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  1. Nevermind. I found a pic on google that works perfectly. But, if anypony would like to draw this, I wouldn't mind.
  2. It's so very quiet here. Would anypony like to have a chocolate milk of glass? It's free... > : D
  3. Yawn. Boring. I eat barbwire for breakfast and end up excreting razorwire by the end of the day. On top of squeezing dirt into diamonds with my eyelids on a regular basis. Or is it the other way 'round? Not quite sure anymore.
  4. Cupcakes isn't near as bad as Little Bakery of Horrors, imo. I've only read LBoH once. I've done a reading of Cupcakes and have about half of it posted on youtube.
  5. Yes, Fawkes. Consume the glass. It'll do you good. *blasts the fur eyes with fire* Now, follow me to the temple, my fellow DisQordian... There may be influence left over that needs dispelling.
  6. Of course we're mad here. The question is, to what degree? After all, what is madness but a setting of the mind? *grins oddly, then his face slides off and lands on a plate, revealing a beanbag sack with button eyes* RUN.
  8. *covers Fawkes' eyes* No, Fawkes! Do not look at the Hypnocat! Focus on DisQord! FOCUS ON DISQORD!!!
  9. It's true, nopony cares about your 250th post. Except DisQord. But, as we all know, DisQord isn't a pony. So my statement is valid: No pony cares about your 250th post.
  10. 86 pages and counting. Congratulations, bronies. You've done a fantastic job. Keep up the good work. There will be cake for the winner of this little venture.
  11. Hi there, Grim Moire here. I'm writing a crossover fic about MLP and Killing Floor. I would like a pic that has the humanized Mane 6 filling in the roles of the perks(Fluttershy=Medic, Applejack=Berserker, Twilight Sparkle=Demolitions, Pinkie Pie=Firebug, Rarity=Sharpshooter, and Rainbow Dash=Commando) with Police Sergeant Davin in the middle as a Rank 6 Support Specialist. If anypony can help me make this pic come alive, please let me know at your earliest convenience and I'll get it posted on EqD ASAP. Thank you!
  12. Animal Rights by deadmau5 is stuck in my head. That and-"Every day I'm shuffling..." *starts doing the DisQord shuffle*
  13. Grim was walking along, thinking of ways to scare foals and grownups alike when he heard a banjo being played off to his right. Curious, he walked over to the sound and beheld a... peculiar sight. It was a barely standing stand of various spicy foods. Focusing completely on the foods, Grim walked over and began looking over the selection available. "These look good... Please tell me you have some milk handy, good sir. I have a feeling I'm going to need some before the night's over."
  14. No you're not. You're shuffling every day, DisQord...
  15. While Grim waited patiently, he spotted what, at first glance, appeared to be a werewolf, and it was padding towards the entryway to the maze. Grim looked closer and discovered that it was a unicorn in diguise, and a very good disguise at that. He debated with himself to tell the pony that the maze was innaccessable until one of the Princesses started the Challenge, but decided to tell them after they tried to get in. So, a smile creeping onto his face, he just sat there and watched for other ponies to approach, waiting for the unicorn to come back from failing to enter the maze.
  16. Your rap is admirable. I countered last with MC Hammer's "U Can't Touch This" and now I counter with Sir Mixx-A-Lot!
  17. Grim Moire walked slowly, deep in thought. Tonight he was attending the First Annual Traverse the Maize Challenge, where ponies and other creatures attempt to make their way through a maze of corn before sunrise. Grim was dressed up in a purple suit, his face painted white with a big red grin stretching from ear to ear. He carried with him a sack filled with various items that he intended to scare others with, no matter who it was he scared. He hoped beyond hope that one of the princesses would attend the Challenge, just so he could scare them. As he approached the maze, he saw that there were very few ponies here, but that was to be expected; many ponies would be out trick-or-treating, or visiting the haunted houses. So Grim waited patiently near the entrance to the maze, his sack of "gifts" at his side.
  18. Heck. Yes. For example, House of pain and their memorable hit Jump Around. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U9Q0jPyrja0&feature=related
  19. "Pleasure to meet you, Cashmere. My name is Grim Moire, or Grim for short. The cards are only one bit in price, and add an extension on books you've checked out and a discount on books you buy." Grim floated the papers over to Cashmere for him to sign. Looking around at the books, Grim stated, "One of my friends here in town is a woodworker of no small talent. I once asked him where he gets inspiration for his works. He stated that he looked at the world around him for inspiration. He actually managed to impress a dragon with the piece that was inspired by the dragon's own image. As far as I know, that piece is still a part of that dragon's hoard. Hint hint."
  20. Grim looked up at the newcomer and smiled warmly at him. "Yes, this is indeed my library, and thank you for the compliment. Now, you say you're looking for a book on embroidery, yes? I believe there is one here somewhere. If you would kindly follow me." Grim walked out from behind his desk and walked over to the quilting section, grabbing some papers with his magic. "Please sign in the necessary lines and when you're finished, you'll have your card. Now, is there a specific book on embroidery you're looking for or do you not really care?" Grim stopped at the beginning of the embroidery subsection in the quilting section of the library.
  21. You. Shall not! WIN! *stabs the ground with his staff*
  22. Pfft, forget Celestia. For the New Lunar Republic!
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