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  1. If you like Transformers movies....Brony Culture is so popular now that RD makes an appearance. My inner girl was *squee* for RD...the rest of inner me was *squee* for Giant Robot Dinosaurs.

  2. Lilia


    I swear I'm trying to be more active than usual on here....It's not easy, though....Not with the studying to re-take the insurance producer exam (that thing is HARD) and playing with my toddler....So! I've decided that I'll carve an hour out each morning to reply to my RP partners and possibly even set up some open RPs with my characters. None are retired--yet--so the list is still quite long. I promise, I want to do my very best posts for everypony I'm in RPs with, you'll have to bear with the slow-to-no reply thing for just a bit longer. I'll be back up to normal standards and doing decent posts here soon!
  3. Shadowe shook his head sadly, unsure of how to answer the pony questioning him. "I'm afraid I don't know who you are. I wish I could see, at least then I'd know what was going on right now." He responded cautiously, reluctant to reveal his disability to anypony. Deep down, however, he knew that this pony--a mare, he was sure---wouldn't harm him. "You sound familiar to me, if that helps. Have we met before?" He asked, not putting the idea that he was dreaming together.
  4. Shadowe lifted his head slowly when he heard the voice, looking around. He knew somepony was there....but where? "Who....who are you? Where are you? It's not safe around me! I can't....stop hurting ponies with my magic." He said, hesitating before acknowledging what was happening. He rose slowly to his hooves, taking a defensive posture almost as second nature. "Are you a changeling?" He asked, fear touching his voice.
  5. Charming shook his head at Applejack's question, grateful for his dark pelt to hide the blush rising. "No, I...I've never done something like this...and I've n...never k....kissed anypony...." He stammered, wishing he would stop soon. When the princess addressed him, he nodded his head and bowed. He was grateful to be acknowledged, even if in a brief meeting. He couldn't speak as she left, the brief chance to speak with their noble ruler over.
  6. Cherry gave a sheepish grin to the storekeeper, placing the bits for the kittens down. “Can I have two big red ribbons, too please? Seeing as one of these cuties is meant as a gift…I don’t want my niece to think I’ve picked for her.” She asked, explaining her reasoning. She could hear the affection in Inkbrand’s voice for his fox and her heart melted a little. Anypony with a soft-spot for critters was a good pony in her books. She chuckled. “That poor dear! She has somepony who cares for her now. Ah…one sec. Thank you, sir. I’m sorry to keep you waiting.” She exclaimed, pausing a moment to acknowledge the storekeeper who had given her back the kittens, now sporting ribbons that matched the red of her own mane and tail. She suppressed a laugh when one tried to swipe at the other’s ribbon, scooping the white one back up into her wing before planting the black one on her head. She partly wished she was a Unicorn—carrying the tiny creatures wouldn’t make her quite so scared about dropping them.
  7. Cherry flushed lightly when Inkbrand took one of the kittens, relief clear in her eyes as she nestled the other kitten into her right wing. “Oh, no. No trouble at all…though I certainly wouldn’t be able to say if kittens are like foals…Sure, they get along with me pretty well, but that’s every Bloom. Foals and us….I’d swear they think we’re just really tall foals like them. My sister’s daughter, Morning Glory, will be the first foal I’ve been around since…well, it’s been a while. As for being sweet as daisies, I agree. Although….you certainly do have a knack for surprising me. She looks content up there….like a purring hat. It’s really cute…not that you needed any help in that department.” She grinned, glancing at the kitten in her wing to see he had fallen soundly asleep. She nodded to the chew toy he had bought, the question in her eyes. “What is the name of your pet? And….what kind of creature are they?” She voiced, wondering if it was a dog he had or something else entirely.
  8. Cherry laughed, only to be nearly run over by a stallion. A cute stallion at that. Eyes dancing, she grinned at him before looking at the kittens in her hooves. "Indeed. Though, I will say...it's not every day that a handsome stallion nearly bowls me over!" She said, quite happy to talk to somepony other than herself. She looked at the two kittens in her hooves, watching them bat at each other before wishing she had brought her saddle bags. "I'm Cherry. Do you mind if I make it a bit more crowded in here? It's not easy walking with these two in my hooves...I'm thinking placing them on my wings is a bit better than possibly hurting them." She asked, lifting a wing slightly to see if she could secure the kittens under them for a brief time. Possibly not, though....her wings were nice and warm, but stifling if it wasn't cold outside.
  9. Cherry trotted down the small shopping center's main path, wings folded tight to her body to keep from knocking anypony over. Her normally braided red and pink mane was now loose, the waves highlighting the sapphire blue of her eyes. The white mare made her way to a tiny pet shop set beside a quaint bakery and a jewlery shop. She smiled. Orange had invited her to see her niece, Morning Glory. Having never met the filly, Cherry was quite excited to see just what the little one looked like. Would she be an Earth pony like her mother or be a Pegasus like herself? She hesitated only a moment outside the pet shop, reluctant to admit she needed a companion. Perhaps she'd get a kitten for Morning to have while she was inside... All she wanted was a critter that could keep up with her, day or night. It didn't have to fly, but it did have to be at least somewhat cute. She walked past a few pretty birds, shaking her head slowly. Songbirds weren't going to be up at all hours of the night, or up during the day when she needed them to be. A few more critters met her gaze and she shook her head at all of them. A ferret, while cute, wouldn't be able to keep up on the ground, an alligator would be...well, trouble, and the fuzzy ducklings wouldn't at all be able to fly with her for a while yet. By the time she had reached the kittens, she had eliminated almost all the menagerie that was present in the store. Only the dogs and cats were left, and she felt that a cat might be just what she needed. Cats were up at strange hours, like herself, and they were very swift. A pair of kittens, black and gray, looked up at her and mewed. Her heart melted. Those were the ones she would take with her. Morning could pick first, later, and she would keep whichever one was left. "Oh, aren't you precious! My niece would love you...and if she doesn't, then you two can stay with me. What do you say...want to be loved by a filly and by me?" She asked the kittens, laughing to herself at the thought of them answering her. The flight of whimsy faded quickly, though, and it wasn't long before she had them scooped up and on her way to the counter. She struggled to hold both of them, feeling them squirm as they tried to play with eachother.
  10. Lilia

    Pool Time!

    Summer's here, and my boy has himself a little pool! So we put him in it, and wouldn't you know....He loves being in the water. Granted, after a while, he tried to drink his pool water....but it was tap water so it really shouldn't have hurt him. He had fun getting in and out of his pool, splashing and making a HUGE mess....thank goodness we put it outside! On a side note--Never let a toddler go swimming in anything short of swim diapers. They will pull themselves off.
  11. Charming blinked in surprise when he made it to the front of the line. He had tried numerous times to talk himself out of this endeavor, but his mother's request hung over him in an almost perceptible black cloud. He didn't want to dissapoint her, and he certainly didn't like the idea of her going without her favorite snack. He hesitated at the stand, calculating how much he'd need. "I....I'd like two bushels, please....an assortment will be fine...." he stammered, once again mentally muzzlehoofing in embarassment. Why didn't he just speak plainly around ponies? He highly doubted anypony would tease him as a serious attempt at his self-esteem with two princesses in line.
  12. Shadowe gave a brief smile to his mother as they said good night, their usual routine altered only slightly in the farewells given for the day. "Good night, Sweetheart. Dream well." His mother stated softly, the proximity of her voice telling him she was waiting near the door. "Good night, Mother. I'll see you in the morning.' He stated, feeling his eyes grow heavy as his mother sang softly on her way out of his bedroom. The little colt stirred when he felt sunlight on his pelt, his eyes opening to see a field of reds, blues and vivid yellows. He blinked. He knew only what the colors were called, not what they actually looked like. He rose slowly, taking in the verdant green of the grass and stems of the brightly colored flowers around himself. He gave a joyous laugh as he ran through the flowers, pausing momentarily to check his flank. Still blank. He nodded, ambivalent about not discovering his true passion just yet. An idea came to him. Looking at the flowers around him, he began to focus. The silvery aura of magic surrounded his horn as he tried to pick a single blue flower for his mother, his focus so tight on the one he wanted that he almost missed the fading of the color from the red flower beside it. He stopped, his body trembling a moment. No! He couldn't be...He had to believe that is was just an effect of his concentrating on one flower instead of the others as well. He sighed. He was still smiling, although the smile wasn't nearly as bright as it had been before. He decided to try something else, another simple spell he had struggled with. He closed his eyes to focus on the sounds of the newly developed breeze rusting the grass, his horn glowing as he began levitating bits of fallen petals into the air. When a scream sounded, he dropped the spell immediately. His eyes flew open, clear evidence that color was fading from this wonderful place around him. The reds, blues and yellows were almost too dark to be called by their proper colors now. He shivered, desperate now to cling to the images around him. He concentrated again desperately, trying to get the scenery to stay the same. When the smell of the changeling cave hit him, he groaned softly and opened his eyes. The screams continued in his ears and the colors were now gone, all he had was darkness. He tried one last time, a desperate attempt to go back to the field and see once more the colors he wanted to enjoy so very much. His mother's voice came to him then, full of pain. "Shadowe, stop! You're hurting me, Sweetheart! Please...Please!" She cried out, other voices mingling with hers as the colt did his best to not shudder with self-loathing. He was hurting his friends and family, just by trying to restore some color to the world. He stopped after a brief time, hanging his head in shame. "I might as well face it...I'm a complete and utter failure as a Unicorn..." He sighed to himself, laying down and curling up as tightly as he could to protect himself from his own magical attempts.
  13. Lilia


    Adorable he is! I wish sometimes he'd stop growing just so I can savor these days....he's getting big fast.
  14. My Peanut has now become my Monkey. He figured out how to climb on to a chair....and from the chair to the dinner table. I was hoping---no, PRAYING---that he'd not be a climber like his uncle....I'm just waiting for him to figure out how to climb his playpen fence now and then he'll be wherever he wants at any given time--with Mommy here in tow. He's also pushing open doors closed now. So, when Daddy goes to the fridge, he's there....shutting it to tell Daddy 'No'. It's adorable and silly and sometimes frustrating, but that is pretty much my son in a nutshell...Adorable, silly and sometimes frustrating.
  15. While my bullying never reached a physical level, it sure did leave a lasting impact on me as a person. My bullying started in 6th grade, when I moved from one middle school to another. Because I had poor vision, I needed to sit in the front row. The Cheerleaders' row. The very first day, hunkered down before classes started while reading a book (don't ask, I really don't recall which one), I was approached by one of the girls. She said I had to move as that was HER seat. I pointed out that I had gotten there first, that there were plenty of other seats and that I wasn't going to move. Oh boy. Big mistake. She and her friends decided that from that day forward, I was public enemy #1. When they would see me, they would call me either fat, ugly or stupid. I tried not to let the name calling get to me, but it did. I stopped eating for days on end, just to 'trim the fat'. I never wore make-up and I made my mind up to never wear it without it being absolutely necessary. As for the stupid remarks, I would usually go hide in the library and read to prove them wrong. I started self-harming by 7th grade, not real cutting--just pricking my fingers on occasion to feel SOMETHING other than depression. My family never knew, I never spoke up. By the time I was a Junior in HS, I had a figure most women would kill for and I still thought I was fat. I had football players asking me out--I turned them down because I was too ugly for them. I lost numerous chess matches because I was too absorbed in my books to care about actually playing the game past a few moves. I just didn't care how I was perceived. When I moved to a new HS my Senior year, I started to cut. I was lonely, depressed and had serious thoughts of committing suicide. To this day, I still think I'm too fat--I haven't lost my baby fat yet--and I'm way too ugly, despite what my husband keeps saying. I hate myself, because no matter what I see in the mirror, all I see is a woman with too many flaws and not enough good to understand how any person in the world would call me pretty.
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