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  1. Freja Snowdrift -- Female -- Adult Species: Caribou/Reindeer Eye colour: Shades of pink Character colour: Warm greys and white. Mane/Tail/Other: No mane. Has dark gray antlers. Her tail is short and fluffy. Physique: Freja is tall, but she is rather stocky and she is very strong. Her fur is thick but in most places it isn't terribly long. It gets longer around her neck and throat, and at her fetlocks. Residence: Nowhere in particular. She prefers to travel, moving when the weather becomes to warm in one place. Canterlot is a favorite due to its mountain location, where the air is thinner and cooler. She doesn't like desert climates and doesn't visit Appleoosa very frequently. Occupation: At home, Freja worked in search-and-rescue. Ponies who went to the mountains for snow-oriented activities would become lost or injured sometimes, and it was her job to find them and bring them to safety. Cutie Mark: None. Unique Traits: This is a new space where players can list fun things about their character. Do they carry swords, specialize in ice magic, or do they like to bust flight tricks? Beware of characters that want to be analogous to Cast or emphasize power over a certain other character. History: Just a brief history of the character is fine. No reason for a fanfic here. They may mention family if they'd like, but focus should be on this character. Character Personality: What are they like to meet personally? Try to push away from introverted -- it makes no sense for a social roleplay. If they want to be socially cautious or shy that's fine. Character Summary: Everything about the character should be nicely summarized here.
  2. Heeeey, I thought I'd share my art here. I haven't done much, and what I have to show is only of my main character, Freja, but I thought I'd share anyway! This one is Freja's official reference for now! This one is a WIP piece of Freja looking out over a cliff, presumably in the middle of a snow storm. I've played around with the idea of her having a search and rescue type job, where she goes and saves people, then brings them somewhere warm and safe.
  3. Thanks to everyone who has responded so far! You're all very kind.
  4. This happens to be my first time on an exclusively MLP related site! I've been into g4 since Friendship is Magic started and, as an artist and writer, I've gone through several different representative characters as my interests have changed and I've grown. Up until now, all of my 'avatars' have been ponies, and they've been ponies of every type. Now I've chosen a reindeer. If you'd like to hear why, please do ask, but I don't feel it fits in this first post. My character has no name as of now, but once she does, I will probably go by that name, rather than Ghost. That is the name I go by online, but I'd like to differentiate myself within this fandom. My favorite character of the Mane Six is probably Rarity, because she is an artist like me, and I sympathize with her the most! I also love her design! My favorite pony of the entire show is probably Zecora, despite her lack of appearance in the show. I like Celestia as well, but I wouldn't peg her as my favorite.
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