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  1. Stormstride looked at the paper in her hooves. She was reading over a notice posted in the paper about someone seeking magic training for combat purposes. She looked at the listing a bit longer before picking up her armor and strapping it on. As she set her sword on her back in the latch, she checked her helmet. Hooking it to her armor, she started out the tent. As she passed her brother, she told him she was going to look into a job listing and check on the pay. Looking at the paper one last time, she noted the address and closed her eyes. She couldn't land exactly at it, but she could get close. At least on the same street. As she let her magic take hold, she felt the world around her ripple. Teleportation was different for every unicorn. Some felt strange, others felt nothing at all. Some if felt like ages, while others said it was instantaneous. Stormstride had always felt like the world around her became muddy water, and cleared up slowly. As she reappeared roughly two block away from the address listed, she took a breath and looked around. Canterlot, one of her least favorite places. Mostly because it was the seat of power for Equestria. As she moved toward the address, she noticed many ponies and a few guards looking at her like she was some kind of monster. Many moved in a hurry to get out of her way, while others just stared, dumbstruck by the sight of such a heavily muscled and armored mare. Her armor looked evil, and the katana on her back looked....monstrous. It looked like a blade designed to cleave a pony in half. None could guess how she would wield such a blade. As she approached the door, she straightened up and tried to push her long mane back into a pony tail with magic. once she was satisfied that it was tied back properly, she took a breath. Reaching a metal clad hoof up, she knocked. The knock was firm, like someone punched the door with some force. Waiting a moment, she took a moment to collect her thoughts.
  2. Stormstride

    Celestia's Grand Birthday (Open - see OOC)

    Hearing Sombra blurt that out, Celestia turned a shade of pink no other pony could match. It almost covered her entire face as she put a hoof over he eyes. "Darling, NO!" she moaned aloud. He was horrible, but part of her loved it. He was unabashed about the whole affair. And yet he gave no actual details. It was as if he were skirting the line intentionally. As he was speaking, she reached a hoof over and cuffed him gently on the shoulder. "You are horrible, but I do love you." She smiled as she leaned over and kissed his cheek. As she looked back at the others, she noticed Caramel backing away from the group some. She seemed... uncomfortable with all the extra attention. As Raven asked about bringing games, Celestia watched the filly a bit more before whispering back. "I think that may be a... mixed idea. She seems very uncomfortable with all the attention. Though, perhaps we can see if she wants to play a game or so first. Asking her might be best. Unless we can find something here she wants to do, perhaps some music to dance too, or a party game like tag?" Caramel had slowly backed away from most of the adults. She ended up backing into Buck. Turning around to apologize, she saw his face was a gentle smile. He wasn't mad, not even irritated. He just smiled at her and continued to play music softly. She relaxed a bit, trying to calm down. No pony was trying to send her back to the orphanage. No pony was really being mean. It was just that she was unused to such attention. Princess Luna and Celestia seemed to be the the two with the least attention on her. Which she guessed was a good thing. She was a small filly, albeit a rather chubby one. But the adults around here were all tall, making her feel a bit crowded in. It was then Buck changed instruments. Actually he was levitating over seven of them up, setting a small drum set in front of himself. he seemed to be using his hooves to tap them a moment before He began playing. The music was louder than last time, and somehow he was amplifying it to sound like they were standing in a dance club. Caramel could feel the ground under her hooves thump with the bass, and her body seemed to move with the beat some. After a moment her hooves were tapping along, like she couldn't help but dance. Then he began to sing. Buck's voice was like a mix of bass and tenor, singing multiple tones and lines at once. He was an entire band unto himself. His magic was playing most all the instruments, as his back legs began to tap and he swayed his flank, dancing along with it. Buck had overhead Tia and Raven's conversation, and thought of the most fun music he knew. Music that never failed to get ponies dancing. Tia felt her body began to sway and she grinned. She had never danced to music like this before. And before anyone could protest she pulled Sombra over to dance with him. She was let her mane down, letting ti flow around her with her tail as she danced. A most provocative form of dancing at that, at least as far as she could muster. Though she did call out to the others. "Come on! Lets dance!!" Caramel herself was even trying to dance along with it. Though more or less she was just wiggling around and enjoying herself. If one were to look at the cups, and the drinks, they would see the fluid inside begin to pulse and vibrate with each pump of the music.
  3. Stormstride

    Celestia's Grand Birthday (Open - see OOC)

    Buck nodded to Luna's question about him being a musician. "I thought that since i have no gifts to bring, i could bring music." The stallion seemed happy and smiled brightly. Celestia stood and guided the filly back to the party group. She smiled softly and introduced her new friend. "I would like everyone to meet our friend, Caramel Cream. She is an aspiring young pony." The princess watched the young filly give a bow and tried to stand up fully on her chubby little legs. Buck smikled softly at the young pony, which got her to smile back. As he was smiling at her, his horn lit up, sparkling with a sea-foam green magic. He levitated a violin over and his magic held it in place. As the bow crossed the strings, it coaxed out a soft note that soon became a gentle melody.
  4. Stormstride

    Wayward Wine [Neighpon] (Open!)

    Buck smiled widely, almost chuckling as he looked to the pony and his eye about lit up. "Entertainment? Yes I can provide that. As for my little sister, as long as there's a safe place she can stay, there wont be an issue." CaramelCream waved with a giggle, the picture of a happy foal. Finishing off her cupcake, she spoke happily. "My big brother can play ANY instrument!! You name, he can play it!!!" She seemed supremely confident in her brother's abilities. Furthermore, she also seemed the type of foal to know her way around sweets, given she looked like one.
  5. Stormstride

    Wayward Wine [Neighpon] (Open!)

    As Toboe was looking at her map, the sea of ponies began to part and scurry out of the way. As if they were being driven by an unseen force. Through the parting ponies, a large stallion pulling a cart came walking through. His long, curved horn glowing with a sparkling magic, bright green and glittering. His eyes were like emeralds, set in his head. He was as large as an allicorn, and well built. But to his lips was a flute, he was using his magic to hold it as he played. And the sound alone seemed to make a path for him as he walked alone. He had a gentle look upon his face. He was smiling, happy and bright. The ponies that moved aside seemed to do so subconsciously, but were also starting to smile. The stallion paused form his playing long enough to adjust his cart straps and turn to look back at a filly sitting in the cart. The filly looked like a pudgy little thing and was giggling as she nibbled on a cupcake. The stallion began to play again, and slowly walk forward. He was headed the direction of the Toboe, and the crowd around her was thinning out form the music. Behind the cart the crowd was filling back in, as if nothing had happened. As the stallion came even with Toboe, he lowered his flute and looked at her. "Are you alright?" he asked softly. his voice almost like a song. The filly popped up and looked at Toboe, but said nothing. She only watched her. The stallion, in his shaggy mop of a mane and tail, stood proudly and offered her a hoof. He had a soft grace about his face. And his dark gray coat only broke to show his soft smile and his cheerful eyes.
  6. Stormstride

    Celestia's Grand Birthday (Open - see OOC)

    Celestia smiled softly at Placidity and Tranquility. "We have both if you like. Juice, lemonade, water, and tea. As well as a sampling of wine," the princess said softly as she motioned to one of the waiters. He came over with a tray, carrying a few drinks on it. "I understood that everyone would have different tastes, so I asked the chefs to provide a variety of things for us to drink, and to eat. This way no pony is left out." Tia levitated a small glass of wine for herself and for Sombra, offering it to him with a gentle smile. She saw from the corner of her eye another pony approaching. As she looked to him, she noticed he was roughly the same size as Luna, maybe a bit bigger. He was certainly well built, and carried with him instruments in his saddle bags. Was he an entertainer of sorts? A musician or traveling performer? His appearance certainly looked....wild. When was the last time he had seen a brush or comb? Thunderbuck approached Luna, giving a small but polite bow to her. "Thank you princess. I hope I am not too late. I was a little slow getting my things together. May I ask.. who's party is it? The invitation did not say," he said in his soft, melodic voice. It was as if he were singing instead of talking. As he stopped beside Luna, he looked up at the sky, as if looking at the stars. There was not much to him really. After a moment he looked back to them, and his horn lit up with a sparkling green magic. His instruments floated out one by one, seven of them in all. A violin, a trumpet, a drum, a saxophone, a small xylophone, a keyboard, and a flute. Caramel watched in amazement as he pulled so many things from his saddle bags. She peeked into them when he set them down, trying to see what was in them, but they looked normal. Buck noticed and smiled. "Its enchanted. It allowed me to put many things inside, but I cant fit all my instruments in there. I wish I could though!" He chuckled as she moved to the side and set up a bit. If he was here for a party, he could at least provide them some entertainment. Caramel watched him setting up, amazed at how he could do so much with just magic. He looked big and strong, like he could easily move it all by hoof. Maybe he could, and just wanted to use magic to save time? She didn't know and went back to sipping her juice. Looking up at Luna and the twins, she remained silent. Just watching them talk a bit. Once Buck had them all set up, he moved to speak to Ice. "My my, you look lovely in your dress. I believe it it might even be enchanted!" Celestia watched the stallion setting up his instruments. He was...unusual. She watched him move to speak to Icy, which made her wonder if they were familiar with each other. Looking at Sombra for a moment, she returned her attention to the conversation. Old habits were hard to break, and being the host of all the parties in the palace had set her in the habit of greeting and watching all the guests. Though she had to stifle a giggle at Sombra and Raven's interactions. It was refreshing. And then she noticed Raven's eyes when she was looking at the beautiful dress Ice wore. Indeed it was gorgeous, but that look was more than just admiration of a dress. Celestia had to hide her smirk as she looked away to the filly again. The foal seemed quiet, likely still adjusting to the party. After a moment, Celestia moved away from them and came to the filly. "Are you having fun?" she asked softly. Caramel looked down again, hesitant of speaking. Tia sat herself on the grass and set her glass aside. Leaning down she spoke softly. "You aren't in trouble. And I have no desire to see such a sweet filly be so sad today. Is there something I can do for you?" "I... I'm okay. I just dont know any pony here." Tia nodded. "But you seemed to like the musician that came here?" she asked. Caramel looked up a bit, smiling. "He is nice. He speaks pretty. I like him," she said with a soft giggle. Tia smiled happily, nodding as she looked to the stallion. He did seem to speak in a strange way. A song like voice behind his words.
  7. Stormstride

    Celestia's Grand Birthday (Open - see OOC)

    Celestia had been about to bring the filly over to join them when Sombra made his rather grand and fabulous entrance. She smiled and leaned forward to hug him, when he kissed her. He kissed her like owned her. And the princess blushed because she loved it. Her eyes fluttered as she felt the warmth of his lips on hers, smelt the scent of his mane in her nostrils and all she could do was shiver and let out a soft, pleasurable noise. As their lips parted, she looked at him before her and leaned in. She hugged him tight, whispering in his ear, "Hello there darling. That was quite the entrance." Caramel Cream looked up at the tall dark stallion. He was intimidating, rather large and his dark mane looked like black fire. But the princess kissed him and seemed to love him. So he could not be bad. She slowly moved off, approaching the others. As she passed a pair of twins, she looked up at them, curious of their way of talking. But she said nothing. Looking up at Luna, she felt so small. Celestia and Luna were towering over all around them. Moving on, she passed a mare in a pretty dress, and another that looked fancy as well. It was then she bumped into something. She looked up, and up... and up. Her eyes finally fell on the soft face of a stallion that matched Somrba for height, but he was muscular. His long, curved horn came to a sharp point, which contrasted with the gentle green of his eyes set in that kind face. He knelt down and smiled at her. "Hello little one." His voice was like a melody, and it seemed to sooth her some. Celestia looked over toward them, returning to the group with Sombra. Her eyes fell on the stallion. He had a thick, bushy coat. His mane looked like he had never combed it, and the same for his tail. He was large, and muscular. He looked like he knew what manual labor was. But his horn, it was strange. It resembled the horn of an Umbrum, and yet he was not an umbrum. His coat was a deep gray color, and his eyes were emerald green. She could see he wore saddle bags, and noted that there were a couple instruments poking up from them. A musician, it seemed. He stood and greeted Everypony gently and all at once. Giving a half bow, and yet his voice... It was soft and gentle as a forest stream. "Greetings. I received an invitation to a party!" He recognized a few ponies here from the meeting with Ice. Thunderbuck Cloud, standing his full height, was almost a match for an allicorn in size. He smiled, pushing his mane from his face a bit before looking back at everyone. He made no attempt to assert himself into any of the on going conversations. In fact, he only stood there as if he expected to be ordered to leave. But that smile never left his face. Caramel looked up at him, and soon enough she was smiling as well. He looked like a nice pony, and he spoke in a way that made her comfortable. As Celestia rejoined the group, she made her way to the twins first. "Thank you for bringing the type to my attention. I should have noticed. It is a bit embarrassing. Here, would you care for something to drink?" She motioned to the tables where the food was set up at last. And finally there was the cake. The chefs has just set it out. It was simple, and lovely to look at. It was a plain white cake, with cream icing. It was decorated with flowers for flavor and color. Celestia looked up, her horn glowing as she began to lower the sun. It was about 10 minutes early, but what was 10 minutes when a lovely party in the gardens under moonlight and the castle lamps would be lovely!
  8. Stormstride

    Celestia's Grand Birthday (Open - see OOC)

    As guests began to arrive, Celestia smiled brightly. The tables were up, the plates were stacked, and now the food was being brought out. Celestia had decided a few simple decorates would not hurt, and was creating and placing them with her magic. A few balloons, and a few ribbons. With that done and Luna helping her to set up the table cloths, Celestia was practically beaming. Simple, and bright. It made her happy to set things up with her own hooves again, as she stayed by Luna. It was then that Ice arrived. The first of the guests! Celestia smiled and gave a small bow to her. "Oh! Hello there! No need to worry yourself over the set up. It will be finished in a few minutes. Thank you for coming!" Celestia smiled brightly, more than usual for public appearances. As she greeted Ice, she took a moment to look the pony over. "That is a beautiful dress. Thank you for coming on such short notice. The party will begin in a moment. We are mostly just waiting on the food to be set up and the other guests to arrive." Noticing that Raven had her saddlebags, she smiled. "Oh! do you need a place to set your bags? I can have staff take them if you want." That was when the second guest arrived. And now Celestia went into social party mode. It was a habit of hers. Greeting every guest as they arrived. It was an old habit that was nearly impossible for her to break. But at least this time it was less formal. Raven had brought a book as a gift. Celestia loved books, and accepted it gently in her magic. "Why thank you! Welcome Raven, it is a pleasure to have you. Please, relax and the party will begin soon. The drinks are ready now, so enjoy one. We have a selection to choose from. We are just waiting on some of the food now. No need to worry too much." Levitating the book to an empty table, she set it down gently. She figured some guests would bring gifts, so she had told the staff to bring an extra table. Looking to Luna, she smiled happily. It was then that she felt the arrival of more guests! Celestia turned to them, and then heard the voice more in her mind than verbally! How exciting! It seemed that these ponies used magic to speak, which was new to Celestia. Taking a moment to brush her mane aside a bit, she smiled to them. "Greetings. There was no mistake. The invitations were sent out to random ponies, inviting them to celebrate my birthday in a more... informal fashion. You are of course invited to the party. Please, come relax and enjoy something to drink as the food is set up. The party will begin soon!" Celestia smiled to them gently and softly, in a manner that seemed to radiate warmth and a relaxing nature. It was then the typo was mentioned. "A typo? Oh my. Please, show me! I did not mean to make a mistake!" That was when there was a soft blink, a feeling of little magic. A foal stood in the palace grounds. She was a chubby thing and looked confused. Looking around at all the adults, she thought she might be in the wrong place. She saw the princesses, though it did not register in her mind that they were princesses. She had never seen one before, let alone met one. To her, it was just a gathering of adults and she thought that she might get in trouble. Celestia noticed the foal standing there and excused herself from the twins. Coming to the foal she smiled softly and lowered her head to more the level of the foal. "Hello little one. Are you here for the party?" The foal nodded. "Where are your parents? Do they know you are here?" The foal began to fidget and looked away. They didnt know. Celestia wondered if she should have a guard dispatched to tell the foal's parents she was here, when the foal spoke. "I.. dont have any." Celestia's heart shattered then. An orphan, and one that likely ran away from the orphanage. Looking at the foal, she smiled softly. "What is your name little one?" "C..Caramel Cream." "Well Caramel, would you like to stay a while and enjoy some food? We have lots to choose from." In the back of her mind, Celestia was trying to figure out what to do. Legally, she was supposed to alert the guard to take the foal to a local orphanage and contact a social worker to help the foal. But the look on her face was just...sad. She couldn't bring herself to call a guard... not yet at least. Celestia decided to wait until after the party. Maybe by then the foal would tell her more. Caramel nodded softly, trying not to get herself in trouble. Celestia gently placed a wing on her and looked to Luna. She hoped her sister might have some ideas to help later. But for now, they could enjoy the party. After all, Celestia's special guest would be coming downstairs soon. She had sent a staff pony to tell them the party was happening soon. And Tia did not want to spoil the evening. Caramel followed Tia to where the others were all gathered and accepted a cup when it was offered to her. Her stumpy horn glowed softly as she levitated the cup and took a sip of the juice inside it. She seemed to relax some, and smiled. Celestia smiled and turned to her sister, shrugging a little and giving Luna a gentle smile.
  9. Stormstride

    Celestia's Birthday Party

    Thread is officially open!! Remember, keep to posting order. Once you post, wait for you turn to come around again. If you cant post in a timely fashion let us know. If you fail to reply, we will simply remove your character from thread and go on. Alright. Enjoy!!
  10. Stormstride

    Celestia's Grand Birthday (Open - see OOC)

    As the invitations worked themselves, Celestia took her time to sip on some lemonade and chat with Luna. She felt happy to spend time with her sister. As time passed, and the invitations finished, Celestia stood and helped her sister up. "We should notify the kitchens of our choices for food. Once we do that, we can pick out where in the party will take place. I had thought that maybe in the garden near the hedge maze would be nice. Lots of room over there." Gathering up her invitations, Celestia moved to stand with her sister. Smiling she motioned Luna to follow. Walking to the palace entrance, she made her way to the kitchens. Inside it was busy as usual, with lots of ponies working to prepare meals for the castle staff. Looking around, she spotted the chef. Coming to him she spoke to him for a few moments before confirming everything that they wanted for the party. That done, she ventured with Luna back to the gardens to set up their spot. Staff were already setting up some tables and setting out plates and such. Celestia levitated up the invitations and smiled to her sister as they began to blink out of sight. They teleported across all Equestia and beyond. Landing before random ponies. One such pony was sitting on her own in a field, when the invitation landed in front of her. A small, chubby foal of a pony, picked up the invitation and looked it over. Opening it, she read the words and tilted her head in curious surprise. How could she be invited to such an event? And yet she had received an invitation none the less. Shrugging, she sat to think on it a bit. Wondering how and why it came to her.
  11. Stormstride

    Royal Reasoning Regular Meeting (closed - invite only)

    (OOC: rolling right along now!! Just going to push this into being done before it gets abandoned totally!! Clearing the board and such!) "Quite right indeed Luna. Quite right indeed," Celestia said softly. She spoke nothing more of it, merely looking to her sister with a 'lets wrap this up' look upon her face. Her violet eyes were full of thought, and she had that look on her face she got when she wanted to talk to Luna more privately. "I think the meeting was well enough. Let us adjure it and move to more light discussions. As well I have other matters that need resolving by the end of the day." Stacking her notes, Celestia set them aside and quietly sipped her tea. She wanted to make sure everyone had said whatever it was they wanted to bring up before she walked out of the study. She needed to compile her notes, make copies for the archives, the school, regimental leaders, battalion commanders, local newspapers, as well as plan a trip to the outer reaches of Equestria to see these smaller villages for herself. If they had declared independence some time ago, she would in fact, honor it. However if they wished to rejoin Equestria, she would also offer help and protection as best as there was available to provide for them. It was a rather out of the way region. And then there was that contempt in Bluebelle's voice at mention of such a place. That needed to be dealt with as soon as possible and likely harshly. That was the sole reason Celestia had not invited her to this particular meeting, and it only proved itself from the moment she walked in the door. Aside from that, there was still what her sister wanted to discuss with her. Personal matters and likely grievances that were still festering. As well there was likely new things to add to that list. Celestia admitted to herself she had not been the best sister. Even with Luna's return, she had still overlooked her frequently and found herself failing to notice when her sister needed something or wanted to speak until Luna had to make a formal request for time. Tia chided herself internally, scowling at her tea cup as she curled a lip. A look rarely seen on her face, smoldering anger danced in her eyes as she set the cup down and muttered about needing to be a better princess.
  12. Stormstride

    Celestia's Grand Birthday (Open - see OOC)

    With the flower planted, Celestia set the empty pot aside and took a moment to admire the work her sister had done. It was then Luna asked about the invitations. "Oh I was planning to magically send them out. They would arrive at random ponies. Each invitation would give the recipient a means by which to arrive here magically and go home after the party the same way. That way they do not have to incur travel costs." Celestia brought the parchment and quill over again with her magic. Her glowing horn bobbed as she looked over what she was doing, scrunching her face a bit as she took a moment to think out how to right them out. After a moment she looked to Luna and smiled. "I think a simple invitation would do. What about you? Just tell them that its a party in the Palace Gardens. No need to bring presents, just show up and enjoy a birthday celebration." Making a few notations, she took a fresh piece of parchment and wrote out a more clean invitation. The kind that a simple pony would make by hoof. Attention Recipient!! You have been cordially invited to a birthday celebration located in the Canterlot Palace Gardens! There is no need to bring any form of gift. Just bring yourself and a happy thought! The celebration will provide a variety of refreshments, as well as samplings of food to account for all tastes. There is no need for Transportation, as this invitation will bring you right to the party. Simply place your hoof on the seal and say "take me there" and the magic will bring you right to the gardens! Each Invitation allows the guest to bring one friend with them, to enjoy this time with. Thank you for your time and best wishes: Princesses Luna and Celerstia!! With that done, she set the quill to making copies while she sat with Luna. "Sister, would you care for a little lemonade while we rest? It was a long flight there and back. As well it is rather warm today." She spoke softly and with a smile as a servant was headed toward them, levitating a tray at his side. It seemed their arrival had been noticed and the staff had sent them something to drink while they lounged in the warm afternoon air.
  13. Stormstride

    Celestia's Birthday Party

    the thread will open fully soon . Please stick to posting order once you post, wait until everyone else has posted as well. If you can not post in a timely manner, alert myself or Dragon. We will skip you until your next turn. If you fail to notify us, you will be dropped from the thread.
  14. Stormstride

    Celestia's Grand Birthday (Open - see OOC)

    Celestia set her writings aside, and came over. As she looked the spot over, she smiled. Looking toward the palace, she noticed it was well within sight of both their balconies as well. Nodding she knelt down and looked at the soil. Luna had picked the perfect spot. Rich, dark soil with plenty of sunlight and some shade from the trees. It was wonderful. As Celestia levitated the pot over, she smiled at Luna. "This is the perfect spot. Would you like to do the honors, Luna?" She asked as she set the pot between them. Celestia smiled softly, a gentler smile than normal. And even as they stood there, she looked on her sister with a gentle fondness. Her quill and paper forgotten for the moment, Celestia seemed content. She was focused on a simpler, happier moment. Sharing time with her sister and enjoying the peace it brought. Even if it was only for one day.
  15. Stormstride

    Celestia's Grand Birthday (Open - see OOC)

    Celestia smiled wider and shook her head softly. After a moment she turned her head to face the castle again. "Nothing. Just thinking of times years ago. When we were younger and life was simpler. That's all." As they neared the castle, Celestia flew lower and slowed down. She circled the garden, before touching down with a soft thump. Her hooves settling into the green grass as she let the pot in her magic settle to the ground. She looked around a bit, before waiting for Luna. She was hoping Luna had a good idea of where to plant their little flower. As she waited, her magic reached out, summoning small envelopes, paper, and a quill with ink. She was looking at the items as she began to think of what to write. She planned to send them at random to various ponies, and provide them a means to arrive magically so they wouldn't not have to worry about how to make it. The invitations were going to be short, but informative.