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    A Flooberoid is a subspecies of Floob, duh. Anyway, howdy, I'm Flooberoid (AKA Floob, Floo, Snarf) and this ain't my first rodeo when it comes to forum RP. I came upon this site when I was searching for a place to get back into casual RP- that is, RP I can just enjoy without reading a textbook first and rolling a dexterity check every step to avoid tripping over my own hooves. Without disclosing my exact age, I will say I am an adult and have some years' experience in writing and roleplay, so I will take my posts fairly seriously. I'm no novelist, though, and won't expect anyone else to be either. Moving on, what else did y'all ask of me...? Ah, there's not really a story behind how I discovered the show. I just kinda saw some episode reviews (I think it was MrEnter, maybe?) and thought it looked interesting. Aaaaand my favorite pony is a toss-up between Rarity and Fluttershy. Fluttershy is best pony but Rarity gets the best episodes. ... ...Ya didn't think I was gonna say Applejack just 'cause of how I talk, didya? I'm not finished watching the series yet, but I'm not afraid of spoilers either. I kinda view knowing what's gonna happen as just a way to get excited to get there anyway!
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    Well, this was turning out to be a most interesting visit overseas for Fēng Yīnhǎitāo. The sort of interesting that was probably implied in the proverbial curse from his far eastern homeland. Not that this visit had been at all unenjoyable, far from it! He'd come here to represent Long Guo at the Annual Iron Pony Event and win glory for his Empress, and that he had certainly done, if being crowned the Iron Pony was anything to go by! That level of concentrated athletic exertion had taken its toll on him, though, leaving a deep sense of exhaustion in his muscles that extended rest would need to cure. On top of that, his free time was pretty much all taken up with turning strangers into friends, which was almost equally taxing and rewarding to his primary mission. Ponies like Tempest Shadow and Sunset Shimmer might not have been the easiest mares to get along with, but he sensed them to be the sort of friends that one ought to cherish. And he ought to know! He'd come over with a friend like that, Yanhua the head Imperial Chef and fellow Long-Guo Representative. The qilin, in addition to putting in a respectable performance herself, had regularly cheered on Feng in his events. Honestly, he'd felt a little bad about ignoring her during this trip, and thus had sat out the last event to cheer her on from the sidelines. He had to admit, she put in a performance on the rock wall he didn't think he could have matched. But he was distracted from her prowess by something else, what looked like some kind of magical transformation from a qilin into something decidedly more... vulpine. The fact that Yanhua immediately fled the scene, not even coming back to receive her medal, was what tipped him over the edge from concern to outright worry. He needed to track her down, and being a stranger in a strange land, he wanted to get some local help. It was a bit of a pity, then, that the two ponies he knew best here weren't exactly Ponyville locals either... "Thanks for helping out here, Tempest." He remarked to his fellow-searcher, trying to betray neither his creeping dread nor exhaustion.
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    What a day for Sunset Shimmer! It started out with a fouled-up attempt at shooting a Golden Cupcake, only for the fiery mare to come across the almost-infamous Tempest Shadow, and now... Sunset, Tempest, and the newly-crowned Iron “Pony” were looking for a fellow contestant — a qilin friend of Fēng Yīnhǎitāo — who started transforming into a fox in the middle of her rock climb? Equestria; twas a strange and silly world at times..... Miss Shimmer trailed behind the others, herself lacking much experience in wilderness ranging or tracking. “Everfree or not,” she advised; “We should watch our step. If we’re not careful, we could find ourselves tumbling through a hidden portal into a- who knows where?” She hastily corrected herself, not sure if Princess Twilight was cool yet with letting people outside their small group of Equestrian friends know about the Mirror World. Sunset shook her head to refocus on their mission; finding Yanhua... and solving the mystery behind her transformation! “Anyway,” she interrogated Feng; “Is there anything we should know about Yanhua? Do you have any reason to believe that your friend has consumed any questionable potions or other brewed substances? Is it likely she’s been exposed to a magical relic or any plants native to the Everfree Forest? Has she been in contact with anybody suspected of illicit enchanting?” As a former student of Princess Celestia’s, her research instincts were naturally kicking into high-gear; once all impossible possibilities were ruled out, all that remained — however improbable — was the truth .....
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