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  1. SeaJay


    Of course. Of course he along with the rest would be thrown back into the water. Why did he think otherwise? Today was the day the were all meant to die. All their efforts thus far had only prolonged the evitable. What a fool he had been. He actually thought they had a chance. Hah! It was quite funny really and he would have indulge himself by laughing if it wasn't for the gallons of water that was steadily filling his lungs. Nope! No laughing for him! He would die with a soundless scream here in the dark waters. The rest of the misfortunate souls with him. The violent currents had almost immediately torn the younger Areion from his grasp, pulling her into the unknown waters and leaving him to drown alone. He supposed that was for the best. It was hard enough for himself to die but holding some else while they did so would be simply horrible. Despite his mind slowly accepting his fate his body seemed to think otherwise. His stubborn limbs refused to give up as they beat at the surrounding water trying to break for the surface. They would never find it and the sporadic movement was only adding to his fatigued and weakening state. He wanted to just go and get it over with but, his stupid instinct to survive would not allow it. He knew that he would keep fighting, keep trying to find some way to live until his body gave out. He couldn't give up even when he really wanted to. He nearly received his wish of a quick death when the water slammed his body into the rocky floor pushing him across before picking him back up again. Oh, but life wasn't finished with him yet. The impact was at his side instead of his head which he would have preferred. To think he was worthy enough to be knocked out for this ordeal. Oh that was rich. No, he would have to suffer it seemed. Gibbous could feel himself being ejected from the cavern and back into another body of water. He watched as the surface ever so slowly moved away from him as he sank. Oh...the surface. It was right there. He could see the blurry image of the sun through it. He could reach it if he just gave a few kicks. He found himself to tired to do so. This was it. His body had given out. The only part of him now to ever escape now was the few tiny bubbles that crept from his mouth. The edges of black began to cloud his vision he would have missed the figure appearing before him if he hadn't been looking upward. What was that? Probably some creature come to drag him further into his awaiting watery grave. Wait. It was going the wrong way. His weak mind protested as said creature began tugging him to the surface. Was it taunting him? Make him think that it was helping only to drag him down more? Or did it prefer to eat it's prey on land, half drowned and only able to squirm as it did so. He wanted to smack it but, he couldn't muster the strength to do so. It only proved to confuse him more as his head did break the surface and he was hauled up into an awaiting ship. Gibb landed on the deck as the many colorful images confused his jumbled mind. He feel the warmth of the sun and the breeze that floated through. The salty air filled his nose and the squawking of gulls his ears. His eyes sluggishly looked at what surrounded him and at the moment that was multiple pairs of feet. Gibb not wishing to lie flat on his stomach any longer , pushed himself up on shaking hands. Ah, pirates...how nice. He wasn't able to look at the many new faces for long before a powerful urge tore through his body. With an awful heaving sound he proceeded to empty the contents of his stomach onto the deck. His arms shook at the effort to keep himself up as a mix of water and stomach acids left him. The simple act itself proved to be nearly to much for him as it left his body quaking as an after affect. His ache intensified by the injuries he had sustained while in the cavern. His scraped shoulder blade and his battered and bruised side. Oh, how he hoped there was no internal bleeding. Gibb looked up again as what he presumed as the Captain as well as their savior stepped aboard. And my was she a peach. Though he really had no room to talk. He more or less resembled a drowned rat at the moment. His hair soaking mop of black curls. His body bruised and beaten not to mention the shredded mess of pants that he wore. To top it all off, he had made an effort to appear unaffected by the current events. He had tried to keep a calm and collected persona in front of his group in hopes to quell any fears that they may have had. And now here he was, on his hands and knees shivering as he vomited all over their rescuers deck. Ooh how charming~ Stellar performance Gibb! Why don't you take a bow? He waved off his taunting mind as he slowly go to his feet wiping his mouth with the back of his hand. He grunted in pain by what the action of standing did to his side. Gibbous placed a hand over it as if it would somehow help quell the pain. He listened as the others began to speak was rather surprised that little sister did so first. Not only that but, proceeded to come up with some semblance of a story. He was rather impressed by her quick wits. She had told the captain the truth without giving out too much info. Perhaps she wasn't as innocent as he had originally thought. Bravo little dove. Bravo. He turned his head as Golden spoke up next. He has thanked the lady Captain for her rescuing. A good move. It would not be smart of them if they were to lead the pirates to think them ungrateful for their efforts. The tall stallion then filled her in on the info that he knew. The ever spirited voice of Flux piped up next whom still remained on the floor where she was placed. No doubt still trying to recover from the water. He could sympathize with that. If it wasn't for him wanting to save face after his little...show then he would most likely still be there as well. She supplied the whereabouts and her own name for their captives. His golden gaze then moved back to the robed Captain. Ah, it was his turn now. She was rather intimidating however, he could see the faint traces of genuine concern in her features. Right, they needed to make allies with this Captain. In a place such as Australus those didn't come easy. He cleared his throat and tried to mask the wince of pain in his side. "What my friends here say is true. We were taken in tortured and thrown into the depths." He supplied with deciding to leave out the whole imprisoned part and escaping. He would also leave out the name. The Avian. He remembered the prick saying the name as he taunted them. He wasn't sure how much weight the name had to it in the local parts. What if the creature was well known and the mere whispering of his name struck fear into the hearts that knew it. If that was the case it was very likely that the pirates would throw them back overboard and wash their hands of them. Not wishing to become involved. No he would with hold that information right now. Maybe mention it to the Captain if they ever got a chance to speak in private. "I thank you... we thank you for saving us. Without your valiant effort we would no doubt be at the bottom of the sea." He spoke dipping his head respectively to her. "Ah, I do wish we could repay you for your kindness however, I'm afraid our valuables are long gone." He apologized constructing a sheepish smile on his face. "However, I assure you will be rewarded in due time." He wanted to appear humble though not useless. They were dealing with pirates after all. He could only hope the prospect of coin would buy them a safe voyage on this boat. With a quick glance at the remaining crew he mustered up the courage and took a bold step forward. "You have my word madam." His eyes locked with her not in a show of challenge but more out of respect. He slowly lifted his hand out to her to shake not wishing to startle the crew into attacking. "Gibbous, at your service Captain." He decided to supply his name. His true name. Perhaps she knew of his dealings in the black-market. She was a pirate after all and if his memory was serving him he dealt with them before. Then again this was unknown water it was a good chance she hadn't. Still even if that was the case it was respectful to supply it any way.
  2. SeaJay


    "We Areion folk are right at home in the dark." He stated running his fingers through his damp locks. "Creatures of the night if you will." He added sending a flirtatious wink to the rest of the group. Well, to anyone that could see it. The thief claimed she could see as well because of a ring. How curious. In his line of work enchanted objects were nothing out of the ordinary. He'd smuggled and sold plenty. If he was remembering correctly that is. Meh. He rather not wanted to focus on his shattered mind right now. Best not dwell too deeply in the matter. He mentally waved the thoughts away. He had to keep it together. They were so close to freedom. He could feel it. There would be time for mopping and self pity later. That however, was not now. "Isn't that right do-" His hand falling to pat the girls shoulder once more though, was surprised when it did not make contact. He quirked a brow and glanced around until his eyes settled on her once more. When did she get over there? Gibbous watched her quizzically as she stared into the water, mentally trying to guess what her thoughts were. She spoke and he met her eyes when she addressed them. If she screams? With brows furrowed he cocked his head to the side trying to make sense of the girl's mumblings. Oh, no she didn't. However much thought was not needed as said girl proceeded to let herself fall backwards. Gibb's mouth gaped open as he floundered for words. He wanted to yell stop or something of the sort though, the only thing leaving his mouth was loud gasp. She was going to fall. She was going to fall and be swept away. And there would be nothing that they could do about it. As if moving on its own, Gibb's body launched himself forward his arm shooting out to grab the falling Areion. His fingers curled into the front of her tattered smock of a shirt stopping her from her decent. With a growl Gibb pulled her closer to himself and back safely onto the pillar. The rapid beating of his heart giving away the fear her actions had caused. His breath came out in short puffs as he tried to quell the shock and pull himself together. She was fine. They were fine. Everyone was fine. He slowly opened his eyes and looked down at the young teen in his arms. The usual light and charming warmth that they held was replaced with a burning golden anger. Why? Why was she doing this? Did she really have no sense of self-preservation? He wanted to ask her. If only he could grab her by the shoulders and shake some sense into her. After a few moments he loosened his grip on her, letting out an agitated sigh. It really took what little self-restraint he had left not to completely lay into the female. To tell her how reckless she was being and demand that she stop. However, giving her an earful would most likely only make things worse. Not only for her but himself as well. At the moment he was pretty sure he was in the good graces of the group. And letting his anger get the best of him would most likely jeopardize his image. "Alright, so your 'walking by yourself' privilege is gone." He stated in a matter o' fact tone, his mouth pulled into a tight smile. The brown skinned male turning to address the rest of the group. "Well, shall we get a move on? Before anyone else decides to fling themselves into the raging waters." He asked, his livid temper slightly seeping out at the last part. Gibb turned and nodded at the theif and Golden. "Lead a way, love. Little dove and I shall bring up the rear." He finished lacing his fingers with the smaller female, having a firm yet painless hold. There was no way he was letting her out of his sight now. She couldn't be trusted with herself.
  3. SeaJay


    The slow build up of the thief's laugh was a pleasant thing to here. The weak yet genuine sound a good indicator that she was okay, despite the rough rapids. Voices of the other members of their rag-tag group floated in the darkness as well. Judging by their tones, they seemed a bit weary but, still intact. Gibbous kept his eyes closed enjoying the moment of peace that the dark lower levels provided. He was soaked to the bone and his curly coal locks clung to his face, the water making absent of their usually fluffy appearance. The stone in which he laid upon was hard and the wicked licks of pain that radiated from his left shoulder blade did not make things any more comfortable. However, at the moment he could care less. He was free. They were free. No longer stuck behind bars in a room slowly filling up with toxic smoke. No longer were they at the mercy of some loon and his pet prick. Sure, their current location was unsavory as well. But it was a start! A giant step up from before. If he wasn't so worn out he probably would have cried tears of joy. However, due to the days events he would have to settle for the weary chuckling his mouth was releasing. He didn't want to move and honestly didn't care to. His body was nearly at its limit, making it all too tempting to succumb to the exhaustion that threatened to overtake him. That small annoying feeling off 'Get up! You still have things to do' was the only thing to rouse him. As much as he didn't want to,Gibb allowed his eyes to flutter open and sitting in an up right position. Thanks to his heritage the darkness that enveloped them, did very little in inabilitaing him from seeing. He glanced to the magenta skinned female beside him whom still seemed to be gathering her thoughts. Still holding on to it. He thought eyes locking onto the skull clutched tightly to her as an amused grin tugging the corner of his lips. He decided to leave her be for now and focused his attention to the opeining in the roof. Their point of entry, a thin lipped frown formed as he watched a few chunks of old brick dislodge an fall into the water. Ah, that must've been the thing that struck him. He mused allowing his fingertips to lightly glide across his bare back. He wished he had some sort of mirror to properly see the damage done to him. However, going by the pain it exude, it was easy to assume a massive discolered bruise to be forming at the impact location along with possible thin streaks of absent skin. Nothing too severe just more of a discomfort. Tsk. Just what he needed, He watched as the ever excited Flux conversed with Golden. She seemed to have gotten quite the thrill from the fall and raging rapids. Personally it wasn't his cup of tea for fun. To each his own he supposed. However, he did appreciate her enthusiasm and found it to be endearing. "Heh, well that is something to cross of the bucket list." He added his two cents into the conversation. A brief moment of panic hit as he watched Midnight lose her footing and nearly falling back into the water. However, he was able to breathe easy as she righted herself once more. Gibb found himself looking up from his sitting position to lock eyes with her as she approached, the same sharp toothed smile directed her way. He was a bit surprised when she leaned down a bit to whisper in his ear. "Fresh water?" He repeating her relayed message. "Well, dove aren't we the smart one? Oh, look at you using that head of your's and taking charge." The older male preened like some proud parent. "Careful dear, your determination is showing." He teased with a wink before getting to his feet. "I agree with Little Sister." He announced to the rest that may not have heard the girl; placing a delicate hand on her shoulder. "Following fresh water is our best bet in navigating out of here. It should lead us to an out. Perhaps we should link arms? I do believe some of us are not as well adjusted to the dark as others. And we wouldn't want anyone to take a nasty spill."
  4. "I must admit that I share their worries for you, Alex." She admitted as he spoke of his parents. "Your father had a pretty tough job. I'm sure you know the dangers that he had to face." The middle aged pony didn't like the thought of Alex being put in the same position. He would have to face his father's adversaries along with any new age criminals. "Alex. Promise me that you want hesitate to call upon me if you need my help." She reached out a hoof placing it on top his hand to further gain his attention. "I might not be as spry as I used to but, I can still hold my on." She winked before drawing her hoof back to herself. "I mean it. Anything you need. I'll be there for you." "A wife?" She shook her head in mock disappointment. "My dear Alex, I thought I taught you better than that. Mare's have cooties. Don't you remember?" She pulled a face sticking out her tongue and scrunching her nose. She stopped fixing him with a grin as if to say 'I'm joking' and levitating her drink to her mouth taking a sip. She still found it rather mind boggling that he was old enough to be entertaining such thoughts. Still she had to accept the fact that Alex had grown up. She pondered the thought a moment longer before her curiosity got the better of her. "Has one caught your fancy?" She had to be at least a little nosey. She
  5. His ears flattened when the stallion ruffled his fur before perking them back up. Regeneration? He willed himself to look at the stub of an appendage and was shocked by what he saw. It looked as if the wound had been there for years and not freshly served just moments before. His amber eyes wide as they looked from the wound to the stallion as he spoke. It was truly amazing. Having the ability to replace any part of your body wether it be internal or external. This new fact brought up even more questions. Just how old was Garret? The unsuspecting feeling off a hoof landing on his shoulder made the young dog jolt slightly under the mare's touch. Tiph's head turned to look at the dark colored mare and he found himself nodding to her words. Neria was rather intimidating though, at the moment she seemed to be trying to comfort in her own way. He forced his anxious behavior, crossing his arms over his chest as if it would help in containing it. The pup's eyes traveled to the blinking numbers that seemed to be in tune to the occasional dinging noise.
  6. "Oh, stop it you. You're making this old mare blush." She chuckled moving her hoof in a dismissive position at his flattering comment. She had made a promise to herself years ago that she wouldn't abuse her body with ways of retaining a youthful look that so many other mares fell victim to. Dyeing manes. Applying odd creams to their skin that Celestia knows what they were made from. No, she rather wanted to age with grace. Aesthetic beauty was never really of concern to her. She was only considered middle age now so, maybe she was doing something right. "Mmhm." She hummed sending him a knowing look at his innocent disposition. She could remember the time quite well when the angel nearly gave her a heart attack. Wandering off into the Everfree as soon as she turned her back. Her brows raised at the mention of Zed. "Oh, is that so?" Zed was retiring. Well that was news to her. Then again she couldn't really blame him. In his line of work it was probably taxing to keep up as one aged. Then it occurred to her. Alex would be expected to handle such dangerous task. A part of her wanted nothing more than to shake the poor boy the shoulders and urge him to pick a different occupation. To protect him from the harsh reality that would surely come from the title he would inherit form his father. Hoo mentally sighed as she continued to watch him. No, she wouldn't do that. She couldn't. She didn't have that right. He was grown now. No longer needing her protection when his parents couldn't be there to do it themselves. He coud handle it and the least she could was to trust him. "Really? Well I hope you realize that I expect a personal concert now." She replied folding her hooves neatly over each other. "It's the least you could for growing up on me." The unicorn mare stated as if he hadn't any other option. "How is Zed and Thunder?" She asked after a few moments. Zed was retiring yet what of his mother? She was never sure that the mare forgave her for what had happened between them in the past. She wouldn't fault her for that either. "Do you still live with them?"
  7. "Twenty years old." She mused with a shake of her head as if she couldn't believe it. "It doesn't seem that long does it? It seems like it was only yesterday you were small enough for me to carry." The mare laughed before taking a sip of her drank. "Never thought I'd sound like somepony's grandmare." Had it really been that long? Surely it couldn't have. She found it rather humorous how time worked. There was never enough and it moved far too quickly. Still, it was a rather nice surprise to see the little angel all grown up. And even more so that he remembered her. "So, tell me Alex. What have you been up to? Staying clear of the Everfree I hope." The mare asked quirking a brow. ((Sorry about the wait. Also not sure why the Quote Box is there...couldn't get it to go away. >w>))
  8. SeaJay


    Gibbous raised an eyebrow in interest as a chuckle rumbled in his throat. He meeting her sly grin with one of his own. "Oh?" A taste of his own medicine? It was few that could take his teasing and throw it right back to him. However, when he did cross paths with someone that could it proved to peak his interest even more. "Well, since you were able to control yourself with all of this" With a flick of a his wrist, he motioned to himself. "Prancing around before you." Mischievous vibrant gold eyes sliding to meet alluring amethyst "I suppose I can implore myself to do the same." He finished tilting his head back and placing the back of his hand to his forehead, as if the simple notion was enough to make him swoon. He grew quiet as she went on to explain her intentions with the remains. "Agreed. We should honor him once we are well away from this place. " He replied, a since of guilt striking as he meet the sockets of Clive's skull. It was odd how fate worked. If he had opened his mouth a moment before Clive and spat out some smart remark, their roles could have easily been switched. It could be his skull that the thief was cradling to her. The sudden absence of the earth mare and her alarmed voice brought his attention to the source. That source being the spirited changeling jumping up and down on the unstable floor. "Take it easy, darling." His arms out stretched in a stopping motion. There was no telling how sturdy the floor was and all their added weight could not be helping. And who knew if there was deep water enough to keep them from hitting the bottom. "Let's just ca-" The gut wrenching sound of loose stones echoed from under his foot. He only had a moment to think before his left foot fell completely through the floor causing the rest of him to crumbled to the ground with a umph. With shaky hands placed under him, Gibb moved to push himself up though not succeeding as the floor fell from him completely. Was this it? To come so far only for his body to be crudely smash to pieces by whatever was below. He really didn't have much time to dwell on the outcome before he was plunged into the cold water below. The initial hit and temperature of the water was enough to give a mild case of shock. The Areion's body pliant to the will of the currents. It would be of little use to actively fight against. That would just leave his already exhausted body spent. Gibb found himself in desperate need of air as a sudden sharp pain seared into his left shoulder blade. What was that?! A silent scream of agony escaping from him in a flurry of angry bubbles. Luckily, his plea for relief was answered as the current pushed him back to the surface. He let out a gasp once his head broke the surface. Right, now was the time to swim. He kicked his legs and pushed his arms through the water. In a futile effort to gain some sort of control over the rapids. Again Gibb found himself thankful of his biological make-up that allowed him the advantage of night vision. There seemed to b a piller of sorts collapsed over the water allowing for some sort of reprieve. Okay he could do this. Just had to time it right. The coal haired male slammed into the stone structure hands slapping on the sides in a desperate attempt to stop himself. Once he had a strong enough grip he willed himself to look around. The water was ruthless yet it seemed the youngest of their group had successfully landed atop the pillar. Good, she seemed so weak earlier that he was afraid she would allow the water to sweep her away. Though, at the moment she seemed the safest out of them all. What of Flux and Lightening? Please. Please let them make it. Something struggling a bit ahead caught his eye. And it was then he remembered the injured thief. There was no way she could mange this in her condition. Gibbous waited until the water pushed her closer before he made an attempt to grab her. He cursed through gritted teeth, the water ripping her from his grasp. No! They were all so close to freedom. They couldn't be picked off here. In a split decision he let his hold on the pillar loosen allowing him to float a bit further down. "I got you!" He growled out once his hand clasped around her forearm and he was able to drag the magenta skinned female closer to himself and the safety of the pillar. He was exhausted and the pain in his shoulder increased with the added support he was giving Sable. "Hah...that was...hah...refreshing." He puffed out letting his forehead rest against the stone with a tired smile. A bit too drained to pull them up to stand on top of the pillar.
  9. "Permission granted." She replied with a happy almost giddy nod, leaning forward to wrap her arms around him. It was then that she realized how much it would have hurt if he hadn't remembered her. A mixture of relief and joy washing over her. A smile on her face as she hugged him, allowing her nose to be filled with his scent. Oh, how she missed her little hero. "I have been well. Even more so now. And you?" She questioned releasing him from the bear hug. The mare set back in her seat and merely took in his form. "Oh, how you've grown so much and into quite the looker at that." She teased with a wink. It was simply amazing how much he looked like his father. The boy practically the spitting image of him. "How long has it been, Alex? How old are you now?" It seemed as if it was only yesterday when she first held the infant angel and now here he was, all grown up.
  10. A small sigh escaped the mare's lips as she blew a strand of hair from her face. The day had been long with all the clients she had back to back. Being one of the only therapist in the area had its perks but, also cons to go along with it. That is not to say she didn't enjoy her job. No, she loved it. All her efforts to get back into society's good graces had finally paid off. Allowing for her hypnotic therapy to take flight and finally earning an honest to goodness well paying job. However, it didn't hurt to take a break every now and then. HooDoo quietly entered into the local taveren nodding to a few ponies as she passed. The mare offering a pleasant smile to those she knew and a few words of conversation. If one were to show her this life she had now to the past Hoo, the younger would probably stare in disbelief. To think a former criminal to go trade in her dangerously sly disposition for that of quaint and friendly was simply unheard of. Or so she thought until that day that changed it all. The sound of voice caused her ears to quirk in the direction it came from. Her eyes traveling to the source and widening slightly in surprise. There sitting at the bar was the grown form of one she used to cradle when he was but a small babe. Had it really been that long? The boy was much taller now, trading in his baby face for a more mature one. It took all she had in her not to run over and sweep him up in her arms. She marveled at him from a far for a moment longer before making her way up to the bar and taking the seat next to him. She placed her order and folded her hooves on top of each other in thought. What should she say? It had been quite some time since they last saw each other. What if he didn't remember her? It was quite likely that he wouldn't as he so little at the time. She didn't exactly look the same as she did back then either. Her creamy white mare wasn't as long and not styled to drape over her shoulder. It now being slightly shorter and kept up in a braided bun, with a few strands framing her face. And her mocha colored coat having lost some of the luster it held in her younger days, being a bit lighter now. None of that mattered she supposed. She had made the commitment to sit next to him. It would be rude to say nothing. "How is it that I keep running into angels in this place." She said aloud with a smile. "I suppose it is simply fate. " The mare hummed as if in acceptance before giving him her full attention with lavender eyes that seemed ageless. "What do you think, little hero?" She asked using the nickname she had given him so long ago.
  11. Tiph let out a surprised gasp as the elevator doors proceeded to close shut and snap the stallions hoof clean off. "Ga-Garret!" He voice a high pitched squeak as his eyes nearly bulged from his head and a paw clapped over his mouth. His hoof was gone. Completely gone! Snapped into like a twig. This place was the place of horrors. Cells specifically made to keep you contained, agents crawling around every corner, and a metal death box that apparently can chop off limbs. Why did he agree to come here again? Oh, yes. He didn't necessarily have a choice. He took a step forward but found himself hesitating. They had to help the poor stallion. How? He knew nothing about medical stuff especially concerning detached limbs. Could they even re-attach a hoof? The pup could feel paniced tears pricking at the corners of his eyes. What were they going to do? He was just starting to like the idea of being a part of this team. His racing mind stopped by Garret's attitude. He didn't really seem to mind...not really in pain...? His ears switched as the voice of the intercome sounded. It was almost like they had some secret game between them. "Are you okay? Do we need to ge someone?" He asked making an effort to not look at his stump.
  12. I'll have a post up at some point today. Probably later when I'm around a computer instead of my phone. ^w^
  13. SeaJay


    He made a move to stand up from his crouched position. Away from the smell, the bones...the remains. He wasn't good with this sort of thing. Never was. At least if he was remembering correctly. The sound of Sable's voice brought his attention to her. Flux had done a surprisingly decent job at working with what she had. The thief's fingers looked to be set and tied snugly to the wood. Perhaps their insect like friend dabble in the medical arts? Well before all their knowledge and skills was stripped away. He focused back on Sable as she spoke following along until-. "Bone s-shivs?" He stuttered out in disbelief. Was she suggesting...Gibb's hand clapped back over his mouth once again quite aware of the burnt remains near him. He pushed down the urge to empty his stomach and with his eyes screwed shut manage to calm himself as best he could. Nope, not going to loose it. Not in front of everyone. "My dear southern bell, I do believe you very well are the most hardcore person I've met." He preened quickly shaking off the discomfort in his features, replacing it with his normal toothy grin. He stole a glance at Clive's bones. Was he really going to do this? Well, he could always give a proper burial once they were free. "Right, bone shivs...." The Areion held his breath, a shaking hand out stretching toward the bones. "Sorry mate." He mumbled. He would be lying of he said he didn't flinch when the bones crumbled into dust. "Well, I suppose that is out of the question." His eyes traveling back to Sable. It really was a plausible idea. One that would have provided them with some sort of protection. And he had to give it to the thief. She was rather resourceful. Standing up the sounds of breaking wood and loose stone echoed under his feet. He could feel the floor starting to give way. "This may lead down to a sewer or something. What do you say? Care for a swim?"
  14. The dog looked up at Garret as he answered his question. He thought this over for a moment. Living with others in a house...together. He had been on his own for quite sometime now so, the new living arrangement would take some getting used to. Well, the entire situation of working for a top secret organization would take some getting used. However, a part of him was glad that they would be sharing a house. His species craved the mentality of being in a pack. And when that was taken from them it was maddening. To be alone for so long without others watching your back was a pitiful existence. One that he did not care to be apart of any longer. In his musings he hadn't realized the slight swishing of his tail. He quickly stilled the wagging quietly embarrassed by the sheer puppy like action. He was thankful that he was at the back of the elevator at the moment. Neria's voice brought his attention forward. What was going on? The auburn pup peered from his spot behind the griffon and looked at the mare. She seemed hesitant and maybe a little scared. That wasn't right. He hadn't known her for long but, she was always silent and intimidating. This new emotion didn't fit her and he was surprised to admit that he missed the other side of her. His amber eyes widen by Diamond and Garret's words. She had been beaten in her past? Who would do such a thing? He could feel a mix of anger sympathy for the mare. Anger that she had to go through with that and sympathy for the way it left her. "Er...we won't let anyone hurt you, Neria." He said looking the mare in her eyes. Of course he couldn't grantee that and it was uncharacteristic of him to make such claims. It was odd but, he felt that he needed to say that. Even if it made no different in her decision. "I-I promise." He added holding her gaze for a bit longer before opting to look at the floor.
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