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  1. Stormstride

    Celestia's Grand Birthday (Open - see OOC)

    "I think we can just send out a few invitations to random ponies. Let it me as much of a surprise for them as for me." She smiled at Luna as they made their way to the front. Coming to the gardens, she paused and looked to the spot where the flower was. Walking over there she set the pot down gently and knelt down. Looking at the little flower she smiled and then looked up to Luna. After a moment she used her magic to gently lift the flower, and a good bit of dirt with it. Making sure not to break its roots as she did. Once it was up, and set in the pot gently, she smiled to herself. "Come sister, we can fly back slowly and enjoy the wind in our manes while we decide what to have for the party. I was thinking something.... simple. Maybe a small cake and some ice cream? a little fruit?" She was not certain. This was going to the the first time in a long long time that they had a simple birthday celebration. She had almost forgotten what it was like. She also wondered just what to do in the event of no pony coming. She had her sister and that was enough. But there was no way they could eat all that food. Maybe the castle staff? After a moment she shook her head and smiled at Luna, leaning over to nose her sister's cheek. "Come. Its a pleasant afternoon. We can enjoy the feel of a warm flight in the clouds."
  2. Stormstride

    Royal Reasoning Regular Meeting (closed - invite only)

    Celestia set her cup down softly. Looking at Twilight, she had a very... different look in her eyes. One that only her sister had ever seen before. She looked, but said nothing for at least three minutes before levitating the tea pot. Her face only said, she didnt know what to say. Relationships were not hers to discern. Nor had she any experience of them. But then being the only princess for ten centuries had taken up so much of her time she could only imagine falling for a pony that lived as long as she did. Then there was the fact she was a princess as well. Duty always came before personal desires. Always. Celestia looked down at that thought, her calm expression shifting to one of thought. Did it have to be this way? Were they objects now? Items on a pedastal? Celestia dismissed it as thoughts for later. Turning her attention back to Twilight. Listening to the details would give her something to think on. So Twilight was having feelings for a pony from Kastrot, and scared she might make him make a mistake in his dangerous spell work. Celestia could see a dozen solutions. Though none of them likely to be appealing to Twilight and her stallion of interest. Perhaps she might glean more details if she listened longer.
  3. Stormstride

    Celestia's Grand Birthday (Open - see OOC)

    As Celestia rounded a corner and came to the base of a stairwell, she looked up slowly. This had once been the stairs to their bedrooms. Slowly, she began to make her way up. Her thoughts were drifting, covering everything from her sister to how to send out the invitations. She walked past a landing where a few broken pots sat. Looking at them, Celestia sighed and moved onward. Heading up further, she rounded the corner at the top to see the long hallway. Her steps were slow as she moved to the first door. It was her former room. Opening it slowly, she took a deep breath. It had once been a beautiful room, decorated with gold and bright colors. Now they were faded, tarnished. The bed was broken and tattered, the window broken and hanging open. The curtains were on the floor, and the nightstand had long ago broken in pieces. As she stepped into the room, her eyes fixed onto one place. The closet, and hoping that its contents were still intact. As she moved toward it, she took a breath and then, opened the door. It was empty, and she let the breath out slowly. Nothing remained but broken pieces of whatever she had left there. Turning away, she paused and looked to the dresser. On top of it, there was one pot. It was small, and empty. But it was just big enough. Taking a moment, she moved to it and levitated the object up in her magic. Looking at it, she smiled. It would do, just long enough to transport the small flower home.
  4. Stormstride

    Celestia's Grand Birthday (Open - see OOC)

    Celestia smiled. And then raised an ear. Listening to the breeze blowing through the rafters a moment before she relaxed again. "Well, lets find a flower pot. We can take the little flower back with us and then send out a few invitations." Taking a moment to look around, the solar princess figures that the pots of the throne room were a bit too big. They once held large plants. She looked toward a hall, wondering if any of the smaller plant pots survived this long. Taking a few steps toward the hall, she levitated one of the torches and used some magic to light it. Using the light, she held the torch aloft and began lighting other torches as she passed them. It was difficult to see in the gloom, but most of the furniture was ruined beyond repair. At least from what she could tell.
  5. Stormstride

    Celestia's Grand Birthday (Open - see OOC)

    Celestia nodded softly, moving toward the window and looking up at it. Stained glass could last a long time, given that it was still intact and colorful. As she looked up at the mural of herself and Luna accepting their crowns she let out a sigh. "He...to be honest part of it was the fact I was in heat at the time. However, rather than just taking what he wanted or harming me, he was a gentlecolt. He spoke to me, we talked. Perhaps we did not see it at first, but he was as wounded inside as any pony could be. And perhaps we only saw what we wanted to see back then. There was a threat, and we went to defeat it." Looking back at her sister, she motioned her close. Looking to the next window, it showed them defeating Discord the first time. "We were brash and young. We took no time to understand the situation. And while we were powerful, we often got in over our heads. You remember the first time we faced Discord without the Elements of Harmony? He literally tied a knot in my tail." She chuckled softly and looked at her sister, remembering some of those antics. "And yet, I think he would have been a good friend if we had taken the time to get to know him...Maybe we could have shown him back then that everything must be balanced, rather than locking him away...." SHe was speaking about their early days, because she knew they were too young then to do anything but act brash. Her wing gently lay over Luna's back and she smiled at her sibling before speaking again. "and yet, it was... almost fun. Scary yes, but in a way it was like we were making a difference, rather than judging flowers or flying stunts. Maybe that's another part of it. He's dangerous and I know it. But if truth be told, he has done nothing wrong since being in Canterlot. In fact he has followed the laws, and been a proper stallion this whole time. It is his restraint that I admire more, than his power. And he is rather...handsome..." she blushed hotly at that, realizing she was giving up a secret there.
  6. Stormstride

    Royal Reasoning Regular Meeting (closed - invite only)

    Celestia fell to silence, and sent her pike back to the armor stand. She looked in turn at the three foals at the table. Though when and how she came to see them as foals.... was she really so old and grown so used to sitting on her flank that she looked at even adults as foals? Perhaps she had been in the palace too long. As she sipped her tea, Twilight changed the subject. They were terrified of losing her. It bothered her and her eyes drifted to Luna. The gave her sister a 'we shall discuss this later' sort of look before returning her focus to the conversation. Her quill had long since stopped writing, and lay still. It seemed that Twilight might have relationship issues. That would fall to Cadence, since she was the princess of Love. Celestia had no experience to offer and no wise words about such things. She had been busy. None the less, she listened in, partly curious and partly to get her mind off the fact that most of the ponies in Equestria literally still couldnt live without her.
  7. Stormstride

    Celestia's Grand Birthday (Open - see OOC)

    "And yet he hasn't. He has done nothing more than enjoy some wine and stroll the streets. We both remember the battle for the empire 1000 years ago. There was nothing I could do to stop him then. I stood no chance. It was you that did battle and defeated him. Even after all this time, I have barely gained enough strength to battle a foe like that." She looked to her sister and sat softly. Speaking honestly and openly this time, "I attacked him on sight. I tried to obliterate him and only wounded myself in the process. I should have died then, but I did not. Because HE decided to save my life. He tended my wounds, nursed me, cared for me while I could not care for myself because we were trapped in that cabin during a blizzard." Celestia didnt raise her voice, nor did she take a harsh tone. She spoke softly, pleasantly. Her eyes had a glisten to them that she had not had in a long time. "I know you do not trust him. And I am not asking for blind faith. All I ask is that... Can you offer him just a chance? observe him if you would, see that he is changed. If nothing more, he is more interested in observing modern life. That is all I ask sister. Just give him a small chance to prove he can be better...." "I didn't tell you because I was trying to find the best way to tell you. TO show you he was different, and that he was pleasant and kind." Celestia sat there, making no real attempt to defend herself. If anything she was simply confessing. She spoke as if she were on trial, and guiltily confessing to a crime of some kind. There was little more to it than soft words.
  8. Stormstride

    Celestia's Grand Birthday (Open - see OOC)

    Celestia saw the worry on her sister's face. After a moment, she finally spoke. "I met a stallion when i was on vacation. The cabin in the mountains we use as a protected retreat. He... stumbled across it on accident. You know I did in fact stay there an extra day and when I returned I did not immediately come see you? I was.. .settling him in. In the North wing where my observatory is. Since no pony really goes there I wanted him to have the bed chambers there to keep him safe since... " she looked to her sister with worry in her eyes. For once it was Celestia with a dark secret. Something she was hiding and now she was going to come clean. "Its Sombra. King Sombra. He had been in Canterlot since i returned from vacation." She looked at the younger allicorn, expecting a bad reaction. Tia knew she was bad a keeping secrets, and that this time it was going to cause issues. She just wanted to tell Luna before anyone else.
  9. Stormstride

    [STAR]Acquisition of Shadows (Closed)

    Stromstride nodded and moved ahead, retracing the route as Ice had shown them before. Her hooves clicking on the stairs as her metal shoes gave away her position. However, with most of the ponies outside, there was not going to be any near by to hear her hopefully. That said, she never went into a mission unarmed. Her horn was still glowing and she intended to use it if she were seen. As she rounded a corner, she came face to face with one of the soldiers. He seemed very surprised to see her there, and bluntly asked who she was. Stormstride felt bad for him, as her horn flared and zapped him right in the face. He slumped down and landed at her hooves. As she gently pushed him aside, she looked back at the others. "He'll live. I just stunned him. The spell will wear off in a couple hours so hes gonna sleep for a while. Might have a nasty headache though." Heading around the corner she peeked, making sure no one else was coming. She figured it was best to hit her first, rather than any of the others.
  10. Stormstride

    Celestia's Grand Birthday (Open - see OOC)

    Celestia nodded softly, and looked away from Luna. She should have done something, but she didn't. She had not been thinking because she was distraught. It was when Luna suggested changing the scheduling of the sunsets and making a celebration day for the night as well that Tia looked back. Luna deserved such an event, no... It was her right to have such an event. Without the night, no pony would sleep nor would there be time for a proper winter to let the land rest. So much depended upon the night that it made Tia furious her sister was neglected like this. Sliding a wing around Luna, Celestia spoke softly. "I think that would be a wonderful idea. A lengthy night in the winter would give the land more time to rest, and display more of your beautiful night sky. And it would give me and.... never mind. you are correct. We must do this." Celestia caught herself before she spoke something she did not want to reveal just yet. Instead she refocused on Luna. "It would also allow for a change in how long you can hold court. Giving you more time to handle such things as you see fit." Celestia then looked down at her sister and smiled. She leaned in and gently nuzzled Luna on the ear, like she used too before they were princesses. Then she spoke softly, "You know, I think it would do you some good to take a vacation like I did that week after the meeting. Up in the snowy mountains or perhaps somewhere warm and relaxing. Just to get away from all the fuss for a while."
  11. Stormstride

    Celestia's Grand Birthday (Open - see OOC)

    Celestia sat and listened, hearing every word, every tone. It made her angrier. Not at Luna, but at herself and most of Equestria. She had hurt her again, she had overlooked her again. Celestia took a deep breath, and slowly stepped closer. Sitting beside her sister, she looked at her and nodded. She was thinking, forming her response. She did not want to speak out of anger or sadness, as it would only make the issue worse. After a moment, she spoke softly. "I understand. And I am sorry I have hurt you again. I never want to do that. I neglected your needs and thoughts on matters. I apologize for this." After a moment she looked to the walls around them. "The legends of what happened that day were mostly word of mouth. A few guards, possibly even a few citizens that saw what happened. The royal archives and the library have proper records of the events, and are flagged to gain attention. However the fantasy is more appealing to the common pony. They romanticize that fight. They make it so that the righteous sun princesses overpowered her evil sister. Without care for the truth. Over the years, the legend was spoken and changed. Bits were embellished to scare foals into being good. I tried at first to put a stop to it, but they refused to listen. I grew frustrated with them. I distanced myself from them since they wouldn't listen. After a couple hundred years, most ponies thought I was a descendant of the original sun princess from the story. They didn't know I was the first and only sun princess, and that you were my sister." Taking a breath she looked at the still gaping hole in the ceiling, now covered over with boards to prevent the weather from getting in again. "I grew tired of hearing the worthless tongues waggling with an ancient lie. I ignore their celebrations and honors for what happened because trying to tell them the truth without you there to help me only makes it worse. They think I have been placed under a spell or that I am confused. The few ponies that bother to read the original documents are mortified and they quickly return to looking for something else." Celestia scuffed her hoof on the floor. She was making excuses again. She needed to stop that. Looking at her sister, she nodded, "You are right. I will speak to Twilight personally about this. I would... appreciate it if you would come with me for that. To better explain why. I fear I would be too harsh or give the wrong reasons. And only serve to frighten or confuse her further. As well, I think its time you were.. I think its proper time to make amends for what was done. I have long thought of how, and while i can say I am sorry a thousand times, words are worthless without actions. I just do not know how." She tried to look her sister in the eye, and there was so much pain in her own. She had hurt Luna far too much and too often to ever make it right. She looked to Luna for an idea of how to help, or at least begin to make amends.
  12. Stormstride

    Celestia's Grand Birthday (Open - see OOC)

    The solar princess took a deep breath to calm herself. Looking at her sister, she smiled, "I always have time for you Luna." She had neglected her little sister before, and it cost them both so much, but it cost Luna far more. She refused to let that happen again. Turning to face her sibling, she sat softly and pushed her mane back to listen fully. She knew she was the cause of most of Luna's issues. She had tried to be both Parent and Sibling, with a mix of best friend and it had crumbled because it was impossible to maintain. She lacked the ability, and her own wants and curiosity overshadowed the needs of her sibling back then. Now more tempered and thinking more of others, she wanted to make herself available to Luna whenever she was needed. But also give Luna the space to be herself and figure out what she wanted to be and who she was. Celestia knew she had a bad habit of micromanaging everything, and it had almost ruined a dozen things she tried to do for others. So now, with her sister and she alone, she wanted to be the listening one, and to try and understand what she was doing wrong.
  13. Stormstride

    Celestia's Grand Birthday (Open - see OOC)

    "Redecorating properly. All this gold is obscene and its making me angry that there is so much here with my own cutie mark on it while yours gets ignored. This was meant to be our castle together, we built it together and I hate what it looks like with so little of you in it." She spoke calmly enough, but continued to tear down her own tapestries until the only ones left were Luna's. That done she stood there and snorted softly. There were some remains of her influence, window paintings or a rug here and there. But the major decoration was Luna's own marking. And then one could see it. A tear in the corner of her eye. Tia had never really cried, at least anywhere when somepony could see her. She was fighting it. Resisting the urge to show emotion again. Trying to be the parental figure that was immune to pain.
  14. Stormstride

    Celestia's Grand Birthday (Open - see OOC)

    Celestia covered her mouth with a hoof to stifle a giggle at remembering that. "Yes indeed. I remember that event well. If I may say, it corrected her attitude quite nicely that day. I was never one for pomp and circumstance. All the finery she wore gave me a headache just looking at her." Celestia took a moment to look over the thrones a bit more. Her hoof caressed the stone work as she whispered something, and then turned to her sister. She looked at Luna with a fondness, though not like she normally did. There was guilt in her eyes. She hid it well enough, but she was feeling it after all these years. After a moment she looked up toward the ceiling where the tapestries hung. The girls had restored some of them, though more of hers than Luna's. After a moment, Celestia's horn lit up and she ripped one of her tapestries down. looking at it in disgust before tossing it aside and snorting at it. All the things that came between her and her sibling, all the pain it caused. Princesses indeed, she thought. After a moment, she looked to the others and her horn lit up again. She was...angry. Rarely did that emotion ever cross her face. And even then it barely lasted a few moments. But this time it lingered and there was a definite feel of it in her magic as she ripped down another tapestry and tossed it aside.
  15. Stormstride

    [STAR]Acquisition of Shadows (Closed)

    Stormstride held up her hoof tapping the air as if she were counting down. "Shield your eyes," she whispered, and ten seconds later the first trap went off. The explosion was enough to actually shake dust form the walls as lighting arced out in a dozen directions, striking ponies and objects within a few feet from it. She shot forward, low to the ground and moving like the wind. Her path was not straight, but angled and zigging all over the place. No sooner had she reached the door than the second blast hit, sending screams up pain up with it as several of the guards were caught in the blast. Blinded, unconscious, and deafened by the volume they staggered about as their pleading and the blasts drew others toward them. Coming to the door, she leaned on the wall out of the way in case some pony came out to check that door. While there, her horn lit up with her magic, glowing and covered in the electric energy of lightning.