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    Smiling at having her recollection confirmed, the burgundy mare nodded eagerly at Toboe's question. "Yep! I always help little Pinchy with her costume; she was the Bride of Ponystein that year! I don't usually have time for my own, though; I'll definitely have to check out that shop if it's here again next year!" She was about to ask her for a drink order, when all of a sudden, the shop was invaded by a pink progenitor of prodigious partying! "The usual, eh Pinkie?" She laughed, turning around to grab the bottles behind the counter. "Coming up! Ten cups of the good stuff. You want them all separate, or do you want to try them all in a punch?" Berry looked back with a gleam in her eye. She rarely suggested this sort of thing, even though her full name suggested a particular application of this talent. Her parents had raised her to appreciate ingredients in themselves before bringing them together, drawing a parallel to inter-pony relationships. Each needed to know and respect themselves before they could do justice to another, a lesson which Berry took more to in drink than in ponies. After all, every time you met another pony, you couldn't help but mix, right? She laughed again at Opal's formalized hesitation. "Well, it might be, if it hadn't been so long since the last one. Pinkie builds up so much party in her, that if she doesn't let it out regularly, they become real blow-outs!"
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    Opal listened to the story. She's never heard of a "Okami" before, she'll have to ask when its her turn to speak. Also in the Crystal Empire she's never heard of "nightmare night," perhaps it was similar to their harvest festival. All of a sudden she saw Ms. Pie happily come in the door, and the next thing Opal knew the pink pony was sitting next to her. She ordered a very large order of juice. Was she going to drink it all? That's a lot of sugar. Also Opal thought it was just a grape juice and wine shop, hahahahhaha. Even though Pinkie was a bit overly hyper for Opal's taste in company, she was quite humorous to observe. Opal shyly smiled with a very light chuckle, "Oh hello Ms. Pie. Ummmmm I really enjoy Vanilla cake with a layer of raspberry filling and then chocolate icing on the outside. Hahaha. Also fireworks? Sparklers? Isn't that a bit too much for a welcome party?" Opal kept respect in her voice, she was extremely grateful for the party Ms. Pie offered to throw. She can only guess they go all out for parties in Ponyville? Parties were not held often in the Empire while Opal grew up, just small gatherings up until it was saved by Princess Twilight and her friends. Thinking of those depressing times made Opal frown slightly.
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    Toboe's ears perked up at the whistle and strangely familiar disposition of the stallion approaching. Getting used to the lack of status she had in this country was a trial, but not an unwelcome one. She'd complained to her friend Nensho for years about the 'Yes-Mares' back home so when she was finally free of them in a foreign land... she'd be some sort of hypocrite to whine about their absence now. "Can't say I do. I've heard good things though." The pony sniffed at the air a few times, "Whatever she has in stock smells very top of the line. Are you looking to just get a taste of her product as well?" Before the curious looking earth pony could answer quickly, the door was opened. Toboe dipped her head towards berry, "Thank you very much... and, well I was here for nightmare night. " She chuckled only slightly awkwardly, that night had given her quite a scare after the princess disappeared. Thank goodness it all turned out to be an elaborate joke involving some old wolf. "I was in ... a very useful Okami costume most of the night. That stallion... Masquerade I think his name was: sold it to me. was a bit of a pain to get out of." She chuckled warmly, "Were you there for it? Was quite the event..." And soon came along a pink earth pony. She smelled incredibly sweet, sort of like candy. If Toboe had to guess she must work with confections of somekind or regularly spends time there. If she was connected to some place that could give her some pointers on preparing dishes for the bar... maybe this aspiring Bar owner could introduce herself as well.