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    Berry had been about to nod and pack it up once again, but then she heard the little dingle of the bell over her front door. Customers! "Hold that thought for now, I've got ponies to take care of." Smiling at Opal, she was positively beaming at the shaggy-maned newcomer. "Yep, that's me! Come on in, ain't seen you 'round these parts before, I think?" She tilted her head, trying to place Toboe on the rather vague memories she had of a similar-looking mare. "Or weren't you here for Nightmare Night? Yeah, I think I remember seeing you there." Not just that, but another customer was coming in right behind! Ooh, an exotic-looking earth pony; mama like. "Well there, handsome, the nice thing about wine is that it comes in so many varieties, you can find one for any taste! Whether you like them sweet and fruity, bright and zesty, smooth and elegant, or dark and rich, I got one for all, and even more! And if you don't know what you like yet, I'll give you a sampler tasting for 5 bits! You won't find a better deal this side of Canterlot."
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    It may have shocked Hexer but it did not unnerve Shifter much. Shifter wondered why that was. The easy answer was that Shifter had once a similar reaction stretched over what felt like years when the body of Valen Orange was destroyed both physically and metaphysically. Being alive and not alive, existing yet not, was an existential crisis that had done a number on the former colt's mind. Even now Shifter would fail to describe the sensation of what not-being and aware felt like. Words very literally did not exist and once words did exist to describe the despair they were not words Shifter was given to revisiting. Shifter was not shocked at Bravo's reaction, but Shifter was sympathetic. Shifter knew that there was nothing that could be said to assuage such grief. In time, perhaps soon, the mere act of walking about would guarantee a level of safety and familiarity that may breed a better life for Bravo. The idea of a tour was a good one. For now, Shifter gave several gentle pats on Bravo's back and left him to his own world, as distant as it was. He would improve soon. Shifter had a good feeling about it, but knew that outside help could not come until Bravo was ready to receive it. Time would not heal the wound, but it would soon allow others in. That was enough. "When he is ready, Hexxer, I think that idea is just dandy." Which meant, at least briefly, Shifter could focus on why Shifter had been sent here. Gear. The basic idea that Machina had come up with was sound, but it needed modifications. "The idea of some sort of stealth suit is very interesting, yes. Of course, it has to take into account how my powers work. When I transform into another creature, the clothing changes as well to fit who I am turning into. I can also turn into inanimate objects and animals. So whatever I wear has to take that into consideration, too," Shifter said. Giving a small demonstration, Shifter turned into a small falcon that flew around a bit and then landed, before turning back into the maid from earlier, complete with uniform. "The only issue is that my memory recall is perfect. I do copy them in such a way that I do have their memories, but they are at best fragmented, and it takes more exposure or study for me to 'unlock' more of their memory and personality. A suit that can help with that with information gathering and remain useful during transformations would be very helpful."
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    Hope and optimism spring ever eternal in the minds of ponies. At least, that was what must have been so for a mare to run, for years, a wine and grape punch shop smack dab in the middle of cider country. Not that Berry Punch resented the Apple family at all! It was just that she thought there was room enough for all fruits in this town. Enough of her fellow citizens seemed to agree to keep her shop afloat, but not quite enough to make it a success. "Success" being defined as enough to give her little filly the life her mother felt she deserved. Dreams of little Ruby Pinch being Equestria's fifth Princess aside, Berry really did need help to move stock this year. And wouldn't you know it, but a new mare from the Crystal Empire came to town, one skilled in making crafts from crystals! Just the sort of thing needed to showcase her wonderful beverages. It being a slow day at her own shop, Berry felt no shame in shuttering early, and trotting down to the new mare's house, rapping on the door with great expectations...
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    "Oh wow, That's so interesting, When i came up here i figured it was some kind of strange weather phenomenon." Night Breeze said with a bit of enthusiasm. "I am mostly certainly going to have to learn more about this place." She said with a smile pausing for a moment as Taira seemed to have a sneeze coming. "You must have learned a lot about this place in your time here." She said standing up again. A thought entered her mind, Why did he live at the top of mountain ? He said that the mountain had been his families territory for quite some time, and this mist appeared somewhere around a hundred years ago. Could his line of family been living here before the mist appeared? Maybe she was thinking to deeply into this, She dismissed the thought. "That definitely sounds like the first place to go!" She smile stepping to follow Taira. "I'm sorry if i may seem a bit too over caring at times. Its part of what i do, and I enjoy caring for others, and i would hate to make you do anything, especially on a day that you aren't feeling well." She tried to explain, She just hated to see anyone not feeling well. "I hope you don't mind me taking inspiration from some of the features of you home land here. I have been saving up the bits to build my own spa, And i thought maybe i could theme some of it after the landmarks around here." She added on with a smile thinking to herself, as Taira stopped when he heard mention of her healing spell. "Ah, Yes, I have a healing spell i have used before on scratches and scrapes, and other physical pains, But never on Illnesses before" The unicorn said explaining as Taira turned to face her. She was happy to hear that he didn't mind. "Its actually quite rather simple. All you have to do is stand there, and I cast the spell. It may take a moment to fully work tho." Night Breeze looked Taira over. He was rather quite stocky in size. The healing spell she used always seemed to wear her out a little, But It might take a bit more magic to work on somepony of his size, than she had ever done before.She was all to happy to help tho.
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    "I am indeed. It's a psychology book. I'm not sure if I should bother boring you with all the details, but it focuses primarily on the Equus genus. Perhaps in a sort of sequel book I could delve into other species," Tranquility explained before turning to her sister. "Unless of course, you want to start writing it?" "No, I think I'll leave that up to you," Placidity replied. "I would suggest taking your entire herd along with you, but that begs the question of how big your herd is anyway. I'm guessing you're just going to wait until you're older when you have an heir to continue on your work." "A sensory spell could help visualise the magic aroma and it's directional flows. I say could, but really I don't see why it wouldn't work since it's still magic and thus shouldn't be that much different," Tranquility explained trying to remember her sensory spell. It was in there somewhere. "Anyway, I wouldn't worry too much about the whole salt thing, there clearly isn't anything wrong her that could possibly warrant bringing salt around to these parts." "All stories you say and no certain facts? Does no one here record any of your histories, anything that could certainly tell us what possibly happened?" Placidity would have exclaimed if she was a regular pony, but her artificial tone stayed the same. "I do have a theory that your current magic is somewhat overriding your flight capabilities. Your magic seems to resonate mostly with the environment and thus wouldn't atone much to the sky to give you flight as other creatures. Flighted creatures generally have massive proportionate wingspans alongside aerodynamic bodies or magic that interacts heavily with the air." "Enough talk I would say for this moment," Tranquility cut in fake coughing. "Would you help aid us in finding a place to stay for the coming week?"
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    Ponyville... it seemed like a boring town so far, but he hadn’t really been here very long, and hey, it looked nice. Tiger Blood trotted his way down the street, wearing his typical pants but leaving his spear behind today. Probably wouldn’t need it anyways, he could just bare-hoof it if anything came up anyways. The earth pony smirked as he made his way down the street, slowing to a stop in front of some shop with a very interesting mare in front of it. Looking her over, he could tell she was more than just a pretty face. The tattoo and covered eye were pretty big clues, but there was more to it. No matter though, unless she wanted to fight or became a problem, her prowess didn’t matter too much. He simply gave a whistle of appreciation as he sauntered up next to her and got a better look at the shop. “Wine, huh? Well, doubt it could be worse than some of the other stuff I’ve drunk.” He chuckled, giving Toboe a slight nudge. “Oi, any idea what we’re in for with this stuff?”
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    Night Breeze smiled as Cain seem to relax a little. She was always all to happy to help some pony relax, It seemed like he really deserved it as hard as he worked. "Oh, It wouldn't have to be complex like the one you gave me, Candies that highlighted only one of the feelings would work really well." Night breeze said with a smile "Besides you don't have to if you don't want to, It was just a idea of mine" She added making sure he knew that he didn't have to do this. Night Breeze looked at Cain with a bit of a surprised face when he mentioned of doing it for free. "Oh, no, I'd hate to see you waste your supplies, I know supplies cost, and i wouldn't want you to work without something in return." She quickly replied trying to convince him. "I'm certainly glad you enjoy being around me tho." She smiled with a slight blush. To tell the truth it was nice to have company of her own once in awhile. Night Breeze gave Cain a bit of a look and a smile as he lied down on ground next to her, before returning her gaze to above. The grass beneath her was cool, Not in a uncomfortable sense but just cool enough, All tho it would warm up soon enough with the heat from her own body. Adjusting her scarf on her neck she noticed that Cain didn't have anything to keep himself warm. Unwrapping it with her magic she offered it Cain. "Would you like my scarf to keep warm? I hadn't expected a little company this night, or i would have brought a blanket or something to keep warm." She said her face heating up a little. Soon enough the ground beneath her began to warm a little. Night Breeze stared into the night as she observed all the stars shining way up in the sky, The sound of crickets around them sounded off from near and far. Almost seeming like they where everywhere, Along with the occasional frog chiming in. "certainly is beautiful isn't it?" She asked in response. Her mind began to drift as she took in the sounds around her and focused on the night sky. She began to sing a soft tune to herself in a soft voice as her mind wandered, before remembering she wasn't alone. Her face began to heat up a little again. "Sorry, my mind kind of just wandered a little." She smiled her cheeks visibly pink
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    Toboe had heard good things about this Berry Punch's juice bar... or was it called a watering hole here? So many Equestrian names and terms would surely fly over this tourist's head. If possible maybe she could talk this mare and get a sample of some Uniquely Equestrian beverages. Toboe still was hoping to get her bar back home off the ground after all and a good supplier of exotic (at least to Neighpon's eyes) beverages could probably be a draw. If Nensho heard that she was trying to get some business done on this vacation he'd probably never let her hear the end of it. This would have to remain her little secret... or at least one between her and the proprietor of this establishment she was quickly approaching. The wolfish looking pony held up a translation and phrase book in one hoof as she approached Berry Punch's Winery. Her eyes scanned over the characters as she double checked that the sign on the building was indeed what she was looking for. Between the Neighponese and Equestrian characters she eventually settled on the affirmative. She snapped the book shut and stowed it away. Several knocks came to the door, "Excuse Me. I'm Looking for a miss Berry Punch?" Her equestrian was a tad fragmented, but still understandable.
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    Once again, Night Breeze had shown her capacity for kindness. Cain was absolutely certain that she'd recoil at the thought of him invading those interests so personally - but she hadn't done that at all. Instead, she had calmed him down, both with words, and a bit of magic. She had used a spell on him, one that made him truly feel as if everything was going to be alright. Cain still felt the need to apologize, but he felt so relaxed and happy, that those thoughts were far in the back of his mind for the time being. The pink haired stallion gave a small sigh of relief, shoulders slumping. Everything would be fine. She had even liked the candy. Even after the spell left him, he still felt a bit of it lingering around him, or at least its effects. He sat there for awhile, looking at nothing in particular, until Night Breeze brought up her idea for his candy. It had him thinking for a bit. "Well, it is possible. . . I'm just not entirely sure how it could work for others." He paused, tail flicking nervously. "I've never done that before. Pulling it off again, intentionally. . . I'mma need to practice some, heh. . ." All Cain needed to do was recreate his thoughts and feeling during the construction of his gift. He hoped it could work, for Night's sake. Cain quickly shook his head at the end of the offer, though. "No, no, if I do end up working with you, it's free. Working with a. . . working with someone that you enjoy the company of is enough for me, ma'am." Cain hoped he hadn't said too much. Already, he liked this mare. To what extent, though, he wasn't sure. He'd just have to wait and see how things went. After a moment, Cain went over and sat next to Night Breeze, slowly sinking down to the earth to lie down. As confident as Cain acted, the bits of magic he did were a lot more taxing than he let on. Maybe it wasn't like that for others, but it was for him, animating his little trinkets and creations. He'd have to practice that sometime, maybe study a bit. . . He smiled. It might take awhile, but it would be worth it in the end. He gazed up at the stars, blinking, dreaming of how things might be in the future. "This is nice," He murmured absently.
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    "Actually it... appeared about ... uh I think it was a hundred years ago, but it got exceptionally thick about fifty years ago. I did manage to find a way to part the mists to let trah..." The stallion's muzzle scrunched up as he felt a tickle flare up in his muzzle, "Ahh..." He seemed frozen in place for a few seconds as his jaws hung open wide until all the tension left and he heaved a sigh. Accursed False starts. With an annnoyed sigh he continued, "As I was saying. To let travelers in." A smile came to his lips as he heard Night Breeze's excitement, "I suggest the Waterfall first it has the nicest view from the top or bottom. A very long time ago, monks used to come to meditate under it. I've never tried it myself but I hear it's very soothing." Another sniffle interrupted his train of thought. Taking a few steps to the edge of the clearing where he showed off the rest of the mountain valley, stopping only when he heard he worrying about him straining himself. He let out a proud laugh , trying not to make it sound dismissive. "I'm sure I can handle a bit of a walk at the very least. If I'm going to be a good provider I can't let a simple cold slow me down." His ears did perk up for moment when he heard the suggestion of a healing spell, "... a spell?" he mulled the idea over. It's been ages since he'd tried any magical remedies from ponies. A couple hundred years ago some villager brought some incense by they thought might help. That ended terribly but at least this was some sort of casted magic straight from a unicorn. "Hmm..." Taira turned to Night Breeze, "... Well. I certainly won't turn down such a kind offer. Even if it doesn't work we can still say we tried, right? How do we start?"
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    "Thank you kindly good sir. We may be staying here for about a week. Depends really. We could push it longer but that's how long we marked on the business," Placidity replied nodding to the Peryton. "I'm sure Tranquility might add some mention of your kind into her book." "Well, I'd have to think about that. I'll probably use it as a comparison, but I won't put it into too much focus, at least with this one. Maybe in future ones I'll include them bigger," Tranquility replied pondering the sequel. At this point, she hadn't completed her first book yet so she kind of wanted to save it. "The water is entirely crystal clear? Hmm, that's a bit discriminatory against some sea creatures what with the salt and all," She joked. "Speaking of them, are there any deer around here? I'd expect at least one, but I'm interested to know if there may be anymore," Placidity inquired. "I'm not entirely certain myself, but I think the deer must have some kind of magical ability of their own even if it isn't' entirely obvious." "Ah so I was right. Perhaps a sensory spell could help determine which one performs which function. Who knows perhaps it is different for each individual? I don't think it would matter which side did which function as long as the output was the same," Tranquility theorised further. At that point she noticed something about the peryton. "I haven't seen a single Peryton in flight. Are your wings Vestigial? They must have functioned at one point for you to have them." "I'm sorry, I guess we forgot to mention them before. Our names are Placidity and Tranquility respectively," she introduced. "I'm sure glad we got to meet you Lockhart."
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    Silver Blade grunted as he continued to be pesterd by the Twilight Guard Captain. He gave her credit, she certainly knew how to give someone the third degree but not quite so well as she thought. Fortunately when you plan as long as he had his back story was packed tighter then cannon shot. As such he leaned back a bit and cracked his neck non chalantly as he smiled at Fire Walker and said, "Luck o da draw I guess Captain. Out of me self and the rest assigned to night duty I be one of the only few with past military discipline and training even if it were on her Majesty's Navy. Still I suppose we could say a sea rat with Navy training is better then nought so I pulled the A Stallion post tonight." Looking around he noticed that a few animals aside from their new canine companion had wandered in. Not for nothing but he would have to chat with the guards about keeping their duties serious as a pair of dogs could wander in then who knows what else could pop off. "Nay, her majesty hasn't had a pet since tha hooting pigeon if hers came about some time ago" he said as he looked around for said owl.
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    Night Breeze sat for a moment thinking about how Taira said the mountain had been his families territory for a long time, Did all that strange mist have to do anything with him? She thought to herself, It just all seemed strange to her. The unicorn tilted her head at the mention of a sign he forget to put up down the path. "Is this green mist stuff shrouding the mountain always here?" She asked out of curiosity. "Well I'm glad that I'm not of a bother." She said with a smile. Her face began to light up a little as Taira mentioned of all the sights that could be seen on the mountain. "Ooo, That all sounds like fun, The Ancient structure of stones sounds like it could provide lots of inspiration to the atmosphere and theme of my spa, and the waterfall could provide inspiration for the relaxation." Night Breeze smiled enthusiastically. She was hoping that she could use all these ideas for the building of her own spa when she finally had all the bits saved up. "I would love to see around." She gave off a enthusiastic smile "But, please don't strain yourself." Night Breeze said with a bit of a concerned look. She hadn't thought of bringing any of her spa supplies with her, but maybe her magic could help ease it? "If you want I have a magic spell that might help with what ever ails you?" Night Breeze asked "I have a healing spell, but I have never tried it on illnesses so i can't guarantee it works, But i can try if you want, There is also a soothing spell i use a lot at the spa, maybe that can help relax you a little?" She was all to happy to help any pony. Some might see her as over caring, but she couldn't stand to see someone unwell.
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    Come on down to Ponyville! http://www.canterlot.com/topic/24216-berry-punch-and-the-quest-for-the-crystal-goblets-open/
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    So it was pretty much natural to them. While ponies were known to be friendly and mostly passive, they were not entirely peaceful and calm. That made them a bit envious. "It's quite a lovely aroma even if it doesn't have that much of an altering effect on us," Tranquility replied. "It's like we were meant to be here." "Us two were born quite differently from the average pony more calm and peaceful, more similar to your kind. It might be in our magic, or it might just be purely coincidental," Placidity explained. "We overheard this place within our studies. It wasn't a key topic as we were studying mostly pony psychology but it was just something that was briefly brought up." "I remember hearing about it when we were foals, but I don't think you were there at that moment Plas," Tranquility mentioned privately to her sister before turning back to the Peryton. "It was about a week ago that we decided to actually get around to coming here. A blank slot in our schedule that we had to use for this." "Kind of like a pilgrimage," Placidity cut in as she could guess what Tranquility was going to finish off with. "When you say the water is purified, what do you exactly mean by that? Do you mean like the water is perfectly clean? No salt or anything within?" "Also I was noticing the fact that you perytons have two antlers. I know your species isn't the only with antler's, but would it be right to assume that you channel through one and output through the other?" Tranquility added on pointing up to the Peryton's head. "I'm just making an assumption. The way you speak of them makes it seem like a very specific function."
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    Psssh, staying completely dry? That would require some pretty gnarly physics trickery. She'd have to be moving fast enough to cause a sonic rainboom or close to it to create the sort of force to part the water before contact, and any small mistake or miscalculation could result in a very serious accident. Breaking a wing would be the least of her concerns, assuming they found it. Of course it was par for the course for Twilight. The rest of Rainbow's friends seemed to take the awesome, awe-inspiring, and incredible acts of athletic dazzlement that traded in at face value. She did something otherworldly and was rewarded with the requisite exclamations and gasps. It was a like pony powered power source that powered ponies perpetually practicing precarious patterns. But Twilight? She didn't let on if she was impressed. As if she could do better! Probably knew she couldn't, and she was a supportive sort naturally. So why didn't she go all out? It sometimes drove Rainbow mad and she didn't know why. Not that she let it show, she was too cool to let it show. Ponies said hi to the famous pair as they walked by. Dash enjoyed the attention, fired back a few greetings, gave an autograph even. She never understood why Twilight didn't get more attention, though. Maybe she was so demure and nonchalant that Equestrians forgot she had quite literally saved their lives a dozen times over, not to mention was a Princess. Rainbow Dash was a Wonderbolt. The Wonderbolts were the second most amazing thing that Equestria ever developed. The first? Princesses. And there was a Princess right there, and yet everypony who wanted a little attention seemed to want Rainbow Dash. Twilight didn't seem to mind. Rainbow always chalked it up to what seemed to be an endless well of humbleness that she projected. Ponies just felt bad about approaching her and she was just such a good friend that she only had eyes for her friend. All in all, no serious complaints could be lodged against the irrefutable logic found there! In time they found themselves at the juice bar. While Twilight prepared to make awkward small talk after blowing away the distractions that were nefariously placed bangs, Rainbow got comfortable, laying almost sidewise in the chair with leg and tail propped off of the foreleg rest and sprawled against the rest of it in a casual manner. Twilight for her share of the casual nature of this gathering made an effective effort to be coy as she spoke, asking her athletic friend how her job was going. It was an easy entrance into the world of small talk but not one Rainbow was unprepared to exult in with all the passion that was her birthright. There were few things she loved more than to discuss her successes, after all. "Really good, actually. We're performing at a high level as a team now, our formations are efficient and tight, our moves are crisp and clear. We haven't had a bad accident in some time and even the small ones can be tossed down to pegasus error rather than team flaws," she spoke indulgently of her grandeur, a sense of amoure propre thickly dribbling off of her. "We have a tour in The Strand coming up to commemorate city founding ceremonies across the region. Manehattan, Fillydelpha, Baltimare, and Mustangia in the same week. We've got some really exciting formations and move to show off, super different than the shows we ran there earlier in the year," Rainbow said with unbridled enthusiasm exploding off of her and lighting the air around her on fire with the possibilities inherent when excellence met execution. But this wasn't all about her. It was also about juice. A waiter came by to take their orders. "Orange juice, please. And hold the horn-lasers." Never forget....forgive easily, however! "So, what's been the haps in the wild wild world of nation management and Princess tea parties?"
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    Well, that went in an unexpected direction. Applejack was full of fire and vinegar and expected a blasting retort from Rainbow Dash, a fierce and rotund declaration that would continue to propel them forward in this fight. What happened instead was unexpected, and made Applejack retreat inside of herself in contemplation for a few moments of her precious time. Instead of the fierceness, instead of the expected rebuke, Rainbow Dash brought her wing up to her face. Applejack knew what that meant. Knew that for all of the fire and brimstone energy Rainbow Dash had, there was a soft core inside that was as vulnerable as anypony she had ever met. Then her wing came down, tears welling before she took flight and admitted that she was scared. And as quickly as Applejack was involved in the step by step of the fight, as quickly and easily as she had partaken in the viciousness once the barrier between cordiality and emotion had been broken, the will to engage was reversed within her. Rainbow Dash flew off in the direction of what Applejack knew instinctively to be Sweet Apple Acres. Her body moved in kind, but was blocked. The manager was there and he looked relieved at the sight of Rainbow Dash flying away, but none too pleased about almost being run over. "Ma'am, you-" he began, his voice stern and focused, but not at all as stern or focused as Applejack's determined trot past him. "Sorry, gotta go. Nice place," she said in a hurry, not giving him the satisfaction of laying into her. She trotted past Lyra and Bon Bon and sighed, stopping ever briefly. "Ah gotta go. Rainbow..." she shook her head, "she's somthin', all right. Sorry 'bout ruining yer night out. Maybe we'll...get somethin' sorted an' we can do this again. Well not all tha fightin', but tha goin' out. Maybe," she said with very little confidence before continuing her move out. In no time she was out of the restaurant and once out she began a gallop towards Sweet Apple Acres. She wasn't sure if she was running to fight, running to comfort, or running just to run, but she knew at the very least the manner of her destination and that was enough for now. Bon Bon waited for the engine that kept Sweet Apple Acres operating at peak chaotic production to mosey on out before turning to her mare with a churlish, Cheshire grin tickling her rose-hued features. "Dinner and a show, Lyra. They're always good for dinner and a show."
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    It was always nice to meet a pony who could appreciate the mountain valley's natural majesty, "Thank you. The place has been my family's territory for a long time." He shook his head at the suggestion of her being a bother, "We don't mind visitors who don't mean any harm... besides It's my fault for not putting up the sign by the path." He looked down the path that Night Breeze took. "It's a long way down though, and I'm not so cruel as to ask you to leave just after arriving. Especially if it's on an empty stomach." "... Hmm. There are plenty of other interesting sights on the mountain if you'd like to visit. An abandoned village, An ancient structure of stones, Very nice Waterfall, A long rolling meadow. If you're looking to make some memories of unique spots or stoke your inspiration... I'd say you came to the right place." He gave the mare a smile as he rubbed a hoof to his muzzle, "I can still show you around but I think I'll have to take it slow. I'm not at my best today." As if to rive that point his muzzle scrunched up with a harsh sniffle.
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    At first glance, it would seem that the Velvet Strand was not quite the flashy place. But it wasn't made to be so. It wasn't the visual aspects that kept the town thriving, it was the atmosphere. They swore it was the calmest place in the world, that they had been too. That was kind of the entire reason they came here in the first place. It was something to do with their magic. They probably could have read up more on it before, but they decided to learn right from the source itself. "A place like this could put us out of business," Tranquility observed as she wandered around. "It looks like they do everything better than us." "Well, we fix problems. It feels like they kind of just, avoid them in the first place," Placidity replied to her sister. The effect of the strand's auras didn't have that big of an altering effect on them, they were already calm enough. But they had to admit, it was kind of nice to be in a place that felt kind of natural to them. "How about we just move here?" Tranquility gave off a mute laugh. "Then we wouldn't really be that special would we? I don't think everypony has the opportunity to come here, I mean it took us twelve years to get around coming here. We should just stick with where we are and help the ponies there." It was clear from the beginning that they wouldn't be taking any residence here, their banter was just some close bonding even if in the end it didn't have that much effect in the end. She could feel the aura getting stronger as she walked further along, A rather large Peryton was walking near them. "You think it's coming from him?" "The Peryton seem to stick to the old herds lifestyle more than us ponies do. By my guess, the males would have a large factor in spreading the aura. We should go talk to him." The two of them made their way closer to the Peryton. "Excuse me good sir, we are tourists from Central Equestria. Would you care to aid us in the ways of your land?" Placidity asked through her projected voice as it can be unnerving sometimes to use a psychic connection when others are unaware of it. "The aroma is stronger around you, do you happen to be the source?" Tranquility added on. "Is it something you learn, or something that happens naturally?"
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    Plenty of failsafes. Luna could certainly hope so. Ice Storm was a sharp mare and she seemed to be prepared for the worst, and yet Luna still couldn't quite shake that little paranoid voice in the back of her mind over this ship. It could become such a threat to them.. as much a threat as it would be to any other invaders who wanted to take a page out of the Storm King's book. The princess sighed quietly and listened to the argument between Ice Storm and Tempest- the latter mare who Luna wasn't taking much of a liking to with her attitude. The sheer arrogance and hostility. Aside from the matter of the banner design, Luna could see no other reason for her to stay here now that topics were starting to move further along towards the realm of this particular mission. "It would do you well to heed the suggestions and advice of your fellows. I know you are confident in the task you have set yourselves, but you will get nowhere if you cannot work together," Luna spoke up, her voice soft, and echoing the same sentiment Ice Storm had just uttered. The alicorn doubted Tempest would pay her much mind, but she would speak regardless. "Ice Storm, once you have figured out ideas for your organization's banner, perhaps you can send them along to me to look over and perhaps I can help you decide on one. If you have no more need of me here, I might return to Canterlot." She'd rather not linger here, and around Tempest, any longer than she'd have to be. A glance was cast over at King Sombra, who was still lazily slouched in his seat and listening in on the conversation with something of an unreadable expression on his face. An eyebrow would be the only response to the disgust that Tempest aimed at the three of them and he pushed himself to sit up in his seat with a soft snort. "Well, if we're decided.."
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    The smirk that still lingered on the umbrum's muzzle widened to a vicious, fang-baring grin, amused by her quip, though it did not lessen his guard. He could feel her magic building and soon saw it for himself- flaring bolts of unchanneled magic crackling around her like barely controlled lightning. It made his hackles rise. The mere sight of it was exciting, though he was not caught nor entranced by the display. Sombra held his ground as she began to charge him, dark magic bubbling up around his own horn as he focused his magic on the ground between them. As a bolt of magic arced his way, Sombra jerked his head up, pulling up a wall of crystal in between himself and Tempest. He was a proud stallion, and with most dealings with ponies, he refused to ever retreat in a fight- he preferred to meet his opponents head on, especially when most of them were too weak to even be much of a threat to him. Though fighting the royal sisters certainly kept him on his toes. Sombra didn't wait for what the result of Tempest's magic would be when faced with crystal and turned his attention to the offensive, summoning a pillar of black crystal that came jutting diagonally out of the ground on Tempest's side- his intent was to ram her in the side with it, if he could. He was relying entirely on his sense of her magic rather than any visual for the moment.
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    "They most certainly are." Night Breeze said with a little blush on her face looking at cain. Having gave Cain a quick hug, She observed his face which to seem a bit embarrassed and pleased at the same time. Giving off a single soft little giggle a blush reddening her cheeks as she smiled. Truthfully Night breeze had come out here expecting to be alone, but she rather did enjoy his company. Eating the piece of candy gave to her from Cain she could immediately feel a crackling feeling like that of a fire, It was rather quite unique. Soon after she could smell the slight smell of of fresh water, Followed by the sounds of happy voices around her that where seemingly pushed along by a gentle cool breeze from the night. How did he manage to make that into a candy? she wandered to herself. Turning to ask him Cain seemed to have felt it as well. Night Breeze tilted her head as he cut himself short on his sentence. His face suddenly turning to fear and shrank down, What was he so afraid of? Her face looked concerned, She knew just the thing to calm him down tho. Without a word Night Breeze light up her horn, a magic matching the color of her eyes floated off her horn towards Cain before wrapping itself around him in swirls. The magic was that of her soothing spell, The magic swirls continuously circled around him could be described like a soft velvet cloth that had been warmed gently as it continued to wind around him. "Easy now, There is nothing for you to fear" She said in a soft reassuring voice walking closer to Cain "You where not intruding, I love sharing my interests with others. I enjoy caring for others, and you are no different." She said with a smile on her face trying to show Cain that she didn't mind, before the spell fizzled away into the air. "You know your candy was actually good, and that gave me a idea" Night Breeze said thinking to herself. She came out hoping to find some Inspiration for back at the spa, And this might be just the stoke of inspiration she was looking for! "Candy like this could actually be a very good thing to have at the spa, and I'm sure ponies would love them, If you where interested i wouldn't mind paying you bits for them?" She asked trying to return to a light mood again. If he made candy like the one he gave to her, but each one only highlighting one thing, she was sure ponies where to love them. Turning around she laid back down on the ground under the tree. "Now, Why don't you come rest and relax a little?" She asked patting her on hoof beside her.
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    "Whew!" Babs blew her forelocks out of her eyes as she stepped out of the carriage. "We're really in the old west now Sweetie Belle!" She looked back over her shoulder just in time to see the unicorn filly leap from the carriage step. "Oh wow!" She gazed about, taking in the initial sights and sounds. "I think Abby is right! This is the most westerniest place I've ever seen!" "It looks like a ton of fun!" Babs trotted forward and tossed her suitcase onto her back. "I'm super excited Abby suggested this place for me and you to get some bonding time! This will be a great place for her favorite cousin to get to know one of her best friends better!" "Yeah! A lot better! We're gonna have all summer here Babs! All...summer..." She sucked in a little breath, trying to keep herself calm. This was totally out of Sweetie's comfort zone and there was no big sister here to help her out. At least not until she came for a visit. The two fillies watched as Miss Blossom stepped forward with her suitcase. "Should we follow you Miss Blossom?" Babs inquired with Sweetie at her heels. "This place looks kinda big..." Her horn lit up as she levitated her suitcase along next to her. "I hope we don't get lost..."
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    BWWUUUUUHH A BIG GIGANTIC CONGRATULATIONS, HON!!~<3 And a vurry happy birfday to your brood-mate! PLEASE GIVE HER A GREAT BIG SMOOCH ON HER LEFT EAR FROM THE GOOD OL' FAWKESEQUUS~<3 :'3 And to try to add to some of that happy news, for those who haven't heard yet, on the 11th hour of New Year's Eve, your loveable old Marquee of Mania took a Duke of Dementia to be his fiancee~ Lord Mefiialtes, formerly the Bird of Paradise, once upon a time Canterlot's talented crp_dude. Whom I met some 6 years ago, as some of you may recall, as a result of the Bridal Shower Art Extravaganza I threw for our dear Manestream once upon a time. Which I threw in one large part out of my love and appreciation for her hard work and dedication, yes, but also in one large part in the hopes of redeeming myself and Angie in the eyes of her and Artax, so that they might reverse Angie's ban from Canterlot. A ban which was given to us due to our WILD AND CRAZY Last Post Wins shenanigans. In short, I found the love of my life thanks to Canterlot and thanks to all of you madmen and madwomen here in Last Post Wins, members old and past as well as new and present. And for that, as well as so much else, I love you all beyond the ability for words to convey (impressive, I know, considering the infamous word-vomiter that I am!). ON ANOTHER NOTE YUSH THIS ALL YOU MOTHERFATHERS BETTER JOIN US FOR THIS TONIGHT!!! IT WILL BE VERY FUN AND I WILL PERSONALLY LICK THE FINGERS OF EVERY ONE OF YOU WHO JOINS US AS A REWARD! ...or I'll lick the fingers of everyone who DOESN'T show up as a punishment. WHICHEVER IS MOST FITTING!! >:I
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    Perytons - Creatures of Enchantment Sprawling along the western rim of Cirrus Lake is a chain of low-lying islands known as the Velvet Strand. The gentle, grassy slopes which rise out of the shallow waters are home to the peryton: flightless, winged deer who have made their home in the Nimbusgait lakes since they first welled up with water. While there are no solid records of where exactly these mysterious creatures came from, a favoured legend amongst them and their pegasi neighbours tells of a forbidden romance between a famed pegasus general and the princess of a herd of whitetail deer. After entering an arranged marriage under the command of her father, the princess often wished she could fly far away, to a world where she was free. Every night she gazed at the stars and wished to be one of them, and every so often, when granted a taste of freedom, she would venture to the western shores of Cirrus lake. Here the shallow waters grew so still that they perfectly mirrored the shimmering expanse of the night sky, so the whitetail princess would wade into the waters and close her eyes, dreaming that she was a star and far away from her life. One night, a pegasus general famed throughout the world for his ruthless tactics and cold command of pegasi armies spotted the princess wading through the waters. He instantly fell in love, and it was not long before his affections were returned. Once every three months they would meet in the waters surrounding the Velvet Strand, until years later they were discovered. The princess was cast out from her home in the Everfree forest and left to fend for herself in the wilderness. Desperately wishing to help her, the general abandoned his rank and his home to live at his banished princess’ side on the Velvet Strand. It was their love that gave birth to the peryton race, so the story goes. Whatever the truth may be, the peryton race has proven itself to be a vital entity in the Nimbusgait lakes. Though individually they appear to possess no supernatural talents beyond the ability to walk on clouds, in groups the peryton are armed with precious, life-giving magic unlike anything else in Equestria. Their collective magic is passive, and the larger a herd is the stronger its effect upon the world. It is difficult not to notice the change in the air and the water around a group of peryton: murky water slowly turns clear, smog and fumes transform into sweet, clean air, and wilted plants spring to life and flourish once more. Simply by coming together, peryton have the ability to purify and revitalize the world around them. It does not happen overnight, and the area of effect is limited to where the herd dwells, but this magic has been purifying the waters of the Great Nimbusgait Lakes for countless years. There is a reason the waters of Cirrus Lake are famous for being so clear and pristine, and that reason lives on the Velvet Strand. Because of their uncanny magic, life amongst a herd of peryton has a quietly enchanting atmosphere. They regain their energy faster among their own kind and are much less susceptible to illness, while the lingering feeling of magic weaves its way through everything and everypony. Indeed, it is not just peryton who feel these effects when living near a herd, and as such it is not rare for ponies and other creatures to find themselves drawn to the winged cervidae. Being near them is cleansing for all life, and for sentient species the effect is mental and emotional as well as physical. Being in the company of a single peryton is quietly uplifting, but the effect a herd has can heal many kinds of hurts. Peryton are well aware of the effect they have upon other creatures. Thanks to this, they possess a natural sense of self-importance and arrogance. Vanity and selfishness go hoof-in-hoof with peryton, so when the enchanting appeal of a herd is removed and one must deal with them individually, their charm quickly diminishes. Even so, peryton still retain a certain magnetism when separated from a herd. It is not uncommon to hear stories of those lost in the Everfree woods near the Great Nimbusgait Lakes being drawn down a safe path after catching a fleeting glimpse of a mysterious, winged deer through the trees. Even without the intention of rescuing lost wanderers, their natural allure has helped many travellers and earned them something of a heroic reputation in heavily wooded areas. Scholars who excel in the field of Aetheric Theory have long puzzled over this peculiar brand of magic. Though much of it remains a mystery, Canterlot researches have discovered that it is a peryton’s antlers which connects them to the magical community of a herd. The antlers behave similarly to lightning rods, attracting magic that is naturally present in Equestria and channelling it through the peryton. Though they are most similar to whitetail deer in appearance, unlike their wingless cousins both male and female peryton have antlers which they do not shed. It has been observed that breaking off an antler nullifies their natural magnetism and can even lead to ostracization from their herd. They are prideful creatures and their antlers are their greatest source of pride. Seeing one of their own so disconnected from the essence of what makes a peryton a peryton causes a great deal of discomfort, making it difficult for them to know how to behave around those whose antlers are broken, or worse yet those whose antlers never grew in. In modern Equestria, peryton have taken full advantage of their passive community-based magic. The Velvet Strand is famous as a spa/resort destination, where creatures from all walks of life go to relax, rejuvenate, or even to heal. They excel in careers designed to help with de-stressing, and it is common to see peryton across Equestria running spas, salons, massage therapy clinics, yoga classes, and other businesses of that ilk. The best summation one could make of peryton is that they are beautiful, irrevocably self-involved, and most importantly: they are uncommonly enchanting and irresistible. Equestrian Travels Volume 4, Journal no.137 penned by Ryx Blackwing, Aquellian Archives ​