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  1. anyone want to RP an cat people or animal people RP with me please

  2. Anyone want to rp

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    2. Lyipheoryia


      Well, we're already having an rp, and I prefer not to have rp's with the same person more than once.

    3. Lyipheoryia


      As well-if you have a specific person you want to rp with, you can just pm them if their status says "Rp Ready"

    4. starlightchaser
  3. anyone want to RP animals or something else with me please

  4. anyone want to RP fantasy, furry, rwby, persona, ghost busters, anime or star trek

  5. anyone want to RP fairies or merm

  6. anyone want to rp with me please

  7. hello would you like to RP with me

    1. Sondash145


      sure, I'm game. What RP is it?

    2. starlightchaser


      know Barbie, tinker bell or persona

  8. anyone want to role play

  9. anyone want to RP monster high or ever after high or something else with me please

  10. darm it my throat is killing me:x:|:scream:

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    2. CatCakey


      Mix the honey into the warm water. Although I guess it's alright if you just drink it straight away

    3. Lyipheoryia


      Take a lozenge every few hours~

    4. CatCakey


      If it doesn't bother you too much, then don't do anything. (I didn't do anything with the worst sore throat I ever had and it was hard for me to even swallow then)

  11. Hello anyone want to rp

  12. hello everypony

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    2. starlightchaser
    3. CatCakey


      A few hours later the couple got a bunch of meat for the big cats and passed it through the fence.

    4. starlightchaser
  13. I really wish i could rp

    1. InSaNiTyCaT


      Why not join in on the FFA Roleplay?

    2. RainbowDaringDash


      Id be happy to start a rp with ya ifyou want

    3. SteelEagle


      FFA is there for you, or create and get approved a WoE or CC character.:)

  14. Hi everyone so i made my oc now yeah

  15. where can i role play???

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