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  1. I'm off. Bye Canterlot. I will be around for the next few days in case I need to wrap something up, otherwise I will be leaving this site. I just can't justify checking it anymore. Please let me know if I don't have you on Skype and I still talk to you. Though, I'm pretty sure I have everyone.

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    2. Eventide


      Seemed more of a heads up than making a big deal of it to me, but I guess that's a matter of opinion. :blush:

    3. Zeig


      Definitely a matter of opinion. 


      Thanks for the heads up Zealot. It would have been really sad and confusing if you'd just stopped using the site without a word. I enjoyed RPing with you a lot. Hope to see you around online, maybe in the future!

    4. Zealot


      I'm not looking to stir up anything guys. I'm just not going to be using Canterlot anymore so I wanted to make sure everyone I wanted to keep talking to had me on skype. Which it looks like they do. Besides, I wouldn't want to just poof without a word, that's rude in my book. Heh.


      Anyway, yeah. Thanks for the roleplay Zeig. Maybe I will see you around, maybe not.

  2. No, not really. More an acquaintance than anything. We don't talk all that much though, so, heh.
  3. Caribou Plague ehh? Things are looking up. :P

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    2. Bellosh



      I would be more than happy with mass caribou genocide. 

      So you'd be happy to see this adorable, pure-hearted caribou gone forever? :(

    3. SunsetSombra



    4. Zealot


      Yes. Blood for the blood god! Skulls for the skull throne!

      Seriously, yes.

  4. I'm out. Bye guys.

  5. Clandestine frowned at the thought of having made a friend so quickly. That... didn't happen right. Apparently it did, well, she didn't really know what to say to that. "Uh huh..." she just blurted out. Perhaps this pony was just, one of those kinds of ponies. Far too happy and bubbly for Clandestine's tastes. She wasn't sure she even wanted to be talking to a pony with... she just did a cartwheel. Okay. She wasn't sure she even wanted to be friends with the pink pony, and surely the pink pony didn't want to be friends with her. She just didn't know Clandestine yet. Yep, that was it. Well... she was about to find out what kind of pony she was. "Like I said, it wasn't my fault. Moron surprised me from behind offering me... I think it was a cupcake? My reflexes twigged and I smacked her clean in the muzzle. I ahh... dashed off while she was dazed," she admitted with a sigh. "I was, well, too embarrassed to be honest. Besides, I couldn't help it," she said with a angry sigh. Clandestine continued jogging, shaking her head to clear it. "So yeah," she said. "That's why no surprises. Sue me," she said simply. "I never really found them 'fun' in the first place... uhh?" she wondered at that. "What did you say your name was again? Pink... Pink something. I think I'll just call you Pink if that's alright. I usually go with nicknames but, well, someone told me I should ask permission so, that's what I'm doing. That's right. Right?"
  6. Could we RP on Discord and in FFA? 

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    2. Zealot


      Perhaps, could be fun. 

    3. Novaburst


      Could you set up the thread? 

    4. Zealot


      I am about to go to bed I'm afraid. I will set up the thread soon though.

  7. Crunch is now over. Yay! Posts will commence soon.

  8. Indeed, most of the characters I make have general 'character development arcs' which I usually have in mind when playing them. It's quite fun to see them move along it and develop. Unfortunately I haven't exactly been able to show that on Canterlot but hey. Some of my other RPs have seen my ponies fulfil their life goals and come to terms with whatever predicament I put them in. It's a really wonderful thing to look back on that.
  9. Two/Three weeks of crunch... Oh yeah. I'm ready!

  10. It is? What was... so much fun? Clandestine blinked, and all of a sudden the party pony was in running gear. The poor mare didn't quite know what to think of that. Wasn't that... impossible? She didn't quite believe her eyes. Some sort of magic? No, the mare was an earth pony. It couldn't be magic. Perhaps... ahh... she didn't know. Not at all. Clandestine gritted her teeth, yelping in surprise as the mare then suddenly darted in front of her, introducing herself. She couldn't help but take the offered hoof to shake. "Ahh... what?" she asked. Super duper party pony? That... sounded made up to her. "Ahh, new friend?" she asked, blinking and just feeling somewhat overwhelmed by the sudden appearance of the mare. Her day had gone from normal to... whatever the hell was happening right now. She started to trot as the mare got out of the way, feeling a little unsure of herself. "Uhh... no? I... I have a nickname already and, it's not Tiny," she protested. "You can... ahh... call me Clan for short. Most do I think?" she wondered. "I'm sorry... who are you? Ahh... why are you talking to me?" she asked. "And why are you calling me your friend? We've... never met. Have we?" Clandestine was pretty sure she would have remembered. Still, a party pony. She had heard of their kind before. They, well, threw parties. But why would one be talking to her? Ohhh... "Look, if this is some sort of prank," she scowled at the mare. "I'd appreciate it if you just let me go on my way. Last pony who did got a rather bloodied muzzle. And no, that wasn't on purpose. I just... ahh..." she shook her head.
  11. Clandestine was... well... she was where she was every Wednesday morning. On her morning jog. As usual, jogging around near the Sweet Apple Acres farm. It was for Clandestine, just an ordinary day. The mare had no idea what was about to descend on her. She was simply content with her exercises, before heading back to her house to start going through paperwork once again. It had been like this for a few months, back and forth as Clandestine simply, got on with her life. She was existing, and that seemed to be enough for the mare. Or at least, she thought. She was unhappy, as always. But that didn't show on her stern and calm face, simply... a pony on a jog. At which point she saw the bubbly happy pink pony, or rather, heard her. The pony called out to her, making Clandestine stumble in her step. "Huh? What?" she asked, her senses kicking in and spinning around, ready to retaliate and... It was just a pony. She sighed, her muscles relaxing from the sudden tension. "Eh?" she asked, blinking as she responded to the pink pony's question. The mare seemed... quite happy. Bright, cheery. Clandestine was... wary... at best. "Uhh. Hi... I'm Clandestine?" she asked, smiling forcibly at her. "Uhh... I suppose?" she asked, "If you can keep up," she said plainly, turning around and keeping up her jog. "Who... who are you?"
  12. Unfortunately, nobody knows how to cook anymore. In my experience, they're scared of ovens and hobs and whatnot, they microwave things or get takeaway because it's easy. I'm a novice myself, and if I'm learning a new recipe, I don't eyeball it. In fact, I just flat out ignore recipes that don't give me exact measurements. Because, I'll start with those measurements and ingredients, then learn how I want it. Then when I've cooked it a few times I'll start to wing it. Even after doing it for a few years, I'm still terrified of the thing. I'll cook what I know before trying to cook something else, and if that thing isn't clear on what I should do, I'll abandon it and try and make something else out of it. I would advise putting suggested measurements in your recipes, and just noting down that is just what you think it should be. That should be enough to give some folks confidence enough to try it. Just something to think about. Cooking is hard, and people are scared of cooking nowadays. I feel making stuff easy and approachable is the way to go.
  13. Rarity raised a wary eyebrow. She was certainly very curious at that as the Canterlot scenery rolled by. "A maid costume you say?" she asked, quite surprised, giggling happily at Bluebelle's misfortune. "Oh my," she enthused. "That would certainly be an awkward situation. Whatever were you getting up to?" she queried with a light chuckle, trying to imagine Prince Blueblood in a maid outfit. Indeed, that was quite the hilarious mental image. "Well, have no fear. The secret is safe with me," she said reassuringly. "Hmm, I can only imagine what brave exploits were going on to result in such a scenario. Still, perhaps a tale for another time. Another time the pair of us are much more tipsy," she suggested with a giggle.
  14. Awkward? This was beyond awkward. Rarity had no idea Applejack was so smitten with her at this age. In fact, she'd pretty much ignored the filly back then, only sharing the occasional polite conversation with her when needed. Over time, Rarity guessed she had simply given up the pursuit of the mare. After all, their life had led in two different directions until Twilight brought them together once again and they had become friends proper. Rarity and Applejack had always had disagreements though. She'd never even considered the mare in that way, certainly not. Did she even like other mares like that? Rarity didn't rightly know. She shook her head to clear that thought, having stared into space for a few moments while she thought things over. Suffice to say, this was a mess. A mess Rarity quite rightly wanted a respite from so she could think things over. She looked up at Twilight a slight nervous smile crossing her lips. "Well, dear. I... feel I should be going," she remarked, turning around to look at Inkbrand. "Thank you for indulging my curiosities, and for... much more," she remarked, turning to Applejack momentarily and nodding before looking back at the stallion. "Should you need anything, I will be at my Boutique in Ponyville. You are always welcome to stop by."
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