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  1. There's a frantic yelping as the ice vanishes, tossing the timberwolves into the water. but the concern about the heat seems to be valid. There's a series of ominous cracking noises across the ice. Pawing at the surface, the filly notices more chunks of ice falling into the growing hole. "I think I second that motion..." she says, turning on her heels and making a sliding, cantering dash for the nearest part of shore, only shown by the thickening reeds still poking through the grey ice, a series of sharp cracks in the ice hot on her hooves. the heavy equipment bounces in her pack, making her flight even more unstable. Biting her lip, the pony wonders if her ice and snow abilities would work on breaking pack-ice, but she really doubts she could focus fast enough before any crack catches up to her. Luckly, the worst of them seem focused at the centre, where the struggling action of the timberwolves are kicking the ice around their hole to pieces.
  2. [sORRY! I thought I replied to this ages ago ] The unicorn looks up with a preoccupied frown, then her eyes open wide. She hastens to take apart the anenometer [who knew that'd be used in the show!?] and shove it into her saddlebags. The timberwolves back away as the dragon lands, but the largest one starts to slowly stalk closer, head down, eerie eyes glowing and cutting through the gloom of the wintery day. There's an ominous creak from the ice below the pair, and the small pony skitters backwards as, one by one, the pack moves out onto the flat surface, cautious, but determined. "I don't suppose you breathe fire?" gasps the unicorn, her muscles tensing as her body prepares to either dash or fight.
  3. Just at the edges of vision, motion can be seen in the swirling snow. Surrounding the pair, keeping a cautious but deliberate distance, the scraggly outlines of a timberwolf pack can be seen, their wooden forms greyish and particularly twisted looking and skeletal without even the most cursory of leaves the treelike beasts seem to cry out for. Yellows eyes catch the gloomy winter light, as the whistling wind hides the sound of claws on ice. The pony is far too involved with her work to pay any attention, desperately trying to record wind velocities on paper that threatens to blow right off her pad.
  4. I'm adopted, and while I appreciate the whole "you don't need to be a frat boy to be a boy" dynamic, I think I should cover the adoption part of the story, if only because far less people here will have any context for it. Most stories about adopted children use it as a trope to have a quest for your 'true family' and, often, finding out about some secret that makes you special (Harry Potter and the Hercules movie are two examples). And that's all very well and good except the message it inevitably sends is that your real family is your biological one. Most of these stories end up with the child or teen staying with his 'deal's family. This makes for great escapist tween dreck when your family is getting annoying and you want to imagine your alien/wizard/mermaid/devine parents will drop in any second to reveal an amazing ability you have and whisk you away to adventure. But for adopted children it denies the reality of your family and insists that they can't love you nor can you be happy with them. I went through what Spike did. I don't look like any of my family and want to understand myself better. And I am so glad that Twilight was supportive of this. Yes, it looked like they might loose Spike but as his guardian, she wanted Spike to be happy. I was glad the message at the end was supporting adopted families being a real and valid family. I was glad they emphasized that with little Pipsqueak. I am tired of adoptive parents being shown as either abusive or, at best, okay but never as good as the real thing. I suspect Princess Celestia's letter was encouraging Spike on his quest but it might also have been saying where his egg was found. After all, I'm surprised they never asked her.
  5. The ice seems pretty easy to cross for the pony, barring a little slipping and sliding, but from above one can make out the fish slumbering below it, showing it's not as thick as it might be. The small pony seems resolutely cheerful in the inclimate weather, and pauses in the middle of a vast expanse, a nearby rock making for a decent landing spot. She pulls out a simple and sturdy anemometer, setting it up on a clear patch. The device essentially seems to be a series of cups on a cross, to spin around in the wind and measure it's speed. After all, she is out here for science. "Just land for a minute!" she shouts up, "I need to check the windspeed here where there's no trees... it'll be better to show how fast it's going near the mountains." The howling has ceased, though whether that's good or ominous is yet to be seen. It's certainly a very exposed location.
  6. Oh gosh, Becoming Popular if only because of every song on this list, I LISTEN to it a lot. Smile is GREAT too, no doubt, and Find a Pet (which a lot of ponies didn't like here originally). I love Smile but Becoming Popular wins... so close!
  7. Northern Lights seems pretty comfortable with the layout of the forest, at least as far as making it to the edge of the bog is concerned. The winds about them are accented by the occasional howl, which seem to be surrounding the pair from both sides. Luckly, nothing is seen yet through the bare trees and frozen bracken. Checking her compass, the unicorn notes, "I wouldn't worry about the timberwolves. They never go near the bog usually, so once we get there we should be fine." There's a tiny quaver of nervousness in her voice, but she manages to keep it in check. The snow on the ground makes for slow travel, flattening out the dips and rocks of the woods but replacing them with a soft pathless track. It's quite clear from the empty expanse of snow, few animals are active during this sort of weather. Every few minutes the pony seems to stop, check her bearings, and adjust them. The twisted trees look even more unnerving nude of their leaves, and as they skirt past. Keeping more to the edge of the forest, just barely within the borders, they quickly arrive at the far west edge of the bog. The expanse has been changed from the buzzing, muddy summer look to a vast wasteland of dark ice studded with broken reeds and grasses at the edges. Smiling, the pony nods. "See? Nice and flat for half the trip to the mountains. And all the swamp predators are safely asleep this time of year!" A sharp howl to the south makes her jump and skitter forward onto the ice. Slipping a little, she frowns. "I probably should have brought cleats, but the ice here is pretty bumpy and dirty, so it's not going to be so slick. And I guess you can just give me a good push and slide me forward."A few more howls override her cheerful banter, and the pony frowns. "Those wolves never venture this near the bog usually. It's too full of mud and gators and monsters and stuff."
  8. Knowing I learned how to do pastry and desserts just from my own drive and ambition, I had a person interviewing me comment on that! 1) I have a large tattoo on my chest of my first pet (a budgie) holding up a banner saying fearless. I got it with my first food industry paycheck 2) I won a national writing contest when I was 12 and was supposee to get a book published but flaked out editing it. Everyone thought I was going to grow up and be an author. 3) I started hanging out online back in 1993 when I was 13 so I relate to the foals hanging out here. One kids toy you remember but don't have anymore?
  9. I just had a weird one a couple of days ago where a frustrated Twilight Sparkle was trying to explain to Pinkie Pie how to turn off her Google search logging before March 1st. I have to say it's the weirdest conflagration of thoughts I've had in a dream in some time. Bonus weird: they were all in 2-d flash style.
  10. HTC My Touch 4G if I remeber right, called something else in Canada. I basically treat it like a little computer I can incidentally phone & text people with: I'm posting from it right now, and all pony episodes get their first viewing through it for example. I can't afford a laptop so it is super useful. Android gingerbread.
  11. Pinkie, you and your gypsy magic!
  12. I don't know how I feel about this. Does this read as boy's show morning girl's shows off prime morning time to anyone else?
  13. I'm 155 cm or five feet two inches..
  14. I hate to say this but... Walk? Pick a midway place to meet and walk there perhaps?
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