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    Looking for mares and stallions to roleplay with my ooc pony he is a young stallion pegasus and does have a cutie mark

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  1. i am getting hungry how about you and i do have my own shop up here
  2. i love it here in cloudsdale and look how we are to the cafe here
  3. after awhile of flying to cloudsdale as we land near the cafe
  4. i unfold my wings as we flew to the cloudsdale cafe
  5. should we go and eat at the cloudsdale cafe
  6. where should we go to eat friend
  7. yes if you want to be friends
  8. your welcome as i smiled and if wanted to be friends
  9. i smiled back saying you have a beautiful smiled
  10. *yes it was a very colorful show*
  11. we made a lovely light show as i land with a rainbow trail behind me
  12. what should we do to have fun, on getting more ponies to come to see our show, rainbowflashdash said with a smile on his face.
  13. hi there as rainbowflashdash said with a smiled, walking towards you still happy.
  14. you are welcome to join it