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    From the album: Muddy's Album!

    Was thinking of how MLP plays a lot of mythology and tried doing a gorgon/naga/lamia
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    *This Post submitting for judgement* After some time to herself, Yanhua concluded that downing cupcakes probably wasn't the best way to get Feng's attention. If Nensho's crush could handle that obstacle course despite being kept behind a desk so often, This cook could climb some silly wall. While Yanhua had been mostly cooped up in the royal kitchen back home, She was still a nimble creature by nature. That, and being stuck in that forest for so long (traumatic as it was) did give her the chance to do a lot of running: Usually from the odd predator that entered the forest to make a meal out of something. If she lost some ground she could probably bounce herself back up, easy peasy. That announcer's warnings and allusions to the wall's trickery couldn't possibly be something to worry about. Yanhua's family were remarkable tricksters in their own right. If she could be outdone by some enchanted rocks, she'd have to turn in her tails! The Crowd let out a cheer as the kirin approached the wall. Yanhua flinched when she got close, Magic was thick on this thing. Who had enchanted it? More importantly why was that familiar scent meeting her nostrils. It was some odd mixture of a scent she was very familiar with: The smell of Woodlands, of a horribly tranquil and lonely forest. Memories of her time back in those woods some came to the forefront of her mind. Scurrying around in dirt, grime and tall grass, left only to her wits and with none of the magic she'd nurtured and practiced. If Feng were watching in the stands he'd have seen the cooks eyes wide open in shock for a few seconds until she rapidly shook her head about to try and center herself. When she looked back up she noticed something at the top of it... Was that her star-ball? She brought her hoof to her ear to check. It was still there. The one on the top of the wall seemed bigger and it that old Fulu that past spiritual advisor had left on it. "Is this wall making fun of me?" The cook took a deep breath to steady herself, "Calm down... It's just a wall, nothing serious." Once she properly steeled herself she lowered herself and approached the base of the wall. Then came the whistle. Yanhua go to a steady start as she gripped the rough surface of stone and pulled herself up, using muscles she'd not had to make use of in years. As she made her way up, the walls effects seemed to continue on. The familiar sounds of that hateful forest still surrounding her. That familiar drone of the cicadas, the calls of birds above in the trees, Every little rustle in the dark she could recall that woke her in the night. Still, Yanhua persisted. Then she heard the grinding sound of stone against stone. Looking up above her to the next level she saw all the spots she could have previously set hoof on swapping and switching around on the stone wall. When was one low and close to her, suddenly it was a two or three steps above her and then below. This certainly stalled her, Yanhua left trying to focus on staying tight to the wall and looking over the switching surfaces of the rocks above. Watching this constant swapping, Yanhua eventually noticed a pattern. It was a very short window, but there was a path of easily reached spots she could quickly move through. Timing would be important. The cook took in a deep breath and tensed up her muscles, like her body was becoming a compressed spring... Three... Two... One! In a slick, smooth motion Yanhua seemed to almost run up the wall past the switching stones and then hang on tight to the calm spot above. The Sudden exertion leaving her huffing and panting but then pushing on again. Vertical climbing like this was so tiring, why on earth would ponies do this? Jumping from ledge to ledge would be so much easier... but this chef had promised herself she'd get through this by the rules for Feng and she was going to do just that! The further she went up the wall the more the sounds it made seemed to change. Forest smells were replaced by the scent of the imperial palace, though not from the present. It was a scent tinged with a heavy nostalgia. As Yanhua went higher up on the wall she could swear she even heard the sounds of lively conversation by the voices of Long guo nobility from the past. "Why would someone make a rock wall of psychological torment?!" She screamed internally as she tried to push onward... only to see something snaking across the crags above her. Were those vines? Soon several green tendrils came rushing down to try and smash something into her face! She slid down from the first smack and then blinked as somethign splattered over her face. She then had to wipe what remained away and grimaced as a familiar taste met her tongue. Peppers. The same super hot kind that had blown her cover back in the capital so long ago. It was almost painful to experience this taste again. The raw power of the spiciness already made disguise start to slip, thankfully it was just around her teeth. At this distance nobody would notice... and this may just be her saving grace. When the next vine came to her she jumped forward to meet it, more pointed teeth shredded through it and with a tight grip she used it to pull herself up along her newly acquired "rope". Just getting this far made the chef feel exhausted. Her body was aching and even with the image of Feng in her mind she was starting to regret this choice. But, she could see the wall's chosen finish line for her. The fake star-ball just so tantalizingly close. With a couple more bursts of strength she made it , huffing and panting as she got to the top. Place her hoof on the end point the wall had made she immediately felt faint and had to steady herself before raising up her hoof to the crowd as cheers came. Something felt off, though. Feeling the wind on her pads shouldn't feel so od-- Wait. Pads? She brought the hoof to her face and noticed the bottom of her foreleg was no longer the bottom of a cloven hoof. In a panic she felt her face, it was still in a kirin's visage: thank goodness. All the exertion was wearing down her glamour. Why did she had to show off so much as the cupcake eating contest?! Rather than accepting the reward the Kirin Jumped down behind the wall in a hurry. When the pony who blew the starting whistle went to check on the contestant... she was gone! ...And somewhere behind the bleachers a fluffy, orange tail zipped out of sight.
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    The White Tail Woods standed as one of the prettiest places in Equestria. The trees of all shapes and sizes stood out from the blue sky, showing off their gorgeous deep green leaves. Their thick roots strung out from the ground, popping in and out of the short grass. Big bushes stood all over the landscape, as they too showed off their precious leaves and blooming flowers. The sun was going down at this point, rays of yellow, orange, and a rosy pink were shown through the darkening sky, creating a really pretty sunset. The stars weren't out yet, but it was getting dark quickly, as the sun flowed it's way down the sky. Camping was such a calming thing for most ponies out there, either to get close with their friends or family. Nature was at it's finest with the woodlands. Water in the distance, wind busheling through the trees, a nice sweet smell from the flowers that surrounded the paths. Most ponies felt at peace in this forest, as why so many ponies would come camp there. Too bad sightings of something big and dark captured all the news's stories, ponies hadn't stepped hoof there since then. But still, most ponies would take a look at this masterpiece of nature, thinking how amazed they are that such a natural thing in life could be so beautiful. The sunsets always had a beautiful view in the woods. A couple didn't care much about something so silly, just the sun going down. They could at least recognize the pretty colors the sky created. Some though, absolutely couldn't stand the hype sunsets get. That, or they were just a grumpy little sack of negativity and hated everything others generally loved. Alizarin Fruits stood at the front opening of the forest's path, tapping her hoof impatiently. Her thin eyebrows furrowed in a glare, like she was going to murder anything that came across her path. The brown mare just wanted to be at home, cuddled up in her soft bed and staring at the stars. She loved the night more than the day. Ali liked the dark, as she couldn't see anything. She didn't like thinking about things, or looking deeply into things. It kind of scared her, but little ol' Ali didn't have feelings or emotions. Nope! She was as soulless as a vampire, or so she thinks. The short mare didn't know why she was here, carrying a little folded up tent on her back with some saddle bags filled with bug repellent and a sleeping bag. Her father read in a newspaper that day something was out taking animals, and he felt horrible about it. The mare's heart always killed over when her papa frowned. Of course Ali hated seeing her ol' Pop upset, had to be a problem solver and go out to see what's out taking the 'innocent little creatures'. Ha! They weren't bothering her, they weren't hurting her business. There was no reason to go out and 'help the precious animals'. Obviously the farm pony had a heart though, if she wanted to save the little buggers. Ali was the first one to the scene, after her sweet Pop went and packed for her as she watered her apple trees. She got her chores done, with a frown, taking the saddle bags and getting the train to the woods. She had bags under her tired eyes, as she sat her little rump down in the soft dirt. The mare didn't want to head in first, but she did at the same time. The loner could've easily trotted in and left the other ponies, if there were going to be other ponies, behind. It's not like there was some group calling them to go save the creatures from the mysterious, scary, horrible, frightening, thing in the deep, dark, mysterious, scary, horrible, frighten- okay, you get the point. Anyway, the splotched mare sat there in silence, listening to the wind go through the trees and the birds tweeting. It was kind of peaceful for a moment, and Ali kind of felt at peace. It was quiet, soft, and the moment just felt like a dream. She felt asleep, but wasn't, as she could just sense the realness of her surroundings. Until she heard hooves stepping through the dirt.
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    This year's edition of the Iron Pony has come to an end. Thank you to all of our competitors! It is time to declare...THE IRON PONY! Iron Swimmer 1- Discord 2- Finnie 3- Feng Longest Yards: 1- Alizarin Fruits 2- Thunderhoof 3- Thunderlane 4- Feng Rock Climbing: 1- Yanhua 2- Long Shot 3- Kerfuffle Tug-of War: 1- Swift Squall 2- Feng 3- Boulder Dash (Good going fella, but you needed to reset and keep going until you were pulled in!) 4- Big Mac 5- Flaire 6- Smolder Barrel Weave: 1- Feng: 19.3 seconds 2- Thorax: 19.6 seconds 3- Tokkuri: 20.1 seconds 4- Nensho: 20.8 seconds Super Sure Shot Sniping Sessions: 1- Pinkie Pie: 34 2- Sunset Shimmer: 33 2- Feng: 33 4- Tehengu: 29 Cloudsdale Cloud Diving: 1- Sea Salt: 46/60 2- Feng Yinhaitao: 41/60 3- Scootaloo: 37/60 4- Derpy Hooves: 16/60 Obstacle Course: 1- Feng Yinhaitao: 0:46 seconds 2- Tempest Shadow: 46.9 seconds 3- Boulder Dash: 0:47.9 seconds 4- Tokkuri: 0:48.5 seconds 5- Nensho: 0:49 seconds 6- Alizarin Fruit: 49.1 seconds 7- Thunderhoof: 50.3 seconds 8- Apple Bloom: 0:51.5 seconds 9- Stage Lights: 52.0 seconds 10- Smolder: 0:53.1 seconds 11- Sweetie Belle: 2:19.4 With all the results tabulated, this year's Iron Pony is clear for all to see! Congratulations... FENG YINHAITAO!
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    I have gotten a digital tablet and have done a very not well done pic of our characters in this thread I shall post it with my first post in the thread. No making fun of my terrible art skillz lol
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    *this post submitted for judging* "Swim across a raging river that's probably infested with sharks, lined with the sharpest rocks, and colder than an iced tea on a freezing day in winter?" The Lord of Chaos stood at the entry area for the Iron Swimmer event. The old earth pony swimmer running the event nodded his head with an expressionless face. "Get myself across and back, then across again with no magic to enlisted the help of an army of goldfish and sea turtles?" Discord gasped, hardly able to comprehend any pony much less a draconequus such as himself could complete the challenge. The pony started walking away shaking his head. "But if I do make it I'll have a crowd cheering for me and probably a statue made in my name for my feat a bravery?" He cringed at the mention of a statue. "Well maybe not a statue... how about a sculpture of me made out of cupcakes? No no no... hmmm ah! A sculpture of me made out of pickles and jam! Yes that's it!" The pony he'd been conversing with was long gone but that mattered not to Discord. Neither did cheering crowds or sculptures. He'd do it just because he felt like it! Yes that was it! And maybe a little bit because Fluttershy might be watching. He blushed and tittered to himself while trotting towards the contestants area for the Iron Swimmer! "So," His brows dropped low over his eyes as he scoped out the challenge. And quite a challenge it was! "no magic, just moi!" Soon enough it was his turn. Discord moved towards the start line with an inflatable yellow duckie around his waist, a swim cap firmly in place over his head with his horns poking through, and a snorkel and mask strapped on tight! "Uh hem?" The earth pony judge moved in front. "Oh! None of this then?" He dropped the mask, snorkel, and cap. "Oh ok..." He shimmied out of the duckie and dropped it to the side. "You're no fun." He commented dryly before plunging into the river! The shock of the cold caused a gasp as he surfaced to suck in air. The draconequus struck out towards the opposite bank with well...tiny limbs. "Oh well now, this will never do!" It was all he could do to keep himself from using a bit of magic but no, he'd do this right! Focusing on his swimming the God of Chaos began to undulate his body in the fluid motion helping him to move through the water despite the current pulling him down river. He began to pant as he went, exerting all his strength to keep himself going. If that wasn't enough things were about to get worse! "This is proving why I use magic all the time." He grumbled while continuing onward. "Life's no fun without it." He rolled his eyes as an ominous shape moved towards him. A huge fish was coming right for him! He could see its spiked dorsal fin above the water and could only guess how many teeth went along with all those spikes. It shot towards him and Discord whipped the back half of his body to the side and out of the way. As the fish went by he lashed out with his tail and bonked the fish a good one right between the eyes. "You want some more?" Discord threw the challenge out, feeling better than he'd like to admit that he was getting through this all on his own. The fish receded down river and nurse his wound and probably prepare to assault another competitor. On he went and the other side of the river loomed near. Just as he was coming up on the place where he could push off to go back the way he came a bunch of branches came tumbling down the river! The draconequus launched himself up on the first large branch and then hopped along the others until he had touched the designated mark and headed back the other way. He entered the water with a splash as the branches and logs were carried away from him. "I can hardly wait to see what's next." He rolled his eyes and tried to keep his breathing even as he struck out for the side he had started from. As if on cue the river began to get rougher. Small waves turned into larger waves and soon Discord was being tossed around by large rollers that came from somewhere upstream. He was still being tugged by the current and for a few moments he floundered, letting the current do its thing. He gulped in a mouthful of water and gagged. "Well now this is just too much!" He turned and swam directly at the waves, ducking under them to keep from being washed away. Once he was back in line with the course Discord swam with the waves, using them to launch him towards the river's edge. He was there soon enough and starting his last leg! This last crossing would prove to be a test of all his mettle. The draconequus wished that he could snap his fingers and end up warm and sipping tea in his cottage in Chaosville but no, Fluttershy would just love to know he'd finished the course on his own. The pegasus thought so well of him though he'd failed her time and time again. He'd let her down and she'd stick by him and prove to him what friendship was. Yes Flutters was one in a million and he'd do his darndest to make her proud of him! He swam as hard as he could, using the rest of his energy to get the finish line within his reach! Then the water in front of him began to light up! "What now?" Discord grumbled and ducked below the surface to take a quick look. "Oh isn't this a pleasant surprise? What river race would be complete without a wall of electric eels?" The eels pulsed with electricity in rhythm and this gave Discord and idea! He gulped in a huge breath of air and dove down! To his surprise the current lessened in the deeper part of the river. He waited, watching the eels swimming back and forth. He'd have to time this just right. One, two, three...now! He struck out swimming in the same undulating style that had helped him thus far in the challenge. Under the eels he went as their pulse turned off and moments later back on. He surfaced and yelled out. "Yowch!" The electric current got him just on the tip of his tail! "That's bad form you know?" He complained while climbing up and out of the river. The draconequus was still rubbing his rear when he crossed the finish line. The cheering crowds snapped him to attention and he began smiling and applauding his performance. "Yes yes, I know," He grinned. "I'm amazing!"
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    Now this was more like it! After spending a few months as captain of the Twilight Guard, Fire Walker had an different assignment for a chance! The young mare decided to wear her old adventuring armor for a change. It was better suited for forest treks than her Royal Armor. She also brought along a saddlebag full of necessary items. She was always happy to fulfill her normal tasks. She was there to make sure Ponyville residents knew what to do in case of emergencies. Usually through the use of training seminars. She also kept an eye on town to make sure nasties didn’t sneak in. There was also the occasional mundane task she would also take care of. But now she was leaving the safety of her sleepy little village to solve a mystery! Animals were vanishing and there was talk about the ‘Pony Of Shadows’. And so far everything lead to the White Tail Woods. A forest that shared the Everfree's beauty, but not the crazy. Noted animal welfare expert Fluttershy was also tasked to join this little critter conundrum. Very few ponies in Equestria were as knowledgeable about creature confronts as the pleasant Pegasus mare. The red Captain also asked if her occasional adventure partner Applejack would be able to join them, but they ended up getting her little sister instead. How odd. Still, if the little Earth Pony was one percent as clever and brave as her big sister, things should go smoothly. Another mare named Alizarin Fruits was also tasked to join them. She assumed the young mare was a friend of Fluttershy's. After much assurance from her little sister, the Pegasus mare also brought along the family dog. Gumby. He could be of some use. Dogs were good at sniffing. Barking. Fire Walker always wanted a dog growing up and never got one. She was still slightly bitter about this. Alizarin was also the first the good Captain could see. Waiting at the entrance. "Miss Fruits.", she called out as she slowly trotted her way. She was followed by a little dog. "Ralph!", the dog barked. The little critter stopped dead in his tracks. A strange scent crossed his nose. What could it be? He glanced in the direction of Sombra, but was instantly distracted when an butterfly landed on his nose. "RALPH!"
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    *this post submitted for judging* Kerfluffle was just absolutely tickled pink! Well, not as pink as Pinkie Pie she was actually more of a sky blue sort of color... but that's beside the point! The real point was she was in Ponyville! She was in town to visit her newest group of friends and especially to see Rarity. She had plans to go over some of her new designs with the famed fashionista herself! Also, it just so happened that this was the time of the annual Iron Pony events! It had been super wonderful to have the Mane 6 in End of the Rainbow when the Rainbow Festival was in full swing and now her she was for one of the biggest and most fun events of the year in Ponyville! "Oh oh oh, this is jus' so excitin'!" She paced near the starting area of the Unnecessarily Extreme Rock Climbing wall. The ponies running this event eyed the pegasus skeptically. She sure didn't seem the type to do well in an event like this. It was unnecessarily extreme after all. Pretty much designed for ponies made of the sternest stuff... this particular pegasus seemed to be made out of clouds and marshmallows. Kerfuffle turned to glance at them and winked. "Now I know what yer all thinkin'. No need to hide what's plain on yer faces," She smiled disarmingly. "But as you'll soon see there's more to me than meets the eye!" The event ponies sighed with relief that they hadn't offended a contestant. That would be bad form! Fuffle made her way to the designated start area and took a quick trot in place to loosen herself up. She had recently worked on her prosthetic leg making sure it was in supple and oiled condition. She checked to make sure are her small of hoof chalk was secured properly to the belt around her middle. She was ready for action! FWEEEEEE! The start whistle sounded and she took hold of the wall! The first section she was presented with was cool, rough granite. Easy to grip and press off from. She kept her wings firmly on her side and started upwards. "Well now! This is pretty easy donch'a know!" She couldn't help but call out as a crowd gather behind her to watch the intrepid pony ascend to the heights! Kerfuffle got her hind hooves under her and pressed up, using the large muscles in her hindquarters to do the lifting work. Hold after hold was presented to her, for the time being all in easy hoof range. Up, up, up she went...well not really up per say as the wall was swallowed up behind her and more appeared not far ahead of her. The magic of the wall was not lost on the pegasus. She was quite fond of magic! Soon the holds started to range out a bit. This made the hoof holds harder to reach and she really had to stretch for a few. The mare began to use the hoof chalk that she kept in a little bag at her side. Sweaty hooves did not make gripping easy. She had to press off on tip hoof and let herself fall out to the side just a little to reach a particularly wide ranging hold. But she was able to grip it and on she went! It didn't take too long before her forelegs began to burn from the effort but she kept on climbing! Tweeeet twitter tweeet! The mare glanced up and saw a cloud of little birds circling above her. As she got closer to them they began to sing louder and swoop around her. They weren't attacking her, just trying to get her concentration to slip. Fuffle smiled at them. "Well you guys sure are cute aren't you!" A few birds flew about her head. "But I gotta keep on climbing so shoo please! Shoo shoo!" The birds stayed a bit longer, swooping near her when she tried for a couple difficult hoof holds. Fairly soon though they fell behind her and were swallowed up with the rest of the magical wall. Almost at the same time that the birds disappeared a warm wind began to pick up from her right side. The wind blew harder and harder and she could feel herself beginning to loose her grip! She re-chalked both her front hooves and grit her teeth with the effort of continuing to climb. It wasn't long before she realized the wall seemed to be trying more and more to make her fall! Not only was the wind super strong but now it was growing more and more slick and seemed to be moving faster too. She had less and less time to reach the next hold before she was deposited on the ground from the rate of the wall being swallowed up! She began to pant with exertion, knowing that her round was about to be over! "Holy moley! This wall's no joke!" Then she gasped as... ROAR!!! ...she looked up and stared wide eyed at a gigantic red horrible toothy quarry eel head! The animal was snaked partially out of a cave and the holds she was using were heading straight towards the beast! "Ummmm, yikes!" She shouted as the eel locked eyes on it's target! The monster lunged at her and in a boost of adrenaline she launched from the rock wall and landed right on the top of the eel's face. The impact snapped its jaws shut and she launched from there to a second quarry eel that had appeared right above the first! "EEEeeek!" She squeaked as the eel's jaws opened for her. It looked so real she thought for a moment she might really be in danger and then... ZAP! She was standing on firm ground, sweaty and puffing but with a triumphant gleam in her eyes. The ponies in the crowd stared at her dumbfounded for a moment. Had that little fluffy pony just managed to ascend all the way through that many obstacles? It was only a pair of quarry eels that had finally bested her! Really just one quarry eel as the other had gotten his face stomped! The crowds erupted in cheers and applause and Kefuffle couldn't help but giggle! She was beat and needed a stiff cider something fierce but she was unshaken! There was more to her than met the eye, that was for sure!
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    Well, that was something to take note of. Evidently her name was something a sore spot for her. Yanhua nodded slowly at Tempest's outburst, "I see." She'd never seen so much anger on a pony's face before. This mare must have a story to tell, a very intense one: Though not here. Among a crowd of strangers wasn't the best place to lay one's past bare for all to see. That was something Yanhua had been avoiding doing for the past couple years for the sake of one special pony. Now that Longma was giving her an apologetic look before heading off. The chef's brow furrowed , but she nodded once and turned back to Nensho. With Feng out of earshot and tended to the emotionally wounded unicorn she spoke more openly with the disguised Okami, "Hm... Well I think you've better chances with your friend than I do with mine... I hope that the things you love about them aren't what keeps you away from them." She looked back to Feng as he tended to Tempest and heaved a conflicted sigh, "Is this special wo--pony what brought you all the way to Equestria, Nensho-san?"
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    Well, this was turning out to be a most interesting visit overseas for Fēng Yīnhǎitāo. The sort of interesting that was probably implied in the proverbial curse from his far eastern homeland. Not that this visit had been at all unenjoyable, far from it! He'd come here to represent Long Guo at the Annual Iron Pony Event and win glory for his Empress, and that he had certainly done, if being crowned the Iron Pony was anything to go by! That level of concentrated athletic exertion had taken its toll on him, though, leaving a deep sense of exhaustion in his muscles that extended rest would need to cure. On top of that, his free time was pretty much all taken up with turning strangers into friends, which was almost equally taxing and rewarding to his primary mission. Ponies like Tempest Shadow and Sunset Shimmer might not have been the easiest mares to get along with, but he sensed them to be the sort of friends that one ought to cherish. And he ought to know! He'd come over with a friend like that, Yanhua the head Imperial Chef and fellow Long-Guo Representative. The qilin, in addition to putting in a respectable performance herself, had regularly cheered on Feng in his events. Honestly, he'd felt a little bad about ignoring her during this trip, and thus had sat out the last event to cheer her on from the sidelines. He had to admit, she put in a performance on the rock wall he didn't think he could have matched. But he was distracted from her prowess by something else, what looked like some kind of magical transformation from a qilin into something decidedly more... vulpine. The fact that Yanhua immediately fled the scene, not even coming back to receive her medal, was what tipped him over the edge from concern to outright worry. He needed to track her down, and being a stranger in a strange land, he wanted to get some local help. It was a bit of a pity, then, that the two ponies he knew best here weren't exactly Ponyville locals either... "Thanks for helping out here, Tempest." He remarked to his fellow-searcher, trying to betray neither his creeping dread nor exhaustion.
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    Twilight gazed out of the window that sat in the Headmare's office, taking a deep breath as she observed the hustle and bustle of Ponyville down below. So many ponies undergoing the day to day business of their lives, each one as important as the last, their quirks and personalities making this her favorite place in all of Equestria- or anywhere else she had ever been. She watched clutches of ponies and other creatures as they travelled to the school she occupied, vanishing from her view as they drew in. She sighed in equal parts contentment and resignation, and her eyes drifted briefly to the sun above and pondered all it had given her. As the sun had risen this morning over this small town, a halo seemed to shimmer off of the rising sun. It had brought her no amount of small comfort and energy on a day which she felt justified what she could only tell herself was extra effort on Celestia's part. Soon she would be Princess and Princess alone of all Equestria. The responsibility was immense, the pressure too much for her to handle. Yet she woul handle it with the help of her friends and grow into the position. It was not without sadness, however mixed with pride it was, that she acknowledged her days of peering out over Ponyville were numbered. She would not be one of them any longer. She would be something else, something grander but also less personal to so many of them, and it hurt to know that Twilight Sparkle was going to be forgotten. Princess Twilight- that was how she was most well known. It made sense but it was more than just a changed identity she was struggling with. She had dealt with that when she changed species and became a Princess in the first place after all! Indeed, her real concern was more down to Earth. She had taken it upon herself to ensure that the School of Friendship had not only been founded but ran successfully. She was proud of it and overjoyed at how it had been received. So many thousands of applications came in! Of course, sussing out which ones could benefit from the school's lesson plans and in what cases parents simply needed to understand the role they played in the development of a child was difficult and took a lot of her time. As did any of the other ten thousand tasks that fell to the Headmare. She looked away from the town below and trotted across the floor of her office, examining it passively. It was barren now but many times was host to a thousand projects, each one more special than the last. Lesson plans. Understanding Yak learning patterns. Losing sleep over how to underscore values in a natural predator and prey relationship. One after another, and each one her responsibility. It would be a hub of activity again. The Headmare would soon be dealing with a full school year once more. Today was the first day! So many new students were set to join them alongside last year's fantastic collection of energetic young minds. They would be taught the Harmonic values of Friendship that would help make a better world for all creatures. It was beyond her how anycreature could think of this place as anything other than the most important educational institution in the history of Equestria, without debate or question. It had been her brainchild and she had carried it through a turbulent period, but now it seemed to be smooth sailing. The institution was secure against everything that would seek to destroy its ideals, and was a bastion to all who sought to understand the values that friendship and harmony were built on. It was a success. It would help others like the way friendship had helped her and that, more than anything else, was the surest sign of her success. She took one last look and put on a smile, to give her the strength she needed as she pushed open the door. Immediately she could hear the chattering, the laughing, the talking and the trotting of the students and faculty in the main foyer as they assembled themselves for the start of year announcements. This would be an important one, of course. New schedules, new faculty, new students- introductions and plans being revealed all. It was an exciting time. She even had folders of information placed on the pillow of every bed in the school, so each and every student would have everything they needed. She also wrote a letter, personalized for each recipient, in the folder. They all needed to know how proud she was of them, how confident she was in them, and how assured she was of their continued growth. She had been up late last night doing so, but when she had finished with the letters and the placing of the folders she had slept as soundly as she could ever remember. It had been worth it. It had all been worth it, a thousand times over. She reminded herself of this as she trotted into the main foyer, the students, her students, arrayed together and the faculty nearby. Her friends knew the order of the day and they had many talks on the subject, so today they bore no tell-tale marks of the coming events. It was going to be most fantastic a year, and she knew for a fact that the time to begin had begun. “Welcome to the School of Friendship one and all, students both new and old! I'm so happy to see so many new faces as well as so many returning students. The School of Friendship is unlike any other school in the world, for we teach the values and manners of Friendship to everycreature, to help foster a better world for all of us. Those of you who have returned have already taken large strides for everycreature else, and I hope you can now become the student-leaders I know you can be. Your faculty is made up of those who best represent the basic values of harmony that form the foundation for our studies here. While Professors Pinkie Pie, Rarity, Fluttershy, Applejack, and Rainbow Dash will continue their work, guest professors and speakers will help expand the lessons you are taught to a more fully formed ideal. If you are interested in your class schedules, they have been posted at intervals across the school, including in the pillar to my left. Of course, you will be living here at the school for the school year. The grounds are open to you in their entirety with the exception of faculty rooms and offices- permissions supersede this of course. Maps are also placed around the school in case you get lost and have been provided to you, each one personalized to your rooms.” She paused and took a breath. “Starlight Glimmer returns as our Guidance Counselor. She is the best pony for the job, and if you have concerns or worries and need help in working through them, I can think of nopony better to help you. Her office is located not far from the Headmare's Office,” she said with a smile and a wave to Starlight Glimmer, who had come so far, so fast. She was evidence that the values taught here, even when not taught by this school, were powerful. She knew that friendship was the cornerstone of Equestrian harmony, and that the spreading of these values was a truly worthy endeavour. Maybe it was this school that convinced Celestia and Luna that it was time to step down and place her in charge. It certainly put a lot of pressure on the Headmare's head. She tapped her hooves out of nervousness as she began the next part. “When I started this school, I was confident that the values of friendship and harmony that I believe in so strongly, that helped me see the light that I had blinded myself to as a filly, could help out all creatures. There have been troubles but it is you, the students, who have proven to me again and again that I was right to believe in it. To believe in you. I have been honored to see how you all have grown, and I am so excited to see how you all continue to change and grow. But I will not be here to see it first-hoof. I am resigning as the Headmare of the School of Friendship.” She allowed the gasps to settle. “Due to my increasing responsibilities in Canterlot, I would be doing you a disservice by remaining as your Headmare. I therefore have selected, after an exhaustive search, a new Headmare for this school. This new Headmare reflects the values of humility and pride in equal measure, in change and redemption for the greater good. She has worked in large charitable organizations working on behalf of the downtrodden and has done wonders to improve the lives of many. The organizational skills, compassion, and work ethic of the Headmare of the School of Friendship are incredibly important, and your new Headmare has all of these qualities in great abundance. I welcome, and accede my position, to Headmare Bluebelle effective...immediately,” Twilight said as she looked down, with some tears in her eyes. She choked them back and looked back at her students- the students- one final time. “It has been an absolute honor,” and with that she stepped down, allowing the Headmare of the School of Friendship to make her own speech. ---------- OOC- While a thread in and of its own, this also acts as a Hub for any and all School threads. Threads that take place in the school may range from guidance counselor visits, classroom threads, student hijinks and adventures, and anything else that involves the students or school, or students in the school! This is open to faculty and students. If you are not faculty or a student in the show, please message me. Thread Listings: Imagine Friendship
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    Hearing about ESP's reminded Feng of stories he'd heard about some of the legendary followers of the Harmonious Path. Supposedly pursuing ascetic discipline could grant preternatural powers of perception. The longma himself was fairly skeptical of these stories, however; never having met such monks himself. Plus, there was the tale of his great uncle who had literally starved himself in pursuit of said powers, without any kind of result. "That may as well be." He shrugged. "Sharp eyes and educated guesses do a good portion of that for a long sun, or a pony, in my experience." The newcomer mare and Tempest seemed to be getting along fairly well, which was good. Not that the longma could empathize much with their desires to stay away from Ponyville, he was having a great time here! Though, if their experiences here were anything like what he felt at the thought of visiting his home village... yeah, he could understand that. At the mention of the late Emperor, Feng's ears perked up again, and he replied. "Oh, the old Emperor died shortly after I began my training; I don't know all that much about him. His daughter, though...." His eyes grew clouded with a dreamlike gaze, and he sighed. "...is marvelous." The poor boy was clearly lovestruck, which lent credence to the fact that he'd been sent overseas to save face in the court of the Dragon Throne. Romantic musings were cut short by Tempest's offhand mentioning of a scuppered intention to invade; the burgundy mare was something of a buzzkill when it came to romance. Still, probably for the best that Feng sobered up ASAP. "Oh, well, we certainly do pride ourselves on our forces, and I think justly. There is also the matter that such an act of aggression would have incurred the wrath of the heavenly dragons upon your heads as well. The king of the long is a personal friend to the Empress, as well as a longstanding ally." Taking a quick check around, he noticed the pavilion seemed to be emptying. "I think the next round of events are starting up soon. I plan to compete in several more, and cheer on my friend Yanhua when she competes as well. She's been a fantastic supporter so far. Would you like to come along, grab one last drink before the round?"
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    I will be posting Friday. After that, I will be able to reply quickly after posts by Tacobob. Dragonruin, if you could PM me your Sombra justification?
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    *Submitted for Judging* A blue mare watched as a tall, misshaped noodle of a guy, swam, somewhat bravely, across the out of control river. She couldn't help but think of the possibilities of swimming in this pool of water. She could easily drown, or get hurt in some way from the tree branches and fish swimming about. The current looked to be strong and fast, and it could probably carry a large amount of weight at a time with ease. There were crashes of water that hit the sides of the river bank, that were plenty big to drag any creature in. The river was literally a big, blue, scary monster that grabs ponies and eats them up. To any creature that would be terrifying to encounter, but to Finnie, this just seemed like a breeze.. or so she thought. Finnie stood at the start, keeping her focus on the other side of the small, but aggressive river. All the Pegasus focused on was the sounds the water spitting at her, like a ferocious cat. The river hissed and gawked at her, teasing her. The mare just stood there quietly, completely relaxed and ready to go. It was just water. Cold, delicious water. She listened to the old pony swimmer give her the heads up, as she kept a straight face and dove right into the freezing cold icy liquid. Her body immediately tensed up at the surprising temperature, her wings and nose becoming frozen. She floated there underneath the water for a second, adjusting her body to start swimming quickly and effectively. The mare pushed her body up with her legs, poking her head above water and quickly feeling the hard pressure behind her as the current began pushing her body. Finnie gave herself a kick, gaining her control and swimming up the river. Finnie was shocked from how cold the water was. It felt like an outdoor freezer that was really strong. So strong, the current raced her little body down the river. She tried to keep her composure, kicking her legs fast and focusing on the opposite side of the bank. She was getting to the point where she saw large sticks floating near her, and they looked sharp. Quickly, her mind came to the conclusion to dodge the sticks. This idea didn't seem to be so thoughtful, as a clump of branches formed right in the middle of the river. Finnie's pupil's became small, as she was in shock at the large formation in front of her. How could she get out of this pickle? She had one idea.. The mare suddenly held her breath, diving underneath the cold river. She started to twirl under the water, gaining speed as she jumped out of the water, into the air, and back into the river, clearing the pile of branches. She landed back into the water with a large splash, as she made it to the other side of the river. She just thought positively, thinking she only had two more stretched to go. Thank Celestia. So, she pushed herself out again, going back to where she started. The current came out to be even more crazy, as it now pushed her side to side, up and down, and even made her twirl like it was a tornado. It was hard to keep her balance, so she opened up her legs more and slowly swam with them, paddling with large strides. This proved to keep her steady, as she realized she could feel little fish hitting her legs. Finnie couldn't help but mutter out a "What the?" as the fish pushed their backs up on her and started moving her backwards. The Pegasus immediately shook her body, freeing herself from the fish's grasps. She didn't even know they could do that, so she was a little weirded out. Finally though, she found herself at the beginning of the river, making her kick out and turn around again for the last stretch. She let herself breathe and relax, as she was almost done with this wild river. The hippie swam faster again, not even being able to feel her body as the water turned her legs numb. That was great too. What was also great was the new branches and rocks coming down on her. Where did these rocks come from? She had no idea. Finnie threw herself underwater as a large rock came tumbling down. She barely dodged it, as logs were falling down too. She pushed herself up the dangerous current again, getting dragged side to side, barely missing any obstacles. The fish were back too, pushing her along as well. What a finally this was. Her numb body swam as quickly as it could, trying to find the end of the river without getting in the way of the floating logs and rocks. She continued to dive underwater, twirling once again to dodge the fish, and then jumping out to leap over the objects. She looked like a leaping fish, jumping in and out of the water. It was quite funny to witness. It seemed though as the current settled down, making Finnie relax once again. With one last push, she grabbed the edge of the bank and pulled herself up, shaking off the majority of the water and listening to the crowds cheer her name. That was one wild ride.
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    Who was King Oisin? It was a question that the entire Imperial Court had been failing to find answers for ever since receiving a message stating the Peryton King’s desire for a formal audience with the Empress of Long Guo. Not much was known about perytons in eastern lands, for their kind were seldom spotted outside their small realm. Of the Velvet Strand, Empress Yuè knew a little more than most, as those isles were identified as one of the great western sanctuaries of nature according to the accumulated knowledge of her monastic mentors. Up-to-date records of the Velvet Strand also indicated that King Tiarnán ruled the Perytons. No news had come from across the sea indicating any sort of peryton succession, so word of this Oisin caused a massive scramble for information and overseas gossip. Unfortunately, perytons didn’t have much of a habit for traveling abroad and relaying news about their homeland, so the Imperial Court lacked any idea at all of the mystery buck’s temperament and desires. Regardless, the protocols of courtly courtesy demanded that King Oisin’s request be granted. Empress Yuè paid very close attention as the Peryton King strode towards the Dragon Throne. Outwardly, Oisin looked every bit the stately cervine as his fine clothes and grooming would indicate, but the royal qilin was well-practiced in seeing through the hearts of others. And just through rigorous observation of Oisin’s movements, something about him seemed a little out of the ordinary compared to the usual visiting dignitary. The Empress couldn’t quite put her hoof on it, however. Yuè’s assessment of the King turned sour once he opened his mouth. She’d heard this all before; from eager suitors vying for the honor to be wed to an Empress to conniving petitioners spewing sweet words to conceal their selfish aims. As a seasoned sovereign, the qilin mare withstood the temptation to roll her eyes, instead relying on the one tried-and-true method of acknowledging overly fairspoken guests with the respect they were owed. “I am not worthy of the praise you lavish upon me,” the Empress expressed modesty in an unfailing regal tone; “But I cannot deny your gift with words, King Oisin. Undoubtedly, there must be many a doe in your realm who believe without question that you will give your future queen the attention a faithful wife deserves.” With Yuè having subtly thrown her shade, it would be up to Oisin to grasp the full implications behind the Empress’s counter-compliment. That being said, Yuè pressed on with other matters. “In the Dragon Kingdom, little is known about your kind, as the paths of Peryton and Long Sun rarely cross. As such, we are immensely honored that you have crossed over land and ocean to bestow Long Guo with the fabled grace of the Perytons. It pains us admitting to ignorance concerning news of the natural sanctuary once tended to by King Tiarnán, so we would be most grateful to be enlightened to recent developments.” That was a polite long-winded way of asking Oisin what the heck was going on?
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    After idly reading one errant newspaper, as his decision to even read the Equestrian news was sporadic at best, the mention of animals disappearing from the White Tail Woods had somewhat caught King Sombra's attention one morning. Animals, disappearing? It sounded unusual, especially for Equestria. The country was largely peaceful, ponies had no reason to hunt animals when they were herbivores (and possibly even opposed to animal pelts or leather as far as he knew), so why were the animals dwindling, and in White Tail Woods specifically? Perhaps he was bored enough with his general life around Canterlot that he wanted to find out why, as eager as he was to collect more knowledge about this land he just might rule. After a few idle inquiries from different strangers, he gathered a few of what he considered just might be rumors they'd heard from others. Something about a large dark shape seen lurking about the woods, or a great dark shadow of some sort going after the animals.. There were a few others, but one thing seemed to be common among them: something big. It piqued his curiosity. If he really thought about it, it might not be what he thought it would be, but who really knew? Nopony, apparently, and definitely not him. Sombra wanted to be certain, though, in the slim chance it might be something deserving his attention. So, with a few small things of importance gathered and tucked away in a pair of saddlebags and a plainer dark green cape in place, the king set out, taking the train from Canterlot to the small White Tail Woods train station, where he'd heard ponies came to camp and enjoy the scenery. It took a few hours from the capital, but he soon arrived and stepped off of the platform with long, confident strides. The forest stretched out ahead of him, vibrant and green even in what little light remained. The canopy cast thick shadows, interlaced with fading rays of light from the setting sun. It looked to be a lovely place, and the scents of nature were thick, all around him. The tall, dark stallion breathed it in and moved towards it, though he paused when something began to register in his view. The shape of a pony. His approach slowed to a halt and he eyed their back, wondering why they were just sitting there, alone before the woods. Waiting on somepony? Or.. afraid of the rumors? Sombra quietly scoffed. He wasn't sure if he should bother saying hello.
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    “I needed a way out.” Tempest says back with a few worried glances back at the town, she was in something of a rush to get out of town it seems. “And something about repaying kindness or something.” She looked away from the town and at Feng. She was good at reading others and he was looking weak. Tired. He did a lot and it showed! He even won the race. Somehow. Stuiped judges will never make that mistake again. But Feng had won a lot of respect in her eyes. Strong, swift, skilled and handsome.That last one made Tempest double take her own thinking. Why did she care about that? “Can’t be too hard to track down your friend. I think we will have her before sundown so don’t worry too much about her.” Tempest says moving up to walk alongside Feng. “The woods out here are pretty soft. She’d have to really get lost and head far deeper to get in to more dangerous parts. At least for the unskilled. The Everfree can be kinda fun to go camping in if you know what to do. Lived in it for almost a year way back.” She added looking over at Feng, she did hope her words helped him relax. This can’t be that big of a deal can it? It was just a friend. Pones have like... Hundreds of them or something. Well he was not a pony… maybe he did not have a lot. Is that how that worked? Tempest really had no idea. Her so called friends never looked for her when she ran away! Other than the newspapers and some posters. But that was lazy! She was already doing more than they EVER did! This firendship thing is easy.
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    Thank you for participating in this year's Iron Pony event! You gave it your all and had a lot of fun, which is the real point of it all anyway. It was an honor judging it. I can't wait to see what comes next!
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    My name is Doll Bambi, and it has been a LONG TIME since i was part of the MLP community. It feels great to come back to cool stuff like this website, and I cant wait to get started and get to know some of you I'm a bit of an artist, I like music and am a bug fan of crossover art. I like just about everything, and like meeting new people as well.
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    *Submitted for Judging* A bright yellow earth pony stood in front of the wall, staring up at it like some strange creature. Though the mare was eyeing it like a weirdo, she was absolutely thrilled to step hoof in this competition for the first time. The idea of climbing up a magical wall full of mystery and unbelievably hard challenges really made Long Shot excited. Something new and, what sounded to be fun, made Shot really pumped. It was the off season anyway, for soccer at least, and she had to find something to keep her mind from wandering into boredom. The smile never left her cute little face when she got her belt situated. Her positive attitude radiated her surroundings as she tightened the harness, then dipped her hooves in some chalk to make sure she wouldn't slip. She saw the last two ponies make their way up the wall, and it didn't seem that hard. Ha! The green eyed mare was a little delusional. So, her grin got bigger when she looked back at the wall, blurting out a "This will be so much fun!" Only if she knew what was up to come. When she got closer to the wall, the ponies behind her cheered for her bravery. Her hooves quickly pounded the ground from anticipation and excitement. Her mouth formed a tight smile as she heard her cue to start climbing. Shot immediately jumped right into action, her heart pounding and her strong back legs helping her up the first section, which seemed to be easy. It was like a normal rock wall, as little steps were plastered all over the section. Her strong yellow hooves climbed the moving wall with ease, her quick reflexes jumping to the next set of stones to hold onto and climb up. "Huh?" The sudden noise shocked her, as a thick, brown, slimy blob of mud came running down the wall. Her braided hair hung off her neck as she stared at the quickening mass, making her gulp loudly. The mud was already at her hooves, making them covered to the brim with sticky mud. Her back legs kicked out, as her mind went to the next best thing. Her positive nature kept a smile on her face, as she found the lumps of rock sticking out from the mud. She pushed her little body up the slick plank, using her backs legs to keep her steady against the wall. Shot began to notice little spots of wall that wasn't covered in mud, and she used that to her advantage. It was like a soccer drill in her mind, like little step ladders. She used all her momentum to climb from one spot to the next, not caring if she got a little dirty. It was a little slow, moving up the wall from how thick the mud was, but she didn't find that as an excuse. It was like a pattern, left front hoof, right front hoof, then her back legs. The mud seemed to clear up quicker than she thought, as the wall kept moving at her pace. "I'm so ecstatic for this next run in! That mud was stick-y!" Suddenly, a small rock hit her head, making her shake it aggressively. The mare continued to climb, feeling more rocks roll their way down the magical wall. Soon, they got bigger and bigger, hitting her hooves and making her lose her grip. "Woah!" Shot hung the wall securely, dodging the rocks as best she could. Her heart was pumping fast again, like it did in the start of a soccer game. She tried to climb closer to the wall, but the rocks became harder to dodge. She mare was stuck in a pickle, and she needed to get out of it fast. Though the boulders seemed to be a huge obstacle that she wasn't expecting at all, Shot had to use this to her advantage. Her bright teeth shown through her smile as she thought of an idea, and she hyped herself up from the possibility of doing it. As the next rock came down on her, she leaped at the next step, throwing her two front hooves at the falling rock and holding it for a second, then throwing it behind her. Shot then leaped to the next spot, grabbing another rock and throwing it behind. It was like a pattern again, or another soccer drill. A shooting drill, perhaps. It was like a soccer ball getting passed to her to shoot, and she had to run up and get it. This time it was leaping to it, throwing it back, and grabbing the next potential spot to climb. Left and right, up and to the side. It made her body exhausted though, and she began to slow down. "Oh, fiddlesticks." Pure panic plastered on the earth pony's face as she heard water splash down on her, making her drenched in water. The one thing she absolutely was terrified of was water, and swimming, and fish. The memory of her childhood flashed before her eyes, the idea of swimming made her stomach tight. If she knew water was going to be used in her attempt, the hyper active mare wouldn't have climbed the thing. She's been terrified of water since she was little- since the mistake happened. It was something about her so thought happy past that she'd never tell anypony. She was too happy to acknowledge it. Too late now, as she was covered in the clear liquid and little fish were swimming down the wall, making her slow down a lot and stay quiet. It was like it was meant to freak her out, like the wall was trying to trip her brain out. The smell of the ocean swept all of her senses. She wasn't smiling anymore. She was just scared. The yellow mare didn't stop climbing though, as she just wanted to be done with this. She didn't think about the water, or the fish, she just thought about climbing up the little pegs that stuck out. "You're almost done! You're almost done! You're almost done!" Finally, she made it to the top, and the smile didn't escape her face when she did. "Psssshh, that wasn't that bad!" She gave a large grin, and climbed down her rope to meet the ground.
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    Name: Cynhra Sex: Female Age: Young Doe Species: Peryton Eye Color: Magenta Character Color: She is primarily a reddish-orange in color, though it fades into a golden color on her legs, muzzle, and the tips of her wings. Her horns are a golden color just like her brother. Mane/Tail: As a peryton, she doesn’t have a mane to speak of, but her tail is simply the tail one would expect, with the red-orange on top and the yellow on the bottom. Physique: She does not really have all that impressive of a physique, though it is lithe in a way that shows her enjoyment of dancing. She is about as tall as usual for one of her age. Residence: The Emerald Grove with her brother. Occupation: As the princess of the land, she is technically jobless, but she uses her time as a painter and dancer for the most part. Cutie Mark: N/A Unique Abilities: On top of the magic typical of her race, she has found that she has the ability to conjure small amounts of illusory flames, though it only seems to happen while she’s dancing. History: Cynhra was actually born on the same day as her brother, separated by a matter of minutes. Still though, Oisin was born first and was therefore the heir. Being so close in age allowed her to attend the same lessons as her brother, however, and those teachings helped mold her into what she became. She took to dancing at a young age, more than happy to show off her graceful movements to anyone who would watch, including any guests that may visit her home. One thing she shared with her brother growing up was a love of fantasy, and so often joined him in his re-enactments. Being how she was, both a literal princess and one as full of grace as she, she often ended up playing the part of the princess. She even kissed him on the cheek sometimes when he ‘saved’ her, mostly to mess with him. When Oisin’s fangs emerged, she thought they looked nice, like they helped complete his look, and so she would help defend him against the teasing from the others. She could see what it was doing to him, and she understood this was not fun teasing for him. As she grew older, her grace and coordination only grew, allowing her to dance even more beautifully. She even took up painting, despite how messy it could be, and sometimes poetry. She simply found herself drawn towards artistic pursuits, even as Oisin was crowned the new king. Well, she would still be there by his side, she knew how much help he needed after all. Personality: Cynhra is an odd case, really. She is very friendly, but in a sort of arrogant way. In trying to compliment someone, she may qualify the statement by comparing it as lesser to what she or another peryton would be able to do. Still though, she tries, and she does enjoy making friends. She is very passionate about the arts, wether it be dancing, acting, or otherwise. While she partially performs in order to show off, she will also do private shows to help someone improve in their own efforts. After all, every step closer to her level was another step closer to perfection, it would be greedy to hog all the perfection for herself. Summary: An arrogantly friendly peryton princess, she does her best to continue using her gifts while supporting her twin brother as he runs the kingdom.
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    A blush appeared Sunset Shimmer’s cheeks as Tempest Shadow of all ponies scolded her for an impolite greeting. Heh, at least the self-described warrior was in the same mess as her, so... hooray? And Empress, huh? Back at Celestia’s School, Sunset learned that some old dude was the guy in charge over in Long Guo. Maybe the Equestrian girl ought to keep a better track of developments beyond her birth country’s borders, although as it was, she already had her hands full living in two worlds. “Well, what can I say?” Sunset bashfully rubbed the back of her head with a hoof; “At magic school, we were taught how some creatures are able to naturally read minds or predict the future without casting spells at all. ESP’s an extremely rare ability mind you, with only a tiny handful of proven documented cases, but it isn’t unheard of.” Miss Shimmer could testify from personal experience, but technically speaking, that only counted in the Mirror World. Sunset turned towards Tempest, offering a foreleg to shake in a genuine gesture of friendliness. “The name’s Sunset Shimmer, by the way. You might not have heard of me Tempest Shadow, but Princess Twilight has told me a great deal about you, and how you helped her vanquish the Storm King. I wish I could have been there alongside the Princess and the others when they could have used my aid, but geez, how do I put this... I live far, far away from here these days.” The unicorn didn’t forget about the longma she accused of mysticism; “So you’re a warrior who serves the Empress of Long Guo, huh? How is she compared to her predecessor; Emperor Xin, was it?” Better late than never to keep ahead on foreign affairs!
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    Whether or not the final truce had been signed, Fēng was at least sufficiently at peace with himself not to mind sudden assumptions on the part of foreigners. All the less so, since his eye, which don't forget was that of a trained Watcher, had caught the fact that Sunset felt his remark to be extremely apropos to her. Small wonder, then, that she thought of it as 'mystical.' "Oh, I'm more of a warrior than a mystic, if you must know." He replied with a shrug and a grin. "Though the Empress says I can be unexpectedly wise. Mostly comes from the fact that there's not much to do when laid on your back in the infirmary other than read and think!" He laughed, though the commonplace way he took that occurrence spoke to either the danger of his profession, or his recklessness in pursuing it. Six of one, half a dozen of the other, as they liked to say around here.
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    **Submitted for Judging** Feng had sat, for some time, off to the side of the event. Not because he planned not to participate; oh no. The Empress had bid him to make a showing in all events, or at least to ensure Long Sun representation in all of them, and neither he nor Yanhua had swam in this river yet. Nor, really, in any river. Growing up in his home village, all the swimming holes were large, mostly placid pools that mountain waterfalls emptied into, and of course the palace had its own artificial pool. But striking through the raging current? Not part of his upbringing or training. This could well prove the most difficult of the events he was to take on, hence his pause to study the previous competitors and their methods. *So, we can expect river beasts, rocks, and masses of plant matter. The Current is strong, too; both the strange long and Finnie had to spend some time and effort to swim against it, three times across as well.* He didn't think of himself as a better swimmer than either, so his body couldn't be used to push any kind of advantage. The only edge he could muster would be his tactical mind, searching the grounds and stated rules for any technicalities that might be pushed to his favor... *Aha.* Inspiration struck, and with a grin, he scampered down to the starting line, presenting himself for the challenge. "And now, fillies and gentlecolts, it's the Eastern Wonder, Fēng Yīnhǎitāo!" Eastern Wonder? Well, that was new! Feng couldn't say he minded, though. And the announcer even got the inflections right on his name! If that wasn't good luck, the longma didn't know what was. Taking a deep breath, the newly christened 'wonder' dove into the river at the farthest upstream point marked out for the starting line, striking course for the far shore. Not a straight course though; the essence of his plan was to allow the current to carry him, at least a little bit, so as not to spend too much energy fighting it. He had to minimize distraction, though, for this gambit to work, as if he slacked off too much , he risked getting swept away! Fortunately, holding back to watch the previous two competitors had at least let him know where the rocks were, allowing him to kick off the formations to give himself a little extra boost as he passed. The first leg of the lap was done quite quickly, though it put him at the furthest point downstream still in legal bounds of the event. Without pausing, he hauled himself onto the far bank, ran along the edge to the farthest upstream point, and dove back in. This causes a small amount of shock and discussion among the judges, but they eventually had to conclude that they hadn't forbidden it in the event rules, and it wasn't as if he was cheating in the spirit of the event, either. He would still swim all three legs, but his time on shore would count towards his total. Feng was banking on the saved time and effort from his diagonal swims being more than what he lost on the runs. Time would tell! The second leg was a little trickier than before, as he hadn't studied how it would be to face the same obstacles in the opposite direction. He nearly missed getting caught on the tangle of branches, and the less said about the poor striped bass he kicked in the gills, the better! Nonetheless, his tactic served him well enough on the way back, and he once again hauled himself up, this time pausing to breathe before scampering back upstream to dive. The third leg was the worst. Oh, sure, he knew the obstacles backwards and forwards by now, but his limbs and lungs were beginning to ache. It was a tough swim, on top of the fact that he'd participated in literally every other event before now! Each push off the rocks, each pull of his leaden hooves, strained Feng's body more and more, to the point where the rescue pegasi were literally hovering over him as he struck the downstream shore, struggled up, and lay on the banks panting. "That might... not have been... a well calculated... tactic." He muttered to himself between great shuddering breaths. The thought of pushing himself into one more event just seemed impossible to him now; he'd probably just end up cheering his friend Yanhua through it. Empress knew he probably owed her some support after all that she'd shown him over the course of the Iron pony...
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    *Submitted for Judging* For the second time during this event, Feng Yinhaitao was facing the challenge of competitive food delivery. Unlike the obstacle course, however, this event was focused more on endurance than finesse. As for the foodstuffs themselves... *What even are these?* The longma poked at the canvas sack of potatoes, frowning at the rustling of the tubers. The plant was not native to the eastern continent, and did not feature in its cuisine. Growing up as a mountain villager, Feng had of course been raised on a plain vegetable and wheat-noodle heavy diet, but his current life in the Imperial Palace had an undeniable sophisticating effect on his palate. Being friends with the chief cook didn't hurt either in that respect. The loud whump of the previous competitor hitting the turf woke the longma from his reverie. It was time for him to ready himself. He hoped his body was up for it, after having given his all in six previous events already. But what sort of Imperial Watcher would he be if he couldn't push himself to the very limit for Empress and Empire? Glory wasn't going to be won by sitting around! Huffing out a misty breath to cool himself, Feng shouldered his burden, and trotted to the start line. Bit a tricky job to balance the load, but it didn't seem too onerous a burden... "Next up, Feng Yinhaitao! Ready, set, go!" And he was off! Not at top gallop, obviously, but at a respectable speed, nonetheless. For the first fifty yards, in fact, Feng felt that he had to actively hold himself back to keep from tuckering out prematurely. *Pacing, remember, pacing. Don't blow away your energy all at once, now...* This self-discipline was almost as heavy a burden as the potatoes, which past the one-quarter mark of the dash, began to feel heavier and heavier with every step. Each time Feng's hooves hit the ground, it was as if one more small redskin potato was added to his sack. Eventually, as he began to approach the flag marking the halfway-point, these all began to add up. *Think of the Empress, Feng, think of the Empress. She wouldn't have you quit halfway. You can do this, she believed in you, remember?* It was this self-same refrain which he'd summoned when things had gotten tough before, and as he rounded the flagpole, he felt his mind returning to it again, as the soreness crept up his hooves, and the burden weighed ever-heavier down upon his back. Neither process held up during the second leg; the pain and the load seemed to increase at a steady pace, wearing down further and further upon the longma. Sweat condensed like morning dew upon his brow, dripping into his eyes and stinging. He blinked, repeatedly, trying to hold on to a mental picture of Yu Yue to counter-act all the nerves in his body screaming at him to stop this madness. By the time he was half way back to the starting line, the mental exercise was becoming too taxing for him to keep up. It was all he could do to have his brain keep telling his hooves to take one more step, let alone keep a competitive pace! Saltwater-stung eyes desperately searched for an energizing sight, and found... Yanhua. His friend, who had accompanied him across the sea and never failed to cheer him on. That was enough for a few more steps. The Imperial cook, who could no doubt turn these dubious tubers into a dish worthy of royalty. That was enough for a few more steps. A mare who he should probably carve out a bit of time out to thank properly for her support. Another few steps. Tasty potato dishes. Good friend. The thoughts alternated, each pushing his left and right hooves in tandem until he finally made it back to the finish line. He didn't collapse immediately; he had in fact almost forgotten it was an athletic event at all. His thoughts had been so narrow focused that Feng practically convinced himself that this was a potato delivery to the Imperial Kitchen, hence why he allowed his momentum to carry him almost to the bleachers before he face-planted in front of the one containing the Qilin. "Thefe fur oo, Yawah." He muttered from the dirt.
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    Feng took a seat in front of Tempest, indicating he was ready to listen and speak as long as she needed him to. "You're welcome!" He replied to her unpracticed gratitude, in a tone that indicated frequent and easy use of the expression. Besides that, though, he was quiet enough to let her speak, and what was perhaps more important, struggle through the choking silences. Getting up only to fetch two cups of water, he gave one to the mare and sipped on his own before speaking. "I see you view your past like I view my ancestors." He said at last. "I left my home village very far behind, hoping to escape from their legacy of failure. But wherever I was, there was always one longma who knew who they were and how likely I was to end up like them." His muzzle curled into a somewhat ironic smile. "I could hardly leave myself behind, you see. And thus I could not escape my past, there was no option but to wrestle with it. And maybe, perhaps, come to a peace with it at last. I cannot say that I have, though, yet." It was about here that Feng noticed another unicorn mare approaching, one which unbeknownst to the pair of them, could probably speak quite eloquently to the subject at hoof as well. In any case, sighing a bit internally at the loss of privacy, the Watcher greeted the oncoming Sunset with as much politeness as he could. "And I suppose you could sympathize as well? It is a hard thing to have one's past as an enemy, yes?"
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    It seemed to be going well! Oisin couldn't help but wiggle that tufty little tail of his in excitement at the positive response he'd garnered from the Empress, that practice paid off greatly and the King brought his wings to his side as he watched the Longma curiously. Although despite his knowledge of 'courtly love' and all those kind gestures one should show ladies, the counter-compliment and the subtleties of shade had been entirely lost on the completely blunt and slightly naive buck as he blinked his purple-green eyes a moment or two at her comment on his future wife and he couldn't help but look just a touch bashful at that. Ears flopped back and a small nervous smile etching just a bit at the corners of his mouth that made his tiny fangs. Future Queen, oh boy that was a thing and a half wasn't it? One day he would either be betrothed to or meet the doe of his dreams, praise them in courtly love, show them the treasures of his beautiful natural kingdom and just...gah! The thoughts alone made it hard not to do the tiniest little happy flaps of those sparkly wings of his as he chortled happily, completely lost on the hints of the Dragon's Daughter and taking it purely at face value. "But ofcourse!" He exclaimed happily. "To treat every maiden with grace and adoration is the way a true courtly gentlebuck should act! And whoever my future Queen shall be shall know every morning and every night that they are beauty to challenge even the most vibrant field of wild blooms!" Even though he was very proud of himself and excited to put those self learned charms into practice, he'd made it clear that maybe his learning of how exactly to treat ladies may have not been one hundred percent accurate to what acting properly in a social situation might have been. Oh dear. However as the mention of his father came about, Oisin perked up and he took a deep breath to sort himself out, frivolity later Oisin, you learnt this. Be a good King. He nodded towards Yuè a slightly more level headed expression. "My father, Tiarnán has stepped down as King due to...an injury of the antler, it is a grievous situation for our kind so he has retired from the throne, as the Crown Prince it is my duty to take the mantle." There was confidence there, but it was a facade, he was at his core nervous of this place, these people, he was so new to this and so terribly afraid of messing up and making his people suffer because of it. But he never let it make him falter. "But I fear I am in the same boat as you, great Empress, I share very little knowledge of the kingdoms and empires outside of the Velvet Strand so have been advised to visit and increase relations between the Perytons and other creatures of this world. T'is why I come here before you today!"
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    So then it appears the official characters being used are: GoldenDaze: Ali dragonofruin: Sombra SteelEagle: Abby Rainbowfoxxy: Flutterbutt tacobob: Fire Walker An interesting mix for sure!
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    *Submitted for judging* Thunderhoof figured this event would be a good way to get a little exercise. He didn't figure a sack of potatoes would be much of a challenge to him, but any exercise was always good idea. Needed to keep in shape to pull the Caravan. He stretched his hunches, and cracked his neck. This was going to be a piece of cake. He trotted up to the signup booth, when he realised there was one problem. "Hello, and welcome to the 'Longest Yards' competition of the Iron Pony. Name, please?" Thunderhoof frowned. Normally, he'd have his best friend Stage with him, and he could talk for him, but this time, he was alone. His friends could understand his hoof scratches, but it was a special code Stage Lights helped him make. Most ponies won't understand him. He thought for a minute. "We need a name, sir, if you want to compete...." The pony at the booth was being patient, but Hoof was taking a lot of time. He pointed at the scar on his neck and gave him a "sorry" look. "Oh, I see. Um...." Hoof held up a hoof and waved it. "I'm sorry, I don't understa-" He stomped it on the ground, shaking the booth, sounding like thunder. "Wow!" he exclaimed "It's like thunde- Oh! I remember you! You competed at the obstacle course! Thunderhoof, right?" He smiled and nodded. "Alright, just be ready when they announce your name." Hoof nodded in acknowledgement, and made his way to wait by the others waiting their turn. He watched as the other competitors did their rounds. He recognized Thunderlane from the wonderbolts, and he watched intently as he took on the challenge. He always admired Thunderlane's tenacity and endurance. He was one of his favourite Wonderbolts, after all. He watched as he shifted the weight of the pack to give himself a better edge. At first, he didn't realise that was what he was doing, but when he did it again, he could see him get a boost to his stamina. He smiled. He certainly wasn't clever enough to come up with something like that, but he could definitely understand Thunderlane being that smart. He wondered if he should come up with a strategy, but sighed soundlessly to himself. He didn't feel like he was that clever. He didn't do strategy. Mostly just pure brute strength. And sometimes a little finesse, when it counted. While he stood musing, he heard his name called. "Next up is Thunderhoof!" The announcer called. Hoof took one last deep breath and walked casually up to the starting line. The ponies with the pack came up, but they paused. Thunderhoof was so tall, they couldn't figure out how to reach over him to attach the sack. He gestured with his head to say that it was alright if they jumped on his back. One of them jumped up, and the other hoofed over the sack. It was laying on his back, but the ponies couldn't reach the straps around the big stallion. This sack was not made to go on somepony of Thunderhoof's stature. Hoof pointed to his neck. "But... Your scar..." the pony questioned Hoof shrugged. It's never really bothered him before. He always pulls the Caravan with a yoke on his neck, so this shouldn't be any worse. It just looks bad. It's an old scar. The pony on his back scooted the weight up his neck, and attached it there. He had to tighten it to a relatively small size, but it sat snug without choking him. Then the pony jumped down and started whispering something to the other about Thunderhoof's sheer size. He got that a lot. He frowned slightly. He may be big, and he is pretty strong, but he's really not scary. He decided a smile should help them feel better, and tried to emulate one of Flaire's warm smiles he gives everypony. They smiled back and waved as they left. Hoof heaved the weight on his neck a little. It was different when the weight is pulling down on his neck instead of holding back for him to push forward. He noted how it ruined his sense of balance, but there wasn't much he could do about that. He wondered how that Thunderlane would've dealt with this problem. but before he could think of anything, the announcer called "On your mark! Get set, Go!" Hoof started running, and almost face-planted from the imbalance the weight gave him, but he corrected, and started running just a bit slower. It seemed this was going to more about balance than strength, for him. He wasn't the best at balancing, but he could manage. He realised as he ran that even tho he had to lessen his pace he still moved faster than most because of his big long legs. But, the weight being on his neck, he also noticed his front hooves were tiring much faster than his haunches. He remembered what he'd seen the other contestant do. But how could he shift the weight? It was tied to his neck. Just then, he came up to the turnaround. He wasn't paying enough attention and nearly ran into a fence. He lifted his head to miss the fence and felt the weight shift a little on his hooves. This gave him an idea. He turned around and ran back, but this time, he held his head as far back as he could reach it. He didn't think about how weird it might look. Also, it kinda backfired. Holding his head up like that used a lot of muscle. He ran awkwardly unable to see where he was going with his head up. When he reached the end, he only knew because he heard the pony standing there let out a yelp as he barreled toward him. He skidded to a halt just shy of the finish line, put his head back down, and stepped gently over the line. Then he collapsed on the ground with a thunderous W H U M P ! His legs weren't too bad, but his neck was sore. So, so sore. He should not have tried that strategy. He felt like he probably made good time, but he was going to regret it for... probably a week. He pouted silently to himself Stage won't be happy when he can't pull the Caravan, tomorrow. His neck hurt too much.
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    *Submitted for Judging* "Ali, you got this." Those words rung in Alizarin's ears as she took a nervous breath, staring at the last competitor as he finished. He looked absolutely dead, and that made Ali's little heart thump. Hard. This was Alizarin Fruits, though. She was never ever nervous about something as silly as this. If this even was silly. Her short legs itched with anticipation. Her mind raced with the thought of being crushed by these potatoes. "Hey- chin up. You've carried millions and millions of carts full of fruits, Al. You'll be okay." "I ain't nervous, Golden. I'm fine," Ali hissed. Her friend was just trying to keep her positive, but Ali was too sucked up in her head. It was too late now to worry more though, as she walked forward to get the pile of potatoes put on her back. The potatoes were heavy, but surprisingly lighter than she thought. She knew running with these on her back though was going to be very frustrating. The rope was tight around her waste, and was kind of uncomfortable. Ali would deal with it though. The little mare made her way to the starting line, keeping her eyes on the flag as it hung loose in the wind. "Down the course, around the-" "Yeah, I know, I heard," she snapped at the pony, as she was concentrating hard on the flag. Her back was already tired from the bag of potatoes, but it was too late to back out as the pony yelled a firm 'go'! The little mare's legs immediately kicked out, leaping her out quickly onto the course. Her strides were small, but her little legs could kick out fast. She kept her sharp gaze on the flag as she raced down the long course, and it honestly felt like a mile. Ali was doing fine too, until the bag crossed her mind and she focused on how heavy it was. Her legs were on fire, and she really wanted to walk. If Ali wasn't the most stubborn pony to ever exist, she would've quit right there, and she wasn't even at the flag yet! The bag wouldn't get out of her mind, as the weight shifted left and right, over and over again. It was like a pattern, and it was really bothering her. So, the little mare started leaning forward, keeping the bag on the top of her back and right in the middle so it wouldn't stick to one side. It actually worked, but it grew more tiresome. Her short little legs kept kicking though, as her body produced an enormous amount of sweat. The sweat pooled down her forehead. She could probably swim in it. Her mane was drenched and stuck to her head, as her muscles ached from the weight. Her little hooves became a little slower. They felt like they were tingling, like little flies were in her legs flying around. At last she reached the flag pole, bringing herself to make a complete U-turn. She took this time to catch her breath, and she began kicking her front legs again as they were before. The farm pony was stronger than she anticipated, as she guessed working in the field helped her out a little. She also guessed being an earth pony made her a little stronger too. Good thing. Sadly though, she found herself breathing even harder, like the wind took her breath away, as her body seemed to become extremely exhausted. She felt slow, and tired, and she just wanted this non sense to be done with. Her mind raced. The sun seemed to be hotter than it was, she felt sticky and gross, and her back was killing her. Everything ached, and she wanted to quit. Something in her though burned with passion, as she finally looked up from the course to see her hopeful golden Pegasus buddy. The smile on her cute face was unbelievable, and with a glint in her sea green eyes, Ali knew she could push through. Her heart raced again, as she kicked her forelegs out longer and harder, pushing her little body down the last 30 meters. She wanted to use the majority of her back legs too, as bucking trees almost everyday sure seemed to keep the muscles in there nice and large. The wind was thick in her mane as she reached over the finish line, tumbling onto the ground from absolute exhaustion. Ali felt numb, like she didn't even have a body. Breathing long and hard, her pack of potatoes was removed and she found herself standing up with very shaky legs. Ali really felt a million times lighter, as her wobbly legs moved her little body next to Golden Daze. "I'm about to amputate mah legs." "Oh, Als. You're being dramatic! I'm sure it's not that bad." Ali's glare was fiercer than a lion's. That's when Daze shut her trap and looked away from fear.
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    *This post submitted for judging* "OK now, you got this Thunderlane!" The pegasus worked on physicking himself up for his soon and coming Longest Yards run. "Time to show em' you got what it takes on sky tracks and on the field!" It didn't matter where he was, Thunderlane would give whatever he set himself to his very best effort! Sweat beaded on his brow as he took his place at the start line and the stallion found himself staring down the course. His eyes bugged a bit as the ponies charged with running the event helped to get the potato pack in place. It was a heavy green sack, bound over top of his wings and secured with a strap that went under his belly not unlike a saddle girth. "There you go bub! Uh..." the help pony glanced at what he'd just helped strap to Thunderlane's back and stammered. "G-good luck out there!" Even the help poines felt bad to strap so much weight on one single pony! Sure it was heavy but Thunderlane could put the extra weight out of his mind for now. He could feel strength coursing through his legs, back, and neck. The stallion was glad he had done training specifically for this event as of late. Yes he'd still been giving it his all around the flight poles at the Wonderbolts facility but he'd also been hitting the team gym harder than usual the last couple of months. So much so that some of the other 'Bolts had started jesting with him about bulking up to attract the mares. He snickered when he noted how he'd 'forgotten' to mention he might have been doing it for the stallions too. Either way he was pretty much bulked up as much as he'd ever been and right now he was thankful for that! "Down the course, around the flag, and back over this line," The course keeper nodded to the chalk line they were standing behind. "Got it?" Thunderlane nodded, narrowing his eyes on the flag the flapped lazily on the breeze 100 yards away. "Got it." He spoke out of the side of his muzzle, concentrating on the task ahead. "Ready, set..." Thunderlane sucked in a breath. "Go!" The stallion reared up and was off! The rear shifted his weight and thus the bulk of the potato pack back a bit, so he could use the power in his hind legs to propel him and the potatoes forward. He could feel his wings instinctively trying to open under the pack and forced them down against his body. There'd be no flying in this event, no wings needed. His hind legs took the extra weight and boosted him forward, kicking up quite the dust cloud around him as he thundered down the first 100 yards. The pegasus' gate was not his usual ground eating gallop. It was more of a lumbering canter. His hind legs kicking off the ground hard in canter fashion and his forelegs reaching as far as they could to cover ground. The gait was slightly odd to look at but certainly helped him to cover yards quickly and disperse the weight of his potato load throughout the larger muscles of his body. The flag appeared before him, less than 25 yards off when he began to blow air. His muscles began to produce lactic acid and he could feel the burn all over! He'd been here before, this was the first wall and he would smash through it! His brows lowered as he grit his teeth and blew hard through his nostrils. He came upon the flag and the pony watching to make sure contestants rounded the pole. Thunderlane charged forward to make his u-turn when he thought he saw a familiar pony in the cheering crowds. Was that his brother Rumble? He couldn't be sure but just the thought of Rumble powered him forward! He'd spent lots of time telling his younger brother how important it was to find what one really wanted and to strive for it. This was one of those times. Thunderlane loved to push himself physically and this was the perfect opportunity to do so! A few moments later the flag was behind him, his hoof prints marking the completed turn around the pole. He now focused on the pony at the line 100 yards away. The pegasus shifted his weight again, moving to center the pack's weight as best he could. His large muscles were burning and it was time to shift to the smaller ones. He used his chest muscles now to pull him towards the finish, making large steps with his forelegs. His gait shifted to a trot and he grit his teeth in the effort of moving on under his burden. The closer he got to the finish line the lower the stallion got to the ground. The weight of the pack was slowly overwhelming him but he wouldn't let that stop him, not until the finish line was in his rear view. On he went, focusing on his back muscles to help him carry the weight effectively. The method of switching muscle groups had worked thus far but now with the finish line only 20 yards away the stallion began to flag. It was the second wall and a whole lot tougher than the first! Sweat poured down his face and flanks but still he hefted himself on. Dust entered his muzzle as he took to breathing through his nostrils and mouth. He ducked his head slightly, focusing all his remaining strength on getting him over that line. It was only ten steps away now! With a final concerted effort he lunged over the line and walked a couple more steps before standing shakily until the helper ponies had removed his pack. Once it was gone he felt like he was floating! "Well, I guess that's that!" He smiled to himself while wiping the sweat and dust from his brow. Now he just had to wait for his completion time to see if he would join the ranks of the Iron Ponies!
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    From the album: Muddy's Album!

    Anybody remember these things? I do....I really like this design. < <;
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    A Flooberoid is a subspecies of Floob, duh. Anyway, howdy, I'm Flooberoid (AKA Floob, Floo, Snarf) and this ain't my first rodeo when it comes to forum RP. I came upon this site when I was searching for a place to get back into casual RP- that is, RP I can just enjoy without reading a textbook first and rolling a dexterity check every step to avoid tripping over my own hooves. Without disclosing my exact age, I will say I am an adult and have some years' experience in writing and roleplay, so I will take my posts fairly seriously. I'm no novelist, though, and won't expect anyone else to be either. Moving on, what else did y'all ask of me...? Ah, there's not really a story behind how I discovered the show. I just kinda saw some episode reviews (I think it was MrEnter, maybe?) and thought it looked interesting. Aaaaand my favorite pony is a toss-up between Rarity and Fluttershy. Fluttershy is best pony but Rarity gets the best episodes. ... ...Ya didn't think I was gonna say Applejack just 'cause of how I talk, didya? I'm not finished watching the series yet, but I'm not afraid of spoilers either. I kinda view knowing what's gonna happen as just a way to get excited to get there anyway!
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    Mistea Soakspray - "Oh dear! I hope the mare is okay." 4Aqueous Heart - "Woooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooow." 5 Wyndway Falls - "...I guess Cannonballs are cool too!" 7 Derpy Hooves Final Score: 16/60
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    Ok, so I was visiting my cousin today and her daughter was watching MLP on her TV. As I was watching it I remembered how I used to be part of this fandom and how much I enjoyed it, so I decided to recreate my OC as he was, join this site, and reconnect. I was a brony from 2012 to 2014, I'd consider myself an 'OG brony' but I haven't seen the show in forever and definitely haven't followed the fandom in 4 years. I used to use Google+ as my main forum just as many others did. I had a somewhat large following on there, many friends, a legit OC, many role play sessions under my belt, and even a 'relationship'. Google+ died, and so did my interest in the fandom, but now I'm back and looking for new friends and maybe a way to connect with old friends from Google+. Anyone remember Sterling Dark? I don't quite know how to use this site yet and I'm very lonely. I will be rewriting my OC back story and information soon. If anyone wants to be friends and introduce me to this site, please hit me up.
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    Rocky felt a strong sense of warmth when Applebloom smiled at him. It felt as if any and all nervousness left him like a seedling in the wind. Perhaps he was hoofs over horns for her, and now he could actually speak with her made him feel at ease. Quickly getting rid of the blush in his cheeks and the goofy grin on his face, he nodded to Applebloom and placed his bits on her counter top. "Welp sure as shootin my big bro Boulder ain't da only one a got skills to show today" he said as he took his ring and walked over to the tossing spot and held it out proper. Concentrating he focused on his target, an apple in the middle of the stand. He took a deep breath and recalled a lesson from his late Pa, Boulder Guard, to always give it your all and think about what your always fighting for. He took one last peek at Applebloom smiling at him and inhaled before giving the ring a toss. It sailed through the air, landed around the apple, and spun gracefully around landing perfectly around his target. Clapping his hooves proudly he nodded to the Apple clan and said, "Bang on! Boulder Dash ain't the only one with an eagle eye"
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    Hello there, welcome to the forum
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    Daze just smirked and shook her head at the little cutie when she said her 'yerp'. It was probably the most adorable thing she'd ever seen. That's what she thought before she looked down to see what the creature was doodling. To the Pegasus's amazement, it was a picture of the three of them. All together, walking through the preppy streets of Canterlot, happily enjoying each other company. Well, that's what Daze got through the hearts and flowers over their heads. It was so incredibly cute. She noticed the sun too had sunglasses, which cracked the athletic mare to no end. She remembered doodling on things like this when she was the little dragon's age. She'd always put sunglasses on the sun, even though the sun was the one shining it's rays down on the earth below it. The sun couldn't blind itself, but putting sunglasses on it seemed to be legitimate. It's like the glasses were supposed to be there, like how Daze felt she was supposed to be in this exact moment with these two knuckleheads. It was like she was meant to run into the two. She was meant to find these two precious creatures and savor them forever- like destiny. Ha! Daze wasn't the soft emotional type. She was just overthinking things again, like always- or so she thought. These creatures were just here because they accidently came face to face. That's all. She enjoyed every minute of it though. After she got out of her daze (ha), she looked at Thrilly, realizing she's a little upset. "You good, Thrill?" The Pegasus let out a very cute smirk, her eyebrows raising in curiousness and comfort. Daze then cleared her throat, "Nah, it's not that brave. I'm just- stubborn. That's good you all are safe. Circus things seem to be really dangerous. I'm glad you guys are well taking care of, haha." She noticed Thrilly's eyes become redder, making her ears droop down. Suddenly she heard two fillies walk passed them, and what they said made Daze's pupils grow small. "That's depressing."
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    Can't wait to see this character and her brother's interactions
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    Since there was a very low chance her hippy-dippy-dragon parents probably taught her what sarcasm was, the little dragon simply nodded her head and squeaked out a happy. “Yerp!”, she was drawing an rather detailed little image. The cat noticed it and gasped. The little dragon drew a cute, but crude image of the three all in stick-form enjoying a walk in Canterlot. All three were very happy and tiny hearts and flowers floated over their stick bodies heads. The flowers all had happy little faces and the sun wore sunglasses for some reason. “Sorry. Just a little dusty...”, Thrilly covered her eyes with her cloth napkin. Now she not only felt bad for the super-brave Pegasus pony who dared to do what only a few ponies would are to do, along with knowing that one good fall would end her career forever. She also felt very bad for their little dragon friend. Left to fend for herself at a very very young age, she wandered the streets...looking for a friend....ugh. She needed to hold it all in. Don’t cry! Don’t make a scene. Be cool. “That’s very brave you...”, Thrilly removed her napkin. “Thankfully our circus has a very good record and the owner spares no expenses when it comes to our safety...Cause if one of his top performers is too hurt to perform, he can loose a ton of bits.....So he treats us all, from the strong-guy to the elephant sweeper like they’re the most important members of his staff....” Her eyes seemed to get redder and redder the more she spoke. What would make her cry? Then two little fillies wandered by, “.......They had to put Mister Muffins to sleep today....”, one muttered.
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    Nensho hummed as he watched the other conversations around him. He gave a sigh of his own at Yanhua’s words, mulling them over for a bit before responding. “Perhaps, perhaps not. I’ve known her for a very long time, pretty much my whole life. I’m just worried what will happen to our relationship if she doesn’t feel the same way... You might be right though, she doesn’t have anyone else she’s pining for. Well, that I know of anyways.” He said, giving a slight chuckle and shrug. “And I guess you could say that, though she’s only here because of me. She needed a vacation, so I convinced her to take one. I take it you’re here because of him though. I feel you, you don’t want to bring it up either... Maybe we should both just buck up and do it...”
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    “I can understand that.” Tempest says back, the worry in her voice slipping away back to the same cold monotone voice she liked to use. “Every time I see myself I am greeting with my past. Hunting me. I don’t know if I can ever come to peace with my past. Not yet at least.” She shakes her head and looked over at the unicorn mare he called out at. Ugh. “Eastern mystic?” Tempest snorted hearing that, almost like she was about to laugh but choked it down. “That’s not how you great something. That’s like asking every earth pony you meet ‘do you farm?’ first.” She says back to the unicorn. “Even if what he asked you was not much better…” With that she glares at Feng.
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    Thank you, this is Shadow by the way
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    Watching the Empress step down from her golden throne, Oisin tried his best to regather himself, poise and grace, Oisin, do your kind proud. Do your family proud.Taking a deep breath he tried to show the regal bearing for Yuè's scrutiny, golden antlers held high and wings held tight to his frame as he put his hooves together....chest maybe a bit puffed out too much to show one of his family's treasures proudly. Maybe they were not as decadent or...extravagant and numerous as the Longma had in her possession, his treasures were a coin in a fountain compared to this treasure trove, but he was proud of his treasures all the same. To be wearing them in the name of the Velvet Strand made him very proud. Shaken out of his thoughts, his large ears swiveled forward to listen intently to his gracious host as he stood there, cheeks puffed a little in curiosity, even with the facade he tried to put on he was still young and curious about the world around him and of course learning of his new 'friends', or at least associates. The declaration of the Empress was especially hard to keep himself from smiling before he bowed his head respectfully in a grateful nod. "Glorious Empress, I would be more than thankful to form a friendship with you for the betterment of yours and my own kingdom." A realization hit him as he stomped a hoof on the floor, "As such, I would like to offer this as a gift of friendship! I've been told it's very polite to bring gifts and there are none better than these jewels of the Strand." One of Yuè's servants that'd been there to show the Peryton royal to the palace stepped in, a woven basket in the grasp of some levitating magic, it wasn't anything so supreme as what was to be expected of gifts for royalty. No silks or satins, no precious metals and certainly no jewels - despite the fact the contents glistened like them. Within the basket sat fruits, many types, apples and strawberries and grapes, all healthy and plump but all looking odd from their usual type. The strawberries glittered and shimmered like fresh cut sparkling rubies refracting every dancing light within the throne room, the grapes looked like glass, clean and clear with the slight iridescent shimmer of pearls despite their rich wine color and the apples were large hearty things, bright pink mottled with soft rose reds and just as fragrant. The sweetness billowed from the basket as tempting as any box of chocolates from some would-be suitor, all from this cheerful buck. "The Velvet Strand, my home of the Emerald Grove especially, are known for their rich fertile lands, so from the heart of my home I offer these to you in friendship...I should hope one day you can come and sample these and more fresh from the land they grew."
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    Time to get revved up for the last week of Iron Pony! *flexes arms*
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    Name: Aero Dynamic Sex: Male Age: Stallion Species: Pegasus Eye color: Blue Character color: Light blue Mane/Tail: He has a deep blue mane with a red streak from his right eye down his back. He grows his mane down to his withers and just long enough on top that the tips of his mane just hang over his eyes. He has a solid deep blue tail that he grows down to the back of his knees mostly kept tidy. Physique: Lean and stocky but pretty tall. Almost, not quite as tall as Princess Luna. Not muscular but well filled out. Residence: Canterlot Occupation: Recently discharged royal guard. Aero is looking to be in business for himself these days. Putting his experience and training to good use for more regular ponies (who can afford him). Cutie Mark: An angel wing. A fire broke out in his classroom at school and as the school was evacuated, he noticed one of his classmates didn't make it out of the classroom with everypony else. At great risk to his personal safety, Aero went back and found him. He brought his classmate out unharmed, only having a few singed feathers. After that, he wasn't able to fly for a while until the damaged feathers grew back, but he carried on living selflessly from that day on. Unique Traits: Aero keeps himself in exceptional shape, he's stronger than he looks and an excellent flier. His flying skills are developed in more practical disciplines, such as flying in harsh weather conditions, instead of showboating. History: Aero was born in Cloudsdale. At a young age he didn't get along with his parents. He was mostly unhappy that they tried so hard to raise him to be just like them. After sufficient begging, he was sent to be raised by his more well off uncle in Canterlot. He hasn't had contact with them since childhood and has no plans to change that any time soon. As a young stallion he joined the royal guard. Once again, he was unhappy being homogenized and decided he wanted to carry on his work, his way. Aero never reenlisted and has been trying to make a living doing what hes always done for other ponies. Character personality: Aero is very stubborn and has a dry disposition. He has a small scowl for a resting face which gets more intense when he's trying to focus. Though a pony of few words, he speaks with authority. Although Aero has a talent and predisposition for making sacrifices for others, his two favorite things are flying and the night sky. Some days it's enough to feel the breeze in his mane, others he just needs to go top speed and cut as many close calls as he can get away with. On days when he wants or needs to be grounded, he likes to spend time watching the stars in the sky and let himself be filled with foalhood wonder. Nothing will put a smile on his face the way those activities will. Character summary: At a young age, Aero was sent from Cloudsdale from his parents to be raised by his uncle in Canterlot. He studied hard in school and became quite knowledgeable although an academic underachiever. When he came of age he joined the royal guard. He was unsatisfied with how things were done and the narrow scope of their mission overall. He decide he could do more for the common pony on his own with his training and experience. What he wants to do more than anything is just leave Equestria a better place than how he found it, whatever the cost to himself.
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    (I hope I got things right with this post. Just let me know if something seems out of order as far as what everypony is doing and I can change it ) Babs half smiled and blew her bangs out of her eyes as Wind Walker made the cutie mark comment. "Yup, though I'm still not convinced that should really be my calling. I mean don't get me wrong, I like to cut and style manes and tails it's just that..." She raised her eyebrows. "I'm not very good at it yet." She watched the pegasus pick up the ring and give it a toss. "Hmmmm, a tornado with wings huh?" She remembered seeing marks sorta like that on some of the Wonderbolts. "Maybe yer meant to be a trick flyer? Are you good at air maneuvers?" Babs still wasn't the best at this whole friend making thing. She was unsure of herself and she knew the other filly could probably tell that. But, she'd keep trying. She had to admit it made her feel much better to be friendly with other ponies instead of trying to bully them. The ring sailed towards the candy apples and Babs smiled as it bounced off one apple and then landed right over the top of another. It was covered in bright red candy that had sprinkles stuck in it. "Oh! Good toss there Wind Walker!" She looked back and saw the Abby was just seeing off Big Mac and Valen was just getting himself situated. No problem! She's get the apple herself! Soon she was trotting back with the prize. "Whoa! This thing's kinda heavy!" Abby trotted back up then. "Got yerself a prize huh Windy?" She giggled at Bab's attempt to carry the apple back to the winner. "It is a bit heavy cause it's got about six layers of candy under that one, all different colors! We call it the All Day Apple!" Babs hoofed it over carefully to Wind Walker as Abby looked to Fast Track. "Hey there Fast Track! You're given this a try too I hope!" Just then Rocky showed up. Abby thought he always acted a bit strange but he was also really nice so no problem there! "Howdy there Rocky!" She waved at the country stallion. "Happy to have y'all come to play!" She smiled winningly at him. "It's only a bit and you get three tosses!"
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    Feng may not know how lucky he was to have all of his teeth the second his hoof touched her shoulder. But for all the temptation to lash out on some pony and make them understand how she felt. she… Feng was right. She needed to cool down. Getting out of her seat she follows Feng to a more quiet and secluded spot. Well it was not too far away from all the going on it gave the space she deeply needed. “I can't stand this.” Tempest says glancing over at the growing crowd. “I feel out of place. Did years ago and still do now. I found a home and lost it. It may not have been the best but it was one.” She let out a deep breath. “Thank you for... being… Nice.” She added in a tone that made it seem like she was not used to saying such a thing. Looking to Feng she flicked an ear and studied him more before feeling like she needed to… explain something. She had to get it off her chest. “Deadname.” She mutters out in a deadpan tone. “The name they keep saying. It’s a deadname and what its tied to makes me…” She had to shut her eyes, she hated saying this and it took some force to do it. “Uncomfortable.” She wanted to explain it better but found no words for it. She hated speaking like this. She looked pathetic. Weak. Deep breaths. "Cold water sounds nice."
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