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  1. Name: Jax Sex: female Normal RP age: filly Fur color: white Mane and tail color: purple Eye color: left eye is purple, right eye is light green Name: jinx Sex: female Normal RP age: varied Fur color: purple Mane and tail color: Orange Eye color: light green In any fallout Equestria rp to jinx is embodying Jax and shareing her body Jinx is also the embodiment of curses and is the daughter of discord and fluttershy
  2. The guards that were posted at gales door tensed up when he came out and followed him to chrysalis's door --- "who knows....I can barely get her to stay home let alone know what she was thinking" NMM said to darkness as she began putting her armor on
  3. "Anything?" Shadow asks a guard near gales room "Just rustling from sleep ser" she replied after giving him a salute "Good....." Shadow said before turning around and went to do his rounds of the castle ----- "I can't belive that creten" NMM said as she got herself ready for the 'day' "You can't just walts into MY kingdom and act like I need his help!....I should have had shadow kill him right then and there" she told darky....or herself, it was hard to tell as she bounced from the privat bathroom to the bedroom
  4. Oh so the broncos win the supper bowl and the day after they take down the apple jack broncos pic
  5. "And don't try leaving your room gale.....I'd hate to have to kill you" shadow said in warning He didn't know he had not intention of sneaking around but it was shadows job to make sure NMM's wishes were met And as gale knows shadow can't die just like brave, and unlike brave he is stronger
  6. You did say love toward lullaby right.....well she's not doing that because if lullaby Lullaby had brought them here and if NMM were to kill them that would deviastate lullaby So she's letting them stay a day then kicking them out
  7. I'm going to leave her like this but do something when they meet (the sisters)
  8. She was being sarcastic cause she dosnt think he could do it
  9. "I don't think that's what she ment gale" shadow said as he sat there
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