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  1. Instruments,or people singing too? How about people singing with no instruments?
  2. Sunset Shimmer was one of the best characters in Rainbow Rocks,but the mane/main 6 can't be the mane/main 7.
  3. Rainbow Rocks is better. Sunset's character was awesome, and it wasn't as cliched.
  4. Further proof that humanity is messed up. Can I move to Equestria? Please?
  5. And know I find a story about this on finfiction.net, so there is one. MUST HAVE MORE!
  6. The tree of harmony. We have almost no cannon about it, leaving it open for ideas to come flying out of my awesomely epic brain. So, without further adieu, is my headcannon. Simple answer? Clover the Clever's spell. The long? Clover's spell was the first time all three pony races had felt friendship and harmony. Before this point in time, they had been seemingly at war with each other. They realize they're all ponies,blah blah blah, friendship heart,,windegoes defeated. On top of that it was in a cave. The tree, in a cave. You could see where Canterlot would be. You can see Canterlot from Ponyville. But Clover's cave was higher! Erosion. This happened over one thousand years ago, it's going to erode.
  7. That happened to me once when a virus got in. Look at your anti-virus stuff now.
  8. Everyone here is wrong. Luna is best. My idea of a welcome.
  9. Today I was going to smash watermelons in the yard for fun. Parents never let you do anything.

    1. WhiteLightning18


      Aw. And I was told your fruit killing skills are remarkable.

    2. QuickLime


      Don't waste fooood

    3. Sondash145


      I've been told it's more fun to smash bananas, because when you smash them, the banana inside gets squeezed out in random directions, so you don't know if you're going to get hit, or the flower patch, or your sister.

  10. Yadda yadda yadda, PIE TO THE FACE!
  11. So that means I can call you Epic McAwesomesauce? This is funny, you will bow to your supreme overlord, and welcome.
  12. I'm not good at explaining stuff,but is it the internet or rping you're having trouble with? If you look in blogs and try Quick Lime's,it might help.
  13. You basically pretend to be the pony,sort of. If you look around, there are guides that might help.
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