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  1. In October went to ponycon again it was amazing

  2. flutterpie2

    Hasbro Is taking down MLP episodes from youtube once more

    Watch it on the Sunday everypony us uk equestrians don't get the hub or anything sad face
  3. flutterpie2

    Season 5 starts April 4!

    Finally it's been a while a long while I'n so excited!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  4. flutterpie2


    Got the music in you Eqgrr: Welcome to the show or awesome as I wanna be
  5. flutterpie2

    Top Ten Characters

    1. Fluttershy 2. Pinkie Pie 3. Rainbow Dash 4. Applejack 5. Rarity 6. Twilight Sparkle 7. Big Mac 8. Flash Sentry 9. Adagio Dazzle 10. Princess Luna It may change lol
  6. flutterpie2

    Does anyones Parents know they are a Brony?

    Yeah my mum made me spill
  7. flutterpie2


    Anyone in the UK looking for her in the smaller toys r us's is the place to look mine was from Sheffield in meadowhall
  8. flutterpie2

    build a bear merch

    Discord would be awesome too
  9. flutterpie2


  10. flutterpie2

    build a bear merch

    Can't wait for shining armour,cadence and luna. I want dj to come out who do you wanna come out.
  11. flutterpie2


    I found it in a toys r us yay but thanks for your help
  12. flutterpie2

    Best villan

  13. flutterpie2


    I need adagio but nowhere to be found in England just be aware that she is hard to get in England
  14. flutterpie2

    C-Mark Crusaders Cutie Mark Predictions

    According to the squishy pops it is the same marks as g3 for sweetie and scoots and something different for apple bloom
  15. flutterpie2

    Cutest physical details or animations in the show?

    And Fluttershys hair who can forget that gorgeous hair