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  1. Halide

    Guess the pone

    Honestly, this face is a serious improvement over most of the full-side profile images you've done recently. The horn is a bit askew, but I fully suggest you keep cranking out new poses and angles, it gives your drawings a lot more life.
  2. Tony saw the opportunity, and he took it, what a guy. Also, Rose, I also doubt that your 3-point list of intrigue and brevity thoroughly outlines all the things you have done did whilst I was away, but I will sleuth my way around and see what all's changed. Honestly so long as everybody's havin a good time I guess it's all fine. (also which GPU'd ya get)
  3. Oh my god it's been at least six years and this thread is still here. OH MY GOD THIS ENTIRE SUBSECTION OF THE FORUM IS NAMED AFTER THIS THREAD. ROSEWIND WHAT DID YOU DO
  4. Have you tried solving your problems with fire today?

    1. SteelEagle


      Not today. Yesterday I did!

    2. Lux




      I tried to use it to clean up the gas I spilled, but i think I made things worse...

    3. tacobob


      But my problem is fire! Ouch! Help! It burns, it burns!

  5. I'm just looking at all these ancient old posts I wrote, remembering that I used to be hilarious.

    1. Lyipheoryia


      My, wasn't that a long time ago~

  6. All I know is Homestuck ends in like 36 hours and I can't handle it and I might be screaming.

  7. Whaaaat is everything.  What is this thing.  What are followers.  Why is blue.  Where am I.  When did all this happen.

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    2. Halide



    3. SteelEagle



    4. Halide


      Where even are all of my posts.  I can't find my character log or anything.

  8. But do I spend today leveling in wildstar, or seeing how I can corrupt a pacifist run of undertale...

    1. Rosewind


      Genocide is the only answer.

    2. Halide
  9. We have our best men on it, what more are we supposed to do? We've tried to exfiltrate him, they are so good, what are we supposed to do?

    1. brianblackberry


      You need top men!

      Top. Men.

    2. Halide


      There's nobody better than Kloketeers

  10. Red team captured the flag. Blue team lost the lead. Orange team, flag lost.

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    2. Halide


      It's a metaphor for canadian politics. No, seriously, the liberals won a majority government, the conservatives lost to them, the NDP lost over half their seats, the green party kept their 1 (out of 340) seat, and Bloc Quebecois are still here and nobody is really sure why.

    3. Smartbrony


      Oh. I thought it was some kind of Halo joke. :|

      I don't really follow politics.

    4. Lyipheoryia


      I have absolutely no understand of BQ, but I do like Green. At least they kept their one seat...

  11. I should roleplay ever.

  12. I might have to abandon the homestuck fandom for undertale at this rate...

    1. Rosewind


      YoU jUsT wAnT tO sEe mE suFfeR...

    2. Halide


      I knew you had it in you!!

  13. Tuesday is coming, did you bring your coat?

  14. Aww yeah get hype the metalocalypseNow timer is running close to 0 what crazy metal surprise is going to launch out on us today

  15. That really depends. Half of them, iiiit'd be running time. Other half I'd just be wondering how long those drinks had been in the fridge.
  16. I will make all the curries.

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    2. QuickLime


      Ghost Peppers are rather bitter yes :C

    3. PrinceBlueblood


      I dunno, I make mine with vinegar, tomatoes, basil, and coconut milk along with the curry spices and chicken, so the bitterness doesn't come across so much for me. Then again, I'm a sub-taster, so...

    4. QuickLime


      Ghost pepper bitterness cuts through all the flavors, good in a nice salsa when something sweet is there to balance it, solo? It's not so great

  17. Thank god for mods. Mass Effect 3's ending is such total garbage without them.

  18. I should RP at some point ever.

  19. No, john shepard, you are the reapers

    1. Dio


      And then Shepard was zombie.

    2. Halide


      We need like, that dramatic hamster clip made entirely out of reaper sounds.

  20. I just want to remind everyone that this exists and that I am still very proud of my creation.
  21. My profile still has a 3 star rating and I have no idea why.

    1. Halide


      Seriously. It's been years.

  22. Oh my god, this thread is still going? It's been years. YEARS. I just checked it's actually been going for over three years. RH, dude. What the pluck.
  23. So I see! I'm glad you took the time to add something more to your character summary. I'll be passing this along to a senior roleplay helper, and see what they have to say from there!
  24. Alrighty then, let's take a look! My revisions will be bolded. > Mane/Tail/Other: As a changeling his "mane and tail" are a very dark shade of grey, when in unicorn form his mane and tail is white and messy. Also, as a changeling he wears some armor, a head piece and a chest plate. > During his service time with his hive he would partake in several small skirmishes, ranging from ambushing travlers to fighting of creatures like timberwolves. During one of those battles, he met and befriended Hammerhead. (Some explanation as to how you befriend a wasp might be good here, but it isn't necessary) > During a battle with a changeling hive who demanded his hive to join them, his hive lost and was captured. Krulos was spared in exchange for joining their army, who he would later learn to be Chrysalis's hive. > Krulos participated in the Canterlot invasion commanding a reserve platoon. After being blasted away by the forcefield and left alone, Krulos saw this as a chance for retirement, took on his unicorn diguise and moved into ponyville. He still pleads loyality to the hive and will, in a blink of the eye, rejoin them if a major conflict arises. > Character Summary: Taking a part in many conflicts has made Krulos into a serious but lighthearted person. He is friendly to most ponies for the sake of feeding off of their emotions. He is mostly quiet, pefering to let his actions speak for him. Now, that aside, I'd say you should do some more fleshing out of his character summary. You've given a very brief synopsis, but I think there's more room to expand on your ideas. You should ask yourself what sorts of thing this character enjoys or would like to accomplish, where he'd like to go in life, and other such questions that will really help add depth to your character. Write down some of the things that make your character's personality shine!
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