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  1. How is it going everypony? I haven't been here in a long time. What's new?

  2. (What has recently happened since I last logged on?)
  3. "I have always wanted to do a really major stunt, but it wouldn't help me relieve my stress." Cloud A states.
  4. I know all about EileMonty. I asked her, but I haven't gotten a message from her yet. Plus, I don't know if the movie is going to even have an R rating. It might have an entirely different rating.
  5. "I'm under a lot of stress. I mean I'm opening up for all of next year's participants, I've got school work & I've just got a lot on my plate." Cloud A says.
  6. "Bloodfang, don't even think about it. I got a contract for you & you've got a pretty price on your head." I says as I draw near to Bloodfang with one blade unsheathed.
  7. I then slow motion run over to him, like I'mgetting ready to do a synchronised assassination. "Who is it?" I ask.
  8. I go to the kitchen & finish my third cigarette & light up my fourth cigarette.
  9. You see thge real Cloud standing there, smoking a cigarette. "Am I allowed to smoke in your house?" Cloud A asks.
  10. "Looks like Icezer found our magic thief." I say as I then disappear & reappear in front of the thief. "Stop right there! By the order of the Royal Guard, I command you to stop right now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" I command with a very throaty shout.
  11. "Alright." I say as I then oput my weapons away.
  12. "I'll then go in for the last breath that they breath." Cloud says.
  13. "It may seem that way, because my father didn't want Twilight to know that she was born into a royal family. That's why when she got turned into a alicorn through the magic of friendship, that's when she had somewhat of an idea that she was born into a royal family." Cloud states.
  14. Cloud then goes to his motorcycle & then goes to Nights house.
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