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  1. Thank you for the fine welcome Colgate with glasses.
  2. For mlp specifically, mlp forums and World of Equestria.
  3. I want all of you to hug me I mean, may you all please hug me?
  4. Nah brah, Spike has enough potential for his own episodes. I mean, he got 2 at the end of season 4.
  5. Personally I think it's Wind Waker and that's mostly due to nostalgia but... dat sailing music
  6. Well, in March of 2012 I was watching revises of cartoons. I came across someone giving a positive review of firendship is magic and decided to watches it. It all goes from there.
  7. Ah shipping, so many ships out there in the world for me to... well ship. Here are my favorites. Straight ships: SoarinDash, Raripants CaramelJack Twimac Slash Shipping: Pinkiedash Twidash Rarijack TwiPie Flutterdash Lyra/Bon Bon
  8. This is simple Apple Bloom: Something with mechanics. Sweetie Belle: Probably a musical note to symbolize singing. Scootaloo: A scooter.
  9. I have arrived here and stuff.

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      Pleasure! Hope you have fun! Also be warned, I has a habit of licking people <3

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      I may know you

  10. I hath arrived on this forums. *smoke bomb for entrance* Sorry, that's a thing I do Anyways, I'm ChikoritaBrony or ChikoritaCheezits on some forums. You may know me from other brony forums if you frequent other ones. I've been in the brony fandom since 2012 (yeah a long time). I'm a 17 year old dude who just loves them ponies. Especially the pink one. I can be as enthusiastic as Pinkie. Also, I'm into Pokemon, and cartoons. Just a little extra. Anyways, hi I'm free to make friends with.
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