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  1. "Thank you for thinking I am smart." She smiled a little "and sure...I'll need all the help I can get...I have a lot of things to unpack." She said as she motioned her in. Her mind was racing. Her new roommate was very unlike her, she didn't know the first thing about fashion...or at least she assumed glimmer was into fashion. And shopping? She hardly left her small apartment she used to occupy. She let out a small sigh and pulled out a few boxes, they were a bit heavy, but it was no problem to her. "Would you happen to have a hammer and some nails?" She asked politely " I have a shelf I would like to hang up." Quirky was very nervous contrary to her cool composure. She hoped and prayed to celestia herself that herself and glimmer would get along. Quirky didn't really have any friends...she wasn't munch of a conversationalist and often kept to herself. Maybe glimmer would understand that and not be offended when she stayed in her room most of the time. Glimmer seemed nice, hopefully quirky made that same impression.
  2. When you completely adore another human being and there is no possible way on this earth you can tell the.

  3. Quirky shakes her hoof gingerly "The mess is fine, nothing to worry about." She had small traces of an accent, an Appolosan accent to be exact. It wasn't much though. She looks to the door that leads to her new room, without a doubt she would spend most of her time there. "Thank you very much for choosing me to stay here, with you Miss. Glimmer." She says politely. Quirky made her way to her room with out another word. The thought that it may be rude to just walk away from a conversation hardly crossed her mind. She just wanted to avoid causing her any trouble. She opened the door to her new room. She pulls the wagon in, about to start the process of unpacking.
  4. Wow, I slept till one.

    1. stormchaser1991


      that is basically everyday for me

  5. Watching family guy at one in the morning? Yes please.

  6. The slim, tan mare hurried down the busy streets. Her mane was a mess, everything was a mess at that exact point and time.She was pulling a wagon behind her, filled with her belongings. She wove through the ponies on the small streets. It was Mid-morning and she had to at her new home in fifteen minutes. She repeated the address over and over and in her Head. She did not want to forget it. "Oh dear..." she mumbled to herself. "This is utterly terrible. What impression am I going to make? Being late to move in." She sighed as she dodged pedestrians. A few minutes later, she had arrived at her new flat. She knocked quietly on the door. "Her name is glimmer. Right?" She dthought to herself. She Took a deep breath and waited for the door to open.
  7. Quirky went along with the river of ponies on the crowded Manehatten streets. She let out a small sigh, she was just trying to get to her apartment. Crowds were never her thing, really. She mumbled to herself and just tried to stay out of everyone's way.
  8. Boredom will be the death of me. *sighs*

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    2. Quirky
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      Boredom is a horrible disease. Especially when you're bored, but you don't want to do anything.

    4. starswirlthebearded


      Bordom confuses me. I've not been bored in many years. You have internet, books, games, outside, exercise, learning... There are too many things to do in this world. I cannot even imagine being bored. If one thing bores me, I find another and repeat process until I find something not boring. All told it takes me only a couple of minutes to do so.


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      CANNONS?! WHERE? *ducks for cover*

    3. Quirky


      VINYL AND OCTAVIA(You asked for spoilers)

    4. SunsetSombra


      xD All is as planned~

  10. EDMUND DANTES IS DEAD *sorry I;m just obsessing*

  11. *still looking for a roommate for quirky* None *ugly sobbing*

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    2. Zealot


      I've got too much RP on at the moment. Still, it might be something for Glimmer. Take a look, we can plan something for when I'm free. If you're interested.

    3. Quirky


      Sure! Anytime is cool with me. Btw glimmer is adorable.

    4. Zealot


      Yeah, she's a great character. I think she's amazing. She wouldn't go to the school of gifted unicorns, but Quirky could still be her room-mate. Sharing her apartment because Glimmer needs money because her acting isn't paying well. Can discuss in a PM if you like. https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B2-4-3Aj27LXdHdyeVUxVFpfc28/view?usp=sharing Vaniliapop was kind enough to draw her, there's a picture of her if you're interested.

  12. I'm dying for a RP with some one. Comment and we can start in pm. I'll be using quirky.

  13. I feel terrible for not being on lately. Life has been stressful and in the way.

  14. I fell the nee for spee

  15. *Drowns in homework*

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      *Drowns in coursework*

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      *is drowning alongside you*

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