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  1. So... now we know that Luna can simply create monsters that have the potential to turn all reality into a living nightmare.
  2. I'd say you're both right. Luna did have great development but that doesn't mean the others had to be flattened. It wouldn't have taken more time to give them dreams with a little more substance, which they've even done in other episodes. Personally I liked Rarity's, but Dash... c'mon, she's not Buttercup, that was just dumb. The whole concept of dreams in this episode is pretty heavily flattened just so the writers don't have to think about it too much, which really shows when you have episodes like Sweetie Belle Toils which really give a deeper look at a character's dreams, how it connects with their lives, their fears, their psyche.
  3. It was alright. Loads and loads of fanservice with a conflict that never felt meaningful. Seriously, if they could do anything in their dreams, how are they even threatened at all? What's the point of saving them? And the revelation coming from the fact Luna just made a bad guess as to why the thing was getting stronger... was kind of lame. I do love the stellar character development for Luna in this episode, but it's just too bad it had to be padded with all that fanservice. 6/10 Also seriously, Celestia episode WHEN?
  4. Oh well, maybe if she'd thought to actually invite Twilight personally or ask her to come, she'd have had better luck.
  5. Just realized that this would have been a million times better "100th episode" than the actual 100th did.
  6. More like that's the only reason why she could have been devastated that a classmate she never personally invited didn't show up at a party.
  7. Funny, this episode basically showcases exactly why her being the princess of friendship makes no sense. Especially with Pinkie around.
  8. Aw man, this episode had everything going for it, it really could have been a hit! Would easily have been a solid 8/10, possibly higher, if the ending weren't just total bunk. This really could have turned around my opinion of Larson, but he just couldn't carry it through... what a disappointment. Still a good episode though, 7/10 I guess.
  9. Heck, think about the Summer Sun Celebration, a holiday Celestia personally created that actively celebrates the banishment of her own sister (as well as celebrating herself). Even if she personally considered it a day of sadness, no one else in the country did.
  10. Maybe they're running out of ideas and squeezing every bit of screentime they can out of the B-list characters. I can't exactly say that the reappearing characters have been portrayed... flatteringly...
  11. Cheese is a decent guy and the only one on the list who isn't awful, so he gets my vote.
  12. Actually he didn't. I mean, he kinda did, but none of the "bad" stuff he did had anything at all to do with the negative consequences. In fact, everything bad that happened was because he was genuinely trying to do what he was tasked with and help Twilight. The reason it all went to hell is because the other ponies were being unreasonable.
  13. Or maybe someone just wants to feel superior to people smarter than him.
  14. Hey guys, I might be banned or leaving the site soon. I don't know what I'll do honestly, but I might just disappear. If I do, bye and thanks for the rp.
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