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  1. anyone want to rp with me please

  2. hello would you like to RP with me

    1. Sondash145


      sure, I'm game. What RP is it?

    2. starlightchaser


      know Barbie, tinker bell or persona

  3. anyone want to role play

  4. anyone want to RP monster high or ever after high or something else with me please

  5. it's only ponies am allowing as canon characters
  6. here characters format: name: age: gender: semblance: weapon: Faunus or human: occupation be it student or anything else: appearance: personality: child of: family: pets: children: weakness: bio: crush: others:
  7. rules: no more then four semblance or weapon transformation. you can do an hybrid Faunus but only two Faunus as parents. you can be part Grimm or full Grimm. no god modding. no more then four maidens. no bullying or Mary sue. no killing or rape. no instant heals.
  8. I made an rules in the post one was no other races but pony but you can have none pony pets
  9. she got abused by both princesses. born in Luna and celestia castle. her childhood was bad sorry. she lives with her mother in the castle still. she was born at midnight at the raising of the sun celebrate. her relationship with celestia and Luna is like an dog with two masters. she always being told she was an monster and annoying when she speak or touching someone
  10. okay. she has her mother personality but still kinda cruel. she is never liked being touched. she shakes when she talked or touch. she rarely speak and hides her flank.
  11. sorry about that crap bio please help me with the rest
  12. darm it my throat is killing me:x:|:scream:

    1. CatCakey


      Mix the honey into the warm water. Although I guess it's alright if you just drink it straight away

    2. Lyipheoryia


      Take a lozenge every few hours~

    3. CatCakey


      If it doesn't bother you too much, then don't do anything. (I didn't do anything with the worst sore throat I ever had and it was hard for me to even swallow then)

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