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    To whom it may concern, I'll try and get some posts out tomorrow.
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    "When you're on a train, it's not just the destination you get to enjoy, but the actual ride itself." The griffon was on high alert during the conversation and was able to quickly remove something that had popped up In her noggin. She was about to say 'And you get to enjoy the ever changing scenery outside your cabin', but that would not be suitable at all! "Meet new people, and it's nice to simply sit and relax...And not worry yourself to death on what you've left behind." There wasn't really much she was leaving behind. All of her jobs were finished. She did rely on ol' Docket to receive her packages and water her plants. There would still be time later to find a gift for a wedding she would later attend. Maybe she would find something in the 'Empire', or even an idea on what to make the couple. Loose Cannon's cutie mark reminded her of the bride to be's marking. Flaming horse shoe....Flaming meteorite. The bird wondered if she gained her branding the same way her friend did. And that was by overcoming rather extreme difficulties. Zelda turned her attention to the fuzzy brown pegasus pony, "I'm actually a blacksmith, and I sculpt as a hobby, but it's usually wise to sketch out your projects before diving headfirst into them and waste materials." While she did not work on this particular skill as much as she should, the griffon had managed to gain a decent amount of skill with her sketches. Maybe she should move to Coltifornia and get an job as an caricature artist at 'Whinny World'. "I don't believe you have what I can call a 'bad side'.", the griffon chuckled as she finished her first sketch. This starred a rather sassy looking Loose Cannon..."I'm Zelda...Formally of Rockwington...Now Canterlot...Just taking an rather random little vacation to help refresh myself.."
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    The golden mare looked into the eyes of the other Pegasus as she talked, making Daze open up her mouth again to speak. "Ye-ah, I'm gonna be in it. It's a big one for me," she exclaimed, her voice cracking, "My actual uniform is in my bag, I just need to keep the 'ol bones and muscles warm. I'm trying not to die from the cold beforehoof, I can't mess this chance up." Daze sat up straighter, feeling more comfortable around this strangers. "And thanks, you look pretty athletic yourself," she added to Fiver, giving her a slight smirk. She was always one to give a compliment back. The way she grew up, she always felt the right to give somepony something in return so she didn't feel bad. "Are you racing too?" Daze looked over at the other two, as the earth pony talked. She seemed to talk a lot, but so did Daze. When she felt like talking, she always had a lot to say. Especially about nothing. The griffon asked a simple question, to which Daze tilted her head. "I mean, sure. Whatever floats your boat." She was kind of weirded out, just thinking about some creature drawing her for a reason she didn't know. But, the mare's eyes sparkled as she said, "Make sure you get my good side though, I don't want anypony missing out on this." Daze then struck a pose, trying to seem ridiculous and crack a smile of the others. She sat back down, thinking she was hilarious. It was good for her to get her mind off the race, otherwise she would freak out again. "I heard this trip is going to take a while." As she said that, the train huffed out some smoke and the train was heading through the train tracks, blasting out a toot. "Guess we're off then." Her yellow eyes looked out the window to see the world ahead of her fly past her face and behind her. The train was rickety and bumpy, but soothing at the same time. Daze focused on the sound of the wheels running over the tracks, keeping her mind steady and in control. The golden Pegasus began to play with her bandages on her arms as she looked outside, her heart racing from newly found excitement. Her ears flicked as she looked farther up at the cabins ahead of theirs's, seeing it shake ahead as the train huffed again. The mare turned back around to face the group. "Oh, my name is Golden Daze by the way," she suddenly said, smiling warmly at the others. All this talk and they hadn't introduced their names yet. So, Daze had to be the first to break the ice.
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    "Not much to be nervous about, Stranger. It's a nice place according to the brochure." She said as she held up the aforementioned item, "That fancy festival they have seems to have passed, but there's gonna be a big race when we arrive." She pulled her eyes up from the paper and looked over Daze's cold weather gear and smiled, "Are you gonna be racing in it? You've definitely got the build of an athlete." Seeing her fellow Pegasus passenger like this really took her back, when she was a recruit in the Wonderbolts she had that same nervous look meddled with excitement. The griffin turned out to be quite the skilled artist. When Zelda spoke up about the rest of the cabin being her sketch subject Fiver cracked a smile, "If I can get a look at the result I'm fine with it. Are you a professional sketch artist? Or do you do other types of work alongside it?" The earth pony with the salmon colored coat was especially talkative. Her interest in the culture of the crystal empire was something that caught Fiver's attention, That bit about not interested in the crystals was a tad eyebrow raising. Not so much that Fiver was terribly interested in their architecture or artifacts either, but she couldn't help but think it was odd to mention that specifically. That last question about it also drew the pegasus' attention too, "That's a good question actually... The empire doesn't really seem to fit the definition of an empire. Seems more like a king-- er princessdom maybe?"
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    Daze listened at Fiver spoke, nodding her head to confirm her listening. "I'm like, non stop flying twenty-four seven, so I'm always in shape." The bandaged Pegasus smiled boldly, looking at the others as they introduced themselves and who they are. It was nice to get to know every creature, since they were going to have to stay on a train forever together. It would be odd for them to just sit there and say nothing, being strangers until the train ride was done. Daze opened her mouth to speak, "Well, it's very nice meeting you all," she started, as she shifted more comfortably to talk again. "I'm nothing special like a blacksmith or from some place like Appleloosa, I literally just grew up in Cloudsdale to become a fast flier. I'm going to be in the race in the Crystal Empire, if you didn't know that already." The Pegasus cocked her head to the side when Loose went on about a good or bad side. "Uh, so then every side is your bad side, which means your good side is your bad side, which also means you have no good side?" She shook her head, confusing herself. "Anyway," she turned to the griffon, "Just make me look good." Daze then gave her famous smirk to Zelda. Loose said something about the cold surrounding them, and how the Crystal Empire was protected from the freezing temperatures. "Yeah, I know. You just never know what can happen. Maybe we get there and the empire is just cold from all the.. crystals and stuff. Or maybe it's under attack and the princess can't hold up the force field. Or maybe the hotel I'm stayin' at is freezing and their heating system broke." Daze was really overthinking everything, like always. "But, I see your point." The mare listened as the others talked about trains, which kind of bored Daze. This wasn't the type of stuff she normally liked to listen to. It wasn't very interesting to her, because this wasn't her type of stuff to think about. Daze grew up in a small community of fliers like herself, who generally weren't all keen on how to make trains less bumpy. The other Pegasus seemed interested in it though, which made Daze listen a little more. She just found Fiver kind of cool. Talking about the bumpy-ness of the train caught Daze's attention more, because of how bumpy this train was. Every so often there would be a thump big enough to bump the gold pony up. One was so big, it made her launch up into the air. She caught herself as she almost hit the top of the cabin. "Okay, I really hope they figure out how to make train rides more smoother. 'Cause for Celestia's stake, it would be nice to not be thrown into the air." Her ears then twitched at the sound of two metal objects clinking together, but she was focused on trying to calm down from the sudden lift.
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    With the training finally getting its start, Fiver relaxed a bit. She looked back to the Daze and smiled, "Well thanks. I try to keep myself in shape but for me I've done all I can so... I'll be sitting this one out and watching from the sidelines. " Fiver always liked seeing new athletes enter the scene, not just fliers but runners or even swimmers. Some might say she was too old be feeling so nostalgic, and maybe they were right. Still, she was content for the most part and willing to cheer on anyone with a dream to improve themselves. When Golden Daze spoke up her name, Fiver quickly answered with her own. "Khamsa Alriah. My friends call me 'Fiver'." The musings of Zelda brought another smile to Fiver's muzzle. A chance to relax and not worry about what was left behind was exactly what she'd been hoping for. Shame it was only to last as long as this ride. "It's a pleasure to meet you, Zelda. I'm a ... stunt flier more or less. Been a part of a good team for a while, but I'm thinking about exploring other options in time. I'm on my own little vacation for the same reasons as you are." Loose cannon sounded much more knowledgeable about the nature of governments than Fiver did. Just hearing words like principality took the Pegasus back to the days of schooling with her mother back in Saddle arabia. Scholars could be such a boar, strange neither her nor her brother took to knowledge in the same way her parent had. "Frankly I stopped thinking about how Equestria's government is run a long time ago. It seems as though things will be as they will be regardless of what I or others do."
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    Yeah, I'd love to see an year skip....The CMCs are teens.....Pound Cake and Pumpkin Cake are kids..And the main characters..Along with their friends. Or I just want a certain artist to finish her comic strip! I'd love to see another city. We already had an itty bitty village. Why not set it in the city?
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    "As far as I know, It's just a single city, doesn't feel like much of a kingdom either. Maybe a Principality?" she mused towards the calm pegasus. "That's the word right? I don't know much of the independence of the Crystal Empire after its return." Her education from her mother was both a blessing and a curse. She knew more than she wanted to and it meant that the stuff she didn't know kind of hurt sometimes. She could totally become a scholar, but that wouldn't be very fun now would it? "The frozen North can be cold, but the Crystal Empire itself is shielded from its effects. Unless you're flying outside of the boundaries, then you won't have to worry about freezing yourself," she explained to the totally overprepared pegasus. "Unless you mean on the way there, in which I trust the heating of this train to stop us from freezing." "Yeah sure, it kind of is good to meet new people, but If I got back home and my house was on fire, I'd be very worried." There was only so much relaxing one could do before stuff would start to go wrong. "I hear that some get their kicks from just riding trains, like the destination is just a bonus to their trip, it's all about the special trains that they put out sometimes. Never ridden one of those before, just the regular ol' trains." When the train started moving, she thought for a moment. What if a train ride didn't feel like one, would that be a good thing or a bad thing. Impressive in the fact that they made it feel like a house, but then it didn't feel like a train so... "I heard some engineers are trying to make a really smooth train. You could basically live inside it all the time and just travel around. It sounds like it would be very expensive to produce and maintain though." "My bad side is my every side, so, really there is no bad side. So make sure you get my good side, which is also my bad side." Hah, let them try and process that. She tried to look serious about her request, but she really didn't care. She just talked a lot to fill the void in the silence. "My name is Loose Cannon, formally of Appleloosa, now Ponyville," She mused at the thought of titles. It was weird, especially hearing one from a Griffon. Was it a title, or was it just context? "That might be what it says on my birth certificate." Knowing her, someone might actually miss the joke and actually believe her. She didn't want to explain anything.
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    "Traveling? Is great coincidence! Flying Brick has no roof to call her own, and scarcely ever shares that of others. Save when it rains, then sharing commences! On note, would be grateful for sharing over the night, as rain is imminent." Indeed, the sea breeze was already carrying clouds from the vast ocean where weather pegasi did not patrol. The mare's spirits remained undampened by the threatened weather, however, sweeping up her half of bits with one sweeping bow. "And there is nice cafe three blocks down which piles on the stroganoff like Mount Canterhorn! You are following, da?" The question was directed at Toboe and Nensho, who seemed inclined to stick around, even as the crowd had dispersed back into the chattering, scattering masses.
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    Ruby grinned back, her tail swaying in time with the thumping rhythm. It was great, and she couldn't keep her smile down, especially as ponies passing by dropped coins in the slot on her table. She narrowed her eyes when she was told to play another song, and switched her records with a totally practiced maneuver, not at all thought up on the spot. She took two new records out of her case and spun them using her wings, before tossing the two on her table up with her hooves before slamming the new ones down. She then caught the old ones with her tail before tossing them to her wings to put back. It was surprisingly smooth, and she let out a small cheer for herself. She changed some of the settings on her table before leaping over herself, her headphones popping off as she started bobbing and moving to her own beats. Soon, she grew tired though and went back to playing music, most of the other musicians and dancers had already left by then, as most of the passerby and crowd had focused on her and the strange, exotic earth pony who could move. Finally, her stomach growled loud enough for her to hear it over her music and she started to pack it up. She'd made enough to get a nice meal and a hotel room for the night, so no sleeping in a tree for her tonight... After she got the table packed up and slung across her back, she smiled as she went up to the dancer. "That was AMAZING! I've never seen a pony move like that! And I've never heard a pony that sounds like you! It's so Cool! Wanna hang? I was going to go get some food." She said, offering a wing. Her spoke slightly fast paced, and it was clear she still had some energy to burn. She then remember something, and gasped slightly. "Oh, Ponyfeathers, I forgot. My name's Ruby!"
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    Final season huh? -slaps helmet on-
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    Well I noticed there is not that many forum games around so lets see what happens... Well title says it all did I win already?
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    The cow flicks an ear as the sword slammed into a wall behind her, eyes not moving from her target as that faint smile holds. She leans her head side to side as the dog talks, than makes a bored snorting sound and waves at him to move it along. Everyone has to talk in combat… With him done she readies herself. Watching him rush her she easily picked up on him going for a haymaker. To easy, its as if he was slinging all of his body. He’d know better than to do that, she’d easy nail him in chest and parry the blow. So she leaps back and went on the defenses, well she will land no hits it allowed her time to react to the faint and back out from the follow up blow. He’d be ready for her follow up so did not, instead she stayed on the defense to study him more. She did enjoy that he switched too hoof… well, paw combat? It earned some respect from her.
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    Before Taira responded he proceeded to blow his nose a couple times into the tissues he'd taken through is magic mists. The sound was not unlike a trombone being played by an amateur in a highschool band. Once done he would toss the used paper into a nearby basket and take a deep breath of the familiar air of his family's dwelling. "Free visits to a spa... those do sound nice. Would that offer extend to just me or the rest of my family?" he asked as he worked to get a glass of water for himself, "Would be a nice treat for when I get enough bits together to visit Equestria." The stallion pulled up a seat and relaxing, "As for my magic?" He coughed up a small puff of mountain mist, "Well for a lot in my family our magic seems to come naturally so mind did too! I can also use it to form shapes... I can walk on it and use it as transport. Can also use it for illusions and the like!"
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    I am sad to see you go...and, I guess , a little guilty as well (glances at all the unfinished RP's). I myself have my share of problems, being insanely reclusive and withdrawn - being afraid to hang on social media, public chat's etc. due to my paranoia. I can only assume that some people become so invested with their characters that they take any actions that put them in embarrassing or humiliating situations as a slight against themselves. I know I did when I was younger, Roleplaying on other sites, thinking my creations were a gift to other's so how dare they put misery on them. I will certainly miss your involvement Rex. It added so much needed spice in that overwhelming amount of slice-of-life threads towards which I have often a mixed feelings. And I admit, seeing your Discord's actions drive other characters into hair-pulling frustration was incredibly amusing. Squall will miss your Discord's too, and all those unpredictable challenges he threw at him ,that allowed the noblepony to keep himself sharp. So Godspeed Rex. I hope we meet out there, on other forum. And perhaps we actually finish a thread for once. Or maybe not. It's a journey that counts .
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    Ugh. I'm very sorry to see you go...I'll miss your art here (I am following you on your assorted art pages) and your awesome posts...Discord drove my characters crazy, but I loved every single one of those posts.
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    I want it to be Next Gen. Same universe, different set of main characters.
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    Night Breeze had sat looking at the sunrise for some time when Cain finally awoke. Staring at life below, she reflected on the previous evening. To be honest with herself she very much liked having somepony to spend time with, and share all her memories with. A soft smile rose on her lips as she thought about it all. Pondering what today's events might bring. taking a moment to take in the morning light she noticed Cain trot over to her. Sitting sideways to him Night Breeze turned her head to great him. "Good morning sunshine." She said with a cheerful attitude, A soft smile on her face, glancing somewhat curiously at him as he seemed to be confused for a second. "Did you sleep well last night?" She inquired curiously. "I'm here as long as you want me to be, Dear." Night Breeze said getting up now. "To be honest, I just, I didn't want to leave you up here all night with all by your lonesome." She smiled as she thought about her words. Why was she being so different about this? Sure her job was to be kind and caring to other ponies, but why did it seem she was much more interested in helping and caring for him than any other pony? "I'm ready when ever you are." She smiled with a wink "Oh um, You don't have to." Night Breeze said with a bit of a blush. She was always shy about taking things from others, but her grumbling belly said otherwise. All tho she was a little interested when he mentioned that he did more than just candy. "Oh, of course. That sounds delicious!" The grey unicorn said now with a bit of enthusiasm. "So, what all do you know how to make?" She asked curiously as she waited. He was just getting better by the minute. Not only did he make candy, but knew how to cook as well. "Would you like any help?" Night asked after a moment, hating to make him do this for her without doing anything in return herself.
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    There was a rhythm to every city, if you could hear it through the cacophony of traffic and advertisements, feel it through the thrums and rumblings in the paving stones, loosen yourself to let it carry you through alleyways, up and over walls. It was a dance, a dance of life through a jungle of concrete and bricks, asphalt and cobblestones, steel and glass shining in the morning and evening lights. And during the nights, you could take a boat out to the harbor and see that the very stars themselves had left the sky, clinging to skyscrapers to be led in a waltz through the city that never slept... Were Flying Brick a poet, she could have made a decent living crafting these thoughts and feelings into words for those ponies who could only live through books. But she was not, she was a dancer with a simple voice, who could only touch the sublime through movement, barely scraping by on the bits thrown by ponies brave enough to face the light of the sun intensified by a hot, bright sidewalk. Her hooves, tough and calloused, cared not for the heat of the surface, dancing in the street where the musicians busked. While she could feel the city through her hooves, more often she would dance according to the music being played. Syncing up with her fellow street performers often ended in them getting more pay together, and hey, a mare has to eat. Colored Dark umber and rawer red-orange, the colors of old and new bricks, the Earth pony mare could dance, jump, and flex like few could, in a free flowing movement for a measure, before breaking up into staccato steps, on four hooves and two as if it made no difference. And so she did, pitching an ear to the sky for the next guiding strains of music...
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    Nensho waved at the two ponies as introductions were made, returning Toboe’s friendly hug. He smiled a bit as Toboe spoke, though her calling him handsome raised a slight blush to his cheeks for a few moments before fading. “Y-yeah, nice to meet you two.” He smiled at them, looking over at his friend’s question first. “Definitely not enough to really remember anything about it, so probably not.” He chuckled, giving a shrug before gesturing to Flying Brick to lead the way. “Sure, I’m up to get some grub, and we definitely should get that table away from any rain.” He nodded, looking between the two. “Lead the way, whenever you’re ready.”
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    Wait, wait, wait. This is an actual page?
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    "Cool! We could get a room then! Always more fun to be had when with other ponies, that's what I say!" Ruby said, smiling widely. She couldn't help it, even with the others there, something about Brickie, about this dancer who easily kept up with her music held her attention, which was quite a feat. She wasn't easily distracted, it was just that there was so much she'd never seen and done before, and she wanted to see it all. However, the mention of her name did get her attention. "Yep, DJ Ruby! Though, Everyone calls me just Ruby right now, haven't really had a gig yet, but that doesn't matter, I kinda like being able to see all of Equestria, even want to go beyond it some day..." She said, starting to offer a wing before seeing the weather clouds. Dark and heavy, from the looks of them, and so, she swept her wings over her table, and instead offered a hoof. "So, We should probably be moving this party to it's next venue, water and electronics don't mix well, and this thing is amazing, as well as amazingly expensive to repair..." She said as she gestured to the folded table strapped across her back...
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    Man. . . who knew dreams could be so. . . lifelike sometimes? Whatever Night Breeze had cast on him that night, Candy Cain had slept soundly for once. He hadn't felt the urge to get up and make something. He hadn't felt like he needed to go be productive, or give some random pony a wrapped candy-gift at their doorstep. (Don't judge. Cain liked to keep busy, and friendly.)He just. . . . slept. For hours on end. It felt so good. . . he wished that it would last forever. Alas, it was not to be. The light of day would not diminish for one tired soul. Cain winced as he finally came to, the early sun's rays shining on his eyelids. He groaned slightly, sitting up a bit. The first thing he noticed was that Night Breeze wasn't there. He momentarily panicked, remembering his thoughts from the previous night. Is this. . . real? He was worried that it had just been another trick of the mind. . . that was upsetting. . . well. . . glancing around, Cain noticed a discrepancy. There were dips in the grass where someone had been walking around the hill, and they hadn't gone off into the distance. Candy Cain stood up, and began pacing around the small hill after Night. After a moment, he met her halfway. The stallion gave a barely concealed sigh of relief. "Oh, you're. . . I though you weren't. . ." He paused, then waved away the thoughts. They didn't matter; Night Breeze was here, and real. He smiled to himself. Still, that didn't stop him from pulling out a small lollipop and popping it into his mouth. It helped to have something to chew on when Cain was feeling unsettled. He was just calming himself down now. His smiled turned into a full grin. "Mornin' Ms. Breeze. . ." He trotted over, cocking his head to one side. "Wasn't sure if you were still with us here in Canterlot. My bad, I just got spooked for a sec." Cain turned and stared out at the sunrise, watching that and the now-busy Canterlot below. This was nice.. . but he couldn't wait to get underway with the day's events. "Guess today we can do that walk, eh?" He paused. "Though, what kinda pony am I for not providing a mare with breakfast? I know how to do more than just candy," Cain began to make his way back to his cart. He glanced back, eyebrow raised. "Fancy pancakes and strawberries, ma'am?"
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    Toboe couldn't help but crack a smile at Brick and Ruby's antics. She could tell just by looking at the mare from stalliongrad she was a strong one, and judging by that dance: Fit too. Attention was drawn by ruby's question, "Sorry to tell you I'm just a tourist with a close friend as my guide. Where is h-oh!" She perked up as Nensho's presence finally reached her. She turned to him as he came up to the trio. "Glad you could still find me in this crowd!" She gave the 'stallion' a side long hug with her hoof before looking back to the duo before her, "This is Flying Brick and ... Ruby was it?" She asked, not having been able to hear what the batpony had said before when she approached. When she got the affirmative she gestured to Nensho, "This handsome stallion is Nensho: my closest friends since we were tiny." She'd been getting a little worried she might have lost him earlier, Nensho's nose worked better in this land then hers it seemed. Maybe she was still acclimating to the environment, maybe it was the spring air? Who knows. "So! You ever been around this city before, Nen-san?"
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    Nensho was... actually kinda lost... kinda surprising given where he grew up, but he wasn’t used to this city. It was different enough to be throwing him off here. At least he could still pick out Toboe’s scent on the wind, so he was trying his best to navigate towards that. As he got closer, the music started to make him bob his head to the beat, smiling to himself as he ignored the strange stares from those with less sensitive hearing. Eventually, he found himself standing next to Toboe, realizing he had been continuing the song in his head since it had ended. “Oh, hey Toboe, who’re your friends?” He asked, rubbing the back of his neck a bit and chuckling.
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    Ruby grinned widely, her fangs catching the light slightly as the dancer, Flying Brick apparently, even as her knees became weak from trying to keep her standing. "Really? Friends? Awesome! I mean, I travel a lot, so I'm not sure if I'll be hanging along, but yeah, I love new friends! We can hang all night!" She said, gladly taking about half of her bits and handing them to Brick. "Here's yours, Brickie!" She then carefully check over the table, stowing the records and the needles it used inside some of the compartments in it. The part with the bits had a little door that latched... Her whole life was that table, and it was clear with how careful she was with it even though it was clear she wanted to bolt off and go look for more fun. However, she had fun right here. "I... I actually only got here a few days ago... either of you know a good place to eat and lay down? Unless we want to keep this party going! I just need to refuel!"
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    A city like Manehattan may never rest, but mortal ponies eventually must, and nopony here was an alicorn. It had been a bit of a strain on Brick, not so much the dancing itself, but restraining herself from pulling in the batpony DJ in for an impromptu number. Granted, whatever number it would be was likely to be more "club" than "ballroom", though the earth pony's high kicks and leaps were almost 'ballet.' Once one knew her origins, of course, that all made sense. Stalliongrad was known for dance, both high-class and lowbrow. Having finished with her signature cultural move of duck-walking high kicks springing into a somersault on top of the table, Brick took a bow in the shower of bits, shooting a wink back at the thestral. "Is of pleasing day to meet you! I am Flying Brick, name and nature in one." The growl of her stomach in response to Ruby's food question prompted a laugh from the boisterous mare. "Ahaha, will be glad to be joining! We split check as we split profits, da? To each according ability, from each according need." The crowd was beginning to disperse as Brick dismounted, though as usual some individuals were coming up to meet the performers. "Bwahaha, Of course we are! Lifelong friends since three songs ago!" She punctuated this paradox with a hearty slap on Ruby's back, which must have felt like a half-brick in a velvet sock. "Stalliongrad mare makes friends quick! Never know when might be needing, or if ever see again. Time is not to waste."
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    When Ice heard Chrysalis mention that she wasn't entirely sure on the life span of a queen because none of them really perished from natural causes, malnutrition non-withstanding. she said that history wise there wasn't much to go off of either, but she added that she planned to live forever if she could manage it. she couldn't help but smile a bit as she heard her say to check back later on how that was working out for her. "I'll have to make a note to do that when I'm old and brittle," she said with a giggled as she turned to Raven as she asked about how there wasn't any recorded history between hives or history at all. "I can't really say one way or another. In a way, I would say that history though is as much of a curse as it is a blessing. After all, look what happened to Luna. Luna's reputation now is still tarnished because of what's been recorded in history. Yes it's important to learn from history so that the same mistakes aren't made, but at the same time I can understand how history can be a hindrance when trying to move forward from something that maybe didn't have the best of outcomes. Now family records, I can see how we would want to keep them but, since you're the queen wouldn't that make the entire hive your children? That'd be a rather long itinerary to keep track of," she said as her own stomach growled at the mention of food. "As are mine. There's plenty of time to chat while we eat.
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    "Not entirely," Ice Storm started. "No matter the type of government established by the governing body, there are still the civilians of which that make up the nation as a whole. It doesn't really matter if it's a democracy, a republic, or a monarchy. And truthfully. Equestria itself isn't a true monarchy either. It is a Triarchy. I don't include cadence in the equasion because she presides over the Crystal Empire, which in all technicality it's own entity, and thus would classify as a monarchy. Celestia may ultimately have the final say, but in all reality, it's really run as a council of three, compounding on the the fact that Twilight herself has a council of five. the overall heirarchy would be complicated even for the ponies in government to understand let alone any civilians. The problem with the issue that you speak of, is quite simple. Lack of communication. It doesn't matter if there's one ruler, or a council of twenty. If an issue never makes it back to them, and if they are intentionally kept in the dark, they can't fix it. This start at the guard level. If the chain of command cannot be trusted to get vital information to the proper places through the proper channels, then they are a liability. Somewhere, because of their inability to deal with the situation, combined with the failure to let superiors know that there could be an issue, ultimately ends up in somepony getting hurt. That is a distinct lack of discipline that stems from stagnation. They don't believe that anything bad will happen where they are and that it can't happen to them. When it does, they're unprepared because they will always be caught off guard." she continued warming the room slightly. "Long and short of it, They can't... we can't fix a problem if we don't know about it. Why the communication lines are failing, I don't have an answer yet, but I will soon enough. Now, tell me what you know, and if I'm able to, I will let you know. Again, there are matters I will not be able to discuss due to national security protocol," she said subtly dropping some hints that there was definitely more about her than met the eye, but she presumed that he knew that already.
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    The pounding of Ruby's base soon became the dominant rhythm guiding Brick's hooves, pulling them across the street as she danced around traffic, at one point taking a standing leap to clear a cab roof, rebounding off to stick the landing in front of her! The stunt prompted a foul look from the cabbie as he drove off, but the audience loved it, tossing bits towards the now-paired up performers. '"More where that come from, tovarich!" The earth pony shot a grin over at the thestral, her tones betraying a far northern origin. She was, as she would put it, "Stalliongrad built, strong like bull!" Not fed well enough these days to bulk out, but the lack of any fat on her showed off lean muscle as well as a textbook. "So, what is next number? Bring the beat!"
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    Ruby swooped in as the lights came on in the city. She'd been in Manehatten for awhile now, finding it's vibrant night life to be her kind of rhythm, though she had to be extra mindful, with the throng of ponies everywhere her table would get jostled and bumped if she walked down the streets, or if she wasn't careful where she slept. The pinkish Aerion loved music more than almost anything, aside from meeting new ponies, and Manehatten was known for it's clubs and such, even if they hadn't wanted an unknown like her. And so, she smiled as she glided down, wanting to add her voice to the symphony of the night that was starting on the street. When she landed, she saw that there were a few musicians already playing, as well as a few dancers, and she could already feel the beat thrum inside her. Her grin widened as she slipped her table off her back and set it up, careful to pull a few records out from the inside, as well as change the settings so she'd compliment the others, not drown them out. Killing someone else's party? Not cool! With that, she started to play, her music a little rougher and more noticeable than that of the other musicians, though that was probably just because her's was amplified...
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    Ah, so it was an artifact holding the control, not this pony. That still left the question of what the artifact was though, and if it was even on him right now. At the various questions coming from the two he could understand, he nodded slightly. “In a manner of speaking, yes. I am searching for a way to regain what was taken from me.” He said, giving a sigh to suppress the growling he could feel building from the memory. “Apologies, my name is Anu Hur.”
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