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  1. Octavia

    Last post wins

    You guys will not win this.... Get on my level
  2. Octavia

    Last post wins

    Seriously I leave this whit only 20 replies and when I come back you guys are spamming away. Couldn't you just leave my little thread alone?
  3. Octavia

    Last post wins

    I'm hungry... also I win
  4. Octavia

    Last post wins

    The point of this? I have no idea what you are talking about this game is easy to win!!... I think I just did keep on posting!
  5. Octavia

    Last post wins

    Couldn't you just let me win? selfish rarity is selfish
  6. Well I noticed there is not that many forum games around so lets see what happens... Well title says it all did I win already?
  7. Sweaters are way cuter if you ask me. for some pictures socks are ok I guess.
  8. Octavia


    Then it's working. Its all part of my masterplan *evil laugh*
  9. Octavia

    Hello Everypony

    Hi Luna another forum to stalk you in
  10. Octavia


    Hello! My name is Octavia I've been a brony for quite a long time now and whenever I'm on the internet I'm always doing something MLP related, I own merchandise from the show and overall I consider myself a "hardcore" brony. I decided to join this forums when a friend linked them to me on xat, I just thought it would be a good idea to have some variation from the other forum I usually visit, hopefully the community is just as friendly here. Well I think that's about it. Looking forward to meeting you all! Octavia is best pony