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  1. Chibi Fēng Yīnhǎitāo

    Really neat!
  2. Last post wins

    Oh, you'll be crying when my ultimate revenge plot of immense victory kicks in any minute now.
  3. Last post wins

    Sounds like Middle School...those poor teachers never stood a chance...
  4. Last post wins

    The only savagery I see is usurping my throne!
  5. Last post wins

    I have the answer to that, oh newcomer. Call me 'Winner of the Last Post Wins Thread', and I will give you my knowledge and assistance.
  6. Last post wins

  7. Winner, winner, chicken meal.

  8. Last post wins

    *innocently whistles* Don't mind me, I'm just strolling by, minding my own business as I usually do because I don't hold any grudges against anyone or anything and ooops, I dropped my A5 poster!
  9. You can do anything if you put your mind to it, even drive a tank. Not my tank, tho.

    1. szalhi


      If you download the right programs, then anything is possible. 

    2. Stormstride


      *takes the tank apart, but leaves all the pieces with Tenkan. Just disassembled*

  10. Last post wins

    The title! What a terrible title! I've been dethroned and defamed. Indeed, this is a coup. A conspiracy. A calamity. Ya'll will be hearing from Ol' Rusty...when he comes back from the car wash.
  11. Hi.. umm.. everypony..

    Hey, welcome to Canterlot!
  12. Returning and revising

    Hey, welcome back!
  13. Last post wins

    Yes, I like that, but I am still furious. I insist you return my title to me or there will be war!
  14. Last post wins

    Tell that to the giant met---- Hey, Dino-bro is badgering me, she weren't even there! Rocky, I honestly thought you were the coolest dude in town, but now...I don't know what to believe anymore... If this goes through, it may effect our diplomatic relations.
  15. Last post wins

    You see, it's funny how you mention that because...you're a dinosaur and I think this is a strictly pony matter, so....