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  1. Sup guys, I'm not really back yet, I'm just not ready to get back. Hope you understand.

    1. QuickLime


      Alright, still good to see you

  2. Hi guys, I know it's been a long time since I disappeared. I'm sorry I had to drop out of all my RPs all of a sudden. I was going through a lot of personal struggles so I just dropped everything. I'm sorry for not informing you guys sooner. I just had a lot on my mind and a lot of things are going on IRL. I just had to stop everything and think long and hard on how to change my life. I haven't even started to watch season 3 yet. I've gotten so pre-occupied with WoT (World of Tanks) and other stuff that I just drifted away further from here. To everyone who has been trying to reach me thru my email, thru my deviantart account and other means. I'm really sorry to make you worry. I'm sort of okay now but I'm still trying to pick up the pieces of what used to be myself. Until then, I don't know how much longer I will be away. I still hope to continue some of the RPs I've started with you guys here and in the CanterlotCentral/CanterlotFOE chatrooms. But if its been that long and interest has waned, then its okay. I suppose I can start fresh. I'm sorry to disappoint you guys. Well... until then. See you my friends... Xiee
  3. Hi guys. I know I've been gone for the longest time. I dunno what to say when I got this message. I'm speechless. I'm just going through some personal struggles right now. I'm really sorry for leaving without a word. I might be back soon. Still, I'm grateful for everything you've done. I truly am. Signing off for now.
  4. Heh. Whatever you guys do in the campaign is okay with me. But it was sure fun to see Silver loose it like that.
  5. Hi guys, Most of you (especially those who I have RP projects and active posts) might have noticed my extended absence in the forums. Real life finally caught up and I need to get my affairs into order. I've been in Canterlot for over a year now and I've met a lot of good friends. It's sad to say that I will be gone for an indefinite length of time in the forums. Aside from my financial problems and loosing my internet connection at home, there are other things I need to take care in my life. So I'm sorry if I left everyone hanging like this. I've also given up my tier 1 character, The Mayor. I hope whoever apps for her gets to use her much more than I did. For those who I have pending RPs, the Fallout Equestria threads in FFA/Crossovers and those that I have in Mane RP. I'm sorry but I have to end it here. Please feel free to continue them without me or leave them entirely. For my Fallout Equestria campaigns on Saturdays (10pm EST - onwards), I'll still be playing with you guys until we finish the storyline. I'm sorry we have to play on such an awkward time, but this is the reality with PnP games via the net. I'm grateful up until now that you guys still somehow cling on to me as your game master even though I had some obvious shortcomings in the past weeks. Feel free to join other FoER campaign groups out there. I'm sure we discussed about them in our chatroom. For everyone else, it was a fun ride. I'll be back prolly one day when I have fixed what needs to be fixed in my life so until then. Xiee is signing out. Cya guys later~
  6. Add me up on PSN: mega_dranix
  7. Sorry guys, no session this week and next week. ISP disconnected us at home. My brother neglected to pay the ISP bill for 3 months. It's the only thing he pays for at home since I pay for electric bills and other stuff. I'm teaching him a lesson of responsibility. So I won't have any internet connection prolly until next week until he pays for it. I'm seriously pissed at him for neglecting the bill without telling me. So I won't be having any internet at home until he pays for it, which he can immediately if he wants to, but he's spending all his money on his darn hobby.
  8. I'll prolly be gone for 2 weeks due to internet issues at home. Actually, ISP got disconnected because my brother neglected to pay the bills and I'm teaching him a lesson of no internet until he wises up and pays it himself since I'm already stretched with my own expenses.
  9. Ah Fallout. I'm a very big fan of it. Been playing since Fallout 2 and Tactics. I still play Fallout 3 and Fallout New Vegas a lot. Heavily modded of course. In Fallout 3 my tagged skills were Guns, Science and Lockpicking. Sneaking felt like it was broken in Fallout 3. I was happy when they finally fixed sneaking in Fallout New Vegas. I always played sneaky type builds. My tag skills in New Vegas were Guns, Sneak, and Lockpick. The other great thing about fallout 3/NV is that it is highly moddable. Heck I've even learned to use GECK to make my own mods for the game. Here's my current Mod stuff with Fallout New Vegas: The following mods were used: Nevada Skies URWified Darnified UI oHUD (Immersive, adjustable, movable, customizable HUD components) uHUD (Unified Hud Project) Centralized Camera Advanced Recon Gear (Thermal Night Vision and Target Acquisition) Project Nevada Weapon Mods (Saiga-12, PSG-1) NMC Texture Pack Weapon Retexture Project RACE Radio Here's something I did a few months back, the mod pack I used here was called DollHouse. It added an Anime-like android race (complete with quests to get the weapons and armors) and some OP weapons. I had my fun but got rid of this because the weapons were OP. To prove my point I went Deathclaw hunting.
  10. This seems nice. I can prolly use my Griffon on this when you reach Stalliongrad. Right now I'm busy with stuff IRL so I'm more of a wait and see mood at this point.
  11. Also if some of you can come on early. I'd like to have a chat about "redoing or moving on", regarding the last session. Say like 15 mins before the session? Sound good?
  12. So are we game for a 8pm EST Friday session?
  13. Well, I missed that part, thanks for clarifying. In that case, I'm putting up a nomination. Even knowing this is a longshot, I'd just like to use this as an opportunity for FoE threads to get some recognition. Best Adventure Roleplay: Fallout Equestria - Walking the Line (Warning: Grimdark, this is in the 18+ Section due to language and violence)
  14. Just a question. Is this for Mane RP only? There's a lot of quality RPs in the FFA sections as well, like some of the FoE (Fallout Equestria) RPs. Sigh... FFA gets no love. Is it too much to ask for a "Best FFA/Crossover RP"?
  15. Argenta returned a blank stare at Dunder. "Sure, thank you for giving me a load of problems." She said sarcastically. "If you really want my thanks, stay out of trouble, or stay out of my way." She trotted towards the Germane pony who was already impatiently waiting by the station door. See? He seemed to be a good pony when he wasn't stubborn as a mule. Having him as an ally was better than having him thrown in jail. And besides, she did not want to go through the mountains of paperwork to file, having a lot on her hooves already, she shuddered and complained to herself about soldiers and desk jobs. "Martel...." She called out. "You go on ahead, I'll catch up. I need to report to my superiors about this mission of yours, and also to warn every other patrol pony not to get in your way. Oh, and take 'you-should-thank-me' pony with you. I'm sure he would prove useful... maybe." She pushed Dunder towards Martel and then trotted out of the station in the direction towards Stable-HQ.
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