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    The Door to the throne room soon stirred and out poked the head of a what seemed to be a well put together Diamond Dog. He walked slowly up to the table with the artifact, eyes widening at the sight of the relic. Not wanting to breach any etiquette, Hogo-sha bowed deeply to the princess. "Good Afternoon, Princess Twilight. My name is Hogo-sha and I came from the mountains of Neighpon." after straightening himself back out he continued on, "I am a traveler with no recognition from academic institutions... but I have educated myself on many myths and stories from my homeland and beyond it in the east. I believe. At the very heart of my being, that this is the Chintamaney stone." He gave a moment to let the name sink in before speaking up once again, "... The short answer to what you wish to know, is that is a stone that can grant wishes to any who holds it. It was originally a combined effort by an ancient sect of monks of the harmonious path, formed from both Neighpon and Long Guo to create a faster method to attain harmony. Some texts speak of wishing to gain a kirin or longma form of ascension in the way of..." He gestures towards her wings. "I have nothing but speculation to back this up... but I think that the reason you are having such difficulty activating it may be because you have already gotten so close to achieving perfect harmony or at least are quickly on the way to it. If I may approach it?" The 'dog' took a step closer and sniffed a few times at the air. Hm... it was strange. This item's magical scent was both present and absent, "Hmm... curious. I'd heard stories that they may have used the blessings of ancient yokai, hoping that our mythic connection to the one you call Discord would be able to grant them a way to give the jewel a link to a realm beyond to fuel its potent magic." Hogo-sha's knowledge came from a bevy of tomes and parchments he'd read. He'd snuck into many places of learning before to try and get a look at leads on artifacts before. He also had the advantage of being raised by one of the oldest yokai in Neighpon who had many stories he loved to share, for better or worse.
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    CANTERLOT! I! HAVE! RETURNED! Also, Vienna was seriously cool. Only in Prague and Rome I saw so many old landmarks.
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    Sunset Shimmer attentively nodded as Twilight Sparkle prattled on about Netitus. Ah, so Regalite Maxinimium was the secret ingredient, eh? That sounded about right. Although she had never seen it for herself, Sunset learned a fair amount about it back in her magical studies, as it had been a desired stone to forge magical relics out of. “Yeah...” the unicorn grimly commented; “Too bad all the Regalite Maxinimium mines in Equestria ran dry centuries ago, though.....” Unexpectedly being turned into the focus of Twilight’s gaze made Sunset feel self-conscious about herself. “Barding?” The blushing unicorn asked incredulously; “That’s... sweet of you Twi, but really, what would I need armor for? It’s not like I’ll become a princess who leads troops into battle anytime s-.” Before Sunset’s inquiry could be answered, Twilight got distracted by an old artwork, Flash Magnus and the Dragon, which Sunset Shimmer’s eyes dissected in discerning detail. “For surely being one of the oldest surviving pieces of oil painting,” the unicorn’s inner amateur artist awakened inside of her; “It IS quite detailed. And quite experimental too; assuming art history ‘over there’ progressed similarly to here in Equestria, then oil on painting wouldn’t have caught on for another several centuries.” Sunset rested a hoof on her chin as she scanned the artwork further; “Not quite sure about the painting coming alive bit, but I suppose it’s theoretically possible if Grand Canvas was using enchanted pigments? Then again, how could you tell the difference between sorcery at work and your imagination playing tricks? Maybe with.....” Obliviously rambling to herself, the unicorn clearly fell victim to, uhhhh... something?
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    Tempest slowed down eating as she watched Applejack talk. She felt almost guilty spending this time with her. Applejack was a good mare. Applejack had a heart of gold and did not blink an eye at really reaching out to help some pony that a week ago was hunting her and friends down like wild animals. Everything that happened and the trust put on her by all of them was confusing. And here Applejack was reaching out again, heart on a plate to welcome her back to something she tossed away years ago. She looked back at Zappy, sleeping on her back without a care in the world. Unaware of what he naped on and what it has done. If he knew the truth will he have done the same? He will learn of it in time. All of this land will hear her name soon. Can she even stay in this land? She can’t seem to let the feelings ago. Every time she did they found a way back. It was like an army of shadows followed her, armed with the past and chanting a march of what was. It all felt so inevitable. “I wonder if I have this heart you speak of. But sometimes… I do feel it. I wish I can put words to the feelings that grip me sometimes. It is like a band is marching, chanting a song of fire and ash. But between is one filly, singing how this is not how it was meant to be. No matter how hard they sing her voice is still heard in the winds. That is how it feels some times. I take that is the harmony you speak about.” Tempest says looking at the milk, she did not move too drink it yet. She just looked at it lost in her own thinking. “Vicious thoughts… stirring like hunting wolves they follow me. And I hunger for their power just to taste the opportunity of watching the world cower in fear. The fear that haunts me in my sleep.” She mutters her words, as if she was just about to sing before it trails off as she shuts her eyes, lost in her own world. After a few moments of silence she opened her eyes and looked at Applejack. “Someday I’m going to step past a line marking a cliff. There will be no going back and I am already standing on it. I know it. But where the cliff leads I do not know. If it's good I hope to stand side by side with friends. Maybe even you and the others. If not… if the wolves win? Don’t hold back but don’t just… toss me in tartarus or turn me stone. I want your world on that. There will be no coming back. Just free me from them for good. Give me that word and I promise to take your help trying to make that tiny filly of harmony lead the pack.” She holds a hoof out, shaking as it betrayed for how relaxed her voice was this was affecting her.
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    The sifting of flour and mixing of eggs seemed to be going well enough. Thanks to the cider Twilight found herself feeling more and more loose around her friend. Which was good! No need to be all caught up on stuff that wasn't even happening right? Like, she didn't really like being super close to RD. So close that when they turned to talk their muzzles were inches apart. So close that when she moved towards Rainbow it was super easy to bump into her with shoulder of her flank. There was nothing wrong with that...right? "Heh heh..." *awkward Bookhorse laugh* She finished stirring the eggs and then a thought hit her. She'd not drank any water for waaay too long. That would explain her sudden burst of courage. "So you've got the eggs done and the flour has been sifted. Next up add baking soda to the flour and whip two cups of sugar into the eggs. Can you handle the eggs, I'll take care of the dry ingredients." Once they were working again she quickly trotted over to the sink, levitated glass, filled it with water and gulped it down. There! That would take care of things right? And she'd done it quick so RD might not have even noticed. Well, she could hope at least. She trotted back over to the counter and got to work on adding things to her large mixing bowl. Baking soda, oats, some brown sugar, a a touch of salt. "Ok, this is looking good!" She glanced over to see how RD was doing with her job. Then the pegasus asked her about writing books. Twilight's blush immediately returned and flushed to the point where she had to look away! "I-i've written some things yeah." She wasn't going to lie of course. She had written some things. Recently they might have been short stories. They might have been about her and her friends. Some may have been about a certain athletic pegasus and herself. They may have been romantic in nature. Not that she was going to say any of that. Nope. Not a thing about that! "Short stories!" She blurted out the words and tried to relax. "I've been working on some creative writing. Short stories specifically." There. That would cover it! "H-how about you?" She nudged Rainbow. "I know you like reading Daring Do of course but have you ever tried writing any adventures?" She trotted over to the cabinets, looking for some raisins or chocolate chips. She found both and came back over with them. "How sweet do you like your cookies?" Twi found herself sipping down another half a cup of cider without thinking about it. Maybe tipsy was better than what she was doing right now? Only one way to find out...
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