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  2. Appliance

    This is a Title

    With a decription, to match
  3. I get a lot of secondhand embarrassment from my older posts.

    1. XanXeto


      Celestia, I know what that means and feels like. >.<

  4. Oh, yeah. This is a thing that still exists.

  5. I'm hoping to do so! No Tabitha, but that's okay! I might cosplay as human Octavia or something on one of the days, we'll see!
  6. Adorable! I love the fetlocks and hoof colors, as well as the curliness of it all. uvu
  7. Greetings :u Been a while since I posted here, and I feel like it's time for more people to put selfies in this thread, especially if they a) have more cool hats b) have cute pets to pose with (ahhh) I love neckwear send help
  8. Really, "organic flour, butter, and whole chocolate" come from stores that are either: a) too far for me to drive or take the bus to (especially in this heat) b) too expensive (sadly, I don't get paid to figure out how to tie neckwear) So I've used mixes, mostly. Recently, though, I've been perfecting my eggless cookie dough, which I make from scratch. Needs a bit less vanilla. I did get some neat recipes from some chefs I like to work with when I'm in the area!
  9. So, apparently, one of the conventions that I might go to this year is pretty G4 friendly! They have a bunch of voice actors coming. Thought you guys might find it interesting :I Here's the list! Andrea Libman: FLUTTERSHY, PINKIE PIE, Pumpkin Cake, Daisy, Rose, Mr. Turnip, Rocky, Sir Lintsalot, Madame LeFlour. Nicole Oliver: PRINCESS CELSESTIA, Cheerilee, Daisy Jo, Crystal Pony #1 and Rose. Peter New: BIG MACINTOSH, Magnum, Jet Set, All Aboard, Persnickety, Doctor Stable, Atlas. Does anyone know of any other pony voice actors that are going to cons that aren't specifically for mlp fans? :0
  10. Ahh!! Thank you, Rose, dearie uvu ((yes, no more panties either, because, neighpones don't wear those :I))
  11. Appliance


    I cannot get over how cute your pones are. augh ;3;
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