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  1. Royal Reasoning Regular Meeting (closed - invite only)

    Celestia listened and took her notes, as she was watching both her fellow princesses. As she was thinking on a solution herself, she could not actually think of anything solid herself, aside from going to actually visit these cities and see for herself. After a moment she had a thought that might help supply them more information and help them all make a better judgement. "Perhaps, if it is possible, we could have a census taken. Having a knowledge of the number and type of citizens in each town and city, we can understand more about their needs." She was not exactly grasping at straws, but there were facts missing. Even in Twilight's folders of information, there was no possible way to account for everything without performing a detailed survey of each city on site. There was need for something to be done about this, but hasty decisions were not good ones. As Celestia made her point, she realized that Twilight might have already made a few options. That was good, but she had learned temperance in approaching large issues like this. Time was not the key every time. It was good to be enthusiastic, but it was also good to know how deep to jump into a problem at the start. Getting too deep with out an understanding of the problem had gotten her into serious trouble in the past. "Luna, would it be possible to conduct such a census in the night as well as the day? this way we could compile the information faster and with Twilight's help possibly find a better solution than we can find under normal means?" she asked. The thought came to her but she wanted to ask her sister first. It was likely just a fanciful idea. However, Luna was smarter than her older sister, and Celestia knew it. She just needed a little nudge to show it.
  2. Noir AU

    Hmmm good idea!!
  3. Royal Reasoning Regular Meeting (closed - invite only)

    Celeatia's quill danced on its own. Writing notations as she leviated the folder of paperwork to look at. All the while she fixed Luna a cup of tea to sip, as well as one for Twilight. She was patiently listening, knowing full well Twilight had a clear head on her shoulders . The young mare was plenty aware of finer details. After a full thirty minutes, Celestia held up a hoof, "Twilight. Please wait a moment. Let us have a moment to understand what you have presented." Looking to her sister, Tia took a short breath. "As I see it, we have missed important trade and investment notifications. Perhaps we should schedule a meeting with Stalliongrad leaders as well as other major trade cities to see if we can instill new policies that may yet help change things over time. I fear too fast a change may destabilize trade and economical hoofholds. What do you think sister?" Celestia wanted to hear Luna's suggestions. She valued her sister's thoughts more than ever. And even though Luna was still learning, she often had helpful insights.
  4. Noir AU

    I dunno about y'all, but I'm putting Celestia in the attire from the 1920's. Love that style of clothing. SO!!!! No gold plating the princess this time. We gonna go with the gorgeous purples and lovely pastels of red that can be found in the antique shop. This said, I would love to see Celestia actually walk into a speakeasy. I mean, one, she is a princess so wine is part of the regal dinner setting. As well, I can imagine that in this type of day and age she wants to see for herself what is actually going on in these places so she can make a suggestion that is actually well informed.
  5. Noir AU

    I will play Celestia!!
  6. Royal Reasoning Regular Meeting (closed - invite only)

    Celestia smiled and gave a soft chuckle to Twilight. "One can only hope so Twilight. These affairs often leave myself and my dear sister bored to tears. Personally, I wish we could just take the day off and spend time lounging in the spa or in a flower field. It has been so so long since I was your age. Do not let the weight of your crown keep you from what matters most my Dear Twilight." She reached a gentle wing over, patting Twilight on the back softly with a kind smile. Though now that smile was weathered, showing some cracks. She kept perfect face in front of crowds. However away from the limelight, she let some of the facade fade. But that smile immediately brightened up to the point it would make the sun itself jealous. Luna was here. Celestia loved her little sister, and would never let anything happen like that again. Once Luna was seated, the mare took a deep breath and set out her parchment. A bottle of ink and a few quills as well. "I will transcribe the copy for the Canterlot archives. Twilight, it seems you brought plenty of supplies to make copies for your palace records as well. Good. Hopefully this will go by swiftly and we can enjoy a day of tea and cakes." Setting her list down, she looked to Luna. Her sister had brought no list, which hopefully meant she had no major issues to address. That and it made the meeting shorter. Celestia loathed having to deny her sibling and her friends the chance to just relax for the day. However, duties must and needs be there were a thousand and one things to do. Looking to Twilight, she smiled and gave a nod. "Perhaps our younger princess would like to begin first? We can lend our experience to the issues you see most in need of attention, and hopefully reach a swift and helpful solution." Celestia was honestly feeling better now that her sister and friend were here with her. For a thousand years she did this alone and it ate her up inside. Mostly because it was her own fault. Now that she had others to speak to, that could understand the difficulties involved in the position and point out things she might have missed she felt more at ease as a princess.
  7. Celestia had sent the notifications out a week in advance to allow ample time for all parties to make arrangements to be free for that day. She notified the public that official court was cancelled for that day, as well as posted extra guards to allow for the princesses to be more able to concentrate on matters at hoof rather than ponies walking up to them with business that was not so pressing. It was not that Celestia did not love her ponies, in fact she adored each and every one of them. But there were times where she needed a day to settle more private matters with her fellow princesses. Matters of state, planning of events and specific meetings, gathering and analyzing information, assessing threats more deeply, the list went on. Celestia had the private study furnished for such gatherings. Today had a semi-full list of affairs, as each princess would bring a short list of their own. Celestia looked down her own list, bandit groups at the boarders, redecorating the palace, and the planning of the annual gala event. As she walked to the study, she had her head on these matters, but also tried to sort out how to broach them with her fellow princesses. Her sister was often more direct, and apt to have a simpler solution to matters. That was perfect in some situations, however others required a more finessed approach. Other still needed a more critical mind than either of them, of which Twilight possessed. Celestia was never not surprised by how detailed Twilight could get with the slightest thing. Though it often made her giggle when she saw her former pupil stressing over something that she thought was an important matter. For Celestia and Luna, these things had become trifles. Though their lengthy tenure of leadership had taught them many hard lessons on what was most important to a princess. Entering the study, Celestia sat herself at the table and waited for the others to arrive. Tea was already prepared and waiting, as was a small selection of fruits and sandwiches. Celestia preferred the simpler foods, as well as the sweet treats she allowed herself from time to time. And she hoped her selection of food was desirable for her friends. She knew some of what Luna liked, however Twilight had been away long enough that her tastes may have changed. As the solar princess set her papers down and began sorting out some parchment and ink, she paused and then sent a note to the kitchens to have extra treats prepared, just in case this ran longer than normal.
  8. Celestia's Birthday Party

    Alright, having waited this long I think its a good idea to make the thread soon. If anyone has any other ideas post them here. I will get the thread set up and ready by the weekend.
  9. Celestia's Birthday Party

    That would be lovely!. after the spa day, might move to another part of the city and select cakes and teas for the event. Make sure there is plenty of opportunity for all ponies to join in.
  10. Celestia's Birthday Party

    Luna is ALWAYS welcome!!
  11. Celestia's Birthday Party

    Hmm, a spa trip to start the day sounds interesting indeed. No crown, no obligations. Just one day where she can relax and enjoy a little time being among the ponies of Equestira, and starting it off with an early morning spa trip sounds like a great idea.
  12. If this is still open by the time i get Caramel Creame redone I might toss her at it
  13. I want to put together a Birthday thread for Celestia. Like she knows the day is coming and doesnt care anymore. At this point I would like to invite both cast and OCs. Especially players that have an interest in a long thread. I dont think a surprise party is in order, Im thinking more an an event where some pony expresses the need to celebrate it not as a holiday but just a day where Tia doesnt have to be a princess. She gets to take off the crown and just mingle with other ponies and enjoy sweets while laughing. Now the only place large enough to fit that many ponies would be Canterlot Palace Garden. So I want to hear what suggestions everyone has. Anyone interested in putting forward an idea?
  14. [STAR]Acquisition of Shadows (Closed)

    "Give me abut 60 seconds I can set up two of them in that area and make them think they are under attack from that side," she said, before vanishing in a soft crackle of green magic and electricity. Storm appeared in a bush near the opposite side, crawling on the ground slowly. She made it with thirty seconds to spare, casting the two markers with a whispered word. Then she crawled back to the bush, settling down and taking a deep breath. She counted down a few more seconds before teleporting back to the group. Letting out a held breath, she brushed some dirt from her chest and then sat. She smiled with a malice the likes of which was not very pony like. "Charges are set. They wont destroy anything, but any pony on top of the wall or in front of the marker at the time one goes off will be stunned fairly powerfully. They wont die, but they will wish they had. That said, each flash lasts about two seconds, and is bright as looking right into the sun. So when I say now, cover your eyes. When you are ready commander I can detonate them remotely or just let their timers run down. We have about a minute before they go off on their own. I staggered their timers so that they will go off about ten seconds apart. Should be enough time to make them think they are under attack. One on the wall, one on the ground a very short distance away. That good enough for you?" Storm seemed rather gleeful that she was about to cause serious disorientation and confusion to so many ponies. In truth she relished it, having gotten a taste for being a dominating presence from her time in Maretonia. She had a tinge of darkness in her soul and at times like these, it made itself known.
  15. Cowpony Dashie

    spicy apples