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    Thank you to everyone for such warm welcomes! I really hope I have a great time here.
  5. Name: Night Star. She is usually called Sleepy or Slumber. Gender: Female Age: Young Mare Species: Pegasus Eye colour: Periwinkle Character colour: Greyish Black Mane/Tail/Other: Light blue with strands of soft gold. Sleepy's mane is cut short, with straight bangs that reaches just her forehead. Her tail is long and fluffy, and is not usually groomed. Sleepy wears a 'cape' which is actually her blanket, colored indigo but underneath is designed with constellations. Physique: Has an athletic build because of her agility, but is shorter than the average pony. Residence: Cloudsdale, or any cloud nearby. Occupation: Part-time librarian Cutie Mark: A shooting star with a comet-like tail. Slumber stayed up late night, just to see a dark night sky for the stars to twinkle brightly. She went stargazing with her big brother, Astral (Pegasus). Then, a great phenomena happened; Shooting stars! Every other pony were left amazed. So Astral brought Slumber higher to see the stars 'a little closer'. Slumber was so amazed, she felt like she could touch it. Slumber was the older kind of filly, and had wings that were in great condition--which let Slumber have an idea. She wanted to chase the stars until she meets them. With a boost from Astral she flew high up, and started chasing down one star. She drew a little closer, and was neck on neck. Nevertheless, she accidentaly flew faster, and wasn't able to stop. Her landing could fail - harshly. She put her hind legs up front, thinking that she'd land perfectly with them, and had a huge impace towards the ground. Night Star heard slight cracks but significant pain and was crying. When they arrived at the hospital, all was fine, until she saw her flank with her new cutie mark. She was healed deep in her heart. - - - - - After being fully healed, her legs were weak, delicate and soft. She flapped her wings and thought, "I'll just flap my wings." Unique Traits: Lazy | Usually Sluggish | Nocturnal | Bookworm | Wanderer Lazy - This trait describes mainly everything about Night Star-- she would doze off in anytime of the day, and scoot away on top of a cloud.Usually Sluggish - Because of her laziness, Star is very sluggish at day. She will do everything so lazy she'd rather sleep all day and just wake up at night.Nocturnal - Star assumes she is nocturnal-- because she's active at night and inactive at day.Bookworm - Whenever it's daytime, Night Star wouldn't be lazy because of books. She likes to read especially at day.Wanderer - Regardless of no sense of direction, Sleepy would wander off anywhere through the night. History: Night Star was born and raised in Cloudsdale, but she was left with Astral while their parents had to do their jobs. Astral was an adventurous colt, and brought Night Star along in his adventures. He also brought her to the latest stargazing event. After the tragedy, Astral kept it as a burden. He shouldn't have boosted her up, or drew her closer in the first place. He wanted to leave her to forget it. But Astral remembered, Night Star has no sense of direction. Instead, he looked after her until she was old enough to live alone. During her foalhood, all that Astral could see was an un-motivated face latched onto Star. She had a dull face, no happiness, not even a grin. Make new friends when you grow up, he said, that cheered Star at least a bit. Night Star thought, friends would make her happier. Yet, the motivation wouldn't appear. She remembered about her legs. How would she trot over to her new friends? Night Star thought of flying a lot on a cloud and gained athleticism. Then she still felt down. Night Star just decided to be lazy. Astral left as she grew up and wandered down in Ponyville to make new friends. But she could only walk on fluffy and soft clouds like those is Cloudsdale. But this didn't stop her. She was desperate for friends. She wanted happiness. Character Summary/Personality: All in all, Night Star is lazy. Because she is wide awake at night and terribly sleepy at day. Despite such laziness, Night Star is desperate for friends. She's bad at direction, and the only ponies she could trust are her friends. Star is very friendly regardless of the sluggish manner and tired voice. She would do anything just to have friends. Most ponies would call her Sleepy, or Slumber, and she is fine being called by those names. She is proud of her title. But being sleepy and all that, she still has control on her flying. Flying is the only thing dominant for her, and would rely on the wings alone. Additional Info: If Night Star would walk, she will make less pressure on her hind legs and more on her front. Or she will raise her hind legs and flap her wings to assist to front.Sleepy is a bookworm, and often prefers action books like Daring Do, and maybe other genres.You'll often find her dozing off or daydreaming.Sleepy loves milk. Specifically milkshakes.
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    So, um.. hello! I'm hapiieeexD, a pegasister, and a roleplayer. Tbh my roleplaying is just a little good But anyway, it's nice to meet everyone and anything here.
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