with his encounter with an female Stormfast Griffon that caught his fancy...Mental images the blacksmith had not wished to receive. As she ran her claws through her pictures, a sound caught her attention. She was going to have an cabin-buddy! Zelda turned her attention to the newcomer. Thankfully, it was just one pony. Not one adult with a dozen of bratty foals. Or even worse, a couple that would blather on for miles and miles. Or even try to convince the bird to leave her cabin so they could experience the 'Mile Long Club'. This was an rather attractive mare that even a few randomly placed bandages could not scar her beauty. The blacksmith always liked ponies with brown or yellowish coats. Be it your handsome Dunders or even sweet Prestezas...Those colors just seemed to work on the adorable equines. The griffon smiled politely at the new passenger, but did not say a word, as it would be rude to start jabbering as the girl was trying to get comfortable. If she wanted to talk, she would once she was ready. No need to push it. So for now, she continued to review her old sketches.
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    To start off, I want my first roleplay on here to be fun and extravagant. I absolutely adore adventure type roleplays, where a few characters go on to some far off, unfamiliar place and try to find something specific. Kind of like the Daring Do stories, or more like the episode "Dragon Shy" back in season 1. The plot I've been thinking about for a while was my character Golden Daze to have an important aerial meet (or a track meet, but for pegasi), in the Crystal Empire. But, on the train to the Crystal Empire, the train breaks down in the Frozen North. So, the adventure could be trying to fight through the harsh colds and snow while trying to find their way to the empire. Anyone can join! Please reply if you're interested! And if you have any other suggestions, I'm happy to hear them!
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    The Red Jarl's dissapointment radiated off of him. Here he was in the great Arena and what was he seeing? Failure. Weakness. The Caribou here lacked the skill of their forefathers. Their sirement spoke proudly of them, but their warm blood ran feebly and steamed the cold ground in an unworthy fashion. Even the victorious ones rarely got an approving glare from the rebel commander, and why should they? The Caribou were not bred for victory, they were bred for dominance. And even the victors spoke to dominance only ever lightly. His Housecarls flanked him and they all shared disapproving conversations and looks at the arena. For what was supposed to be a scouting mission he wasn't sure there would be a lot of great warriors to haul back to the rebels. Not that it was much of a surprise considering the state of Whitescar! It was so feeble now. The High King and his lackeys had seen to the gradual weakening of the land and the Caribou that grew hard on it. While the loyalist armies still showed their quality, the rest of the land? Not so much. Maybe that plague killed the brave ones. Maybe the drive away from warfare lowered their skills as a species. Maybe turning off that clarion call for war and combat had neutered them in some spiritual way. Whatever the case was it just seemed like they all lacked the essential elements that made warriors truly shine. They had strength (for now, though he saw one too many fattened bellies for his liking) but that was all they had. Never could a starker, clearer image be seen of the weakness of the Loyalists than what was on display here. The crowd cheered because a fight was a fight and in the land of the Loyalist they had to get what they could. Hehe, 'Land of the Loyalist' as if Saarvagerg could ever be called that. It was loyal to the Southern Wilds and the Arena alone and even the High King wasn't foolish enough to stop it. Rebels such as the Red Jarl could make their presence known in these lands easily enough, especially as the High King was time and time again prevented from ending the rebellion inside of Whitescar itself. A major victory in the northeast had destabilized a loose coalition of clans in the area and boosted rebel numbers in Whitescar itself, and now the old raiding routes near Neighpon were open again. Indeed, even The Serpent's Vein had seen inland raids for the first time in many years. A refreshing change of pace. The drums of war beat ever louder and the rebel clans grew excited at the prospect. The land would belong to the strong, one way or another. Of course they always needed...talent. And the arenas provided a showcase for it. The Red Jarl and a small group of others had been dispatched to hoofpick the best and most worthy they saw. Maybe his standards were too high, because anybou that lost to that foreign mutt wasn't worth his time. As talented and experienced as this Hogo-sha was- and a respectable fighter at that, something the Red Jarl could respect- he knew that the rebels demanded something in the soul that such creatures were unable to offer. But this cow? She had real talent. The only he had seen that combined speed, power, skill, and actual talent since he had arrived. A perfect addition. Two issues. One, here was magic. He could tell because his elder Housecarl had brought along teh Diviner. To make up for their weaknesses, the Loyalists had been borrowing magical weapons and artifacts from abroad. Rebel stockpiles of anti-magical construction and defensive material were low, so they had authorized use of the Diviners- small rods with signals that pointed at the direction of magical elements. Small, hidden in his cloak, it had been pointing at her the entire time. Second- well, the Red Jarl knew the methods of wars of many a culture and army, almost instinctively, and had an eye for detail that was often lost in the discussion of his brute speed and power. He noticed many things about this warrior. Things he wanted to see up close. He turned to an attendant, an elderly bull warrior. "Tell the Manager of the High Games to send these two warriors into the Preparation Hall when they are finished fighting one another," he said sternly to the warrior- not impolitely, mind you. To be stern and direct was the proper Caribou way! The Elder nodded and trotted off. The Red Jarl nodded at his Housecarls, and the trio made their way into the bowels of the Arena. They had a meeting to prepare for.
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    Alright!! I'll probably post it tomorrow.^^
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    Well, the sphinx didn’t seem to even know he was there. Or it was just ignoring him. Either way was fine by him at the moment. Turning his attention more on the pony, Anu looked over his pharaoh-like choice in accessories with a slight frown. Being from that area of the world himself, it was kind of annoying to see others dress like that. Regardless though, none of the accessories were jumping out at him as what held the control spell. While he was loathe to admit it, maybe this unicorn was powerful enough to pull it off on his own. He’d have to keep a closer eye on this situation... Not that he thought he could take control for himself even if it was an artifact giving the pony control. He had no idea how it worked, for all he knew taking the artifact to serve no purpose other than angering them both, and he was in no hurry to face a sphinx in battle, even one this size. As for the pony’s conversation partner, this other dog seemed strange to him. He couldn’t quite put his paw on it, but he just felt off. His nose told him the smell was canine, but it wasn’t like any other diamond dog he’d met before... The jackal-like dog was actually pretty obvious in his origins, for those knowledgeable of the area. Between the markings across his body and the ankh hanging from his neck, it didn’t take much to figure out his homeland. His robes were not exactly conducive to stealth or fighting, but as he needed neither at the moment, he kept them on.
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    Smolder was feeling rather high in the clouds today. She managed to finish every single bit of her homework! Every bit! And just in time to see what Yona had planned for the rest of their day. The yak had left her a rather odd little message that said ‘DRAGON COME TO BEST GAME EVER!’. This also included an small book-shaped package and an extra note to bring some snacks, along with an 'Ye Ol' Map To Ye Ol' Place'. 'The package was not to be opened until BEST GAME EVER started. If she headed this warning, she would be cursed by the ' Wondrous Winds of Watoomb' and the 'Hoary Hosts of Hoggoth'. Smolder had no idea what those were, but they did not sound good. Since her friend’s tender little tummies or brittle little teeth could not handle a dragon’s preferred snack of gems, she had stopped at the local mini-mart for a twelve pack of neon green ‘Hoot’n’Holler’n Jump'n Joy'Juice’ citrus type soda and a very big bag of 'Huff Puff' cheese flavored puffs. Her drinks did not contain a single once of citrus, nor did her cheese puffs have actual cheese. How odd. She also brought along an small pack of Ammolites that the good Dragon Lord had sent her along with her monthly care package. The multi-colored gemstones tasted like pure happiness. She made sure to leave Spike a small bag considering the poor little guy had to fend with Equestrian rocks all his life. These little babies are gonna knock his scales off! Smolder cautiously entered the room. It was dark. Would she be eaten by a Grue? Thankfully, the darkness was pushed back by some candle light. There were plenty of pillows about. Were they having a sleepover in one of the classrooms? Weird. Then something else dawned on her. There were books. Paper. Pencils. Did she forget an homework assignment? Or were these guys doing EXTRA homework? No. The books had colorful illustrations of heroes and monsters. Damsels and demons. There were also dice. She quickly tore open her package, and sure enough, there was an well used copy of the same book Yona had on the table, along with a bag of her own dice. Apparently the book had been owned by someone named Pocket Change. A few sheets of paper fell from the book. They each had a different name labeled along the tops, and some interesting information....Sir Gallophoof the paladin....Lord Majesty the caviler. Sunglory the cleric. and Half-Note the bard. A final sheet was quickly scooped up for someone called 'Fast Paw'. An Diamond Dog monk. This all finally dawned on her. This was an 'Role-Playing Game'. She had heard Spike mutter something about 'Boy's Night' and 'O&O' to the big red stallion he would sometimes be seen with. She had something very snarky to say, but she could not do it. The yak obviously spent a good amount of time working on this, and anytime a yak does something beyond SMASH EVERYTHING, it was a modern miracle. "Hey Yona..... Gallus...", Hopefully the others would be showing up soon. After placing her things on the nearby table, the dragon found herself a seat, "I have an general idea what this is...", she glanced up at her fuzzy big friend with a grin as she flipped a few pages, "Oh, and nice ribbons by the way.."
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    What was a role-playing game? Gallus didn't understand the appeal or the need for it, especially in a land full of magic and mystery. Why spend your time talking about adventures and pretending like you were little kittens when you could go have them if you so desired? Honestly, it seemed an activity designed specifically to target his favorite place in the world: Inside, with a roof over his head, sleeping lazily. It seemed like such a nerdy thing, too. When Yona had breathlessly explained it, Gallus couldn't help but think it sounded like a campfire story with a lot of unnecessary math. And unnecessary camp fire stories to boot, though he didn't have the heart to tell the overly excited Yak that. Not that he would ever want to play it.... ...Yet here he was, walking into the empty classroom with some paper, a pencil, and some weird dice. Uggh. He couldn't say no to his friends, even he really wanted to say no, even when he thought the activity was kinda lame. Of course, just because the activity was lame didn't mean the company was. Yona made most things fun and he was sure that she would work her yak-fur off to make this fun. The others? Eh, he didn't know who else was invited to this little party of theirs. Probably other students. Was Silversteam going to be here? Sandbar? Ocellus? Smolder? Who knew. He had trouble imagining any of them here. Then again, he had an even tougher time imagining himself here. Guess his imagination, or theater of the mind for roleplaying purposes, wasn't all that strong. "Hey Yona," he said aimlessly as he took his seat. The room was dark and atmospheric, he'd give her that much. "Nice ribbons," he jabbed in a friendly manner as well. It was true, she always did her hair well, but he wondered why the ribbons considering the atmosphere of the place. They weren't spooky ribbons. Was this supposed to be spooky? Huh. Was role-playing spooky or fun? He didn't know. Both? Neither? Gallus was less interested in coming to a conclusion than he was in hanging out with his friends, so he was just happy she seemed to be excited for it. Somecreature had to be! "Looking excited over there. I got my character ready, I think. Who else is supposed to show up?" Gallus asked as he put his stuff on the table, complete with a terrible drawing of a yak in heavy armor wielding a greatsword.
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    Before Taira responded he proceeded to blow his nose a couple times into the tissues he'd taken through is magic mists. The sound was not unlike a trombone being played by an amateur in a highschool band. Once done he would toss the used paper into a nearby basket and take a deep breath of the familiar air of his family's dwelling. "Free visits to a spa... those do sound nice. Would that offer extend to just me or the rest of my family?" he asked as he worked to get a glass of water for himself, "Would be a nice treat for when I get enough bits together to visit Equestria." The stallion pulled up a seat and relaxing, "As for my magic?" He coughed up a small puff of mountain mist, "Well for a lot in my family our magic seems to come naturally so mind did too! I can also use it to form shapes... I can walk on it and use it as transport. Can also use it for illusions and the like!"
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    "Not entirely," Ice Storm started. "No matter the type of government established by the governing body, there are still the civilians of which that make up the nation as a whole. It doesn't really matter if it's a democracy, a republic, or a monarchy. And truthfully. Equestria itself isn't a true monarchy either. It is a Triarchy. I don't include cadence in the equasion because she presides over the Crystal Empire, which in all technicality it's own entity, and thus would classify as a monarchy. Celestia may ultimately have the final say, but in all reality, it's really run as a council of three, compounding on the the fact that Twilight herself has a council of five. the overall heirarchy would be complicated even for the ponies in government to understand let alone any civilians. The problem with the issue that you speak of, is quite simple. Lack of communication. It doesn't matter if there's one ruler, or a council of twenty. If an issue never makes it back to them, and if they are intentionally kept in the dark, they can't fix it. This start at the guard level. If the chain of command cannot be trusted to get vital information to the proper places through the proper channels, then they are a liability. Somewhere, because of their inability to deal with the situation, combined with the failure to let superiors know that there could be an issue, ultimately ends up in somepony getting hurt. That is a distinct lack of discipline that stems from stagnation. They don't believe that anything bad will happen where they are and that it can't happen to them. When it does, they're unprepared because they will always be caught off guard." she continued warming the room slightly. "Long and short of it, They can't... we can't fix a problem if we don't know about it. Why the communication lines are failing, I don't have an answer yet, but I will soon enough. Now, tell me what you know, and if I'm able to, I will let you know. Again, there are matters I will not be able to discuss due to national security protocol," she said subtly dropping some hints that there was definitely more about her than met the eye, but she presumed that he knew that already.
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    Niilavin walked down the street with his head held up and ears pricked. He was much taller than everypony around him yet he was not even close too fully grown. By his races standards he was rather young but he held himself to much more demanding standards than to act like some kitten. He wasn't after all. Swaying his tail side to side he gazed down at the peasants before him, gasping in shock and awe. It made his pride swell even more as he did his best to hold his chest out and show off just how strong and powerful he was as his muscles move and fixed underneath his hide. He was nothing short of a show off, something his new master seemed to enjoy much to his own enjoyment. “[Look at them Master, they look on to us with such wonder! Fitting of such dregs is it not? We are as undeliverable and wonderful as the gods there self walking amongst theme.]” Niilavin says with a sharp grin, to all on-lookers his words were utter gibberish. An ancient language known only to the most learned scholars of history. Yet his master Blue understands every word of it clear and easily. Something that may be for the best given Niilavins attitude to just about everything that was not his master or himself. His superiority complex put the one Blue use too be known for too shame. But it made Blue all the better to be the one to help the cat learn how to live in this new age as his new master understands such complexes better than most. “[But given your power to change master… God is fiting in some ways.]” Niilavin added with rolling of his powerful shoulders. He’s yet to fully understand how his master changed… genders like he did. Blue did try to explain it but even with that it was hard for the cat to get his paws around the concept so easily. Something seemingly so fixed, appointed at birth to death, yet there it was. Changed and broken like a new outfit. In his eyes it only proved how peorfull his new master must be to so easily break something like that and wave it off as something so trivial. Sniffing the air the big cat tossed a gaze down at something most odd. A dog? All dressed up and walking about? How odd. More odd was his smell. Something magic was in the air about that dog, he just can’t put his paw on what. [“And now mutts dress up and speak. This age is already disappointing me.”]
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